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Lake Huron Virtual and Hybrid High School

...offers a Michigan high school diploma using online delivery and real-world connections that apply learning to relevant experiences in the world about us instead of in a classroom. This program is ideal for, homeschooled students, physically immobile students, court referred or social worker referred students, and/or students who have left traditional schooling and seek other options.

Program and regisration information can be found at:

http://lakehuronvhs.weebly. com/index.html
Visit our Web site to gain access to: ORIENTATION VIDEO REGISTRATION PROCESS
documents for school of choice, registration enrollment, transcript and student records from previous school, immunization record, proof of residency, and birth certificate

Lake Huron Virtual and Hybrid High School


Todays learner uses the Internet and the world around him or her to experience the JOY of LEARNING when it is rigorous, relevant, and based on real-world experiences.

Lake Huron Virtual and Hybrid High School

57700 Gratiot Ave., P Box 482000 .O. New Haven, MI 48048-2000 Phone: 586-749-5131 Fax: 586-749-8460

Earn your high school diploma

using online and real-world, face-to-face experiences.

Lake Huron Virtual and Hybrid High School

Your path to graduation:

10 steps to becoming a successful learner!

Online learning that is grounded in real-world experiences that are relevant and apply the students learning to a world beyond any brick and mortar classrooms.
6. Be early
When you are required to come to our campus, plan to arrive early and be ready to learn. Being tardy is not acceptable on a job, and high school is your job.

1. Youre not alone

At Lake Huron High School, you will have a teacher mentor on our end. We encourage a learning coach from your end whether it is a parent, older sibling or adult outside the home to keep you on track.

2. Plan to succeed 3. Set priorities

7. Use time wisely 8. Write it down

Create a plan. Map out how you will spend your time and follow it.

Resolve to find the best time of day that you can work most efficiently, not just putting in the time, but making your time count.

Lake Huron High School allows for freedom in selecting when you will complete your classes. However, we suggest you set priorities and do not take on too many outside activities that will keep you from your goal: graduation!

Your memory may be good, but writing it down reinforces it. Write down assignments and check them off as you complete tasks. This will keep you on track toward success.

4. Get organized 5. Just do it!

9. Break time

Keep a day planner and list activities that need to be completed.

Its okay to take breaks in your study time. Come back refreshed and ready to learn more.

10. Finish strong

Now that you have a plan in place, do what needs to get done on time.

Graduation is the goal. Completing classes through Lake Huron High School can help you achieve that goal. Stay focused and you can accomplish more.

YOU can be a successful learner using Lake Huron Virtual and Hybrid High Schools guided learning experiences.