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The Eternal's Armory General Armory Weapons 50,000 Lasguns (RT Core Book) 50,000 Talon Mark II Short

Autopistol (Inquisitor handbook pg 121) with large supply of extended 30 round clips 15,000 Hax-OrthLack Creed-9 Autogun (Inquisitor handbook pg 121) with large supply of Man-Stopper rounds 6,000 Westingkrup "Slayer" pump Shotgun (Inquisitor handbook pg 121) 3,000 Echon Pattern Assault Subber (Into the Storm pg 113) 800 Voss Pattern Grenade Launcher (RT core book) 700 Mark VII "Salamander" Assault Flamer (Into the Storm pg 113) 650 Locke Pattern Missile Launcher (RT core book) with Large Supply of Krak Missiles with Large Supply of Frag Missiles with limited Supply of Minefield Missiles(Into the Storm pg 117) 100 Mezoa Pattern Meltagun(RT core book 60 Ceres-Pattern Bolt Pistol(RT core book) 50 Perinetus-Pattern "Solo" Mark II Boltgun (Into the Storm pg113) 40 Man Portable Lascannons 20 Locke Pattern Heavy Flamer 10 Hand Flamers 1,000 Mono Swords 100 Tarsus Pattern Suppression Shield Armour 12,000 Guard Flak Armour Gear: Large Supply of Frag Grenades Large Supply of Sun Grenades Limited Supply of Kark Grenades Varying amount of scare or less rare gear, consumables, and tools and the GM deems appropriate Housecarl Armory Data Sealed by GM order