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Module Leader: Ahmed Umair Module Name: Basics of Marketing Introduction

Defining Marketing***Marketing in the 21st Century **Understanding Human Nature Attributes of a Good Marketer***Earlier Eras and Old economies V/S New Economies***Importance of Marketing and Understanding***Customer Customer centric approach process ETC

Marketing Mix Product***Price***Place***Promotion Product

Types of product***Formulation of product*** which products*** what is the best***product line***Product life Cycle*** BostonMatrix***Design***technology***Quality***Packaging***Branding*** New Product Development*** NPD Process*** NPD Practice Exercise

Pricing strategies and methodologies***pricing strategies currently used by companies***competitor pricing***Types of Pricing***Psychological Pricing*** Promotional Pricing ETC

Special Offers*** Advertisement***Advertisement methodologies*** Promotion strategies commonly used instantly***Promotion strategies used in Pakistan*** Word of Mouth ETC

Wholesale***Retail***Mail order*** online*** Direct Sales*** Multi Channel ETC

Extended Marketing Mix

Employees*** Management*** Culture*** Customer Service ETC

Contact*** Reminders*** Registration***Subscription*** Form Filling*** Technology

Physical Environment
Smart***Trendy***Music*** Fragrance ETC

Global Marketing
21st century and global competition*** competition and innovation*** Global Issues & Marketing*** Culture*** Religion

Ethics in Marketing
Ethical issues in the contemporary marketing practices

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