Construction Safety Guidelines No.


Personal Protective Equipment

RESPONSIBILITY FOR ISSUE OF PPE’S It is the responsibility of the contractor / employer to provide protective clothing including coverall and other PPE required for different operations. Contractor / employers shall bear the cost of issuing coverall and PPE’s.

PPE TO BE USED AS PPE’S SHALL CONFIRM TO LAST RESORT Adequate control measures PPE shall confirm to following shall be taken by contractors EPSS guidelines no’s, to protect workers against the Head Protection – 14 hazards. Eye & Face Protection – 15 Contractor shall not wholly Hearing protection - 16 rely on the PPE’s. Protective clothing – 17 Risk Assessment undertaken Hand protection – 18 to identify type of PPE Foot protection – 19 required. Safety belt, life line & lanyard-20 Respiratory protection – 21

MAINTENANCE It is the responsibility of workers to maintain the PPE in good usable condition. However damaged PPE shall be replaced immediately by the contractor / employer.

ALTERATION / MODIFICATION Personal protective equipment shall not be altered or modified. Do not use PPE that is damaged or worn out. It must be replaced.

RESPONSIBILITY OF ITS USE It is the responsibility of line management to implement the effective use of PPE issued to workers. Workers must follow the instruction they are given with regard to using & maintaining PPE.


April 2007

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