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Othello Anticipation Guide

Othello Anticipation Guide


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Published by: Matthew.Christensen on Sep 23, 2008
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_________________________________________Anticipation Guide for William Shakespeare’s Othello Before reading: In the space to the left of each statement, place

a check mark if you agree or think the statement is true. During or after reading: Add new check marks or cross through those about which you have changed your mind. Keep in mind that this is not like the traditional “worksheet.” This is a critical thinking exercise, so it will require some work. Use the space under each statement to note the pages where you are finding information to support your thinking. _____ 1. Young people are more likely to have harmful or risky crushes (which is commonly seen as impulsive infatuation) than true love relationships. _____ 2. Young people should be allowed to date and marry whomever they choose. _____ 3. Marriages that happen when the couple is young have an equal chance of working as those between people in their 30s. _____ 4. Age is not a factor in marriage. _____ 5. Race is not a factor in marriage. _____ 6. The military does not have a profound effect on a person’s psyche. _____ 7. Jealousy is inherent to human nature. _____ 8. No person can avoid being intensely jealous as some point. _____ 9. It is all right to covet. _____ 10. “An eye for an eye” is a good maxim. _____ 11. “Turn the other cheek” is a good maxim. _____ 12. If you have an established trust with a person, you should always be able to go to that person for counsel. _____ 13. It is all right to do most anything for love.

_____ 14. Of the many feelings that hurt—grief, anger, resentment, jealousy, loneliness—jealousy hurts the most. _____ 15. To feel need is basic human nature. _____ 16. To need love has never been—and never will be—basic human nature. _____ 17. People should always listen to their elders. _____ 18. It is fine for people to spend time with others from the opposite gender, even those to whom they are not married. _____ 19. Words can hurt much more than sticks and stones. _____ 20. Revenge can be justifiable, if you consider the reasons for revenge. _____ 21. Plays can make us examine our own emotions. _____ 22. Human beings are rational, logical, and calculating creatures. _____ 23. Drama on the stage is life. Staged drama is more “real” than the viewing audience. _____ 24. There are times when we should “blame the messenger.” _____ 25. William Shakespeare’s works are timeless dissections of human nature and behavior.

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