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Building, Fixing, Upgrading, Additions, Landscaping & More
Everything from the basement to the roof, from the driveway to the doorstep. 16 PAGES OF INSPIRATION INCLUDED!

Tips on Selling Your Home
On the exterior of the home there are plenty of opportunities to make upgrades that help increase the curb appeal of your home

Maintain Composite Decks
Homeowners are turning to lower-maintenance alternatives when selecting materials for their homes

Love Your Home Again
In today’s slow economy, consumers are clamoring for new and inexpensive ways to refresh their homes

Tips on Selling Your Home - From the Inside
On the exterior of the home there are plenty of opportunities to make upgrades that help increase the curb appeal of your home, but what about the inside of the house? Once you get people in the door, what will be their first impression? “First views of the interior set the stage for either a positive or negative selling experience with potential buyers,” says Tania Moore of RE/MAX(R) Properties of the Valley in West Virginia. “In today’s competitive selling marketplace, owners need to use every option available to them to make their homes stand out. There are obvious things all sellers do, such as cleaning up the clutter and vacuuming. However, every home should have a few eye-popping ‘wow’ focus items that make potential buyers feel the home is special.” Fortunately for homeowners, the “wow factor” is easy to achieve by adding unique features to the home. Investing in some key focal accents in the home can make the difference between a “cross off our list” experience for homebuyers and a “must have” memorable visit.” If I were showing a home that had an interior ‘wow factor’ I’m confident the sellers would be impressed,” says Moore. “One trick to selling a home is to add perceived value and style to the house that would bridge over to the buyer. Decorative millwork and accent highlights are a wonderful, yet inexpensive way to make both a positive first impression and a memorable, lasting impression.”
Tip #1 - Install lightweight urethane ceiling medallions around ceiling fans and chandeliers to add character and warmth to rooms in the home. Available in more than 25 styles from Fypon, these decorative two-piece medallions go up in minutes without removing electrical fixtures. Best of all, the medallions come with a white topcoat so that you can faux finish or paint them to accent any room. Tip #2 - Reduce the amount of ornate artwork and window coverings to create an open, airy environment in each room. Let natural sunlight flow through windows to enhance the interior of the home. For a distinctive, yet breezy window treatment, install decorative corbels or brackets on either side of window tops and drape with lightweight fabrics. Tip #3 - Surround a fireplace or create an accent wall in a family room using panelized facade brick products in Cabernet Red, Darlington Rose, Manchester Brown or Pearl Grey. Made of recycled gypsum and reinforced with high-density polymer materials, low-maintenance Performance Brick panels replicate the Old World look of handmade architectural brick and install in a fraction of the time. A “no repeat pattern” assures that your accent wall has a unique, one-of-a-kind appeal. The decorative addition of mortar between the bricks in the panels after installation provides the authentic look of real brick. Tip #4 - Add a garden window above the kitchen sink. The window, which extends outside the home by 17 inches, is engineered to resist moisture and air infiltration. Once installed, grow herbs or starter plants in the window to showcase the versatility of this mini-greenhouse. Simonton Windows offers a garden window featuring a fusion-welded frame and sash, snap-in sill cover to resist water penetration and one-inch double-strength insulating glass. The one-piece unit installs quickly and can be used as a cozy, sunny spot for the family cat. Tip #5 - Play up your windows inside the home and turn them into pieces of wall art. To accomplish this, add a urethane window panel below the vinyl window and then surround the entire window and panel with decorative mouldings.

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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden



Main Office 258-1520 , Valley Rd. 258-9650, Hancock, MD (301) 678-7205, Hedgesville, 754-3600, Martinsburg 260-4300, Spring Mills 274-3505
Page 2 Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saving Money a Big Part of Home Improvement
Fall is the perfect time to make adjustments around the house in anticipation of the higher utility bills that often come with colder weather. While some projects aimed at lessening your energy load can be expensive, the following tips won’t take much time, but can save lots of money. •Cut ties with phantom load. According to the Maine Public Utilities Commission, 75 percent of electricity used to power home electronics is consumed when these products are turned off. How so? It’s the result of something know as “phantom load.” Phantom load occurs because many electronic products, such as televisions, computers, video game consoles, kitchen appliances, etc., continue to draw power when they’re turned off. Unless they’re unplugged when they’re not being used, chances are they’re still drawing power. Avoid phantom load by unplugging products when not in use, particularly when leaving for work in the morning or going to sleep at night. •Change the light bulbs. How many light bulbs does it take to cause an energy bill to skyrocket? If they’re compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), a lot. CFLs use one-third the amount of energy that their more antiquated incandescent bulb counterparts use. For a home improvement project aimed at replacing light fixtures, purchase fixtures with the ENERGYSTAR® label. These models are not only energy-efficient, but they operate at cooler temperatures and are environmentally friendly as well. •Check your heating and cooling products and practices. In many cases, homeowners are paying to heat the outdoors. That’s because leaks around doors and windows, particularly in older homes, require homeowners to turn up the thermostat in an effort to stay warm. Seal any leaks around windows and doors, and also examine heating ducts and seal any leaks there as well.Another area in which homeowners typically lose money is the way in which they set their thermostats, especially during the day when most people are not home. When a home is unoccupied, set the thermostat in the mid-50s to lower-60s. In general, a home will take between 30 to 60 minutes to heat when the temperature on the
thermostat is raised to room temperature. That’s not a lot of time but the lower daytime temperature will save homeowners lots of money. •Wash and dry clothes more efficiently. Washing one large load will require less energy than washing two loads on a lower setting. Also, rinse clothes in cold water. This won’t affect the cleanliness of the clothes, but will save money. Drying clothes is also a common source of w a s t e d e n e rg y a n d , therefore, higher energy bills. Over-drying clothes can be murder on the energy bill, and is also damaging to clothing. Over-drying damages fabrics, causing shrinkage and shortening the fabric’s lifespan. It’s also important not to overfill the dryer, as air is needed to circulate around the clothing to dry them properly. An overstuffed dryer will take far more time to dry the clothes. A clogged filter also makes a dryer less efficient, so be sure to clean the filter of lent and dust, which only takes a matter of seconds, before each dry.

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Breezy Knoll Structures, LLC
Rt. 9 West of Hedgesville, 2 1/2 miles on left
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Answers to Your Common Painting Problems
As the weather begins to cool down, why not head inside and spruce up the interior of your home? A fresh coat of paint will improve the look of any room, but for professional quality results, you have to paint like a professional. Here are the answers to your commonly asked painting questions: What’s the secret behind professional paint jobs? Professionals start by priming; it’s like starting your paint job with a fresh canvas. Ordinary paint just isn’t designed to do a primer’s job. Primers like Bulls Eye 1-2-3® hide dark colors, block stains and seal the surface for a more even color and sheen. Also, when you use a primer, the paint will adhere better. Primer will even stick to slick glossy surfaces like paneling, cabinets, glossy paints and vinyl siding -- without the need for sanding -- taking an extra step out of painting projects. If I’m using colored paint, won’t it just hide a previous paint job? Probably not. Primers are designed specifically to hide previous colors -- even dark blues and reds -- and prevent them from showing through a new paint job. Plus, they are great at sealing surfaces and allowing you to use less paint, so you’re actually saving money. In fact, research shows that one coat of tinted primer and one coat of paint will give you a longer lasting, better looking paint job than two coats of paint! Bulls Eye 1-2-3 (for light and pastel colors) and Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Deep Tint (for medium and dark colors) are specially formulated for tinting. Just ask your paint store or home center associate to add the same universal colorant to your primer that they will use to tint your paint. Can I paint over stains on ceilings and walls? No. Most stains -- including water stains, crayon and marker, lipstick, nicotine, and airborne grease from cooking -- will bleed right through paint, no matter how many coats of paint you
apply. Quality stain-blocking primers, like CoverStain, permanently seal in stains and prevent them from showing through and ruining your paint job. How can I prevent other paint problems like peeling? Primers are specifically formulated to prevent common problems like cracking, peeling and blistering, and they’ll make any painted surface more durable, washable and last much longer. Remember, if you want to paint like a pro, prime like a pro. For more helpful “tips” for a professional quality paint job, visit www.zinsser.com.

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Professional Designs & Services, Inc.
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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maintain Composite Decks in Two Easy Steps
With homeowners juggling the demands of work and family, it’s really no surprise that they’re turning to lower-maintenance alternatives when they select materials for their home. That’s why many homeowners are selecting composite decking when replacing their worn wooden decks. While composite decks require lower maintenance than traditional wood decks, they still need care to look their best. Follow these easy composite deck care “tips” from the experts at Wolman™ Wood Care Products: Clean and Restore: Consumer feedback and years of outdoor exposure testing indicate that many types of composite lumber can endure color loss over time from exposure to UV sunlight. Composite lumber, like wood, will also attract dirt and even mildew staining, detracting from the overall appearance of your composite deck. To clean away dirt, mildew or other fungi staining, get the best results by using an acid-free, biodegradable deck cleaner like Wolman™ DeckBrite™ Wood Cleaner & Coating Prep. DeckBrite is highly effective in removing ground-in dirt, mildew and algae stains, yet it’s extremely safe to use, and won’t harm grass, plants or shrubs. Its fast-acting foaming action loosens and lifts dirt and stains in 10 minutes or less. And unlike chlorine bleach and water mixtures, or sodium hypochlorite-based wood cleaners, which can leave a visible white-washed look behind, DeckBrite’s oxygen-activated formula thoroughly cleans without whitening or damaging the surface. Plus, DeckBrite prepares composite lumber for coating, helping to maximize adhesion and long term wear. Beautify and Protect: To restore composite lumber’s original color-rich appearance, and to protect it against mildew growth on the coating, an exterior solid-hide stain can be applied to keep deck surfaces looking their best. Add color and protection in one easy step by applying a stain that offers superior durability, color longevity and maximum protection against all weather and climate conditions, such as Wolman™ DuraStain® Solid Color Stain. The best choice to renew composite decking, DuraStain Solid is formulated for maximum adhesion and durability on composite lumber. It provides a 100
percent opaque, long-lasting matte finish that resists fading longer than other stain types. It also protects against mildew growth, scuffing and scraping, and structural damage caused by water absorption, and its performance is warranted for 5 years on horizontal surfaces, 15 years on vertical surfaces! And, since DuraStain Solid is available in two tint bases that yield 22 popular decking colors, or can be custom-tinted to match the original composite lumber shade, it’s easy to achieve any look you desire. For more information about cleaning, restoring, beautifying and protecting your deck or for more helpful deck tips, visit www.wolman.com

Supply, Inc.
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Are you ready for a

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Transforming Concrete Around Your Home Is Easier Than You Imagine
Curb appeal not only provides a first impression of your home but it also adds value. In the past, when it came to updating concrete and asphalt, most
homeowners assumed that improvements would require a jack hammer and a whole lot of sweat equity. Thanks to innovations from Rust-Oleum, it’s easy to restore and beautify concrete and asphalt surfaces without hiring a contractor. Here are a few tips from the experts at Rust-Oleum that are sure to add plenty of curb appeal to your home. Add style to patios and walkways. Decorative concrete has become a hot home improvement trend. Adding color and style to old gray concrete surfaces is as easy as painting with new concrete stains like Rust-Oleum® Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain. Water-based and easy to apply, it adds durable color and dimension to concrete porches, patios, walkways, pool decks, and more. It’s available in seven pre-mixed colors and 34 custom colors to suit every style! Try Concrete Stain in Limestone for a clean, fresh look. Or use Earth Brown to give a dramatic, decorative look. In fact, browns are one of the most popular colors in today’s outdoor decorating trends. Repair and restore concrete surfaces. Is cracked or chipped concrete making your home look older or just less appealing? Hiring a contractor to replace damaged patios, walkways and stairs can cost thousands of dollars. But, with Rust-Oleum EPOXYShield Concrete Resurfacer, it’s easier than ever to restore concrete surfaces and give them a new and improved appearance. The two-part cementitious microtopping combines Portland cement with acrylic polymers to create a stronger bond with existing concrete than a traditional concrete and water mixture. Even better, Concrete Resurfacer adds an extra layer of protection that withstands heavy foot and even vehicle traffic. Plus, it’s easy -- just roll it on for a natural concrete look. For more inspiration and project ideas, visit www.paintideas.com. There are hundreds of easy, inexpensive projects that can help you transform any outdoor or indoor living space.
• Hand-tied Springs • 5/8 Oak Frames • All-Wood Cherry Trim • All Fabric Matched Inside and Out • We have 2000 fabrics to choose from in all price ranges $18/yard to $130/yard • Also available: 18th Century Georgia and Colonial Pieces

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reupholstered furniture
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Furniture Shop
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304-267-8672 • 800-942-5613

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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project: Basement Organization
Now that the cold weather is approaching, why not spend some time organizing indoor spaces that have been overlooked during the warm summer months? The basement may be a good place to start. Many homeowners have discovered that the basement can provide a much needed storage area for photos, important papers, holiday decorations and more - but only if it’s dry and free from mold and mildew growth. But thanks to advances in waterproofing technology, reclaiming your basement is easier than you think! To transform your basement into the ideal storage area, follow these few easy steps from the home improvement experts at Zinsser: Step One: Clean your basement walls to get rid of dirt, grease and other contaminants. Kill any existing mold and mildew with a simple household bleach and water solution. Patch any holes and cracks with Watertite™ Hydraulic Cement, especially those that show signs of active water leaks. It creates a watertight seal in just 5 minutes. Step Two: Apply two coats of a waterproofer with mold and mildew protection, like Watertite-LX Mold & Mildew-Proof Waterproofing Paint to keep water out and mold and mildew away. It offers protection against water intrusion and a 5-year mold and mildew-proof paint film guarantee. Watertite-LX is lowodor, easy to apply and dries to a bright white finish. Or have it tinted to an offwhite or pastel shade that suits your style -- it’s an easy way to customize your storage area. Step Three: Complete your organized basement with plastic bins and metal shelves. Organize papers, files and photos into separate bins for easy finding. Using shelves to store boxes will help you keep organized and free up floor space -- creating an even larger storage area! For more information on Watertite and other products for the long-term prevention of mold and mildew, visit www.zinsser.com for more helpful home improvement tips.

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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

The ABCs of Hanging Wallpaper
Wallpaper is back in vogue -- and it’s much easier to hang than you think! The secret behind a beautiful wallpapering project is proper prep. Just follow these tips from the wallcovering experts at Zinsser: A clean wall is the first essential step. Remove dirt, grime, grease, old wallpaper adhesive and any other contaminants that could interfere with the adhesion with a simple soap and water solution. If the old wallpaper adhesive gives you a hard time, try using a wallpaper removal product, like DIF® FastActing. Available in a ready-to-use spray -- it dissolves the glue quickly, making wall cleaning easy. Here’s a tip from the pros: Wallpaper does not hide chipping paint or holes in the surface of the wall. Make sure to sand chipping paint and repair holes before hanging your wallpaper. Be sure to apply a primer. Wallpaper needs a smooth, sealed surface to look its best, so be sure to prime and seal your surface before hanging paper. A primer designed for wallcovering prep, like Shieldz® Universal, primes, hides, seals and sizes in just one coat, creating a perfect surface for hanging the paper. Priming also makes wallpaper easier to position, improves its adhesion, and makes it easier to remove at redecorating time. Plus, Shieldz protects against the growth of mold and mildew under the wallpaper, so it’s great for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other high humidity areas. Choose the correct adhesive. Different types of wallpaper can require different adhesives. Zinsser’s SureGrip® Universal Wallcovering Adhesive is the one adhesive that is great for hanging any wallpaper on any surface. Hanging pre-pasted wallpaper? SureGrip Spray-On Paste Activator takes the mess out of hanging pre-pasted wallpaper by eliminating the need for a water tray.For more “tips” on making wallpaper hanging easy or more helpful home improvement tips, visit www.zinsser.com.

Introducing the Tri-State Area’s Premier Faux Designer!

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“It was a pleasure to work with Sue. Her work is impeccable and she is very easy to work with. We would recommend Sue’s work to anyone.” Tom and Amy Scott, McGrath’s Pub & McGrath’s Emerald Grille, Harrisburg & Camp Hill, PA

Call For Your Consultation 304-264-8480

Lumber & Building Supply 304-267-8994 1456 Winchester Avenue • Martinsburg
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Leaf Stains
Many homeowners find that, if they haven’t been diligent with cleaning up leaves that have dropped from trees in the autumn, the pigment in these leaves may end up staining driveways and other concrete or masonry surfaces. The result is brown, red, yellow, or green leaf impressions that can be difficult to remove. Removing these stains can be done with the same methods used for cleaning other concrete stains. Because certain chemicals used to clean concrete can be extremely caustic, it’s important to start with the safest method of cleaning and then move up as attempts to remove stains are made but not successful. For example, start with a pressurewasher that shoots a high-speed stream of water at the surface that may remove a thin layer of the concrete and the stains. Household bleach or outdoor strength bleach can also be tried. Many masonry cleaners on the market contain phosphoric acid, which is generally safe for do-it-yourselfers if the warnings are heeded. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is another option, but many areas ban the use of products containing phosphates. One of the strongest and most dangerous concrete cleaning products is muriatic acid. This is a derivative of hydrochloric acid and it will virtually break down everything it touches, with the exception of some plastics. Muriatic acid is best left for professionals as it requires safety goggles, rubber boots and even rubber overalls for the safest application. Plus, the acid can produce noxious fumes and can spurt out of a container if mixed improperly.


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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Safety First


There is a NATIONWIDE Shortage of Stoves!
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It is important to pay attention to your children’s welfare when you begin home improvement projects. When remodeling, painting, or simply moving into a new home, substances may be present that potentially can be dangerous to children. These simple steps, courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can help you save children from environmental hazards in and around the home. •Always store pesticides and other household chemicals, including chlorine bleach, out of children’s reach -- preferably in a locked cabinet. •Always read directions carefully because pesticide products, household cleaning products, and pet products can be dangerous or ineffective if too much or too little is used. •Before applying household chemicals, remove children and their toys, as well as pets, from the area. Keep children and pets away until the substance has dried or as long as is recommended on the label. •If your use of pesticide or other household chemical is interrupted (by a phone call or a knock at the door), properly reclose the container and remove it from children’s reach. Always use household products in child-resistant packaging. •Get your child tested for lead as a safeguard. •Inquire about lead hazards. When buying or renting a home or apartment built before 1978, the seller or landlord is now required to disclose known lead hazards. •Keep power tools and other tools away from curious hands. Don’t allow children to play with tools. •Inhaled dust and debris can be as hazardous as some chemicals, especially for young, developing children. Always keep children away from dusty areas, like where sanding is occurring. Use plastic to prevent dust from traveling to other rooms of the home.

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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Romance: How to Love Your Home Again
In today’s slow economy, consumers are clamoring for new and inexpensive ways to refresh their homes. Many have found that the secret to living well for less is creative reuse, refurbishing and updating what they already own. Creative reuse saves money, reduces waste, and is a lot of fun, too. While money can’t buy love, it’s possible that with just a little time and creativity, you’ll have a home you’ll love. Today’s contemporary style begins with fresh colors and lots of texture. As savvy do-it-yourself decorators already know, paint is a fast and easy way to update a home. For today’s interiors, they’re also discovering that clay can be a fun and versatile way to add texture and personality. To help select a new color palette, page through home decor catalogs and magazines for inspiration. Don’t be afraid of a bold, new color scheme -- you can never make a mistake with paint, as it’s easy to repaint. Refresh the walls first, and then move on to updating your home accessories. Bureaus, tables, chairs, bookcases, lamp bases, picture frames, and other
accent pieces can all be easily updated. Add a splash of color with paint, and then layer on the texture with easy embellishments. Yesterday’s colonial blue lamp base starts life anew when painted sunshine yellow; add a few dimensional flowers for additional impact and you’re now totally trendy. Today’s craft stores offer an endless variety of materials to enhance a home. Stickers, rub-ons, ribbon, paper, buttons, beads, silk flowers, appliques, and other trims are all available in today’s hot color schemes and trends. If you’re craving rich colors and texture, consider embellishing your freshly-painted pieces with Studio™ by Sculpey®, the first oven-bake clay for home decorating. Introduced by Polyform, the world’s leading manufacturer of oven-bake clay, Studio by Sculpey can be baked right in your home oven and, once baked, it’s strong enough for everyday use. Studio by Sculpey is so versatile, you can decorate cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, and numerous other surfaces. Continued on page 12...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden Page 11

Get Comfortable!

Continued from page 11... If you’ve never played with clay, don’t be intimidated -- Studio by Sculpey is designed so that even beginners will have beautiful results. First, the clay’s soft, velvety texture is easy and pleasing to work with. The oven-bake clay is available in a sophisticated palette of 34 mix-and match colors, from bright green Wasabi and vivid red Poppy to soothing blue Raindrop and soft Patina. The Web site www.studiobysculpey.com offers inspiring mix-and-match color combinations. The decorating styles are endless -- would you like an all-over mosaic of clay tiles, colorful splashes of flowers, or a simple braid along the edges? Fortunately, the Studio by Sculpey line also includes easy-to-use tools, designed just for working with oven-bake clay. You’ll make mosaic tiles in minutes with the Texture Makers. For delightful daisies or other flowers and leaves, the Shape Makers deliver precise cut-outs every time. Once you begin, you’ll find that Studio by Sculpey is a unique way to customize many items in your home. Add color coordinated embellishments to a picture frame, vase and lamp for an eye-catching ensemble. That old bureau and mirror? Update the knobs and handles on the bureau, and add similar embellishments to the mirror.

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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things You May Not Know About Heating Your Home With Wood
As long as there has been wood to burn, man has used it to stay warm. Our predecessors who discovered fire had the edge on a renewable heating source that is not only cost-effective, but also an environmentally friendly way to heat the home. Still, many of today’s homeowners rely primarily on gas, propane and oil to heat their homes rather than looking to wood. Why? It could be because they don’t have the facts about burning wood efficiently and the home heating products that help toward that end. Here is some information about using wood to heat your home that may surprise you. 1. Wood is environmentally friendly. It may seem that cutting down trees for fuel would be counterproductive to the “green” movement. However, trees are a renewable resource that, like other biomass, is carbon neutral. While growing, trees absorb carbon dioxide; when they die they release carbon dioxide regardless of whether they burn or decompose. Fossil fuels by comparison are a one-way street, releasing greenhouse gasses in a matter of minutes that have been captured deep in the earth over millions of years. 2. Wood can save money. When burning logs in the new generation of high efficiency hydronic furnaces (or wood boilers), like those offered by Greenwood Technologies, the heat generated is more intense and little is lost up the chimney. These furnaces can be used in lieu of standard heating systems featuring gas or oil during the heating months, or as an add-on when homeowners prefer to use other heating sources as their primary method of heating. This reduced need for oil, propane and natural gas means a reduction in monthly heating bills. In fact, many homeowners using a Greenwood system have seen energy bills reduced by up to 70 percent during winter months. One of these furnaces pays for itself in energy bill savings in just a few years. 3. Wood can be a clean way to provide heat. There are plenty of people who have wrestled with cords of wood to stock wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, only to find that the mess left behind in the way of trailed bark and ashes leaves much to be desired. However, homeowners who use the next generation wood boilers, like the Greenwood will find that there is little to no mess involved. That’s because they burn wood at such a high temperature (2000 F) that no discernable smoke is created. What’s more, because of the high burn temperature, very little ash is generated, meaning the firebox only has to be cleaned once a month rather than once a day. Also, the furnace can be installed indoors or outside and be set up to heat the entire home, eliminating the need to transport logs through the house. 4. Wood is a safe heating method. Using a woodfired furnace can be just as safe as any other traditional heating source. Just as with other furnaces, proper operating procedures should be followed. In the case of the furnaces offered by Greenwood Technologies, safety is the primary focus. Their furnaces are certified for indoor use to strict UL and CSA standards and are as safe as using gas or electric appliances. Very few competing wood-burning furnaces or boilers meet these stringent safety standards.
When upgrading your home and heating system this season, or if you’re thinking about an entirely new way to enjoy efficient, environmentally friendly heat, consider a Greenwood Hydronic Furnace. Learn more by calling (800) 9599184 or on the Web at www.GreenwoodUSA.com.

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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Enhancing Home Decor With Hydronic Heating
This is the era of partial home “makeovers.” While many homeowners are reluctant to plunge into a total home renovation in this economic climate, there is a significant upsurge of interest in remodeling a room or suite of rooms. Today’s homeowner mantra: “If this is not the time to sell the house, why not make it more comfortable and beautiful for ourselves?” With the cold weather soon to return, many homeowners are considering an upgrade to today’s home-beautifying hydronic heating. Beautifying? Absolutely. Today’s hydronic heating systems are designed to enhance home decor. Hydronic baseboard heating units are slim, sleek, extremely attractive, and available in a great variety of styles and colors. For those who love to emulate the good old days, there are hydronic radiator designs that reflect the stylized grace of an e l e g a n t Vi c t o r i a n townhouse. Hydronic “We Service Most Brands” Plumbing Supplies radiators also come in day! To 310 Winchester Ave. Call many contemporary 754-9031 Martinsburg, WV styles and colors that can raig ’s C ir help create just the right Bla look and ambiance for any room.
Hydronic heating is heating with hot water as the heat transfer medium. Hot water is circulated from a centrally located boiler through baseboards, radiators, or tubing embedded in floors, walls, ceilings, sidewalks, and driveways. Hot water produces heat for a long time, even after the boiler shuts down, so hydronic heating is energy efficient. Because hydronic heating reduces energy use, it is especially “green” and environmentally friendly. These units are quiet and not drafty so there are no cold spots in the room; the heat radiates to warm each individual. If you have questions and want to know more about high-design hydronic heating, visit www.myhomeheating.com, or write to the Hydronics Industry Alliance, 8225 Madrillon Estates Drive, Vienna, VA 22182, or e-mail to myhomeheating@verizon.net

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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Low-Cost, High Style Kitchen Renovations
The cost of living has gone up in recent years and homeowners are continually scouting for ways to save. For those looking to make renovations in this questionable economy, there are improvements to tackle that are budgetfriendly and just look like you spent a lot to achieve them. 1. Cabinet refacing: Many times homeowners will find that cabinet refacing can give their kitchen an entirely new look. Refacing involves keeping the cabinet structure in place and simply modifying the doors. Refacing can be a project hired out to a company or a do-it-yourself undertaking. Some DIY ideas include stripping off dark stains and restaining the wood. For those who want a quicker fix, cabinet doors and trim can also be painted for a clean, updated look. Consider using a router to remove the face of the cabinet, leaving the door trim work. Install a piece of frosted or clear glass in its place so you can show off stemware or other collectibles. Don’t forget to embellish the cabinets even more by replacing hardware, which includes both knobs and brackets. 2. Create a kitchen island: Many homeowners covet islands, and if the kitchen is large enough to accommodate one, it could be a positive selling feature down the line. Kitchen islands can serve many purposes, such as an informal dining area (replete with stools), or a secondary work station. An island can also be a gathering or serving spot during a party. By using a section of stock cabinetry, topping it off with a piece of countertop material that matches your kitchen and adding some finishing details like molding and feet for the piece, you can have a relatively inexpensive island. If the budget is bigger, the option to add a second sink or even tuck a small dishwasher or wine refrigerator underneath is possible. 3. Add wainscotting: Wainscotting is an attractive and relatively inexpensive design enhancement that can turn drab walls into something special. Wainscotting can either be elegant or casual depending upon the pattern you choose. Pre-fab wainscotting kits have taken a lot of the work out of installation. These kits often feature panels that attach with a tongue-and-groove type of installation. Also, all pieces are pre-measured and pre-cut for ease of use. Kits
may feature unfinished or finished wood, or even composite materials that require little prep. 4. Refresh the countertops: Not everyone can afford high-priced quartz and granite for their kitchen. However, solid surface materials, tile, and even laminate have come a long way. Many mimic the look of stone and other natural materials. For those who simply must make due with what they have, consider painting the countertop. There are special epoxy paints that can be rolled onto the countertops giving them a new look. 5. Flooring re-do: Today, vinyl tiles and linoleum are available in more patterns than ever before. If higher-end products are not in your budget consider these lower-cost options. Laminate flooring is another great idea for kitchens. It can mimic the look of hardwood or stone and is relatively easy to install as a weekend project.


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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

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Buyers Guide Fall Home Improvement / Lawn & Garden

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