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Dominic Lash

Oat Roe
for a variable number of instruments

Use the following series of notes (concert pitch):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bb E

Eb F

Db G

G# F#

Play long notes (in any octave) in rhythmic unison. Move from left to right at some point (independent of other players) move back one note, then forward. Later move back two notes, then forward. Later move back three notes, then forward. Finally move back four notes, then forward to the end of the sequence. The end result should be a series of 32 notes. Example One could play (backwards movements in bold): C Bb E Bb E Eb F Eb E Eb F D Db G B G Db D Db G B A G# A B G Db G B A G# F# Optional conclusion: Play the row as short notes, starting with space and accelerating as one moves through them. Roughly half the ensemble should play the series forwards, the other half backwards.
4/2/11, Oxford & Bracknell originally written for D. Lash/A. Ward duo