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Google Good Evil

Google Good Evil

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Published by Bashshar Abdullah

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Published by: Bashshar Abdullah on Aug 08, 2011
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Bashshar Abdullah

Google History Google has company has packed a lot in to a relatively young life ‡ In 1996. Stanford University ‡ Larry Page and Sergey Brin ‡ ³BackRub´ ‡ By 1998 they had formalized Google .


google.com ‡ Find information in many different languages ‡ You can also find images. ‡ Universal search technology .Google search ‡ When you visit www...


Google Sevices offered .

Cool Stuff ‡ Google OS ‡ Chrome Book ‡ The Google Car .

's Arms ‡ Google Ventures o Google's venture capital arm ‡ Google Initiatives o Google's clean energy arm ‡ Google.org o Google's philanthropic arm .

The United States of Big Brother .

your Internet IP address. Inc = CIA Google's free toolbar for Explorer phones home with every page you surf Disaster waiting to happen ‡ Google records everything they can ‡ Google retains all data indefinitely ‡ Google won't say why they need this data ‡ Google hires spooks o ‡ Google's toolbar is spyware o ‡ Google is a privacy time bomb o . the time and date No data retention policies Inquiries to Google about their privacy policies are ignored Keyhole.The Dark side ‡ Google's immortal cookie o o o o Cookie that expires in 2038 Cookie ID.



and targets those whom it wants removed from power ‡ Decides which countries shall wage war on others ‡ Bill Clinton.Mingling with the Power Elite ‡ Google at the Bilderberg group meeting!!! ‡ Bilderberg is an annual conference for a few dozen of the world¶s most influential people ‡ The group perceives itself as being Supra-governmental ‡ Manipulates global finances and establishes rigid and binding monetary rates around the world ‡ Selects political figures whom the Bilderberg decrees should become rulers. Hillary Clinton. Ben Bernanke. Barack Obama . Timothy Geithner.


Questions? .

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