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Final Test Anggit

Final Test Anggit

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Published by: Ikaa Yuniatun on Aug 07, 2011
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BACKGROUND People often say that in America, we can do everything. Actually, it just a discourse, not really as a fact. Moreover, for a minority citizens like moslems. The majority citizens in there are the follower of christian and Islam is followed by minority major. America is the nation that hold equality value but actually it is not applied in the real life. the majority citizens get many facilities from the government and many privete institution in every aspects of life, especially for actualizing their selves and their faith. As the minority citizen, moslems in America just get a little attention from the government. Even for the amount of them in that nation, government seems to be not care about that. There is no accurate count how many moslems live in America. It is the proof that the government doesn¶t pay much attention about this case. But, it is believed that the amount of moslems in America are incresing time to time and year by year. According to Harris, the best estimate of Muslims in the United States is 2.8 million at most, compared to the 6 million figure used by many researchers and Muslim organizations. it means that the Moslems is about 0,5 % of total population. Then, the facilities that the moslems get in America are not relevant with the truly codition. For the example, the number of moslem or islamic center is 843 and the amount of islamic school is 165. So, the ratio between the people and the facilities to get self actualization is non sense. It may happens because Moslem is minority in America but we must remember that America has equality, individualism and liberalism value. So, the minority should not be as the problem to get self actualization.

The Great Journey in A Simple Way. So. the fifth pillars of Islam and it is the journey that can make the religion perfect as muslim. from the title. and the activities are pilgrimage rehearsals.000 of muslim Americans only 40 of them that will go to Mecca for hajj. the agents are companies. It happens because the lack of government awareness in doing such a pilgrimage rehearsals. They just have a little of facilities to send them for pilgrimage. . ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION 1. Pilgrimage in this case is hajj. It is such a problem for moslem Americans to make their faith complete and to prove their obeying to the God. the proposition is that Rachel Martin is able to guarantee us that in USA in November. 2006 there are places named ³companies´ that give ³offering´ to Muslims in doing such activities called ³pilgrimage rehearsals´. The problems in Amaerica are the facilities to make them can be done perfectly. moslems in America just get a little of mosque. That¶s why the title of this paper is Pilgrimage in America . by getting the great journey. for making complete their faith as moslems. Proposition is the truth condition in a certain sentence. there a proposition that can be found.. For praying.Moslems have five pillars of Islam and they will be called as the perfect moslems if they do all of the pillars.. for example from 20. Rachel Martin himself is. So. Macrostructure In the discourse entitled Companies offer pilgrimage rehearsals written by Rachel Martin in November 24th in 2006 in USA. B. pilgrimage. Then. Moreover. the addressees are Muslim Americans. then to improving their faith they also get a little of islamic centre. from the sentence ³companies offer pilgrimage rehearsals´. it is also very difficult. pilgrimage rehearsal is such an exercise for muslims that want to do hajj in Mecca and the contents of the rehearsals are the compulsory activities in hajj.

As a discourse. It consists of newsworthy event.000 American Muslim to Mecca with all the preparation that they make. So. the topic of the second paragraph is the growing of muslim America triggers the amount of companies to do pilgrimage rehearsals. The newswothy event is like the summary of the news and it can be reading the first paragraph. the plot of this article is well arranged. . especially in Philadelphia in November 24th. 2006. the forth paragraph tells about Al Muadhdham Group will take 40 of 20. The content is the pilgrimage to Mecca called as hajj needs a lot of preparation but in America just a few of agencies specialize in that term so that now there are so many companies offer pilgrimage rehearsals. The next. Then. this article has many topics in every of paragraph. the background event is when the host steve inskeep told the news about the preparation of the hajj in Philadelphia. Superstructure It can be seen in Rachel Martin¶s article entitled Companies Offer Pilgrimage Rehearsals that the purpose is she tried to tell the truth of the preparation of hajj in America. The the topic of the first paragraph is the pilgrimage to Mecca called as hajj needs a lot of preparation but in America just a few of agencies specialize in that term so that now there are so many companies offer pilgrimage rehearsals. The last is the source of the news that can be read from the report of Rachel Martin toward Khalil Abdul Ghani (the director of Al muadhdhan travel agency).2. such as in Philadelphia. There are fifth paragraphs so that there are five topics. The schemas of the article are like news item or news report. The third paragraph tells the pilgrimage rehearsal in cheltenham high school in Philadelphia that¶s followed by 30 people. Then. background event and the source of the news. The setting of the news is in America.

Finally. Microstructure a. It is such kind of criticism for America government. what can the government do for this problem? The government just makes silence and do nothing. Semantic This article tells to the readers that some companies in America offer pilgrimage rehearsals for muslim Americans. We believe that America follows the equality values so muslim Americans also have same right to get attention from the government as much as another citizens in actualizing their faith. The amount of muslim Americans are increasing time to time but a few of agencies that provide pilgrimage rehearsal. The problem is the limitted facilities in serving the Hajj. So.3. . This article tries to tell to the society that there is a great journey for Muslims named Hajj to make their religion become perfect but there is a big problem to make it real. Short sentences indicate that the writer explains the concrete thing. muslim Americans do the Hajj in a simple way or in limited facilities and it should become the contemplating material for America government. So that. now the companies is starting to provide such kind of pilgrimage rehearsals. declarative sentence indicates that the writer told about such a fact that didn¶t need more explanation because everyone can see it directly. b. Syntactic It can be seen from the opening until the closing of the discourse that the writer tends to use short sentence and declarative sentence. It means that we can see in the real word with our eye what the writer wrote without thinking deeply because it is served directly. Then.

for the example the general status is American and the specification is Christian. christian.  Muslim Americans Rachel Martin still uses ³general-specific´ style. the context is islam especially muslim. The general status is American and the specification is muslim. Stylistic  Pilgrimage and Hajj Rachel Martin tends to use ³general-specific´ style in her article. It proves that the Americans especially whom the religion is Islam have problem with Hajj realization. c. budha. Then. It¶s like such a classification of citizen in a state. so it becomes ³Hajj´.it can be for Islam. So. it becomes hajj. . Then. The proof is ³muslim Americans´. we can see some words that often be used. the reader of the article can see that the pilgrimage problem in America is Hajj. hindhu and even jewish. Pilgrimage can be used by everyone in every aspect of life because its meaning literally is making sacred journey. When. Martin makes ³pilgrimage´ more specific. for example muslim and muslim American. It seems that the writer wants to emphasize the news is about muslim especially muslim Americans directly.Then.

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