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Proposition 5: Teachers are members of learning communities Implementing Positive Behavior Support and Responsive Classroom Rationale: Staff

collaboration and evaluating school progress are among the criteria in the NBPTS proposition 5. This power point discussing implementation of Positive Behaviors Support (PBS) and Responsive Classroom (RC) at the school-wide level reflects the collaboration of a staff to better the school climate and make students accountable for their school behavior and learning. Reflection: My school has recently adopted PBS and RC as school wide policy and expectation. I have taken an RC course, Responsive Classroom 1, and undergone PBS training with the staff as a whole. Due to the young age of my children I have had to take both philosophies and tailor them to meet their expectations/needs. Positive Behavior Support has been relatively easy to implement as my kids are never without me in the common areas of the school. From their first day with me we have had a no talking policy in the pods and hallways of the school. The kids are cued with the phrase, grab your bubble. Upon hearing this kids blow air into their cheeks and seal their lips. (The rationale behind this being if they have a bubble in their mouth they cannot talk!) Also, my children eat in our classroom so lunch time behavior is easily monitored by me and my assistants. Responsive classroom techniques required more modification. While I had always done hello circle we changed the name to afternoon meeting, I began to use a daily message, in letter form, on the white board. This switch from circle to meeting with the use of the message (and all the wonderful language, literacy and math components that can be pulled from it) ensured that my kids will have one more common experience to take with them to kindergarten.