2011 Clinic Flyer

lett Cook lumping Clinic

October 15
e 16

For intormation and registration torms. please visit our website or
call the number listed below. $pectators are welcome at no cost.
(636) 527-3624
Since 1979 Jeff Cook has made a successful career out of training both horses and riders for all
levels of competition. While working for George Morris, Jeff developed a way of teaching the
fundamentals of riding in a clear and positive manner that has allowed his students to win at both
national and international competitions. Students of Jeff Cook have gone on to qualify for the
Medal and Maclay finals, Young Rider Championships, and the 2007 Pan American Games,
where he acted as coach. Ìt is because of his success as both a grand prix level show jumper and
an "A¨ circuit trainer that he remains a highly regarded and sought after clinician.

Saturday, October 15
and Sunday, October 16

Section A (Fences 2'): 9:00am ÷ 11:00am
Section B (Fences 2'6¨ ÷ 2'9¨) 11:30am ÷ 1:30pm
Section C (Fences 3' & higher) 2:30pm ÷ 4:30pm

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