Reg. US sets UNHRC trap for Lanka, political.

html "Sri Lanka has made exactly the right tactical move in this situation, by posting (or more accurately, transferring) as the new Ambassador/Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, one of our best-read, most intelligent, articulate, politically aware and committed diplomats; a deeply European educated intellectual-activist whose last book on global political economy was enthusiastically reviewed in Le Monde Diplomatique. She is a woman and a Sri Lankan of Tamil ethnicity, who stands for a pluralist, multi-ethnic, multicultural Sri Lanka . Those in Geneva who seek to intrude into the sovereignty of the states of the Global South will learn that Sri Lanka is no pushover and that they will have a fight on their hands." -Dr Dayan Jayatilleka, fmr Ambassador/Perm Rep to the UN in Geneva and currently Sri Lanka's Ambassador to France and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO.

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