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Fresh mechanical engineer BALAMURUGAN.

G 1/520, Oruvapatti Kattuvalavu Chithoor Edappady Salem Tamil Nadu India Pincode-637101 Phone Number : +919043387590 Balamurugan.sgk24 AT OBJECTIVE To be a part of a dynamic firm where I can effectively utilize all my skills for our mutual and social welfare ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION - Completed Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) in Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode (aggregate of 87%) - Completed my XII standard with 89.12% in Amala Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Edappady (Tamil Nadu HSC -2006) - Completed my X standard with 88.0% in Amala Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Edappady (Matric -2004) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS - Won Best Outgoing Student award for the year 2009-2010 - Ranked 34th in Anna University 2010 Rank list - Got the merit scholarship thrice for getting into the top 3 ranks in my department - Secured the 1st mark in Physics in my 10th and 12th standard - Stood as a topper in school for securing 89.12% in class XII SKILL SET - Basics of C - AutoCAD 2007 - Solid Edge 2D Drafting - Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 - ANSYS 10.0 AREAS OF INTEREST - Applied Mechanics - Strength of Materials CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Projects - Design of high speed, high power, step up gearbox The project involved in the

design of a step up gearbox, which is used to step up 40,000 rpm to 50,000 rpm to test aero compressors. This work was carried out in HAL Aero engine division (ETBR&DC) - Car theft preventer The project assists the locking of car using a Solenoidal valve in its rear wheel shaft and thereby reducing the complexity in operation and cost - Concentric solar water heater The project consists of a parabolic reflector which converges the heat from solar radiations on a tube to heat the water for domestic and industrial appliances - Mecha Duster The project aimed in solving the problem of cleaning blackboards by using a DC motor assisted duster in a closed system and was displayed in international trade fair(INTEC-Codissia) - Coconut tree climbing machine The project reduces the manual effort involved in climbing coconut trees with a help of an internal combustion engine and adjustable rollers - Wind belt Generator The project uses a ferromagnetic coil which will flutters on the flow of wind, will generates electricity up to 1.9V(0.23mA) - Gearless power transmitter The project uses mild steel rods to transmit the power in vertical direction and eliminate the use of bevel gears Papers Presented - Optimizing the parameters of Vortex tube using CFD SASTRA university won 2nd prize and VSB Engineering College won 1st prize - Finite element analysis on a Crane hook Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai - Speed control of vehicles using Carburetor arrangement Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai - Plasmatron IC engines Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai Design contests - Won 2nd prize in design contest conducted by SAE(India) at Mecpo Shelank Engineering College In-plant Training - Underwent training in Salem Steel plant SAIL ltd, Salem where I gained valuable knowledge in the area of steel rolling - Underwent training in Simpsons Pvt Ltd, Chennai where I got to know about the assembly process involved in the Engine manufacturing - Underwent training in Agni Steels Pvt. Limited, where I came to know about the extrusion of steel rods and bars MEMEBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES - Member of the Indian Society for Technical Education - Member of the Institute of Engineers (India) - Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers(India) RESPONSIBILITIES - Senior Under Officer of our National Cadet Corps - Industrial Visit Coordinator of my department during my second year

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - Won Overall Best Cadet award for the year 2009-2010 - Attended 10 days ANNUAL TRAINING CAMP in NCC from 23 Jan09 to 02Feb 09 - Won third prize in Flag Area competition held at Annual Training Camp - Completed B certificate exam with B grade - Attended 10 days ANNUAL TRAINING CAMP in NCC from 25 Dec09 to 03 Jan 10 - Participated in 20-20 State Cricket tournament on 15Jun 09 - Won Bronze medal in Zone-7 Cricket competition - Runners up in District cricket league competition(Erode A-Division) - Silver medalist in 4x400m relay in zone_7 athletics meet - Secured first place in physical proficiency competition - Secured first place in guard drill competition - Secured first place in obstacle race competition - Secured second place in obstacle race and foot drill competition - Runners up in intramurals football competition - winners in intramurals cricket competition - Won third place in quiz competition held in our department - Completed Diploma in Office Management with A grade - Won many cricket tournaments in our college HOBBIES - Playing cricket - Watching TV PERSONAL DATA Name : Balamurugan.G DOB : 24.04.1988 Gender : Male Fathers Name : Ganasen.M Languages Known : English, Tamil, Hindi(R&W) REFERENCE Dr.P.Govindaswamy, M.E.,Ph.D. Professor& Head Department of Mechanical Engineering School of Building and Mechanical Sciences Kongu Engineering College Perundurai, Erode Tamil nadu India 638052 __________________ The above is a user-submitted CV /Resume / BioData / Curriculum Vitae.

You can also Publish your Resume / CV in this Forum. The HR department takes care of all the major functions of an organization. Without HRD, the companys sustenance will gradually come to an end. As implied by the name, the functions of HR comprises of staffing, HR training, reimbursement, and conducting appraisals. The HRD does the job of hiring new employees if there is any shortage in manpower, upholds the infrastructure, performs promotional work, and ensures that the firms administration is as efficient as possible. Other jobs of HR department include determining the monthly pay, bonuses, and other monetary benefits for the employees. Those who are looking to get into a HR career should have completed an MBA in Human Resources Management. Apart from that, they should also know how to organize a HR fresher resume that can create the best impression in the minds of prospective employers. Preparing the HR Fresher Resume Before preparing your HR fresher resume, you should collect all the info on your basic and professional education. You should be frank in explaining your actual temperament and individuality without concealing or showing off any quality excessively. The resume should be able to show that your real personification is one that is suitable for a career in HR. Use a plain paper for the resume and write down your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, on the top in bold letters. Under the name and address, you can continue with the following subheadings. Career Objective and Vision Here is where you explain the HR job position which you are looking to get into. The position you are looking for should be based on the skill, knowledge, and relevant experience that you have already gathered in the area of HR. Summary Here you should write down all the unique and special qualities in your temperament, your past achievements, and the awards you have attained by now for your extraordinary role in HR. Educational Qualifications Here you should list all the general education that you have completed, such as, Post Graduation, Graduation, and High School. List these details in reverse chronological order.

Professional Qualifications Under this heading, you should mention details on the various professional training programs you have completed in the HR discipline. This is where you mention information about your MBA degree such as the name of the management institute and your year of graduation. Experience Here you can provide detailed information on experience you have already gained in any organizations HR function. Explain your job profile, including your various responsibilities and the goals you accomplished for the company. Here too, the information should be in reverse chronological order. Supplementary Skills This is a very important heading for HR freshers. Here is where you get the opportunity to explain how you have taken extra efforts to gain job related skills. You can display your specialized skill set, including knowledge on Software tools, HR relevant technologies, etc under this heading. Overall, see that you use action and HR related words to project yourself as a professional applicant. Never try to write a generalized resume that just describes everything that you have ever done. Instead, just make sure that you include only the information that is relevant and useful to the HR fresher job you are applying for. posted by resumeplus at 1:20 pm 0 comments labels: hr fresher resume monday, march 15, 2010 Sample Fresher Resume Sample Fresher Resume If you are a recent graduate without work experience, your resume can be your first step to a dream career. The first impression is the best impression, and this rule very well holds good for fresher resumes too. The reason is that the resume is the first thing that introduces a fresher candidate to a potential employer. Most of the fresher interview calls depend a lot on how the resume is written and presented. And there is only a small time available for impressing the employer with the resume. So, a fresher should put in all the effort needed to make the resume look as good as possible.

The following is the basic format for writing a fresher sample resume: Header Position your name, contact address, phone number and email addresses at the center of the resumes top part. Specify whether the phone numbers are for your residence or your mobile phone. Do not list phone numbers that dont work; this will only irritate the employer. Career Objective and Vision While writing the Objective is a common practice in resume writing, it is also an area where you should be very careful. Writing the wrong Objective may disqualify your resume for the applied job vacancy. Always make sure that your Objective is relevant to the job designation you are applying for. The objective statement should clearly express your planned career path and your field of interest. Keep it specific rather than simply writing a generic objective that can be used for any resume. Educational Qualifications As a fresher, you should remember to give more focus for your educational qualification. You can highlight your academic achievements such us your high grades and so on. See that the info about your Education is listed in reverse sequential order, consisting of the Degree, Discipline, Name of the Institution, and the Year of Graduation. Extra Curricular Activities Mention your special interests and hobbies. It is better if the hobbies you mention relate to the job you are applying for. You can also mention any certificates, or awards you have received for your hobbies. Work Experience As you are a fresher, it is obvious that you dont have any work experience. However, you can mention details of any apprenticeship or training programs that you have completed. References List reference names and address only if you are sure that the referenced person knows you well. It is better to use references whom the employer can readily contact. Never list an unknown person as a reference.

Additional Skills This is where you can highlight other abilities and skills that are not instantly noticeable by your educational qualification. Example: knowledge in software tools, foreign languages, etc. Declaration Statement And finally, you can conclude the resume with a signed declaration stating that all the information you have mentioned is true to the best of your knowledge. posted by resumeplus at 12:25 am 0 comments labels: sample fresher resume Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)