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Titanic (Idol of New Hope) The night was clear, a million stars were crystals Embedded in the mirror of the sea; With grace she sailed, a goddess from the heavens, An idol of new hope, a deity. In such perfection Man had done his utmost To show that deepest oceans could be tamed By might and power, steel and steam and money. A world apart, Titanic was she named. The rich, the poor, the hopeful - all were waiting For Liberty to grace their morning view Yet God, or Fate, or Natures hand had chosen To change the outcome of her grand debut. It must have been the ice - the speed - the lifeboats: A myriad of factors to be blamed; But, on that April night, the vessel foundered, And Mankinds greed for conquest sorely shamed. ***** The night was clear, a million stars were fading As wreckage lapped amongst the countless lost; Titanic brought mere visions into being What price, this futile dream what human cost? Julie Stamp