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Proposition 3: Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.

Behavior Management in the preschool classroom: a 3-2-1 assignment Rationale: This 3-2-1 assignment, dealing with classroom behaviors, fits within the realm of proposition 3. Proposition 3 expects that accomplished teachers engage students to ensure a disciplined learning environment while organizing instruction to meet instructional goals. A positive classroom climate is essential to learning. This structure of the 3-2-1 assignment allows the classroom teacher to chose target behaviors specific to his/her classroom and work through these behaviors with a systematic approach.

Reflection: For the purpose of this assignment I chose to focus on the areas of hitting, pushing and name calling. These behavioral issues are common occurrences in any early childhood classroom as young children are learning to navigate the social structure of school. At the beginning of the project I was unclear how it would translate to an early childhood classroom. As I reflected upon my classroom and the assignment my focus became clearer. These three target behaviors are often found in young children as they do not have the language to explain and/or negotiate verbally when upset or frustrated. My classroom is a mixture of preschool children, both typically developing and identified special needs, as well as ELL children from many diverse backgrounds. Communication difficulties are a part of our day. As with many of my UNE assignments the real value in the process was realized, by me, at the end when I was able to take the reflection and feedback from my course instructor and put positive change into play within my classroom.