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Module 1: Pushing Her Curiosity Button

In the world of online dating, just like out in the real world, it is all about getting noticed. You have to stand out and get her attention. You have to stand out in the crowd. You HAVE to create curiosity for all attraction begins with curiosity. When we become curious about something or someone, our attention focuses, even if for a brief moment, and it is this attention that allows attraction to form and blossom. Think about any woman you have ever been interested in, I guarantee you something about her caught your attention. Even if it was just her stunning looks. After all how can you fall in love with someone who you dont even know is there? There are two main ways you can stand out and push a womans curiosity button online. First and most importantly is your profile. As you will soon learn, this is the most important piece of the online dating puzzle. Dont worry I am going to show you exactly what to do and how to do it. It should only take you about 30 min to an hour to set it up but once you do it will be working for you day and night. It wont be uncommon for you to wake up with messages from girls who found your profile and couldnt help but write you! The cool thing is once you create one, you can use it on multiple sites with only minor adjustments. So make sure you take the time and put in the effort to set it up right using the principles I am about to show you. The second part of pushing a womans curiosity button is the opening message. I am going to show you the common mistakes that guys make when writing a woman for the first time and why most of them never get responses. I am also going to show you some different of examples of successful opening messages and how you can create your own. So lets jump right in and get started.

Creating A Profile That Gets Noticed

Sending Out The Opening Message

What Most Guys Are Doing Wrong How to Market Yourself How to Choose the Right Pictures Writing Your About Me Section Displaying Standards Blogs, Notes, Quizes and Bulletins Status Updates A Quick Note on Myspace Putting It All Together Profile Breakdown Wrap Up

What Most Guys are Doing Wrong Browsing Spotting a Fake The Purpose of an Opening Message The Anatomy of a Successful Opening Message To Customize or Not to Customize Different Strategies for Different Sites Putting It All Together

Creating a Profile That Gets Noticed

When it comes to meeting women online there is no one piece more crucial than your profile. Your profile will make or break you every single time. With a properly set up profile women will forgive many mistakes. In fact, you will even have women opening you! However, with a lackluster profile, even girls who would normally be extremely interested in you will not respond no matter how good your first message is.Look at it this way, your profile is you own persona commercial. In the online world of dating you only have one quick shot to make a good impression. Just like a commercial, you have to hit as many points as possible to make her interested in the productyou! Your profile is going to be your best friend. It is as if you have a personal promoter working for you 24/7. It is almost like going into a club/bar where your best friend has gone in before you and build you up to every attractive girl in the place so that the second you walk in they are all over you brimming with interest. I am not kidding. When it comes to online dating your profile is THAT important! It is crazy. You can send out several messages one day and while you are hanging out with friends, studying, watching a movie, playing video games, reading a book or even on another date your profile will be working tirelessly attracting women and setting up dates for you. It is not uncommon for me to wake up to an inbox full of numbers of new, attractive women who are excited to go on a date with me. I hope you are beginning to see how crucial your profile is. I am going to let you in on a little secret that I have learned from meeting up with hundreds of women from online. Most of them told me that they paid very little attention to my first message (although this is important as well and I will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about sending out a irresistible first message) but went directly to my profile and it was my profile that convinced them to write back. Here is what you ultimately want to accomplish with your profile:

You want to separate yourself from all the other guys out there. Lucky for you, most guys make the same mistakes and this system will put you way ahead of them. You want to create intrigue. Once a woman opens your initial message you want her to go from who is this guy messaging me? to I want to know who this guy is who is messaging me. That subtle shift make all the difference in the world. And I am going to show you EXACTLY how to do it! You want your profile to be so easy for a woman to read through that she cant help but stay on your page until she is has read it all! By then you will be so far ahead of the other guys trying to message her it will be a walk in the parkand who doesnt like a walk in the park?


So you want to set up an amazing profile that drives women wild and sets you apart from all the other guys out there spinning their wheels and getting no replies? I dont blame you! But first of all lets get into what most guys are doing wrong so you can make sure to avoid turning the majority of women off before you even have the chance to meet them.

What Most Guys Are Doing Wrong You want to know the #1 mistake most guys are making when it come to setting up their profile? Here it is: They are marketing to other guys! How silly is that? They cant get outside their own head and see it from a womans prospective. The think they need to be bad asses. It is as if their online profile is simply an extension of how they project themselves at bars, clubs and other social gatherings. They have to be cool and show every other guy around that they are cool. It becomes a pissing contest that pushes women away. I dont know about you but I want my online profile to appeal to woman. I want it to catch their attention and get them excited to meet me! It took me years to figure this stuff out but after A LOT of mistakes and hard work I figured out what works. If you want the same thing then listen up. First of all let go of trying to look cool. I promise you the cool guy online is the guy who isnt getting dates and isnt getting laid. Here is what the cool guy is doing wrong:

Like I just said, he is trying to impress other guys which is pushing away women. He chooses pictures that he thinks make him look cool instead of pictures that demonstrate different aspects of his personality. He fails to set up his profile in a way that allows for a variety of women to connect with him but instead appears very one dimensional. He doesnt take the time to make his profile organized and easy to read so women give up because it is too much effort. He adds either too much information and loses all mystery (bores her) or doesnt put enough to engage a woman properly.

How To Do It Right
So how do you avoid making these mistakes and in the process set yourself apartand by apart I mean put yourself in the top 1% of all guys out there meeting women online? Let me break down the most important principles that go into a ridiculously successful online profile.

Market yourself to women not other guys

How do you market to women? First off you have to let go of the ego driven need to be cool. Not taking yourself too seriously is a HUGE turn on for women. It sub-communicates a deep inner confidence that instantly sets you apart. One way to do this is by adding in a damaging admission. Ill show you how to do that effectively in a minute.

Make it as easy as possible for her

When creating your profile make sure to pick a color scheme that makes the text easy to read. Too often I see guys profiles that are too busy. They have random pictures all over the place or flashing images that are very distracting. The worst is bright psychodelic colors that make the text unreadable. With online dating, a woman has no social pressure to respond to you and no social niceties that encourage her to stay on your profile. If it is hard for her to read or is so distracting it takes extra effort to find out about you she will just leave. Luckily most

online dating sites set it up in a format that at least separates your text into sections. However, it is up to you to make sure you have proper grammar, and write clear, concise sentences. As you will see shortly less is definitely more.

Chose pictures that show the diversity of your personality and paint you in a favorable light
If the old adage is true: a picture is worth a thousand words, then you better be damn sure that each picture you choose is speaking volumes about who you are as a person. Here are some key points to remember when choosing which pictures to put up on your profile: Tell a story Make sure each picture you chose tells a story that demonstrates a specific, attractive aspect of your personality. For example do you love rock climbing?..then have one of you rock climbing. The positive part of your personality it shows is that you like to be outdoors, are in shape and are adventurous. How great is that? Are you an avid world traveler? Have a picture or two of you in exotic places around the world. Most women say they love to travel but have never really made it happen. Now they have a reason to be envious of you and it insinuates that you have great stories to tell, are adventurous, and go after what you want. Well done! Almost anything that is a hobby or passion of yours will work. Variety is key! Just as you want each picture to tell a story about you, you also want to make sure each picture tells a DIFFERENT story. If you like hokey (hey I am in Montreal right now) great but if every picture you put up is of you playing or watching hokey it paints you as a one dimensional person. One of the key things women are looking for in a guy is someone who can teach them new things. When they imagine themselves in your life (which I will show you how to do later on) they want to know you can add value to their lives. Will their time with you be full of fun, adventure, growth, new awesome social connections and new perspectives on life or will it be sitting around watching or talking about hokey all day. I am not saying some girl out there wouldnt just love that but most will get bored, lose interest and go in search of someone else who can provide them the variety they crave. If you dont have any pictures of you out doing a variety of interesting things then get you ass away from your computer right now, grab a digital or disposable camera and get out there! Note:One way to ensure you are always growing as a person, have awesome stories and pictures, be always increasing the value you have to offer other people (including all the cute women you are going to be meeting online because of this system) is to chose 1 thing each month that you have always wanted to do and do it. You have always wanted to go white water rafting.well look up where you can go, get a group of friends together (hey look you are starting to become the leader of your social circlehow very attractive you are becoming) and just do it already! No excuses. Dont let your life slip away always wishing you had done it. It doesnt have to be anything as big as white water rafting either. It can be something as small as going to a museum, taking a one day sculpting class or learning how to play chess. I dont care JUST DO IT! In addition, read one book, article or magazine in a NEW area of interest each month. Dont kid yourself and say you dont have enough time, it is all about priorities! Do you want to be the most attractive guy you can be? The start right now. It will pay off in spades I promise you. End of Sermon.

Only th best he Choose only your b picture In many online datin sites you can only ch e best es. ng u p hoose 5-8 pictures. Social N Networking sites usually let you p up quite a bit more. In either ca this is going to g put ase, g be a gir you meet onlines first view of y rl you. Might as well rock it and pick the ones where a k k w you are the most at ttractive. On way you can do this is simply put up a few different pictures ne u s p w p you are considering on www.h g and choo the ones that get th highest ra m ose he ating. Another suggestion that one of the memb here bro r n o bers ought up wa as http://w www.okcupi bestface. Th hanks Joe! You can also ask other w Y o women in your y life. Pro oblem solve ed Goofy i great is Dont b afraid to b goofy. A problem I often see when I am cr be be w ritiquing gu profiles for uys them, is that they h s have the sam facial ex me xpression in every pictu It is as i the backg ure. if ground changed but it is th same pict d he tures. What does this te a woman about his p t ell n personality? You ? guessed itone dimensional! Just as you have varie the types of pictures to show dif d u ed fferent aspects of your aw wesome personality, you need to va your fac expressi u ary cial ions to dem monstrate you are a dynamic human bein Throwin one in with a goofy face is grea because it shows ng. ng w at you don take you nt urself too seriously and we have al d lready learned that this is insanely attractiv to women. Besides most girls, e ve m especially th super att he tractive one s, secretly consider c themsel lves dorks. More on tha later. at The soc you cial Paint a picture of th social yo This is f far more important on Social N he ou. far o Networking sites than On nline Dating sites. In fa it is com g act, mpletely ok to have no pictures of y with ot you ther people o an Onlin Dating si Howeve for meeti women on Social N on ne ite. er, ing Networking sites it is crucia that they see you are a social pe al e erson. You MUST have pictures w friends and M e with other w women. As d discussed ea arlier, wome on Socia Networkin sites are not there ex en al ng xplicitly for datin so you m approa it in a sli ng must ach ightly differ way. rent A great way to get these types of pictures is to use th Hiroshim Techniqu develeped by my t s s he ma ue buddy B Brad Jackso It is one of the easie ways I have seen to go up to a r on. est h random girl or group o girls out a a bar/club of at b/street and get fun pict tures with th hem. Check it out. k Use cap ptions Caption are key. A time a site allows you the opp ns Any portunity to add caption to your pictures ns p DO IT! A funny or witty capti can boo your attractiveness BIG time. T r ion ost B They even le you et get awa with pictu that no ay ures ormally wou turn wom off but with the rig caption are uld men ght insanely attractive. If you are having trou y . uble coming up with funny or witty comments there g y s is a who section i the Priva Members Forum tha you can post up links to your pr ole in ate s at p s rofiles and get feedback

What type of wo oman do you want to meet? y

When y are setti up your profile it is important to keep in mind what ty of wom you you ing s m type man are after. If you are after a pun rocker gi you profi has to be set up to c e nk irl file e connect with that h type of girl. What y write, the pictures you choose the types of interests you choose all you t e, e

have to demonstrate you understand and are part of her world. Even though a lot of what I am teaching you in this system are using universal principles of attraction, your profile will be much stronger if you customize it a bit to connect with the specific types of girls you are attracted to or that would fit in your lifestyle. Remember birds of a feather flock together. We are more attracted to people who are similar to us because we can relate to them. Just keep this in mind when you setting your profile up. On the same note, it is crucial you have pictures with women of the same caliber as the ones you are going after. If you are going after models but have no pictures with women who are of model quality beauty then you are, for all practical purposes, shit out of luck. Like it or not, our society is divided up by perceived social value. We are all trying to increase our value to score a better mate. Now it is my belief that your main value comes from within but why make it harder on yourself than you need to. If you want to get a great breakdown of how value works, the 3 types of value women look for and how to increase yours in all 3 areas check out the programUNBREAKABLE. (insert link here) If you dont have any pictures with the types of women you are into it isnt that hard to do. Just grab a camera, go out and when you see the type of woman simply use this highly effective opener developed by my buddy Brad Jackson(insert Hiroshima video with affiliate link)

Writing your about me section(s)

No matter which site(s) you are using, you are going to have to write an ABOUT ME section or something similar. In fact, on most sites there will be a bunch of sections where you are going to have to write about yourself. Here are some essential points to keep in mind: Grammar and Clarity Remember how I told you to make your profile as easy as possible for women to read? Well a big part of that is to actually make sense. If you use poor grammar and run on sentences not only does it make your profile arduous to read but also says something about you; namely you are either lazy or uneducated. With modern spell check you have no excuses. Have a friend proofread it if need be. As far as clarity is concerned, just use this simple rule: If you can say what you are trying to say with less wordsDO IT! You are not writing a novel here, you are trying to create curiosity so that a woman will keep reading and become engaged enough to write you back. That brings me to my next point. Less is more As I have said before, the point of your profile is to intrigue a woman. Two sure fire ways to extinguish her curiosity is to either giver her too little information or way too much. The best course of action is to put up just enough info to pique her curiosity to the point she is willing to dig deeper and find out more about you. Dont worry I will show you exactly how to do just that.

Diversity = More opportunities Just like with your pictures, the more diverse you are with your interests and other aspects of your personality, the more opportunities you create for her to connect with you. If you have the opportunity to list your hobbies, books, music, favorite movies or tv shows, make sure to sprinkle in fun ones. Dont be afraid to put in things that seem silly or things your think your friends would make fun of you for. They wont be making fun when you have beautiful, fun girls constantly showing up. One thing we all do is reminisce about our childhoods. This gives you are great opportunity to connect with a woman and give her opportunities to engage you! Remember what I said about doing all the work for her so it is as EASY as possible for her to fall for you? Simply put in popular movies, tv shows, cartoons, music artists, etc from when you were a kid. When you have a book like the Tao Te Ching next to Harry Potter or If You Gave a Mouse a Cookieit shows you have depth, even a bit of contradiction. This is a foundational tenant of intrigue. Any person who is one dimensional robs us of the joy of surprise and thus we become bored. And boredom is the stranglehold that chokes out all attraction and kills relationships before they ever get a chance to get off the ground. Sense of humor The top reason women write me on social networking and dating sites is because they thought my profile was fun to read. A sense of humor is consistently rated (along with confidence) by women as the most attractive quality in a man. Apparently the possession of humor implies the possession of a number of typical habitsystems. The first is an emotional one: the habit of playfulness. Why should one be proud of being playful? For a double reason. Frist, playfulness connotes childhood and youth. If one can be playful, one still possesses something of the vigor and the joy of young life.. But there is a deeper implication. To be playful is, in a sense, to be free. When a person is playful, he momentarily disregards the binding necessities which compel him, in business and morals, in domestic and community life What galls us is that the binding necessities do not permit us to shape our world as we please What we most deeply desire, however, is to create our world for ourselves. Whenever we can do that, even in the slightest degree, we are happy. Now in play we create our own world.. -Professor H.A. Overstreet, Influencing Human Behavior As you have learned in the beliefs section, not taking yourself too seriously is incredibly attractive. One fun way to do this is to add in a damaging admission. A damaging admission is something that shows you are human like the rest of us thus making you infinitely more relatable. Often on dating sites people are trying to seem like they are this perfect person. It makes sense, they want to come across as best they can. But we all know that no one is that perfect. So put up an embarrassing fact about yourself or talk about a fault you have in a fun way. One I often put up is how I got a perm in the 5th grade because my mom had one and I thought it would be cool. I got mercilessly made fun of and cut it 3 days later but the point is it is a funny admission that gives women a chance to poke fun at me. It is a great juxtaposition against all the cool things I have listed about myself. A woman reading that will

get a lau and I w instantly be much m ugh will y more approa achable and relatable to her. Make sure it d o e is some ething light, trivial or qu uirky like h how you sec cretly LOVE popping b E bubble wrap and p not som mething gros like how you pee in the shower. ss

Wordi is wor worryi about ing rth ing

How yo word som ou mething in your profile makes a bi difference. Women p attentio to the y e ig pay on way you word thin You can take a see u ngs. n emingly boring sentence and by ch hanging the way you word it make i much mor exciting a interest it re and ting. Since you really o y only get one shot to e grab a w womans att tention online before sh clicks n he next it is cr rucial you ta the time to ake e look ov you prof and mak sure your sentences are worded in ways tha are engag ver file ke r at ging and descript tive. Exampl le: I love c cheese. vs. If chees were I wo se oman I wou have bee married a long time ago. Yeah I LOVE cheese uld en that mu uch. As funn as that se ny eems, which statement engaged yo imagination? Which one did you h our h visualiz Which o made yo smile? W ze? one ou Which one are you likel to remem a ly mber? Small tweaks l like this are what is going to set you apar in a big way. s s rt w

Displa aying Stan ndards

We all w to beli want ieve that people choose to spend ti with us because th e ime s here are thin they ngs like abo us, not b out because they have noth y hing better to do or no other option In the sam o o ns. me way, wo omen want to know tha you are p at picky, that you dont just date any girl that com y mes along. T They want t believe, and rightfull so, that th have so to a ly hey omething sp pecial that ca aught your att tention. One way of dis e splaying thi is to put up your stan is u ndards. Here are some typical e t ones I use: You sho ould messag me if: ge - you lik to laugh and dont take yoursel too seriou ke lf usly -You kn how to flirt now o - you ar genuinely interested in the peop around you re y ple y - you ar a dork lik me re ke You wa these sta ant andards to be things yo truly valu in not jus a woman b another human b ou ue st but r being in general. D n Dont be afra of pushi women away with these. It wil only push away aid ing ll h the wom who yo wouldnt want to spe your tim with any men ou t end me yways. The secret is to make them ge eneral, posit stateme tive ents. Notice I didnt pu anything that is out o a woman e ut t of s control, like a spec , cific height or hair colo These are all personality traits, mindsets an or. e nd social skills of a m mature, well developed p person. Any yone can cu ultivate such traits. So, in h essence I am only discounting women w have not taken the time to wor on themselves e, g who t rk while at the same t t time attracti those wh have. Pe ing ho erfect!

Answer Questions to Display Your Personality

Probably the easies way to do all of this is to just create and answer questions that allow you the opportunity to display your personality. I do this no matter which site I am. Here are a few questions that I typically use:

If re-incarnation is real, in my past lives I was most likely: (shows your creativity and sense of humor) The fasted ways to my heart are: (shows her what she can do to win you over) Important things I have learned from my past relationships: (shows you are evolving as a human being) What I am doing with my life: (shows you have ambition) 6 Things I could never live without: (shows what you value) What I am looking for in a Woman: (shows you know who you are and what you want) Message me if: (shows you have standards) 6 things I still want to accomplish: (shows you have goals)

As you can see all of these questions allow you the perfect opportunity to display your personality and set yourself apart. Some of these I have picked up from various dating sites and some I have come up with on my own. Feel free to experiment.

Blogs, Notes, Quizes and Bulletins

On social media sites and some free/pay dating sites there are options to write a separate blog, note, or bulletin. These are great ways to allow girls to find out more about you. As I mentioned earlier, keep you About Me section short, easy to read and chalk full of fun aspects of your personality. This is just to get a girl interested enough to write you back or to even initiate a conversation with you. Here is whats cool about blogs/notes/bulletins, a woman whos curiosity button is pushed and is now intrigued will want to know more about you. She will go back to your profile and snoop around to see if there is anything she missed. When she finds your blog/note or bulletin she will be sure to read it. Here is a great opportunity for you to add more information to further boost her attraction and move forward to the next button. Just look how powerful these can be: Hi all, been a long time since i had a chance to write, hope yall doing well a year ago i put a variation of Races why im still single note on facebook and its still getting comments! just the other day i got a friend request from a girl who with another girl at uni read my post previously, i inquired that she was adding me to see the note and her answer that was the following:

yeah p pretty much, its the best thing ive read in a while! ive never seen an t w nything like it, had e no idea men were s picky! xx p.s. what exactly is a proportion so xx t nately shap nipple? x ped x If i have said it b ent before ill sa it again ay I LOVE WS4W!!!! and Race! and Kelly E !!! y!!! Keep R Rockin Gonzo e ote ok pace and an other site that ny Here is an example of a fun no I put up on faceboo and mysp has the option: 25 FAC YOU M CTS MAY NOT KNOW A T ABOUT ME E 1. I was obsessed w reading about shar attacks when I was a kid. s with g rk w 2. I lear rned how to braid hair with my litt sisters My Little Pony doll on a airplane o w tle M an 3. I was bitten by a alligator on my side while smug s an ggling it thr rough securi at the air rport ity 4. Even though I dated a flight attendant f 1 yr and went on 10 of free flights I still have n for d 00s not join the mile high club ned e 5. I am technically on my 4th life. I clinic y cally died 3 times when I was born 2 months pren n , ngs ed, end t my n mature, weighed 3 lbs, my lun collapse and I spe the first month of m life in an incubator. I had to wear doll clothes beca c ause nothing else would fit. g d 6. I am secretly in love with ch heese and if she were a woman I would marry her. I wou f w y uld cheat on her with w but I am pretty su I could convince the to have a mnage trois. n wine ure c em 7. I don have man favorites but my fav nt ny s, vorite Frien Character is Ross E nds Eustace Geller. 8. I used to be uber religious and didnt d d r a drink until I was 21. 9. I effe ectively exe ecuted a heis my senior year of hig school th included security gu st r gh hat d uards, wigs, an night vis nd sion goggles s. 10. I tau ught myself how to ma balloon animals wh I was lit f ake hen ttle. 11. I ha a horrible temper wh I was a kid. I would clench my fists and tu red in th face ad e hen d y urn he as my w whole body would shak Calm do ke. own buddy. 12. I ran away from home in 1st grade wi a grand scheme of living in the mountains I n m 1 ith s e s. brought $20 of rep card mo t port oney (which I spent on Gatorade and beef jerk a blank and h ky), ket my repl bow and arrow (wh broke w lica hich when I tried to shoot a rabbit). I m d made it as fa as the ar base of the mounta but then I heard the coyotes an got scare so I calle my mom from a f ains n e nd ed ed tion. All bec cause I didn finish my homework nt y k. gas stat 13. Mac cgyver was my all time hero and t passwor to my firs ever savin account e the rd st ngs t. 14. I ha a girlfrien I dated in high scho ol for 2 yrs and didnt even kiss he for the fi 10 ad nd n her irst months. 15. I used to dress up like Spid derman and go to little kids birthd parties. d day most n with n n 16. I alm always move to new cities w less than 3 weeks notice. 17. I pla on havin sex at all 7 wonders of the world. an ng 18. I ma a promi ade ised to myse I would know at lea one othe language fluently bef elf ast er fore I have kid so they c be raised bilingual (I actually plan on at le 5) ds can p east 19. I am getting a t m tattoo on my chest in so y outh americ I drew it 3 years ago ca. o. 20. I ha already b ave begun the floor plans f the coole tree house ever. I al f for est lways wante one ed as a chi and neve had one. ild er 21. I lea a lot abo myself from my dre arn out f eams. 22. I used to raise p piranhas. One of them lost an eye in a fight. I named him One-eyed Willy. m 23. One of my 4 m e measures for personal su uccess is sta arting a char rity. It is alr ready mapp out. ped

24. I no longer hav my tonsil or my app o ve ls pendix. 25. I wo ould take a cute dorky girl over a s super hot model girl in a heart bea m n at. There a a bunch of examples of notes, b are blogs and bu ulletins (inc cluding the why im still single note in the private foru so if you havent ye check it out. um u et, when a wom brings up somethin in a note/ man u ng /blog/or bulletin your w wrote it is a sure Note: w indicati that she is HIGHLY interested in youco ion Y d ongrats on pushing her curiosity button p r

Status Updates s
Status U Updates are primarily for Social N f Networking sites. You can use thes as ways to c se demons strate you ar doing fun things wit your life, found a fun video o a quote th re n th nny or hat shows y are thin you nking about interesting topics or ju say silly things that are fun ust convers sation starte All of th ers. hese allow a opportun for a wo an nity oman to eng gage you an build nd attractio Here are a few of my favorites on. e m s: Practici my kissy face in the mirror for when I me sleeping beauty ing y e r eet -Consul lting unicor on my dating situati rns d ion -believe the hotter a girl is th crazier sh isits sc es r he he cientific fac people! ct -Practic cing my mat ting call..qu uack quack wait that for a duck no wonde Im still s k? der single!!!! -following the seco star to the right and straight on till mornin ond t d n ngwhos coming wit me?! th -Drunk on lifene evermind th bottle say jack daniels he ys Once ag gain, there a a bunch more in the private for are e rum. I am lo ooking forw ward to wha you at guys co up with ome h.

A Few Words on Your Fa w acebook P Profile

There a a few nu are uances that go into usin your Face g ng ebook profile as a way to meet and date d women. Since it is a Social Ne etworking s that has a heavy em site mphasis on p privacy and only d ting with pe eople who you know or who are fr y r riends of clo friends w ose women tend to be d connect more w wary about ta alking to co omplete stra angers. The major quest that is g tion going to be going through a womans mind when you mess h s sage her is how do I kn this gu now uy? This isn nt necessa arily a bad th hing since it will send h looking at your pro i her g ofile. Here a a few im are mportant things t have in yo profile specific to f to our facebook. Pictures All the gu s. uidelines yo have lear ou rned thus far still apply to the pictu on you y ures ur faceboo What is different ab ok. bout Facebo is that you want mo Social pictures. Since ook y ore S Faceboo is about constantly updating yo life and thoughts with your frie ok u our w ends, you need to n be cons stantly uploa ading fun pi ictures of y ou out and about with your friend ds.

Friends. You need to have at least a basic number of friends. Not only because it shows how social you are (paramount since this is a social networking site) but you need friends for comments. Comments. One of the reasons you need to constantly be uploading new pictures and updating your status is to get comments. Comments show that you are social and that other people accept you. This is essential for a woman on facebook to see when she is judging if you are a real, attractive and worth her time. For these reasons, I use facebook much more to befriend and keep in contact with girls I either meet in person or meet online and have already dated or are currently dating. This in no ways means you cannot meet new women to date on facebook. On the contrary, I have met many and still do to this day. However, free and paid online dating sites, along with social networking sites where you can search, make it so easy to meet an unlimited amount of hight quality awesome girls that I use them much more often.

A quick note on Myspace

No Myspace is not dead and yes I still meet women on there. With that said, my Myspace profile is set up a little different. Instead of writing an about me section, I just embed pictures that show my life and my interests. This is because Myspace allows for html code to embed elements directly on your page. You can check out my profile here: I will do a total breakdown of setting up an awesome myspace page in the Insiders Club so be looking for that. But here are the two main codes you need for embedding pictures and hiding you friends list (which is especially helpful if you are just starting off and it comes off as mysterious) embed pictures: First you have to upload your pictures to an image hosting site like or myspace itself. Next, paste the following HTML code into any section (i.e. About Me, Interests, Who Id like to Meet): <img src= width=400 /> <br /><div><font size=+2>Picture caption</font></div> Where will be re- placed with the URL pointing to your image and Picture caption will be replaced with your caption. By specifying the width property in the<img> tag you ensure that your photos will have a consistent width (the height of the image will be adjusted automatically to maintain the original aspect ratio). This technique will ensure that your images are not too large and that theyre easy to view. Hiding Friends list:

<style type=text/css> td.text td.text table table table, td.text td.text table br, td.text td.ztext table .orangetext15, td.text td.text .redlink, td.text td.text span.btext {display:none;} td.text td.text table {background-color:transparent;} td.text td.text table td, td.text td.text table {height:0;padding:0;border:0;} td.text td.text table table td {padding:3;} td.text td.text table table br {display:inline;} </style> And here is the site I used to make my profile layout: If you have any questions feel free to ask and be sure to check out the video in the Insiders Club

Putting It All Together

So you can get a clearer picture of what this all looks like put together I am going to show you my actual plenty of fish profile and my OkCupid profile. Please do not copy it word for word but do notice how all the elements come together to make a profile that sticks out and gets noticed by women. OkCupid PlentyofFish

Wrap Up
So I hope by now you understand all the elements that go into making a truly stand out profile. The cool thing is you only have to put in the work once and then your profile works for you indefinitely. However, if you fail to put in the time and effort to set up your profile right you might as well stop right now. It might just be the single most important piece of the puzzle. AS one blogger puts it: Only 10% of people who join Online Dating sites actually get any replies and that is a truly sad fact. The reason is that 90% dont bother to write an interesting profile or upload pictures of themselves. Thats a lot like fishing without baiting the hook. I wonder what they expected. The 10% who do get noticed have posted upbeat profiles and pictures. I have given you all the tools and principles here to be the 10% so to speak so stop reading this right now and go set up your profile right. Seriously, dont even bother going to the next part until you apply these principles to your current profile or create a new one on the social networking or dating site(s) of your choice. Go ahead Ill wait.

Sending Out the Opening Message

The second part to pushing a womans curiosity button and creating engagement is the opening message you send her. Although not NEARLY as important as how you set up your profile, if you do it wrong you will be shooting yourself in the foot. Image the opening messages as the tasty bait and your profile as the hook. Before I get into how to make your bait irresistible I need to explain what most guys are sending out so you can see why a majority of them are having little to no results with online dating.

What Most Guys Are Doing Wrong

When I was first starting out learning how to meet women online, I would have the girls I was meeting send me over typical messages that guys were sending them. I discovered something startling; almost every single guy was sending 1 of 2 types of messages. Message type #1 A short message that tells her how attractive she is and then suggests they hang out (usually with a tremendous amount of grammatical error). wat up momma u look hot. we shud hang sum time. holla at me. I am seriously not joking. or Message type #2 A guys writes a LOOOOONG message explaining all the reasons why they are perfect for each other. In other words, he tries to sell himself to her usually while pining on about how gorgeous she is, how well he would treat her and how successful he is. Is it any wonder these guys are not getting responses? Dont worry if you have done a variation of either of these. I am going to show you how to do it right. But first lets go over a few things to keep in mind when searching for girls to message.

Spotting a Fake Profile

There are many fake profile on Social Networking sites and free dating sites. There are less so on payed dating sites but still you will want to know what to look for to keep you from wasting your time. Sure signs that the hot girls profile you are looking at is fake are:

only one picture (probably the biggest indicator) hasnt filled out her information or the grammar is way off has a link to naughty pictures she couldnt put on MySpace/Facebook/Etc has no friends or way too many friends (social networking sites) the only comments she has are from lame ass guys saying, Hey sexy, Happy Humpday or Hey babe thanks 4 the add (social networking sites) her location is set to China or USA instead of a specific city

If you see any of these signs, just move on as it is a fake profile and you are wasting your time.

The Art of Browsing

Every free and paid online dating site lets you search for woman based on a variety of criterion (eg. location, age, height, ethnicity, religion, body type, hair colore, eye colore, etc). You can literally search for exactly what you want in a woman. Many social networking sites allow you to do this as well. My personal advice on browsing on Social Networking sites is to always select single or divorced from the options. Why waste your time messaging woman who are not looking? Once you have figured out what you are looking for do the search. There will be a list of women with pictures and a brief intro to their profiles or basic information. If you want to maximise your time simply hold down the CONTROL key (APPLE OR COMMAND on a Mac) and click on all the women that you might want to message. This will open them all up in new tabs. Now you can go through and message all the ones you want without having to go back and forth searching every time.

Facebook and Browsing for New Women

You can no longer search from woman on facebook. If anyone figures out a way please let me know. The best work arounds I have found to meet new women on facebook are as follows: -Find friends of friends -Search for a random name (such as typing in Jessicafacebook will give you all the Jessicas in your area first) -Go to groups and find one in your area (eg. local university or museum) None of these are perfect since you cant always tell if she is single. There is a definite delicacy to contacting friends of friends but I will show you how to do it in a bit. Facebook is FAR better as relationship management tool with girls you meet on other sites.

The Purpose of an Opening Message

Ok now that you have a bevy of beautiful woman to message lets go over how to send out a successful opening message that sets you apart from the pack and piques her curiosity. Let me start with the main purpose of the opening message. The primary goal of an opening message is to be read and to receive a response. Nothing more. You just need to make it through all her shields and generate enough curiosity to go check out your profile and then, thanks to having the coolest profile ever, receive a response. Once you receive a response, you can transition into a conversation that demonstrates what a great, fun and exciting guy you are, but without the initial response, you have no conversation. Remember the only purpose of the opening message is to get the conversation going. Soon, she wont even remember how the conversation started because shes having too much fun talking to you.

In addit tion, there is a powerfu psycholog ul gical effect that occurs when she s sees RE: in front of the mes ssage when you write back. In her mind, she responded and has alre b r a eady decided to talk d to you, so she will continue to do so as lo as every o ong ything is goi well. Hu ing umans have an e overwh helming desi to be con ire nsistent wit the decisi th ions they make

Crafting an Ope ening Mes ssage

Coming up with an effective opening me ssage has been, in my experience,, most guys biggest g n o sticking points. Mo guys, lik myself w g ost ke when I first started out, will spend h s w hours thinki of ing somethi clever to say to get a response but eventually just end up with so ing o t e d omething br rilliant like hi or Whats up, saw your profile and though you looke interestin Hope to hear y ht ed ng. back fro you soo The pro om on. oblem with s sending a message like this as the opening message m e is that h hundreds of guys are do f oing the sam thing. You will instantly get lum me umped in the same e category as them a as you have already learned yo have to stand out pu her curio y and h y ou ush osity button. The 3 b biggest thing you need to have are uniqueness, hooks fo her to gra onto, and short. gs d e: or ab d Uniquen becaus as you have already learned, yo need to stand out an get her cu ness se, y ou s nd urious enough to look at y your profile and then w e write back. Hooks ( (which I wi explain in more deta later) so that it make it as easy as possible for her ill n ail t es e to respo ond. It needs to be short for two rea s t asons. First , she doesnt have all day to read i and you d it definite want her to read it and still hav enough at ely r a ve ttention spa to check o your profile an out and wri you back And secon ite k. ndly, a long message in g ndicates you spent a lo of time to put it u ot together and it subt gives of the impres r tly ff ssion that you think she is very va e aluable even though n you don even kno her yet major tu off. nt ow a urn A good rule of thum to have in mind is: will it mak her smile? d mb ke

Opene Breakd er down

To show you what I mean, I am going to give you 3 incredibly effective op w a e peners I hav come ve up with and break down why they work s you can get an idea of what I am talking ab h t so g o m bout. Examp #1 ple Subject t: too fast t? Body: so my f friends say I move too fast but I am going to go out on a limb here f m g will you marry m me? oop I meant t say hi ps to Breakd down: Well it goes with l hout saying that this op g pener is unique. While every other guy is r putting her on a pe edestal, assu uming she is the perfect woman for him even though he has s t h never m her, I us her situati to my ad met se ion dvantage by making it ridiculous. I assume a major y

jump in the courting process and this shows I am not talking the situation or myself too seriously. This is a major reprieve for her from the usual barrage of boring emails she normally gets. She cant help but smile and then go check out my profile. Bingo! The major hook in here is the question will you marry me?. This makes it super easy for her to respond. She doesnt have to think too hard because you have handed her the conversation topic on a silver platter. In addition, this opener allows the possibility of role-play (something I will go into much more detail later). Example #2 Subject: So.. Body: after a rigorously brief overview of your profile I wanted to let you know I have already married and divorced you in my mind. Thanks for all the wonderful imaginary memories you will always have a special place in my heart. your ex-hubby, (name) ps. I am going to need half your money according to our prenup pps. You can keep the dog and I will keep the house in Hawaii Breakdown: Although longer than most of my openers, this one has an incredible response rate. The reason being it has a ridiculous amount of hooks for her to grab onto to and is unlike anything she has ever received before. This opener virtually guarantees a role-play scenario from the start making it very easy to begin Pushing Her Playfulness Button. Example #3 subject: To the point body: You seem really fun and super cute And since it is freezing out side could you make me some hot chocolate and knit me a scarf? You can bring them on our date next week! Thanks (note: this is a high risk high reward opener) Breakdown: This opener is so fun because it already assumes two things: 1. she is going to do something for you and 2. you are going on a date. The audacity alone sparks a womans

curiosit Who is th guy who is so confi ty. his o fident to assume all these things? E Expect a feisty respons se. You can adjust this opener bas on almo anything For exam n s sed ost g. mple: And sin it is sup hot nce per out side could you make me so lemona and fan me with a giant leaf b the pool? e ome ade n by Note: A great site to go get in nspiration fo new open is www or ners w.someecard

The M Important Part of Any N Open Most New ner

You hav to test ou you new opener. Un you give it trial and error you w ve ut ntil e wont know if it is w an effec ctive opener or not. Giv it a try, te it out, re r ve est efine it and eventually y will have an you awesom opener of your own that works like a charm Make sure to send it out to at le 20 me m. t east girls to get a good idea of its effectivene ess. forget you can always post your op p pener ideas up in the pr rivate forum for feedba and m ack Dont fo use the huge list of tested open as temp f ners plates for your own cre eation.

To Per rsonalize o Not to Personali or ize

If you h have the tim personalizing an op ener is alwa going to get you bet results. Why? me, ay tter Because as human beings we are infinitel interested in ourselv This is e e ly d ves. easy to do. Simply go throu her pro ugh ofile and pic a few thin out that can be inco ck ngs t orporated in the open nto ner. Exampl le: Un-Per rsonalized Subject t: too fast t? Body: so my f friends say I move too fast but I am going to go out on a limb here f m g will you marry m me? oop I meant t say hi ps to Personalized Subject t: too fast t? Body: friends say I move too fast but sinc we both like ____ an ____ I am going to go out f ce l nd m so my f on a lim herew you marr me? oops I meant to say hi mb will ry s o

Does t Subje the ect Matte er?

Typical it doesn matter wh your sub lly, nt hat bject is. However, a go off-theood, -wall subjec ct header c could help p her in a better fram before sh opens you message and help ki start put me he ur ick her curi iosity. Basic cally, it is th initial po off of which you ca set yours apart. It is best he oint w an self t if you m make it relat to the me te essage you a sending her. Follow up by start are w rting your message m in mid-s sentence to finish the thought that was started with the su t d ubject. Examp ple: Subject too fast? t: Body: s my friend say I mov too fast b I am goi to go ou on a limb herewill you so ds ve but ing ut b l marry m oops I m me? meant to say hi y

Online Dating S e Sites vs So ocial Netw working Si ites

Is there a differenc in which openers sho ce ould be used on Social Networking sites like d g Faceboo or Mysp ok pace vs on Online Datin Sites? Ye and No. It is importa to remem O ng es I ant mber that unl Dating Sites, women on Socia Networking sites are not there n like al necessarily to meet t and date someone. This means you can g et away wit A LOT more on a da e s th m ating site be ecause they are expecting and wantin to receive messages from guys who are inte e ng e w erested in dating d them. Women on Social N n Networking sites will h g have a tendency to won why yo are mess nder ou saging and how you found them. So just keep in mind this might occur and you w have to handle w d j n m r will h it. As far a the how d you find as did d/know me q questions is concerned using a sim s d, mple phrase like e some h I stumb across your profile usually does the tric Sometim you don even how bled e d ck. mes nt have to address it i the conversation is go if oing well an of course your profi is set up nd e file correctl ly. In Acti ion: t: used.. Subject Im confu Orig ginal Message From: R Race Date: Ja 12, 2008 12:59 PM an 8 are you shy, or som u mething? -Race From: H Her Date: Ja 13, 2008 11:16 PM an 8 A little why?

From: R Race Date: Ja 14, 2008 12:01 AM an 8 well Iv been on M ve MySpace fo a while no and you still havent said hi. T or ow u Thats a little rude dont yo think? ou From: H Her Date: Ja 14, 2008 10:53 AM an 8 I would never be ru Did yo say hi to me? Your page is very interesting d ude. ou p y g From: R Race Date: Ja 14, 2008 12:13 PM an 8 my page is interest ting like how w..weird??? ?are you being rude again????..h b haha j/k We hi ell Have you seen th Secret? e he From: H Her Date: Ja 14, 2008 7:31 PM an 8 I have s seen the Sec and Ive read it. Ho do you feel about it And what your nam by cret e ow f t? ats me the way What ma you writ me? Im glad you did.. Im in y? ade te m ntrigued for some reaso on Hope yo oure havin a great ni ng ight! From: R Race Date: Ja 14, 2008 9:37 PM an 8 my nam is Race. I have watc me ched, read an worked with some of the peopl in the sec nd w o le cret. I agree in the princip but am wary of pe ople who ta it to the far extreme so they no n ples ake es n longer h have a foot in the real world so t speak. to What ar you view on it? re w From: H Her Date: Ja 15, 2008 5:14 PM an 8 Its nice to meet yo Race (ev though i not in pe e ou ven its erson)! I completely ag gree with always trying to think posi o itive and fin nding the sil lver lining in everythin that you d I know from i ng do. experien that a p nce positive attit tude can ma a world of a differe ake ence! But yo oure right, its gotta be in modera e ation. Some people take it way too far! So you from N Mexico right? e ure New o, Do you live in Veg now? u gas -

Another way to deal with it is to turn it in a role pl scenario (you will l r nto lay o learn much more about th later). his In Acti ion: Girl 9 m April 29 at 11:13pm haha yo oure funny! So what made you me m essage me Race?! I ass R sume we do know ea ont ach other co orrect?! Race April 30 at 4:34pm 0 m i think w met at su we ummer cam when you pushed me into the bushes and g mp u m game me my first y kiss Girl May 1 a 8:47pm at haha oh really? Wa it any good?! It soun very rom h as nds mantic of me.. m Race May 2 a 10:01am at well you did use a little too much tongue but overall all it was quite delight l q tfuli think you k gave me cooties th e hough Girl May 2 a 7:11pm at Lucky y you! I dont just go aro t ound given c cooties to an nyone.. :] Are there any other fond A ny d memori that you have of us? Somehow I mustve forgotten bu now that youre rem ies u ? w f ut minding me I thi I might be regrettin the divor ink ng rce.. As you can see she in most ca she is ju curios an not testin you. So j keep ha e ases ust nd ng just aving d conversation along usin the princ n ng ciples in the next modu ule. fun and move the c

Specia Class of Openers Just for S al f Social Net tworking Sites S

There is a special c s class of openers I devel loped that are especiall successfu on Social a ly ul l Networ rking sites. I call them, My Mista ake Opener Let me give you an example an then I rs. g nd will exp plain why th work so well. hey o Examp ple: Subject Its you t: Are you that crazy fun girl I met on a cru last sum u m uise mmer? If so, wow, how have you been?! w b -Race

Do I rea think sh is the cra fun girl I met on a cruise last summer? Of course not But ally he azy c s f t! what it does is allo me to sta up a conv ow art versation un nder the rad She will be compel to dar. l lled respond to tell you no but guess what she will do firs Yepgo check out your profil to see d u e st? o t le if she re ecognizes y you. And thi is precisel what you want her to do. Once she respond can is ly u ds slowly g guide the co onversation where you want it to go. n u g They ke is to mak the event you know her from be something you actual did (othe ey ke t e g lly erwise she will feel deceiv if it is brought up w l ved b when you meet) and ma it sound like somet m ake d thing she wou have lov to be a part of. uld ved p Now let see how a few of th ts hese My M Mistake Ope eners turned out in real world exam d l mples: In Acti ion: t: Subject Its you Are you that crazy fun girl I met on a cru last sum u m uise mmer? -Race From: H Her Date: D 3, 2007 5:01 PM Dec I was on a cruise la summer, but I dont think we have met. I think I wou remembe you. n ast , t h t uld er Sorry Sara From: R Race Date: D 3, 2007 6:14 PM Dec awww thats swe eet:) R u sur So your not the girl who stay up all ni re? re g yed night with me m sipping Ouzo and w watching th sun rise o he over the sparkling green ocean in G n Greece?! What do W you hav a cruise t ve twin or som mething?lo ol From: H Her Date: D 3, 2007 6:51 PM Dec Im sorr but I defi ry finitely would remembe that! I am jealous no that you have been to er m ow t Greece and that yo had what seems to b e a great tim with my cruise twin (tell her to stop ou me n o g y n, w stealing my face!). However if she truely is my twin then she would be so super cool that you would have rem membered her name an kept in contact with her My cruise was to h nd c h Mexico onot even close to as glamerous as Greece. n From: R Race Date: D 3, 2007 7:03 PM Dec

She was super cool and I wou have kep in contact with her bu we got se s uld pt t ut eparated bef fore we could ex xchange inf focruises can be craz when you are island hopping al the time:) zy u d ll Some o my best fr of friends are on a cruise to mexico ri o o ight should b pulling in hey be nto Cabo Sa Lucas an day. an ny If you c could go on a cruise anywhere in t world where would you go cru princess the w uise s? From: H Her Date: D 4, 2007 1:52 PM Dec Oh I wo ould go on a European cruise for s sure. Particu uarly one th went to I hat Ireland. I am dying m to see Ir reland beca ause my gran ndmother w full bloo and I want to go see my roots I also was od e really w to see I want Italy. I hear it is very ro omantic, an I am such a hopeless romantic th I nd h s hat think I w would just m haha. melt What ab bout you? O have you already be to all your dream pl Or u een laces? In Acti #2: ion Caught youSubject: Caught you t From: R Race Date: O 24, 2007 11:46 AM Oct 7 M hey you are that on girl who tried to mol me at th club the other night u ne lest he naughty naughty n haha From: H Her Date: O 24, 2007 12:59 PM Oct 7 oh reall lyhmm so bout th orry hatits you fault for being cute ur b From: R Race Date: O 24, 2007 4:34 PM Oct 7 dang it! I knew I sh ! hould have put on thos e glasses an a fake mu nd ustache..hah ha so what your stor mrs. mollester lady? you get ex points fo creativity ts ry ? xtra or y

From: Her Date: Oct 24, 2007 11:16 PM creativity?! i am not creative that sucks! About favorite subjectnot!! I work a lot (like 7 days a week) and party almost as muchwhat about you Mr. Victim of my molesting? As you can see, in both examples the conversation has got to the point where I can take it on many different conversational threads. Soon she will be having so much fun talking to you she wont even care what started the conversation.

Facebook, Openers and Friend Requests

Facebook is unique because, as far as I can tell (and believe me I have tried) there is no way to easily search for women based on criterion you choose. This makes it tougher since you cant always tell if she is single and if she is a friend of a friend you run the risk of spoiling your social network by gossip if you mess up too badly. For most cases using a My Mistake opener keeps you in the clear. But what do you do if she is already a friend? It is quite simple actually. If she has been a friend a friend for a while you can simply start out by saying something like, how do we know each other again? This puts you in a great position. First off, she will go check out your profile to see how she knows you. If you have it set up correctly (awesome pictures, plenty of friends, fun updates, comments, etc) then you already started shifting in her mind from how do I know this guy to I am curious to know who this guy is. Secondly, since you are the one asking the question it is as if you are the suspicious one who doesnt just let anyone be their friend. You will learn more about displaying standards later. In Action: Race June 12 at 12:10pm hey how do we know each other btw? Alexis June 16 at 6:21pm hey hm I dont think we do lol, probably from AYI Race June 17 at 7:56pm

ooooh h haha well w a shame what ethought I might hav met you at one of m loft partie In ve my es. any case..hi Alexis J June 21 at 1 1:13pm hi back nope no loft partiesthat is a s shame haha a

so youre in NY rig how do you like it ght? o t? Race Ju 22 at 2:2 une 25pm well i am back and forth between here an vegas. Ne york is AMAZING in the summer m d nd ew A G time bu I dont thi I could do another w ut ink d winter here..yikes! Wh are you u to this su hat up ummer? Alexis J June 23 at 2 2:05pm working unfortuna g ately.. I do have a coupl weekends planned here and ther going to San h le h re, o Francisco this weekend and maybe Yo d osemite next month for a few days.. Hm it mus be t st nice esc caping the V Vegas heat in the summ and com i mer, ming back in winter wh its cold hen d everywh else how do you manage to do that? here o Race Ju 27 at 9:4 une 47am I have s up my life so I can travel just a set t about whene ever I want. It is great! I will be ba in ack Vegas i the next w in week of two Lets han out when I get back and go on a adventure o. ng a an e Alexis J June 30 at 1 12:33pm haha wh not? wha kind of ad hy at dventure? Race Ju 30 at 1:5 une 54pm ll I haven quite figu nt ured it out yet but it wil be fun! Maybe a wat balloon f y M ter fight on the strip shoot m over your # and ill text you wh I get bac Mine is me r t hen ck. xxx Alexis J July 1 at 12 2:39pm Youre on!

xxx-xxx-xxx No matter what she says I will guess where I thought I knew her from. Make sure to make it something fun that she would want to do so that you could invite her to do later on in the conversation.

If You Get Caught Using The Same Opener

It is bound to happen. Youve messaged a girl and she replies that either you or some other guy sent her the same message. There are several ways to handle this. The easiest is to just click next and move on. However, the fact that she responded means she is still interacting with you. As long as she is doing that, it is possible to bring her around. Remember, the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Here are some examples of things you could say if you sent her the same message twice on accident: -I must have really wanted to talk to youhaha {change subject} -My mistake. I hit my head while {something silly i.e. mud wrestling, cliff diving, etc.} Let me make it up to you. Here is a joke my nephew told me today -I just wanted to give myself a second chance to make a better first impressionhahaj/k {change subject} If she received the same message from someone else you could use any of these: -I cant help it that so many people want to be like mehaha {change subject} -Really? Which one of us is cuter?haha {change subject} -That was my evil twin. I swear Im the good onehaha {change subject}

Wrap Up
And there you have it. With a kick ass profile and an engaging opening message to set you apart you are ready to start messaging women. So get out there and start doing it right now! When you get an inbox full of beautiful women excited to talk to you move on to the next section, Pushing Her Playfulness Button.

Module 2: Push her playfulness button

So you have sent out some awesome opening messages that have caught a womans attention and got her curious enough to check out your profile. After looking over your profile she was so intrigued she couldnt help but write you back. Congratulations, you have just successfully pushed her curiosity button enough to bring you to the next phase of the interaction. Here is where you are going to transition into a fun and playful conversation, allowing the spark of curiosity to turn into full on flirting. This is where it starts to get fun! Note: No matter what, in the initial stages of your interaction you want to direct the conversation in a playful manner. It is much easier to knock down peoples barriers with humor than to be serious. Being serious has a tendency to cause people to be defensive or bore them. This is the opposite of pushing her Playful Button.

Messaging Fundamentals
Before we jump in on how to transition from the opening message into a full blown conversation full of flirting and fun there are some fundamental guidelines that you will want to keep in mind as the interaction progresses. These are guiding principles not law.

Its Not a Big Deal

Remember at all times ITS NOT A BIG DEAL. If you ever open your inbox and see a message from a girl youve been talking to and start to get nervous (Ive done it too), take a deep breath, and remember ITS NOT A BIG DEAL. Her response says nothing about you. She cannot hurt you, upset you, reject you, or even make you happy. That is up to you. You are in control. She is a picture and a few lines of text. Nothing she says has anything to do with you. It is her response to the fun, playful, and charming messages you are sending. If she doesnt want to be fun and playful back she is not the type of girl you would want to meet up with anyway. There are millions of girls on Match, OkCupid, PlentyofFish, MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites. Just click next. Part of having the attitude of a powerful, attractive male is not to be affected by other peoples opinions or responses. You know who you are and what you want. If you do get an apparently negative response, just use phrases like, Wow you sure are a feisty one, Calm down there cowgirl, Im just having some fun. Youre kinda cute when youre all riled up.. haha etc., and then just push on towards your desired outcome. Every now and then, you will receive a blatantly angry response with something like, Why are you writing me?, I have a boyfriend, I hate guys like you, etc. This has nothing to do with you. It is her personal problem. Delete the message and move on. However, if you get a significant number of messages like this, then you may need to re-evaluate what you are doing and fine tune it.

Use Emoticons and Short hand in Place of Non-Verbal Communication

Since most in-person communication is done through non-verbal cues such as body language, vocal tonality, facial expressions, etc. it is critical to use emoticons, acronyms and initialisms (words that describe bodily reactions ie lol, haha) to create the mood youre intending to communicate. As you will see in many of the examples, we will end a statement with:

Haha lol, or LMAO! Note: A Another fun way to set yourself apart now that emotico have be nny s t ons ecome so po opular is to spell them out in parenthesi instead i.e n is e. becom (smiley face) mes f You can use any va n ariation of these. They let a girl kn when you are bein playful, in a t y now y ng i good m mood, sympa athizing, are intending to be funny They can even lessen the sting of an e y. n o otherwi overly co ise ocky statem ment. Here is an example of a statem that co e ment ould be taken the wrong way had th emoticon not g he ns been us sed: I could never hand out with you. You ar just troub d y re ble. That co omes across cold and would not ma sense in a conversa w ake n ation. You w want to ensu that ure your me essages are read as you intend them to come across. u m a Heres h it would read with emoticons added: how h s I could never hang out with a girl like yo d ou haha. you are just trouble are you!!? t ent are Women will read y n your messag through the filter of whatever mood they a in at tha ges h m at momen You don want to gi her the c nt. t ive chance to misinterpret a message t m that was me to eant be fun a playful as rude or mean just be and m ecause she is in a sour mood. Get use to using t ed these mood indicators A LOT. You simply ca annot flirt on nline effectively with ou them. ut Note: G Girls typical use emot lly ticons and s shorthand te so pay attention to how they use exts o u them. T is a perfect resourc to pull fro to expan your voc This ce om nd cabulary of shorthand and a emotico ons.

Have yo ever writ a girl a long involv messag only to re ou tten ved ge eceive back a short one-word reply? D Does it feel like you are pulling te eth to keep the convers sation going This can be very g? frustrati ing. Chance are you are giving to much too soon and it is killing h attractio to es a oo o i her on you. By paying atte y ention to ho much a w ow woman is writing in he messages you can ca w er s alibrate the prop amount of informat per tion for you to share. You dont want to be th one perso in an u Y w he on interact tion that is g giving all ki inds of infor rmation abo yourself if she is sh out f haring none or just replying with one-w g word answe Ultimat ers. tely, the per rson writing the most in the online g n e interact tion is inves sting the mo in the int ost teraction. This has a hu effect on how each of you T uge n h perceives what is g going on. Th one who is investing the most is seen as th one chasi he g he ing. Here is a cross sect tion of an in nteraction I had with Shari: A little ball of spun nkhmmm i like hehe m e.

Wow, a dork you a but as I said, thats a plus in my books Well what makes me a ares m dorkI suppose it would be my addiction to sudoku or perhaps my obsess I t m n u s sion with the tv e show M Monster Que particula the epis est, arly sode about Nessie the Lockness M L Monster. As far as jokes go well I thi Im pret funny; I mean I don think I can do stand u but I can make oink tty nt n up n you lau (it will c you tho ugh cost ough haha). So do y have any you ything planned for this long and much needed weekend? s m d ?? Shari Origi Messag inal ge so you s share my se ecret obsess sion with cry yptozoology I am pret sure that means we are y? tty t instant b friends lol. best s Well I c came up to M Montreal fo the weeke and am staying her for a wee or so to get away or end m re ek g and catc up on some stuff. What about y ch W you? Did yo go search for mer ou hing rmaids in th he harbor? because th would be awesome! ? hat e Race Origi Messag inal ge shut up- do u really have a lov for crypto y ve ozoology? Pretty cool hehe. I did l P h look for mermai idswho to you? Did Ariel put her human feet on and tell you he old d erself?! Montreal- thats a p popular plac this week ce kendWha kinda stuf do you ne to catch up on? at ff eed to h t d d he A I went t the beach yesterday- it was a lot of fun and def missed going to th beach. Are you staying with people in Montre or hotelli it up? Today is gor e eal ing T rgeous so I a going to have am o to go to the park as o sap. Anyway y, Enjoy y your day- ho you catc up on wh you need to do. ope ch hat Shari Origi Messag inal ge hey! so did y get ever you rything you wanted don and relax Sooo exc ne x? citing your b back- how was w your trip home? Ho was the weather the ow ere? ekend was s solid. I wen to my best friends ho nt t ouse which is up near C and celeb i CT brated My wee her birth hday. Her f family is lik my 2nd fa ke amily so it was really nice being a w n around them again m after a f weeks ( few (considering the last tim i was the was for a funeral). G home kinda g me ere Got k late last night from her house and though i would be able to pas out right away, but sure t m ht e ss s enough I somehow got all this energy..err (not fun when you ar trying to get sleep fo the w s rr w re or work).

Anyway y, this wee is sorta b ek busy, but I am around t weeken if you wa to meet u at some point. a this nd ant up p My num mber is xxx xxx xxxx; feel free to call/txt. ttyl, Shari Origi Messag inal ge well i d relax u did unfortunately so much that i got very little wo done lol I just sent you a ork l. t text so l lets figure out a time to kick it t Race mple is e onversation. She . As you can see from this exam Shari i investing much more into the co was con nsistently w writing much more than I was, volu h n unteering in nformation a about her lif and fe asking m question Just by reading it yo can alrea tell she is the one c me ns. r ou ady chasing me. This isnt about getting her to chase me, I was just busy and didnt have a bunch of time to write e a h back lon response You wan to pay att ng es. nt tention to th so you ca balance t interacti his an the ion. You dont want to be investing everythin into an in ng nteraction with someon who isnt giving w ne back eq qually. She w sense it and be turn off. So if she is wr will t ned riting very li ittle, back off and o mirror t amount she is writing and use the techniqu in this system to ge her to ope up the ues s et en and get involved in the interac n ction. Note: th is much more important in beg his ginning of an interaction when you are still in the n n u getting to each oth stage. g her

Building Uncon nscious Ra apport thr rough Mir rroring

In addit tion to mirro oring the length of the message, it is also VER effectiv to mirror her t RY ve writing style as we Pay atten ell. ntion to wha kind of emoticons an expressiv language she is at nd ve e uch haha vs hehe As silly as this ma seem, it is another w for her to build ehe. y ay way t using su as, Hah a sense of comfort with you. The fact tha you are sim T at milarly expressive (eve over a sh en hort er u s ith t ying, birds of a s message) causes he to form unconscious rapport wi you. Just like the say feather flock togeth her, people like to han out with and feel mo comfort e ng ore table with people p who are similar to them. She might not kn e m now why bu she will become mor relaxed and feel ut b ore a more co onnected wi you whe you mirro her word choice and writing sty Mirrorin them ith en or d d yle. ng back to her will sub bconsciousl help her f like you understan her world and know where ly feel u nd d she is coming from m.

Guidin the Con ng nversation n

You sho ould always start a con s nversation w a desire outcome in mind. Th means th no with ed his hat matter h she res how sponds, it is always you responsib ur bility to lead the conver d rsation back on k track to oward the en on whic you have decided. This is easy to do using transitional nds ch e t l phrases role-playin and gam s, ng mes.

. At the same time, have fun with the conversation. Enjoy the uniqueness and spontaneity that each new girl brings. With practice, youll quickly learn to guide the flow of the interaction like a pro.

Conversation Hooks and Multiple Threads

The goal is to engage her in a conversation within the first three messages totally independent of the opening message. A typical mistake guys make is sticking to only one conversational thread. This quickly gets played out and shows lack of conversational skills. You want to use conversation hooks to open multiple threads of conversation. The more conversational threads you have going the more you have to talk about and connect on. This is going to be crucial for pushing the other buttons. Conversation hooks are statements or questions that create an opportunity for her to engage in conversation. Make sure to use hooks that she can relate to. The easiest way to introduce a new conversational hook and open up a new conversational thread is by using Transitional Phrases.

Transitioning Phrases
Transitional phrases are the single most important tool used in keeping control of the conversation. Phrases such as Guess what.., Check this out, I have to say.., Youll never believe what happened today, or simply so, allow you to redirect the conversation onto any topic you want. Usually, these will be used to tell stories that make her laugh, ask her questions that create more thread topics or to play fun games that encourage her to stay engaged in the conversation and even subsequently provide you with an opportunity to compliment her based on how well she performed. In Action: Race 10:11am Feb 27th you took a white belt? tisk tisk you should have explained the rice rule! haha so we agree on sushi but do we agree on surprise adventure? If you were to take me on a surprise adventure where would we go and what would we do? good luck Her 2:39pm Feb 27th white belt? (im guessing thats a no rice leftover/sushi rule?) hmmmm suprise adventure?? well if i told you it wouldnt be a suprise! but it would be sup diff Race 2:54pm Feb 27th ok not a surprise but a random adventure . go! Her 3:24pm Feb 27th ice blocking in the park Race 6:07pm Feb 27th

i was thinking more of cliff jumping in chile or snorkeling the great barrier reef in australia but hey thats just my style Her 8:43pm Feb 27th haha ok if you wanna go that route then parasailing in Hawaii,white river rafting in Colorado, and bannana boats in the carribiian! By simply saying so we agree on sushi but do we agree on surprise adventure? I was able to open a new thread independent of the opening message that had to do with sushi. It cant get much easier than that.

Answering Questions
It is generally a good rule to answer any questions she has early on in your interaction; avoiding them looks shady. However, you dont have to answer the full question, or spend more than one sentence on it, depending on the question. A lot of times girls dont know what to ask so they ask questions like what do you do? or why are you on this site?. Dont get sucked into a typical boring conversation but it is better to take control of the conversation and move it towards more engaging conversation for both of you.

Making Up Memories with Roleplaying

Remember when you used to play house with a girl you like in elementary school? You were the husband and girl you had a crush on was the wife. Or perhaps it was doctor and patient or Kind and Queen of the castle (a.k.a. the slide). Although it may have just seemed like a fun game at the time, there was some very powerful psychological principles of attraction going on there. The best part is those principles are far more effective now that you are older. In fact, the affects of successfully role-playing with a woman you are interested in are so astounding you will wonder why you havent been doing it all along. The human brain has trouble distinguishing between imagined events and real memories. This is significant because every time you create an imagined event with a woman using roleplaying, she is in essence creating a memory with you. The more memories you have with someone the more comfortable you feel around them. After all, are not all the relationships you have in your life formed from the feelings and bonds created through shared memories together? When role-playing with a woman the devil is in the details. The more vivid she can imagine herself experiencing the events you describe the more powerful and real the memory will become. You want to pick roles where you do things together or where she is the one who is looking up to or chasing you. Here are a few examples of role-playing ideas: -Husband and Wife (or exs) -Travel Buddies (talk about all the adventures you are going on together) -Stalker and Victim (she is the one stalking you) -Teacher and Student -Rockstar and Groupie In Action:

Girl April 29 at 11:13pm 9 m haha yo oure funny! So what made you me m essage me Race?! I ass R sume we do know ea ont ach other co orrect?! Race April 30 at 4:34pm 0 m i think w met at su we ummer cam when you pushed me into the bushes and g mp u m game me my first y kiss Girl May 1 a 8:47pm at haha oh really? Wa it any good?! It soun very rom h as nds mantic of me.. m Race May 2 a 10:01am at well you did use a little too much tongue but overall all it was quite delight l q tfuli think you k gave me cooties th e hough Girl May 2 a 7:11pm at Lucky y you! I dont just go aro t ound given c cooties to an nyone.. :] Are there any other fond A ny d memori that you have of us? Somehow I mustve forgotten bu now that youre rem ies u ? w f ut minding me I thi I might be regrettin the divor ink ng rce.. Race May 2 a 9:04pm at I know right?! Me toosurly you have so ome fond memories as well my lo m s ove? Girl at May 2 a 9:29pm hmm.. W I reme Well ember when we went o to the mo n out ountain and took a box filled with our d x love let tters and bur it under the ground for someo else to discover and share.. but just in ried d one d d case I m made copies haha.. I still have the copies. :] s. Race May 3 a 7:11pm at wow we always did do the coo e olest things s Girl May 3 a 8:56pm at Yea we did!..I thin we should try to do s e nk d something just as hip again.. Haha and defintely a a keep sp peaking to each other! Sent via Facebook Mobile a As you engage her with differ role-pla r rent aying scenar you are also displa rios e aying an urous, exciti ing, or even possibly a slightly rom n mantic side of your self These can be n adventu f. short lit interacti ttle ions or, to get the most out of them they can become a lo running theme g t m, ong g between you two. T way when you me up again you alread have a sto line between n This w eet n dy ory

you two that you can draw fro at any tim I canno stress eno o om me. ot ough how m much comfor this rt creates! ! Equally as significant, role pla y aying allow her to let go of some of her insec ws curities and open d up more than usual Because she is playi a role of somebody else she c use that as e l. s ing o y can plausibl deniabilit After all it really is her. When in all actuality, the things she jokes le ty. l snt W a e e about (f the most part) are actually an o for t a outlet for ho she really feels. And again, bec ow d cause it is a role and not h e her, she isn worried a nt about being judged. Sh can pass t g he that off to th he characte she is pla er aying into.

Games s
Fun littl games ar a great wa to engag a woman in the conv le re ay ge versation. It is also a great way to learn about her, find opport n tunities to c ompliment her and star a whole r rt range of new w convers sational thre eads to conn on. Rem nect member, if she is havin fun, she w stay in the ng will convers sation. Simp use a tra ply ansitional ph hrase to lead into a gam at any tim Here ar a few me me. re examples of some fun games to use: t Examp 1 ple Guess w what? Ive d devised a test to tell how creative someone is. It took me years of stu and w s . e udy research to develop it. Im warning you h p its very difficult!!! Very few hav ever had the V ve d strength to complete it. h Finish t poem: this Roses a red Violets are blue are e good lu uck Examp 2 ple So I jus read these would yo rather qu st e ou uestions the other day and I bet yo would ha e ou ave some ve interesti answers lol ery ing s Would you rather have an am mazing sing ging voice but never be famous, or be famous with a b e r s thats what you were fa amous for? crappy voice, and t be invis sible, or be able to fly? have on year of am ne mazing, toe e-curling, ne eighbor-call ling-911 sex and the ne year of no sex, x ext n or woul you rathe have two years of so -so sex? ld er Good lu uck Notice t youre not asking her to play a game (i.e. a direct qu that uestion) bec cause she ca either an say yes or no to tha You are simply pres at. senting the questions an adding nd Good Luck at k the end of the state ement which is another indirect wa of compe h r ay elling her to play along o g because it is alread assuming she is goin to. Also notice the use of a third party (i.e. So I e dy g ng n u d just read these wo d ould you rat ther questio the othe day) wh remove responsib ons er hich es bility from yo ou.

The thir question in the list actually is a form of Ga rd a auging A Womans Sex W xual Radar, which you wil learn abou in Modul 5: Pushin Her Desir Button. ll ut le ng re A great place to fin fun game quizzes, or stories to tell is by actually rea t nd es, o a ading girlie magazin like Cos nes smopolitan, Seventeen Vogue, etc. In fact, if you dont h , n, f have any, go pick g up copies of these magazines right now. I is a great way to gain insight int a woman It n to ns mindset and you ca exercise that knowle t an edge in you interaction ur ns. There a is a whol section in the Private forum tha is full of game ideas. are le n e at g In Acti ion: From: R Race Date: O 25, 2007 11:24 AM Oct 7 M me? litt tle-ol-mew lets se I ride do well ee. olphins, am developing a social psy ychology consulti business, get moles by cute girls at clu and can bake 30 mi brownies in 29 ing sted e ubs in s mins. I cant b believe you are not creativelets try someth u s hing to be su Would you rather: ure. Live in a mansion by the lake or a shack on the beac ch o y eak n Have to always say whats on your mind or only spe pig latin Have a year of ama azing, toe curling sex a then a year of no se or two ye of so so sex and y ex ears o Good lu uck From: H Her Date: O 25, 2007 1:22 PM Oct 7 oh good i love filling out surv d veys! lol wel ll.i would rather live in a shack on the beac (in d e ch fact there is one in Hawaii tha i already s at said i want to live in), have to say whats on my t h m mind (i do that any yway), and 2 years of s o so sex (I wont explai that one) You are so much w in fun!

Use misinterpre etation

Misinte erpretation i a great wa to chang e the directi of a con is ay ion nversation, s start a new roleplay and even play d yfully tease a woman. I f she is brin up any number of th ngs n things misinter rpret what s is saying to make it seem as th she t hough she was includin you in he w ng er thought had an un ts, ntended sex meanin or even jokingly ass xual ng, j suming that she sugges t sted somethi unflatte ing ering about her self. h For exa ample: HER: I have a me eeting I SO dont want t go toag to ghhh YOU: Jeeze how often do yo have to v ou visit your pr robation offi ficerI can pee in a cu for ya up if you n ______ __________ ____

HER: well if you do decide to invite me to that hou warming party it be t e use g etter not be just so j that I br ring over a h house warm ming presen nt pic your pois ck son.. YOU: well arent y so swee to offer u some pois you et us son! i knew you were t w trying to sed duce me from th moment y made me msg you on myspace your so tricky! dam you! he you m e o mn ______ __________ ____ HER: It was so ho out side today ot t Thinking a about me do tend to m oes make people hot and bo e othered lo ol YOU: ______ __________ ____ HER: Your messa was so cute I had to take a pee age c o ek You se like you be a pre fun eem oud etty person YOU: Damn girly youre alr y, ready hiding in the bus g shes peeking through m windows g my s? lol I hope y didnt se me in my sponge bo you ee y ob onezee s hahaha a In Acti ion: she said d RE: too fast? o wow, li ickedy split eh?? Haven heard th in awhile I like it. But of cours I work bo of nt hat e, B se, oth my jobs Thursday night . Tell me the id so I can be super bummed I ca go. s dea n b ant the And Im also jealou about Ma was sup m us aui, pposed to go in June bu didnt get t chance!! What o ut is it that you do for a living an t r nyway? b being able to take 3 mon to wan o nths nder around NYC and Mo ontreal is pre amazin etty ng! Race sa aid both job you are the leprech bs?! e haun in fron of Oshea arent look so much ta nt as k aller in your pic ctures! well bu ummerI w going to invite you to our Stop was o plight party on thurs nig What a pity ght. our passionate love affair mus wait. Wha is your sc e st at chedule like this weeke e end? She Sai id damn! h did you know? lol I dont tell many peop about that job how u l l ple Tell me more abou this stopli e ut ight party, I had a simil idea onc and just n lar ce never made it happen. . My sch hedule this w weekend suc I work wed-sunday nights and Friday day am a witn in a cks. y d y ness trial ( cr razy right, I living my own law and order episode!). Saturday I am going to Pro Im m w e S Dance, which is a d dance camp type thing for profess p sional sports teams dan s ncers (Im al the lso assistan coach of t UFL La Vegas Lo nt the as ocos Dance team). So I really only have Sunday y

afternoon free, dont work until 5pm. Monday and Tuesadays are my full days off. This takes a little practice but one of the many beautiful advantages of online dating is you have as much time as you want to think about your response. Start thinking of fun ways you can misinterpret (albeit always in a fun way never in an offensive way) something she said.

How to Ask Questions the Right Way

Be curious. Asking questions allow you to move the conversation forward to where you want it to go while gathering information you can use for flirting. The types of you questions you want to ask are OPEN ENDED questions that are preferably unusual. That is to say dont ask questions that can be answered with either a yes or a no such as do you like music?. A simple way to turn that into an open ended question is by asking what types of music do you like?. This cannot be answered with a yes or no. To make it more unusual you could ask If you could date any rockstar who would it be and why?. Here are a few of my favorites: -If a genie grants you one wish what would it be? -What is your favorite thing to do to have fun? -In your opinion what is the one thing the opposite gender needs to learn? -Have you gone on any adventures this summer? -What is the silliest thing you own? -What is the one place you havent visited by would love to see? -If you could have any music group alive today play at your birthday party, who would you want? For now keep them light and playful but in the next 2 Modules you will learn how to ask questions that will build a deeper connection and gauge her sexual radar. Note: You dont have to necessarily have to answer a question she asks you immediately, but can answer it with a question of your own. Simply say, Wow, nobodys ever asked me that before. What made you ask me? or Great question, but before I answer can I ask you.

Passing a Womans Tests

Using all the techniques in this system you will begin to build attraction really quickly with women. They are not used to this happening. Because of this, they will often test you to see if you really are the fun, cool, high value guy that you are portraying yourself to be. Based on how you react, she will either become far more attracted to you or realize that it was just too good to be true and move on and stop responding to you. This does not mean she is being bitchy or mean or doesnt like you. In fact, it is the exact opposite. IF SHE IS GIVING YOU A TEST, THAT MEANS SHE IS STARTING TO LIKE YOU! Cherish the moments a woman suddenly gives you resistance or gives you hell about something you said. She has to do this to filter out low value men to get to the quality men.

So how do you pas a womans test and s w ss solidify in her mind tha you are th high quality guy h at he she wan to be attr nts racted to? You must be NON-REA Y e ACTIVE. Dont buy in the argum or D nto ment sassy co omment. Sh is trying to get a rise out of you and when you dont st he t e u y tammer to try to t explain yourself, st apologizing, or get upset her attraction to you goes th tart t a hrough the roof. It shows t you trul are an aw that ly wesome guy who doesn need her acceptance or approva to feel y nt e al good ab bout yoursel You do what you w ant to becau you wan to not bec lf. w use nt cause of how others w form op will pinions of you. This is insanely att y tractive! Do not repeat I DO NOT take it perso t onal! Instead look at it as a fun gam It is cut She me. te. is tellin you that s likes you and givin you an am ng she ng mazing oppo ortunity to m make her ev ven more at ttracted to y you. Here ar some of th main wa to succe ssfully hand a womans tests: re he ays dle - Ignore it. Sometim the bes way to ha e mes st andle a wom mans test is to simply ig gnore it and keep d doing w you are doing ha what e aving fun te exting back and forth. This lets he know that you, T er unlike m guys, a not goin to play he little gam If done correctly, i will be forgotten most are ng er mes. it and the conversatio will mov forward a if it never happened. Only she w be way more on ve as . will attracted to you. - Say: r cute T is a great way to sh u This how her tha you are un at naffected. Y find it cute that You c she is tr rying to test you because you now know it jus means she likes you.. t w st - Play a along. Go ov the top so she know you are joking aroun and you dont take this ver s ws nd t seriousl at all. ly Exampl le: Her: y are a pla you ayer arent you? y You: H rude! How We prefer to be calle d gigolos r - Find o the REA issue. If it is a more serious test stemming from her in out AL e nsecurities, find out what th real issue is and hand that inst he dle tead. Dont get caught up in a fake argument. u e Be willi to walk away. This is the most important concept you may ever learn about ing s t r t interact ting with wo omen. Know what you want and dont want. What you a willing to put up w u d W are t with an what you are not. If it just doesn work out you have to be ok wit that. It do nd i nt t t th oesnt mean yo werent good enoug or she wa ou gh asnt good enough for you, it just m e means you two are not com mpatible. No worries. There are a m o T million fish in the sea and you are quite the ca a atch. In Acti ion: Race sa aid Yesterd day too fast t? so my f friends say I move too fast but I am going to go out on a limb here f m g will you marry m me? oop I meant t say hi ps to she said d Yesterd day RE: too fast? o Love a catchy subj line. ject

Does th line work for all the girls on ma hat k e atch?? I kno you have used it be ow efore. Race sa aid Yesterd day RE: too fast? o not sure eI just sig gned up but hopefully i will get al the boring ones to ign it ll g nore me and an d amazing girl to be interested. I guess I co g ould have go with hi one she said d Yesterd day RE: too fast? o Good an nswer. You sho ould see the crazy ema I get.e e ails extremely entertaining. Old men lo me!!!! haha..If e . ove h only the knew wh a handfu I am. ey hat ul its sa to say yo are going to love thi site and fit right in ((j afe ou g is fi (jk)).old m man Race sa aid Yesterd day RE: too fast? o I beta what do you assum makes yo such a ha and o me ou andful? You sassitude not withsta ur e anding she said d Yesterd day RE: too fast? o .I jus wrote you this long email and it didnt send st u e Awesome e!! I am ex xtremely sar rcasticgig gglychatty a social butterfly li you hav never see I y l ike ve en. smile ev when I am mad. When someo hurts my feelings I tell them. I can be sens ven W one y sitive. I am a tot ladym taly meaning I expect to be treated like one. No I will not b spending the e e e be g nightNo.our f first date will not be at a night club You bette love my m b. er monster dog or gs d hey t pretend because th are super important to me. I have s standards and morals I would say that ab s d bout covers why I am a handful. Sexy?? I thiiink so hy on Y o f eth.worrie me a es So, Wh are you o match? You have no pictures of you showing your teet little ha aha. Race sa aid Yesterd day RE: too fast? o I didnt tell you I a t actually don have any teeth? I am an old man remember nt y m n r. If you c could out so ocially butte erfly me, let just say I would be very impres ts v ssed. So wha if you stay the nigh on the firs date at a night we talk to the manager at yed ht st ked m and got a hammock set up and they only p t k d played the music we liked (ice ice baby)..oh yeah it m e

will be everyone in their fancy smansy cl clothes having a wa balloon fightbut instead n y lub h ater n t of water it would b different color glow in the dark paint. Ok wow this is getting elab be w borate lol. n well s ho p m I am on match.w to find someone wh can keep up with me she said d 19 hour ago rs RE: too fast? o Serious the more you write the more I l sly e t like. No teeth?? fixable As long as you take me to e g e ing spend th night at t club I am not goi to expan on the whole club th he the nd w hing becaus I se could se you expa ee anding furth her.. Ice ice b how did yo know tha is my favo ou at orite song?? ? I like ho the impo ow ortant stuff you dont ex xpand on a are on match to find som b h meone who can keep up w you nnniiiiiccce n with n eeee Jessica

Wrap Up
So there you have it. All the to necessa to transi e ools ary ition from the opening message in a nto dynami and flirty conversatio with a be ic on eautiful wom online. Using thes technique will man . se es set you so far apart from the average guy it is ridicul t a lous. She wi be excite ill edly awaitin your ng next me essage and h hoping that this is goin to work out. But in order for it t work out you ng o o to must Pu Her Ima ush agination Bu utton and ta her from merely att ake m tracted to fa ascinated!

Module 3 Pus her imag 3: sh r gination bu utton

Having fun yet? Sh is! Believ it or not, when she opens her in he ve o nbox she is a actually hop ping there w be a mes will ssage from you. And w not? Yo are different, you are funny, you y why ou e u intrigue her and mo of alls is havin fun! Who better th you righ now? No one e ost she ng os han ht thats w who. But you are not do yet. You see you ca just stay the fun fli guy for u one u ant irty rever or else eve entually she will lose in e nterest. You see she wa to not on be able to have fun with a u ant nly n guy she wants to genuinely co e onnect with someone, she wants to feel unders s o stood. In or rder to do this y must re you elate to her on what is i important to her as wel as get her to start ima o ll r agining you as p of her w part world. To accomplish t you mu Push Her Imaginatio Button and this ust r on a cause h to becom fascinated with you. Heres how her me . w.

Makin a conne ng ection on something she valu s g ues

So how do you go about maki a connec w ing ction with a woman yo just began messaging ou an online? Well just a in person, you have t dig deep and find ou what she i passionat about, as to ut is te what sh values. W he Why? Becau this is th core of who she is. This is how she forms her use he w T h identity If you con y. nnect with her on that l h level you are connectin with her i ng idea of her true t self, of who she be elieves she is. This is ho love eve i ow entually form ms. Before we go any f further you MUST und derstand tha this never a one way street. As you are at y finding out what sh is passion about a what sh values, yo too will b opening up and he nate and he ou be sharing what you a passiona about an what you value. If yo lie and tr to make a false are ate nd u ou ry connect tion with a w woman, she WILL find out and yo SHOULD be asham of yours e d ou D med self. I do not c condone lea ading a wom on or ly man ying to fulfill your own satisfaction In my ey this n n. yes is sham meful and go against the very bel oes t liefs that hav made me so success in my dating ve e sful d life. This isnt abou you gettin yours, th is about two people coming tog ut ng his gether, havi fun ing and con nnecting wit the outco that no matter wha happens you are both better off having th ome at y h h met eac other. Ok Ill get off my soapbo now ch k f ox So how do you go about findin out what this woma you are ta w ng t an alking to on nline is pass sionate about? L Lets start b asking qu by uestions.

How to Dig Dee o eper -The Magic of Genuine Curiosity C

In the la module I showed yo how to a unique, open ended questions. Most of tho ast ou ask d ose focused around light, fun and playful ans wers. Howe d ever, any of those answ actually allows f wers y you to d deeper. Let me show you how . dig you: W is the on place you havent vi What ne u isited by wo ould love to see? o her: I do know m ont maybe Italy y you: wh attracts y to Italy hat you y? her: I ha always loved art ave . Just by probing a li ittle deeper you can fin out her underlying motivations.. Its this pr nd u m robing that wil eventually lead you to something she is pas ll y g ssionate abo It would be really easy to out. d e ask a fo ollow up que estion abou art at this point and get her really opening u You will know ut g y up. l when yo hit on so ou omeones pa assion becau they will get excite and have a lot to say about use ed e y it. And the more th say abou it, the mo opportun hey ut ore nities you have to conn with he h nect er.

Here are some simple ways to dig deeper: What do you enjoy about____ so much? What attracts you to____? No way? What got you into_____ The cool thing is you dont have to be into the same things exactly that she is into. All you have to be is be genuinely curious. Think about the last time someone was talking to you and was genuinely curious about something that you were really passionate about. Chances are you lit up like a 1000 watt light bulb and talked excitedly for as long as they would listen. You can provide the same thing for a woman online by being genuinely curious about what makes her tick. You might wonder why I didnt just bring this up sooner. Quite simply because she wasnt ready for you to dig deeper. You MUST first Push Her Curiosity Button and build attraction by Pushing Her Playfulness Button before you can start making a deeper connection. If you had just jumped in and tried to make a deep connection with a woman you didnt know and who didnt know you she would have lost all attraction. After all, why would you want to know the inner most workings of a woman you dont even know is fun? More importantly, since this is a two way street, why would you want to share YOUR inner most thoughts and feelings with a a complete stranger? Look at it this way. The first two buttons are a way of feeling out if you guys would be a good match. It is a way of determining if there is sufficient attraction between the two of you to invest more time and energy into the relationship to see where it goes. The good news is, that if you are at this point you are ready to dig deeper and make a genuine connection with her.

Sample Rapport Questions

Rapport is a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people. You form rapport by connecting with people on their passions and values. Think about all the reasons why your best friend is your best friend and you will begin to understand what I mean. At some point you two connected over something you had in common and it grew from there. Here are a few rapport questions to get you both opening up and connecting on a deeper level. -Whats the funniest thing that ever happened to you? -The three things you cant live without are ? -What are your secret talents only those closest to you know? -Who is the person who has most influenced your life? -Appearance aside, what do people notice about you after meeting you for an hour? -How important is family to you? Why? -Whats your favorite outdoor activity?

-What was your favorite vacation and why? -Whats the best piece of advice youve ever received? -What are your all-time favorite movies? -Wheres the place you long to go but havent been to yet? Why there? -Whats your favorite quote or saying? You can present these when it is time by using a transitional phrase. After she answers be sure to dig deeper using the technique above until you get down to what really makes her tick.

Accept and Relate

After she opens up and you dig deeper (sometimes you wont have to, she will just spill the beans) it is your turn to reciprocate. She just shared with you something that is very important to her. It is crucial that you accept her for this. After all what if you were very passionate about your college football team and as soon as you shared a story about it with a new woman you were talking to, she said: football is stupid. That would hurt right? You just opened up and she shut you down. It will be a long time until you would trust this woman enough to open up again. The same thing will happen if you do not accept what she is saying or try to tease her about what she just said. Instead start of with a compliment and then proceed to share something of equal importance from your life. The compliment could be something as simple as, how cool! that reminds me of. What you share doesnt even have to be on the same subject. Think, instead, about what the feeling is underneath it. Another cool thing about her being into/passionate about something you know nothing about is that you can ask her to teach you. So say if she is into art, you can ask her to be your guide at the museum. She will love being able to share her passion with someone else who is interested.

A Fun Game I Learned in Psych 101

Here is a fun little game I learned way back in Psych 101. You are going to have to use some of your cold reading skills and intuition but it is well worth the effort for what you learn about each other. The easiest way for me to show it to you is to just show you an interaction where I played it with the prom queen of my high school who I hadnt talked to in years. From: Race Date: Apr 26, 2007 10:48 AM so u and I really need to play soonwhats with all this separation?

Lets play a psychology game right now!: what is your favorite color? Now give me three reasons/descriptive words why you picked that one what is your favorite animal? dido if you could live by one body of water what would it be: an ocean, a lake or a river? once againthree reasons why you picked what you picked oh ya you happy? -race From: Girl Date: Apr 26, 2007 4:04 PM Okay heres the answers 1) White is my favorite color. a) When I think of white & when I see white, I think clean, simple, fresh, and beautiful. b) Most people think its the absence of color, but really, in the visible light spectrum it is all colors combined. So really this is like saying my favorite color is the rainbow, and who hasnt looked at a rainbow and sighed in awe of its beauty? c) It reflects light the best, so theres a sense of luminosity to it. Basically, it makes the world glow. 2) My favorite animal is a manatee. a) They like a cross between a fish, a bear, an elephant, a sting ray, and a sea lionhow amazing is that?! b) They are non aggressive herbivores. Basically sweet and friendly, and they look it. Ive always thought of them as the teddy bears of the sea. c) They may use taste and smell, in addition to sight, sound, and touch to communicate. Manatees are capable of understanding discrimination tasks, and show signs of complex associated learning and advanced long term memory. - Thats just incredible, plus they get to swim all day. 3) Im happiest when Im next to any body of water, in any form, but if I had to choose it would be a river.

a) Its a combination of the ocean and a lake. It makes the same glorious sound as the ocean hitting the sand, and has the beautiful white wash like the ocean, but its not salt water so you can drink it (if its fresh). b) You can play in it! You can play in all three, but with a lake you normally need an engine, but with rivers you canoe, raft, & innertube (oceans do have surfing and sailing though) and your scenery is constantly changing. The scenery on the ocean is normally the same. c) Lastly & most importantly, rivers normally arent crowded like lakes and beaches. When youre in a river (or by) your surrounded by amazing trees and rocks, and normally not a lot of people, with the exception of friends. So Dr. Race just exactly how crazy am I? O..and the happy question. Yes, I am happy. I really reallly am enjoying school, and Im glad Im mature enough now, to really appreciate and treasure learning, knowledge, and the enviornment Im in. Im slowly and surely meeting peoplesometimes its a little lonely though, but nothing unbearable. I really love the fact that Im poor, haha. Its true. It makes me appreciate what I have, and get creative when it comes to having fun, and I love my little ghetto 1 bedroom. Its in downtown so I can walk to school, the art museum, the library, 16th st mall, clubs, lots of bakerys, restaurants, and other food joints. However, I do like walking with someone more then by myself, but none the less, I still enjoy it! Now its your turn. First of all, are you happy? Hows Vegas and what happened that made you decide to move there? Lastly, what are/were your answers to these questions? From: Race Date: Apr 27, 2007 2:49 PM i moved to Vegas to help my buddy become a rockstarand I am totally having a blast that is not to say I am completely fulfilledstill looking the right girl who will compliment me nicelynone match up completely so far About the Psychology Test: u r definately crazyj/k i actually just made it upit doesnt mean anything haha o u like being poori like being poor when i travel but not as much when i am in one place for a long time..but i hear ya about forced creativity u should see the things i have done to stay entertained! ok so your favorite color is how others percieve u: so others see u as gay (the white=rainbow) haha no they see u as bright, fresh, make the world glow from what i remember about you..i would agree

ur favorite animal is how you see yourself: so you are sweet and friendly, express yourself through many different modes/senses, are a complex combination of many different amazing partsoh ya and you are fat..haha j/k..just fluffy in an adorable teddy bear of the sea kinda way you know i love u now as for ur choice of the river, this is a reflextion of your sexualitylets take a closer look shall we?! once again we see a combination of what you see as the best aspects of several optionsin fact, this lets me know you have a both mentality instead of an either oryou find ways to get all of what you want instead of just settleing for one or the other the fresh water analogy tells me you find your sexuality as a source of refreshment/nourishmentand if you go too long without expressing it you can get parched also you chose a place that is secluded (not many people/only your friends) tells me you are highly selective who you share your sexuality withalso it is a place of refuge for you. you like how you can play in it and how the scenery always is changingso you like diversity and sense of playfulness to be incorporated in your sexuality wow this is by far the longest one i have ever doneu must slightly facinate me now as far as my answers goit was a long time ago and all i can remember is this: red passionate, life giving, contrasting tiger -independent, powerful, ocean teaming with life, deep/endless/mysterious, awe inspiring whatchu think about that? From: Girl Date: Apr 28, 2007 12:30 AM whoaits basically scary how accurate that is. Im glad youre having fun liven the rock star dream with your buddy! It sounds like a blast. I wouldnt worry about you finding a complimenting woman, Race. Im actually surprised youre single. Let me boost your ego a second. First of all, the one thing I always liked best about you was the way you challenged me, which sometimes was annoying cause it was just thatchallenging. In you, I always saw a guy that was willing to challenge the normal way of thinking & living. Basically you had/have a brain of your own and youre werent afraid to use it, and you would call people out if they were doing something wrong, but you were never a jerk about it, which brings up the second thing. The second thing that I always thought was amazing about you was that within all of your leadership qualities, you were always so gentle and kind with people. Not only are those 2 very rare qualities to find in any man, but to find both of those characteristics

in one man is just basically unheard of. So, dont worry I have no doubt that shes out thereand come on youre in Vegas, theres tons of fun loven woman out there! So theres your ego boost, and its all true. As you can see this spikes her curiosity through the roof, allows you to playfully tease her and at the same time get insight into what type of person she is thus forming a strong sense of we get each other.

Future Projections
Future Projections are a great way to get her to start imagining herself spending time with you. As you already learned in the roleplaying section, an imagined memory is almost as powerful as a real memory. But what is more important with future projection is it ACTUALLY starts her fantasizing about spending time with you. The best types of future projections have to do with exotic, out of the ordinary adventures. Most women (and people in general) feel stuck and in a rut. They yearn for adventure, for something to escape out of the mundaneness of their lives. Be her escape by having her imagine herself doing something she has always wanted to do, something out of the ordinary. Tap into her secret wishes. You can get ideas by going through her profile and seeing what she said she liked or love. The key to a good future projection is to add in as much detail as possible. Make it feel real. Spend time writing it out in vivid detail so she cant but help but imagine what it would be like to go on this adventure with you. Unlike a role play, you want her to imagine herself there as herself, not some made up role. In Action: Race May 5 at 11:47am good idea! where we would go if you took me on an impromptu adventure anywhere in the world and what would we do? money is no object. Girl May 6 at 8:09pm Well we would go sit in the seats in this picture!

Its in Palau, aka Jellyfish Island because you can go scuba diving with 100s of tentacleless jellyfish..its by Guam, my manager is from there and he talks about it all the time, now Im dying to go there.. So it would all look just like about you?! Share Loading Race May 7 at 9:29pm Not bad at all..thats sounds most delightful.. I would probably take you to my second favorite place. First we would hop on a plane from vegas to New York. We would go to museums, watch a broadway show, eat some pizza at Rays,go shopping, and play tag in central park. From there we would fly off to Jukkasj?rvi Sweden where we would spend the night in the Ice Hotel having drinks in ice cups at the Absolute bar, then relax in the ice jaccuzzi, and then retire to our suite carved entirely out of ice. We would snuggle up in our reindeer fleece and watch the light play on the ice walls (no funny business missy) Well rested we would be ready to shake off the cold and grab a flight to Athens. Here we would jump on a boat and cruise out to Mykinos, Milo, etc where we would go on hikes, snorkle in the sparkling blue ocean, eat at a little open air cafe and eventually end up at Santorini just as the sun is setting. We would sneak down a little path and have delicious wine on one of the rooftops of the little white washed houses overlooking the ocean and for a second remember in absolute certainty why the heart of life is good. Then we would head back into town and dance all night at a sand bar to Greek fold music while sipping ouzo. Dont even get me started on the trip back, Paris, Italy, Spain, Morocco, etc Speaking of Morocco do you like hookah? Girl May 9 at 4:57pm

Wow! I really wan to go on th trip you just planne out. Its exactly wha I would want to nt his u ed e at w do! I wa to go se everythin And yes I love hook I dont smoke anyt ant ee ng. kah. thing else except that.. Th heres this o hookah lounge on C one Charleston and Jones I think.. they give you hookah y h and this amazing te to go wit sh s ea th hould really check it out! How abo yourself? And out ?! do you have a job o anything Race?! or Notice h much d how detail I put in. She cou actually visualize he uld erself doing all these th g hings with me Imagine y are read e. you ding my futu projecti but it wa a beautifu woman who was ure ion as ful w inviting you along with her to do all these things. No g e otice how ex xcited you g and how get w thrilling this would be. Now realize that i what she is going to feel. You ca see in th g d is an he respons I got, that this is exac what ha se t ctly appened. Note: N Notice also t last line Speaking of Morocco do you lik hookah? I am actu the e ke . ually seeding the invite, something you will lea in Modu 4: Push Her Safety Button. g arn ule

Wrap Up
Wow th hings are rea coming along here arent they Not only are you hav ally g e y? ving a fun, flirty interact tion with a b beautiful gir you met o rl online but now you are actually fo n orming a dee ep connect tion with he How great is that?! B before we move on to the nex Module I want to er. But w n xt throw in a case stu so you can see a bit more in de n udy c t epth many of these prin o nciples put into i practice in a real life example. I will actu e ually be brea aking this on down in great detail in the ne l case stu udies section but for no all I wan you to not is how the convers n ow nt tice sation starts off with my profile do y oing all the work, then l w light and pla ayful banter back and f r forth and th hen eventua sharing intimate de ally etails about each others lives. Enjo and Ill se you in th next s oy ee he module e. Lauren inal ge Origi Messag how does it feel to be probably the single most intere y e esting guy on jdate, all while main o l ntaining h Ariel? as much grace as A So I ass sume youre name is RaceIm L e R Lauren, nice to meet yo e ou Id love to get to kn more about you, i youre int e now a if terested. Ho youre h ope having an am mazing day! Race Origi Messag inal ge

Actually my name is Hetepsek y khemwy. I w named after a phar was raoh from th second dynasty he d ok as you can tell I am also a dork so y my nam is Race s yes me How co ould I not be interested? We are lik the same personw except y are waa e ? ke e well you aaay prettier lol. ps I wou kick your butt in most board g uld m games im just sayin I cant w to hear back m ng. wait from yo ou Lauren inal ge Origi Messag haha yo just totall blew my cover of pr ou ly retending to do work an mask the fact that I o nd e m actually trying to g the right font and siz for my very first tattoo that I w probably b*tch y get ze v will y out of o saturday, while simu on , ultaneously replying to a very funn jdate em ny mail. So I jus realized y arent ev jewish st you ven any partic cular interes in jewish girls, or do you st just hav good tast ve te? Does ta aboo count a a board game, b/c I a UNSTO as g am OPPABLE that and ca andyland. Your jo sounds re ob eally interes stingcare to elaborate Oh and thank you fo the e? or complim ment.Im not thaaaaa much pre m at ettier than you Any exc citing week kend plans? -Lauren n Race Origi Messag inal ge well if y are any indication of a jewish girl, then yes my taste is impecab you y y e ble. I am so close to ge etting my fir tattoo as well! I wok up a few weeks ago and decided it was rst ke timeI am weird l that. I like I kick a at balder ass rdash and sh hoot and lad ddersso lo ooks like we are going to have som late e me nights o fierce com of mpetition when sh hould we ge started? et ps my job is waaaa too long to explain over is quite out of the ordinary ev for aay g e ven me lol

Lauren p.s.yo dont ha to use p.s. if you ha ou ave avent signed ur name haha is shoots and ladders like chutes and laddersok im done picking on you! i figu if e d e n ure youre g gonna be so picky with what ur lo o h ooking for in a girl (all of which cr n riteria I like to think I fit, exc for 2 th cept hings1 th Im not n hat necessarily opposed to, but have n , never done and 1 a that Im incapable of) then I fi m igure you ca take a lit dig an ttle I guess youll have to tell me about your j in perso then. I have a very d e a job on, h dramatic fri iend who alw ways tells m that she needs a life coach, so perhaps I can get you so me n p n ome busines ssalthough I think I have a better idea of wh she need h h r hat ds i can he motivate you to get ur first tatto elp e ooomy fr riend did for me and Im so excite m ed.Im going to bangbang, the guy wh does all of rihannas tattoos.Im sooooo nervous th o ho o hough! p.s. my mom once told me to never trust a guy who doesnt ask you questio about d ons ! yourselfso hit it! Race inal ge Origi Messag ok ok I see how it i is.i was under the im u mpression p. comes from the Lati post scrip .s. in ptum, an sion meanin written after. And since it was written aft the main body of my letter ng a s ter n m express I assum I was co med orrect in usa I sincer age. rely apologi ize. Actually shoots an ladders is much diffe y nd s erent than ch hutes and la adders. In sh hoots and la adders, you are actually ch hasing peopl with a pa le aintball gun while climb up and down ladd bing d ders.a very fun game..oh and you have to wear a giant chic n cken suit. Im not sure w that rule is in m why there bu it is. ut Your m mom sounds like a brilli woman so here ya go: iant n would y rather: you live in a mansion b the lake or a shack o the beach by o on h? always have to say what is on your mind or not talk for a year? y have 1 y of ama year azing, toe cu urling sex a then 1 year of no se or 2 year of so-so sex? and y ex rs good lu uck oh and p here is my best gue p.s. esses to you statement 1) is send of naug ur t: ding ghty pictures and 2) has to d with the n do nipple breas thing? st

Lauren inal ge Origi Messag Wait, so you arent supposed to wear a ch o t t hicken suit when playin the origi ng inal chutes and a ladders? That expla a lot. ? ains ok answ to your questions wers r would y rather: you live in a mansion b the lake or a shack o the beach by o on h? Mansio by the lak in the win on ke nter, shack on the beac in summe Yes, I ch when ch er. heat answeri hypothe ing etical questions. always have to say what is on your mind or not talk for a year? y I alway do say wh ys hats on my mind, unle its hurtf to othersbut I trus that in any ess ful st y situation I could sp n peak my min in a posi nd itive way, so definitely A o have 1 y of ama year azing, toe cu urling sex a then 1 year of no se or 2 year of so-so sex? and y ex rs Id hone estly rather have no sex than so-so sex, so thi ones easy x o is yalthough Id like th no h he sex yea to come b ar before the am mazing sex yearis th possible? hat ?? What ar your answ to ur ques? re wers q You are right with the picture thing, but w e wrong with your second guess. Its actually th Im s hat not dev void of comp plaintI sp peak up whe Im not happy with something en h s .not in an obnoxio whiny w though, more in an assertive way. It must be b/c I ha great br ous way , n w t ave reasts So where do you li ive/work in the city, an where did you grow up? Also, w nd d what do you mean u by takin care of y ng your family? ? -Lauren n Race Origi Messag inal ge you can ask me th same que nt he estions punk k! well dev void of com mplaint defin nitely doesn mean no speaking up when yo are not ha nt ot u ou appy with som mething, it is all about how you do it. o

Right n I am wo now orking from the rooftop of 95 wall Since mos of my wo has to do with m p l. st ork o writing or marketin online I can do it fro just about anywhere with an in ng c om nternet conn nection yeah my life is p pretty sweet like that. t I mostly grew up in albuque y erque, NM. But my rea growing up (which I am still in the al u t process of) has occ s curred as I moved all ar m round the world, mostl by myself w ly f. As far a taking ca of my fam as are mily, I didn mention I have 17 kids? I am go nt k rt oing to star the first eve family tra er aveling circ cus I actually mean I a working hard so I ca take my family (mom, dad, sist am an ters, nieces and nephew brother in law, etc) on surprise vacations, retire my da and send my niece and ws, n o r ad, d nephew to college Of course they dont know this yet but it WILL happen ws e. e t y W n. Also my father onc told me that the thin he wanted to do mos was go in a hot air ba y ce t ng d st n alloon ride ove the Seren er ngeti. I was like 7 when he said it so he prob has no idea i remember n s h r. Im not sure I have ever told anyone that lol. t e a Anyway if I haven scared you off, wan to meet up for a tasty beverage o the adult variety ys nt y nt p y of this wee ekend? check [ ] yes or [ ] heck yes Lauren Origi Messag inal ge haha I a asked you o other questio as well, so yes I can ons n! 95 wall is a very ni building ice gdo you li there, or are you ju loitering? I was ther there ive ust ? re recently to take a lo at the te y ook echnogym e equipment before redes b signing the gym in the building I manage g and was actually sup a pposed to ta over an account at 7 wall, but didnt ake 75 t want to be on-site l long term. Im actually working fr I y rom home today but sa adly indoors I s. should g buy a ch for my fire escape a set up shop out the go hair f and s ere. I would love to be able to give back to my parents financially, one day, esp d e o pecially my dad. e Im taki him on a food tour for fathers dayI gu thats a start? I love surprise ing s uess vacation nscan you adopt me? u ?? An adul beverage sounds perfect, and pr lt robably just what Ill ne after ge eed etting my tat ttoo. Race Origin Message nal e

a food t tour? I used to do this thing called chamber ch d t d homp down in san dieg where we would n go go on a walk aroun point lom and eat a different restaurants that had a s menu inv nd ma at r t set volved with it. It was awes some! shoot m over your # and we will plan ou epic meet up me r w ur t Lauren Theres a ton of food tours in Manhattan, most of the on my block actual Were doing s , em b lly. d the Greenwich Vill lage tourhttp://www oodTours/GVTour I love food more /F ything, so I am unbelie evably excit ted. than any haha i c cant wait to hear what this epic m o meet-up enta ailsxxx.xx xx.xxxx

Module 4 Pus Her safe bu 4: sh ety utton

Three b buttons dow and 2 more to go. W done sir So here is where we a at: she is totally wn Well r! s are i attracted to you, sh has imagi he ined you tw spending time togeth and she feels like you two wo g her y connect on a more personal co t ompatibility level. Can you guess what it is tim to do? If you y n me I said, M Make sweet sweet love to her you are jumpin the gun just a bit. It is time to set the u ng date and get her to meet up wi you in p erson. In or d ith rder to do th you mus Push Her Safety his st Button.

Gettin Her To Meet Up ng

Althoug there are a lot of fun to be had t gh e n talking with a woman online, the u h o ultimate goal is ALWA AYS to meet up with the woman yo are intere t e ou ested in. Th amount o attraction and he of connect tion you hav built with her by pu ve h ushing the la 3 buttons greatly det ast s etermine her r willingn to mee up with yo again. Eq ness et ou qually as im mportant is the way in w t which you invite i her. The way you i e invite her de emonstrates how comf s fortable you are with yo ourself and the way you view the world d. Remem mber, it is alw ways up to you to mak her feel comfortable with the tho ke ought of me eeting again. Y Your best st trategy for avoiding any hiccups in setting up your date i to anticipate any a y n is problem she migh have with it. You nee to remov her hesita ms ht h ed ve ations from meeting up with p you bef fore she eve has the op er pportunity to think abou them. Th are man different o ut here ny t strategies you can u to help alleviate he hesitation while sim use er ns multaneously demonstra y ating f hy me. you are the type of man worth of her tim

A Quic Differe ck ence Betw ween Socia Network al king sites and Datin sites ng
As I hav already m ve mentioned, women on social netw working sites are there t be wel social. s to ll This me eans they ar way more down to h re e have your fir meeting be at a soci gathering or rst ial party of some sorts Women on Online D f s. o Dating sites, on the othe hand, are there to me guys er eet they can go on date with. Thi mean the majority of them will want to mee up 1 on 1 for the n es is f et first me up. This is especiall true the o eet ly older they ar Keep thi in mind an adjust th re. is and he techniqu below a ues accordingly y.

Implyi Hangi Out ing ing

It is hel lpful for her to have tho r ought about hanging ou with you again a few times befo she t ut w ore actually does. Thro y oughout you interactio playfull say thing that imply that you and her ur ons, ly gs y a will be hanging ou in the futu This rea ut ure. alization will force her to start ima agining hers self hanging out with y and you friends. T way, wh you ulti g you ur This hen imately invi her to meet up, ite m she is li ikely to be m much more comfortabl with the idea because she has alr le e ready playe out a ed ton of s scenarios in her head. Here are som example of how to do this. H me es She resp ponds to so omething yo say kinda sassy, or playfully and you say: ou a p d How a I supposed to bring you around my friends with that kinda attitud miss sass am d s k de sy pants! J Jeeeze!

Woah woah!, wat your ton there sug pants! I might just have to forge to invite you to tch ne gar m h et this wee {some f event/pa eks fun arty} As you can see, a l of the oth fundam lot her mentals are being used in these mes b n ssages as we You ell. have a p playful nick kname and emoticons t soften the tone as we as some p e to e ell playful teas sing. These ty ypes of mes ssages also display onc again tha you have standards an are not just ce at s nd going to settle for w comes your way. o what s

How D You Kn When Is It Tim to Suggest Meet Do now n me ting Up?

It will h happen at di ifferent time for differ es rent women But here are some ma things to look n. a ajor t for: onversationa hooks al - Is she grabbing onto your co - Have t length o your messages back and forth grown on bo sides the of oth - Have y both op you pened up an connectio on at least 2 rapport topics nd on - Are yo having fu and do you really w ou fun y want to meet up with he t er If you a answered ye to all 4 of the questio chance are it is tim to seed t invite. es f ons, es me the

Plant t Seed f Meetin Up the for ng

In order to better ensure a wom will ac r man ccept your in nvites to han out, you can do som ng u mething called Seeding Th Invite. You plant th seed of the invite before it is even offere The he Y he f b ed. premise is to ask h a questio regarding things that are involved with the event/party e her on g t y/place that you are invitin her to tha she will m u ng at mostly likely agree with enjoying. The secret is to y h make th things associated with the event sound incr he t redibly fun. So much so that it would be o strange for her not to say yes. Exampl 1: Taco T le Tuesday Do you like tacos margaritas good mus and grea company? u s, s, sic at ? Exampl 2: Comed Club le dy Ps. do you have a good sense of humor a like lau e and ughing so ha you pee your pants? (ok ard ctually pee y your pants thats gro sslol) dont ac When y actually extend an invitation to her shes more likely to say yes having al you y o y s lready agreed t liking the things associated with the event. to e h . The bes time to do this is afte she has ju done som st o er ust mething cute, shared so omething pe ersonal or respo onded to on of your qu ne uestions. Th point is you want to have a reas why you want he y son u to invite her. So sim e mply add in a phrase li you see fun or I like your style. This allows n ike em r her to fe that she earned the invite (and she has) making her fe that muc safer. feel eel ch Exampl 1: Taco T le Tuesday

I like your style.Do you happen like tacos, margaritas, good music and great company? Example 2: Comedy Club seem really fun do you have a good sense of humor and like laughing so hard you pee your pants? (ok dont actually pee your pantsthats grosslol)

Implying the InviteImplying the Invite

A woman cant say no to hanging out if you never actually ask her. By implying or suggesting the possibility of inviting her to hang out you not only show you are still uncertain about hanging out with her, but can also find out if she is able to make it before you actually invite her. Examples: I was gonna invite you to I was considering inviting you There is a possibility I might invite you This is the perfect way to lead into using a false disqualifier or hang out requirements.

Using Absurd Disqualifiers

It is helpful to use an absurd disqualifier while dangling the possibility of an invitation before her. It insinuates that she can only meet up with you if she meets certain criteria and will enhance her safety level even more because it communicates that you do not invite just any girl. Behind the scenes you should hold the belief that only girls who are fun, exciting and have something to add are worthy of an invitation to hang out with you. Remember, a girl likes a guy with standards. Here are a few examples: Example 1 Ill invite you as long as you promise not to be some crazy MySpace/ Facebook stalker chick whos gonna make fun of my G.I. Joe collection (hey he is a REAL American hero)haha Example 2 You can come to our party as long as you promise not to steal our furni- ture (we just reconditioned our couches) and eat all the marshmallows out of our Lucky Charmshaha Example 3 Ok you are invited as long as you promise not to embarrass me in public/in front of friends/etc by showing up in hot pink leg warmers

All Together Now

Here is a quick exa ample of wh it looks like to use all three tec hat a chniques tog gether to giv you a ve better id of how they work. dea In Acti ion: From: R Race Date: O 25, 2007 2:43 PM Oct 7 so-so se ex??? I wou rock it fo a year an then just cheat the se uld or nd econd year...shhhh don tell t you see like you are a fun pe em erson with p positive live energy. do you like hookah, be ely e eerpong, g good music f costume and great people? fun es t From: H Her Date: O 25, 2007 2:47 PM Oct 7 yepal of that stu ll uff From: R Race Date: O 25, 2007 2:53 PM Oct 7 well the I might ju invite yo to our ha en ust ou alloween pa but you have to pro arty omise you arent a one of t those crazy girls who steals our fu urniture (I ju re-condit ust tioned my c couches) ha aha shoot m over you number and Ill txt yo the details. As a bonu we get to become tx me ou us o xt buddies and you ge a new jok i just lear s et ke rnedhow lucky are you???!!! y From: H Her Date: O 25, 2007 2:56 PM Oct 7 no i don steali j cop a feel lolj/k ok my #is (xxx) xxx-x nt just f k xxxx

Check Yes or N k No
I still re emember wh a girlfri hen iend of min invited me to watch movies at h house in cutest ne m m her way. Ju like the n ust notes I woul get in gra ld adeschool from a girl who was into me, she asked fr w to a me to ch heck yes or no. r Would you like to come over tomorrow & watch movies with me? Check [ ]yes or [ ]no d o r m k A funny way of alt y tering it is to take away the no so her only opt o y h tions are to hang out with you. w Would you like to come over tomorrow & watch movies with me? Check [ ]yes or [ ]heck d o r m k yes! This is a great way to invite a girls who y have alr y you ready gone out with on several occ n casions and had a great tim as well. d me In Acti ion:

RaceJan nuary 23 at 2:43pm Well he Tory a d ello dancer eh? anything co oming up? you must ha nice legs lol y ave s a fackin waitress ng soundsemmhard d? I am a m motivationa speaker/w al writter/coach kinda thin h ngyIt is a sweet gig. I get to trav all vel over the world and help peopl achieve th goals e d le heir so wher are you ta re aking me on our date th you hav n hat vent invited me on yet? d ? T.Janua 23 at 2:5 ary 57pm oh wow i love you job. w ur i came h to be a dancer.. bu ive been m here ut more successful doing film. im in a comedy group g too ! i v volunteer at the children hospital every week and its my favorite th ns l k y hing ever. not to b old fashio be oned.. but i thought boy do the da invites. ys ate RaceJan nuary 23 at 3:13pm oh yes s sorry how is this?: you are cordially in nvited on an exquisite e n evening of fun and adv venture with Mr. Race de h Priest. do you accept? check [ ] yes or [ ] heck yes! volunte at the childrens hos eer spitalonly the cooles thing ever I want to come and play y st r! p sometim I was a v me volunteer yo outh group l leader in ha awaii for a fun s T.Janua 23 at 3:2 ary 20pm so i suppose i have to say yes please b fairly nor be rmal consid dering men i ny tend to .. not be? and by norm i just mean not in mal m an ax m murderer or t transvestite basically, i be happy with even that. ill y xxx xxx xxxx. she be waitress x sing tonight but future date shall happen t

Ending With G Gotta Run n

Another technique for display r ying you are a real pe e erson with an active soc life is to end an a cial o interact tion with g gotta go or gotta run then add a short reaso why. , on For exa ample: -Gotta r run! My frie ends are tak king me on a surprise tr to the lak to go wa rip ke aterskiing. tt tyl -Gotta g My frien just got into town an is comin over to co me dinn Talk to ya go! nd and ng ook ner. o later ga ator -Gotta r runI am m meeting som friends o for sushi me out iyum yum Ill take a saki bomb i your m. b honor Make su it is som ure mething you actually going to do. This is an indirect w of lettin her ure y d n way ng know y do cool things, you have cool f you friends, and you have a fun life ful of interes d ll sting activitie es.

Note: o only do this ONCE in your interact y tion or else it seems we eird

Gettin her # ng
Theres a reason I showed you how to su s u uccessfully set up the in s nvite before getting her r number You never want the thought to c r. r t cross her mind that the point of you intention was to ur n acquire her number. This won happen w this sys nt with stem becaus you only need the nu se umber as a log gistical tool to set up the details of the event youve decid to invite her to. Alt f y ded e though her num mber is a key componen in the nex section fo setting up a solid me y nt xt or p eeting, right now it t is only a secondary considerat y tion. So far youve prop posed an in nvite that she has earned In e d. order to give her th details, you need her number. The number is not the fo o he y r T focus; it is th fact he that you are meetin up. u ng If you h have done everything correct up to this point you can sim say som c o y mply mething like e: Shoot me over yo # and Il text you th details. Plus we get to become t our ll he P text buddies

You can leave off t Text bu n the uddies par if it seems too silly to you. When she writes back rt s o n s with her number, g her you in return so that when you do text her she will know who it give urs n w is.

If She Isnt Qui Ready to Give Y Her # ite You

Every n and the you will come across a girl who says she doesnt have a cell phon her now en c s o e ne, phone is broken, or she doesnt give out h number to strangers. If this occ r her curs, chances are you hav brought u the issue of her num ve up e mber too soo you have not built e on; e enough com mfort and trus Dont wo st. orry. Remem mber, ITS N NOT A BIG DEAL. Ju throw ou a comme G ust ut ent about h you are relieved (i.e. phewww how wgood was afraid you were going to giv it to I d ve me and expect me to call you to check in all timeh haha), or te her (i.e its cool if your ease e. parole o officer wont let you ta on a cell phoneI would hate for our frien alk w ndship to be based e solely o conjugal visitshah and go back to bui on ha) ilding more attraction a connect and tion then ask again later k r. If you a for her n ask number and she comple d etely ignore the issue, it could be because sh either es e he was so intent on an nswering an nother part o the messa that she totally mis of age ssed it, forgo or ot, t n b nce ust e she just needs more attraction, connection and trust built up. On again, ju continue having fun and bring it up again later. d In Actio on: Race 0 May 10 at 1:16pm shoot m over your # and well smoke so me r ome hookah sometime soon. h s cheers Girl

May 13 at 1:14pm haha now how can I trust you just yet with my number?! I think you should give me three reasons to do so, and maybe then I will! haha :] Race May 14 at 10:24am hahafair enough 1.I floss often 2.I can make balloon animals 3.I know and have used the word superfluous on many occasions how about that pussy cat? Girl May 15 at 10:39pm haha hmm.. idk still! Do you ever shop at Urban Outiftters?! Race May 16 at 12:36pm u r funnyhope you have a great weekend Girl May 20 at 6:27pm Sooooo how was your weekend?! And Im glad to know that you find me so amusing! :] Maybe we should get to know each other before you judge so quickly eh?! haha P.S. I like your profile picture.. I was her (ariel from the little mermaid) one year for Halloween.. Text me! xxx-xxx-xxxx In this situation I gladly went along with her qualification but when she still refused I simply responded u r funnyhope you have a great weekend . If you recall this is one of the ways I taught you to respond when a woman tests you. As you can see it worked like a charm.

Congratulations You Set the Date and Have Her #Now What?
You meet up, fall in love and live happily ever after duh! j/k There are some definite things you need to do in order to keep the momentum going.

Keep the Momentum Going

Succeeding in getting a girls number online is a major indication that she is interested in you. It means she is comfortable and attracted enough to accept you as a normal part of her everyday life. Now it is up to you to maintain that interest and meet her as soon as possible! It

is best to meet her within a week of getting her number. The target is to meet her within two to three days, but sometimes people are legitimately too busy and you need to continue interacting with her to maintain the excitement about meeting up. When she sent you her number, she wanted to meet you. If you let too much time pass, she will no longer be excited about meeting you, and you might as well forget about her. Always keep the momentum and excitement you have built up going, or another man will. You are not the only man pursing her. This is why you must continue to differentiate yourself through the beliefs you hold, the attitudes you portray and the words you use. Lets see briefly how to do that through texting and phone calls.

How to Keep Her Excited Until the Meetup Texts and Phone Calls
So how do you transition from online communication to the first meeting? Your new best friend is your phone. Most modern phones provide a text messaging feature which I recommend using first for several reasons: Its a more natural transition from messaging online; Its not as intrusive as a phone call; Youre not as likely to freeze up or come off as needy or too strong because you have more time to formulate your responses without the pressure of realtime conversation. I recommend you add unlimited texting to your phone plan, as you will quickly be sending and receiving hundreds of texts. If your phone doesnt have texting capabilities, dont panic. I included an entire section on how to handle phone conversations.

How to Know if You are Texting/Calling Her Too Much

One of the biggest mistakes guys make when texting a new woman they are interested in is texting or calling her way too much. Just because she doesnt respond immediately to your text messages or answer every call doesnt mean you should just text or call her again. Persistent text messages when there is little or no response communicates neediness and a scarcity mentality. This is a guaranteed way to kill attraction. So how do you know when you are texting her the right amount? Here are some key indicators that will help you calibrate. Youre havent build enough attraction and are texting/calling her too much if: her response time is consistently slow she doesnt engage you in conversation or latch onto your conversational hooks she consistently gives you one word/super short replies (ok, sure, yep, etc) she doesnt initiate text/phone call interactions Youre texting/calling her the right amount if: she initiates text/phone call interactions she responds to text/phone calls quickly she readily engages you in conversation, latches onto your hooks She answers your questions she propels the interaction forward by asking questions of her own Keep these in mind so youre in tune with whether you are texting or calling her too much. This will give you a good idea of her interest level. If she stops showing interest in you, do not just continue to text and call her day after day without a response. Take a few days off

from co ontacting he then try using the pri er u inciples from the When She Stops R m n Responding g Sending The Re-en g ngaging Tex section fro B4 U TX HER. They are alm guaran xt om XT T most nteed to get a response whe you thoug all hope was lost. en ght e Another option (es r specially if you met her off a socia networkin site), is to move the y r al ng o convers sation back online to re e-affirm attr raction and set a new date then mo back to texting. ove Reason being, whe she gets your messag you have your profile to remind her again why en y ge e d she gav you her # in the first place. If sh doesnt re ve he espond favo orably after this, put he on a er list that you only sp t poradically text for gro events or cut her of and move on. oup o ff e

Sendin the First Text ng

Since I go into such ridiculous detail on e s everything about textin and phon calls in B4 U a ng ne TXT HE and bec ER cause it is no the prima focus of this progra I am jus going to cover ot ary f am, st c the basi here. ics So wha goes into a creating a first text m at message that sets you ap and ma t part akes her exc cited to text you back? The are three essential in u ere e ngredients that your fir text mess t rst sage needs to have in order to make it most effect r tive. 1. It nee to engag her emot eds ge tions, causin her to re-affirm her attraction to you ng o You do this by reca alling a rapp topic, n port nickname or role-play that you had in your on t d nline tion. interact Eg: if y talked ab you bout being married you could say hey wifey m u y 2. It nee to set a fun, playful tone for th interactio to come eds l he on This is all in how y word it. Notice the difference between le grab a d you . e ets drink and how enjoying a tasty adult b t beverage?. do you feel about e 3. It nee to comp her to respond eds pel This is done by ask king a quest tion or using a statemen that requires her to g more g nt get informa ation. Eg: I ju remembe ust ered which celebrity yo remind me of! c ou m If you c accompl all of th can lish hese in your first text you can almost guarante she will not only r y ee respond positively but be muc more wil ling to mov forward with you. d ch ve w Exampl of a succe le essful first message: m Hey new travel bud w ddyget ex xcited for bo owling on wed night! w -(name) ) Note:It is always a good idea to add -yo name at the end of the first tex just in ca This our a f xt ase. will mo of the tim avoid the who is th text. ost me e his In Acti ion: Me: hey bouquet d y dodger..wha has a botto at the to -Race 5:44 PM at om op? Jessica match lv: H Haha! Hey what? 5:5 PM 56

Me: you legs of co ur ourse

5:5 PM 57

Jessica match lv: L Whats brown and sticky? 6:0 PM Lol. 00 Me: this is one of m favorite jokes of all time! we just became bffns for s my l sure 6:02 PM M A ST TICK!

Jessica match lv: H Haha!!! I can believe y nt youve hear as big a g rd re goofus as me! m 6:11 PM M Me: hah definitely ok so wh does you week look like fellow dork? 6:36 PM ha y! hat u k w 6 Jessica match lv: W I have today and t Well tomorrow of and then work till 43 the other days ff, 30 r M 7:08 PM Me: we that shou make it very easy! h ell uld v how does th hursday nigh sound? 7: PM ht :10 Jessica match lv: Y Yeah sure th works 7: PM hat :15 Me: we then get y ell your fun boots shined u little lady 7:30 PM up y! Jessica match lv: I always hav a pair, sh ve hiny and ready sir! 7:37 PM 7 -

Contin nuing the Interactio Offline on e

It is ent tirely possib to never speak to he on the ph ble er hone before you meet h Howeve you her. er, still hav to interac with her in a way tha builds attr ve ct i at raction and comfort in order for he to er meet up with you. You do this by utilizin the funda p s ng amentals I covered prev viously. Here th are again briefly: hey n Conve about fu things an be playfu erse fun nd ful; Use fa disqualifiers period alse dically to co ontinue to build her attraction to y as well as put b you a her min at ease ab nd bout what your intentio are; ons tions to kee the tone of the conve Use ga ames throug ghout your text interact ep o ersation pla ayful; Use em moticons in place of vo tone an body lang n ocal nd guage to en nsure the me eaning of yo our message is convey to her; yed nue n r g er hared memories Contin or even start new role-playing to allow he to create and build sh with yo ou; Dont always be available; Sporad dically imply that you two will be meeting up if for som reason yo havent set a e p me ou s specific date. c If you a having tr are rouble with any of thes post up in the memb forum o reference B4 U h se n bers or e TXT HE as I go o ER over every last detail y could im l you mmagine.

Phone Calls e

Not everyone is like me but I HATE talking on the phoneunless it is to a long term girlfriend and we have been apart for a while. Otherwise I would much rather text or even better hang out in person. But even so, there are times when calling a girl on the phone is not only a good idea but if you dont you run the risk of losing her. Here are the main reasons for calling instead of texting: - She Needs To Hear Your Voice To Feel Safe You have done everything in the GETTING HER TO MEET UP section and yet she is still hesitant. Sometimes a woman just need to hear your voice to triple check you are not really some weirdo and that she is making the right decision to come meet up with you. She wants to make sure you are really the guy she is having so much fun with over online messages/texts and it isnt just a show. Often times she will call you when you are making plans or she is on her way to meeting you. This is usually an indication she just needs to reconfirm in her mind that she is making the right choice to meet up with you. Dont worry I will be going over the principles to keep in mind so she will leave the conversation excited to see you. -Plans Keep Changing or She Needs Directions Sometimes when you are coordinating a meet up plans can keep changing. Maybe either her or you are running late or your friends decide to change venues last minute or perhaps it is just a hard place to find. In this instance you dont want her to get frustrated trying to figure out or wait on texts. The last thing you want is her to show up flustered and in a negative mood. If she is lost or you are running late or changing venues simple call her and guide her through it. Often times she will call you. Make sure to answer. Remember we want to make this as easy as possible for her to meet up with you. -There Is Too Much To Explain Over Text Hey lets face it, sometimes there is just too much information to relay across the limited platform of text messaging. In this case, simply shoot her a text saying, hey too much to around to chat real quick?. It is important to throw in real quick so she wont feel obligated to be stuck on a long boring phone call. Remember, she doesnt know yet if you are going to be like most other guys who call her: awkward and dragging out a conversation. Follow the principles in this section and you will rock it!

Vocal Tonality and Tempo

There is a lot more that she can read into through your vocal tone, tempo and inflection you use. You need to make sure that you have energy in your voice. DO NOT BORE HER! Your goal is to lift her up not drag her down! Your vocal tone can insinuate a lot of things. Through your vocal tone alone, you can make sexual implications, turn an otherwise serious statement into something playful, and even imply questions through statements. It is important that you vary your tonality when speaking to express your points and keep her interest. No one wants to talk for very long to someone who sounds like Ben Stein (the economics teacher in Ferris Buellers Day Off ). In addition to your tone, be conscious of the speed at which you are speaking. When people are nervous they have a tendency to speak very fast. Take a deep breath. Speak slowly and pause often. Pauses are very powerful conversational tools. Pauses give the other person cues

as to when to chime in to the conversation and can cause her to anticipate what you are going to say next. Note: Try looking in the mirror when you talk to her and smile. You will be surprised at how your smile comes across in your tonality. Speak up! You dont want her to become annoyed with trying to figure out what you are saying as you mumble. Speak clearly and audibly she she can easily understand what you are saying. Dont give her a reason to want to get off the phone or dread talking to you. If you are making plans together, be the one who is actively making the decisions Tell her what you want. Dont be constantly asking her what she wants to do. Show leadership skills and dont put the pressure on her to decide what you two are doing. In the same vein of thought, often times people dont know how to get off the phone gracefully. As the leader simply say something like, well I gotta run but I will see you soon of hey I gotta run but I will chat with you soon. One last note, make sure to keep up your playful tone, teasing her and having fun.

Leaving a Voicemail
If she doesnt answer, only leave a one-line voice message such as, Hey {pause} its {your name}. Will chat with you later girly! DO NOT go into detail about what you were going to chat about. Keep it short with no information and imply that you will talk with her later. You can also use a tactic of creating urgency for her to call back by adding I have the craziest story to tell you.. omg.. ok chat soon, later gator! Now you are giving her an exciting reason to want to call you back and hear this story. It doesnt matter if you have a story or not. You can make something outrageous yet SILLY when she calls back, and then let her know you are joking. The only goal here is to make her want to call back on her own when she hears this. And remember your vocal tone, inflection, and tempo are all equally important when leaving voice mails as well!

The Meet Up Location and Environment

The environment that she is exposed to, the one you invited her to, must be exciting, comfortable, and fun. If you have a bunch of boring people there and nothing going on when she arrives, it will translate to you being boring. Even if you need to start out by doing group activities at events that are already taking place (i.e. concerts, festivals, other peoples parties), that is fine. If you are meeting her out 1 on 1 (much more likely for paid online dating site women), then make sure to pick a place that has fun activities (pool, ping pong, shuffleboard, etc) or an engaging ambiance (a live band, flair bartenders, etc). Another important thing to keep in mind is location. You want her to feel safe arriving and walking in so avoid a dive bar in the middle of no where.

If the initial meeting is taking place at your house there are additional things to consider. Everything that she experiences and encounters in your home will reflect positively or negatively on you. Take care to invite the right kind of people there (if it is a group event you invited her to), set the appropriate mood with activities, and ensure that the house is clean and has a decent smell throughout. The following is a list of some activities and mood enhancers I use at my house: Hookah and tobacco A Beer Pong table or some collection of material that can be used for a makeshift Beer Pong table; A party playlist on that helps to set mood (something unique I do is include funny movie quotes at random times throughout the playlist); Dimmers on the lights to set the appropriate mood; Fun games like Catch Phrase, cards for fun drinking games, and other games that can engage her/everyone in a fun group activity; Fun reading material on coffee tables and in the bathroom such as Guide To Getting It On, If, The Cosmo Kama Sutra (which is great to use to play sex charades), and other fun reading material.

The First 5 Seconds of Meeting Up

The first five seconds when meeting a woman from online are critical. During this period of time she is consciously and subconsciously scanning you and the environment for all sorts of things. In analyzing this minutia she will validate or invalidate any feelings you and her had built up in the previous stages. You must not introduce yourself to her. Again, YOU MUST NOT INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO HER! Doing so will destroy the veil of comfort you worked so hard to create when building shared memories through role-playing. Even though these memories are fake, the fact that she has an imaginary history with you will make her much more comfortable when meeting you. The way you present yourself in the first five seconds will dictate her comfort level. She will wait to see how you act in order to gauge how she should act in this situation. If you act weird, she will feel awkward and therefore act weird as well. Instead, act as if you are old friends. Give her a big smile and a hug. Start joking with her from the get go. She will feel more comfortable because youre communicating that you arent taking the interaction too seriously and without that pressure she can open up and have fun too.

Be Busy When She Arrives Group

When she arrives, greet her by saying, Hey whats up {stupid nickname}, give me one second but then go back to being busy with something you were doing for a moment. Busy yourself with anything, even if its finishing up in the kitchen, telling a funny story to a group of people, acting like you are fixing the stereo/campfire/hookah, talking to the bar tender,etc. The point is to make her wait between thirty seconds to a minute to get your attention when she arrives. After that, give her your undivided attention for a small period of time. The idea is that you dont want to be immediately available to her. This starts your physical interaction with her wanting your attention, which is a great frame to begin with.

Introducing Her to Other People Group

Its a good idea to have friends at the event so you can introduce her to people who already know you and think you are cool. This enhances your social proof. You do not want to introduce her as the girl I met on MySpace/Facebook/Dating Site. You need to introduce her to people as someone who is and has been a part of your life. A good way to do this is to come up with a funny backstory with her before she arrives (just let her know you dont want to introduce her as the girl that totally picked you up online) or you can just make up a story on the spot. Here are some examples: Shes your ex-girlfriend, but you had to break up with her. She just wasnt providing for you sexually. Dont get me wrong. Shes wild. She was just into different things, and I mean different things You two were in a River Dancing class in the 6th grade together and she would always try to hit on you, but you thought she had cooties, so she finally got tested. Thank God no more cooties. The point is to make it kind of funny (obviously not true) and tell the story in a very lighthearted, fun manner. In addition to having a funny story to how you know each other, add a fun little tag to the end of the introduction. Heres an example of how an introduction may go: You: Hey Mike, this is {her name}. {Her name}, this is Mike. Both: Nice to meet you {blah blah} You: Its so funny how we meet. We were in River Dancing class together in 6th grade. She always tried to be all over me, but obviously, shit, I thought she had cooties! Well, she finally got tested, and thank God no more cooties. Haha. Anyway, we have to show her a good time. She just got out of the slammer! lol! When you introduce her to other people it demonstrates you have social savvy and are a social leader. Not only that, you become the social hub through which people know each other. All very attractive qualities.

If She Brings a Friend Group

From time to time, especially if you met her on a Social Networking site, she will want to bring a friend to the group event you invited her to. This makes her feel safer and should be encouraged. That is one more person you can add to your social group. In addition, her friend can help you out dramatically by giving you her stamp of approval. It is important to give her friend attention in order to win her over. Do not attempt to separate her from her friend until 1) you have won her friend over to liking you and 2) another person or group at the meeting location is engaging her friend. These dynamics are important because the length of time she stays is not only dependent on her own fun but on whether or not her friend is enjoying herself. Her first priority is to her friend and if her friend is bored, they will both leave.

Know that if she came with a friend, she will leave with a friend, so her staying the night is probably not in the cards. This is ok. Just make progress and plan to meet up again.

A Few Social Fundamentals

Now that you have a girl youve met online at the meeting location, it would be negligent of me to leave you without some further guidance. Here are a few fundamental principles that will help you in any social situation. These are guiding principles that physically build attraction between women and men, as well as help you secure a second meeting with her. This list is in no way exhaustive. There have been many books written on these subjects that go into far more detail. I highly recommend you read them. I have put up a list of the ones that have helped me the most in the private members forum.

Body Language and Vocal Tonality

Now that you are with her in person she will subconsciously take note of visual and tonal clues to piece together your personality. Here are some things to keep in mind so that you come across as a cool and confident guy: When you speak, be sure to look people directly in the eyes; Be a little over-dramatic when telling stories, use your facial expressions; Use big hand and body gestures when speaking; Stand up straight with your shoulders back; Do not put your hands in your pockets or cross your arms. These are visual signs of weakness and you close yourself off to the people around you; Loosen up. Anxiety makes your muscles tighten and give you a stiff uncomfortable demeanor. Take a deep breath and shake it out Speak loud and clear, but dont yell. What you have to say is important; Speak with a deep, firm voice, and do not get over excited and speak a million miles an hour; If it is a group event, move around from group to group. Be social. Notice and stop any fidgety movements.

Be Social Group
Now that she is there with you in person, she can take note of how other people respond to you. This tells her a great deal about you as a person. Do people respond to what you say? Do they laugh at your jokes? Do they seem closed off after you enter their group? Make sure that she sees you talking to most of the people there and that people respond positively to the things that you say. Another good reason to have your friends there. This also transfers over to everyday social situations.

Spread Out Your Attention Group

Like I said before, do not smother her with all of your attention now that you are around her. Spend a few minutes with her and then give some other people your attention. Even if you are in a situation where she is the only person you know there, branch out and meet new people. This demonstrates confidence, social savvy, and strong leadership skills. Women find this

very attractive. In addition, this leaves her actively seeking your attention and builds your social proof.

Maintain Your Own Identity

Do not agree with everything she says. She might be testing you. Many girls do this to see if a guy will stand up to them. Guys often disregard their own beliefs and preferences by agreeing with the girl they are pursuing in an attempt to create a fake commonality. They believe this will make her like them more. This is not the case. She will find you weak and assume she can walk all over you. It is better to disagree with her sometimes, and there is no need to apologize for it. However, do not disagree with her just for the sake of arguing because then you become annoying. Her: Do you like U2? You: Not really Her: Really I LOVE them! You [incorrect response]: Yah I guess they are pretty good You [correct response]: Oh you are a U2 girl huh? Whats wrong? You still havent found what you are looking for? Im right here sweethearthaha As you can see in the example above, maintaining your own identity also creates opportunities for you to tease her.

Playfully Tease Her Sporadically

Be sure to tease of her periodically in a very playful manner. For example: You: You are a rich girl, right? Her: Haha no, but I sure am nice. You: Thats too bad. Ive been looking for a sugar mama. Haha. This keeps her laughing, lets her know youre not being too serious, and is a fast way to continue building attraction. Another way to use playful teasing is to intentionally misunderstand her in a playful way. What this means is to outwardly assume that when she says something good, she is directing it towards you. For instance, if she is looking at another object or person and pays it/them a compliment you should just respond as if she was talking to you. Here are some examples: Example 1 Her: Oh! How cute! {looking at a little puppy, or anything really} You:

ahThank you, but this is actually my better side {turn your head and make a silly face, or do a playful pose} Example 2 Her: Im going shopping later You: You are so sweet! what are you getting me!? Example 3 You: How was your day? Her: Ive had such a good day today You: You must have really thought about me a lot today then huh? When using these misinterpretations always smile big and laugh at the end of them. As you can see a lot of the same principles that you used online to build attraction work just the same in person.

Changing Locations
By changing locations you can make a short period of time seem like a significantly longer period of time. You want to make the woman feel as comfortable as possible with you, as soon as possible. Your goal is to have the girl tell you that she feels like she has known you for so long or forever. When you move around to several different locations quickly with someone youve just met, it blurs the timeline in their head. Simply think of a weekend when you did a bunch of different things. On Monday, Friday seemed like ages ago. On top of making short periods of time seem significantly longer, it forces them to build trust in you almost immediately, because they are trusting you to take them to other locations safely. This even works when moving between different rooms in the same house or different parts of the venue. The fact that they have been in several different rooms/bars/areas with you makes the timeline in their head seem much longer. A quick way to time distort someone is to have them go to the store with you to get more food and drinks an hour or so after they show up to the event.

Getting Her Alone and the Connection Cycle

If you have been paying attention, when you meet up for the first time with a woman you met online you follow almost the exact same progression as you did meeting her online. You start off light and playful, build up the attraction and then move towards fascination and making the deep connection. Now the fascination can occur while in a group by how you interact with others, stories you tell etc. However, when it comes to making a deep connection you must do it one-on-one.

Simply go to a place where she can easily hear your voice, or where you two can carry on a one-on-one conversation. If you are in a group, at first it is better to keep her within eyesight of her friends or other people to help her ease into the idea of being alone with you. You can isolate her by simply telling her you have something cool to show her, teach her or just you think she is interesting and want to and you want to learn more about her. Another easy one is to go outside to get fresh air or simply turning your body language so that you two are facing each other. This is when the true magic happens. When you are to the point where you two are in an exclusive conversation it is time to go through the Connection Cycle. The Connection Cycle is where you go from light topics to deep meaningful topics, connect then release and move back to light topics. Each time you go into a Connection Cycle you build a deeper and deeper connection. The reason your best friend is your best friend or you last girlfriend was your last girlfriends is because you have been through many of these cycles over time. Note: this will only work if you are GENUINELY CURIOUS about her and if you actually listen to what she is saying instead of just waiting for your turn to talk. Step 1 excitment you feel

Wrap Up
coming soon

Module 5: Push Her Arousal button

If you have made it this far you know how powerful this system is and have several if not many dates set up. You have successfully piqued a womans curiosity, had fun and flirty banter, got her fascinated in you and made her feel safe enough to meet up. You have even made a deep connection with her. There is only one last thing to do if you want to take this from a pleasant friendship and turn it into a sexual relationship. You have to push her Arousal Button and spark her desire for you.

Creating a Sexual State Before You Ever Meet Up

Wouldnt you love to be able to turn a woman on to the point of orgasm using only your fingertips? Not only is creating an intense sexual state possible but it is one of the most powerful applications of digital messaging. Here are just a few of the benefits of using digital media to create and amplify a womans sexual desire for you. Lack of Social Pressure A woman is much more likely to open up about her sexuality with you for the first time over online messaging, IM and text messages due to the lack of social pressure. A persons sexuality is often a very personal subject and held even more so by the unspoken taboo underlying our society. Fortunately, over online messaging/IM/text she does not have you (or anyone else) right there in front of her to judge her. You cant look at her weird and embarrass her. She is hidden behind the veil of her computer or phone. It is the same reason why people are able to write out a letter saying what they were unable to say in person or why people do crazy things on Halloween behind a mask that they would never regularly do. This is the foundation for why creating a sexual state over online messaging/IM/text is possible and so effective. The Power of Words The most potent sexual organ in the female body is her mind. The most effective way to stimulate a womans mind is through the power of your words. The school-yard saying, Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me couldnt be further from the truth. The truth is, words can cheer up someones day, break someones heart, encourage a friend and even evoke powerful feelings of desire and arousal. Just as men have an affinity towards visual stimulus (a.k.a are easily aroused by a womans physical appearance) women have a natural indulgence to the power and charm of intricately woven words. Descriptive words engage a womans imagination allowing her to envision, and most importantly feel, what you wish to express. Painting a vivid picture with words is the ultimate form of foreplay. A Longer Build Up The bigger the build up the more powerful and pleasurable the release. Because you can begin to build a womans sexual state hours or even days before you meet up with her when she shows up you are already that much closer to having amazing sex with her. The best part is the sex will be far more rewarding and intense than if you have to start from scratch when she shows up. It gives her time for her imagination to run wild. After all anticipation is half the fun!

It Sets Up a Marker Once you successfully build a sexual state with a woman it sets a marker in place so you can easily return to that point. It is impossible to go backwards in a relationship. It is just like building a bridge. You may stop using that bridge to cross over to the other side but now that that bridge is there you know how and where to get across. This means you just made progressing sexually with the woman you are interested in much easier for both of you. Intensifies Her Arousal Creating a sexual state with a woman over online messaging/IM/text is something you can do at any time. Often she will be in a social setting where experiencing those feelings is inappropriate. Maybe she is at bored at work, school, the airport, a meeting, or the library. These are places she is not used to feeling aroused. This significantly intensifies those feelings. Just like the desire to do something exponentially increases when we are told we cant do it, leading a woman to become aroused and indulge in sexual thoughts in these types of settings becomes a secret thrill. This is a key to unlocking her secret fantasies. You Feel Like a Man Last but not least it is incredibly fun and makes you feel like a man. Leading woman to explore and express her sexual desires is one of the most rewarding and affirming things you can do as a man. As you can see this is some powerful stuff. Some of the concepts in this section are on the advanced side. It takes a certain amount of calibration to pull them off. Dont worry practice makes the master. Be sure to read over this section several times, take tons of notes, refer back often and most importantly when you see something you want to try stop and do it right then. Note: One thing to remember is you must make sure to carry on the sexual vibe and undertones you created through online messaging/IM/text when she shows up. Otherwise you lose all your progress and she will be disappointed. If you are unsure how to do this be sure to check out Unbreakable and Irresistible over at or take one of our many individual coaching options.

The Importance of Telegraphing Your Sexual Interest

Chances are you have missed many opportunities to become sexual with women because you were not sure if you would offend her and ruin your chances. Guess what? The exact opposite is true. By not telegraphing the fact you are a sexual being you actually have ruined your chances with her. She will forgive you for being a man but not for being a pussy. In other words, when you fail to express your sexual interest in a woman she loses interest in you as a sexual option. Women are not stupid. They know that as men we have sexual desires. When we try to hide it one of two things happens: 1. She knows she cant trust you (because you are hiding your true feelings) and that you are not comfortable with yourself very unattractive 2. She concludes you are not interested in her as a sexual partner and starts looking elsewhere for the fulfillment of her sexual urges.

But dont worry you are not going to do this anymore. This section will give you many tools you can use to display your sexual interest with a woman. You will be astonished at how receptive women are to your sexual advances when done correctly. You must be willing to push the envelope and try new things. I too were nervous the first time trying some of this stuff out. Often you dont know what is possible until you just jump in and try. This is how you learn.

Be Bold Not Brash Own Your Sexuality

Be bold not brash. You must not be pushy, rude or overbearing. You cannot be the mindless horndog desperate to have sex with anything that walks. When considering how to express your sexuality to a woman try adopting the perspective of appreciation and awe combined with overwhelming raw animalistic desire for her. Check out the examples throughout this book to see what this looks like. When you create and are in a sexual state with a woman, especially over text, you will be amazed at what you can and will say. Say what you really like. Tell her what you really want to do with her and to her. The secret is to OWN what you say. No matter what her response these are your desires and you do not need to apologize for them. They are completely natural and are a part of who you are. Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 at 3:12:48 PM Race: Hmm I sure could use one of your wonderful blow jobs about now Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 at 3:36:04 PM Amber: no massage to go with it? *A Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 at 3:36:10 PM Race: Well if you are offeringheck yes! Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 at 4:10:55 PM Amber: ill be sure to keep in mind how fond you are of those *A Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 at 4:12:51 PM Race: Why thank you my dearI definitely want to fuck you In the ass again soon too . That is if you dont mind getting ridden a little rough Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 at 4:14:45 PM Amber: i cant remember last time some1 texted me so upfront haha i kind of like it! *A You cannot always be filtering what you say because of how you THINK other people are going to respond to it. This is not only selfish but also very draining. Selfish because you are cheating people out of he opportunity to get to know the real you and draining because you have to always be on guard and in your head worrying. On top of that it is impossible to be in the moment, which is the most meaningful gift you can give to anyone. When you are not in the moment you cannot notice all the subtleties that go on in a conversation. You will miss out on the clues she is giving off and all subtext of what she is saying. This is the foundation to being successful with women. Owning what you say without apology demonstrates you are solid in your own identity and do not rely on others to define who you are. 7/8/08 5:17 PM Tayla: Hey my darling gutter floater lol. 7/8/08 5:23 PM

Race: Yes my little cock weasel? 7/8/08 5:24 PM Tayla: Ew dont call me that. 7/8/08 5:25 PM Race: Ill call u whatever I want my love 7/8/08 5:27 PM Tayla: Oh no you wont. Ill hurt you 7/8/08 5:29 PM Race: I will pin u down on my bed and make u moan 7/8/08 5:30 PM Tayla: Promise. 7/8/08 5:32 PM Race: All u have 2 do is show upill take care of the rest 7/8/08 5:34 PM Tayla: I believe it sweetheart. Sorry Ive disappeared lately just going through alot. 7/8/08 5:35 PM Race: Thursday work 4 u 7/8/08 5:40 PM Tayla: Yeah 7/8/08 5:40 PM Race: Well make up then:-) 7/8/08 5:45 PM Tayla: Sounds amazing If you happen to truly offend a woman do not make a big deal of it. Simply apologize and move on with the conversation. Now that you are ready to man up and communicate your sexual desires to the women in your life that you are interested in lets learn the tips and tricks to smoothly transitioning into a sexual conversation.

How To Use Descriptive Language Get Good at Being Oral

Mastering the art of using descriptive language is one of the most valuable assets you can ever learn. Not only does it allow you to tell more engaging stories, more effectively communicate your ideas and enrich your day to day experiences but it is the key to leading a womans imaginations and ultimately driving her wild with desire. The easiest way to begin training yourself to use more descriptive language is to start describing things according to how they feel. This can be both emotionally and sensationally what you are experiencing with all five senses. Read the following two statements: This coke is good Oh my this coke is delicious. The bubbles are like little baby angels dancing on my tongue! As funny as that seems, which statement engaged your imagination? Which one did you visualize? Which one made you smile? Which one are you likely to remember? Women take notice to how you describe experiences, events, people, etc. Remember that a womans imagination is the key to powerful arousal and amazing sex. The mind cannot

differentiate between an imagined experience and a real experience. This is why sometimes you wake up from dreams confused and unsure if it really happened. When you can lead her to imagine kissing, touching and even having mind blowing, awesome, passionate sex with you guess what? She has actually done those things with you and has the memories to prove it. Now when it comes time for the real thing it will be a much easier and comfortable for her to do it since she has already rehearsed it in her headand it was amazing! The more vivid you can make her imagine something the stronger her experience and the more permanent her feeling associated with it become. These are feelings you can now have her recall at any time causing her to go into a sexual state much quicker. This is awesome for her! Are you starting to see how powerful descriptive language can be? Take a look back through the examples I have been giving you and notice how the way we word things make what we are describing much more vivid, memorable and engaging.

Introducing Sexuality with Sexual Innuendos

Sexual Innuendos are the foundation to creating and building sexual states easily and comfortably with a woman. Because of their effectiveness and ease of use I recommend you begin to incorporate them into your texting/IM/messages and real-time interactions with women immediately. Lets begin by defining a sexual innuendo. Sexual Innuendos statements that talk about or describe something non-sexual in a way that alludes to something sexual. Sexual Innuendos are amazing because they introduce sexuality into a conversation in a fun way. Talking about sex is in many ways taboo in our culture so when you bring it out in a fun way women love to hook onto them. Remember, women think about sex just as much as we do. It also shows you are confidant and can talk about potentially embarrassing topics without fear. It subconsciously puts her at ease because you are giving off the signals that sex isnt a big deal. This does not mean it cant be special, meaningful or important but that you are comfortable when it comes to sex and arent going to be nervous or freak out when you get into a sexual situation with her. Example #1 2/4/08 8:46 PM Sara: I have some super exciting news! But u dont get 2 know until thursday cause it is more fun 2 tell in person 2/4/08 8:51 PM Race: Aww mannow u got me all excited and anticipitory!!! (seems like a word to me) 2/4/08 8:58 PM Sara: It is a word! Only spelled anticipatory. Nice work but now u have something 2 look forward 2 besides the noodles and mindblowing sex 2/4/08 9:02 PM Race: Noodles would have been enough to get me excitedbut now I am just brimming with enthusiasm! 2/4/08 9:05 PM Sara: Glad i can make u brim 2/4/08 9:11 PM Race: I doubt that is a sexual inuendo coming from u but I am going to take it as one and get

a nice big smirk on my face 2/4/08 9:14 PM Sara: U dont think i am capable of sexual innuendos? I am hurt! 2/4/08 9:20 PM Race: In that case I look 4ward to hearing many many more who knows, maybe someday u will be able to keep up w/ me 2/4/08 9:25 PM Sara: U r the the S.I. master. I can be ur pupil 2/4/08 9:29 PM Race: Studying under me can be a lot to swallow sometimes (lesson one) 2/4/08 9:31 PM Sara: I bow down before u Oh! Two in one night! Example #2 Wednesday, Dec 17 2008 at 11:12:33 PM Nikki: 7 inches of snow today crazy huh Thursday, Dec 18 2008 at 12:05:15 AM Race: 7 inches is quite fulfilling I hear Thursday, Dec 18 2008 at 12:06:41 AM Nikki: Haha nice As you practice using Sexual Innuendos, you will notice that you begin to see the world in a more sexual way. Certain words will jump out you, making it easier and easier to come up with new ones on the fly. If you often have trouble moving an interaction with girls in a sexual direction, this is going to do wonders for you.

Turning the Conversation Sexual Through Directive Misinterpretation

It is your job as the man to lead and escalate the conversation. The problem guys often have is how to turn a seemingly innocent conversation into something sexual. Through every message a woman sends you or any bit of conversation you have with her, there are ways to grab onto something she says and purposefully misinterpret what she is saying and turn it sexual. I call this directive misinterpretation. Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 at 2:00:10 PM Torri: guess what? Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 at 2:01:59 PM Race: You want to come have drinks with me and get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?! Girl you are naughty! Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 at 2:03:16 PM Torri: Oh man! You totally read my mind haha. Im back in new york Simply find ways to take what she is saying and change it so that it seems like she was insinuating something sexual. Your mindset should be that everything she says and does is trying to seduce you. Thinking this way will help you begin to see what she says in a different light and allow you to easily misinterpret what she is saying and direct the conversation in a sexual direction.

Using Directive Misinterpretation to Start Roleplays

You can use almost any situation to start off the creation of a sexual state. Just use directive misinterpretation to transition the conversation into something sexual. A simple and fun way to do this is roleplay that she is secretly stalking you. This automatically puts you in the position where she is chasing after you. This is a fantastic position to be in. Girls find it incredibly fun and it is almost effortless to transition into it. Saturday, Dec 27 2008 at 8:17:14 PM Race: Did I just catch you spying on me as I was changing into my gym clothes my little stalker?! Helpful tip: Instead of just saying that I was changing in general, I was more specific and said gym clothes. This subtly shows off an attractive element of who I am as a person. I take care of my body. Try adding in small things like this that allude to some positive aspect of who you are as a person. Saturday, Dec 27 2008 at 8:17:59 PM Selma: Yes im watchin u Saturday, Dec 27 2008 at 8:19:46 PM Selma: Nice ass. Saturday, Dec 27 2008 at 8:20:45 PM Race: Hey thanks Ill let you grab it next time we are making out Saturday, Dec 27 2008 at 8:23:24 PM Selma: K im soo goin to grab it now Saturday, Dec 27 2008 at 8:29:27 PM Race: In that case I might have to slowly slide my hands down your cute little back and return the favor Saturday, Dec 27 2008 at 8:32:40 PM Selma: Go right ahead Saturday, Dec 27 2008 at 9:22:50 PM Race: Im not sure if thats a good idea cause then I might be tempted to slide my hands back up your ribs, firmly grab your hair and pull your head back as I gently kiss your neck Saturday, Dec 27 2008 at 9:26:56 PM Selma: Sooo. What time r u comin over You can use this to start all kinds of different roleplays.

Sexual Roleplays
Sexual Roleplays are a great way to get a woman thinking about you sexually while also allowing her a safe way to let her sexuality out of the bag.

Magen ARE YOU STILL IN NEW YORK! 9:31pmRace yes mam i amuntil wed then back to good ol vegas where you are going to be waiting for me right? 9:32pmMagen lol ill be waiting for you in texas houston i was gonna say dont you have a job to tend too ? 9:33pmRace hahagross. who wants a job? i do consulting work so i can do it from anywhere on my own time 9:33pmMagen hmm thats nice OH!!!!! i might be moving into these lofts that use to be a old hospital creepy 9:34pmRace are they super cool? 9:34pmMagen YES! 9:34pmRace well i could come and you could dress up like a nurse 9:34pmMagen its the artist lofts its mainly for artist but im getting in so the hallways and front yard and back yard are littered with art and sculptures you could that sounds like fun i have the outfit for it and the straps under bed restraints and!!!!!!!!!! I DO HAVE MEDICAL SUPPLYS TOO!!!! 9:36pmRace way to one up me lolok i will try anything twice 9:36pmMagen I FORGOT thanks to

thats my online sex store you should go to it some time i really want to get the rubber sheets 9:38pmRace i just checked it outdid you participate in their easter sale? you would look quite cute as a bunny rabbit 9:38pmMagen lol i have only met 2 people that were willing to put up with what i like sexually 9:47pmRace wow you need to find people that are more adventurous lol 9:48pmMagen I KNOW!!!!!!!! i just get off to my self all i need is my vibrator and a few other things and im good to go You never know what is going to come out when you start a sexual roleplay so be ready to get some surprises. You never know until you try so simply throw it out there and get ready to have some fun.

Gauging a Womans Sexual Radar

Often times guys are unsure of where a girl is in regard to her sexuality. Is she reserved? Does she have hang ups with sex? Is she a straight up nympho waiting for you to bring it out? Knowing where she is at and how she views sex allows you to tailor your approach to make it the best possible experience for her. In addition it allows you to figure out if this girl is compatible with you sexually. This is HUGE. You can gauge a womans present sexual radar by sporadically throwing out little sexual innuendo hooks to see if she bites on or if they go over her head. Race: I just saw the cutest little squirrel in the park gathering nuts and it made me think of you (Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 at 2:17:31 PM) Janiece: lol! ur the best! saving that message! too cute! (Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 at 2:19:04 PM) Danielle: Why cause We both like nuts? (Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 at 2:20:12 PM) As you can see the same text was sent out to both girls but the way they responded was completely different. While Janiece thought it was cute, Danielle definitely picked up on the sexual overtones of the text. It is apparent that Danielle is much more in tune with her sexuality and comfortable expressing it. Constantly be dropping these little hooks to see where a girl is at. You will often notice as the interaction progresses and you continue to use the techniques in this book to make a girl feel more comfortable with you her sexual radar will amplify and tune in to you.

Note: Just because a girl catches on to your sexual overtones does not mean she is easy. It often just means she is more in tune with her sexuality and comfortable expressing it. This can be a sign of maturity.

Providing a Safe Space for Her to Explore Her Sexuality

When you begin creating a sexual frame with a woman it is important to make sure you provide a space where she knows there is no judgment. Because a womans sexuality can be such a personal thing it is much easier for her to hide it and be safe than share it and get hurt. You must rid yourself of moral judgment, indignation or immaturity. This also includes her knowing that you will not go behind her back and brag to all your friends or make fun of her. If you still do this it is time to grow up. Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:16:52 AM Brenda: Hey i heard a jokei wish you were homework cuz you would be hard and i would be doing you on my desk right now lol Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:18:53 AM Race: Hahalets study tomorrow then;) Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:19:50 AM Brenda: Maybe after i beat you at chugging contest Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:22:16 AM Brenda: Hey lets play carpenter First we get hammered then ill nail you lol Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:28:36 AM Race: That sounds like a fun game But Ill win Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:29:12 AM Brenda: I hope you would i have to tell you something though Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:30:17 AM Race: So tell me Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:32:10 AM Brenda: I have only been with one guy i dont know how you feel about that i was with him for 3 years but now i feel like i dont have enough experience :/ You know for you Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:36:57 AM Race: Experience has no standing in my bookan open curious mind with a sense of adventure and willing to explore who you are is what I value Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:38:22 AM Brenda: Thats good to hear Im always willing to try new things:-) i hope you are as amazing as you sound Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:39:35 AM Race: Me too lol Sunday, Aug 31 2008 at 6:40:47 AM Brenda: Im sure you will be:-) ill talk to you tomorrow When providing a safe space for a woman to open up sexually you will be surprised at some of the sexual fantasies women have. This does not mean you have to be the one who fulfills her fantasies (it is fun when you do though) but it does mean you have to accept her. By providing a safe, judgment free space for women to explore their own sexuality you will not only make it infinitely easier for her to open up to you sexually but also set yourself apart as a world class lover.

The Le Skratch

If any physical attribute is crucial to seduction it is the eyes. They revel excitement, passion, tension, or detachment without ever saying a word. Let me tell you a story to illustrate just how powerful the way you look at a woman can be. Last summer I was up in Montreal with my roommate visiting some of his family. After a nigh on the town we arrived back at the house his great great grandfather had build with his own hands to find his uncle in the kitchen still awake. After talking with him for a bit he convinced us to go play pool with him at a local pool hall know for its attractive servers. It is pretty much the hooters of pool halls. We arrive at around 2:30am and grab a table. We order a bucket of beers and get set to start our first game. When I look up I am instantly mesmerized by the most stunning woman I have ever laid my eyes on. I lock eyes with her, she drops off our beers and walks away. Less than a minute later the other waitress who took our order comes up to me with a piece of paper and tells me that the girl who dropped off our beers wanted me to have it. Much to my surprise, I open it up to see her name and number written on the piece of paper. My roommate couldnt believe it. Being a Master Practitioner of NLP, he spend the next 3 days helping me break down what I had done. After lengthy discussions and watching me out with many more girls he helped me begin to understand what I had done. From this has come the most powerful technique I know yet to date when it comes to spiking a womans attraction. Here is the secret: it is all about what is going through your head when you are looking at her! Sounds simple right? But you will be so surprised how many guys are unaware of what they are thinking at the time when they are looking at a beautiful women. Often times negative beliefs creep in and start running through your head. You could be thinking, wow why cant I ever get a woman like that or I hope I dont look stupid right now or even simply man I want to have sex with her . Do you know what all of those statements have in common? They are all about YOU and not about HER. Your whole focus is inward towards you and not outwards to connect with her. And when you are stuck in your head, not only can she read that all over your body language but all of your energy and focus is tied up so you have none left to use to attract and connect with her. Does that makes sense? So what do you do instead? Next time you find yourself coming in contact with a beautiful woman try this. Stand up tall (walk as if your chest is leading your whole body), pick one eye (left or right hopefully she doesnt have a middle eye) and give it all your focus while running through the following thought(s) in your head: -who are you? -you have no idea what is in store for you -are you ready to have some fun?

Notice h all of t how these though all focus on HER. Believe me she will fee this in a very hts s B el v powerfu way! The cool thing is as the co ul e onversation progresses and you sta learning art techniques in the last module), if y keep yo interesting things a about her(by using the t y m you our attentio focused o on outwards tow wards her y will noti what you are thinki when yo are you ice ing ou looking into her ey will chan You m g yes nge. might find yo ourself think wow you are am king mazing or I am so glad I a here wit you right now. This will be bro m am th t s oadcast all o over your body languag ge. Often ti imes a wom will look down in a shy manne and keep asking you what. Th is a man er u his sure sig you are o the right track. gn on A great response to this is, no t o othing, I am just very interested in what you a saying or if m i n are she isn talking at that momen nothing , I am just enjoying han t nt e nging out w you. with She wont know w why, but she will find he erself startin to have very powerf feelings for ng v ful ou ike s r you. Yo will be li no one she has ever met. As alwa I have to stress YO HAVE T BE GEN ays o OU TO NUINE. You have to al u llow yourse to fall elf under h charm an actually be amazed b her. Let everything else fade aw and become her nd b by way captivat You wi start noticing reason after reaso to like her more and more. ted. ill n on Dont b surprised if you start getting a li be d t ittle sideways grin on your face. T is comp y This pletely normal. . If you c accompl this one technique you will in can lish e nstantly beco one of the worlds greatest ome f seducer Dont be rs. elieve me? Check out th text I go from the waitress at L Skratch six C his ot w Le s months after I left Montreal My dea Race. S ar Since approx ximately six months, I lived many things in m life, but I swear, x y my nothing comparabl to you. I send you a m g le s million kiss and even though tha the memo is a ses n at ory faculty which forge often fas I hope in myself tha you do no forget me ets st, n at ot e. XXXXX XXXXXXX All my lo X ove. -Joanny y And gu what? S knew ve little eng uess She ery glish and I knew absolu k utely no Fre ench and ye we et had a tw week flin where we hung out almost ever wo ng w ryday. Ther was very little actual verbal re l commu unication bu she had me fascinated and it cam through when I look into her eyes. ut m d me w ked r

Set Up a Sex Sig p gnal Fun W Ways to M Make Her More Com M mfortable Taking Her Clothe Off H es The To 4 Reas op sons to NO Sleep W a Woman on The First Date OT With W

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- Original Messag ge From: R Race Date: M 6, 2009 2:53 PM May 9 after a r rigorously b brief overvie of your p ew anted to let you know I have alread y dy profile I wa married and divorc you in my mind. d ced m Thanks for all the w wonderful imaginary m i memories you will al lways have a special pl lace in my hear rt. your ex x-hubby, Race ps. Yo get the do and I get the house in Hawaii ou og t i This typ of openin message sets up a fa pe ng antastic role play. It is fun and play and so e ayful refreshi ingly differe from the typical me ent e essage she receives. It is a bit on th silly side so she r i he e knows r right from t start that you are ju having fu and are not taking th interactio too the t ust un n he on seriousl Why sho ly. ould you? You dont ev know her yet. Beca Y ven ause there is no pressur she s re feels co omfortable t jump righ in and beg the role play. In fac it is almo irresistib not to ht gin e ct, ost ble to. Orig ginal Message From: ..dani. . Date: M 6, 2009 3:28 PM May 9 hahaha. nice. well the dog alw . ways liked m better an me nyways. As you can see she jumped rig in. The f you div e ght fact vorced her makes her w m want to com back me d eason why, put the blam on you for the divor or give a reason wh it is p me f rce hy and find either a re better th way. In this case, it ok becau the dog always like her better The most hat ts use g r. importa fact is sh not only responded b is alread assuming the role of your ex wife. ant he but dy g f w Awesom me! Orig ginal Message From: R Race Date: M 6, 2009 4:09 PM May 9 Thats b because you always fed him scrap under the tablethen I had to ge him lipos u d ps n et suction because he was get e tting self co onscious aro ound all the bitches at the dog park t kpoor mr r. winkey jr III

All that aside I do m you making me b t miss m breakfast in bed and wa atching the s rise ove the sun er ocean snuggled tog gether in a blanket at ou house in Hawaii b ur Here I c continue the role playin painting a picture of what our life together was like. I give a e ng f r reason w the dog liked her better in a h why g b humorous way. Then I move into w w what was go and ood about our relations ship and what I miss ab bout it. Now she is imag w gining doin all these things ng t with me This crea as sense of comfort with me, even if it is imaginary m e. ates e t e i memories. Orig ginal Message From: ..dani. May 9 Date: M 6, 2009 4:35 PM its true. cooking br reakfast nak for myse just does have the same effec ked snt e ct. elf This is one of the m enjoya aspects of interacti with a new girlyo never kn ou most able s ing n now what th are going to say nex She thro a curveb and turn it sexual.. This lets me hey xt! ows ball ns m know sh is comfo he ortable expre essing her s sexuality. Orig ginal Message From: R Race Date: M 6, 2009 8:23 PM May 9 thats w Ive mo why oved to cook king in my s spongebob onesyhah ha r u into live indepe endent musi and tasty cocktails? ic Instead of grabbing onto her sexual threa and moving it forwar I turn it p g s ad rd, playful aga I do ain. this bec cause it is no what she expects. M guys ge so excited when a wo ot Most et d oman throw out a ws sexual c comment th they grab right onto it. This usu hat b o ually lesson attraction and lets he know ns n er she can use her sex n xuality when she wants to get a ris out of you Instead b playing it down n s se u. by t it comm municates its not a big deal thus m making her wonder why you arent responding like w y t g most gu do. This builds her attraction t you. uys s to Next I s seed the inv by askin if she lik certain th vite ng kes hings/activities. Orig ginal Message From: ..dani. .. Date: M 6, 2009 9:48 PM May 9 it depen on how independan the music it is i supp nds nt c pose. She is s slightly hesi itant to com mmit but still interested. She is just testing the water a bit. How l . you resp pond is very important at this poin Keep it casual and no big deal. y t nt. c n Orig ginal Message From: R Race Date: M 7, 2009 12:01 PM May 9

Lets just say this music signed a declaration a long long time agohaha I was thinking about hitting up Hotel Cafe sometime soon to catch up on some bands and enjoy some tasty cocktailsyou ever been? I respond to her hesitation in a light and playful way. It is as if I dont even see any hesitation because in truth I dont. Next, I actually lay down some detail but without actually inviting her. This way she has no way of saying yes or no, only if she has ever been. This also lets me gage how interested she would be in meeting up. Original Message From: ..dani. . Date: May 7, 2009 12:47 PM i have. once. awhile ago. you should let me know when your going and then maybe ill accidentally bump into you. It is VERY clear she is interested in meeting up. Not only because she suggest the possibility of an accidentally meeting but she is asking me to let her know when I am going. Original Message From: Race Date: May 7, 2009 4:01 PM well I just might go tomorrow night so to improve your accident rating shoot me over your # and Ill txt you the details. Plus we get to join txt-aholics With all these clear signals from her and a date idea already set up, I know it is time to get her phone #. I let her know I might be going the next night but do so in a fun way. There is the added connection of becoming text-aholics together because most girls can relate to that. I understand her world which makes it even more comfortable for her to give me her #. Original Message From: ..dani. . Date: May 7, 2009 7:47 PM oopsy. forgot to give you my number. i heard sometimes that helps when you want someone to call you. im heading out and about tonight, i have a crackberry addiction so text messages are my favorite. xxx xxx xxxx Not only does she give me her # but tells me she WANTS me to call her. This is what will happen when you do everything right. She even states she is out and about tonight which is an invitation to meet up right away. She doesnt want to wait until our date the next night lol


Subject a friendly fact t: From: R Race Date: Ja 5, 2008 1 an 12:02 AM I just w wanted to let you know that I am ha t andsome I am pre sure a f etty friend of mi challeng me to us this as an opener. I t ine ged se n thought it was quite w funny so took up th challenge The smile on the end is vital to displaying p he e. e d playfulness s. Otherw it can co across as complete cocky which is not the point. wise ome ely w From: M Morgan Date: Ja 5, 2008 1 an 1:19 AM HAHA. ..OKAY THATS FUNNY LITTLE EGOTIST S A E TICAL HUH J/K H?? WELL SO AM I GEESH. DO YO MYSPA OU ACE EVERY YONE TO T TELL EM THAT? T As you can see she jumps righ in and sta playing along givin me plenty of conver e ht arts ng y rsational o o. hooks to grab onto From: R Race Date: Ja 5, 2008 1 an 10:57 AM IS THE ERE A REA ASON YOU WRITE IN ALL CAP U N PS??? haha I person nally think y are mor cute than handsome with a gene you re n erous helpin of ng eleganc cebut also a big -ol dorky side o d well at leas I hope so st you say you have l y lived all ove the world er dumlik where??? I have lived quite a few ke d places m myself. tootles -Race out ng l r d w I start o by teasin her a bit on using all caps. I go through her profile and see what we can connect on. Since t t travel is a big one for m I ask her about it. b me r From: M Morgan Date: Ja 5, 2008 2 an 2:50 PM SO WH HAT..I LIKE CAPS IT LOOKS WAY COO E I OLER! HAH HA WHERE ARE YO FROM E OU YOU CAN BE FRO VEGAS NT OM S IVE LI IVED JMM MLETS SE EE..HERE MY LIST S T: GERMA ANY AUSTR RIA ORLAN NDO FL. TACOM WASH MA HINGTON VALDE ALASK EZ KA SAN DIEGO/LOS ANGELES S S/SAN FRA ANSISCO CA. C MAUI HARLI INGEN TX. UMMM MI DONT KNOW WHERE EL IM FO W LSE ORGETTIN NG WHEN U LIVED IN GERMA N ANY I TRA AVELED ALL THROU A UGH EURO WITH MY OPE MOM/B BROTHER RI WOUL LOVE..L LD LOVE..LOV TO GO BACK. I H VE HAVENT BEEN B TO EUR ROPE SINC I WAS A KID. CE

MY MO AND I ARE PLAN OM NNING A T TRIP BACK IN MAY. K . WHERE ALL HAVE YOU BEEN? E B -Morga an I struck a gold min There is so much I c engage her on and you can tell by her resp k ne. can l ponse she is p passionate ab bout traveling so this is a great top to explore and conn on with her. s pic nect h From: R Race Date: Ja 5, 2008 3 an 3:02 PM IF YOU SAY SO.. U .haha I pref the diver fer rsity of both BIG and sm LeTter h mall rS Here is my list: Cincinn natti Oh Albuqu uerque Nm Birming gham Al Wahiaw Hi wa Dunede Nz en Queens stown Nz Madrid Spain San Die ego, La, San Barbara, Oxnard nta and of c course Las V Vegas..haha a Those a just plac I have liv are ces vedmuch more if yo count the places I tra h ou aveled. It is probabl my favor thing to doafter e ly rite enriching my life by me m eeting new interesting people that is luckily if y do one you are bou to do th other you und he Ohh her is someth re hing fun (be ecause I thin you will give a good answer) you were to nk d if e take me on a surpri vacation where wou you take me and what would w dowai until e ise n uld e we it you hea my answe ar er! later ga ator, -Race way hing up this message is to turn it in a future projection.. Here is wh I s s nto e here A fun w of finish start tra ansitioning i into someth hing deeper. Notice I en nded with w until yo hear my wait you y answer This enco . ourages her to answer o of curiosity of hearing what I a going to say. out am o From: M Morgan Date: Ja 5, 2008 3 an 3:37 PM YOUR FUNNY RE YALREAD WANT DY TING ME TO TAKE YOU ON A Y VACAT TIO..HAHA A WELL..HUMMMI DUNNO DEPEND ON WH O DS HAT YOU LIKE TO DO WANN GO L O..I NA TO GR REECE..BUT WHAT DO YOU DO THERE? IVE NEV BEEN,, SO I DON T D O ? VER NT KNOW W MAYBE ID TAK YOU TO ALASKA KE O A..MY GRA ANDPA OW WNES A B& THERE AND &B A CHA ARTING CO WE HAV A BUNC OF BOA AND WE GO SA O. VE CH ATS W ALMON/SH HARK AND H HALIBUT F FISHING..IT SOOO F TS FUN..I THO OUGHT I HATED FIS H SHING..BU U UT ACTUA ALLY CAT TCH A LOT OF FISH T THEN WE HAVE THESE TUR W T RBO CHAR RGED 4 WHEEL LERS AND ITS FUN TO GO( W D WHEN ITS RAINING ALL THRO R A OUGH THE E TRAILS AND CR REEKS) IN THE MUD ITS SO BEAUTIFU IN AK THE UL GLACI IERS(THAT YOU CAN ACTUAL T LLY WALK ON) AND THE AM K D MAZING WILD W LIFE.. YOU A ACTUALLY SEE BEA AND M Y ARS MOOSE AN HUGE PROKY PIN ND P NESAND D

BALD EAGLESITS SO FUN TO HIKE THROUGH THE TRAILS..BUT YOU HAVE TO BRING A GUN WITH YOU, IN CASE YOU RUN INTO BEARS.. THEIR IS ALSO AN OUT DOOR SHOOTING RANGE, ITS AMAZING ESPECIALLY IF YOU GO JUNE-AUG. PERFECT WEATHER.. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO ALASKA?? ITS ONE OF THE COOLEST PLACES IVE EVER BEEN! WHERE WOULD YOU TAKE ME?? Within a few messages I have gone from complete stranger to her planning out a vacation for us while opening up and sharing things that she is passionate about. Incredible wouldnt you say? From: Race Date: Jan 5, 2008 3:49 PM wowkinda funny that I have never been to alaska but have always wanted to go and you want to go to Greece and I have already been. so I would take you to Greecewe would need to stop by New York. We would go to museums, watch a broadway show, eat some pizza at Rays,go shopping, and play tag in central park. From there we would fly off to Jukkasjrvi Sweden where we would spend the night in the Ice Hotel having drinks in ice cups at the Absolute bar, then relax in the ice jaccuzzi, and then retire to our suite carved entirely out of ice (but you would have to stay on your side of the reindeer fleece bedno funny business). Well rested we would be ready to shake off the cold and grab a flight to Athens. Here we would jump on a boat and cruise out to Mykinos, Milo, etc where we would go on hikes, snorkle in the sparkling blue ocean, eat at a little open air cafe and eventually end up at Santorini just as the sun is setting. We would sneak down a little path and have delicious wine on one of the rooftops of the little white washed houses overlooking the ocean and for a second remember in absolute certainty why the heart of life is good. Then we would head back into town and dance all night at a sand bar to Greek fold music while sipping ouzo. Dont even get me started on the trip back, Paris, Italy, Spain, Morocco, etc Speaking of Morocco Morgan, do you like hookah? Not only have I made this future projection of our adventure together rich with detail so that she can actually imagine herself there with me, I have also began to seed the invite by asking her if she like hookah. From: Morgan Date: Jan 5, 2008 4:30 PM WOW..I WANNA GO RIGHT NOW!! HAHA..YOU SOULD SELL TIME SHARES WITH ME..LOL AND YESHOOKAH (LOVE IT) MY ROOM MATE HAS A HOOKAH.. UMM AND AN ICE JACUZZI, YOU SAY?? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? AND HOW CAN A SUITE BE CARVED OUT OF ICE?? HUH?? ..IS IT A IGLOO OR WHAT?? SOUNDS A BIT COLD..BUT WELL WORTH ITSO WHEN ARE WE GOING? HAHA. WHAT DO YOU DO HERE IN VEGAS? HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED HERE? You can tell by her reaction that I was successful in painting a vivid picture. Also she said yes to liking hookah wich will make the invite that much easier in the next message.

From: R Race Date: Ja 5, 2008 5 an 5:12 PM I have n idea how the ice jacuzzis work but I sure do wanna find out! It i not an igloo it is no w k f is a full sc hotel ca cale arved entire out of ic e! ely Well it sounds like we need to get togethe over som chocolate mint hook and plan the e o er me e kah n trip out in more detail shoot m over your number (if you promi you are not really a 41 yr old m me r ise molester) an ill nd txt you the invite Along w getting her numbe I throw in a qualifyin statemen just to ma her feel more with g er n ng nt ake comfort table. I am b bringing up her potenti worries before she is showing w are on th same p ial b i we he page an that I don just hang out with a nd nt g anyone. From: M Morgan Date: Ja 5, 2008 5 an 5:19 PM humm looks qu cold in there!!! it uite do you snowboard? ?? my num mber is (xxx) xx xx-xxxx t youre n a serial k no killer are yo ou?? oh wait I guess you wouldn tell me if you were anyway. nt f a I love m chocola mint atebut a mint chocol hookah? humm so m late ?? ounds intres sting.. you stil havent ans ll swered my questions.. geesh! how lon have you lived here? what do you do here how did you find m on myspace? do ng u ?? e?? d me you message every yone on here to tell them how hand e m dsome you are? I have lots of ques stions how do i know you not a kille ur er? You do have an int tresting ima agination hmmm Ok even though sh gave me her # she sti wants so more as n he h ill ome ssurance. Yo can see how she ou h even br rought up th killer th he hing but it h already been neutra has alized becau I brough up the use ht same ty of quest ype tion before her with my qualifying statement in the last m h y g message. It is very i importa that I answer her qu ant uestions in t next mes the ssage. From: R Race Date: Ja 5, 2008 5 an 5:40 PM holy mo bambo oley oly.that is a lot of que estionsan not in all capswha is this wo nd at orld coming to??? haha g a it is cold in there -5 I believe 5 but they g give you spe ecial jackets to wear so we are safe and s o fe o d a rial ereal killer love cinn I namon yes I do snowboard and no I am not a ser killer (but I am a ce toast cru unch..aka ctc) I moved here abou 9 months ago to assis my buddy with his music and lau d ut st y m aunch a new w compan Not sure how I foun your pag but I mes ny. e nd ge ssaged you because you caught my b u y attentio on I hope t about a that answers ever rything and here is my number because I nev answer a call d ver when I dont recog gnize a num mber: one.two o.three-four r.five.six-sev ine.ten

just put me in as t amazing Race wh is so sexy and aweso and ha t the g ho ome andsome and I cant d wait to go smoke h hookah with him and ta all about the great adventures w are going to h alk t a we have if that will fi in your ph f it hone that is im thin nking mond night wo day ould work ju fine.u ust unless you are any good at board games a d g then I n need a partn 2night as ner sap!!! (ps w smoke ho we ookah while playing) e I set up a meeting f two day later (give her more time to fee comfortab about meeting for ys es e el ble up) but also extend an invite for the same night but I add in a qu d f e ualification so she will feel like she she has a r e reason to co ome. Messag ging a wom getting her # and in man, nviting her over all in the sa day can feel too fa for some That is wh you MU qualify them so the feel ame n ast e. hy UST ey comfort table. From: M Morgan Date: Ja 5, 2008 5 an 5:48 PM -5my goodness!!! special ja y ackets?? wh about wh you sho hat hen ower?? do th give you hey special j jackets then too??? Im nervous! n m You hav an 858 n ve number!! im from La C m Costa.. thats where i mo oved here fro I lived there rom! for 5 yr (so i say im from the rs. ere!) what p of s.d. are you from part a m? I dunno okinda we meeting someone o of myso eird g off oace.. what if we becom good freinds i me and peo ask us h we met?? do we s ay myspace my mom would get very up ople how e?? mmy d pset with me we need to come up with a real intrestin story or (lie) shoul i say and e!! d p lly ng o uld a board g games?? uttt ohhh.. im not the best but wha kinda board games ar you talkin t n t at re ng?? Im a qu learner uick rwhere r u playing th hese board games?? I quite curiou g q us. Im so f of quest full tions are we t there yet?? how many more min?? im hungry i dont fe good how are bab ? y eel bies made?? is santa rea ? al?? hahaha Im in a s silly mood Althoug it is quic gh ckly become the social norm, for so women meeting o a dating site or e ome n off social n networking site can still seam weir It is easy to overcom this by m l rd. y me making up a fun back sto ory. From: R Race Date: Ja 5, 2008 5 an 5:58 PM silly mo oods are we elcomeLe say we m at summ camp when we we little and you ets met mer w ere d pushed me in the b bushes and gave me my first kiss g y fast forwar years late I found you on rd er y myspac and so we met upt da! ce e ta I lived i pb, point loma, miss in sion valley, and utc. come be my team m it will be against my room mate and his girlfriend e mate m with your sass and my charming w we can definitely w y wit d win! tada! From: M Morgan Date: Ja 5, 2008 6 an 6:09 PM sounds sooo tempt ting..however..i do hav e a bit of a cold left.. i wouldnt wa to meet you ant nd y not ut d! esdays guys an leave my cold behind Thats n cool! bu monday sounds good I have tue and wed dnesdays of I might go grab som sushi by my house later if ya w ff.. g me l wanna join me for m thatd you eat su do ushi??

I rather meet you not at your house for the first timeduhhhh..haha.. no killing Morgan.. please! Ohhand summer camp.. hahano one is going to believe that i went to camp.. haha thats funny! sushihuhhuh?? wanna.. wanna?? The cold bit is just a safety net. It allows her to be polite and suggest she really wants to but shouldnt. Translation= I am not completely comfortable with the idea yet. You can see she has agreed to Monday (you dont get over a cold in 2 days). Translation= A few days will give me time to become ok with the idea of meeting a total stranger off MySpace. As you will notice though she does invite me out to sushi (you cant catch a cold at sushi?) Translation = I really do want to meet you tonight but can we do it at a place I know so I feel more comfortable and safe? From: Race Date: Jan 5, 2008 6:17 PM I LOVE sushi! well I probably wouldnt marry sushi but I do enjoy it quite a bit. Well tell you whatthere is a fabulous sushi place right by my house Sushimon that we can go to if you really cant tell by now that I am an awesomely safe and totally kick ass person. Ill try to convince my roommates and their girlfriendsthey all wanted to order pizzaunless you happen to love pizza too! Dont worry I live in a gated weirdos Here I add in a few elements that help make her more comfortable with the idea: 1. there will be other girls present 2. make her feel bad for not thinking I am a awesomely safe person 3. We live in a gated community (upper class) w/ no weirdos allowed I keep it all light hearted and fun. I also show that I am on her side and trying to convince my roommates to do what she wanted. At the same time I plant the fact that there is a great sushi place right by my house. From: Morgan Date: Jan 5, 2008 6:21 PM Well.not only do i get to meet you for the first timebut i get to meet all your roomies and girlfriends toowoahhh overload..hahaokay.. where do you live? Im in southern highlands She is at least now ok with doing something with me that same night From: Race Date: Jan 5, 2008 6:24 PM Well I am in around Silverado Ranch area off Silverado ranch and Maryland Prkwydo you know the area??? There is a 24hr fitness and albertsons etc From: Morgan Date: Jan 5, 2008 6:27 PM Thats pretty close to me I dunno..kinda weird showing up and meeting all these people for the first timei think im nervous.. tell them we should all go to sushi and then board

gamesi just ate a whole pizza to myself(kinda) yesterday tell em they should umm sake bombs and fun! lots of fun!!! woooo hoooooooooooo.. if not ill grab sushi and maybe meet up with u guys whatever is easier We are getting closer. From: Race Date: Jan 5, 2008 6:32 PM you live closethats perfect! come over in about an hour and help me convince them if not we can go grab some sushi. Just mapquest my address 1111 park place Now I am turning it into something we will do together. She can come over and help me convince my room mates.its us against them. From: Morgan Date: Jan 5, 2008 6:38 PM how about this is there a bar by your house that we can me at.. for a drink and then go to your house.. it might be a bit odd just crusin in and not knowing anyone..a bit uncomfortable. ya know.. We compromise on a bar and of course I pick one within walking distance of my house. From: Race Date: Jan 5, 2008 6:44 PM haha ok.lets meet a fireside wow I sure am doing a lotyou better be as fun as you seemlol Note: One last qualification to show I dont usually do this much work so she had better be worth it. I dont do this in a mean way but add the lol to show I am kinda kidding. Note: when she calls me an hour later she mentions that she is super fun and totally worth the trouble From: Morgan Date: Jan 5, 2008 6:49 PM haha okaydont know where that is but ill find it! st. rose pkwy>? lets meet at 8? i havta shower.. been in bed all day..just text me from here on out k? She ends up coming directly to my house