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Mustard Seed Ministries Mustard Seed Ministries Initial Postion Statement on Homosexuality By LP. Kok Teacher Pastor/Writer (CEO/President/Founder MS. Ministries Mustard Seed Ministries Mr. Kok's Tentative Position Statement on Homosexuality Occasionally the issue of homosexuality arises for one reason or another and as. @ pastoreacher Iam often confronted withthe dilemms of how to deal with it. On the one hand thet is an obvious objection to it arising from the Bible itself, and the stor of Sodom & Gomorra. In fact, the word “sodomy” comes from the Biblia town of Sodom, which was destroyed by God afer sme violently homosexual persons attempted to sodomize some of God's peopl, and aftr God ‘Was unble o find one worthy person of saving in the city of Sodom & Gomorrah. And there are other passages that speak against homosexuality as well (n the other hand Iam aso occasionally conftonted with adolescent-lke stings ‘here kids meaninglessy call each other “Faggot” ous other derogatory terms about each other, even when they have no basis or even in some stings where the kids have not even reached puberty, thus making their insults about eachother all the more ludirous and meaningless, However, Ihave also been in setings svete homoseruaty 1 openly practiced, and in one particular ease Iwas in a classroom where two adolescent wns were kissing a fondling each other. Las ‘ot real comfortable with this either. ‘As a Christian who periodically enters the secular setting the question of how to