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PROJECT LIST With Synopsis

PROJECT LIST With Synopsis

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Published by: aamya on Aug 07, 2011
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white line follower robot It follows the white line on the surface


• • • • • •

It uses 8051, lm 324 comparator, l293d motor driver, two dc motors, IR sensors Using IR sensors along with lm 324 comparator, color sensing is done, & signal is Microcontroller checks the signal and controls the two dc motor through l293d L293d is used as motor driver We are using two dc motors ( 12 v , 150 rpm)

given to 8051.

2. •

black line follower robot it is similar to above project only difference is in the color of line


3. • •

two way line follower robocar


it is the combination of white line follower & black line follower one switch is given to select one among these two

color sensor. l293d motor driver . 8051. L293d motor driver. wire-less remote controlled robotic arm 6500/- • direction. 433 MHz transmitter & receiver module. pc controlled wire-less robo-car 5250/- • we can control the car in any direction by using arrows on keyboard of pc we are using serial communication to communicate between Pc & 8051 using it uses PC. it can be used for diff other applications It uses 8051. 6000/- • • • • it senses the color of ball. 12 v) 6. five dc motors color sensor is formed using IR sensor & lm 324 & pot five dc motors are used to move the arm in any direction 5. Pick and place robotic arm for ball sorting according to color. & put them in a different buckets according to color it uses 8051. 433 MHz transmitter & receiver.decoder. l293d motor driver. we can move it in any It is mainly used for pick & place purpose By changing the end effectors . encoder . decoder & 433 MHz transmitter& • • • receiver hyper terminal software motors. encoder . five dc motors ( 10 rpm.4.decoder. • • • We can control the robotic arm by wireless joystick. two dc for wireless control we are using ecoder . lm 324.

sound tracking robo wire-less remote controlled gun navigation and 5500/6500/- 11. mine detection sensor.robo functions. . 433 MHz transmitter . multi-function robo • 5500/- 10.wireless control . Pick-n-place arm. • for video streaming . l293d motor driver. military application spy. Mine detection. bomb planting mechanism 6600/- • • uses 8051. video streaming. wireless video camera. encoder decoder. receiver of camera is connected to TV or to PC by tuner card • we can control all the functions by remote or by pc 9.7. laser gun control.receiver. pc controlled wired robo-car this is similar to above project but here there is no wireless control 4250/- • • 8. six dc motors.

mobile controlled robocar obstacle avoider and object follower robo-car combined obstacle avoider robo object follower robo fire fighting robo matlab based fire fighting robo matlab based color recognition & ball sorting robotic arm matlab based object following robo PC controlled robotic arm ( wired ) PC controlled robotic arm ( wireless ) voice controlled robocar color recognizing & talking robo letter writing robo light follower robo 6000/5750/4500/4500/5500/7000/7000/6500/5500/7000/6500/6500/6500/6500/- 13. 14.control system for military application 12. 23. 17. 24. 21. . 25. 19. 22. 15. 18. 20. 16.

OTHERS: 26. 36.through PC home appliances control. . 40.through PC ( wireless) data acquisition system (wireless) temperature controlled fan car parking automation system mobile controlled home automation mobile controlled industrial automation farm automation Biomedical patient monitoring system (wireless). 38. 30. 32. 37. 34. Fingerprint Based Security System Solar tracking System Traffic Light Controller 4500/4500/5500/5250/6000/5450/4500/6000/6250/6500/6000/6000/6000/5000/5500/- 27. 39. Time Operated Electrical Appliances Controlling System bi-directional visitor counter wireless control of home appliances home appliances control. 31. 35. 33. 28. 29.

47. NOTE: All above projects are based on 8051 microcontroller For further details Contact: Santosh – 9730477437 Amit . 44. 46. Bottle filling automation Wireless control of dc motor ( speed and direction ) Green house ( temp & moisture control ) Car automation ( headlight. 43. 45.9762739059 .41. speed & auto-tracking ) alarm clock with voice tachometer or RPM counter automatic parking car 5500/4500/6000/6000/5500/4500/5500/- 42.

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