Online Airport Reservation System

Project Members: 1. P.D.ManikantaGupta 2. Ch.Hanuman 3. T.Mahesh 4. P.Pavani

. and checking their status easily.ABSTRACT :  The main aim of this system is to allow users to access the Flight Information . For this purpose the system makes use to maintain a database of Flight Information and the passengers do Reservations .

SCOPE AND PURPOSE :  The scope of the system is to provide on-line services for domestic flight reservations restricted to few major cities .  The purpose of the system is to automate the process of flight reservation system by which a passenger can either book a ticket or cancel a ticket by following the instructions specified by the designer . .

 Once all these details are furnished. based on time constant. the passenger¶s refundable amount is calculated . the reservation of ticket can be done and the passenger is given a unique ticket number .  . cancellation of ticket .  Cancellation of ticket.FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS : The interface should guide through various processes such as reservation.  Reservation is done by taking all the details of a passenger.

NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS :      User Interface Error Handling Security Issues Reliability Performance .

java Script JSP oracle or sql db .SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS :      Operating System Server Web Technologies Scripting Languages Data Base : : : : : windowsxp WASCE HTML.

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS :  Processor RAM : : Pentium4 minimum Atleast 256 MB RAM  .



Status page .

Cancellation Page .

Administrator .

Adminstrator login Page .

Adding New Flight .

Updating Flight .

Flight Information .

. A possible future extension is to make it multi-user. AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM is intended to be administrator software.CONCLUSION: In this project we explained how a AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM can be designed to assist administrator and passengers and the requirements modeling effort.   Our project met all the requirements specified in SRS and also it can handle various runtime errors caused by irrelevant inputs given by user or administrator.

Thank You .

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