FinTech Investment Fund - What is it ?

Euclid Opportunites ofers fnancial technology start-ups a unique seed funding and acceleraton program designed to support the providers of innovatve platorms, tools and services to successfully address the needs of today’s global markets.

Target Market?
Euclid targets innovatve technology oferings in the areas of market structure, electronic trading, trade processing, risk management, market connectvity, data management, clearing and market utlites.The project is focused on the insttutonal fnancial markets.

The Aim?
Euclid utlises a network of advisors, domain experts and market practtoners to provide start-ups tailored support and guidance via the Euclid Acceleraton Program. The program provides a range of fnancial market expertse; knowledge, credibility and long standing industry relatonships to enable innovators efectvely engage the global fnancial marketplace.

The Euclid Acceleraton Program is designed to ofer fnancial technology start--ups the following: • Market testng and corroboraton • Technical validaton • Operatonal guidance • Business planning • Client access and feedback • Senior--level mentoring - Financial service insttutes

Candidates may have a prototype or have developed a “proof of concept” but do not yet need to have a ‘live’ product or platorm in producton.

Who is behind it ?
Euclid Opportunites is majority owned by ICAP. ICAP is the world's premier voice and electronic interdealer brokers and provider of post trade risk and informaton services operatng a global network across more than 32 countries, actve in the interest rates, credit, commodites, FX, equites and equity derivatves market.

What do I do next ?
Visit Euclid Opportunites <htp://> website and contact them quickly to arrange a discussion about your idea and how they can help you get to market quickly, with investment, mentoring and the main criteria being the Client access a critcal element in any startups success.

Please share this with your colleagues and friends as this is an amazing opportunity to not only gain investment and accelerate your startup in the Fintech space, but to be part of the ICAP family will open many more opportunites. htp://

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