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The Anthony Hopkins Handbook - Everything you need to know about Anthony Hopkins

The Anthony Hopkins Handbook - Everything you need to know about Anthony Hopkins

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Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, CBE (born 31 December 1937), best known as Anthony Hopkins, is a Welsh actor of film, stage and television. Considered to be one of the greatest living actors, Hopkins is perhaps best known for his portrayal of cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, for which he received the Academy Award for Best Actor, its sequel Hannibal, and its prequel Red Dragon. Other prominent film credits include The Lion in Winter, Magic, The Elephant Man, 84 Charing Cross Road, Dracula, Legends of the Fall, The Remains of the Day, Amistad, Nixon and Fracture.

Hopkins was born and brought up in Wales. Retaining his British citizenship, he became a U.S. citizen on 12 April 2000. Hopkins' films have spanned a wide variety of genres, from family films to horror. As well as his Academy Award, Hopkins has also won three BAFTA Awards, two Emmys, a Golden Globe and a Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Hopkins was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1993 for services to the arts. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003, and was made a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2008.

This book is your ultimate resource for Anthony Hopkins. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career and Personal life right away: A Flea in Her Ear, The White Bus, The Lion in Winter (1968 film), The Looking Glass War, Hamlet (1969 film), Department S, The Great Inimitable Mr. Dickens, When Eight Bells Toll (1971 film), Young Winston, War and Peace (TV series), A Doll's House (1973 Garland film), The Girl from Petrovka, QB VII, Juggernaut (film), All Creatures Great and Small (film), Dark Victory, Victory at Entebbe, A Bridge Too Far (1977 film), Audrey Rose (film), Magic (1978 film), International Velvet (film), The Elephant Man (film), A Change of Seasons (film), The Bunker (1981 film), Peter and Paul, Othello (1981 TV film), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982 film), The Bounty, Arch of Triumph (tele-movie), Guilty Conscience (film), Mussolini and I, The Good Father, 84 Charing Cross Road (film), The Dawning, A Chorus of Disapproval, The Tenth Man, Great Expectations (1989 film), Desperate Hours, The Silence of the Lambs (film), Hannibal Lecter, Freejack, Spotswood (film), Howards End (film), Dracula (1992 film), Chaplin (film), The Innocent (1993 film), The Remains of the Day (film), Shadowlands (film), The Road to Wellville (film), Legends of the Fall, Nixon (film), Surviving Picasso, The Edge (1997 film), Amistad (1997 film), The Mask of Zorro, Meet Joe Black, Instinct (film), Titus (film), Mission: Impossible II, The Grinch (film), Hannibal (film), Hearts in Atlantis (film), Bad Company (2002 film), Red Dragon (film), The Human Stain (film), Alexander (film), Proof (2005 film), The World's Fastest Indian, Bobby (2006 film), All the King's Men (2006 film), The Devil and Daniel Webster (2001 film), Slipstream (2007 film), Fracture (2007 film), Beowulf (2007 film), The City of Your Final Destination, The Wolfman (2010 film), You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Thor (film), The Rite (2011 film)

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Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, CBE (born 31 December 1937), best known as Anthony Hopkins, is a Welsh actor of film, stage and television. Considered to be one of the greatest living actors, Hopkins is perhaps best known for his portrayal of cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, for which he received the Academy Award for Best Actor, its sequel Hannibal, and its prequel Red Dragon. Other prominent film credits include The Lion in Winter, Magic, The Elephant Man, 84 Charing Cross Road, Dracula, Legends of the Fall, The Remains of the Day, Amistad, Nixon and Fracture.

Hopkins was born and brought up in Wales. Retaining his British citizenship, he became a U.S. citizen on 12 April 2000. Hopkins' films have spanned a wide variety of genres, from family films to horror. As well as his Academy Award, Hopkins has also won three BAFTA Awards, two Emmys, a Golden Globe and a Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Hopkins was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1993 for services to the arts. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003, and was made a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2008.

This book is your ultimate resource for Anthony Hopkins. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career and Personal life right away: A Flea in Her Ear, The White Bus, The Lion in Winter (1968 film), The Looking Glass War, Hamlet (1969 film), Department S, The Great Inimitable Mr. Dickens, When Eight Bells Toll (1971 film), Young Winston, War and Peace (TV series), A Doll's House (1973 Garland film), The Girl from Petrovka, QB VII, Juggernaut (film), All Creatures Great and Small (film), Dark Victory, Victory at Entebbe, A Bridge Too Far (1977 film), Audrey Rose (film), Magic (1978 film), International Velvet (film), The Elephant Man (film), A Change of Seasons (film), The Bunker (1981 film), Peter and Paul, Othello (1981 TV film), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982 film), The Bounty, Arch of Triumph (tele-movie), Guilty Conscience (film), Mussolini and I, The Good Father, 84 Charing Cross Road (film), The Dawning, A Chorus of Disapproval, The Tenth Man, Great Expectations (1989 film), Desperate Hours, The Silence of the Lambs (film), Hannibal Lecter, Freejack, Spotswood (film), Howards End (film), Dracula (1992 film), Chaplin (film), The Innocent (1993 film), The Remains of the Day (film), Shadowlands (film), The Road to Wellville (film), Legends of the Fall, Nixon (film), Surviving Picasso, The Edge (1997 film), Amistad (1997 film), The Mask of Zorro, Meet Joe Black, Instinct (film), Titus (film), Mission: Impossible II, The Grinch (film), Hannibal (film), Hearts in Atlantis (film), Bad Company (2002 film), Red Dragon (film), The Human Stain (film), Alexander (film), Proof (2005 film), The World's Fastest Indian, Bobby (2006 film), All the King's Men (2006 film), The Devil and Daniel Webster (2001 film), Slipstream (2007 film), Fracture (2007 film), Beowulf (2007 film), The City of Your Final Destination, The Wolfman (2010 film), You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Thor (film), The Rite (2011 film)

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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  • A Flea in Her Ear
  • The White Bus
  • The Lion in Winter (1968 film)
  • The Looking Glass War
  • Hamlet (1969 film)
  • Department S
  • The Great Inimitable Mr. Dickens
  • When Eight Bells Toll (1971 film)
  • Young Winston
  • War and Peace (TV series)
  • A Doll's House (1973 Garland film)
  • The Girl from Petrovka
  • QB VII
  • Juggernaut (film)
  • All Creatures Great and Small (film)
  • Dark Victory
  • Victory at Entebbe
  • A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)
  • Audrey Rose (film)
  • Magic (1978 film)
  • International Velvet (film)
  • The Elephant Man (film)
  • A Change of Seasons (film)
  • The Bunker (1981 film)
  • Peter and Paul
  • Othello (1981 TV film)
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982 film)
  • The Bounty
  • Arch of Triumph (tele-movie)
  • Guilty Conscience (film)
  • Mussolini and I
  • The Good Father
  • 84 Charing Cross Road (film)
  • The Dawning
  • A Chorus of Disapproval
  • The Tenth Man
  • Great Expectations (1989 film)
  • Desperate Hours
  • The Silence of the Lambs (film)
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Freejack
  • Spotswood (film)
  • Howards End (film)
  • Dracula (1992 film)
  • Chaplin (film)
  • The Innocent (1993 film)
  • The Remains of the Day (film)
  • Shadowlands (film)
  • The Road to Wellville (film)
  • Legends of the Fall
  • Nixon (film)
  • Surviving Picasso
  • The Edge (1997 film)
  • Amistad (1997 film)
  • The Mask of Zorro
  • Meet Joe Black
  • Instinct (film)
  • Titus (film)
  • Mission: Impossible II
  • The Grinch (film)
  • Hannibal (film)
  • Hearts in Atlantis (film)
  • Bad Company (2002 film)
  • Red Dragon (film)
  • The Human Stain (film)
  • Alexander (film)
  • Proof (2005 film)
  • The World's Fastest Indian
  • Bobby (2006 film)
  • All the King's Men (2006 film)
  • The Devil and Daniel Webster (2001 film)

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, CBE (born 31 December 1937), best known as Anthony Hopkins, is a Welsh actor of film

, stage and television. Considered to be one of the greatest living actors, Hopkins is perhaps best known for his portrayal of cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, for which he received the Academy Award for Best Actor, its sequel Hannibal, and its prequel Red Dragon. Other prominent film credits include The Lion in Winter, Magic, The Elephant Man, 84 Charing Cross Road, Dracula, Legends of the Fall, The Remains of the Day, Amistad, Nixon and Fracture. Hopkins was born and brought up in Wales. Retaining his British citizenship, he became a U.S. citizen on 12 April 2000. Hopkins’ films have spanned a wide variety of genres, from family films to horror. As well as his Academy Award, Hopkins has also won three BAFTA Awards, two Emmys, a Golden Globe and a Cecil B. DeMille Award. Hopkins was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1993 for services to the arts. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003, and was made a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2008. This book is your ultimate resource for Anthony Hopkins. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career and Personal life right away: A Flea in Her Ear, The White Bus, The Lion in Winter (1968 film), The Looking Glass War, Hamlet (1969 film), Department S, The Great Inimitable Mr. Dickens, When Eight Bells Toll (1971 film), Young Winston, War and Peace (TV series), A Doll’s House (1973 Garland film), The Girl from Petrovka, QB VII, Juggernaut (film), All Creatures Great and Small (film), Dark Victory, Victory at Entebbe, A Bridge Too Far (1977 film), Audrey Rose (film), Magic (1978 film), International Velvet (film), The Elephant Man (film), A Change of Seasons (film), The Bunker (1981 film), Peter and Paul, Othello (1981 TV film), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982 film), The Bounty, Arch of Triumph (tele-movie), Guilty Conscience (film), Mussolini and I, The Good Father, 84 Charing Cross Road (film), The Dawning, A Chorus of Disapproval, The Tenth Man, Great Expectations (1989 film), Desperate Hours, The Silence of the Lambs (film), Hannibal Lecter, Freejack, Spotswood (film), Howards End (film), Dracula (1992 film), Chaplin (film), The Innocent (1993 film), The Remains of the Day (film), Shadowlands (film), The Road to Wellville (film), Legends of the Fall, Nixon (film), Surviving Picasso, The Edge (1997 film), Amistad (1997 film), The Mask of Zorro, Meet Joe Black, Instinct (film), Titus (film), Mission: Impossible II, The Grinch (film), Hannibal (film), Hearts in Atlantis (film), Bad Company (2002 film), Red Dragon (film), The Human Stain (film), Alexander (film), Proof (2005 film), The World’s Fastest Indian, Bobby (2006 film), All the King’s Men (2006 film), The Devil and Daniel Webster (2001 film), Slipstream (2007 film), Fracture (2007 film), Beowulf (2007 film), The City of Your Final Destination, The Wolfman (2010 film), You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Thor (film), The Rite (2011 film) Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.


Everything you need to know about Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

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than attend to his studies.[6] Hopkins was influenced and encouraged to become an actor by Welsh compatriot Richard Burton (who was also Neath Port Talbot-born). Nixon and Fracture. such as painting and drawing or playing the piano. the son of Muriel Anne (née Yeats) and Richard Arthur Hopkins. best known as Anthony Hopkins. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003. DeMille Award. To that end. is a Welsh actor of film. United Kingdom Actor Occupation Years active 1967–present Spouse Petronella Barker (1967–1972.[4] Hopkins' films have spanned a wide variety of genres. Cortona. In 1949. Magic. Wales. whom he met briefly at the age of 15. Wales. Glamorgan. he became a U. from family films to horror. two Emmys. stage and television. The Remains of the Day.Anthony Hopkins 1 Anthony Hopkins Sir Anthony Hopkins CBE Hopkins at the Tuscan Sun Festival. Early life Hopkins was born in Margam. Retaining his British citizenship. a Golden Globe and a Cecil B. divorced) Jennifer Lynton (1973–2002. a baker. 2009 Born Philip Anthony Hopkins31 December 1937Port Talbot. Hopkins has also won three BAFTA Awards. Amistad. citizen on 12 April 2000. Other prominent film credits include The Lion in Winter. he found that he would rather immerse himself in art. his parents insisted he attend Jones' West Monmouth Boys' School in Pontypool. Wales. Hopkins was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1993 for services to the arts. for which he received the Academy Award for Best Actor. its sequel Hannibal. Wales. and was made a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2008. 84 Charing Cross Road.[1] [2] [3] Hopkins is perhaps best known for his portrayal of cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. Hopkins was born and brought up in Wales. Legends of the Fall. He remained there for five terms and was then educated at Cowbridge Grammar School in the Vale of Glamorgan. he enrolled at the Royal Welsh College . Considered to be one of the greatest living actors. divorced) Stella Arroyave (2003–present) Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins. and its prequel Red Dragon.S. to instill discipline.[5] His schooldays were unproductive. Dracula. Port Talbot. As well as his Academy Award. The Elephant Man. CBE (born 31 December 1937).

he simply discards the lines.[15] Hopkins portrays Odin. Although Hopkins continued in theatre (most notably at the National Theatre as Lambert Le Roux in Pravda by David Hare and Howard Brenton and as Antony in Antony and Cleopatra opposite Judi Dench as well as in the Broadway production of Peter Shaffer's Equus. along with Peter O'Toole.[17] Acting style Hopkins is renowned for his preparation for roles. "A new young actor in the company of exceptional promise named Anthony Hopkins was understudying me and walked away with the part of Edgar like a cat with a mouse between its teeth.Anthony Hopkins of Music & Drama in Cardiff. Hopkins was made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 1987. was his favourite. so that he can "do it without thinking". Katharine Hepburn. after several years in repertory.[8] 2 Career Roles In 1965. he received the BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award. who played Philip II of France. This leads to an almost casual style of delivery that belies the amount of groundwork done beforehand. or demands what the actor views as an excessive number of takes. Hopkins was the recipient of the Golden Globe Cecil B. . who invited him to join the Royal National Theatre. Hopkins was awarded an honorary fellowship from the University of Wales. and a Knight Bachelor in 1993. he then moved to London where he trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He has since gone on to enjoy a long career. Hopkins tired of repeating the same roles nightly and yearned to be in films. in the upcoming film adaptation of Marvel Comics' Thor. He will play a priest who is "an expert in exorcisms and whose methods are not necessarily traditional". and filled in when Olivier was struck with appendicitis during a production of August Strindberg's The Dance of Death. he got his break in The Lion in Winter playing Richard I."[9] Despite his success at the National. This is unlike others who usually remember their lines Isabella Rossellini and Anthony Hopkins in Berlin to shoot scenes for The Innocent (1993). from which he graduated in 1957. directed by John Dexter) he gradually moved away from it to become more established as a television and film actor. Wales. Lampeter.[16] On 24 February 2010 it was announced that Hopkins had been cast in the upcoming supernatural thriller The Rite. that.[12] Hopkins has stated that his role as Burt Munro.[10] [11] In 1996.[7] After two years in the British Army doing his national service. He made his small-screen debut in a 1967 BBC broadcast of A Flea in Her Ear. His Pierre Bezukhov for the BBC War and Peace (1972) was particularly memorable. he will go over his lines as many times as is needed (sometimes upwards of 200) until the lines sound natural to him. In 1968. Olivier later noted in his memoir. He also asserted that Munro was the easiest role that he had played because both men have a similar outlook on life. Confessions of an Actor. whom he portrayed in his 2005 film The World's Fastest Indian. the father of Thor. it has also brought him into conflict with the occasional director who departs from the script.[14] In 2008. and future James Bond star Timothy Dalton. winning many plaudits and awards for his performances. not remembering them later on.[13] In 2006. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. He has indicated in interviews that once he has committed to a project.[7] Hopkins became Olivier's understudy. While it can allow for some careful improvisation. Hopkins has stated that after he is finished with a scene. he was spotted by Sir Laurence Olivier.

I suppose I'll just have to settle for being a respectable actor poncing around the West End and doing respectable BBC work for the rest of my life. for additional scenes in Spartacus in its 1991 restoration. Hopkins has said acting "like a submarine" has helped him to deliver credible performances in his thriller movies. saying. It's an incredible gift. Red Dragon in 2002). An overawed Spielberg couldn't bring himself to call him Tony. Hopkins astounded crew with his memorisation of a seven-page courtroom speech. Hopkins keeps his memory supple by learning things by heart such as poetry. He duplicated the voice of his late mentor. having all but given up on a career there. found himself going to great lengths during the filming of Shadowlands (1993) to accommodate the differing approaches of his two stars (Hopkins and Debra Winger). It is one of the shortest lead performances to win an Oscar. Hopkins was making a return to the London stage. and insisted on addressing him as Sir Anthony throughout the shoot."[9] Renowned for his ability to remember lines. The director praised Hopkins for "this extraordinary ability to make you believe when you hear him that it is the very first time he has ever said that line. "It's very difficult for an actor to avoid. He had come back to Britain after living for a number of years in Hollywood. In Steven Spielberg's Amistad. who shared many scenes. liked to keep rehearsals to a minimum. Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. Butterfly. However. opposite Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling. and Shakespeare. you want to show a bit. for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1991.[20] At the time he was offered the role.Anthony Hopkins from a film even years later. Laurence Olivier. His original portrayal of the character in The Silence of the Lambs has been labelled by the American Film Institute as the number-one film villain. Whereas Hopkins.[8] In addition. only bringing him in for the last one before a take. The film won Best Picture. who has directed Hopkins on five occasions. He said. preferring the spontaneity of a fresh take. The author was reportedly very pleased with Hopkins' portrayal of his antagonist. and that he would not reprise even a narrative role in the latest addition to the series. Hopkins is a gifted mimic. adept at turning his native Welsh accent into whatever is required by a character. Attenborough stood in for Hopkins during Winger's rehearsals. "Well that part of my life's over. Hannibal Rising."[9] Hopkins played the iconic villain in adaptations of the first three of the Lecter novels by Thomas Harris.[18] Richard Attenborough. . delivering it in one go.[6] Hopkins reprised his role as Lecter twice (Hannibal in 2001. who won for Best Actress. it's a chapter closed. Winger rehearsed continuously. as Hopkins only appears on screen for little over 16 minutes. performing in M. Hopkins stated that Red Dragon would feature his final performance as the character. But I think the less one shows the better."[19] 3 Hannibal Lecter Perhaps Hopkins' most famous role is as the cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. His interview on the 1998 relaunch edition of the British TV talk show Parkinson featured an impersonation of comedian Tommy Cooper. To allow for this.

[12] Hopkins has been married three times. He is an admirer of the comedian Tommy Cooper. and to aid the Trust's efforts to purchase parts of Snowdon. notably becoming President of the National Trust's Snowdonia Appeal. was published together with Graham Nobles. Abigail Hopkins (b. Hopkins is a vegetarian. South Wales. California-based non-profit organization offering rehabilitation assistance to women in recovery from substance abuse. Hopkins has been a patron of the YMCA centre in his hometown of Port Talbot. Anthony Hopkins' Snowdonia. the actor unveiled a commemorative statue in the entertainer's home town of Caerphilly. However. to TMZ in October 2010. He was a Guest of Honour at a Gala Fundraiser for Women in Recovery. book celebrating these efforts. and by 2010. As stated Hopkins has attended 12-Step meetings for alcohol addiction. citizen on 12 April 2000. Retaining his British citizenship. California he is also a volunteer teacher at the Ruskin School of Acting in Santa Monica. and celebrated with a 3. In 2008. South Wales for more than 20 years. He is now married to Colombian-born Stella Arroyave.Anthony Hopkins 4 Personal life As of 2007. Hopkins resides in Los Angeles. For the ceremony. raising funds for the preservation of the Snowdonia National Park in North Hopkins at the 2010 Toronto International Film Wales. he had lost 80 pounds. A Festival. a Venice. who is an actress and singer. On 23 February 2008. following his 1990s success. Inc.[24] Hopkins has been a patron of RAPt (Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust) since its early days and helped open their first intensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation unit at Downview (HM Prison) in 1992. Although he resides in Malibu. He has a daughter from his first marriage. [22] and suddenly stopped drinking in 1975.S.000-mile road trip across the country. voicing concerns about Japan's continuing annual whale hunt. He had moved to the United States once before during the 1970s to pursue his film career. having first joined the YMCA in the 1950s.[25] . he became a naturalized U. Hopkins donned Cooper's trademark fez and performed a comic routine. he embarked on a weight loss program. he decided to return to the U. California. as patron of the Tommy Cooper Society. 20 August 1968).. He has offered his support to various charities and appeals. but returned to London in the late 1980s.[21] Hopkins also takes time to support other various philanthropic groups. His first two wives were Petronella Barker (1967–1972) and Jennifer Lynton (1973–2002).S.[23] Hopkins is a prominent member of environmental protection group Greenpeace and as of early 2008 featured in a television advertisement campaign.

Lewis (Shadowlands. 2001. In 1996. 1976) John Frost (A Bridge Too Far. John Harvey Kellogg (The Road to Wellville. and was Emmy-nominated for The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Great Expectations. 1976) Bruno Hauptmann (The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case. an experimental drama called Slipstream. 1984) Count Galeazzo Ciano (Mussolini and I. His first screenplay. 1968) Charles Dickens (The Great Inimitable Mr. 1977) Frederick Treves (The Elephant Man.[30] . which he also directed and scored. 1982) William Bligh (The Bounty. at Switzerland's Locarno International Film Festival. filming of the new series coincided with the filming of The Silence of the Lambs. and once remarked in an interview how he would love to appear in the series. Hopkins has been Oscar-nominated for The Remains of the Day (1993). making Hopkins unavailable. he announced he would retire temporarily from the screen to tour around the world. However. Nixon (1995) and Amistad (1997). he released a single called "Distant Star".[28] Hopkins has played many famous historical and fictional characters including: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Richard Lionheart (The Lion in Winter. Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs. 1985) Donald Campbell (Across the Lake. an adaptation of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya set in Wales. 2007) Sir John Talbot (The Wolfman. 1998) William Parrish (Meet Joe Black. 1995) Pablo Picasso (Surviving Picasso. 1997) Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro (The Mask of Zorro.[27] In 1990. a local villain. He won Emmy Awards for his roles in The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case and The Bunker. 1991. Red Dragon. 1981) Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 2002) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Abraham Van Helsing (Bram Stoker's Dracula. Hopkins won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in 1973 for his performance as Pierre Bezukhov in the BBC's production of War and Peace. premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. 2004) Burt Munro (The World's Fastest Indian. The role instead went to his friend Roy Marsden. Writer John Sullivan saw the interview. 1992) Marcus Crassus (Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of Spartacus. given its world premiere with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in October 2008. 1981) Othello (Othello.Anthony Hopkins 5 Other work Hopkins is a talented pianist. in collaboration with Stephen Barton as orchestrator. 1972) Yitzak Rabin (Victory at Entebbe. Hopkins is a fan of the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses. 1980) Adolf Hitler (The Bunker. 1996) John Quincy Adams (Amistad. and additionally for The Silence of the Lambs and Shadowlands. Hopkins directed " Dylan Thomas: Return Journey" which was his directing debut for the screen. Dickens.[26] Hopkins has also written music for the concert hall. 1992) C. These compositions include The Masque of Time. 1994) Richard Nixon (Nixon. 2011) Awards Besides his win for The Silence of the Lambs. 1998) Titus Andronicus (Titus. 1999) Ptolemy I Soter (Alexander. He received nominations in the same category for Magic and The Remains of the Day and as Best Supporting Actor for The Lion in Winter. 1997) Charles Morse (The Edge. S. Hopkins directed August. 1988) Dr. and Schizoid Salsa. 2010) Odin (Thor. Hopkins became a Fellow of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) at the Orange British Academy Film Awards in February 2008. 1970) Pierre Bezukhov (War and Peace. Hannibal. 1972) David Lloyd George (Young Winston. In 1986. In 2007. 2005) Hrothgar (Beowulf. It peaked at #75 in the UK charts.[29] He won the directing and the acting award. and with Hopkins in mind created the character Danny Driscoll. 1981) Paul the Apostle (Peter and Paul. 1993) Dr. both for Slipstream.

John D. Dickens Hearts and Flowers 1971 When Eight Bells Toll 1972 Young Winston War and Peace A Doll's House Etienne Plucheux Brechtian Richard John Avery Claudius Greg Halliday Charles Dickens Bob Philip Calvert David Lloyd George Pierre Bezukhov Torvald Helmer British Academy Television Award for Best Actor TV Television film TV – Play for Today Nominated — British Academy Television Award for Best Actor Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role TV Role Notes 1974 The Girl from Petrovka Kostya QB VII Juggernaut All Creatures Great and Small The Childhood Friend 1976 Dark Victory The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Victory at Entebbe 1977 A Bridge Too Far Audrey Rose 1978 Magic Dr. Adam Kelno Supt.Anthony Hopkins In 1979. Anthony Hopkins became an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Music. Frost Elliot Hoover Charles "Corky" Withers/Voice of Fats Captain Johnson Capt. Michael Grant Bruno Richard Hauptmann Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Lt. John McCleod Siegfried Farnon Alexander Tashkov Dr. Col. Frederick Treves Adam Evans TV Nominated — Saturn Award for Best Actor Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama TV TV – Play for Today TV Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor – Miniseries or a Movie International Velvet 1979 Mayflower: The Pilgrims' Adventure 1980 The Elephant Man A Change of Seasons . Jones Dr. London.[31] 6 Filmography Film Year 1967 A Flea in Her Ear The White Bus 1968 The Lion in Winter 1969 The Looking Glass War Hamlet Department S 1970 The Great Inimitable Mr.

Wilcox Bram Stoker's Dracula Professor Abraham Van Helsing Chaplin George Hayden Nominated — Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor . Ravic Arthur Jamison Count Galeazzo Ciano Bill Hooper Frank Doel Angus Barrie Donald Campbell CBE Dafydd Ap Llewellyn Jean Louis Chavel Abel Magwitch TV TV TV TV CableACE Award for Actor in a Movie or Miniseries Moscow International Film Festival Award for Best Actor TV Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film TV miniseries Nominated — Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor – Miniseries or a Movie 1990 Desperate Hours 1991 The Silence of the Lambs Tim Comell Dr.Anthony Hopkins 1981 The Bunker Peter and Paul Othello 1982 The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1983 A Married Man 1984 The Bounty 1985 Hollywood Wives Arch of Triumph Guilty Conscience Mussolini and I The Good Father 1987 84 Charing Cross Road 1988 The Dawning Across the Lake A Chorus of Disapproval The Tenth Man 1989 Great Expectations Adolf Hitler Paul of Tarsus Othello Quasimodo Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor – Miniseries or a Movie TV TV TV Nominated — Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor – Miniseries or a Movie TV 7 John Strickland Lieutenant William Bligh Neil Gray Dr. Hannibal Lecter Academy Award for Best Actor BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actor New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor Sant Jordi Award for Best Foreign Actor Saturn Award for Best Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama Nominated — London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor TV One Man's War 1992 Freejack Spotswood Howards End Joel Ian McCandless Errol Wallace Henry J.

William Ludlow Western Heritage Awards — Bronze Wrangler for Theatrical Motion Picture shared with Edward Zwick (director). William D. composed score 1995 Nixon Richard Nixon 1996 August Surviving Picasso 1997 The Edge Amistad Ieuan Davies Pablo Picasso Charles Morse John Quincy Adams Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture Nominated — Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role 1998 The Mask of Zorro Meet Joe Black 1999 Instinct Titus Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro William Parrish Ethan Powell Titus Andronicus Nominated — London Film Critics Circle Award for British Actor of the Year Nominated — Saturn Award for Best Actor . Wittliff (writer/producer) and Brad Pitt (principal actor) Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture also directed.Anthony Hopkins 1993 The Trial The Innocent The Remains of the Day The Priest Bob Glass James Stevens David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actor Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor also for Shadowlands National Board of Review Award for Best Actor also for Shadowlands Southeastern Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor also for Shadowlands Nominated — Academy Award for Best Actor Nominated — BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor also for The Remains of the Day National Board of Review Award for Best Actor also for The Remains of the Day Southeastern Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor also for The Remains of the Day 8 Shadowlands Jack Lewis 1994 The Road to Wellville Legends of the Fall Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Col.

Hannibal Lecter Coleman Silk Ptolemy I Soter Robert Burt Munro John New Zealand Screen Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Hollywood Film Festival Award for Ensemble of the Year Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture Hollywood Film Festival Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting – Male Performer uncredited Voice Nominated — Saturn Award for Best Actor 9 All the King's Men 2007 The Devil and Daniel Webster Slipstream Fracture Beowulf The City of Your Final Destination Judge Irwin Daniel Webster Felix Bonhoeffer Theodore "Ted" Crawford Hrothgar Adam Voice TV 2008 Where I Stand: The Hank Greenspun Hank Greenspun Story Immutable Dream of Snow Lion 2009 Bare Knuckles 2010 The Wolfman You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger 2011 Thor The Rite Xavier Jonas Sir John Talbot Alfie Shepridge Odin Father Lucas awaiting release post-production awaiting release .Anthony Hopkins 2000 Mission: Impossible II The Grinch 2001 Hannibal Hearts in Atlantis 2002 Bad Company Red Dragon 2003 The Human Stain 2004 Alexander 2005 Proof The World's Fastest Indian 2006 Bobby Mission Commander Swanbeck The Narrator Dr. Hannibal Lecter Ted Brautigan Officer Oakes Dr.

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screenonline. begins to doubt the fidelity of her husband. Victor Emmanuel.com/wales/documentaries/ ?player=WAL_Documentaries_26&void=136217) • Anthony Hopkins.imdb.bafta. Plot The play is set in Paris at the turn of the century.bbc. html).BA.asp?ID=82349) at the Internet Broadway Database • Anthony Hopkins (http://www.289.org. When Victor Emmanuel receives the letter. She confides her doubts to her old friend Lucienne.tv. in Lucienne’s handwriting. followed by Etienne.Anthony Hopkins 11 External links • Anthony Hopkins (http://www.itvlocal. Carlos recognizes Lucienne’s handwriting and assumes that she is trying to start an affair with Victor Emmanuel.com/person. BAFTA Fellow in 2008 (http://www. who suddenly has become sexually inactive.com/wales/ documentaries/?player=WAL_Documentaries_26&void=136218) • An Evening with Anthony Hopkins HTV-Wales (http://www. BAFTA profile by film writer Quentin Falk A Flea in Her Ear A Flea in Her Ear (in French: La Puce à l'oreille) is a play by Georges Feydeau written in 1907. In celebration. Victor Emmanuel shows the letter to Lucienne’s husband. hoping to prevent the threatened murder. an establishment with a dubious reputation. Antoinette. Camille. Raymonde Chandebise.bafta.288. Unknown to Victor Emmanuel.com/participant/participant.jsp?participantId=88825) at the TCM Movie Database • Anthony Hopkins (http://www. Antoinette's jealous husband.BA. Giant of the Valley — By Michael Feeney Callan. also hurry to the Hotel Coq d’Or. from a fictitious and anonymous admirer. who suggests a trick to test him. requesting a rendezvous at the Hotel Coq d’Or.com • Anthony Hopkins (http://www. 2007 Voyager Magazine • Anthony Hopkins interviewed on HTV-Wales program Elinor in the 1980s (http://www. Finache decides to go to the hotel in search of his own afternoon rendezvous.itvlocal. Dr. Carlos Homenides de Histangua.com/name/nm164/) at the Internet Movie Database • Anthony Hopkins (http://tcmdb. vowing to kill her. Raymonde is unaware that his behavior is due to a nervous condition.org/awards/film/ 2008-fellow-of-the-academy. Raymonde intends to confront her husband there.bmivoyager.uk/people/id/495786/) at the British Film Institute's Screenonline • Anthony Hopkins (http://www. and she and Lucienne leave to do so. Finache. he and the household cook.org/awards/film/fellow-man-anthony-hopkins. hurries off in pursuit. is overjoyed to have his speech impediment corrected by a new silver palate from Dr.com/wales/documentaries/ ?player=WAL_Documentaries_26&void=136212) • Early voice-over on HTV-Wales programme (http://www.html) at TV.co. a handsome bachelor. Victor Emmanuel.itvlocal.com/person/89293/summary.uk/wales/arts/sites/anthony-hopkins/) at BBC Wales • Anthony Hopkins (http://www.ibdb. after years of wedded bliss. a passionate and violent Spaniard. He runs off to the hotel. at the height of the Belle Époque. the young nephew of Victor Emmanuel. . he has no interest in such an affair and believes the invitation from the mysterious woman was meant for his best friend Tournel. but a large and prominent clientele. Tournel has his eye on Raymonde and eagerly exits to make the appointment.html) • Fellow Man – Anthony Hopkins (http://www. They write him a letter. however.com/2007/10/27/giant-of-the-valley/).

attempting to kill his wife. 12 Characters Victor Emmanuel Chandebise is the faithful husband to Raymonde. where he is delighted to find Raymonde. He is having emotional issues that lead Raymonde to believe he is cheating on her. and Tournel tries very hard to seduce Raymonde. The owner of the hotel comes by to return an article left behind by a member of the household and clears up the confusion between his porter and Victor Emmanuel. Tournel for Raymonde. this character is often replaced with different names and ethnicities (such as a German man named "Herr Schwartz" in the 1967 English-language BBC production[1] ). Lucienne Homenides De Histangua is the best friend of Raymonde and the wife of Carlos. married to Etienne but having an affair with Camille. She introduces Raymonde to the plot to incriminate her husband. Camille with Antoinette. Her best friend is Lucienne. He is a personal friend of Victor Emmanuel and his nephew Camille and helps them with their issues. shoots at anything that moves. • Poche is a drunken porter of the Hotel Coq d'Or. Things begin to clear up when Carlos discovers a rough copy of the letter written by Lucienne on Raymonde’s desk. Chandebise sends him to the Hotel Coq d'Or. He carries guns regularly and is not afraid to use them. He attempts to seduce Lucienne and Antionette. Romain Tournel is the best friend and business partner of Victor Emmanuel and the lover of Raymonde. Dr. Finache but promptly loses it at the Hotel. Camille loses his palate. married to Antionette. Raymonde tells Victor Emmanuel the cause of her suspicions. He is a frequent patron of the Hotel Coq d'Or.A Flea in Her Ear The various characters arrive in search of their goals: Finache for fun. He receives a silver palate to correct his impediment from Dr. Victor Emmanuel is believed to be insane when Poche. Antionette is the cook in the Chandebise home. Finally. may or may not be fooling around with Poche. Carlos for Lucienne. He looks remarkably like Poche. followed by Etienne. in fact. and he assures her that he will put an end to her doubts—tonight. Camille is the nephew to Victor Emmanuel. . Baptistin is Feraillon's drunken uncle whom he employs. He is played by the same actor as Victor Emmanuel. is having an affair with Romain Tournel. Eugenie is a maid in the hotel. Etienne is the nosy butler of Victor Emmanuel. Raymonde Chandebise believes her husband Victor Emmanuel is cheating when she. is mistaken for him. and the husband of Olympe. Raymonde for Victor Emmanuel. In translated versions. this one in Raymonde’s handwriting. He looks exactly like Victor Emmanuel and the two are often confused. Carlos. His speech impediment (being unable to pronounce consonants) leads people to lose their patience with him. Olympe is an ex-prostitute and the wife of Feraillon. Victor Emmanuel sees Raymonde talking with Tournel and believes she is unfaithful. Ferallion is the militarous proprietor of the Hotel Coq d'Or. that Chandebise and Tournel work for. The confusion persists even after all are reunited again at Victor Emmanuel’s house. Don Carlos Homenides De Histangua is a client of Victor Emmanuel and an extremely jealous husband. and Victor Emmanuel to stop Carlos. an alcoholic porter at the hotel who is a dead ringer for Victor Emmanuel. Finache is the doctor for the Life Insurance Co. the nephew of Baptistin. Rugby is randy British guest at the hotel who speaks little or no French.

Czech title is Brouk v hlavě.. Zdeněk Rumpík • Olympe Ferraillon .. Louis Jourdan.. An adaptation by David Ives was performed by the Constellation Theatre Company at the Source Theater in Washington. An adaptation by Jean-Marie Besset and Mark O'Donnell was staged by the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York City in 1998. Romana Chvalová . playing Étienne Plucheux. Cambridge. Pardubice • Directed by Lída Engelová.. directed by Richard Eyre and starring Tom Hollander and Lisa Dillon[2]. Jiří Kalužný • Camille Champsboisy .. Massachusetts.. Film John Mortimer then wrote the screenplay for a 1968 20th Century Fox feature film directed by Jacques Charon (who had also directed Mortimer's 1966 translation for the stage)... The play had premiere 5 and 6 April 2008 in Eastern Bohemian Theatre.. Rosemary Harris. • Viktor Emanuel Champsboisy and Bouton . starring Olga Villi and Alberto Lionello... It marked the television debut of Anthony Hopkins. The same year.. opening at the Old Vic in 1966. Ladislav Špiner • Marcela Champsboisy . Dagmar Novotná • Eugenia .. America The first American production . it opened on 5 March and ran for 77 performances.... Stage United Kingdom John Mortimer translated the play for the National Theatre.. Kristina Jelínková • Doktor Finache . Martin Mejzlík • Carlos Homenides de Histangua . The cast included Rex Harrison.. and Rachel Roberts. The cast included Mark Linn-Baker... Pardubice.. Martina Sikorová • Augustin Ferraillon ... Martin Mňahončák • Luisa Homenides de Histangua ..occurred in the spring of 1967 at the Loeb Theater. directed by Luigi Squarzina. DC from 8 October to 8 November 2009. Czech Republic Východočeské divadlo.. Radek Žák • Yvette . the RAI -TV of Italy gave a live broadcast from the Teatro Stabile of Genoa.A Flea in Her Ear 13 Adaptions and performance history Television The BBC broadcast a production of the play on 7 June 1967... It was directed by Gower Champion and starred Robert Gerringer and Ruth Kobart... Alice Playten. Václav Dušek • Étienne .... An English language translation by Barnett Shaw had a brief Broadway run at the ANTA Playhouse in 1969. Shull. Directed by Bill Irwin.. Jindra Janoušková • Romain Tournel ... and Richard B.an updated translation . This translation was revived at the same theatre from 4 December 2010 to 5 March 2011.. It was directed by Jacques Charon and starred Albert Finney and Geraldine McEwan.

Prague... Eva Gorčicová Eugenia .. Ladislav Kolář Luisa Homenides de Histangua ........ Martin Taclík . Brno..... Jiří Dvořák/Petr Štěpán Camille Champsboisy . Jan Hrušínský Carlos Homenides de Histangua .... Zdeněk Junák Olympe Ferraillon .... Igor Ondříček Marcela Champsboisy .... Martin Dejdar Luisa Homenides de Histangua . ??? 14 Divadlo Na Vinohradech... Jana Musilová Romain Tournel . Viktor Emmanuel Champsboisy and Bouton ... Tomáš Sagher/Robert Jícha Baptistin ........... František Němec Étienne . Viktor Emanuel Champsboisy and Bouton . Markéta Sedláčková..A Flea in Her Ear • Rugby. 143 repeats... Karel Mišurec Yvette . Zdena Herfortová Doktor Finache ..... The play had premiere in 1970 at Vinohrady Theatre. Michal Novotný Marcela Champsboisy . Zlata Adamovská Romain Tournel . Erik Pardus Carlos Homenides de Histangua . Jindřich Kratochvíl Městské divadlo.... Vlastimil Brodský Jiřina Jirásková Zdeněk Řehoř Jiří Pleskot Karolina Slunéčková Otakar Brousek Josef Bláha Lída Vostrčilová Vladimír Krška Stanislava Bartošová Věra Budilová Jan Schánilec Gustav Nezval Jaromír Hanzlík Film • • • • • • • • • Directed by Zdeněk Zelenka.... Alexandr Postler • Baptistin ... American customer .. Mária Lalková/Petra Jungmannová Augustin Ferraillon .......... American customer ... Viktor Preiss Camille Champsboisy ...... Viktor Emanuel Champsboisy and Bouton . Marcela Dürrová Rugby. The play had premiere at 27 April 1996 in City Theatre..... Prague • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Václav Hudeček.. Brno • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Gustav Skála. Josef Jurásek Étienne . Ilona Svobodová Doktor Finache ..

GP Putnam's Sons. New York.... Ryan. 1963 [3] Anderson.S: "Sweetly Sings the Donkey".. oldvictheatre.[2] It was originally commissioned by producer Oscar Lewenstein as one third of a feature comprising three short films based on Delaney stories that would also have included contributions from Anderson's Free cinema collaborators Tony Richardson and Karel Reisz. imdb.[3] Notes [1] Hedling.imdb. The screenplay was jointly adapted[1] with Shelagh Delaney from a short story in her 1963 collection Sweetly Sings the Donkey.1967 BBC production • A Flea in Her Ear [4] at the Internet Broadway Database .. E: "Lindsay Anderson: Maverick Film-Maker".A Flea in Her Ear • • • • Yvette .. 1998 [2] Delaney. P(ed): "Never Apologise: The Collected Writings". Václav Postránecký Olympe Ferraillon . ibdb. php?id=69 http:/ / www... imdb..1969 Broadway production References [1] [2] [3] [4] IMDB entry for 1967 BBC production (http:/ / uk. Stanislav Fišer 15 External links • A Flea in Her Ear [3] at the Internet Movie Database .com/title/tt0061181/) at the Internet Movie Database . L. com/ production... page 105. com/ whatson. page 62. Alžbeta Stanková Augustin Ferraillon . External links • The White Bus (http://www. com/ title/ tt0061677/ fullcredits#cast) http:/ / www.. and featuring Anthony Hopkins and Arthur Lowe. php?id=3458 The White Bus The White Bus is a 1967 short film by British director Lindsay Anderson starring Patricia Healey. Plexus. Jaroslava Obermaierová Baptistin . com/ title/ tt0061677/ http:/ / www. Cassell. 2004.

1968 134 min.''The Lion in Winter (1968 film)'' 16 The Lion in Winter (1968 film) The Lion in Winter Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Anthony Harvey Joseph E. Katharine Hepburn. Levine James Goldman Peter O'Toole Katharine Hepburn Anthony Hopkins John Castle Nigel Terry Timothy Dalton John Barry Douglas Slocombe John Bloom Avco Embassy Pictures October 30. the future King Richard I of England 1189-1199). Henry wants his son Prince John (1166–1216. has given his half-sister Alais. Levine from Goldman's adaptation of his own play. There was a remake in 2003. the son of Louis VII of France. while his wife Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine (whom he keeps locked in the Salisbury Tower at Windsor Castle) wants their son Prince Richard the Lionheart (1157–1199. The movie starred Peter O'Toole. United Kingdom English $10 million $22.975 Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue The Lion in Winter is a 1968 historical costume drama made by Avco Embassy Pictures.276. at Henry Plantagenet's château and primary residence in Chinon. the future King John of England 1199-1216) to inherit his throne. within the Angevin Empire of medieval France. to the future heir. Eleanor's ex-husband. The critically acclaimed film won three Academy Awards. and in early appearances. Timothy Dalton and Anthony Hopkins. based on the Broadway play by James Goldman. Anjou. King Philip II of France. the only time this has happened for actresses in Academy history). The Lion in Winter. Synopsis The Lion in Winter is set during Christmas 1183. Meanwhile. and . including one for Hepburn as Best Actress (she and Funny Girl's Barbra Streisand tied that year. It was directed by Anthony Harvey and produced by Joseph E. who is currently Henry's mistress.

none of the dialogue and action is historical. The article on the Revolt of 1173–1174 describes the historical events leading to the play's events.Z. 17 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Peter O'Toole as King Henry II Katharine Hepburn as Queen Eleanor Anthony Hopkins (In his motion picture debut) as Richard John Castle as Geoffrey Nigel Terry as John Timothy Dalton (In his motion picture debut) as King Philip II Jane Merrow as Alais Nigel Stock as Captain William Marshall Kenneth Ives as Queen Eleanor's guard O. Château de Tarascon. and Tavasson. The musical score by John Barry also won an Oscar. The Lion in Winter is fictional: there was no Christmas Court at Chinon in 1183. plots with Philip to make war on England. at the direction of middle brother Prince Geoffrey. John. Having believed Henry's intentions. 1968 London premiere). Henry finds out. though the outcomes of the characters and the background are historically accurate. 1968 (December 29. Henry had many mistresses and many illegitimate children. but she says he will never be able to release his sons from prison or they will be a threat to his future children. Ireland and on location in Ireland. He makes a side deal with Eleanor for her freedom in return for Aquitaine. Henry sees that she is right and condemns them to death. As a ruse. Arles. The deal is revealed at the wedding. instead letting them escape. making Richard refuse to go through with the ceremony. there was a Christmas court at Caen in 1182. and locks them in the dungeon. Saône-et-Loire. He and Eleanor go back to hoping for the future. In reality. as did Goldman's adaptation of his play. Wales. the "Rosamund" mentioned in the film was Henry II's mistress until she died. The film was shot at Ardmore Studios in Bray. Duke of Brittany (1158–1186). to be given to John. Henry agrees to give Alais to Richard and make him heir. Tarascon. and in France at Abbaye de Montmajour. dismisses all three sons as unsuitable. Whitehead as Hugh de Puiset. the Bishop of Durham Background and production The film debuted on October 30. Hepburn won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role. but cannot bring himself to kill them.''The Lion in Winter (1968 film)'' demands either the wedding or the return of her dowry. He makes plans to travel to Rome for an annulment. so that he can have new sons with Alais. . County Wicklow.

''The Lion in Winter (1968 film)'' 18 Awards and nominations Academy Awards The film received seven nominations.James Goldman Best Sound Track .Katharine Hepburn • Tied with Barbra Streisand for Funny Girl • Best Music Score .Chris Greenham Best Supporting Actor .Martin Poll Best Director . Wins • Best Actress .James Goldman Best Supporting Actress .John Barry Nominations • • • • • • Best Cinematography .Anthony Harvey Best Actor .Anthony Hopkins UN Award .John Barry • Best Adapted Screenplay .Peter O'Toole Nominations • • • • • Best Actress .James Goldman Nominations • • • • Best Picture .John Barry Best Screenplay .Margaret Furse Best Screenplay .Anthony Harvey Golden Globe Awards Wins • Best Motion Picture • Best Actor .Katharine Hepburn Best Motion Picture Director .Margaret Furse BAFTA Awards Wins • Best Actress .Anthony Harvey Best Original Score .Katharine Hepburn • Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music .Douglas Slocombe Best Costume Design .Peter O'Toole Best Costume Design .Jane Merrow .

2004)." In: Postmodern Medievalisms.Anthony Harvey Laurel Awards • Best Film Writers' Guild of Great Britain • Best British Screenplay .''The Lion in Winter (1968 film)'' 19 Other Awards Wins David di Donatello Awards • Best Foreign Production .James Goldman Writers Guild of America • Best Written American Drama . Richard Utz and Jesse G. pp. "I Learned it at the Movies: Teaching Medieval Film. com/ title/ tt0063227/ . ed. 79-98. Swan (Cambridge: Brewer. imdb.Martin Poll Directors Guild of America Awards • Outstanding Directorial Achievement .James Goldman Bibliography • William D. Paden. External links • The Lion in Winter [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

Plot introduction John le Carré has stated that this novel is his most realistic portrayal of the intelligence world as he knew it and that may have been one reason for its relative lack of success. and decides to send an agent across the border to discover the truth without involving the Circus. Le Carré's most famous character. with such tasks being taken on by the more favoured and experienced Circus. seizes the opportunity to re-live old times. appears in the book. George Smiley. based in Blackfriars Road. London and named throughout the book as "The Department" had much success running agents against the Nazis during the Second World War but has been resting on its laurels since. near the West German border. LeClerc. the head of the Department. by John le Carré is a spy novel about a British Intelligence agency. The Department expends most of its energies on administrative tasks and on a bureaucratic turf war with the more professional Circus. known as 'The Department ' and its attempts to infiltrate an agent to East Germany. Plot summary An undefined Intelligence organisation. thus trying .''The Looking Glass War'' 20 The Looking Glass War The Looking Glass War Author Country Language Genre(s) Publisher John le Carré United Kingdom English Spy novel William Heinemann (UK) & Putnam (USA) Publication date June 1965 Media type Pages ISBN Print (Hardback & Paperback) & Audio Cassette 246 pp (hardback edition) ISBN 0-434-41200-7 (UK hardback edition) ISBN 0-698-10218-5 (US hardback edition) OCLC Number 257344327 [1] Preceded by Followed by The Spy Who Came in from the Cold A Small Town in Germany The Looking Glass War (1965). but only in a supporting role. After The Department comes across rather uncertain and weak evidence that Soviet missiles were being placed near Rostock. led by "Control" and his right hand man George Smiley.

William Heinemann ISBN 0-434-41200-7. The story comes to its tragic but inevitable end when. Pub date 21 November 1991. the East German Security determines his location and captures him. UK. Paperback . USA. USA. Paperwork 1985. Hardback • 1965. with Leiser still trapped in East Germany. or Theatrical Adaptations A film of the novel was released in 1969. Patrick Kennedy as Avery. However. Book Club Edition. Pan.''The Looking Glass War'' to enhance the Department's status. UK. ISBN0-330-20210-3.. Coward-McCann. The Department reactivates one of its World War II agents. Piotr Baumann as Leiser. Pub date ? April 1986. 21 Characters • • • • • • Fred Leiser: British spy of Polish background. TV. Leiser's fate is unknown at the conclusion of the story. not knowing the fate of the operation.[3] As with other plays in this series it is now also available as a CD set as ISBN 978-1408400869.[2] As part of a series of dramatisation of Le Carre's work. Broadcast on Radio4. Hodder & Stoughton Ltd ISBN 0-340-55813-X. coupled with errors on the part of Leiser (including his killing a young East German border guard and taking far too long over transmissions). Pub date ? June 1965. a naturalised Pole called Fred Leiser. and Simon Russell Beale as George Smiley. UK. Hardback (Large Print) 1991. Pub date 21 November 1991. London. Hardback • 1965. Putnam Pub Group ISBN 0-698-10218-5. He follows the "War Rules" and plays out the losing game to the end. Radio. New York. Ralph Richardson as LeClerc. and Anthony Hopkins as Avery. the clumsiness of the inexperienced Department's operation. UK. BBC Radio produced a radio play of The Looking Glass War in 2009. He tactfully convinces LeClerc to abandon this operation. Circus agent George Smiley informs LeClerc and his colleagues about the killing of the East German sentry and that the East German Security were looking for Leiser. As a result. main protagonist LeClerc: Head of "The Department" Adrian Haldane: Veteran intelligence operative for The Department John Avery: Young agent assigned to Leiser Jack Johnson: Wireless operator assigned to train Leiser George Smiley: Envoy from The Circus Film. the "Complete Smiley" series. Release details • 1965. Hardback 1991. continues with his mission and as a consequence of Smiley's intervention. UK. starring Christopher Jones as Leiser. G K Hall & Co ISBN 0-8161-4040-5. Leiser. Hodder & Stoughton (Coronet) ISBN 0-340-55446-0. It was directed by Frank Pierson. receives no response to his transmissions. Hardback • • • • poster of the film adaptation 1966. Leiser is retrained and infiltrated across the border into East Germany to investigate the missiles. Pub date ? June 1965. it starred Ian McDiarmid as LeClerc. Inc. lead the East Germans to determine almost immediately that security had been breached and set out to find Leiser's location. and due to his prolonged and slow transmissions.

org/ oclc/ 257344327 [2] IMDB: The Looking Glass War (1969) (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0066001/) at the Internet Movie Database . Ballantine Books ISBN 0-345-37736-2. com/ title/ tt0066001/ ) Retrieved on 15 December 2009 [3] BBC: The Looking Glass War (2009) (http:/ / www. com/ Drama+ Arts/ The-Looking-Glass-War/ invt/ 9781408400869) Retrieved on 15 December 2009 External links • The Looking Glass War (http://www. bbcshop. UK. Pub date 22 February 1999. Paperback • 1999. USA. imdb.imdb.''The Looking Glass War'' • 1992. Pub date ? March 1992. Hodder & Stoughton ISBN 1-84032-108-3. Audio Cassette (read by John le Carré) 22 References [1] http:/ / worldcat.

UK English Hamlet is a 1969 British film adaptation of Shakespeare's play Hamlet. consisting of Renaissance fixtures and costumes in a dark. Marianne Faithfull as Ophelia. The Ghost of Hamlet's father is represented only by a light shining on the observers. It was directed by Tony Richardson and based on his own stage production at the Roundhouse theatre in London. Gordon Jackson as Horatio. The film also stars Anthony Hopkins as King Claudius.''Hamlet (1969 film)'' 23 Hamlet (1969 film) Hamlet Directed by Produced by Tony Richardson Hans Gottchalk Neil Hartley Leslie Linder Martin Ransohoff William Shakespeare adapted by Tony Richardson Nicol Williamson Marianne Faithfull Anthony Hopkins Judy Parfitt Patrick Gowers Charles Rees Written by Starring Music by Editing by Distributed by Columbia Pictures Release date(s) September 1969 (UK) Running time Country Language 117 min. to the point of including an incestuous relationship between Laertes and Ophelia. A brick tunnel is used for the scenes on the battlements. The film places much emphasis on the sexual aspects of the play. and Michael Pennington as Laertes. External links • Hamlet [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0064400/ . a departure from big-budget Hollywood renditions of classics. Judy Parfitt as Queen Gertrude. The film. imdb. starring Nicol Williamson as Prince Hamlet. Mark Dignam as Polonius. was made with a small budget and a very minimalist set. shadowed space.

''Department S'' 24 Department S Department S Format Created by Developed by Starring Spy-fi Dennis Spooner Monty Berman Dennis Spooner Peter Wyngarde Joel Fabiani Rosemary Nicols Dennis Alaba Peters Edwin Astley Edwin Astley UK 1 28 (List of episodes) Production Theme music composer Composer(s) Country of origin No. of series No. of episodes Producer(s) Cinematography Running time Production company(s) Monty Berman Frank Watts Brian Elvin 49 mins ITC production Broadcast Original channel Picture format Audio format Original run Status ATV 4:3 35mm Colour Mono 9 March 1969 – 4 March 1970 Ended Chronology .

alongside a large number of similar ITC productions. Network released the series on DVD in the UK [1] featuring many exclusive extras including commentaries and part of a documentary series also covering Jason King: Wanna Watch a Television Series? Chapter One: Variations on a Theme. There were hints of romantic interest between Sullivan and Hurst. Like many ITC shows Department S gained cult status. Stewart Sullivan was the head of Department S. Danger Man. Jason King was the ideas man. glamorous disguises. This version is in PAL with no region code. Details Department S was a section of Interpol with an office in the Paris Headquarters of Interpol that investigated international cases other crime agencies were unable to solve. Many of the directors on the show had also worked on several other ITC shows – The Saint. but also engaged in some fisticuffs. they turn to the talents of Department S. King sidelined as a author of adventure novels involving action hero Mark Kane and managed to work the details of their cases into his novels. However she also went on assignment as a conventional investigator. It starred Peter Wyngarde as author Jason King (later featured in spin-off series Jason King). often engaging in fisticuffs. although neither wrote any of the episodes.including many seductive. writer and director credits appear before the opening title sequence. taking instruction from Seretse. Now a playboy with a woman in every city. the episode title. though after the theme tune has started. He was something of a bureaucrat who jetted around the world in the course of his job. Episodes were instead written by ITC veterans such as Terry Nation and Philip Broadley. The series was created by Dennis Spooner and Monty Berman. The trio were agents for a fictional special department (the 'S' of the title) of Interpol. The series consists of 28 episodes which originally aired in 1969-70. Sir Curtis Seretse was in charge of the team. DVD Releases and Repeats The first two episodes of Department S were released on a now deleted DVD in Britain by Carlton Television (now ITV plc). however. Joel Fabiani as Stewart Sullivan. .from the ITC trailer for the series." . Sullivan did much of the leg work. Annabelle Hurst was a computer expert taking an analytical role in investigations. to fit the US commercial format.''Department S'' Followed by Jason King 25 Department S is a United Kingdom spy-fi adventure series produced by ITC Entertainment. The series was filmed on 35mm and designed. Department S was released on DVD in Australia by Umbrella Entertainment in a box set. he had once been married to a woman named Marion who had died in a plane crash (A Fish Out Of Water episode). The character of Jason King was the basis for Jason Bentley (Peter Richardson) in the 1993 Comic Strip Presents film Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown. Production and influence "When a case proves too baffling for the minds of Interpol. A repeat run of Department S began on ITV4 in November 2005. The Protectors and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). like all ITC's film productions. The head of Department S was Sir Curtis Seretse (Dennis Alaba Peters). King was often seen with beautiful women before being called in on an assignment but had no permanent love interest in the series. sometimes appearing in disguise . Unusually. and Rosemary Nicols as computer expert Annabelle Hurst.

Episode list Filming took place between April 1968 and June 1969. 7 5117 "Handicap Dead" John Gilling Philip Broadley 20 April 1969 When a tournament golfer is found dead on a nearby beach. 9 5115 "Black Out" Ray Austin Philip Broadley 17 September 1969 A chef and food critic is found unconscious in the Mexican desert and cannot recall the last three days. 6 5118 "The Man in the Elegant Room" Cyril Frankel Terry Nation 13 April 1969 When a dead girl and a demented man are found in a room inside a disused factory Depart S investigate. Airdate[2] is for ATV Midlands.. (Made back to back with Six Days).. Department S investigate.A.. 5 5103 "One of Our Aircraft Is Empty" Paul Dickson Tony Williamson 6 April 1969 An airliner lands at Heathrow and the crew and passengers are missing..Stewart Sullivan Rosemary Nicols.Sir Curtis Seretse .. 8 5121 "A Ticket to Nowhere" Cyril Frankel Tony Williamson 27 April 1969 A disappearing scientist and the death of a financier are linked.O. senior officers.T... . Sullivan investigates. Production number here refers to ITC synopsis guide number and the order in the Network DVD booklet.. 3 5116 "A Cellar Full of Silence" John Gilling Terry Nation 23 March 1969 Department S are called after the discovery of four dead men are found in a cellar wearing fancy dress.listed as Dennis Alba Peters in first series credits..Jason King Joel Fabiani. Department S are called. 4 5110 "The Pied Piper of Hambledown" Roy Ward Baker Donald James 30 March 1969 When an entire village disappears overnight except for one girl. 2 5102 "The Trojan Tanker" Ray Austin Philip Broadley 16 March 1969 A crashed tanker with a room built inside and a girl unconscious who disappears before help arrives. Is there a connection to the American space program? 10 5119 "Double Death of Charlie Crippen" John Gilling Leslie Darbon 24 September 1969 An assassination attempt leaves only a dummy as the victim and Department S has to discover who the real target is? 11 5120 "Who Plays the Dummy" John Gilling Tony Williamson 1 October 1969 When a car crashes and the sole occupant is a dummy in the driving seat leads Department S on a trail leading to an imminent attack on N. ITV[3] regions varied date and order.. Episode# 1 Prod # 5101 Title "Six Days" Directed by Cyril Frankel Written by Gerald Kelsey Original airdate 9 March 1969 An aircraft goes missing for six days and the crew have no recollection of events.''Department S'' 26 Cast • • • • Peter Wyngarde. but Jason and Stewart keep forgetting about the case to the despair of Annabelle.000 leads to a painter and engraver. 12 5123 "The Treasure of the Costa del Sol" John Gilling Philip Broadley 8 October 1969 Two dead fisherman and a haul of plastic fish containig $100.Annabelle Hurst Dennis Alaba Peters...

''Department S''
13 5107 "The Man Who Got a New Face" Cyril Frankel Philip Broadley 15 October 1969


Department S investigate when a man is found dead with a clowns mask glued to his faceand the trail leads to a vicious vendetta. 14 5112 "Les Fleurs du Mal" Cyril Frankel Philip Broadley 22 October 1969

Three plastic flowers contain a coded message that will lead to the proceeds of a bank robbery, but there are interested parties ready to kill for the flowers. 15 5104 "The Shift That Never Was" John Gilling Donald James 25 October 1969

With one exception, every member of staff of a chemical factory take a day off. The one man who went in is murdered and the trail leads to a beauty parlour and nuclear power station. 16 5111 "The Man from X" Gill Taylor Tony Williamson 5 November 1969

A man clad in a spacesuit staggers in a London street, unable to remove the jammed helmet, suffocates. Department S investigate and the only clue is the man has slight radiation burns and had been in vacuum. 17 5106 "Dead Men Die Twice" Ray Austin Philip Broadley 12 November 1969

Department S find that 'dead man' can die twice when a man is murdered twice three years after his double had been murdered. 18 5122 "The Perfect Operation" Cyril Frankel Leslie Darbon 26 November 1969

A surgeon performing a delicate brain operation on a senior British civil servant is forcibly removed and another surgeon enters and completes the operation saving the mans life. Department S investigate the only surgeon capable of doing the operation but he is Russian and too old. 19 5124 "The Duplicated Man" Paul Dickson Harry W.Junkin 3 December 1969

A double agent is killed but is he really dead after he has spent ten years cultivating a second identity to escape from his masters. Department S investigate closely followed by enemy agents. 20 5113 "The Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine" Cyril Frankel Philip Broadley 10 December 1969

A man is found murdered in a mock up aircraft in a warehouse. The team wonder why anybody should go to so much trouble. A message left scrawled on their car is the only clue. 21 5108 "Death on Reflection" Ray Austin Philip Broadley 17 December 1969

Head of Department S, Sir Curtis Seretse is astonished to see a mirror at auction sell for four times its value and when the buyer is murdered asks the team to investigate. 22 5127 "The Last Train to Redbridge" John Gilling Gerald Kelsy 14 January 1970

Multiple Murder on a tube train lead Department S to criminal speculators attempting to tap the hot line between The US. President and the UK Prime Minister. 23 5126 "A Small War of Nerves" Leslie Norman Harry W.Junkin 21 January 1970

A fanatical scientist who has developed a deadly nerve gas threatens to wipe out London unless governments take notice and agree to live in peace. 24 5109 "The Bones of Byrom Blain" Paul Dickson Tony Williamson 28 January 1970

A chauffeur arrives at his destination only to discover his passenger has disappeared leaving only his skeleton behind. Department S investigate and discover the chauffer's skeleton and the same fate awaits Sir Curtis Seretse and Jason King. 25 124 "Spencer Bodily is 60 Years Old" Leslie Norman Harry W.Junkin 11 February 1970

Spencer Bodily is dead, he looks 20 but must be at least 60 and there is no record he ever existed. The body disappears and Department S suspect there could be more cases of 'eternal youth'. 26 5105 "The Ghost of Mary Burnham" Cyril Frankel Harry W.Junkin 18 February 1970

''Department S''
John Burnham is tormented by the ghost of his wife shortly after she is shot and killed. He is a brilliant economist and is someone trying to unbalance him to prevent him taking an important job. Department S has to find out before he is driven insane. 27 5114 "A Fish Out of Water" Cyril Frankel Philip Broadley 25 February 1970


When an Interpol agent is found dead, Jason King is sent to take over his mission to crack an international drug ring. Jason realises he has been identified and his life is in danger. Stewart and Annabelle are sent to back him up. 28 5128 "Soup of the Day" Leslie Norman Leslie Darbon 4 March 1970

When a crate of soup is stolen from a bonded warehouse. Department S suspect smuggling but when they locate the stolen soup cans, all intact and all contain only soup. A case of double cross.

[1] http:/ / www. networkdvd. net/ product_info. php?products_id=523 [2] Dates from ITC Episode guide issued with the Network DVD [3] History of ITV

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The Great Inimitable Mr. Dickens
The Great Inimitable Mr. Dickens is a 1970 British television film about the life of Charles Dickens directed by Ned Sherrin and starring Anthony Hopkins, Jenny Agutter and Arthur Lowe.[1] [2]

[1] BFI Screenonline: Sherrin, Ned (1931-2007) Biography (http:/ / www. screenonline. org. uk/ people/ id/ 1204295/ ) Retrieved January 2, 2010 [2] Pointer, Michael (1996) Charles Dickens on the screen: the film, television, and video adaptations p.202. Scarecrow Press, 1996

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''When Eight Bells Toll (1971 film)''


When Eight Bells Toll (1971 film)
When Eight Bells Toll

When Eight Bells Toll
Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Etienne Perier Elliott Kastner Jerry Gershwin Alistair MacLean Anthony Hopkins Jack Hawkins Robert Morley Nathalie Delon Angela Morley (credited as Walter Stott)

Music by

Cinematography Arthur Ibbetson Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget John Shirley J. Arthur Rank 9 March 1971 94 min. UK English $7 million (approx.)

When Eight Bells Toll is a 1971 action film set in Scotland, based upon Scottish author Alistair MacLean's 1965 novel of the same name. Producer Elliott Kastner planned to produce a string of realistic gritty espionage thrillers to rival the James Bond series, only for the film's poor box office receipts ending his plans.

British Treasury secret agent Phillip Calvert (Anthony Hopkins) is sent to investigate the hijacking of five cargo ships in the Irish Sea, tracking the latest hijacked ship—the Nantesville, carrying £8 million in gold bullion—to the Scottish Highlands and the sleepy port town of "Torbay" on the "Isle of Torbay" (patterned after Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull). Posing as marine biologists, Calvert and his partner Hunslett (Corin Redgrave) find the local inhabitants suspicious and hostile. They suspect that Cypriot tycoon and shipping magnate Sir Anthony Skouras (Jack Hawkins), whose luxury yacht Shangri-La is anchored off the coast, may be behind the pirating of the gold bullion. While searching the surrounding area in a Royal Navy Helicopter, Calvert makes contact with a group of remote shark fishermen who appear more friendly than Torbay's locals. Calvert also meet's the occupants of a Castle,

Cast • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Philip Calvert Robert Morley as Uncle Arthur Nathalie Delon as Charlotte Jack Hawkins as Sir Anthony Skouras Corin Redgrave as Hunslett Derek Bond as Lord Charnley Ferdy Mayne as Lavorski Maurice Roëves as Helicopter Pilot Leon Collins as Tim Hutchinson Wendy Allnutt as Sue Kirkside . 30 Production The story is very close to the novel. known as "Uncle Arthur" (Robert Morley). On raising the anchor they find the dead body of Hunslett tied to the anchor. and features some of the same witty dialog . The pirates are expecting them because Charlotte has been transmitting Calvert's plans to them by secret radio. The projected Phillip Calvert series was canceled. whom he has previously encountered and who he suspects killed Hunslett. Calvert escapes from the helicopter after it sinks to the bottom. and some thought that the Bond series would end after his departure).not surprising since MacLean elected to adapt this film himself. Operating out of his yacht. Hopkins was chosen. At midnight (eight bells) the shark fishermen ram the gates of the underground dock with their boat. Kastner considered Michael Jayston and Anthony Hopkins for the role of Calvert. however. The helicopter crashes. He fights and kills one of the divers. after which Calvert lets Charlotte escape with a single bar of gold in her possession. As the helicopter brings Calvert back to Torbay it comes under attack from the shore and the Royal Navy pilot is killed. Some of the twists in the ending have been changed. He then sneaks into the underground dock of the castle where the gold is being offloaded. they combat boarders and make ready for sea. Calvert recruits the shark fishermen to deal with Skouras and his modern day pirates. and Bond film stunt arranger Bob Simmons helped him slim down to become a convincing Royal Naval officer trained as a commando and frogman. Together. They are joined by Skouras' wife.''When Eight Bells Toll (1971 film)'' Lord Kirkside and his teenage daughter. Producer Elliott Kastner hoped that the film would be the first of a series of spy adventures films featuring MacLean's Philip Calvert character by capturing James Bond series fans after the anticipated demise of that series (Sean Connery was believed to be planning to quit the Bond role. shoots the occupants and blows up the boat in vengeance for Hunslett's death. who behave strangely as well as being hostile. Calvert rams it. A fire fight ensues in which the pirates are wiped out. He then secretly enters Kirkside's castle and question's the Lord's daughter. and when a pirate speedboat approaches. Connery returned to the Bond role and appeared in the successful Diamonds Are Forever. When he returns to his research yacht Firecrest he finds Hunslett is missing. Charlotte (Nathalie Delon). discovering that Skouras is an innocent victim whose real wife is being held hostage along with other locals down in the castle's dungeons.. Guessing that the missing bullion ships are being sunk to allow the gold to be offloaded invisibly. Calvert is joined by his boss Sir Arthur Arnford-Jones. explodes and plummets into the sea. Calvert dives in the bay and finds the Nantesville. and an explosive shootout replaces MacLean's original Agatha Christie-style summation. and the Bond series producers decided to continue the series when Connery left.[1] When Eight Bells Tolls' attracted limited viewers.

imdb. Bob Nobody Does It Better: My 25 Years of Stunts With James Bond and Other Stories Blandford 1987 External links • • • • Movie Review at Videovista.com/name/nm0533745/) at the Internet Movie Database .com/work/116515) at Allmovie Alistair MacLean (http://www.''When Eight Bells Toll (1971 film)'' • Peter Arne as Imrie • Oliver MacGreevy as Quinn • Charles Gray uncredited voice of Sir Anthony Skouras 31 Notes [1] Simmons.videovista.imdb.net/reviews/june04/w8bellst.allmovie.net (http://www.com/title/tt0067976/) at the Internet Movie Database When Eight Bells Toll (http://www.html) When Eight Bells Toll (http://www.

Churchill was played by Simon Ward. Ashton. during which he takes part in the cavalry charge at Omdurman. John Mills (as Lord Kitchener). Peter James) and Best Costume Design. John Graysmark. Other actors included Patrick Magee. Anthony Hopkins (as David Lloyd George) and Anne Bancroft as Churchill's mother Jennie. Edward Woodward and Jack Hawkins. The film was written and produced by Carl Foreman and directed by Richard Attenborough. Robert Hardy. during which he is captured and escapes. Best Art Direction (Donald M. Robert Shaw (as Lord Randolph Churchill). The film was based on the book My Early Life: A Roving Commission by Winston Churchill. [2] William Hutchinson. up to the death of his father. Ian Holm. . his experiences as a war correspondent in the Second Boer War. The first part of the film covers Churchill's unhappy schooldays.''Young Winston'' 32 Young Winston Young Winston Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Richard Attenborough Carl Foreman Carl Foreman Simon Ward Robert Shaw Anne Bancroft Anthony Hopkins John Mills Alfred Ralston (includes original music and his arrangements of works by Edward Elgar) [1] Music by Cinematography Gerry Turpin Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Kevin Connor Columbia Pictures July 1972 157 minutes United Kingdom English Young Winston is a 1972 British film based on the early years of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. who was relatively unknown at the time but was supported by a distinguished cast including. and his election to Parliament at the age of 26. Geoffrey Drake. The second half covers his service as a cavalry officer in India and the Sudan. It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Screenplay.

At their meeting Churchill suggested that his book My Early Life would make an excellent film. theatrical release which was 157 minutes. VHS tapes cut the film to just 124 minutes. imdb. The film was made in Morocco and in England. cut from the original U. .com/title/tt0069528/) at the Internet Movie Database . NY Times. The full uncensored version of the film is currently unavailable on DVD.[3] Foreman was impressed by Richard Attenborough's Oh! What a Lovely War and at first wanted him to both direct and play Lord Randolph Churchill. [3] Young Winston promotional booklet External links • Young Winston (http://www. Attenborough declined the latter offer.imdb. References [1] IMDb credits (http:/ / www. com/ movie/ 56012/ Young-Winston/ awards). Retrieved 2008-12-28. Welldon Ian Holm as George E. Everest Laurence Naismith as Lord Salisbury Basil Dignam as Joseph Chamberlain Robert Hardy as Headmaster Production Carl Foreman was invited to meet Winston Churchill after he had seen and enjoyed Foreman's 1961 production of The Guns of Navarone.S. Buckle Anthony Hopkins as David Lloyd George Patrick Magee as General Bindon Blood Edward Woodward as Captain Aylmer Haldane John Mills as General Kitchener Peter Cellier as Captain 35th Sikhs Ronald Hines as Adjutant 35th Sikhs Pat Heywood as Mrs. Release on VHS and DVD At July 2009 the longest edition available on DVD is Young Winston: Special Edition at 146 minutes.''Young Winston'' 33 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Robert Shaw as Lord Randolph Churchill Anne Bancroft as Lady Jennie Churchill Simon Ward as Winston Churchill Jack Hawkins as Mr. nytimes. com/ title/ tt0069528/ fullcredits) [2] "NY Times: Young Winston" (http:/ / movies.

The BBC dramatisation of Tolstoy's epic story of love and loss set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. This 20 episode series began on September 28. heroic Andrei Bolkonsky and David Swift is Napoleon. Conroy's War and Peace had superb cast. This dramatization differs from previous ones in that it preserves many of Tolstoy's "minor" characters — notably Platon Karataev. design and battle sequences. . of episodes Production Running time 15 hours Broadcast Original channel Original run BBC 1972 – 1973 War and Peace is a television dramatization of the Leo Tolstoy novel of War and Peace.''War and Peace (TV series)'' 34 War and Peace (TV series) War and Peace War and Peace TV mini series DVD cover Format Created by Starring Historical fiction David Conroy Anthony Hopkins Alan Dobie Morag Hood Angela Down United Kingdom 20 Country of origin No. Anthony Hopkins heads the cast as the soul-searching Pierre Bezukhov. Morag Hood is the impulsive and beautiful Natasha Rostova. The twenty-part serial was produced by David Conroy. Alan Dobie is the dour. 1972. whose decision to invade Russia in 1812 has far-reaching consequences for Pierre and the Rostov and Bolkonsky families. Scripted by Jack Pulman and directed by John Davies. which were filmed in Yugoslavia. His aim was to transfer the characters and plot from Tolstoy's magnum opus to television drama to run for 15 hours (actually closer to 17). played by Harry Locke.

father of Andrey Bolkonsky Athene Fielding—Mademoiselle Bourienne Barnaby Shaw and Rufus Frampton—Petya Rostov Peter Bathurst—Pfuhl Morris Perry—Joseph Fouché Geoffrey Morris—Napoleon's secretary Michael Gover—General Balashev Toby Bridge—young Nikolenka Bolkonski Neil Stacy—Boris Drubetskoy Anne Blake—Princess Drubetskoya Gary Watson—Denisov Donald Burton—Dolokhov Tony Steedman—Marshal Davout Joseph Wise—Russian officer Colin Baker—Anatole Kuragin Basil Henson—Prince Vasili Kuragin Josie Kidd—Katishe James Appleby—German adjutant Gerard Hely—Prince Murat Michael Billington—Lt. married to Pierre Bezukhov Anthony Jacobs—Prince Nikolay Bolkonsky.''War and Peace (TV series)'' 35 DVD release The series was released in a Region 2 4-DVD boxset by DD Home Entertainment in 2005. written by Andy Priestner. which provides a detailed account of how the series was made. married to Berg Alison Frazer—Princess Lisa Bolkonskya Richard Hurndall—Count Rostopchin John Breslin—Marshal Berthier Pat Gorman—French Sergeant Philip Lowrie—French Captain Edmund Bailey—Prokofy . Cast List • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins—Pierre Bezukhov Alan Dobie—Andrey Nikolayevich Bolkonsky Morag Hood—Natasha Rostova Angela Down—Maria Bolkonskaya Faith Brook—Countess Rostova David Swift—Napoleon Bonaparte Frank Middlemass—Mikhail Kutuzov Sylvester Morand—Nikolai Rostov Joanna David—Sonya Rostova Harry Locke—Platon Karataev Donald Douglas-Tsar Alexander I of Russia John Cazabon—Barclay de Tolly Fiona Gaunt—Helene Kuragin. Berg Will Leighton—Tikhon Patricia Shakesby—Vera Rostova. The set is accompanied by an illustrated booklet.

com/ title/ tt0069654/ .''War and Peace (TV series)'' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Hugh Cross—Mitenka Richard Poore—French messenger Barbara Young—Anna Scherer Karin MacCarthy—Julie Karagin Maurice Quick—Pavel Roy Spencer—Timohin Hubert Cross—Gen. imdb. Rapp Geoffrey Denton—Host Tenniel Evans—Prince Bagration Gordon Faith—Galitsyn John Lawrence—Anna's guest Judith Pollard—Olga Edith Sharpe—Madame Scherer Tony Caunter—French Corporal Erik Chitty—Gerasim 36 External links • War and Peace [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

Anne-Marie Anna Massey .Old Woman Mark Summerfield .''A Doll's House (1973 Garland film)'' 37 A Doll's House (1973 Garland film) A Doll's House US Theatrical Poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Patrick Garland Hillard Elkins Christopher Hampton Claire Bloom Anthony Hopkins John Barry Cinematography Arthur Ibbetson Editing by Distributed by John Glen EMI Films (UK) Paramount Pictures (USA theatrical) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (DVD) May 22.Dr.Ivar . Rank Denholm Elliott . directed by Patrick Garland.Nora Helmer Anthony Hopkins .Nils Krogstad Edith Evans . 1973 (US) 105 minutes United Kingdom English Release date(s) Running time Country Language A Doll's House is a 1973 British movie.Bob Daphne Riggs .Torvald Helmer Ralph Richardson . It is based on Henrik Ibsen's 1879 play A Doll's House. Cast • • • • • • • • • • Claire Bloom .Helen Kimberley Hampton .Kristine Linde Helen Blatch .

''A Doll's House (1973 Garland film)'' • Stefanie Summerfield . com/ title/ tt0069987/ [2] http:/ / www. imdb. com/ work/ 14228 .Emmy 38 External links • A Doll's House [1] at the Internet Movie Database • A Doll's House [2] at Allmovie References [1] http:/ / www. allmovie.

imdb. allmovie. USA English The Girl from Petrovka is a 1974 feature film starring Goldie Hawn and Hal Holbrook. External links • The Girl from Petrovka [1] at the Internet Movie Database • The Girl from Petrovka [2] at Allmovie References [1] http:/ / www.''The Girl from Petrovka'' 39 The Girl from Petrovka The Girl from Petrovka 1974 movie poster Directed by Produced by Written by Robert Ellis Miller David Brown Richard D. com/ title/ tt0071554/ [2] http:/ / www. 1974 103 min. based on the novel by George Feifer. com/ work/ 19816 . Zanuck Chris Bryant Allan Scott based on the novel by George Feifer Goldie Hawn Hal Holbrook Anthony Hopkins Henry Mancini Starring Music by Cinematography Vilmos Zsigmond Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Universal Pictures August 22.

This four-part novel highlights the events leading to a life-shattering libel trial in the United Kingdom. "Nobody's going to win this trial. by barristers Mavis M. a doctor pressed into the service of the Nazis after Poland was overrun in World War II. The plaintiff did not take this money and therefore even though he won the case he was required to pay the costs because . as more evidence comes to light in the trial. a Polish physician who worked at Auschwitz. Kelno. it is impossible to tell who will be able to resist. And the novel ends with the start of the Six-Day War in which the defendant's son. In this case the defendant paid £500 into court and made a further offer of two pounds in settlement. [1] (Costs of £20. he is staunchly defended. The plaintiff is Adam Kelno. he and the publishing house are sued for libel. Abraham Cady. He'd been a reporter and a writer of screenplays before and after the war." since he realizes that. several of whom cite the plaintiff as the source of their suffering. a defendant may pay money into court and the plaintiff may take that money on settlement of the case. and one of his books documents the experiences of concentration camp survivors. Kelno turned him to a eunuch.''QB VII'' 40 QB VII QB VII by Leon Uris was a best seller published in 1970. As head physician in a concentration camp. When he publishes a line to this effect in his latest book. London. in order to promote settlements. Hill and Norman Williams. 1965). Part four is set in one of Her Majesty's courtrooms (Queen's Bench. Courtroom Seven of the title) where this trial is played out. he becomes a naturalized citizen of the United Kingdom and serves for several years in a free medical clinic in Borneo. The lawsuit and trial against Leon Uris was documented in Auschwitz in England MacGibbon & Kee. but. served overseas in World War II and recovered in England. The judge is not allowed to know how much money has been paid into court by the defendant.000 were awarded against him). is killed in combat. The novel is loosely based on a libel action brought against Uris himself by Dr Wladislaw Dering. even though most people think that they could resist the pressure that could arise in a concentration camp. which resulted in Dr Dering being awarded a half-penny damages. the whole novel seems to indict the plaintiff for collaborating. citing "fifteen thousand" as subject of surgery without anaesthesia by Dr. as opposed to the claimed fifteen thousand. After the war. The case is reported as Dering v Uris (no2)[1964] 2 QB 669. which ends with the famous violinist Pieter Van Damm revealing that Dr. who emigrated to Israel. while the defendant is guilty of a minor exaggeration since only one thousand surgeries could be vindicated from evidence. As the defendant says before the verdict is read. Upon resuming private practice. Under the rules of court in England and Australia a litigant who loses a case generally pays the costs of the other party. At first. in relation to his previous novel Exodus. his past is revealed. In effect. Plot summary Parts one and two concern the plaintiff and the defendant in this trial and take us through their lives before meeting in 1967. the smallest possible amount at the time. The defendant. The jury finds for the plaintiff and awards him one halfpenny in damages—the lowest amount that could (then) be awarded for damages in Britain. However. the doctor is confronted with allegations that he collaborated with the Nazis and performed ghastly medical experiments for them. we're all losers. Part three deals with the defendant's search to vindicate his information. he has the opportunity to save many prisoners from the gas chambers.

Parmentier Jack Hawkins : Justice Gilroy . The poster for the series shows a gavel. it was produced by Douglas S. Adapted to the screen by Edward Anhalt. Cast: • • • • • • • • • • • • Ben Gazzara : Abe Cady Anthony Hopkins : Dr. it was also the last program under the Screen Gems banner. The series was nominated for thirteen Emmy Awards. 1974 – 1974 QB VII was made into an American television six-and-a-half hour miniseries produced by Screen Gems. 41 Television miniseries QB VII Format Created by Starring Country of origin Miniseries Leon Uris Ben Gazzara Anthony Hopkins  United States Production Executive producer(s) Douglas S. winning six. Cramer and directed by Tom Gries. Cramer Running time 390 minutes Broadcast Original channel Original run ABC April 29. Adam Kelno Leslie Caron : Angela Kelno Lee Remick : Lady Margaret Alexander Weidman Juliet Mills : Samantha Cady Dan O'Herlihy : David Shawcross Robert Stephens : Robert Highsmith Anthony Quayle : Tom Banniester Milo O'Shea : Dr. Stanislaus Lotaki John Gielgud : Clinton-Meek Edith Evans : Dr. Morrison. The original music was written by Jerry Goldsmith and the cinematography by Paul Beeson and Robert L.[2] It began airing on ABC on April 29.''QB VII'' the damages were less than £502. 1974. but British judges do not use gavels.

''QB VII'' • • • • • • • • • Judy Carne : Natalie Kristoffer Tabori : Ben Cady Joseph Wiseman : Morris Cady Anthony Andrews : Stephen Kelno Signe Hasso : Lena Kronska Sam Jaffe : Dr. com/ title/ tt0071039/ trivia) External links • QB VII (http://www.com/title/tt0071039/) at the Internet Movie Database . Mark Tessler Alan Napier : Semple Grégoire Aslan : Sheik Hassan Lana Wood : Sue Scanlon 42 See also • List of Holocaust films References [1] New York Times Obituary article quoted by NCSJ (http:/ / www. shtml) [2] Internet Movie Database -QB VII (http:/ / www.imdb. imdb. org/ AuxPages/ 062503NYTimes_Uris. ncsj.

Picker Productions and released in 1974 by United Artists. soliciting extras who would take a lengthy cruise in the . Advertisements were run in British papers. who took over after directors Bryan Forbes and Don Medford each left the project in pre-production. Before the Soviets began operating the ship for paying passengers. the Soviet Union's hammer and sickle emblem in the funnel and bow replaced by the logo of the fictitious Sovereign Line. Alan Plater Richard Harris. and the ship was renamed the Britannic. David Hemmings. Lester completely rewrote the script with writer Alan Plater.''Juggernaut (film)'' 43 Juggernaut (film) Juggernaut original film poster by Robert McCall Directed by Produced by Written by Richard Lester Richard Alan Simmons as Richard DeKoker Richard Alan Simmons as Richard DeKoker. they chartered it to the film company. It was produced by David V. The film was directed by Richard Lester. Clifton James Ken Thorne Antony Gibbs Starring Music by Editing by Distributed by United Artists Release date(s) September 25. Shirley Knight. The film was shot mainly aboard a real cruise ship. Omar Sharif. Anthony Hopkins. 1974 Running time Country Language 109 minutes United Kingdom English Juggernaut is a 1974 British disaster film. as he recounts to biographer Andrew Yule. unhappy with the new script. had himself credited as Richard DeKoker on the finished film. Producer/Writer Richard Alan Simmons. The Black Sea Shipping Company livery carried by the Maxim Gorkiy was altered. On taking over the film. Ian Holm. SS Hamburg had recently been sold by its German owners to the Soviet Union and renamed SS Maxim Gorkiy.

Because the charter of the ship was negotiated as oil prices skyrocketed in February 1974. the British government informs Porter that if he pays the ransom. 44 Plot summary The story revolves around a fictitious cruise liner. Fallon's team will defuse one barrel each. the SS Britannic. if two more bombs go off. Juggernaut tells Porter he has placed seven barrels of amatol (high explosive) aboard the Britannic that will explode and sink the ship by dawn the following day.''Juggernaut (film)'' North Sea for free. Details of how to render the bombs safe will be sent in exchange for a ransom of five hundred thousand pounds sterling. John McCleod (Anthony Hopkins). his men will know what went wrong.200 passengers on board (the seas are too rough to abandon ship). Meanwhile. To show he is serious. Porter is all for paying the ransom and saving the 1. Juggernaut arranges a demonstration. Fallon goes to his backup plan. When the ship is in the middle of the Atlantic. Anthony Fallon (Richard Harris) and his team must parachute into the Atlantic. However. a series of small explosions on the Britannic's bridge that seriously injures two crewmen. the ship will sink. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Richard Harris as Lieutenant Commander Anthony Fallon Omar Sharif as Captain Alex Brunel David Hemmings as Charlie Braddock Anthony Hopkins as Superintendent John McLeod Shirley Knight as Barbara Bannister Ian Holm as Nicholas Porter Clifton James as Corrigan Roy Kinnear as Social Director Curtain Caroline Mortimer as Susan McLeod Mark Burns as Hollingsworth John Stride as Hughes Freddie Jones as Sidney Buckland Julian Glover as Commander Marder Jack Watson as Chief Engineer Mallicent Roshan Seth as Azad . (Ian Holm). Instead. If he fails and the bomb explodes. receives a phone call from a man with a lilting Irish accent who refers to himself only as Juggernaut. The barrels are booby-trapped and any attempt to defuse them will result in an explosion. as the story demanded seas too rough for the lifeboats to be lowered. whose wife and two children are on board the Britannic leads the efforts on land to find Juggernaut. a bomb disposal expert. the owner of the shipping line. Lt. board the Britannic and defuse the barrels before the deadline. Fallon will defuse the first bomb. trapping the passengers on board. Cmdr. However. the Soviets ended up losing money on the deal. Supt. they will withdraw his company's operating subsidy. After an attempt to defuse one of the bombs by robot fails. but with the knowledge that the ship would actually seek out the worst possible weather. informing his men of each move.

''Juggernaut (film)'' 45 Origin of story The film was inspired by a real event in May 1972 in which the QE2 suffered a bomb threat that turned out to be a hoax. com/ title/ tt0071706/ . imdb. External links • Juggernaut [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

Siegfried Farnon. comprising Herriot's first two novels. directed by Claude Whatham. first published in 1972. was derived from a punning suggestion by Herriot's daughter. Music The film's incidental music was by Wilfred Josephs. It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet was made in 1975. based on the book All Creatures Great and Small. for example. while Lisa Harrow returned as Helen.''All Creatures Great and Small (film)'' 46 All Creatures Great and Small (film) All Creatures Great and Small Directed by Written by Starring Claude Whatham James Herriot (book) Hugh Whitemore (script) Simon Ward Anthony Hopkins Brian Stirner Lisa Harrow Distributed by EMI Films Release date(s) 27 July 1975 Running time Country Language 87 minutes United Kingdom English All Creatures Great and Small is a 1975 television film. John Alderton took over the role of James and Colin Blakely that of Siegfried. Cast Simon Ward starred as James Herriot. focused very much on James. DVD The film has been released on DVD for both Region 2 PAL and Region 1 NTSC. If Only They Could Talk and It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet. Sequel A second film. The film was directed by Eric Till from a script by Alan Plater. by James Herriot. a speech he makes early in the film rebuking James for refusing to attend a call during the middle of the night is delivered straight. The book is a compilation volume. Anthony Hopkins as Herriot's eccentric employer. while in the book it was highly hypocritical. a line from the hymn "All Things Bright and Beautiful". who thought the volume should be titled Ill Creatures Great and Small. Helen. Brian Stirner as Farnon's errant younger brother Tristan. and played down Siegfried's eccentricity. and Lisa Harrow as James's love-interest and then wife. Script The script by Hugh Whitemore. The title. . as Siegfried himself had earlier told James that he was 'spoiling' the farmers by coming out at all hours.

com/title/tt0071118/) at the Internet Movie Database .worldofjamesherriot.''All Creatures Great and Small (film)'' 47 References • Official James Herriot Website (http://www.imdb.org/) External links • All Creatures Great and Small (http://www.

but dismisses her symptoms. and then tumbles down a flight of stairs. fast cars. April 22. Steele convinces her the ailments she is experiencing are serious and potentially life-threatening. and too much smoking and drinking. The screenplay by Casey Robinson was based on the unsuccessful 1934 play of the same title by George Brewer and Bertram Bloch. Wallis Casey Robinson Based on the play by George Brewer and Bertram Bloch Bette Davis George Brent Max Steiner Cinematography Ernest Haller Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language William Holmes Warner Bros. who refers her to a specialist.''Dark Victory'' 48 Dark Victory Dark Victory Poster promoting Oscar nominations Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Edmund Goulding Hal B. her secretary/best friend Ann King (Geraldine Fitzgerald) insists she see the family doctor. where he plans to devote his time to brain cell research and scientific study on their growth. hedonistic Long Island socialite/heiress with a passion for horses. 1939 104 minutes United States English Dark Victory is a 1939 American drama film directed by Edmund Goulding. and puts his career plans on hold to tend to her. She initially ignores severe headaches and brief episodes of dizziness and double vision. but when she uncharacteristically takes a spill while riding. . Vermont. Warner Bros. who is cold and openly antagonistic toward him. carefree. Dr. She shows signs of short-term memory loss. He reluctantly agrees to see Judith. Plot synopsis Judith Traherne (Bette Davis) is a young. Frederick Steele (George Brent) is in the midst of closing his New York City office in preparation of a move to Brattleboro.

and Judith. The end will be painless but swift . Frederick Steele Geraldine Fitzgerald as Ann King Humphrey Bogart as Michael O'Leary Henry Travers as Dr. Steele opts to keep the diagnosis a secret and assures Judith and Ann the surgery was a success. who admits the truth. Driscoll Fay Helm as Miss Dodd Lottie Williams as Lucy . confronts her about her unruly behavior and she confesses she is dying. Carter Leonard Mudie as Dr. and with the man she loves. One day.''Dark Victory'' When diagnostic tests confirm his suspicions. Then. Steele discovers the tumor cannot be completely removed. Judith agrees to surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. after bidding Ann. dignified. Steele is scheduled to present his most recent medical findings (which hold out the long-term prospect of a cure for this type of cancer) in New York. Judith breaks off the engagement and reverts to her former lifestyle. all of them confirming Steele's prognosis. Parsons Ronald Reagan as Alec Hamm Cora Witherspoon as Carrie Dorothy Peterson as Miss Wainwright Virginia Brissac as Martha Charles Richman as Colonel Mantle Herbert Rawlinson as Dr. making an excuse to remain home. and the two marry and move to Vermont. While helping his assistant pack the office prior to their departure for Vermont. who for years has loved her from afar. Their conversation convinces her she should spend her final months Ronald Reagan and Bette Davis (center. She and Judith are in the garden planting bulbs when Judith comments on how odd it is she still feels the heat of the sun under the rapidly darkening skies. Ann comes to visit. She agrees to remain silent. and realizes she has less than a year to live. We see her face and the image blurs to grey. and her dogs farewell. helps him pack and sends him off. Judith and Steele become involved romantically and eventually engaged. she climbs the stairs.) Three months later. She realizes she actually is losing her vision and approaching the end. In order to allow her a few more months of happiness. Judith discovers her case history file containing letters from several doctors. her housekeeper Martha (Virginia Brissac). her stablehand Michael O'Leary (Humphrey Bogart). lies down on her bed. and just before her death O'Leary admits she was correct. Ann is suspicious and confronts Steele. She apologizes to the film's trailer Steele. (Throughout the film Judith and O'Leary engage in arguments about the prospects of a colt. Challenger. 49 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bette Davis as Judith Traherne George Brent as Dr.shortly after experiencing total blindness. Assuming Steele was marrying her out of pity. left to right) in happy. O'Leary insists Challenger will never make a racehorse while Judith sees him as a future champion. Judith will pass away.

Davis had recently ended affairs with William Wyler and Howard Hughes and her husband Ham Nelson had filed for divorce. but Miss Fitzgerald has added a sentient and touching portrayal of the friend. which ran for 51 performances at the Plymouth Theatre. Producer Hal Wallis responded. "I've seen the rushes . and the two embarked on an affair that continued throughout filming and for a year after. claiming she was too sick to continue. Another scene for the ending was filmed but ultimately deemed anticlimactic and not used.. and George Brent. who had just divorced Ruth Chatterton. who was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score for both this and Gone with the Wind. The film itself lost the Academy Award for Best Picture to Gone with the Wind. The film premiered at Radio City Music Hall. as the surgeon. 1952. the craftsmanship too expert. After Judith's death. her horse was seen winning a race. The scene met with negative response with sneak preview audiences and was cut. Dark Victory was the eighth on-screen teaming of Bette Davis and George Brent. Give Me Time for Tenderness" sung by Judith was written by Edmund Goulding and Elsie Janis.[7] . is — dare we say? — surprisingly self-contained and mature. naturally. Miss Davis. The mood is too poignant. Nugent observed: "A completely cynical appraisal would dismiss it all as emotional flim-flam. But it is impossible to be that cynical about it. lost to Herbert Stothart for The Wizard of Oz. but Garbo chose to play the lead in Anna Karenina instead."[6] The film was included at #32 in AFI's 100 Years. This once we must run the risk of being called a softy: we won't dismiss Dark Victory with a self-defensive sneer. Frank S. the performances too honest. David O. The voice of Vera Van was dubbed for Davis.stay sick!" She found comfort with Brent. Awards and nominations Bette Davis was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress but lost to Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind.. has dominated — and quite properly — her film.[3] Reception In his review in the New York Times. a heartless play upon tender hearts by a playwright and company well versed in the dramatic uses of going blind and improvising on Camille. and after the first few days of filming she begged to be released from her contract. Selznick wanted to cast Greta Garbo in Dark Victory. 100 Passions. a Rolls-Royce of the weepie world."[4] Variety called the film "intense drama" and "a nicely produced offering [with] Bette Davis in a powerful and impressive role.''Dark Victory'' 50 Production Tallulah Bankhead starred as Judith Traherne in the 1934 Broadway production. Max Steiner. and her stablehand Michael (Humphrey Bogart) was shown crying. Adaptions On March 6.[2] The tune "Oh."[5] Time Out London critic Tom Milne writes: "[Davis] and [director Edmund] Goulding almost transform the soap into style. CBS Radio's Hollywood On Stage aired a condensed 30 minute version starring Barbara Stanwyck and David Brian.[1] In 1935.

variety. London: Time Out Group.allmovie. portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. 2005 issue. Michael Grant. References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Dark Victory at the Internet Broadway Database (http:/ / www. timeout. Christopher Plummer. it was remade under its original title as an NBC television movie starring Elizabeth Montgomery as television producer Katherine Merrill under the care of Dr. cgi?ProgramName=Hollywood+ Sound+ Stage External links • Dark Victory (http://www. the film was remade as Stolen Hours with Susan Hayward.imdb. com/ production. com/ movie/ review?res=9E03E7DE113CE73ABC4951DFB2668382629EDE) Variety review (http:/ / www. the film was remade under its original title for a TV adaptation for the Broadway Television Theatre starring Sylvia Sidney.''Dark Victory'' 51 Remakes In 1963. jsp?stid=586& category=Articles) DVD audio commentary by film historian James Ursini and CNN film critic Paul Clinton. asp?ID=10417) Dark Victory at Turner Classic Movies (http:/ / www. In 1952. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) Time Out London review (http:/ / www. Warner Home Video New York Times review (http:/ / movies. and Ian Keith. com/ film/ reviews/ 64988/ dark-victory. tcm. 2008. Time Out Film Guide 2009. com/ review/ VE1117790247. com/ tcmdb/ title. ibdb.jsp?stid=586) at the TCM Movie Database • Dark Victory (http://www.com/title/tt0031210/) at the Internet Movie Database • Dark Victory (http://tcmdb. com/ cgi-local/ p2. p242 [7] http:/ / radiogoldindex. html).com/title/title. The time frame was updated and the locale changed to England. In 1976. nytimes.com/work/1:12394) at Allmovie .

Cast • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Yitzhak Rabin Burt Lancaster as Shimon Peres Elizabeth Taylor as Edra Vilnofsky Richard Dreyfuss as Col. US English Victory at Entebbe is a made-for-television film from 1976 based on an actual event: Operation Entebbe and the freeing of Israeli hostages at Entebbe Airport (now Entebbe International Airport) in Uganda. Yoni Netanyahu Julius Harris as Idi Amin Kirk Douglas as Hershel Vilnofsky Theodore Bikel as Yakov Shlomo Linda Blair as Chana Vilnofsky Stefan Gierasch as Gen. Burt Lancaster. and was directed by Marvin J. Uganda. 1976 (USA) 119 min. Chomsky. Chomsky Robert Guenette Ernest Kinoy Anthony Hopkins Burt Lancaster Elizabeth Taylor Richard Dreyfuss Julius Harris Charles Fox Music by Cinematography Jim Kilgore Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language ABC December 13. The film starred Anthony Hopkins. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Dreyfuss. Gur . The airport is Uganda's main airport and is situated near the capital city of Kampala.''Victory at Entebbe'' 52 Victory at Entebbe Victory at Entebbe Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Marvin J.

''Victory at Entebbe'' • • • • Harris Yulin as Gen. Shomron Helen Hayes as Etta Grossman Wise Helmut Berger as German terrorist Jessica Walter as Nomi Haroun 53 External links • Victory at Entebbe [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. imdb. com/ title/ tt0075391/ .

1977 176 minutes USA/UK English.000 $50. Levine Productions United Artists June 15.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' 54 A Bridge Too Far (1977 film) A Bridge Too Far original film poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Starring Richard Attenborough Joseph E. It was produced by Joseph E. Levine William Goldman A Bridge Too Far by Cornelius Ryan Dirk Bogarde James Caan Michael Caine Sean Connery Edward Fox Anthony Hopkins Gene Hackman Hardy Krüger Laurence Olivier Robert Redford Maximilian Schell John Addison Music by Cinematography Geoffrey Unsworth. Dutch. German.000. BSC Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Antony Gibbs Joseph E.750. Levine and Richard P.[1] .000 A Bridge Too Far is a 1977 epic war film based on the 1974 book of the same name by Cornelius Ryan. Polish $22. adapted by William Goldman. Levine Richard P. Levine and directed by Richard Attenborough.

is responsible for the road and bridges from the north side of Eindhoven to the south side of the Meuse River at Grave. the last major river between the Allies and the German heartland. 55 Plot Introduction and planning The film begins with a montage of archival film footage narrated by a Dutch woman. U. of airborne troops. 82nd. under Major-General Robert E. are to cross the Maas-Schelde Canal on the north side of Lommel and push up the road."[3] and confidently suggests that "We shall seize the bridges . Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt (Wolfgang Preiss) arrives in the Netherlands and discovers he has few resources in men or equipment and morale is very poor.S.S. and hold them until they can be secured"[4] by the 20. and seizure of the bridge will allow vast Allied armies to turn east into Germany. deputy commander of the First Allied Airborne Army. part of the Dutch resistance underground. The largest airborne assault ever attempted. D-Day had come and gone and the Allies are bogged down by overextended supply lines. near Lommel. Arnhem's bridge crosses the Lower Rhine. each of whom had competing plans for ending the war quickly. to Arnhem. and linking. observes the German withdrawal toward Germany and awaits the impending arrival of Allied forces. Sean Connery. including the road bridge over the Lower Rhine at Arnhem. Taylor (Paul Maxwell)."[2] The ensemble cast includes Dirk Bogarde. Operation Market Garden envisions 35.with thunderclap surprise. A Dutch family. . the operation's architect. along with his 13-year old son (Erik van 't Wout). keep careful notes of German troops evacuating throughout Arnhem. 1944. 101st. and being the first to get to Berlin. who is to work his way east along the banks of the river. The name for the film comes from an unconfirmed comment made by British Lieutenant-General Frederick Browning. with the main objective of Allied armour outflanking the Siegfried Line at its northern extremity. Elliot Gould. just north of Nijmegen. over which XXX Corps can pass. The British 1st Airborne. and finally British 1st. XXX Corps. Patton and British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' The film tells the story of the failure of Operation Market Garden during World War II. General George S. information he will later pass on to the Dutch resistance. with the U. The 82nd Airborne Division. Eisenhower chose Montgomery's Operation Market Garden. and Maximilian Schell. James Caan. under Major General Maxwell D. Hardy Krüger. Gene Hackman. and spearheaded by Lieutenant-Colonel John Ormsby Evelyn Vandeleur (Michael Caine) on point. "We're going to lay a carpet. before the operation. and take and hold the north side of the Lower Rhine River to the bridge at Arnhem. The music was scored by John Addison. at the Lower Rhine River bridge. in the occupied Netherlands. Kate ter Horst (Liv Ullmann). Eisenhower had to decide between U.000 men being flown 300 miles from air bases in England and being dropped as much as 64 miles behind enemy lines in the Netherlands. Gavin (Ryan O'Neal) is responsible for the bridge crossing the Maas. The plan is to begin in seven days time. The underground resistance leader (Siem Vroom). The 101st Airborne Division. as quickly as possible. Under political pressure. Polish Major General Stanisław Sosabowski (Gene Hackman) will lead the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade to secure the south side of the Lower Rhine and make contact with Lieutenant-Colonel John Dutton Frost (Anthony Hopkins). under Brigadier General James M. Laurence Olivier. lead by Lieutenant-General Brian Horrocks (Edward Fox). Robert Redford. with Lieutenant-General Frederick Browning (Dirk Bogarde) saying. "I think we may be going a bridge too far. as it were. who told Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.it's all a question of bridges .S. and Second Battalion. Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. with XXX Corps reaching Arnhem two days after the drop. Hooking up. who served with XXX Corps during Market Garden. Urquhart (Sean Connery) is to land northwest of Oosterbeek.000 vehicles led by XXX Corps. describing the state of affairs five years into the war. Michael Caine. the Allies are advancing but have paused in Belgium. Anthony Hopkins. the Allied attempt to break through German lines and seize several bridges. Edward Fox. and from the north side of the Maas to the north side of the Waal River bridge. In September.

but trucks and tanks have to squeeze to the shoulder to pass.F briefing officer's (Jeremy Kemp) uniform insignia and says "Just making sure whose side you're on. off the front lines. stating that he is being forced to act under Browning's order in case his men are massacred. Major Fuller's concerns are brushed off and he is actually removed from duty. after which he voices his deep doubts that the plan can work. they keep a "stiff upper lip" and do not question their orders. is the use of gliders to bring in a special reconnaissance squadron with Jeeps. held and then secured by ground forces. Browning does not want to be the one to tell Montgomery of any doubts because 16 consecutive previous airborne drop operations have been cancelled. Browning lays out that if any one group fails. They will have to land in an open area eight miles (13 km) from the bridge. laying out the bridges that will be taken by the paratroopers. A young British intelligence officer. 56 . and also ignores the confirmation reports from the Dutch underground. approximately three to six feet. Major Robert Steele (Stephen Moore) thinks that the water and trees of Holland will cause the radios not to work." In a briefing led by General Urquhart. Polish Major General Sosabowski remains silent during the Market Garden command briefing.A. Arnhem must be reached within 2–3 days. Cole's superior. SS-Lieutenant General Wilhelm Bittrich's (Maximilian Schell) II SS Panzer Corps (includes 9th SS and 10th SS Panzer divisions) is due for a rest. As British officers. causing anything moving on the road to stand out. but of course they have to make the best of it. Lieutenant-General Browning. Lieutenant Cole (Peter Settelen) who used the radio equipment in the desert of North Africa. it is quite clear that German tanks are present at Arnhem. Sosabowski walks up to check the R. The Dutch teenager manages to pass through German lines and discovers that Field Marshal Model is at the German command HQ. the overall plan is outlined. Rundstedt suggest they be pulled back to Arnhem and Model agrees. As with most others with doubts about the mission. to allow another low-level reconnaissance mission of the Arnhem area. Everyone at the briefing is surprised they are going to attempt a landing so far from the bridge. At the XXX Corps briefing. American command worries about parachuting in daylight (no major daylight drop had been previously attempted) but note it is a "no-moon period" anyway. the entire operation fails. Learning that a German Panzer division might be near the Arnhem area. tells that the key for the eight mile distance from the drop zone to the bridge. But. the last means of escape for the German forces in the Netherlands and an excellent route to Germany for Allied forces who hope to finish the war by Christmas.[5] His request is granted. and informed by a British doctor (Gerald Sim) whose diagnosis is that the officer is too stressed to perform his duties. asks the British commander. British technical support preparing the portable radios for the mission note they are not likely to work for the long distance from the drop zone to the Arnhem bridge. It is passable for two regular cars. British commanders planning the drop note that they are badly short of transport aircraft and the area near Arnhem is ill-suited for a landing. This follows after he disagrees with the general consensus among the British top brass that resistance will consist entirely of "Hitler Youth or old men". Browning speculates that the tanks are not in fully serviceable condition. an important bit of information for the underground. had no trouble with it. Major Fuller (Frank Grimes). and mounted with twin Vickers machine guns. intelligence officer Major Fuller brings the reconnaissance photos to General Browning. The road is also elevated. Sosabowski thinks about asking for a letter from General Browning. The major road that connects Lommel with Arnhem (Lommel-Valkenswaard-Eindhoven-Son-Veghel-Uden-Grave-Nijmegen-Elst-Arnhem) is only a single highway linking the various key bridges. they choose not to rock the boat and do not convey their concerns up the chain of command.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' Field Marshal von Rundstedt and Field Marshal Walter Model (Walter Kohut) agree that American General Patton will be chosen to invade the Netherlands. dismisses the photos. It is the crucial bridge. His is one of two dissident voices that are shuttled aside but correctly forecast defeat. Speed is the vital factor. describing 1st British Airborne plan at Arnhem.

They attempt to reinforce the British in Arnhem. which was determined to have been 90% successful by a satisfied Montgomery. After arriving. Urquhart manages to escape capture with less than two thousand of his troops. and they do not arrive in Eindhoven when planned. When a German soldier captures the actual plans for Market Garden from an abandoned glider. never took place. and assemble quickly. and forced to ward off a second.”. Most of the men come down in soft. It takes 36 hours to bring up Bailey bridge equipment and construct a bridge. British Armour continues to fight its way up the corridor. The advance is also curtailed by the narrow highway. Halliwell Halliwell explained what Harmel wants. Frost's British paratroopers do take and occupy part of Arnhem around the bridge. allowing XXX Corp to progress. Model brushes them off as fake. with the special Jeeps (with Vickers machine guns). the Germans attempt to destroy it. but are isolated can only hold so long. Jerry [the Germans] will get the message sooner or later. meaning no contact can be made with either paratroopers moving into Arnhem or XXX Corp. but fail. To make matters worse. “If it’s all the same to you. as is portrayed in the movie. either doesn't arrive by gliders at all or are shot up in an ambush. as they were not expecting to fight two SS Panzer Divisions. is forced to perform a dangerous daylight river crossing in flimsy canvas-and-wood assault boats. ploughed fields. they gun down several Polish troops during their drop. and there is little to no resistance. As the 506th PIR of the 101st. There. Instead Brigadeführer Heinz Harmel. troubles beset Urquhart's division. Frost gave Halliwell a message for Harmel to “Go to hell. Operation ends After securing Nijmegen Bridge. but the demolition charges do not go off. The dialogue between Frost and Bittrich's adjutant requesting surrender. They are only able to get a few men across to reinforce the British. and the supply drop zones are overrun by the Germans. it makes no difference: the XXX Corps' progress is still slow and the Germans close in on the 1st Airborne. much to General Gavin's disappointment. approaches the bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal. Urquhart is separated from his men. but is hopelessly delayed by various events. as you know. Finally Sosabowski's troops enter the battle. As the British cross the bridge. thinking that the Allies must be trying to capture him personally. led by US Major Julian Cook (Robert Redford). more devastating attack. and sent him into the British perimeter to request that Frost surrender his forces. realise the situation and send forces to reinforce Nijmegen and Arnhem. the airborne drops catch the Germans totally by surprise. Browning replies "Well. XXX Corps waits several hours for its infantry forces to finish securing the town. XXX Corps meets up with the 82nd Airborne Division. at Son (Zon). Much of the special reconnaissance squadron. Bittrich and his subordinate. and getting a reply the paratroopers do not have the facilities to accept German surrender. With the Germans fully alert. selected a British prisoner. the remainder are forced to stay behind and give themselves up. Model." . After days of house-to-house fighting in Arnhem. but they are still hard-pressed. General Ludwig (Hardy Krüger). General Gavin (Ryan O'Neal) breaks two discs in his back during his landing. led by Colonel Robert Stout (Elliott Gould). The men were more likely to get hit by falling equipment than get shot by the Germans. Urquhart confronts Browning about his personal feeling about the operation. lead by Freddie Gough. Their radio sets are also useless. However. soon after landing. The initial German attack on the paratroopers at the bridge is repelled with many German casualties. but not the Waal Bridge at Nijmegen. commander of the 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg. German 88 mm guns blow the bridge up in their face. However. part of the division. When asked if he thinks the operations went well. Sergeant Stanley [6] . who have taken the Grave bridge.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' 57 Operation begins The initial phases of Market Garden go as planned. Meanwhile. doesn't think about the bridge. many of the paratroopers are either captured or forced to withdraw. with paratroops versus crack SS infantry and Panzers. Colonel. but still knows they will be able to repel the lightly-armed paratroopers. Halliwell then told Frost. Expected German resistance begins slowing XXX Corps' progress immediately. but panics and retreats from Arnhem. The drop for the 101st was the best they had during the war. I’ll stay.”[7] Operation Market Garden has failed. I always felt we tried to go a bridge too far.

502PIR. 1st Parachute Brigade. Stanisław Sosabowski. 3rd Battalion (Infantry). Arie D. Polish 1st Independent Airborne Brigade. CO. British Army stationed at the HQ located in Moor Park Golf Club. 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment. 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Hertfordshire. 2nd Parachute Battalion. Weaver (based on Graeme Warrack) Colin Farrell Richard Kane British Army Senior Medical Officer. Julian Cook RAF meteorologist officer Capt. 1st Parachute Brigade. The Irish Guards. James Gavin Maj. 101st Airborne Division [11] CO. Company F. John Frost Brig. Col. Gen. 2nd Battalion (Armoured). The Irish Guards. England Jeremy Kemp Nicholas Campbell Paul Copley [18] Capt. Arnhem . Army at the bridge across the Maas river in Grave. Polish Armed Forces CO. England RAF. 2nd Parachute Battalion. British Army. Wicks [19] Batman to Lt. XXX [8] Vandeleur Corps. 1st Airborne Division Donald Douglas Brigadier Gerald Lathbury Keith Drinkel Lieutenant Cornish (based on Captain Eric Mackay. Col. U. GOC. Carlyle (based on Maj.E. Lt.) Corporal Hancock Col. 504th PIR. The Guards Armoured Division.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' 58 Cast and roles Allies Actor Dirk Bogarde James Caan Michael Caine Role Lieutenant-General Frederick "Boy" Browning Staff Sergeant Eddie Dohun (based on Charles Dohun) Notes GOC I British Airborne Corps. CO. British Army at Nijmegen runner for Captain LeGrand King "Legs" Johnson. Allison Digby Tatham-Warter) Maj. 82nd Airborne. U. Fuller (based on Brian Urquhart) RAF briefing officer [16] CO. British Army at the Main Dressing Station in the Schoonoord Hotel of the Oosterbeek Perimeter . Arnhem [9] GOC.S. Col. fictional [12] [13] . Robert Stout (based on Robert Sink) Maj. British Army in Arnhem. 9th Parachute Sqdn R. British Second Army [10] CO. (based on Captain LeGrand King "Legs" Johnson) Pvt. Michael Byrne Sean Connery Edward Fox Elliot Gould Gene Hackman Anthony Hopkins Ryan O'Neal Robert Redford Denholm Elliott Peter Faber Liaison officer with the 82nd Airborne Division. Giles Vandeleur Major General Roy Urquhart Lt. 1st Airborne Division. 1st Airborne Division. Gen. Lathbury made a complete recovery and escaped captivity during Operation Pegasus. XXX Corps . British Army [17] G-2 (Intelligence Officer) for the 1st Airborne Corps .S. "Harry" Bestebreurtje acting CO. British Army CO. later at the Maas-Waal canal and the bridge across the Waal river in Nijmegen CO. Wounded and briefly paralized. Frost. US 82nd Airborne Division. British Army. 2nd Parachute Battalion. Office of Strategic Services [14] [15] Royal Dutch Army Christopher Good Frank Grimes Maj. Glass CO. 101st Airborne Division U.S. Army (attacking Best) Lieutenant-Colonel John Ormsby Evelyn CO. Headquarters RAMC. and at HQ First Allied Airborne Army as its deputy commander. 2nd Battalion. F Company. A Company. Army seizing key bridges over the Maas-Waal Canal and the river assault crossing of the Waal river. Gen. Cousin to 'Joe'. Brian Horrocks Col. British Army Lt. but the briefing probably took place at the 1st Airborne Corps HQ located in Moor Park Golf Club. 1st Parachute Brigade. 3rd Battalion. British Army at Arnhem road bridge CO. Hertfordshire.

Robert Steele (based on Major Anthony "Tony" John [20] Deane–Drummond) Lt. U. 3rd Parachute Battalion. Division Field [25] Hospital. [23] Arthur Austin Eagger) Grenadier Guards major John Stride British Army British Army British Army British Army Alun Armstrong Cpl. 101st Airborne Division. Mackenzie CO.. OB West Army Group B Wolfgang Preiss Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt Walter Kohut Hartmut Becker Hans von Borsody Lex van Delden Fred Williams Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model German sentry General der Infanterie Günther Blumentritt SS-Oberscharführer Matthias SS-Hauptsturmführer Viktor Eberhard Gräbner Bittrich's aide. 1st Airborne Division.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' Paul Maxwell Stephen Moore Maj. C. Gen. Jimmy Cleminson Cox Garrick Hagon Lieutenant Rafferty T/Capt.S.M.C. [22] British Army. Maxwell Taylor Maj. British Army Col. Col. of II SS Panzer Corps. Sims (based on (acting Colonel) Lt. 504th PIR. 1st Airborne Divisional Signals [21] British Army. Col. [Sir] James Arnold Stacey "Jimmy" Cleminson Officer Commanding.S. U. 101st Military Police Platoon. Arnhem 59 Donald Pickering Gerald Sim Principal General Staff Officer (Chief of Staff). 5 [24] Platoon (B Company).S. U.B. Divisional HQ at the Hartenstein Hotel Senior Medical Officer. Headquarters. Commander of the Reconnaissance battle group of 9th SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen. Army at the Zon bridge and later St-Oedenrode Second–in–Command.A. 101st Airborne Division Clearing Station John Ratzenberger Arthur Hill Lt James Megellas (based on Lt James Megellas) U. Source: A Bridge Too Far [27] at the Internet Movie Database . 82nd Airborne Division.S. Army Lieutenant. Arnhem Lieutenant. at Waal [26] River crossing Chief Division Surgeon Lt Col. 101st Airborne Division. Army surgeon (colonel) Germans Actor Hardy Krüger Maximilian Schell Role SS-Brigadeführer Ludwig (based on Heinz Harmel and Walter Harzer) SS-Obergruppenführer Wilhelm Bittrich Notes Heinz Harmel did not want his name to be mentioned in the movie. Davies David Auker Michael Bangerter 'Taffy' Brace British staff colonel Michael Graham Capt. Army. David Gold. C. 1st Airborne Corps.O. R. Company H. British Army..

together with the dropping of supplies from a number of Dakota aircraft. Gavin Lieutenant General Brian Horrocks Major General Roy Urquhart Brigadier J. was a back-up camera ship on some shots. Jan Spaander Kate ter Horst Underground leader Underground leader's son Marlies van Alcmaer Underground leader's wife Mary Smithuysen Hans Croiset Josephine Peeper Erik Chitty Source: A Bridge Too Far [27] at the Internet Movie Database Old Dutch lady Old Dutch lady's son Cafe waitress Organist Military consultants • • • • • • Colonel John Waddy Major General John Dutton Frost General James M. Ten Horsa glider replicas were built. were loaned for the duration of the parachute filming. Levine Presents Incorporated. Two Portuguese. Dakota 6153 was fitted with tow gear and Horsa replicas were towed at high speed. K-685. DO-4. culminating in a series of air drops of a total of 1. but it was not camouflaged. Seven or eight were hastily repaired for the shoot. and two Air International Dakotas. G-AWDI. Eleven Dakotas were procured.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' 60 Dutch Actor Laurence Olivier Liv Ullmann Siem Vroom Erik van 't Wout Role Dr. and 6171. was also employed. G-ASND. with camera angles carefully chosen to avoid revealing this. DO-7. two locally-hired Cessna 172s. K-687.E. After a mishap with G-AWDI.000 men. In addition. (N9985Q and N9986Q) were purchased by Joseph E.O. An Alouette. and K-688. All aircraft were required to be CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) or FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) registered and licensed to carry passengers. one on the port upper mainplane surface. Levine. with a camouflaged Piper Aztec. G-BDWN. with a third camera on the outside of the forward port cabin window and a fourth under the aircraft centre section. The Dakotas were gathered by the film company Joseph E. The replica gliders were tail-heavy and required a support post under the rear fuselage. but a wind storm damaged almost all of them. ex-Portuguese Air Force. centre escape hatches were removed to make additional camera ports available. Aircraft 6171 doubled as the camera ship on most formations. PH-GVP and PH-ADF. A two-seat Blaník sail-plane. (N9984Q and N9983Q). provided by a member of the . An original deal for the purchase of ten fell through when two airframes were rejected as passenger configured without the necessary jump doors. Vandeleur Source: Goldman. provided that no troops were aboard during filming. William Goldman's Story of a Bridge Too Far Production Air filming was done in the first weeks of September 1976. 6153. F-OCKU and F-OCKX. though none went airborne. A second Aztec. were also used. Three Danish Air Force. DO-10 and DO-12. operating from Djibouti in French Somaliland. and four Finnish Air Force C-47s. A camera was mounted in the astrodome.

The principal players were paid $250. Vandeleur told him. they had permission to film on the bridge between eight and nine o'clock on 3 October 1976. in particular. though Sean Connery held out for a total of $750. the latter two aircraft loaned by the Royal Netherlands Air Force. which led to the failure of the attack. where the old municipality house (a white building which in the film featured the Nazi command centre) and the main church can be seen. which also provided an Auster III. • Edward Fox had known General Horrocks before working on the film. $470. A few scenes were shot in Zutphen. on June 14.[1] • Shooting of the American-led assault on the Bridge at Nijmegen was dubbed the “Million-Dollar Hour”. plus $50. 61 Facts and figures • Joseph E. B-64 and B-118. was towed aloft for the interior take-off shots. Spitfire Mk. and considered him a friend. Dunstable. Because of the heavy traffic. Levine turned him down and Redford agreed to play the part for $2 million. coded AC-S. IX. MH434.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' London Gliding Club. Patrick Lindsay. was lent by the Hon. Steve McQueen and Robert Redford. he would show footage from the film to distributors who would then pay him for distribution rights. By the time the film was finished. get a move on. and was flown by aerobatic champion Neil Williams. was "Forward.000. Levine needed to assemble an all-star cast. Levine financed the $22 million budget himself. • To tempt the distributors. charge". But McQueen wanted $3 million. • Michael Caine's scripted line to order the column of tanks and armoured cars into battle. An episode of the Dutch TV history programme Tijden [29] (site in Dutch) (English: Different Times) about the making of this movie stated that producer Joseph E. they would have to reschedule at a cost — including Redford's overtime — of at least a million dollars. with whom he had worked as an actor on The Sand Pebbles and The Great Escape. depicting a photo reconnaissance variant.[30] • Dirk Bogarde had known General Browning from his time on Field Marshal Montgomery's staff during the war. Years later. in wartime camouflage. which is what Caine says in the film as released. go. Luckily for Caine. Levine told the Deventer town government that their town should host the world premiere for A Bridge Too Far. Fox took great care to portray him accurately. These were flown by members of the Gilze Rijen Aero Club. and if they couldn't shoot the scene. For this reason. This never came to be.000 a week. PH-BKT. the reasons for the delay in XXX Corps reaching the Arnhem bridge differ considerably from the book. which was held in Amsterdam. telling him that he was taller and more handsome than himself. so he could ask him what the actual line was. then'". Levine had raised $26 million. it was by the mid-1970s sitting in a modern urban surroundings which could not be used to portray a 1940s city. Attenborough insisted that all actors playing corpses keep their eyes [1] closed. and Deventer even missed out on the Dutch premiere. and took issue with the film's largely negative portrayal of the general. Although the original bridge in Arnhem still existed.000 for his entourage. PH-NGK.000 to buy a house he couldn't sell and to have his part scheduled so he could immediately begin production on another film for which he was being paid $3 million. Vandeleur was apparently flattered by Caine playing him. .[28] The scenes around the 'Arnhem' bridge were actually shot in Deventer. Attenborough pushed for McQueen. where a similar bridge over the IJssel was still available. RT607. Four Harvards portrayed American and German fighters. thus. The part of Major Cook came down to a choice between the two biggest box office stars. 1977. Their original identities were PH-KLU. During the production. which depicted an Auster V. 'Well. "I just said quietly into the microphone. though. he would cite his portrayal of Horrocks as his favorite film role. putting the film $4 million in the black before it had even opened. Lieutenant Colonel Joe Vandeleur was on the set. The movie's treatment of military history is somewhat misleading compared to the original book.

to a field hospital in Zon. and later conducted an escape Operation Pagasus with the Dutch Resistance to bring out 138 escapees of the battle. html) History vs Hollywood .[34] James Caan[34] and Anthony Hopkins were cited by many critics for their standout performances in a film filled with hundreds of speaking roles and cameos by many of the period's top actors. he was still telling them to delay and take others. According to a "making-of" documentary included in a special edition DVD of A Bridge Too Far. pegasusarchive. One round entered Legs' helmet and tore into his head. Sgt Charles Dohun (Hollywood changed his first name to EDDIE). fearing that the film would glamorize a military disaster. with a rating average of 6. Notes Goldman 1977 Ryan 1974. telling the medics to convey the others first. The following is taken from War Stories website (http:/ / www. • Audrey Hepburn (who had lived in Holland during Market Garden) was the first choice to play Kate Ter Horst.Captain Legs Johnson "Medics made him lie down and set up an IV with plasma flowing into him. bestebreurtje. Ambrose.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' • Sean Connery initially turned down his role.356. and returning to his post with the remnants of his Company Evasion Report: 21st September . At the hospital in Zon. Against his objections. many found the film too long and too repetitive. com/ page/ arie. Medical jeeps bearing stretchers were evacuating wounded two at a time. 67 00:11:37. but changed his mind after reading the finished screenplay. At that time. p. he was placed across the hood of the Jeep on a stretcher and then the Jeep scratched-off. a German MG42 machine-gun fired at the Jeep from over 500 yards distance.480 frames 93/94 00:11:41. Elizabeth Hospital.120 frames 177/178 1st Parachute Squadron. b26. headed for Zon. but was taken prisoner. htm) [17] p. 62 Reception The film received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics. Roger Moore was the first choice to play Horrocks but his contractual commitment to The Spy Who Loved Me prevented him from taking the part. org/ arnhem/ RepPegasus.[32] While critics agreed that the film was impressively staged[33] and historically accurate. and later in Edinburgh he was trained as an OSS agent and assigned to operations behind in occupied Holland. Even when Legs was finally loaded."[31] Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 67% of 14 critics have given the film a positive review. Immerman [18] He was initially wounded by a rifle bullet in the right shoulder.6 out of 10. In the book Ryan says Sosabowski spoke with the chief liaison officer.23rd October 1944 (http:/ / www. Royal Engineers p. but declined due to low salary. He knew that the captain had a substantial amount of cash in his billfold and he didn't want a stranger from [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] . [13] (http:/ / www. Attenborough put many of the extras/soldiers through a mini-boot camp and even had them housed in a barracks of sorts during filming. at the time of its release. Since many of the wounded were hit more seriously than himself. Legs kept delaying his own evacuation. Arthur In the movie 'Joe' is depicted as leading the tanks of his cousin Giles' battalion although he commanded The Irish Guards Group as was the practice of combining two battalions from same regiment under senior regimental officer [9] Carried the primary responsibility for the 'Garden' ground offensive part of the operation [10] Attacked bridge at Zon and later entered Eindhoven to meet British troops [11] Arrived in the 3rd lift north of Nijemegen and advanced towards Arnhem [12] General Browning failed to arrange for RAF and USAAF liaison officers for the British I Airborne Corps. who was Legs' runner [orderly] wandered over to the hospital for a specific purpose. htm) [14] escaping in 1941 to UK he studied at the Royal Military Academy. [15] Dutch Wikipedia article [16] The Major did not die of wounds at Brigade HQ. • Steven Spielberg's idea for putting his Saving Private Ryan. Band of Brothers and The Pacific actors through boot camp was first done by Attenborough for this film. moved to the St. Later that afternoon.280 frames 94/95 00:17:21. "the film was shunned by American critics and completely ignored at Oscar time for daring to expose the fatal inadequacies of the Allied campaign. Legs was briefly examined and since he was unconscious and his brains were exposed. he was relegated to the 'dead pile' of troopers who were wounded so seriously that they had no chance to survive.132. He lost consciousness and would not wake -up until weeks later. 101airborneww2. d. Lieutenant Colonel George Stevens. com/ warstories2.

he carried him into an operating room and ordered the surgeon to save him. bbc. Talkback column [29] http:/ / geschiedenis. "A Bridge Too Far. Sgt Dohun was taken before LTC Steve Chappuis (later Brigadier General (Ret. 9. [33] Canby. Dohun spotted Captain Johnson in the dead pile and examined him-when he discovered that Legs was still breathing. Vincent. shtml) BBC website. the 2/502 C. (Military Division) of the Order "in recognition of gallant and. [23] O. AIR International." (http:/ / www.com (Jan. I have not learned the identity of that doctor.O. [34] Morgan.45 looks more impressive). nl/ programmas/ 2899536/ afleveringen/ 19032793/ ''Andere [30] A Bridge Too Far (1977) [[British Film Institute (http:/ / www. but a . "deaf. but was almost immediately taken prisoner. K. blind. scared guy. rottentomatoes. Hell. was among the few indiividuals who knew the story of how Dohun had ordered the doctor to perform the operation. (http:/ / www. but he did NOT pardon the sgt. filmcritic. Charles Dohun survived WW2 and lived in N.(Legs' wife). "Legs" said :"In the movie. "Film: It's a Long War In 'Bridge Too Far'. [19] Although ordered to load his shotgun. [22] he was effectively CO on the first day until Hicks was contacted by which time he had established Divisional HQ at the Hartenstein Hotel. [21] He became separated from his unit whilst trying to link up with 1st Parachute Brigade. and golf clubs into the staff car in the movie. 23 March 1944 [24] Shown accompanying Maj. these would eventually arrive in the 'Sea Tail' via Normandy beaches. and through him the XXX Corps HQ. Retrieved Sept.C. The operation was successful. Mrs Johnson sent that letter to Ryan. html)]]. "Legs" regained consciousness six weeks later in a hospital. DC-3 Project Officer for the film." (http:/ / movies. explaining how Sgt Dohun had been responsible for saving his life. When Cornelius Ryan was researching 'A Bridge Too Far'. pp. When the doctor refused. Lt. imdb. Chappuis). and spent the next eleven days hiding inside a large cupboard until he felt safe to move. uk/ features/ attenborough/ bridgefar. com/ title/ tt0075784/ [28] Hurst. 33-34. 5.45 as shown in 'A Bridge Too Far'. His depiction in the movie after landing is completely fictional. the second battalion S-1 of the 502 PIR. co. Stella. Duke wrote a letter to Mrs Johnson.J. 2005). and "Silent Steve" placed him under arrest for one minute. Regarding the Hollywood Depiction When I interviewed Legs Johnson in the late 1990s. I was a little. Volume 13. as shown in the film. As Dohun stood at attention before his desk. 2006). 2010. until his death about 15 years ago." Cornelius Ryan described in his book. vpro. but was Mentioned In Dispatches for Arnhem [25] The name is probably fictional since the event did not occur as portrayed in the movie [26] Most decorated officer of the 82nd Division [27] http:/ / www.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' another unit to get it.. and Dohun was a great big guy. Retrieved Sept. he managed to escape from a group who were being escorted out of Arnhem. Deane–Drummond successfully swam to the south bank of the Rhine. dinner jacket. Number 1. [32] "A Bridge Too Far (1977)". who were surrounded at the north end of Arnhem Bridge. . nytimes. July 1977. Gen. 63 .) Steve A. the LTC looked at his watch for sixty seconds. he commented on how he and Sgt Dohun were portrayed in 'A Bridge Too Far'.E. distinguished services in Sicily" Supplement to The London Gazette. and along with three other soldiers spent three days trapped in a small room at the back of a German–occupied house. the 1977 Hollywood version of Cornelius Ryan's book about Operation Market Garden. 5. and with a steel plate in my head. The next day. seemingly to bring with him on the operation. at gunpoint.B. org. 2010. "A Bridge Too Far: Special Edition DVD (1977). [20] The role is based to a point that he was the Major responsible for divisional signals." (http:/ / www." As of this writing (October. Dohun pointed a souvenir Luger at him and threatened to shoot him (he did not use a . He later swam the river Lek to contact Gen. uk/ films/ 2004/ 05/ 19/ a_bridge_too_far_SE_1977_dvd_review. how Sgt Dohun was placed under arrest for threatening to shoot the surgeon. in real life I would've made TWO of Dohun. bfi. Legs is still alive in Florida. Jason. Sosabowski. they split up to cross the river. com/ reviews/ 1977/ a-bridge-too-far/ ) FilmCritic. which is how the author became aware of the story. com/ movie/ review?_r=1& res=9C0DE7DC113FE334BC4E52DFB066838C669EDE& partner=Rotten Tomatoes) New York Times (June 16. Flt. 1977). dumb. Captain Hugh 'Duke' Roberts. then told Dohun he could go. Urquhart he however did not become ADC to General Officer Commanding 1st Airborne Division until 1945. com/ m/ bridge_too_far/ ) Rotten Tomatoes. On managing to leave this building. retrieved 2009-10-19 [31] Papamichael.

Coronet Books.allmovie. Forgotten Voices of the Second World War: A new history of world war two in the words of the men and women who were there. Cornelius (1974). William Goldman's Story of a Bridge Too Far.com/work/7107) at Allmovie A Bridge Too Far (http://tcmdb. Ebury Press. Stephen E.com/title/tt0075784/) at the Internet Movie Database A Bridge Too Far (http://www.''A Bridge Too Far (1977 film)'' 64 References • Arthur. London: Hamish Hamilton. Colonel John (1977). Ike's spies: Eisenhower and the espionage establishment. 1999 External links • • • • • A Bridge Too Far (http://www. After the Battle (London: Plaistow Press) (17): 10–34 • Ambrose. A Bridge Too Far. Max.jsp?stid=15854) at the TCM Movie Database A Bridge too far at http://www. William (1977).com/films_page/a_bridge_too_far/ a_bridge_too_far_page_one. 2004 • Goldman.htm" . & Immerman. ISBN 0-340-19941-5 • Waddy.boxofficemojo.com/title/title.britishcinemagreats. ISBN 0-340-22340-5 [NB: Book has no page numbers] • Ryan.htm) at Box Office Mojo A Bridge Too Far (http://www.com/movies/?id=bridgetoofar. Richard H..imdb. "The Making of a Bridge Too Far". University Press of Mississippi.

along with his wife. but when Hoover speaks Audrey's name out loud. to hide in their apartment to hear Hoovers full story to build a case against him. and discover. It was based on the novel of the same title by Frank De Felitta. The original music score was composed by Michael Small. The mother is afraid of Hoover but also . in New York. Hoover had come to believe this through information given to him by two clairvoyant psychics. The parents notice a stranger stalking them over the course of a few weeks. starring Marsha Mason and Anthony Hopkins.''Audrey Rose (film)'' 65 Audrey Rose (film) Audrey Rose Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Wise Frank De Felitta Joe Wizan Frank De Felitta Marsha Mason Anthony Hopkins John Beck Susan Swift Michael Small Music by Cinematography Victor J. two minutes before Ivy was born. The husband asks a friend of his. Ivy hears him from her room and enters an altered state where she cannot be calmed down without the assistance of Hoover. Plot Ivy Templeton is a nearly eleven year old girl. Janice and Bill Templeton. and that he is convinced their daughter is a reincarnation of his daughter Audrey Rose. she bangs her hands on a window and becomes burned. with metaphysical content. Kemper Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Carl Kress United Artists April 6. In this state. who died in a fiery car accident. 1977 113 minutes United States English Audrey Rose is a 1977 horror film. over lunch with him. which Hoover says is a result of her daughter's experience of being burned alive in the car. living with her parents. an attorney. that his name is Elliot Hoover. directed by Robert Wise.

ever-existing. Ivy continues to be disturbed by nightmares which keep getting worse. It is unborn.jsp?stid=17428) at the TCM Movie Database • Audrey Rose at Rotten Tomatoes website (http://www. but the father does not.Elliot Hoover John Beck . During the hypnosis. The trial has become a worldwide phenomenon.Bill Templeton Susan Swift .Ivy Templeton Norman Lloyd ." 66 Main cast • • • • • • • Marsha Mason .imdb. "The soul of the movie is that of "The Exorcist" instantly recycled. who she says has started to accept what she and Hoover believe to be true. Nor.afi. The film then moves forward some months to an ongoing trial. Ivy revisits the traumatic car crash as Audrey Rose and dies during the relived trauma. nytimes. does it ever cease to be..com/m/audrey_rose/) . with a Hindu holy man giving an explanation of reincarnation as testimony. having once been.rottentomatoes. Hoover had traveled to India and become a believer in reincarnation and Hinduism. Hoover testifies in court that after his daughter's death. For the soul there is never birth nor death.. and indicating this is with her husband's permission. who said of it. The last scene is the mother writing a letter to Hoover thanking him for transporting Ivy/Audrey's ashes to India.Janice Templeton Anthony Hopkins . while the father is hostile to Hoover and demands he stay away. Hoover appears at their home during one of her nightmares. and at the request of the mother Hoover is able to calm Ivy down by calling to her as Audrey Rose. undying and primeval.com/work/A3295) at Allmovie • Audrey Rose (http://tcmdb. com/ movie/ review?res=9E05E5DB1039E334BC4F53DFB266838C669EDE) External links • Audrey Rose at the American Film Institute website (http://www. and testifies as much.Prosecutor Scott Velie Robert Walden . and has their lawyer request Ivy be hypnotized to show she is not a reincarnation of Audrey Rose. but is arrested for allegedly briefly abducting her to his recently rented upstairs apartment."[1] References [1] (http:/ / movies.com/title/title. eternal.allmovie. Steven Lipscomb John Hillerman .Dr. where Hoover is attempting to persuade a jury that his actions were necessary to grant his daughter's spirit peace.com/title/tt0075704/) at the Internet Movie Database • Audrey Rose (http://www. html) • Audrey Rose (http://www. The mother comes to believe Hoover's story.Brice Mack Reception The film received a poor review from Vincent Canby at the New York Times.com/wise/films/audrey_rose/audrey. The movie closes on a quotation from the Bhagavad-Gita: "There is no end.''Audrey Rose (film)'' concerned for her daughter.

000 (Rentals only) Magic is a 1978 psychological horror film starring Anthony Hopkins. . Levine Richard P. Levine William Goldman (novel) William Goldman (screenplay) Anthony Hopkins Ann-Margret Burgess Meredith Ed Lauter David Ogden Stiers Jerry Goldsmith Music by Cinematography Victor J.000 US $11. Ann-Margret.''Magic (1978 film)'' 67 Magic (1978 film) Magic Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Richard Attenborough Joseph E. It was written by William Goldman.900. and Burgess Meredith. 1978 (USA) 107 min English US $7. who also wrote the novel on which it was based. Kemper Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Budget Gross revenue John Bloom 20th Century Fox November 8.000.

wooden head. The next morning Fats becomes even more possessive and jealous when Corky says that he plans to leave Fats behind so that he and Peggy can go away together. and that Peg is only the latest of his conquests. Repulsed. however. Fats. He suspects she cheated on him with Corky. After a tense confrontation where Greene discovers the truth about Corky's mental state. Duke. which sparks the jealousy not only of Peggy's tough-guy husband who was also Corky's best friend during high school. the agent demands that Corky get help. In truth. Greene has tracked Corky down.''Magic (1978 film)'' 68 Plot Charles "Corky" Withers has just failed in his first attempt at professional magic. Peggy Ann Snow. after an intense fight. In the Catskills. he meets with his high-school crush. Fats seems pleased — until it is revealed that the blood on the knife is Corky's. who is stuck in a passionless marriage. A year later. As a result Fats also feels "faint. Corky performs a feat of magic with a deck of cards that charms Peg into thinking they are soul mates. Peggy returns to their cabin. Duke finds that the man is indeed dead. Duke returns from his trip earlier than expected. After a heated argument. he does not want to take the required psychological testing because doctors might find out that he suffers from multiple personality disorder. convinces Corky to kill Greene." They wonder which of them will die first. His mentor says that he needs to have a better show business gimmick. He then removes all of Greene's identification and drags the corpse to the lake. she rejects Corky and locks herself in her bedroom. When Corky tries to dispose of the body. claiming to be afraid of success. Curious. Fats kills him with "help" from Corky. he decides to search Corky's cabin. still alive. sends Corky to get help.) An increasingly deranged Corky manages to pull himself together and persuade Peg to run away with him. . having committed suicide so that he won't kill anyone else. from this point on. happily calling out that she has changed her mind and has decided to run away with Corky after all. Corky comes back as a combination magician and ventriloquist with a foul-mouthed dummy named Fats and is a huge success. They make love. manages to drown Greene. She thinks everything is fine until Fats "comes alive" and reveals that Corky's card trick is only a ruse he uses to seduce women. Duke suddenly spots Greene's dead body on the edge of the lake. They row toward the body. however. Corky. But she insists on waiting to tell Duke face to face. A short while later. Corky does this by using Fats' hard. Greene suddenly lunges at him. Duke awkwardly confides to Corky that he loves Peggy and is worried about losing her. he will make the decisions in Corky's life. and that even off-stage he hears Fats talking to him. but the dummy Fats. (The dummy stabs Duke while Corky is covered by a curtain behind him. Peggy storms off and Duke decides to have a talk with Corky on the lake. Rather than confront him as Duke still remembers Corky as his old high school friend. His powerful agent Ben Greene is on the verge of signing Corky for his own television show. Duke. but Corky bails out for the Catskills. Moments later. He immediately asserts this new authority by ordering Corky to kill Peg. Corky returns with a bloodstained knife. apologizes to Peggy from in front of her locked door. believing it could still be alive. Corky. turning on the charm and using Fats' voice. Fats says that.

the rights to this film were acquired by AMC and its parent company. then Fats opens his eyes and gazes to his left. from the Mystery Writers of America. however. The trailer in question is less than 30 seconds in length.. and now the uncut version is once again available on widescreen DVD. invests her role with a considerable sparkle. very heavy of hand. but praised the supporting cast: "Ann-Margaret. In the meantime. gave the film a very positive review. Particularly good is the great and underrated Burgess Meredith whose sharp and alert Hollywood agent is a real plum of a performance. subsequent legal complications kept the film from being formally reissued on VHS and DVD in the last decade due in part to Embassy Pictures' corporate holdings being divided amongst different entities. It features Fats reciting the tagline. This is followed by a cast reading. ." [2] Goldman received a 1979 Edgar Award. LLC (while television rights now reside with CBS Paramount Television). Recently. for Best Motion Picture Screenplay. and ranked it at #9 on his list of the 10 best films of 1978. It is. Jerry Goldsmith also adds a fine nervy carnivalesque score. "The Science Fiction. the film continued to play on broadcast television in edited versions. other companies have released home video versions of Magic over succeeding years under different licenses. Horror and Fantasy Film Review" 1990 writeup of the film remarks that Hopkins appears stiff in the lead role.. after which his eyeballs roll into the back of his head. Hopkins received each a Golden Globe and BAFTA nomination for his role as the tragically disturbed Corky. The trailer for this film was pulled from TV due to calls from parents who claimed that it gave their children nightmares. Rainbow Media Holdings." [1] Gene Siskel. Vincent Canby for the New York Times wrote that "Magic is neither eerie nor effective. film critic from the television show Siskel & Ebert.''Magic (1978 film)'' 69 Cast • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Corky (and the voice of Fats) Ann-Margret as Peggy Ann Snow Burgess Meredith as Ben Greene Ed Lauter as Duke David Ogden Stiers as Todson Reception The film received mixed reviews when released. However. Legal issues with the film As 20th Century Fox never owned complete rights to this film (they did and still do own the theatrical distribution and music rights).

com/ mem/ movies/ review. the BBC Radio 4 satirical comedy series The Now Show claimed that Michael Gove looked like a scary ventriloquist puppet.''Magic (1978 film)'' 70 Soundtrack The score was composed by the American Film composer Jerry Goldsmith. Retrieved 2005-12-30.imdb. co. Footnotes [1] Canby. [2] Magic (http:/ / www. htm). bloody-disgusting. nytimes. Moria .[3] Cultural references In 2010. Hugh Dennis does an impression of Fats ordering "Govey" to do things. "Film: Dummy Takes Over in 'Magic':Wooden Handed" (http:/ / movies2. As a result. Vincent (1978-11-08). Horror and Fantasy Review [3] 10 of the Most Underrated Horror Scores! (http:/ / www. nz/ horror/ magic. New York Times. moria.Science Fiction. html?title1=& title2=Magic (Movie)& reviewer=VINCENT CANBY& v_id=30775& partner=Rotten Tomatoes). whenever Gove is referenced. . com/ news/ 20063) External links • Magic (http://www.com/title/tt0077889/) at the Internet Movie Database .

It was a sequel to the 1944 classic. She is sent to England to live with her aunt Velvet Brown and Uncle John. Christopher Plummer. where she is the junior. she and her horse. Sarah lives up to her dream and enters the Olympic Three Day Event helping Great Britain win the team competition. who is orphaned when her parents are killed in a car crash. Anthony Hopkins and Nanette Newman. When Velvet was a similar age to Sarah. but she does well under the stern guidance of Captain Johnson. She shows enough talent to be selected for the British Olympic team. United States English National Velvet International Velvet is a 1978 dramatic film. Sarah and Velvet are present for the birth of this foal and Sarah eventually decides that she'd like to purchase him. The film stars Tatum O'Neal. she was instantly disqualified due to her young age and the fact that women were not allowed to ride in the race. however. Sarah Brown. She later finds out that her Aunt Velvet has bought him for her. The Pie. National Velvet. The Pie is ultimately put out to stud upon his retirement. 1978 Running time Country Language Preceded by 127 min. Plot International Velvet is the story of an American girl. Sarah aptly names him "Arizona Pie" (combining the name of his sire and the state in which Sarah lived). He sires his last foal after Sarah's arrival in England.''International Velvet (film)'' 71 International Velvet (film) International Velvet The advertising material Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Bryan Forbes Bryan Forbes Bryan Forbes Enid Bagnold (book) Tatum O'Neal Nanette Newman Anthony Hopkins Christopher Plummer Jeffrey Byron Sarah Bullen Richard Warwick Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Release date(s) July 19. She falls in love with an American . entered the legendary Grand National horse race and won.

when Sarah introduces her fiance and says: " Scott. Devon. I want you to meet my parents". Mothecombe. References [1] http:/ / www. It is. flete.V. Curtis Sarah Bullen as Beth Jeffrey Byron as Scott Saunders Richard Warwick as Tim Daniel Abineri as Wilson Jason White as Roger Martin Neil as Mike Douglas Reith as Howard Dennis Blanch as Policeman Norman Wooland as Team Doctor Susan Jameson as T. no doubt.imdb.com/title/tt0077743/) at the Internet Movie Database .''International Velvet (film)'' competitor and moves back to America with him. co. Interviewer Brenda Cowling as Alice Locations • Flete Estate [1]. the best line of this sentimental but hard-to-resist movie. 72 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tatum O'Neal as Sarah Brown Christopher Plummer as John Seaton Anthony Hopkins as Captain Johnson Nanette Newman as Velvet Brown Peter Barkworth as Pilot Dinsdale Landen as Mr. uk/ External links • International Velvet (http://www. At the conclusion of the film she gives her Olympic gold medal to her Aunt Velvet.

John Gielgud. Anne Bancroft. Anthony Hopkins. 1980 124 minutes United States English US$5 million $26. Michael Elphick. Hannah Gordon. and Freddie Jones. Wendy Hiller. a severely deformed man in 19th century London.864 (USA) [1] Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue The Elephant Man is a 1980 American drama film based on the true story of Joseph Merrick (called John Merrick in the film).''The Elephant Man (film)'' 73 The Elephant Man (film) The Elephant Man Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by David Lynch Jonathan Sanger Stuart Cornfeld Mel Brooks Christopher De Vore Eric Bergren David Lynch Sir Frederick Treves Ashley Montagu Anthony Hopkins John Hurt Anne Bancroft John Gielgud Wendy Hiller John Morris Screenplay by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography Freddie Francis Editing by Studio Distributed by Anne V.010. The film was directed by David Lynch and stars John Hurt. Coates Brooksfilms Paramount Pictures (USA) EMI Films (International) October 3. .

both men are astonished to hear Merrick recite the 23rd Psalm. To persuade Carr Gomm that Merrick has potential. As these connections and visits increase. the Night Porter (Michael Elphick) secretly makes money by bringing punters from nearby pubs to gawp at Merrick. Mr. albeit in a more upper class. where he is once again put on show and subjected to cruelty and neglect. unmasked.''The Elephant Man (film)'' The screenplay was adapted by Lynch. which compels him to sleep with his head resting upon his knees. Bytes accuses Treves of likewise exploiting Merrick for his own ends.. It was shot in black-and-white. Merrick begins to receive society visitors in his rooms. and accidentally knocks down a young girl. including Best Picture in 1981. man!". Carr Gomm (John Gielgud). shows them his most treasured possession. and Merrick passes his days reading. Merrick. Bytes abducts Merrick to continental Europe. Carr Gomm allows Merrick to remain. a surgeon at the London Hospital. And while Merrick is treated well during the daytime. Mothershead.. On Merrick's return. as the hospital is not designed as a residence for "incurables". Merrick is gradually revealed to be sophisticated and articulate. When the police return Merrick to the hospital. Mrs. The Elephant Man was a critical and commercial success. Bytes beats him so severely that a sympathetic apprentice (Dexter Fletcher) alerts Treves. leading the surgeon to resolve to do what he can to help the unfortunate man. stating that Merrick will receive permanent care at the hospital and the necessary funds have been arranged. and cornered by an angry mob. he is . Mothershead (who has charge of Merrick's daily care) complains to Treves that he is still being treated as a freak show attraction. However. his oversized skull. Treves coaches him to recite a few polite phrases. Treves is professionally intrigued by Merrick's condition and pays Bytes to bring him to the Hospital so that he can examine him. Mrs. who returns him to the hospital. One day. celebrated style. Gomm arranges a suite of rooms for him to reside in at the hospital. But Merrick is then returned to his old life when Bytes gains access to his room during one of the Night Porter's late-night "viewings". The ward nurses are horrified by Merrick's appearance. at which point he cries out: "I am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human being!" I . Christopher De Vore. Treves brings him to take afternoon tea at home together with his wife. and expresses his wish that she would love him if she could only see what "lovely friends" he now has. and Eric Bergren from the books The Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences (1923) by Sir Frederick Treves and The Elephant Man: A Study in Human Dignity by Ashley Montagu. so Treves places him in a quarantine room under the watchful care of the formidable matron. consumed with guilt over Merrick's plight. 74 Plot Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins). Treves presents Merrick to his colleagues in a lecture theatre. Threatened dissent at a board meeting toward the decision to keep Merrick indefinitely is overturned when the hospital's Royal Patron — HRH The Princess of Wales — pays a surprise visit with a message from Queen Victoria. is reluctant to house Merrick (who has thus far remained mute). Later.. and he begins to question whether or not he has done the right thing. Carr Gomm sees through the ruse. Shocked by this display of intelligence. Mothershead (Wendy Hiller). and Bytes claims him to be an imbecile. including the celebrated actress Madge Kendal (Anne Bancroft). overwhelmed by the familial love he perceives in the domesticity about him. He is chased. as the weight of his skull would asphyxiate him if he were to ever lie down. and makes it back to London. where he is managed by the brutish Bytes (Freddie Jones). a . and received eight Academy Award nominations. takes action against the night porter with the help of Mrs.. For Treves' part.. He becomes a popular object of curiosity and charity to high society. discovers John Merrick (John Hurt) in a Victorian freak show in London's East End. but as he walks away.. drawing and making a model of a church visible through his window. am . displaying him as a physiological curiosity. before collapsing. Treves draws attention to Merrick's most life-threatening deformity. Ann (Hannah Gordon). There. this observation (and his role in this situation) deeply trouble him. a picture of his mother. the hospital's Governor. Merrick escapes with the help of his fellow freak show attractions. Merrick is so deformed that he must wear a hood and cape when in public. Treves. he is harassed by a group of boys at Liverpool Street station.

such as hospital staff and friends. who had been impressed by Lynch's earlier film Eraserhead at a private screening. Sam Roper and Joe Ferarri. Ford and Howell also showed that there is no evidence that Merrick was abused while working at the British freak show. but makes numerous changes to recorded fact. Resplendent in white tie. lies down on his bed and dies.''The Elephant Man (film)'' reinstated to his rooms. The screenplay perpetuates several myths about Merrick because it was written before the publication of Colin Ford and Michael Howell's The True History of the Elephant Man (1980). It was Lynch's second feature film. Merrick was never able to speak as clearly as in the film. grew accustomed to his impeded speech but it remained indistinct and worsened as his condition deteriorated. back at the hospital. Brooks made sure that his name was not used in the marketing and promotion of the film because he did not want fans to expect that the film would be a comedy. appears in the opening sequences as an Alderman trying to close down the freak show. Treves did not "rescue" Merrick from a sadistic carnival proprietor. consoled by a vision of his mother. Imitating one of his sketches on the wall—a sleeping child—he removes the pillows that have allowed him to sleep in an upright position. He recovers a little but it is soon clear he is dying from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. the film refers to Merrick as "John". Mary Jane Merrick. As a treat. and his first studio film. not afterward. For example. which had been preserved in the private museum of the Royal London Hospital. the film uses "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber. and Merrick traveled to Belgium of his own accord. The final make-up was devised by Christopher Tucker. During its depiction of the final moments of Merrick's life. the incidents in Belgium and at the railway station took place before Merrick was admitted to Treves' hospital. . which revealed a wealth of new information. Production The film was produced by Mel Brooks. That night. Due to the constrictive deformity of his mouth. having had the performance dedicated to him from Mrs Kendal. Kendal arranges an evening at the musical theatre. Bytes.[2] Hurt's makeup was made from casts of Merrick's body. but the results were not filmable. and Treves often had to act as his interpreter for visitors. 75 Historical accuracy The film is based on historical events. which Treves had erroneously used instead of his true name "Joseph". because freak shows had been made illegal in Britain. For example. indeed. is a conflation of Merrick's three owners Tom Norman. Lynch provided the musical direction and sound design. Merrick thanks Treves for all he has done and finishes his model of the nearby church. Lynch originally attempted to do the make-up himself. In addition to writing and directing the film. but rather freely approached the doctor with a written note requesting his care. he rises in the Royal Box to an ovation. Actor Frederick Treves. Merrick had saved up a great deal of money from the wages he had earned while working there and considered the freak show coordinator a close friend. Those who knew him well. quoting Alfred Lord Tennyson's "Nothing will Die". great-nephew of the surgeon. It was so convincing that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — which had earlier refused to give a special award to Tucker's work on The Elephant Man and [3] received a barrage of complaints — was prompted to create a new category for Best Make-up for the Oscars. Mrs. The film's chief antagonist.

nytimes. . archived from the original (http:/ / www. com/ movie/ 15593/ The-Elephant-Man/ awards).''The Elephant Man (film)'' 76 Reception The Elephant Man received an enthusiastic critical response. Retrieved 2010-08-01.[5] Conversely. "The Elephant Man" (http:/ / www. dll/ article?AID=/ 19800101/ REVIEWS/ 1010313/ 1023) [7] Durbach (2009). com/ movie/ review?res=EE05E7DF1731B32CA0484CC0B7799C836896) [6] Roger Ebert: The Elephant Man review (http:/ / rogerebert. Cinematography. The Independent. . [10] "NY Times: The Elephant Man" (http:/ / movies. com/ ). studiocanalcollection. She blamed this sentimentality on Lynch's reliance on Frederick Treves' memoirs as source material. It can't be easy to act under such a heavy mask.[7] Home media There have been many releases of the film on both VHS and DVD. Masculinity. rottentomatoes.. The Spectacle of Deformity: Freak Shows and Modern British Culture. "David Lynch: interview" (http:/ / www. Music: Original Score. webcitation.. and I kept drawing blanks. com/ m/ 1006527-elephant_man/ ) [5] Vincent Canby: The Elephant Man review (http:/ / movies. . and Writing: Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium. htm).[9] Awards and media listings The Elephant Man was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Picture.[4] Vincent Canby wrote: "Mr. Retrieved 2010-08-01. Hugh Scaife). [9] "StudioCanal Collection" (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. retrieved 16 June 2010 [3] Roger Clarke (2007-03-02). "Monstrosity."[6] In her book The Spectacle of Deformity: Freak Shows and Modern British Culture. Screenplay. as well as other BAFTA Awards for Best Film. com/ apps/ pbcs. Hurt is truly remarkable. html). Nadja Durbach said that the film was "much more mawkish and moralizing than one would expect from the leading postmodern surrealist filmmaker". com/ doc/ 1P2-3735317. and was nominated for four others: Direction. Tom (2010). retrieved July 4. the physical production is beautiful.[8] This material is also available on the exclusive Blu-ray treatment on the European market as part of Optimum's StudioCanal Collection. NY Times. ..[10] However. Retrieved 2008-12-31. Costume Design. Best Actor (John Hurt) and Best Production Design. Actor in a Leading Role (John Hurt). the film did not win any. and that it was "unashamedly sentimental". 2010 [2] Huddleston. Director. nytimes. • Durbach. The version released as part of the David Lynch Lime Green Box includes several interviews with John Hurt and David Lynch as well as an extensive documentary on the life of Joseph Merrick entitled The Real Elephant Man. suntimes. com/ movies/ ?id=elephantman. the film was listed in a televised Australian series 20 to 1 countdown celebrating "Great Movie One-Liners". Nadja (2009). Inc). com/ en/ collection/ show/ 8-The_Elephant_Man). com/ film/ features/ show-feature/ 5443/ david-lynch-interview. Time Out (Time Out Group Limited). It was listed by Entertainment Weekly's film's "Saddest Moments". Art Direction-Set Decoration (Stuart Craig. In 2006. [4] Rotten Tomatoes: The Elephant Man (http:/ / uk. Film Editing. Robert Cartwright. . org/ 5qWlSJaBH). with a 91% "fresh" rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. the line featured was the iconic "I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am. a man!" References [1] "The Elephant Man (1980)" (http:/ / www. Box Office Mojo (IMDb.. Berkeley: University of California Press. and Medicine: Reexamining 'the Elephant Man'". html) on 16 June 2010. Roger Ebert awarded the film 2/4 stars. . highbeam.com. timeout. writing: "I kept asking myself what the film was really trying to say about the human condition as reflected by John Merrick. p. especially Freddie Francis's black-and-white photography. 35 [8] "The Elephant Man on StudioCanal Collection" (http:/ / www. It won the BAFTA Award for Best Film. studiocanalcollection. and Editing.

OCLC 314839375 77 External links The Elephant Man (http://www.boxofficemojo.timeout.metacritic.''The Elephant Man (film)'' ISBN 0520257685.com/work/15593) at Allmovie The Elephant Man (http://www.com/film/features/show-feature/5443/david-lynch-interview.com/) • • • • • • .rottentomatoes.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Elephant Man (http://www.com/m/1006527-elephant_man/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Elephant Man (http://www.html) interviews David Lynch about the film • Joseph Merrick tribute website (http://josephcareymerrick.com/film/titles/elephant-man) at Metacritic Time Out magazine (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080678/) at the Internet Movie Database The Elephant Man (http://www.com/movies/?id=elephantman.allmovie.

who unexpectedly arrives to confront her parents with their outrageous behavior. The four decide to share a Vermont ski house. hurt feelings. and teenager Kasey Evans. . and she in turn defends her right to enjoy the same carnal pleasures he does. Adam is infuriated when he learns about his wife's new relationship. where their efforts to behave like liberal adults are tested by middle-aged angst. philosophical campus carpenter Pete Lachappelle. she retaliates by having a dalliance of her own with young. Lathrop Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Don Zimmerman Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation December 1. 1980 102 minutes United States English A Change of Seasons is a 1980 American dramedy film directed by Richard Lang.''A Change of Seasons (film)'' 78 A Change of Seasons (film) A Change of Seasons Videotape cover Directed by Produced by Written by Richard Lang Noel Black Martin Ransohoff Erich Segal Martin Ranshoff Ronni Kern Fred Segal Shirley MacLaine Anthony Hopkins Bo Derek Michael Brandon Mary Beth Hurt Henry Mancini Starring Music by Cinematography Philip H. Plot When fortysomething Karen Evans discovers her arrogantly self-centered professor husband Adam is having an affair with student Lindsey Rutledge.

glib trappings . adding the film "is as predictable as a long Arctic winter... A Change of Seasons does prove one thing.. ... .''A Change of Seasons (film)'' 79 Production notes The film was shot on location in Glenwood Springs. . . The theme song "Where Do You Catch The Bus For Tomorrow?" was written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman and Henry Mancini and performed by Kenny Rankin. "Worst Screenplay" . the only appealing performance is Miss MacLaine's. Karyn Evans Anthony Hopkins . steals what there is of the picture to steal.. Kasey Evans Edward Winter .... Massachusetts.. Vincent Canby said the film "exhibits no sense of humor and no appreciation for the ridiculous .. and director Richard Lang is no Lubitsch.For the song..." [4] The film is rated  M  in New Zealand. Marilyn Bergman.. Fred Segal . "It would take the genius of an Ernst Lubitsch to do justice to the incredibly tangled relationships in A Change of Seasons. Steven Rutledge K Callan . Alice Bingham Critical reception In his review in the New York Times. . Lindsey Rutledge Michael Brandon . . and just about as interesting .. ... Alan Bergman) • 1981: Nominated. "Worst Actor" ... Pete Lachapelle Mary Beth Hurt .. Ronni Kern. who clearly deserves better than this... A farce about characters who've been freed of their conventional obligations quickly becomes aimless. . Where Do You Catch the Bus Tomorrow? (Henry Mancini. "Worst Original Song" . Principal cast • • • • • • • Shirley MacLaine .. Awards and nominations Golden Raspberry Award • 1981: Nominated. .Erich Segal. and more sour than amusing...." [3] Time Out London calls it "kitsch without conviction. . .Anthony Hopkins • 1981: Nomianted." [2] TV Guide rates it one out of a possible four stars.. The switching of couples seems arbitrary and mechanical.." [1] Variety observed. and she's too good to be true. Marybeth Hurt . schlock without end . the screenplay [is] often dreadful . Adam Evans Bo Derek . . though. Colorado and Williamstown. and witless dialogue sink everything except for the perky intelligence of MacLaine.

com/work/8891) at Allmovie • A Change of Seasons (http://tcmdb.''A Change of Seasons (film)'' 80 References [1] [2] [3] [4] New York Times review (http:/ / movies.jsp?stid=70628) at the TCM Movie Database .allmovie.imdb. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) TV Guide review (http:/ / www. com/ film/ reviews/ 69065/ A_Change_of_Seasons.com/title/title. com/ movie/ review?res=9C03EED71638F93AA25751C1A966948260) Variety review (http:/ / www. html) External links • A Change of Seasons (http://www. com/ movies/ change-seasons/ review/ 110655) Time Out London review (http:/ / www. tvguide. timeout. com/ review/ VE1117789822. nytimes.com/title/tt0080515/) at the Internet Movie Database • A Change of Seasons (http://www. variety.

The most noteworthy legacy of the film was Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of Adolf Hitler. for which he won an Emmy.''The Bunker (1981 film)'' 81 The Bunker (1981 film) The Bunker Directed by Produced by Written by George Schaefer David Susskind Diana Kerew Uwe Bahnsen John Gay James O'Donnell (author) Anthony Hopkins Richard Jordan Cliff Gorman Susan Blakely United States English Starring Country Language Original channel CBS Time-Life Productions Release date Running time January 27. even though he uses the exact words recounted by the witnesses. For example. The movie makes significant deviations from James O'Donnell's book--published in 1978. The interpretations of the events by the actors differ in many ways with the traditional accounts. This became a fairly controversial scene due to a perception in some circles that the resemblance to Jesus Christ's legendary foreseeing of Judas's betrayal was intentional. during the final meeting between Hitler and Albert Speer. Actors on the set claimed his performance was so good that those playing German soldiers snapped to attention whenever Hopkins came onto the set. Time/Life production and HBO Video release based on the book of the same name. 1981 154 minutes The Bunker is a 1981 CBS television film. and allowing the actors license to interpret some of the dialogue he recorded. as were reports regarding a rumored on-set romance between Piper Laurie (Magda Goebbels) and Cliff Gorman (Joseph Goebbels). Hopkins adopts a sarcastic tone and gestures (including mock applause) that suggest that Hitler was already aware of Speer's betrayal. These accusations were consistently denied. . The film opens in 1945 with O'Donnell gaining entry to the Führerbunker by bribing a Russian sentry with a pack of cigarettes. The deviations are mainly due to an effort to clarify the events. even if he wasn't in character.

Likewise. the movie constantly shifts the point-of-view character.''The Bunker (1981 film)'' Also. However. Manziarly actually has a flashback. so neither O'Donnell nor any other person was able to interview her or get her viewpoint. For example. Werner Haase is used in this manner. 82 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Adolf Hitler Richard Jordan as Albert Speer Cliff Gorman as Joseph Goebbels James Naughton as James P. Clement as Constanze Manziarly John Sharp as Theodor Morell Michael Sheard as Heinrich Himmler Tony Steedman as Alfred Jodl Peggy Frankston as Margarete Speer . given O'Donnell's work on the breakout. but sometimes in an impossible manner. O'Donnell Michael Lonsdale as Martin Bormann Piper Laurie as Magda Goebbels Susan Blakely as Eva Braun Martin Jarvis as Johannes Hentschel Michael Kitchen as Rochus Misch Robert Austin as Walter Wagner Andrew Ray as Otto Günsche Yves Brainville as Heinz Guderian Michael Culver as Wilhelm Mohnke Julian Fellowes as Nicolaus von Below Frank Gatliff as Ernst-Günther Schenck Terrence Hardiman as Hermann Fegelein Edward Hardwicke as Dieter Stahl Karl Held as Hans Baur David King as Hermann Göring Sarah Marshall as Traudl Junge John Paul as Wilhelm Keitel Morris Perry as Werner Haase Pam St. two scenes are written from the viewpoint of Hitler's cook. the movie ends just as the groups are leaving the bunker and there is never any explanation given for the flamboyant caviar scene. even though he was never interviewed (having died later in 1950). a younger O'Donnell is played by actor James Naughton. Dr. Manziarly disappeared while escaping the bunker. and in one scene. Constanze Manziarly. In a short scene at the beginning of the movie. O'Donnell himself provided brief voice-over narrations at both the beginning and end of the film. Ironically.

imdb. com/ title/ tt0082114/ .''The Bunker (1981 film)'' 83 External links • The Bunker [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

gaining converts in Galatia and Greece. From there it shows his ministry to the Gentiles.Barnabas Jon Finch . Glouner A. please see Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Editing by Distributed by Running time Country Language Houseley Stevenson Universal 194 minutes United States English Peter and Paul is a 1981 film starring Anthony Hopkins as Paul of Tarsus and Robert Foxworth as Peter the Fisherman. The film is fairly accurate in its portrayal of Biblical events. The film mostly shows the works of Paul. After which Peter arrives in Rome and continues what Paul started.John the Apostle Nicholas Savalis .''Peter and Paul'' 84 Peter and Paul This article is about a 1981 film.Apostle Peter Denis Lill .Priscilla Giannis Voglis .Mark the Evangelist Clive Arrindell .Ananias of Damascus Jean Peters .Timothy Jose Ferrer . For the saints. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins . and eventually going to Rome for his trial. He preaches there under house arrest for two years before being executed by Nero. son of Zebedee .Silas David Gwillim . It was directed by Robert Day.S. David Gwillim as Mark and Jon Finch as Luke.Saul/Paul of Tarsus Robert Foxworth .James.James the Just Herbert Lom .Luke the Evangelist John Rhys-Davies .Gamaliel Emrys James .C. Peter and Paul Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Day Stan Hough Christopher Knopf and Stan Hough Anthony Hopkins Robert Foxworth Eddie Albert Raymond Burr Jose Ferrer Jon Finch David Gwillim Herbert Lom John Peters Allyn Ferguson Music by Cinematography Richard C. beginning with his being struck down and converted by the Lord Jesus on the road to Damascus.

''Peter and Paul'' • • • • • • • Julian Fellowes .Caesar Nero Eddie Albert . com/ title/ tt0082900/ .Herod Agrippa II Olga Karlatos .Seneca the Younger Donald Douglas .Porcius Festus Raymond Burr .Berenice (daughter of Herod Agrippa I) Valentine Dyall . imdb.Herod Agrippa I Paul Herzberg .Sextus Afranius Burrus 85 External links • Peter and Paul [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

of episodes UK English 7 37 (List of episodes) Production Producer(s) Cedric Messina Jonathan Miller Shaun Sutton Production company(s) Time Life Television BBC Television Distributor 2 Entertain BBC DVD Broadcast Original channel Picture format Audio format Original run Status BBC2 4:3 Monaural 1 December 1978 – 1 April 1985 Ended Chronology Related shows An Age of Kings The Spread of the Eagle External links Production website [1] .''Othello (1981 TV film)'' 86 Othello (1981 TV film) BBC Television Shakespeare DVD Box-Set Also known as Genre Created by Written by The Shakespeare Collection (UK) The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare (US) Drama. History Cedric Messina William Shakespeare Theme music composer William Walton Country of origin Language(s) No. of seasons No. Tragedy. Comedy.

87 Introduction[2] Origins The concept for the series originated in 1976 with Cedric Messina. Henry IV. Part 2. starring Henry Oscar (11 February). Part 1. This idea was soon rejected however.M. Initially. with linked casting between them. with Henry Oscar as Macbeth and Margaret Rawlings as Lady Macbeth (25 March). a ten-minute excerpt from Much Ado About Nothing with Henry Oscar as Benedick and Margaretta Scott as Beatrice (also 11 February). Part 1 and Henry VI. Henry IV. produced by the BBC between 1978 and 1985. Later that evening. Dallas Bower's modern dress production of Julius Caesar at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre starring Ernest . with linked casting and the same director for all eight adaptations (David Giles). who played Richard III. who was on-location at Glamis Castle in Angus.A. whilst Henry IV. During the early planning stages for Richard II and Henry IV. directed by George More O'Ferrall and starring Henry Oscar as Henry and [4] Yvonne Arnaud as Katherine. Henry V. with a common set and linked casting. Part 2. an eleven-minute scene from As You Like It. during the first season. Richard II. was treated as a stand-alone piece. Ultimately.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' The BBC Television Shakespeare was a set of television adaptations of the plays of William Shakespeare. Scotland shooting J. with the plan being to adapt the three Henry VI plays into a two-part episode. Part 2 and Henry V (all also directed by Giles) were treated as a trilogy during the second season. Shakespeare on the BBC The BBC had screened many Shakespearean adaptations before. a twenty-five minute extract from Macbeth. Henry VI. also appeared in minor roles in Henry VI. a fourteen-minute segment from the wooing scene of Henry V was screened. and a sixty seven-minute extract from Othello starring Baliol Holloway as Othello. Part 3 and Richard III) in chronological order of the events they depict. it occurred to Messina that the castle would make a perfect location for an adaptation of Shakespeare's As You Like It for the series. Jeremy Bulloch as Henry 'Hotspur' Percy and David Swift as the Earl of Northumberland were unable to do so. a thirty-minute extract from Twelfth Night. a series which would adapt all thirty-seven of Shakespeare's plays. but this was rejected because it was felt that doing so would necessitate the series beginning with a run of relatively little known plays. a veteran BBC producer. For example. although still directed by Giles. O’Ferrall also produced a 1938 broadcast of a live thirty-minute extract from an Old Vic production of Macbeth. Henry VI. and the parts had to be recast. Henry VI. as it was felt to be an unacceptable compromise. and it was decided to simply have one season with seven episodes. Part 2. Part 1. directed by Robert Atkins with Margaretta Scott as Rosalind and Ion Swinley as Orlando. Messina also wanted to shoot the plays in chronological order of how they were written. but never on this scale. D. the concept had grown considerably. Messina envisioned the series as having six seasons of six episodes each. with most of the cast playing multiple roles in the four plays. Part 1 however. 1938 also saw the first full-length broadcast of a Shakespeare play. and Messina now envisioned an entire series devoted exclusively to the dramatic work of Shakespeare. with John Wyse as Orsino and Greer Garson as Olivia (14 May). the plan for linked casting fell apart when it was discovered that although Jon Finch (Henry Bolingbroke in Richard II) could return as Henry IV. During filming. The first broadcast was on the afternoon of 5 February 1937. The second four plays were then directed by Jane Howell during the fifth season as one unit. Clarke-Smith as Iago and Celia Johnson as Desdemona. O'Ferrall would oversee numerous productions of Shakespeare over the course of 1937. however. Another early concept of Messina's which had to be rejected was the idea of shooting the eight sequential history plays (Richard II.[5] a ten-minute excerpt from Mark Antony's funeral speech in Julius Caesar. Part 1. thus undermining the concept of shooting the plays as one sequence. Ron Cook. Barrie's The Little Minister for the BBC Play of the Month series. directed by Michel Saint-Denis and starring Laurence Olivier and Judith Anderson.[3] At first. Henry IV. By the time he had returned to London.

ensuring the plays had "maximum acceptability to the widest possible [7] audience. with Peggy Ashcroft as Miranda and John Abbott as Prospero. The most important of these was that the productions must be traditional interpretations of the plays set in either Shakespeare's time (1564 to 1616) or in the period of the events depicted (such as ancient Rome for Julius Caesar or c1400 for Richard II). William Gaskill and John Dexter to direct adaptations. the backers were able to suggest terms. for example. a one hundred-minute abridged version of Orson Welles' legendary modern dress Mercury Theatre production of Julius Caesar. the John Barton adaptation of the three Henry VI plays and Richard III into a three-parter called The Wars of the Roses by the Royal Shakespeare Company was aired over a four-week period. Julius Caesar (1969). Later. starring Welles himself. Love's Labour's Lost (1974) and King Lear (1975). Robert Shaw as Claudius. Macbeth (1970). Margaret Rawlings as Gertrude and Muriel Pavlow as Ophelia. although later productions under Messina's successors Jonathan Miller and Shaun Sutton. 88 Production As such. although there were numerous live transmissions of actual plays. the entire play was shot on-location in Denmark at the real Elsinore Castle. In 1948. The Spread of the Eagle was not a huge success. George More O'Ferrall directed and produced a made-for-TV two-part adaptation of Hamlet with John Byron as Hamlet. Financing took over two years to secure. Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra. which featured nine one-hour episodes adapting. Metropolitan Life and Morgan Guaranty Trust also provided financing. Michael Caine as Horatio and Donald Sutherland as Fortinbras. However. Produced and directed by Ronald Eyre and starring Roger Livesey as Falstaff. The second was An Age of Kings (1960). The Tempest (1968). deemed essential for the series to recoup its costs. Produced by Peter Dews and directed by Michael Hayes. the BBC Television Shakespeare project was the most ambitious engagement with Shakespeare ever undertaken by either a television or film production company. The first was The Life and Death of Sir John Falstaff (1959). Clark-Smith as Mark Antony. Additionally. These transmissions came to an end with the onset of war in 1939 and none of them survive now. for example. Coriolanus. the BBC returned to smaller screenings with less financial risk. because they had invested so much in the project. a twenty five-minute extract from Stephen Thomas' Regent's Park production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. would be more experimental. The financiers were primarily concerned with ratings and the restrictions worked to this end. he failed. The third was the Peter Dews produced The Spread of the Eagle (1963)." Partly because of this. After the war. directed by Philip Saville and produced by Peter Luke.[8] . Later in the series when Miller tried to persuade directors such as Peter Brook. and a one hundred and forty-minute version of Dallas Bower's production of The Tempest. the show comprised fifteen one-hour episodes which adapted all eight of Shakespeare's sequential history plays. A Midsummer Night's Dream (1971). Another 1964 production was Hamlet at Elsinore. The Merchant of Venice (1972). starring Alexander Knox as Oberon and Thea Holme as Titiana. in its early years the series developed a reputation for being overly conventional.A. and afterwards. in chronological order of the real life events. Ingmar Bergman. Sebastian Shaw as Claudius. The restriction regarding conservative interpretations was non-negotiable. There were also three multi-part Shakespearean adaptations shown during the 1950s and 1960s. Starring Christopher Plummer as Hamlet. Romeo and Juliet (1967). The Play of the Month series screened several Shakespearian adaptations over the years.[6] In 1964. However. Shakespearean adaptations were screened less frequently. A two and a half hour maximum running time was also required but this was swiftly jettisoned when it became clear that the major tragedies in particular would have suffer severely if truncated too heavily. So large was the project that the BBC couldn't finance it alone and required an American partner who would guarantee access to the United States market. Exxon. with Time–Life acting as the series' largest underwriter.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' Milton as Caesar and D. the series took all of the Falstaff scenes from the Henry IV plays and The Merry Wives of Windsor and adapted them into seven half-hour episodes.

as per the financiers' restrictions the adaptations tended to be conservative. artefacts in their own right to be realised in production using the visual and conceptual materials of their period.[10] All productions were shot on video with multiple cameras in Studio 1 at the BBC Television Centre studios. with the exception of two first season episodes. outside the BBC's tradition of painstaking research and accurate historical verisimilitude. According to Martin Wiggins. but when Jonathan Miller took over at the start of season three. Sutton was successful and the series closed with a broadcast of Titus Andronicus roughly twelve months late. Miller was against dilution. he revamped things. Miller adopted a visual and design policy of sets and costumes inspired by great paintings of the era in which the play were written. pushing the definition of "traditional". Also worth noting is that composer William Walton. Hamlet and Richard III) came out of retirement to write the theme music for the show. Miller's aesthetic policies continued under Shaun Sutton who took over at the start of season six. though the style was dominated by the post-Shakespearean 17th century artists Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt. having more than broken even by 1982. 89 The 37 Plays Season one. Miller saw them as products of a creative imagination. This allowed directors to stamp more of their aesthetic credo on the productions. Miller came from. producer Romeo and Juliet • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Alvin Rakoff Taping dates: 31 January-5 February 1978 First transmitted in the UK: 3 December 1978 First transmitted in the US: 14 March 1979 Patrick Ryecart as Romeo Rebecca Saire as Juliet Celia Johnson as the Nurse Michael Hordern as Lord Capulet John Gielgud as the Chorus Anthony Andrews as Mercutio Alan Rickman as Tybalt Joseph O'Conor as Friar Laurence Laurence Naismith as Prince Escalus Jacqueline Hill as Lady Capulet Christopher Strauli as Benvolio Christopher Northey as Paris Peter Henry as Peter Roger Davidson as Balthasar . As You Like It and Henry VIII. which were shot on location. Messina's approach had treated the plays in realistic terms as events which had once taken place and which could be literally represented on screen. Messina's gamble in 1978 proved successful as the series was a financial success. Cedric Messina.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' During Messina's tenure as producer (seasons one and two)."[9] A change by Miller that was met with great delight by directors was his tendency to encourage the adaptations to be more adventurous than Messina had permitted. who had scored Olivier's three Shakespearean films (Henry V. This led to a major reappraisal of the original production guidelines. The project was Sutton's retirement job after twelve years as the head of BBC Drama and he was under strict orders to bring the series to a close as it had run over by twelve months during Miller's reign. Messina had favoured a broadly 'realistic' approach which worked to simplify the texts for audiences unfamiliar with Shakespeare.

Duke of York Wendy Hiller as the Duchess of York Mary Morris as the Duchess of Gloucester David Swift as the Duke of Northumberland Clifford Rose as the Bishop of Carlisle Charles Keating as Duke of Aumerle Richard Owens as Thomas Mowbray Janet Maw as the Queen Jeffrey Holland as the Duke of Surrey Jeremy Bulloch as Henry 'Hotspur' Percy Robin Sachs as Bushy Damien Thomas as Bagot Alan Dalton as Green David Dodimead as Lord Ross John Flint as Lord Willoughby Carl Oatley as Earl Berkeley William Whymper as Sir Stephen Scroop John Barcroft as Earl of Salisbury David Garfield as Welsh Captain Desmond Adams as Sir Pierce of Exton Bruno Barnabe as Abbot of Westminster Jonathan Adams as Gardener Alan Collins as Gardener's Man John Curless as Lord Fitzwater Terry Wright as Murderer .''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • John Paul as Montague Zulema Dene as Lady Montague Esmond Knight as Old Capulet David Sibley as Samson Jack Carr as Gregory Bunny Reed as Abraham Vernon Dobtcheff as Apothecary John Savident as Friar John 90 Behind-the-scenes Rebecca Saire was only fourteen when the production was filmed. an unusually young age for an actress playing Juliet (even though she is only thirteen in the play itself). King Richard the Second • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by David Giles Taping dates: 12–17 April 1978 First transmitted in the UK: 10 December 1978 First transmitted in the US: 28 March 1979 Derek Jacobi as Richard II Jon Finch as Henry Bolingbroke John Gielgud as John of Gaunt. Duke of Lancaster Charles Gray as Edmund Langley.

even though the play begins in winter. Julius Caesar • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Herbert Wise Taping dates: 26–31 July 1978 First transmitted in UK: 11 February 1979 First transmitted in the US: 14 February 1979 Richard Pasco as Brutus Charles Gray as Julius Caesar Keith Michell as Marcus Antonius David Collings as Cassius Virginia McKenna as Portia Elizabeth Spriggs as Calpurnia Sam Dastor as Casca Jon Laurimore as Flavius John Sterland as Marullus . Director Basil Colemen initially felt that the play should be filmed over the course of a year.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' As You Like It • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Basil Coleman Taping dates: 30 May-16 June 1978 First transmitted in the UK: 17 December 1978 First transmitted in the US: 28 February 1979 Helen Mirren as Rosalind Brian Stirner as Orlando Richard Pasco as Jaques Angharad Rees as Celia James Bolam as Touchstone Clive Francis as Oliver Richard Easton as Duke Frederick Tony Church as Duke Senior John Quentin as Le Beau Maynard Williams as Silvius Victoria Plucknett as Phebe Marilyn Le Conte as Audrey Tom McDonnell as Amiens David Lloyd Meredith as Corin Arthur Hewlett as Adam Jeffrey Holland as William Timothy Bateson as Sir Oliver Martext David Prowse as Charles the Wrestler John Moulder-Brown as Hyman Paul Bentall as Jacques de Boys Chris Sullivan as Dennis 91 Behind-the-scenes Filmed at Glamis Castle in Scotland. the other being Henry VIII. but he was forced to shoot entirely in May. with the change in seasons from winter to summer marking the ideological change in characters. this was one of only two productions shot on location.

Wise felt that Shakespeare had written the play specifically as a commentary on Elizabethan culture. and that interpreting it literally as being a play about Ancient Rome trivialised the story. Measure for Measure • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Desmond Davis Taping dates: 17–22 May 1978 First transmitted in the UK: 18 February 1979 First transmitted in the US: 11 April 1979 Kenneth Colley as the Duke Kate Nelligan as Isabella Tim Pigott-Smith as Angelo Christopher Strauli as Claudio John McEnery as Lucio Jacqueline Pearce as Mariana Frank Middlemass as Pompey Alun Armstrong as Provost Adrienne Corri as Mistress Overdone Ellis Jones as Elbow John Clegg as Froth William Sleigh as Barnardine . but he was compelled by the financiers to set it in a Roman milieu.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Garrick Hagon as Octavius Caesar Brian Coburn as Messala Leonard Preston as Titinius Alexander Davion as Decius Brutus Darien Angadi as Cinna Andrew Hilton as Lucilius Anthony Dawes as Ligarius Roger Bizley as Metellus Cimber Manning Wilson as Cicero Ronald Forfar as The Soothsayer Patrick Marley as Artemidorus William Simons as Trebonius John Tordoff as Cinna the Poet Philip York as Young Cato Christopher Good as Clitus Robert Oates as Pindarus Jonathan Scott-Taylor as Lucius Maurice Thorogood as Strato Michael Greatorex as Varro Nicholas Gecks as Volumnius Michael Jenkinson as Dardanius Roy Spencer as Lepidus Terence Conoley as Popilius Noel Johnson as Publius 92 Behind-the-scenes Director Herbert Wise felt that Julius Caesar should be set in the Elizabethan era.

Bishop of Winchester David Rintoul as Lord Abergavenny David Dodimead as the Bishop of Lincoln Oliver Cotton as the Earl of Surrey John Rhys-Davies as Capucius John Rogan as Dr. Archbishop of Canterbury Barbara Kellerman as Anne Bullen Timothy West as Cardinal Wolsey Julian Glover as the Duke of Buckingham John Rowe as Cromwell Lewis Fiander as the Duke of Suffolk Alan Leith as Sergeant-at-Arms Tony Church as Prologue John Bailey as Griffith David Troughton as Surveyor John Nettleton as Lord Chamberlain Charles Lloyd Pack as Lord Sandys Nigel Lambert as Sir Thomas Lovell Adam Bareham as Sir Henry Guildford Jeremy Kemp as the Duke of Norfolk Jack McKenzie as Sir Nicholas Vaux Michael Poole as Cardinal Campeius Peter Vaughan as Gardiner. 25 February 1979 First transmitted in the US: 25 April 1979 John Stride as Henry VIII Claire Bloom as Katharine Ronald Pickup as Cranmer. Butts Jack May as the Lord Chancellor .''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • Neil McCarthy as Abhorson Yolanda Vazquez as Juliet Eileen Page as Francesca Kevin Stoney as Escalus Godfrey Jackman as Friar Thomas 93 Behind-the-scenes Director Desmond Davis based the brothel in the play on a traditional Western saloon and the prison on a typical horror film dungeon. The Famous History of the Life of King Henry the Eight • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Kevin Billington Taping dates: 27 November 1978 – 7 January 1979 First transmitted in UK.

Penhurst Place and Hever Castle and in the actual rooms in which some of the real events took place. Duke of Clarence Bruce Purchase as the Earl of Northumberland David Neal as Scroop. Earl of Worcester Bruce Purchase as Henry Percy. Cedric Messina. Earl of Douglas David Neal as Scroop. including his death and the coronation of King Henry the Fift • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by David Giles Taping dates: 11–16 April 1979 First transmitted in the UK: 16 December 1979 First transmitted in the US: 9 April 1980 Jon Finch as King Henry the Fourth David Gwillim as Prince Henry of Wales Rob Edwards as Prince John of Lancaster Martin Neil as Prince Humphrey of Gloucester Roger Davenport as Prince Thomas. Archbishop of York Michael Miller as Lord Mowbray Richard Bebb as Lord Hastings . producer The First Part of King Henry the Fourth. Earl of March John Cairney as Archibald. with the life and death of Henry surnamed Hotspur • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by David Giles Taping dates: 7–12 March 1979 First transmitted in the UK: 9 December 1979 First transmitted in the US: 26 March 1980 Anthony Quayle as Sir John Falstaff Jon Finch as King Henry the Fourth David Gwillim as Hal.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' Behind-the-scenes Shot at Leeds Castle. 94 Seaon two. Archbishop of York Norman Rutherford as Sir Michael Richard Owens as Owen Glendower Terence Wilton as Sir Richard Vernon Jack Galloway as Poins Gordon Gostelow as Bardolph Steven Beard as Peto Sharon Morgan as Lady Mortimer The Second Part of King Henry the Fourth. Earl of Northumberland Robert Morris as Edmund Mortimer. Prince of Wales Tim Pigott-Smith as Henry 'Hotspur' Percy Michele Dotrice as Lady Percy Brenda Bruce as Mistress Quickly Rob Edwards as Prince John of Lancaster David Buck as the Earl of Westmorland Robert Brown as Sir Walter Blunt Clive Swift as Thomas Percy.

''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • John Humphry as Lord Bardolph Salvin Stewart as Sir John Colville David Strong as Travers Carl Oatley as Morton Rod Beacham as the Earl of Warwick David Buck as the Earl of Westmorland Brian Poyser as Gower Ralph Michael as the Lord Chief Justice Anthony Quayle as Sir John Falstaff Jack Galloway as Poins Gordon Gostelow as Bardolph Bryan Pringle as Pistol Steven Beard as Peto Robert Eddison as Justice Robert Shallow Leslie French as Justice Silence Raymond Platt as Davy Frederick Proud as Fang Julian Battersby as Ralph Mouldy Roy Herrick as Simon Shadow Alan Collins as Thomas Wart John Tordoff as Francis Feeble Roger Elliott as Peter Bullcalf Jenny Laird as Lady Northumberland Michele Dotrice as Lady Percy Brenda Bruce as Mistress Quickly Frances Cuka as Doll Tearsheet 95 The Life of Henry the Fift • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by David Giles Taping dates: 18–25 June 1979 First transmitted in the UK: 23 December 1979 First transmitted in the US: 23 April 1980 John Abineri as the Bishop of Ely Robert Ashby as the Earl of Salisbury Trevor Baxter as the Archbishop of Canterbury Rob Beacham as the Earl of Warwick Jocelyne Boisseau as Princess Katherine Alan Brown as the Governor of Harfleur John Bryans as the Duke of Bourbon David Buck as the Earl of Westmoreland Roger Davenport as the Duke of Clarence Keith Drinkel as Lewis the Dauphin Rob Edwards as the Duke of Bedford Ronald Forfar as Bates Carl Forgione as Rambures John Fowler as the Boy Julian Glover as the Constable of France .

''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gordon Gostelow as Bardolph David Gwillim as Henry V Garrick Hagon as Mountjoy Robert Harris as the Duke of Burgundy Jeffrey Holland as Nym Derek Hollis as the Duke of York George Howe as Sir Thomas Erpingham Alec McCowen as Chorus Michael McKevitt as Jamy Clifford Parrish as the Duke of Exeter David Pinner as Williams Brian Poyser as Gower Ian Price as Scrope Bryan Pringle as Pistol Anna Quayle as Alice David Rowlands as Sir Thomas Grey Pamela Ruddock as Queen Isabel John Saunders as the Duke of Orléans Martin Smith as the Duke of Gloucester Thorley Walters as the King of France Paddy Ward as Macmorris William Whymper as the Earl of Cambridge Tim Wylton as Fluellen Brenda Bruce as Mistress Quickly


Twelfth Night • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by John Gorrie Taping dates: 16–21 May 1979 First transmitted in the UK: 6 January 1980 First transmitted in the US: 27 February 1980 Alec McCowen as Malvolio Robert Hardy as Sir Toby Belch Felicity Kendal as Viola Annette Crosbie as Maria Sinéad Cusack as Olivia Trevor Peacock as Feste Clive Arrindell as Orsino Ronnie Stevens as Sir Andrew Aguecheek Robert Lindsay as Fabian Maurice Roëves as Antonio Michael Thomas as Sebastian Malcolm Reynolds as Valentine Ryan Michael as Curio Ric Morgan as the Sea Captain Arthur Hewlett as the Priest

''Othello (1981 TV film)'' Behind-the-scenes Director John Gorrie interpreted the play as an English country house comedy, and incorporated influences ranging from Luigi Pirandello's Il Gioco delle Parti to ITV's Upstairs, Downstairs. Gorrie also set the play during the English Civil War, hoping the use of cavaliers and roundheads would help focus the dramatisation of the conflict between festivity and Puritanism. The Tempest • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by John Gorrie Taping dates: 23–28 July 1979 First transmitted in the UK: 27 February 1980 First transmitted in the US: 7 May 1980 Michael Hordern as Prospero Derek Godfrey as Antonio David Waller as Alonso Warren Clarke as Caliban Nigel Hawthorne as Stephano David Dixon as Ariel Andrew Sachs as Trinculo John Nettleton as Gonzalo Alan Rowe as Sebastian Pippa Guard as Miranda Christopher Guard as Ferdinand Kenneth Gilbert as Boatswain Edwin Brown as Master Paul Greenhalgh as Francisco Christopher Bramwell as Adrian Gwyneth Lloyd as Juno Elizabeth Gardner as Ceres Judith Rees as Iris


Behind-the-scenes The special effects seen in this episode were not developed especially for use here. They had been developed for Top of the Pops and Doctor Who. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Rodney Bennett Taping dates: 31 January-8 February 1980 First transmitted in the UK: 25 May 1980 First transmitted in the US: 10 November 1980 Derek Jacobi as Hamlet Claire Bloom as Gertrude Patrick Stewart as Claudius Eric Porter as Polonius Lalla Ward as Ophelia David Robb as Laertes Patrick Allen as the Ghost of Hamlet's Father Robert Swann as Horatio

''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jonathan Hyde as Rosencrantz Geoffrey Bateman as Guildenstern Emrys James as Player King Jason Kemp as Player Queen Ian Charleson as Fortinbras Tim Wylton as First Gravedigger Peter Benson as Second Gravedigger Paul Humpoletz as Marcellus Niall Padden as Bernardo Christopher Baines as Francisco John Humphry as Voltimand John Sterland as Cornelius Peter Gale as Osric Raymond Mason as Reynaldo Dan Meaden as Norwegian Captain David Henry as English Ambassador


Season three; Jonathan Miller, producer
The Taming of the Shrew • Directed by Jonathan Miller • Taping dates: 18–24 June 1980 • First transmitted in the UK: 23 October 1980 • First transmitted in the US: 26 January 1981 • Simon Chandler as Lucentio • Anthony Pedley as Tranio • John Franklyn-Robbins as Baptista • Frank Thornton as Gremio • Sarah Badel as Katherine • Jonathan Cecil as Hortensio • Susan Penhaligon as Bianca • Harry Waters as Biondello • • • • • • • • • • • • • John Cleese as Petruchio David Kincaid as Grumio Angus Lennie as Curtis Harry Webster as Nathaniel Gil Morris as Philip Leslie Sarony as Gregory Derek Deadman as Nicholas Denis Gilmore as Peter John Bird as the Pedant Alan Hay as the Tailor David Kinsey as the Haberdasher John Barron as Vincentio Joan Hickson as the Widow
Petruchio (John Cleese) and Katherine (Sarah Badel)

the song sung at the end of the play is a musical version of Psalm 128. In tandem with this interpretation. a lot of wine being spilled. and that the part was not to be acted along the traditional lines of the swaggering bully a la Richard Burton in Franco Zeffirelli's adaptation. and took some persuading from Miller that the BBC Shrew would not be. The Merchant of Venice • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Jack Gold Taping dates: 15–21 May 1980 First transmitted in the UK: 17 December 1980 First transmitted in the US: 23 February 1981 John Franklyn-Robbins as Antonio John Rhys-Davies as Salerio Alan David as Solanio John Nettles as Bassiano Richard Morant as Lorenzo Kenneth Cranham as Gratiano Gemma Jones as Portia Susan Jameson as Nerissa Daniel Mitchell as Balthasar Warren Mitchell as Shylock Marc Zuber as the Prince of Morocco Enn Reitel as Lancelot Gobbo Joe Gladwin as Old Gobbo Roger Martin as Leonardo Leslee Udwin as Jessica Peter Gale as the Prince of Arragon Arnold Diamond as Tubal Douglas Wilmer as the Duke of Venice Shaun Scott as Stephano 99 All's Well That Ends Well • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Elijah Moshinsky Taping dates: 23–29 July 1980 First transmitted in the UK: 4 January 1981 First transmitted in the US: 18 May 1981 Celia Johnson as The Countess of Rousillion Ian Charleson as Bertram Michael Hordern as Lafeu Angela Down as Helena Peter Jeffrey as Parolles Donald Sinden as the King of France Paul Brooke as Lavache ."[11] As such. and was not a fan of the first two seasons of the BBC Television Shakespeare. which was often sung in Puritan households at the end of a meal during Shakespeare's own day. Cleese had never performed Shakespeare before. Miller told Cleese that the episode would interpret Petruchio as an early Puritan.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' Behind-the-scenes The casting of John Cleese as Petruchio was not without controversy at the time. a lot of thighs being slapped and a lot of unmotivated laughter. as Cleese feared "about a lot of furniture being knocked over.

The Winter's Tale • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Jane Howell Taping dates: 9–15 April 1980 First transmitted in the UK: 8 February 1981 First transmitted in the US: 8 June 1981 John Welsh as Archidamus David Burke as Camillo Robert Stephens as Polixenes Jeremy Kemp as Leontes Anna Calder-Marshall as Hermionie Jeremy Dimmick as Mamillius Merelina Kendall as Emilia Cyril Luckham as Antigonus Margaret Tyzack as Paulina John Curless as Cleomenes Colin McCormack as Dion Arthur Hewlett as The Old Shepard Paul Jesson as the Clown Harold Goldblatt as Time Rikki Fulton as Autolycus Robin Kermode as Florizel Debbie Farrington as Perdita Janette Legge as Dorcas Maggie Wells as Mopsa Pat Gorman as The Bear . director Elijah Moshinsky composed many of the shots of the film as live action replicas of the work of Johannes Vermeer.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • Robert Lindsay as the first Lord Dumaine Dominic Jephcott as the Second Lord Dumaine Rosemary Leach as The Widow of Florence Pippa Guard as Diana Joolia Cappleman as Mariana Nickolas Grace as the "Interpreter" Terence McGinity as The First Gentleman Max Arthur as The Second Gentleman 100 Behind-the-scenes In line with producer Jonathan Miller's new aesthetic policy.

but he resigned after his modern-dress interpretation was considered too radical. Antony and Cleopatra[12] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Jonathan Miller Taping dates: 5–10 March 1980 First transmitted in the US: 20 April 1981 First transmitted in the UK: 8 May 1981 John Paul as Canidius Jonathan Adams as Ventidius Jane Lapotaire as Cleopatra Colin Blakely as Antony Darien Angadi as Alexas Janet Key as Charmian Howard Goorney as the Soothsayer Cassie McFarlane as Iras Emrys James as Enobarbus Mohammad Shamsi as Mardian Ian Charleson as Octavius Caesar Esmond Knight as Lepidus Harry Waters as Thidius .''Othello (1981 TV film)'' Timon of Athens • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Jonathan Miller Taping dates: 28 January-3 February 1981 First transmitted in the UK: 16 April 1981 First transmitted in the US: 14 December 1981 John Fortune as the Poet John Bird as the Painter Tony Jay as the Merchant David Kinsey as the Jeweller Jonathan Pryce as Timon John Welsh as Flavius Sebastian Shaw as Old Athenian James Cossins as Lucullus Norman Rodway as Apemantus Geoffrey Collins as Flaminius Terence McGinity as Servilius John Shrapnel as Alcibades Hugh Thomas as Lucius Max Arthur as Lucillus Donald Gee as Ventidius John Bailey as Sempronius Michael Anthony as Caphis Elyane Sharling as Phryina Diana Dors as Timandra 101 Behind-the-scenes Michael Bogdanov was originally hired to direct this episode.

the snake crawled down the back of Jane Lapotaire's dress. During production itself. refused to issue a work permit. Season four. but Equity. Jonathan Miller based the visual design on the work of El Greco. producer Othello • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Jonathan Miller Taping dates: 9–17 March 1981 First transmitted in the UK: 4 October 1981 First transmitted in the US: 12 October 1981 Anthony Pedley as Roderigo Bob Hoskins as Iago Geoffrey Chater as Brabantio Alexander Davion as Gratiano Anthony Hopkins as Othello David Yelland as Cassio Joseph O'Conor as Lodovico John Barron as Duke of Venice Penelope Wilton as Desdemona Rosemary Leach as Emilia Tony Steedman as Montano Wendy Morgan as Bianca Behind-the-scenes James Earl Jones was originally hired to play the role of Othello. the English Actor's Guild.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • David Neal as Proculeius Anthony Pedley as Agrippa Geoffrey Collins as Dolabella Donald Sumpter as Pompeius George Innes as Menas Desmond Stokes as Menecrates Lynn Farleigh as Octavius Simon Chandler as Eros Christopher Ettridge as Scarus George Howe as Euphronius Alec Sabin as Dercetas 102 Behind-the-scenes During the shooting of the scene with the snake. Jonathan Miller. Troilus and Cressida • • • • • • • Directed by Jonathan Miller Taping dates: 28 July-5 August 1981 First transmitted in the UK: 7 November 1981 First transmitted in the US: 17 May 1982 Charles Gray as Pandarus Anton Lesser as Troilus Tony Steedman as Aeneas .

A Midsummer Night's Dream • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Elijah Moshinsky Taping dates: 19–25 May 1981 First transmitted in the UK: 13 December 1981 First transmitted in the US: 19 April 1982 Estelle Kohler as Hippolyta Nigel Davenport as Theseus Hugh Quarshie as Philostrate Geoffrey Lumsden as Egeus Pippa Guard as Hermia Nicky Henson as Demetrius Robert Lindsay as Lysander Cherith Mellor as Helena Geoffrey Palmer as Peter Quince Brian Glover as Nick Bottom John Fowler as Francis Flute Don Estelle as Robin Starveling Nat Jackley as Tom Snout Ray Mort as Snug Phil Daniels as Puck Helen Mirren as Titania . Cassell as Deiphobus 103 Behind-the-scenes Director Jonathan Miller used the work of gothic painter Lucas Cranach as a visual influence during the production. and several of Cranach's paintings can be seen in Ajax's tent.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Suzanne Burden as Cressida Max Harvey as Alexander Vernon Dobtcheff as Agamemnon Geoffrey Chater as Nestor Benjamin Whitrow as Ulysses Bernard Brown as Menelaus Anthony Pedley as Ajax The Incredible Orlando as Thersites Kenneth Haigh as Achilles Simon Cutter as Patroclus Esmond Knight as Priam John Shrapnel as Hector Elayne Sharling as Cassandra David Firth as Paris Paul Moriarty as Diomedes Ann Pennington as Helen Peter Whitbread as Calchas Merelina Kendall as Andromache Cornelius Garrett as Margarelon Tony Portacio as Helenus Peter J.

''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • Peter McEnery as Oberon Bruce Savage as Peaseblossom Massimo Mezzofanti as Cobweb Dominic Martelli as Moth Timothy Cross as Mustardseed 104 Behind-the-scenes Elijah Moshinsky based the fairies in the play on the baroque eroticism of Rembrandt and Peter Paul Rubens. Like the BBC Shakespeare version. however Robert Shaw was cast as Lear but died in 1978 before production began. Jonathan Miller and Shaun Sutton. Season Five. producers King Lear • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Jonathan Miller Taping dates: 26 March-2 April 1982 First transmitted in the UK: 19 September 1982 First transmitted in the US: 18 October 1982 John Shrapnel as Kent Norman Rodway as Gloucester Michael Kitchen as Edmund Michael Hordern as King Lear Gillian Barge as Goneril Brenda Blethyn as Cordelia Penelope Wilton as Regan John Bird as Albany Julian Curry as Cornwall David Weston as Burgundy Harry Waters as The King of France Anton Lesser as Edgar John Grillo as Oswald Frank Middlemass as Fool Ken Stott as Curan George Howe as Doctor Behind-the-scenes Jonathan Miller had previously directed an adaptation of King Lear in 1975 for the BBC series Play of the Month. Cymbeline[12] • • • • • • • Directed by Elijah Moshinsky Taping dates: 29 July-5 August 1982 First transmitted in the US: 20 December 1982 First transmitted in the UK: 10 July 1983 Richard Johnson as Cymbeline Hugh Thomas as Cornelius Claire Bloom as Queen . Miller's previous production starred Michael Hordern as Lear and Frank Middlemass as the Fool. Originally.

''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Helen Mirren as Imogen Michael Pennington as Posthumous John Kane as Pisanio Paul Jesson as Cloten Robert Lindsay as Iachimo Geoffrey Lumsden as Philario Patsy Smart as Helen Graham Crowden as Caius Lucius Michael Gough as Belarius Geoffrey Burridge as Guiderius David Creedon as Arviragus Patricia Hayes as Soothsayer Marius Goring as Sicilius Leonatus Michael Hordern as Jupiter 105 The Merry Wives of Windsor • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by David Hugh Jones Taping dates: 1–8 November 1982 First transmitted in the UK: 28 December 1982 First transmitted in the US: 31 January 1983 Alan Bennett as Justice Shallow Richard O'Callaghan as Slender Tenniel Evans as Sir Hugh Evans Bryan Marshall as George Page Richard Griffiths as Sir John Falstaff Gordon Gostelow as Bardolph Nigel Terry as Pistol Michael Robbins as Nym Miranda Foster as Anne Page Judy Davis as Mistress Ford Prunella Scales as Mistress Page Ron Cook as Peter Simple Michael Graham Cox as Host Lee Whitlock as Robin Elizabeth Spriggs as Mistress Quickly John Joyce as John Rugby Michael Bryant as Doctor Caius Simon Chandler as Fenton Ben Kingsley as Frank Ford Ralph Brown as John Peter Gordon as Robert Crispin Mair as William Page .

John Hall. The First Part of Henry the Sixt • Directed by Jane Howell • Taping dates: 13–19 October 1981 • First transmitted in the UK: 2 January 1983 • First transmitted in the US: 27 March 1983 • Peter Benson as Henry VI • Brenda Blethyn as Joan la Pucelle • Antony Brown as the Duke of Burgundy • David Burke as the Duke of Gloucester • Michael Byrne as the Duke of Alençon • Paul Chapman as the Earl of Suffolk • Arthur Cox as Sir John Fastolfe • David Daker as Reigner.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' Behind-the-scenes Director David Jones originally wanted to shoot the episode in Stratford-upon-Avon but was restricted to a studio setting. Reignier (David Daker) and the Bastard (Brian Protheroe) 106 . Charles (Ian Saynor). Alençon (Michael Byrne). Duke of Anjou • Brian Deacon as the Earl of Somerset • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tenniel Evans as the Duke of Bedford Derek Farr as the Earl of Salisbury Julia Foster as Margaret Alex Guard as Young Talbot Bernard Hill as the Duke of York Joanna McCallum as the Countess d'Auvergne Frank Middlemass as Cardinal Beaufort Joseph O'Conor as the Duke of Exeter Trevor Peacock as Lord Talbot Brian Protheroe as the Bastard of Orléans Ian Saynor as the Dauphin Charles Mark Wing-Davey as the Earl of Warwick Peter Wyatt as Woodville Joan (Brenda Blethyn). Jones got around this by basing his set on the house which belonged to Shakespeare's son-in-law.

''Othello (1981 TV film)'' 107 The Second Part of Henry the Sixt • Directed by Jane Howell • Taping dates: 17–23 December 1981 • First transmitted in the UK: 9 January 1983 • First transmitted in the US: 10 April 1983 • Peter Benson as Henry VI • Antony Brown as Walter Whitmore/Alexander Iden • David Burke as the Duke of Gloucester/Dick the Butcher • Michael Byrne as John Hume • Anne Carroll as the Duchess of Gloucester • Paul Chapman as the Duke of Suffolk • Ron Cook as Richard Plantaganet • Arthur Cox as Thomas Horner/Lord Clifford • David Daker as the Duke of Buckingham • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Brian Deacon as the Duke of Somerset/Smith the Weaver Tenniel Evans as the Earl of Salisbury/Clerk of Chartham Derek Farr as Lord Saye Julia Foster as Queen Margaret Derek Fuke as Simpcox Bernard Hill as the Duke of York Paul Jesson as John Holland/George Plantagenet Pat Keen as Margery Jourdayne Gabrielle Lloyd as Simpox's Wife Oengus MacNamara as Young Clifford Frank Middlemass as Cardinal Beaufort Trevor Peacock as Jack Cade Brian Protheroe as Edward Plantagenet David Pugh as Peter Thump Mark Wing-Davey as the Earl of Warwick Peter Wyatt as Sir Humphrey Stafford York (Bernard Hill). Iden (Antony Brown) and Henry (Peter Benson) . Margaret (Julia Foster). Somerset (Brian Deacon).

designer Oliver Bayldon altered the set so it would appear that the paint work was flaking and peeling. as England descended into an ever increasing state of chaos. The Third Part of Henry the Sixt • Directed by Jane Howell • Taping dates: 10–17 February 1982 • First transmitted in the UK: 16 January 1983 • First transmitted in the US: 24 April 1983 • John Benfield as the Earl of Northumberland • Peter Benson as Henry VI • Antony Brown as Lewis. as England descended into an even worse state of chaos. However. The Tragedy of Richard III • • • • • Directed by Jane Howell Taping dates: 31 March-6 April 1982 First transmitted in the UK: 23 January 1983 First transmitted in the US: 2 May 1983 Peter Benson as the Ghost of Henry VI . and the set falling into a state of disrepair. King of France • Michael Byrne as the Marquess of Montague • Paul Chapman as the Earl of Rivers • Ron Cook as Richard. However. Prince of Wales Mark Wing-Davey as the Earl of Warwick Peter Wyatt as the Duke of Norfolk The Battle of Tewkesbury 108 Behind-the-scenes This episode was filmed on the same set as The First Part of Henry the Sixt and The Second Part of Henry the Sixt. designer Oliver Bayldon altered the set so it would appear to be completely falling apart. Duke of Gloucester • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rowena Cooper as Lady Elizabeth Grey Arthur Cox as the Duke of Somerset David Daker as Lord Hastings Mathew David as the Earl of Rutland Brian Deacon as Earl of Oxford Derek Farr as the Duke of Exeter Julia Foster as Margaret Derek Fuke as the Earl of Westmoreland Tim Fuke as the Earl of Richmond Alex Guard as the Marquess of Dorset Bernard Hill as the Duke of York Paul Jesson as George.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' Behind-the-scenes This episode was filmed on the same set as The First Part of Henry the Sixt. Duke of Clarence Merelina Kendall as Lady Bona Oengus MacNamara as Young Clifford Brian Protheroe as Edward IV Nick Reding as Edward.

producer Macbeth[12] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Jack Gold Taping dates: 22–28 June 1982 First transmitted in the US: 17 October 1983 First transmitted in the UK: 5 November 1983 Brenda Bruce as First Witch Eileen Way as Second Witch Anne Dyson as Third Witch Mark Dignam as Duncan James Hazeldine as Malcolm John Rowe as Lennox Gawn Grainger as Ross Nicol Williamson as Macbeth Ian Hogg as Banquo David Lyon as Angus . designer Oliver Bayldon altered the set so it would appear to be a ruin. Shaun Sutton. Prince of Wales Julia Foster as Margaret Derek Fuke as Sir Thomas Vaughan Alex Guard as the Marquess of Dorset Bernard Hill as Sir William Brandon Patsy Kensit as Lady Margaret Plantagenet Oengus MacNamara as Lord Lovell Brian Protheroe as Edward IV Nick Reding as the Ghost of the Prince of Wales Zoë Wanamaker as Lady Anne Mark Wing-Davey as Sir James Tyrell Peter Wyatt as the Duke of Norfolk 109 Behind-the-scenes This episode was filmed on the same set as the three Henry VI plays. Earl of Richmond Tenniel Evans as Lord Stanley Derek Farr as Sir Robert Brackenbury Dorian Ford as Edward. Season six. as England reached its lowest point of chaos. However.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Antony Brown as Sir Richard Ratcliffe David Burke as Sir William Catesby Michael Byrne as the Duke of Buckingham Anne Carroll as Jane Shore Paul Chapman as Earl Rivers Ron Cook as Richard III Rowena Cooper as Queen Elizabeth Arthur Cox as Lord Grey Annette Crosbie as the Duchess of York David Daker as Lord Hastings Brian Deacon as Henry.

''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • Jane Lapotaire as Lady Macbeth Alistair Henderson as Fleance Tony Doyle as Macduff Tom Bowles as Donalbain Eamon Boland as Seyton Jill Baker as Lady Macduff Crispin Mair as Young Macduff Matthew Long as Menteith Peter Porteous as Caithness William Abney as Old Siward Nicholas Coppin as Young Siward 110 The Comedy of Errors • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by James Cellan Jones Taping dates: 3–9 November 1983 First transmitted in the UK: 24 December 1983 First transmitted in the US: 20 February 1984 Cyril Cusack as Aegeon Charles Gray as Solinus Nicolas Chagrin as Master of the Mime Michael Kitchen as Antipholus Roger Daltrey as Dromio Suzanne Bertish as Adriana Joanne Pearce as Luciana Marsha Fitzalan as Luce Sam Dastor as Angelo David Kelly as Balthazar Geoffrey Rose as Pinch Ingrid Pitt as Courtesan Wendy Hiller as the Abbess The Two Gentlemen of Verona • Directed by Don Taylor • Taping dates: 25–31 July 1983 • First transmitted in the UK: 27 December 1983 • First transmitted in the US: 23 April 1984 • Frank Barrie as Eglamour • Tessa Peake-Jones as Julia • Hetta Charnley as Lucetta • Tyler Butterworth as Proteus • John Hudson as Valentine • Nicholas Kaby as Speed • Michael Byrne as Antonio Proteus (Tyler Butterworth) and Valentine (John Hudson) • John Woodnutt as Panthino • Joanne Pearce as Sylvia .

the use of the young actors dressed as cherubs was to convey the idea that the characters lived in a 'Garden of Courtly Love'. For example. Pericles. Prince of Tyre[12] • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by David Hugh Jones Taping dates: 21–28 June 1983 First transmitted in the US: 11 June 1984 First transmitted in the UK: 8 December 1984 Edward Petherbridge as Gower John Woodvine as King Antiochus Edita Brychta as Antiochus' daughter Mike Gwilym as Pericles Robert Ashby as Thaliard Patrick Godfrey as Helicanus Toby Salaman as Escanes Norman Rodway as Cleon . who wrote new arrangements of works from Shakespeare's own time. According to director Don Taylor. which was slightly divorced from every day reality. The Tragedy of Coriolanus[12] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Elijah Moshinsky Taping dates: 18–26 April 1983 First transmitted in the US: 26 March 1984 First transmitted in the UK: 21 April 1984 Joss Ackland as Menenius Alan Howard as Gaius Marcius Coriolanus Patrick Godfrey as Cominius Peter Sands as Titus Lartius John Burgess as Sicinius Anthony Pedley as Junius Brutus Mike Gwilym as Aufidius Valentine Dyall as Adrian Irene Worth as Volumnia Joanna McCallum as Virgilia Heather Canning as Valeria Damien Franklin as Marcus Nicolas Amer as Aedile Teddy Kempner as Nicanor 111 Behind-the-scenes Director Elijah Moshinsky modelled the relationship between Coriolanus and his mother after that between Rose Kennedy and her sons. John Dowland's piece 'Lachrimae' was rewritten and performed by Rooley.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • Tony Haygarth as Launce • David Collings as Thurio • Paul Daneman as the Duke Behind-the-scenes The music in this episode was created by Anthony Rooley.

entire episode against a blank tapestry background.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Annette Crosbie as Dionyza Christopher Saul as Lord of Tarsus Patrick Allen as King Simonides Juliet Stevenson as Thaisa Edward Clayton as Philemon Stephen Oxley as Lord of Pentapolis Valerie Lush as Lychorida Clive Swift as Lord Cerimon Nick Brimble as Leonine Amanda Redman as Marina Trevor Peacock as Boult Lila Kaye as Bawd Patrick Ryecart as Lysimachus Elayne Sharling as the Goddess Diana 112 Season seven. with no set whatsoever. . director Stuart Burge initially thought about shooting the never broadcast. but it was felt that audiences may not respond well to this. but was thought unsatisfactory for US audiences. producer Much Ado About Nothing[12] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Stuart Burge Taping dates: 15–21 August 1984 First transmitted in the US: 30 October 1984 First transmitted in the UK: 22 December 1984 Lee Montague as Leonato Cherie Lunghi as Beatrice Katharine Levy as Hero Jon Finch as Don Pedro Robert Lindsay as Benedick Robert Reynolds as Claudio Gordon Whiting as Antonio Vernon Dobtcheff as Don John Robert Gwilym as Conrade Tony Rohr as Borachio Pamela Moiseiwitsch as Margaret Ishia Bennison as Ursula Oz Clarke as Balthasar Michael Elphick as Dogberry Clive Dunn as Verges Graham Crowden as Friar Francis Behind-the-scenes A production of Much Ado About Nothing directed by Donald McWhinnie and starring Penelope Keith and Michael York was the first production to be recorded in the series. and [13] During the reshoot for season seven. Shaun Sutton. and the idea was scrapped.

Duke of Britany Gordon Kaye as Lymoges.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' The Life and Death of King John • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by David Giles Taping dates: 1–7 February 1984 First transmitted in the UK: 24 November 1984 First transmitted in the US: 11 January 1985 Leonard Rossiter as King John William Whymper as Chatillon Mary Morris as Queen Elinor Robert Brown as the Earl of Pembroke John Castle as the Earl of Essex John Flint as Lord Bigot John Thaw as Hubert de Burgh George Costigan as Philip the Bastard Edward Hibbert as Robert Faulconbridge Phyllida Law as Lady Faulconbridge Mike Lewin as James Gurney Charles Kay as Philip. King of France Jonathan Coy as Lewis the Dauphin Luc Owen as Arthur. Duke of Austria Claire Bloom as Constance John Moreno as Melun Janet Maw as Blanche Richard Wordsworth as Cardinal Pandulph Alan Collins as Peter of Pomfret Rusty Livingstone as Prince Henry 113 Love's Labour's Lost • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Elijah Moshinsky Taping dates: 30 June-6 July 1984 First transmitted in the UK: 5 January 1985 First transmitted in the US: 31 May 1985 Jonathan Kent as the King of Navarre Christopher Blake as Longaville Geoffrey Burridge as Dumain Mike Gwilym as Berowne David Warner as Don Armado John Kane as Moth Paul Jesson as Costard Frank Williams as Dull Paddy Navin as Jaquenetta Clifford Rose as Boyet Maureen Lipman as the Princess of France Katy Behean as Maria Petra Markham as Katharine Jenny Agutter as Rosaline Jay Ruparelia as Adrian .

but she ultimately settled on a more conventional approach. This was inaccurate however.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • • • • • John Burgess as Sir Nathaniel John Wells as Holofernes Valentine Dyall as Marcade Linda Kitchen as Spring Susanna Ross as Winter 114 Behind-the-scenes Director Elijah Moshinsky used the paintings of Jean-Antoine Watteau. it was rumoured that the BBC were worried about the violence in the play and that disagreements had arisen about censorship. .[15] however.[14] Omissions and changes With the exception of Pericles. director Jane Howell wanted to set the play in present day Northern Ireland. Initially. numerous changes were made throughout the series. the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the writing of Pierre de Marivaux as inspiration during the making of this episode. Prince of Tyre. • Richard II • The trial/multiple challenges portion of Act IV is omitted. Titus Andronicus[12] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Directed by Jane Howell Taping dates: 10–17 February 1985 First transmitted in the US: 19 April 1985 First transmitted in the UK: 27 April 1985 Paul Davies Prowles as Young Lucius Edward Hardwicke as Marcus Walter Brown as Aemilius Brian Protheroe as Saturninus Nicholas Gecks as Bassianus Derek Fuke as Sempronius Eileen Atkins as Tamora Peter Searles as Alarbus Neil McCaul as Demetrius Michael Crompton as Chiron Hugh Quarshie as Aaron Gavin Richards as Lucius Crispin Redman as Quintus Tom Hunsinger as Martius Michael Packer as Mutius Trevor Peacock as Titus Andronicus Anna Calder-Marshall as Lavinia Paul Kelly as Publius Behind-the-scenes Because Titus was broadcast several months after the rest of the seventh season. with the delay caused by a BBC strike in 1984. which is the only play of the thirty-seven to be set in the eighteenth century. all of the productions were based on the texts of the First Folio (1623).

Act 5. by your leave. is omitted. • The Taming of the Shrew • • • • The Induction. The adaptation opens differently to the text.47-53). 115 • Henry VI. Suffolk's accusation that Humphrey was involved in necromancy with Eleanor is omitted from Act 3. Scene 2 now form one continuous piece.10-17). Scene 1 are absent. Neville's father-in-law.8-11). Scene 7. In Act 5. . Scene 2 (ll. 131-133). Several lines are omitted from the conversation between Grumio and Curtis in Act 4. 13th Earl of Warwick. some of the dialogue between Clifford and Warwick is absent (ll. York's outline of Edward III's seven sons is absent from Act 2. In Act 4. as is Humphrey's outline of how he dealt with criminals during his time as Lord Protector (ll. The character of Warwick as portrayed by Mark Wing-Davey is Richard Neville.21-27). • • • • • Henry VI. Scene 2 are reversed so that Act 4. In Act 4. both of Humphrey's references to Bedford are absent (ll. especially involving Falstaff. as we see Henry VI singing a lament for his father.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • All mention of Henry IV's son. The entirety of Act 4. 95-96).29-34). in Act 1. Talbot's complaint about the French wanting to ransom him for a prisoner of less worth is absent (ll. And being a winner. Part 2 • Lines are omitted from almost every scene. some of the dialogue between Talbot and John is absent (ll. 82-83.86-88). 16th Earl of Warwick.72-75). Bedford's references to children crying and England becoming a marsh since Henry V died. God give you good night". Scene 5.41). some of Charles' praise of Joan is absent (ll. Some of the more notable omissions include. she will be tamed so. but you two are sped.1 is York's reference to how he fought alongside Cade in Ireland (ll. Scene 5. all references to Walter Whitmore's name as Gualtier are absent. Scene 2 follows immediately after Act 1. • Twelfth Night • Act 2. thou has tamed a curst shrew". Scene 1. but remain. (ll. as is the reference to Suffolk's demands that he be paid for escorting Margaret from France (ll. Scene 1. Some of the more notable omissions include. In the play however. Scene 7 and Act 5.200-210). "'Tis a wonder. "Now go thy ways. Fastolf's escape from Rouen is seen rather than merely mentioned. Scene 1 (ll. Scene 1. the entire seven line speech where she says John Talbot refused to fight her because she is a woman (ll. Scene 1 is absent.48-51). Scene 2. Scene 5 (a brief scene showing Scales and Gough on patrol at the Tower of London) is absent. Scene 6. Scene 1. and Lucentio's closing statement.128-132). Alençon's praise of the resoluteness of the English army is absent (ll." Additionally. The last line spoken is Petruchio's "We three are married. Scene 1." thus omitting Petruchio's comment to Lucentio "'Twas I won the wager. In Act 1. The brief conversation between Biondello and Lucentio which opens Act 5. Scene 2 ends differently to the play. in Act 1. Scene 1 and Act 5. Also absent from 3. the first three lines of her five line mockery of Lucy's listing of Talbot's titles (ll. Part 1 • Lines are omitted from almost every scene.6-25).231-235). In Act 1. as well as Hortensio's line. and the first two lines of her four line speech where she mocks Lucy about to take over Talbot's position (ll. twelve of Joan's sixteen lines are cut. Petruchio and Katherina do not leave the banquet prior to the end of the play. Act 5. later Henry V. In Act 4. Scene 7. and the interjection of Sly at the end of Act 1.37-43). and engage in a song with all present. the character is Richard de Beauchamp. is cut. though you hit the white.360-370). • Much other material. as is Salisbury's reference to Owen Glendower (l. and York's allusion to Althaea and Calydon in his closing soliloquy (ll. In Act 1. Part 2 • The Epilogue is omitted. • Henry IV.

in Act 2.. Scene 1. Scene 1. particularly in relation to Clarence. it is Clarence who says Edward's "I wonder how our princely father scaped. Scene 4. • The presentation of the character of Montague also differs from the Folio text." Most significant is in Act 5. as he had already been introduced as a combatant at the end of 2 Henry VI. • Some lines are also added to the play. each one a perfect sun. Scene 3. Scene 6. the victorious House of York leave the stage. a line is inserted when York asks Henry if he agrees to the truce and Henry replies "Convey the soldiers hence. all references to Clarence's entry into the conflict are absent. He is introduced in Act 1./The words would add more anguish than the wounds". Some of the more notable omissions include. later in that scene. the conversation between Humphrey and Beaufort is extended. Scene 3. Also in Act 1. Scene 2. In Act 2.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' • Some lines have also been added to the play. two lines are added to the conversation between Margaret and Thump. For example. his lines are either spoken by Clarence or omitted./Not separated with the racking clouds/But severed in a pale clear-shining sky". Scene 1. and then I will. just prior to the Battle of St Albans. with which the play closes. Scene 1.. Richard's "Northumberland. all the spirit's dialogue is spoken 'through' Magarey Jourdayne. the second half of line 139 ("Pompey the Great. In Act 5. The First part of the Contention betwixt the two famous Houses of Yorke and Lancaster. Clarence also speaks Richard's "Three glorious suns. Instead the play begins with Warwick proclaiming. it is Buckingham who reads the prophecies./Or whether he be scaped away or no/From Clifford and Northumberland's pursuit". In the text however. In Act 1. our prop to lean upon/Now thou art gone. • The character of George Plantagenet is introduced towards the end of the play. we have no staff. during the conjuration. and Suffolk dies by pirates") is given to the Lieutenant. Scene 1. two lines are added to Salisbury's vow to support York if he can prove he is a legitimate heir to the crown. "Ah Plantagenet. All of these additional lines are taken from the 1594 quarto of the play. Scene 3. Montague is not present in Act 1. Act 2. Scene 1. if we should recount/Our baleful news. Part 3 • Lines are omitted from almost every scene.31 and 32). • Henry VI. four lines are added at the beginning of Henry's declaration that he would rather see civil war than yield the throne. Humphrey's line "This is the law.35-42). Scene 1.197 and 198).21-25). wherein Humphrey says that Beaufort was born "in bastardy". where the incident involving Clarence's return to the Lancastrian side is completely different to the text found in the Folio. In Act 1.". the first twelve lines are absent (where Elizabeth reports to Rivers that Edward has been captured). Scene 2 • The play ends slightly differently to how it is indicated in the text. Edward's "Sweet Duke of York. In Act 1.109). there is no separate spirit in the scene. Henry's references to Daedalus and Icarus are absent (ll. all except Salisbury. In Act 1. and is taken entirely from the octavo text of The True Tragedy of Richard Duke of York (1595). During the debate between the Yorkists and the Lancastrians in Act 2.221-226). In Act 4. Absent from Act 1. In Act 2. "This is the palace of the fearful king". Scene 2. In Act 1. Scene 1. and as such. the opening twenty-four lines of the first scene. • Several lines are spoken by characters other than who speak in the Folio text. and Henry's shameful behaviour in disinheriting his son (ll. In Act 4. no stay". After the battle. as are her references to the pains of child birth. not York.41-43). Also. and Richard's "Great lord of Warwick. Also in Act 1. In Act 3. Warwick's reference to Salisbury's death and the incident with his niece are both absent (ll. all references to Margaret chairing a session of parliament are absent (ll.186-188). and at each word's deliverance/Stab poniards in our flesh till all were told. 116 . Scene 1. "The reverence of mine age and the Neville's name/Is of no little force if I command" (between ll. and this Duke Humphrey's doom" is given to Henry. • Several lines are spoken by characters other than who speak in the Folio text. why seekest thou to depose me?/Are we not both Plantagenets by birth?/And from two brothers lineally descent?/Suppose by right and equity thou be king. Scene 1. Scene 3 is Rutland's appeal to Clifford's paternal instincts (ll. George is not introduced until 3 Henry VI. Scene 4. who sadly looks around the field of battle at the many dead bodies. I hold thee reverentially" is absent (l. where Thump mistakes the word 'usurper' for 'usurer' and is corrected by Margaret (between ll.

though Lucilius appears in the background for the scene. html). screenonline. Screenonline: The BBC Television Shakespeare" (http:/ / www. html). these two plays were not included in the series. org.60) is changed to "Cousin. php?adv_q1="George+ More+ O'Ferrall"& adv_index1=person& adv_oper1=and& sort=date_asc) [6] Michael Brooke. Screenonline: Shakespeare on Television" (http:/ / www.org. • Cymbeline • Acts 4 and 5 are heavily cut. org. I go. These comprised the thirty-six plays from the First Folio of 1623. uvic.54) is changed to "Hast you to London my cousin Montague". Screenonline. 117 Footnotes [1] http:/ / www. Mercatio by showing her a coffer overflowing with gold coins. all background information in this section and all behind-the-scenes information in the next is taken from Martin Wiggins.org. 10-11 [8] "Michael Brooke. [9] Martin Wiggins. Screenonline: The Taming of the Shrew" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved 18 January 2010. and Montague's "Brother. ac. (Chapel Hill & London: The University of North Carolina Press. screenonline. as opposed to merely being described. I go. uk/ tv/ id/ 459382/ index. 'brother' in line 19 is replaced with 'son'. Scene 1 begins with Mercatio and Eglamour attempting to formally woo Julia. when York is giving his men instructions. uk/ shakespeare/ search. org. thou shalt to London presently" (l. The (BBC DVD) Shakespeare Collection: Viewing Notes (booklet included with the DVD box-set). uk/ tv/ id/ 466545/ index. Scene 3 is heavily cut. uk/ tv/ id/ 527139/ index. fear it not. and wasn't published under Shakespeare's name until the Third Folio in 1664 . and ten histories.org. html). seventeen comedies. org.ca. York's reiteration of the order "My brother Montague shall post to London" (l. screenonline. Screenonline: The Spread of the Eagle (http:/ / www. ten tragedies. Various smaller cuts. Scene 3 is different from the text. uvic. Screenonline. Retrieved 18 January 2010. Prince of Tyre (which had been added to the Third Folio in 1664). • The capture of Silvia and the flight of Eglamour is seen. Rothwell. .org. Screenonline. html). 'The Television Revolution' (2002)" (http:/ / internetshakespeare. Retrieved 22 January 2010. [12] The first transmission date in the United States is earlier than that in the United Kingdom. [11] "Michael Brooke. plus Pericles." Additionally. • Timon of Athens • Act 3. 6 [10] "Michael Brooke. html) for details [14] Michael Brooks. screenonline. Shakespeare's complete canon was considered to be thirty-seven plays. html). 23 October 1980. [4] "Kenneth S. Screenonline. his order to Montague. html)' [7] Susan Willis. and scenes and speeches are freely rearranged. and 'gentleman' in line 23 is replaced with 'Salisbury'.36) is changed to "Cousin. The (BBC DVD) Shakespeare Collection: Viewing Notes (booklet included with the DVD box-set) [3] At the time. org. I'll win them. Internetshakespeare. As The Two Noble Kinsmen was considered to be primarily the work of John Fletcher and Shakespeare's authorship of Edward III was still in doubt. • The Two Gentlemen of Verona • Act 1. [13] See here here (http:/ / internetshakespeare. Titus Andronicus (http:/ / www. ca/ Theater/ sip/ production/ recorded/ 431/ main.uvic. uk/ tv/ id/ 527846/ index. org. "Brother.uk. the servant's monologue is totally omitted. screenonline. uk/ tv/ id/ 527447/ index. thou shalt to London presently". ca/ Theater/ spotlight/ 2005-10/ filmintro5. fear it not" (l. uk/ tv/ id/ 459382/ index. [5] All information taken from the British Universities Film & Video Council (http:/ / bufvc. Scene 4 (once again without any dialogue). Retrieved 18 January 2010. the report of the death of Warwick and Montague's brother Thomas Neville in Act 2.''Othello (1981 TV film)'' but with some notable changes to the text. . html [2] Unless otherwise stated. Retrieved 18 January 2010. screenonline.uk. Eglamour by displaying a parchment detailing his family history (there is no dialogue in this scene). . [15] Pericles was not included in the First Folio.uk. I'll win them. 'son' in line 15 is replaced with 'father'. 1991).uk. The BBC Shakespeare Plays: Making the Televised Canon. • Eglamour is also present at the end of Act 5. Screenonline.

ca/Theater/spotlight/2005-10/filmintro5.html).ac.screenonline. by Michael Brooke • 'The Television Revolution' (http://internetshakespeare. taken from the book Shakespeare on Screen: An International Filmography and Videography by Rothwell and Annabelle Henkin Melzer (New York: Neal-Schuman.html).''Othello (1981 TV film)'' 118 External links • Screenonline: The BBC Television Shakespeare (http://www.uvic.org.uk/tv/id/459382/index. Christopher John Gay Anthony Hopkins Derek Jacobi Lesley-Anne Down Sir John Gielgud Ken Thorne Alan Hume Keith Palmer Music by Cinematography Editing by Production company Hallmark Hall of Fame Country Language Release date Running time  United Kingdom  United States English 4 February 1982 100 minutes . Rothwell. Chapter 4 of Shakespeare on Screen: A Chronicle History by Kenneth S.uk/shakespeare/) The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982 film) The Hunchback of Notre Dame Video cover Distributed by Creator Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Columbia Pictures Television Victor Hugo (novel) Michael Tuchner Alan Hume Malcolm J. 1990) • British Universities Film and Video Council (http://bufvc.

again as in that film. it is strongly implied that they stay together after he rescues her.''The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982 film)'' 119 "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" Hallmark Hall of Fame episode Episode no. soldiers pursue him and he plunges to his death from the parapet of Notre Dame. Not only does Esmeralda survive at the end. but she eventually comes to love Gringoire. based on the Victor Hugo novel. and. Lesley-Anne Down. Several plot elements not in the novel are borrowed from the 1939 film as well. Not only does Esmeralda survive. but she recognizes Quasimodo's kindness toward her and kisses him goodbye before she leaves in safety with the poet Gringoire. Quasimodo also kills Frollo in self-defence by impaling him on a hook in the wall rather than throwing him off of the tower. After Frollo is killed and Gringoire and Esmeralda leave. Sir Derek Jacobi. with the word "Why?" on his lips. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Quasimodo Derek Jacobi as Claude Frollo David Suchet as Clopin Trouillefou Gerry Sundquist as Pierre Gringoire Tim Pigott-Smith as Philippe John Gielgud as Jacques Charmolue Robert Powell as Captain Phoebus Lesley-Anne Down as Esmeralda Nigel Hawthorne as Magistrate at Esmeralda's trial Roland Culver as Bishop of Paris Rosalie Crutchley as Simone David Kelly as Tavernkeeper Joseph Blatchley as Albert Dave Hill as Coppenhole Donald Eccles as Judge Timothy Bateson as Commerce Jack Klaff as Officer Timothy Morand as Maurice Martin Carroll as Herald . The film ends without the audience knowing if Esmeralda learns of his death. and Sir John Gielgud. The ending of the 1982 movie is very different. It was produced as part of the long-running Hallmark Hall of Fame series. Production code Original air date Season 31 Episode 2 265 4 February 1982 Episode chronology ← Previous Next → "The Marva Collins Story" "Witness for the Prosecution" Episode list The Hunchback of Notre Dame (sometimes known as simply Hunchback) is a 1982 British-American TV movie starring Anthony Hopkins.

com/ title/ tt84100/ [2] http:/ / www. com/ work/ 23864 . allmovie. imdb.''The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982 film)'' • • • • • • • • • • Hugo de Vernier as Nobility Eunice Blalck as Clergy Kenny Baker as Pick Pocket Michael Burrell as Clerical Aide Antony Carrick as Auditor John Kidd as 1st Physician Stanley Lebor as Torturer Norman Lumsden as King's Attorney John Rutland as 2nd Old Man Wally Thomas as 1st Old Man 120 External links • The Hunchback of Notre Dame [1] at the Internet Movie Database • The Hunchback of Notre Dame [2] at Allmovie References [1] http:/ / www.

. BSC Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Tony Lawson Orion Pictures Corporation Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment 4 May 1984 132 minutes United Kingdom English The Bounty is a 1984 British historical film directed by Roger Donaldson. The screenplay was by Robert Bolt and it was based on the book Captain Bligh and Mr. It was made by Dino De Laurentiis Productions and distributed by Orion Pictures Corporation and Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment. Christian (1972) by Richard Hough.''The Bounty'' 121 The Bounty The Bounty Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Roger Donaldson Bernard Williams Dino De Laurentiis Robert Bolt Captain Bligh and Mr. and produced by Bernard Williams with Dino De Laurentiis as executive producer. Christian by Richard Hough Mel Gibson Anthony Hopkins Laurence Olivier Edward Fox Daniel Day-Lewis Liam Neeson Vangelis Starring Music by Cinematography Arthur Ibbetson. The music score was composed by Vangelis and the cinematography was by Arthur Ibbetson. It is the fifth film version of the story of the mutiny on the Bounty.

. real name Maimiti (Christians wife) Philip Martin Brown – Able Seaman John Adams Simon Chandler – David Nelson Botanist Malcolm Terris – Dr. it would be fair to say that ship discipline became problematic. but failed. and many of the crew developed a taste for the easy pleasures that island life afforded. Ship's Surgeon Simon Adams – Midshipman Peter Heywood John Sessions – Steward John Smith Andrew Wilde – Able Seaman William McCoy Neil Morrissey – Able Seaman Matthew Quintal Richard Graham – Gunner's Mate John Mills Dexter Fletcher – Able Seaman Thomas Ellison Pete Lee-Wilson – Carpenter William Purcell Jon Gadsby – Quartermaster John Norton Brendan Conroy – Robert Lamb. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins – Lieutenant William Bligh Mel Gibson – Master's Mate Fletcher Christian Laurence Olivier – Admiral Hood Edward Fox – Captain Greetham Daniel Day-Lewis – Sailing Master John Fryer Bernard Hill – Boatswain William Cole Phil Davis – Midshipman Edward "Ned" Young Liam Neeson – Charles Churchill. Edward Fox. This version follows both the efforts of Fletcher Christian (Mel Gibson) to get his men beyond the reach of British punishment. against whom a mutiny is led by Master's mate Fletcher Christian. and had to take the longer eastern route. the Bounty sailed west to round the tip of south America. constantly subjected the crew to pressure. Bernard Hill. so he decided to stay on the island for four months longer than originally planned. Philip Davis and Liam Neeson. and the epic voyage of Captain Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) to get his loyalists safely to the Dutch East Indies in a tiny longboat. Bligh found that due to the delays the wind was against him for a quick return journey. Ship's Corporal Wi Kuki Kaa – King Tynah Tevaite Vernette – Mauatua. at the same time. eventually reaching a breaking point. making the relation with their Captain tense. Cast and characters The film stars Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins with Laurence Olivier.''The Bounty'' 122 Plot For the historical events. Bligh. Thomas Huggan. see Mutiny on the Bounty The film is based on the real life story of Lieutenant William Bligh. Butcher Barry Dransfield – Able Seaman Michael Byrne Steve Fletcher – Able Seaman James Valentine Mission Setting out from Britain in December 1787 for the Pacific island of Tahiti to gather breadfruit pods for transplantation in the Caribbean as slave fodder. due to harsh weather. Finally arriving in Tahiti in October 1788. In that time. Daniel Day-Lewis.

in this version of the film a desire to return to Tahiti is shown to be one of the primary motivations behind the mutiny. their presence on the island could incite King George to declare war against Tahiti and his people. some of whom use the "might-is-right" principle to impose a hierarchy of sorts below decks. and Bligh even asks him to sail for a second time with him. Blissfully happy at their new-found freedom (though Christian feels remorse. as mutineers. Previous films portrayed the crew's desire for freedom from Bligh's oppressive behavior. . King Tynah. and cast adrift. His intention to round Cape Horn once again in attempts to circumnavigate the globe pushes the crew to the breaking point. Corporal punishment is meted out for the slightest offence. The worsts acts of Bligh are compared with those of the crew. and native friends. Tynah concedes. while at the same time he protected his loyal non-mutineers when he guides their overcrowded boat to safety without any firearms or navigational equipment. Also. He makes them aware that. he tells another mutineer that he wished he had supplied Bligh with muskets before setting him adrift. Bligh is roused from his bed and arrested. though some do. But both men turn against each other over the course of the film. are singled out for severe. they gather supplies and sail away to try and find a safe refuge. Christian's Tahitian wife is given as more of a reason that Fletcher led the mutiny than before. including Christian. creates an atmosphere of tension and violence. He and Bligh are at first friends. however. and Mauatua chooses the uncertainty of a life with Christian over remaining with her father but without her husband. and understands the implications of what's been done) they naively sail back to Tahiti to collect their wives. Fletcher shows regret over one of his decisions. Bligh insists that the boat is dirty and orders the crew to clean up several times a day. Christian pleads with Tynah to allow Mauatua to decide her own destiny. They are shown as a group of typical 18th-century sailors—a much more "rough and tumble" group. the more militant members of the crew finally persuade Christian to take control of the ship. Fletcher Christian Fletcher Christian is a much more complex character than in prior films. The Bounty leaves Tahiti The resumption of naval discipline. they are shown as having more responsibility than they did in the other versions of the story. even hysterical tongue-lashings by Bligh. The crew The crew is portrayed in a different light than the previous films. along with those considered loyal to him. and all of them are forced into the ship's launch. and is ultimately portrayed as a man who takes his sense of discipline and command too far. Many of the men. and a Bligh who has slowly turned into a tyrant not willing to tolerate any disobedience whatsoever. Matters become worse when the ship leaves Tahiti as Fletcher had been forced to leave his wife Mauatua behind. girlfriends. Their motivations in this film were not as noble as in the other two films. minimally supplied. is shocked by this turn of events. but instead is seen as a traditional British naval captain and a man of his times. The mutiny Playing on Christian's obvious resentment against Bligh's treatment of both him and the men.''The Bounty'' 123 Bligh Bligh is not shown as a cruel tyrant. exceeding the limits of the ship's company. Realising the folly of staying.

withdrew from the project. Many of the shots of the ship were filmed in Opunohu Bay. Final voyage of the Bounty The search for a safe haven is long and seemingly impossible. and that the island's location only was recorded by its latitude. saying. Melvyn Bragg ended up writing a considerable portion of the script. unlike many other films filmed on water. but he's in danger of blowing it . as well as the admiralty's response in sending out the frigate HMS Pandora and her famous box in which some of the mutineers were imprisoned. French Polynesia. The latter has since gone on to become HMS Surprise in Peter Weir's Master and Commander. The role of Peter Heywood (who inspired the character 'Roger Byam' in the novel and earlier film versions) was originally intended to be played by Hugh Grant. For the storm sequences a detailed 25-foot model of the Bounty was built. Christopher Reeve. After Christian forces the crew to continue on. If you see the film. who worked on it from 1977 until 1980. Lean had also looked at refitting the frigate Rose to play the role of Pandora. It was originally to be released as a two-part film. they eventually find Pitcairn Island. Production This version was originally a longstanding project of director David Lean and his frequent collaborator. and the entire film cost $25 million. Christian notes that his charts indicate that the island was sighted by a sailor named Pitcairn but no landing was made due to the lack of suitable terrain." Anthony Hopkins was worried about Gibson’s heavy drinking. One night I had a fight in a bar and the next day they had to shoot only one side of my face because the other was so messed up. As the crew of the Bounty burn the ship to keep it from being found. those that remained on board the Bounty are so frustrated that they are ready to rebel against Christian in order to turn the ship back towards Tahiti. wonderful fellow with a marvelous future. Pall Mall. a place which Christian realises may not be marked on British maps of the region. Lean was ultimately forced to abandon the project. through courage and excellent seamanship . London. He's already something of a superstar. However. The other was Oliver Reed. the lack of a precise longitude made its location an unknown and therefore their best hope of avoiding the Royal Navy. As well as the New Zealand–built Bounty. Lean could not find financial backing for both films after Warner Bros. and even looked at a seven-part TV series.[1] Anthony Hopkins was one of two actors considered for the role of Captain Bligh by David Lean. Fletcher Christian and his men realize that they will never go back to England. The project suffered a further setback when Bolt suffered a massive stroke and was unable to continue writing. By this point. you can see the swelling in certain scenes. Gibson described the making of the film as difficult because of the long production and bad weather: "I went mad. They would hold their breath at night when I went off.''The Bounty'' 124 Bligh's journey Bligh. Robert Bolt. One man was killed by natives as the crew stopped for supplies in a hostile island. The film was shot on location in Moorea. The Bounty was finished [2] under budget. New Zealand and at Greenwich Palace and the Reform Club. The replica of the Bounty used in the film was built before the script was even completed at the cost of $4 million. and is commended for the voyage of the open launch.and also a return of his good character and leadership qualities successfully manages to reach civilization after a very harrowing journey. one named The Lawbreakers that dealt with the voyage out to Tahiti and the subsequent mutiny. Sting and David Essex were considered for the role of Fletcher Christian. Moorea which is the same bay Captain James Cook anchored in 1777. as they all realise that any pursuing RN vessels will search all known islands and coastlines to find them. "Mel is a wonderful. He decided to combine it into one. and the second named The Long Arm that studied the journey of the mutineers after the mutiny. the judgment of Bligh's court martial is read Bligh is found to have not been responsible for the loss of the Bounty.

"I think the main problem with that film was that it tried to be a fresh look at the dynamic of the mutiny situation. and didn't tell them the whole truth. What interested me was to explore how their relationship deteriorated from that point to where Christian leads a mutiny against Bligh. It didn't quite work. According to Gibson.'[6] . In Gibson’s description. starred Marlon Brando. He was good to work with because he was open and he was willing to give. Both versions were produced by MGM. starred Clark Gable."[4] The film also portrays the sailors exploiting the islanders. but didn't go far enough. Charles Laughton and Franchot Tone. His Bligh was stubborn and didn't suffer fools. According to director Donaldson. who was at that stage nothing but a midshipman. his was probably the closest. this film did not portray Bligh as a villainous character.”[5] Gibson chose to suddenly erupt in violent emotion during the mutiny scene because eyewitness accounts had described Christian as 'extremely agitated' and 'sweating and crying. They should have made him the bad guy. The Mutiny of the Bounty was made in 1916. The Mutiny on the Bounty (1935). He shouldn't have done it.''The Bounty'' unless he takes hold of himself. which indeed he was. Captain Bligh was the bad guy and Fletcher Christian was the good guy. "It was a kind of fresh look at Captain Bligh. and I think of all the renditions of who Bligh was.freedoms that shouldn't have been taken advantage of. The first time he decided to test his horns and fight for the herd. “Fletcher was just a lad of twenty-two and he behaved like one. fooled them. But they wanted to exonerate Captain Bligh while still having the dynamic where the guy was mutinying for the good of the crew. and you could see this. He ended up setting all these people adrift to die." Gibson agreed with this concern.” Gibson later expressed the opinion that film did not go far enough in correcting the historical record. Gibson said. Trevor Howard and Richard Harris. He’s a moral man. The third and more famous version. Bligh demoted another officer and promoted Christian. "The major difference between our film and the other versions is that none of the others pointed out that Bligh and Christian were friends. starring Errol Flynn in his film debut. They should have painted it that way. They exploited the people."[3] 125 Differences from earlier versions The first version. "He was terrific. The second."[4] The Bounty also paints a far less heroic portrait of Christian. the current US distributor of this version. and added his admiration for the Welsh actor. In the old version. a remake of the third film. The fourth. it was a mistake. “It was a complete culture shock and it was unbelievable to them. released in 1962. and made him second in command. But really Fletcher Christian was a social climber and an opportunist. without any real justification. This version is generally regarded as a more revisionist as well as historically accurate depiction of the mutiny than the two earlier film versions. They'd made voyages together before they sailed on the Bounty. I think we had the same attitudes."[2] Unlike earlier versions. but he was brilliant and just had a lot of bad luck. In the Wake of the Bounty (1933) was another Australian production. It was paradise in terms of personal freedoms . Maybe he'd gone island crazy. And while they were on the Bounty. an Australian silent film.

M. To attempt the homeward journey via Cape Horn would have endangered the cargo of tropical plants due to the near Antarctic temperatures to be encountered en-route.The movie seems to have been planned. Bounty.. and Cape of Good Hope. particularly when compared to the performances given by Clark Gable and Marlon Brando in the two earlier MGM versions. • Admiral Hood is shown presiding at Bligh's court martial for the loss of the Bounty at a location presumably intended to represent the Admiralty building. acted."[9] Vincent Canby of the New York Times expressed the opposite view stating "Both Bligh and Christian are unfinished characters in a screenplay that may or may not have been tampered with. and to embark additional useful plants en route.[7] • The plot device of the mutiny being triggered by Bligh's decision to make a second attempt to round Cape Horn and hence circumnavigate the globe is non historical. Critical response The film received mixed reviews.. especially given its distinguished cast. director Roger Donaldson also noted that dramatic license was taken in the areas where people do not know what really happened. her log" on the front cover and on the first page before Bligh makes an entry dated 23 December 1787 recording the first day at sea. has only 'Bounty's Log' in Bligh's hand on the spine and begins with 'Remarks at Deptford' describing preparations for the voyage with the first daily entry being the initial unsuccessful attempt to leave Spithead on 1 Dec. [11] . In reality Hood did preside at the court martial of the alleged mutineers in 1792 but not at Bligh's in 1790. The actual log. but something of a production triumph as well.V. Sunda Strait. it is by no means perfect in its historical accuracy. It's totally lifeless. Roger Ebert gave the film a very impressive review. shot and edited by people who were constantly being overruled by other people. In addition both courts martial were actually held aboard warships at anchor.[10] The film was entered into the 1984 Cannes Film Festival. now in the State Library of New South Wales.''The Bounty'' 126 Historical errors Advisor Stephan Walters was responsible for much of the film’s great attention to historical detail. However. 1787. many were disappointed with the film. Despite the praise the film has received for correcting some of the mythology of previous versions. • The Bounty's logbook is shown with the title "H. Bligh had strict orders[8] to take his cargo of breadfruit plants from the Society Islands to Jamaica via the Endeavour Strait. high-spirited and intelligent. However. stating. many liking the film for realism and historical accuracy as well as being an entertaining film. "this Bounty is not only a wonderful movie. written. • Australia is mentioned in the dialogue even though it would be more than a decade before Matthew Flinders would promote that name for what was then known as New Holland. Many critics singled out Gibson's performance as bland.A.

virtual-history. com/ apps/ pbcs. Terry Poulton (Summer 1984). gutenberg.solarnavigator.imdb. [8] "A Voyage to the South Sea. Michael Fleming (July 2000). undertaken by command of His Majesty. nytimes. "William Bligh . com/ movie/ review?_r=1& res=9C05E6D9143AF937A35756C0A962948260& oref=slogin. html). Movieline. "Mel’s Movies".com.php?filmid=480) • Official website of the Replica HMS Bounty in Hong Kong (http://www. Bob Thomas (4 May 1984). "Mel Gibson: Living Dangerously". nsw. au/ item/ itemdetailpaged.com/film. Retrieved 22 June 2009.com.thebounty. Playgirl.hk) . [10] . 1962 and 1984 films • Movie stills (http://film. dll/ article?AID=/ 19840101/ REVIEWS/ 401010315/ 1023). suntimes. New York Times. for the purpose of conveying the bread-fruit tree to the West Indies. http:/ / movies. in His Majesty's Ship the Bounty.review of 1935. Chicago Sun-Times. org. uk/ material. . . festival-cannes. Retrieved 19 November 2008. bfi. Retrieved 20 June 2008. “The Bounty” Sails Again".net/mutiny_on_the_bounty. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] External links • The Bounty (http://www.Papers relating to HMS Bounty.com/work/6798) at Allmovie • Mutiny on the Bounty (http://www. Close Up. Joan Goodman (December 1984). "Buoyed by Fresh Insight. php?theme=2& title=bounty Stephen Farber (29 April 1984). . . sl. "Is Mel Gibson Australian or American?". commanded by Lieutenant William Bligh" (http:/ / www. org/ etext/ 15411). aspx?itemid=414398). gov.com/title/tt0086993/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Bounty (http://www. [11] "Festival de Cannes: The Bounty" (http:/ / www.htm) . "Mel Gibson". Associated Press. festival-cannes. [9] "The Bounty" (http:/ / rogerebert.''The Bounty'' 127 References http:/ / lean.allmovie. com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 1172/ year/ 1984. State Library of New South Wales" (http:/ / acms.

Israel Erich Maria Remarque (novel) Anthony Hopkins Lesley-Anne Down Donald Pleasence Georges Delerue Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Bob Edwards Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Harlech Television (HTV) 1985 94 minutes United Kingdom English Arch of Triumph is a 1985 British made-for-television film by Harlech Television.''Arch of Triumph (tele-movie)'' 128 Arch of Triumph (tele-movie) Arch of Triumph (1985 film) DVD cover Directed by Produced by Waris Hussein Mort Abrahamson Peter Graham Scott John Newland Charles E. In the film. Joyce Blair and Richard Pasco. the music score by Georges Delerue and the cinematography by Bob Edwards. This version was directed by Waris Hussein and produced by Mort Abrahamson. Israel. Both films are based on the novel Arch of Triumph by Erich Maria Remarque. Joan Madou (Lesley-Anne Down) sings J'attendrai. Lesley-Anne Down and Donald Pleasence with Frank Finlay. author of All Quiet on the Western Front. The film stars Anthony Hopkins. The adaptation was by Charles E. . Peter Graham Scott and John Newland. It is a remake of the 1948 film of the same name with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.

shoots him dead. produced by CBS Entertainment. Then he stops imagining things. This is the start of a romance. he will not bring the matter to court with the cassette as evidence. His imagination works overtime for the duration of the film as he arranges and rearranges scheme after scheme to kill Louise. and Louise arrives home. archive. starring Anthony Hopkins as criminal defense attorney Arthur Jamison. all evidence points to him now. searching for problems. but also a mystery. her plan was supposed to work! She chases him with the gun. or the subsequent trial. The film is a drama. External links • Arch of Triumph [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Arch of Triumph [2] available for free download at the Internet Archive [more] References [1] http:/ / www. Plot Arthur's marital difficulties with his wife Louise (Blythe Danner) suggest divorce. This is what Arthur wanted. He escapes unscathed. a brief struggle ensues. There is no hope for Arthur now. as he plays each murder. testified it was only an accident. sort of. under a false name and without any documents. loopholes. Arthur. constantly aware of the risk of being arrested. and she is shot dead. and phones Jackie to inform her that the deed is done. They realize the gravity of the situation and immediately put together their own scheme to do away with him and make it look like suicide. As a defense attorney. and helps her. what jury would possibly believe it? Case closed. Ravic meets Joan Madou (Lesley-Anne Down). poking holes in what was supposed to be a foolproof scheme. and the elusive watertight alibi. there really is no evidence on his side. com/ title/ tt0088734/ [2] http:/ / www. Deep in his own imagination. with as many twists and turns as Arthur's own conniving mind. He was tortured in a concentration camp. the only witness. is an Austrian doctor who helped Jews escape from the Nazi regime. Eventually his mistress Jackie Willis (Swoosie Kurtz) puts two and two together and confronts Louise in secret. It turns out he had been cheating on Jackie. Louise is hysterical. but it was an accident. so suicide was out of the question. In exchange for not having to pay alimony. However. directed by David Greene. Arthur was recording the whole situation to cassette. imdb. In 1939 he is living in Paris. which could require that he pay a large sum in alimony. a woman about to (possibly) attempt suicide. org/ details/ ArchOfTriumph Guilty Conscience (film) Guilty Conscience is a 1985 American TV movie. he bounces ideas off of himself (a double played by Donegan Smith). he is familiar with both the courts and the minds of criminals. he was being missed by a date. albeit at gunpoint. The cassette was only a bluff.''Arch of Triumph (tele-movie)'' 129 Plot Ravic (Anthony Hopkins). and while Louise was trying to murder him. pointing out the flaws in the plan. through in his mind. Video Release: Format: DVD Publisher: Digiview Productions . if Jackie. At night. takes control of the situation. He shot his wife. on one of Paris bridges over the Seine.

Merano. she was a German agent who visited Galeazzo in prison and tried to help him Ted Rusoff as Francesco Saverio Nitti David-George Brown as Giuseppe Castellano Gianni Pulone as Enzo Galbiati Stefano De Sando as Dino Grandi Luciano Baglioni as Carlo Scorza Franco Meroni as Giuseppe Bottai Leslie Thomas as Emilio De Bono Piero Palermini as Roberto Farinacci Robert Sommer as Giacomo Suardo Franco Mazzieri as Giovanni Marinelli . and in central Italy. Mussolini's mistress Massimo Dapporto as Vittorio Mussolini. It is divided into 4 segments for a total of 240 minutes and was released by Koch Entertainment Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bob Hoskins as Benito Mussolini Susan Sarandon as Edda Ciano. Verona. daughter of Mussolini Anthony Hopkins as Count Galeazzo Ciano. Mussolini's wife Barbara De Rossi as Claretta Petacci. It was released on a 2 disc DVD in August 2003. mistress. friend of Galeazzo's and leader of the Republican Fascist Party Kurt Raab as Adolf Hitler Marne Maitland as King Victor Emmanuel III Hans-Dieter Asner as Joachim von Ribbentrop. It originally aired on HBO in September 1985. Bolzano. daughter. It delves into Il Duce's relationship with his son in-law. It was directed by Alberto Negrin.Guilty Conscience (film) Catalog Reference Number: MV5-A Video Released: 2004 NTSC. Foreign Minister of the Third Reich Carlheinz Heitmann as Karl Wolff. wife. including northern Italy's Gargnano. The film starts just before World War II and shows the political and personal side of Benito Mussolini aka Il Duce's fall from power until his death and the end of the war. led Operation Oak to rescue Mussolini from Campo Imperatore Dietlinde Turban as Frau Beetz. imdb. born as Hildegard Burkhardt. com/ title/ tt0089239/ Mussolini and I Mussolini and I is a 4 hour docu-drama that was made for television. son in-law of Mussolini Annie Girardot as Rachele Mussolini. son of Mussolini Vittorio Mezzogiorno as Alessandro Pavolini. All filming was done in Italy. Most of the film is based on the diaries of Ciano. Filming was also done at the well known Villa Torlonia and Palazzo Venezia. and admiration of Hitler. Rome and L'Aquila. It is about Italy's fascist regime leader Benito Mussolini. Military Governor and Supreme SS and Police Leader of Northern Italy Harald Dietl as Otto Skorzeny. Encoded for ALL regions 130 External links • Guilty Conscience [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

com/ title/ tt0089645/ .Mussolini and I • Ulrich Engst as Major Otto-Harald Mors 131 External links • Mussolini and I [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. imdb.

Joanne Whalley. It also included Stephen Fry's first film role. Simon Callow. . Harriet Walter. Fanny Viner. Jim Broadbent. Simon Callow is the unscrupulous solicitor. The movie was made for British TV and received a theatrical release in the US. The script was based on Peter Prince's novel of the same title. 1985 90 min United Kingdom English The Good Father is a 1985 British film directed by Mike Newell and starring Anthony Hopkins.''The Good Father'' 132 The Good Father The Good Father Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Mike Newell Ann Scott Peter Prince Christopher Hampton Anthony Hopkins Jim Broadbent Harriet Walter Frances Viner Simon Callow Richard Hartley Music by Cinematography Michael Coulter Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Peter Hollywood Mainline Pictures November. Anthony Hopkins is a father who loses custody of his child and takes out his anger by befriending Jim Broadbent's character and funding the latter's court case to regain his child's custody. and Michael Byrne.

com/ title/ tt0093103/ . imdb.''The Good Father'' 133 External links • The Good Father [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.

Although the play has only two characters. the bookshop staff. She contacts the shop and chief buyer and manager Frank Doel fulfills her requests. including birthday gifts. holiday packages. and Doel's wife Nora. a compilation of letters between herself and Frank Doel dating from 1949 to 1968. 1987 (Australia) 100 minutes United Kingdom/United States English $1. Plot In 1949 Helene Hanff. The screenplay by Hugh Whitemore is based on a play by James Roose-Evans.''84 Charing Cross Road (film)'' 134 84 Charing Cross Road (film) 84 Charing Cross Road Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by David Hugh Jones Mel Brooks Geoffrey Helman Hugh Whitemore Based on the play by James Roose-Evans adapted from the book by Helene Hanff Anne Bancroft Anthony Hopkins George Fenton Cinematography Brian West Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Chris Wimble Brooksfilms Columbia Pictures February 13. A long distance friendship evolves over time. not only between the two but between Hanff and other staff members as well. and food parcels to compensate for post-World War II food . notices an ad in the Saturday Review of Literature placed by antiquarian booksellers Marks & Co located at the titular address in London.486 (US) 84 Charing Cross Road is a 1987 British/American drama film directed by David Hugh Jones. which itself was an adaptation of the 1970 epistolary memoir of the same name by Helene Hanff.083. the dramatis personae for the film were expanded to include Hanff's Manhattan friends. in search of obscure classics and British literature titles she has been unable to find in New York City. 1987 (United States) April 30.

I should know. London settings include Buckingham Palace. . . . . I read the book and I saw the play and now I am reviewing the movie. "The film is based on a hit London and New York play. And yet there are people who are pushovers for this material. a movie of such unrelieved genteelness that it makes one long to head for Schrafft's for a double-gin martini. But Miss Fiske is gone now. and a stack of cinnamon toast from which the crusts have been removed. Miss Fiske . . She never had to talk to me about the love of books because she simply exuded it and I absorbed it. and Saint Thomas Church. too. straight up. Given the thin and unlikely subject matter. and I still don't think the basic idea is sound .''84 Charing Cross Road (film)'' shortages in England."[3] . Vincent Canby called it "a movie guaranteed to put all teeth on edge . Hanff postpones visiting her English friends until too late: Doel dies in December 1968 and the bookshop eventually closes. . I suspect. Madison Avenue. She would have loved this movie. which was based on a best-selling book. . St James's. Interiors were filmed at Lee International Studios and Shepperton Studios in Surrey. in the process creating one of her most memorable characterizations. [She] brings Helene Hanff alive in all her dimensions. Westminster. and suburban Richmond. Sitting next to her. that already is a series of miracles. White Hart Lane in Tottenham. Reception Critical response In his review in the New York Times. was the librarian at the Urbana Free Library when I was growing up . and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II."[2] Variety described it as "an appealing film on several counts. how to make Yorkshire Pudding. . 135 Principal cast • • • • • • • • • • Anne Bancroft as Helene Hanff Anthony Hopkins as Frank Doel Judi Dench as Nora Doel Maurice Denham as George Martin Eleanor David as Cecily Farr Mercedes Ruehl as Kay Daniel Gerroll as Brian Wendy Morgan as Megan Wells Ian McNeice as Bill Humphries J. the Brooklyn Dodgers."[1] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times observed. She finally visits Charing Cross Road and the vacant shop in the summer of 1971. Manhattan settings include Central Park. and I found it pretty slow-going on my own. Trafalgar Square. Soho Square. one of the most notable being Anne Bancroft's fantastic performance in the leading role . I would have loved it. Their correspondence includes discussions about topics as diverse as the sermons of John Donne. . . Smith-Cameron as Ginny Production The film was shot on location in London and New York City.

[4] Awards and nominations Anne Bancroft won the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.com (http:/ / www. At the Moscow International Film Festival.083. the film grossed $24.350 at one theater. Judi Dench was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.S. and Hugh Whitemore for BAFTA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Anthony Hopkins was named Best Actor. dll/ article?AID=/ 19870327/ REVIEWS/ 703270301/ 1023) Variety review (http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=84charingcrossroad. box office was $1. and David Hugh Jones was nominated for the Golden Prize for his direction. com/ review/ VE1117790662. com/ apps/ pbcs.''84 Charing Cross Road (film)'' 136 Box office In its opening weekend in the U.com/title/tt0090570/) at the Internet Movie Database . variety. htm) External links • 84 Charing Cross Road (http://www. The total U. nytimes.486. boxofficemojo. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) 84 Charing Cross Road at BoxOfficeMojo. com/ movie/ review?res=9B0DE1D6113DF930A25751C0A961948260) Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert.S. Whitemore and Helene Hanff shared the first USC Scripter Award for their contributions to the screenplay.imdb. suntimes. References [1] [2] [3] [4] New York Times review (http:/ / movies.

burns all her books in happiness. as a result of Harry’s behaviour with another girl and the way he treats Nancy. Meanwhile.''The Dawning'' 137 The Dawning The Dawning DVD cover Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Knights Sarah Lawson Jennifer Johnston (novel) Bernard MacLaverty Anthony Hopkins Rebecca Pidgeon Hugh Grant Jean Simmons Adrian Dunbar Simon May Music by Cinematography Adrian Biddle Editing by Distributed by Running time Country Language Max Lemon TVS Television The Vista Organisation Ltd. 97 minutes United Kingdom English The Dawning is a 1988 British film. It starred Anthony Hopkins. where there is a little hut. It is her birthday. walking through hills. She leaves a note requesting that it be left alone. she is on the beach reading. Soon after. with whom she’s desperately in love. the two develop a relationship. during the course of the film. she realises that her love for Harry was nothing more than childish infatuation. Hugh Grant. and her aunt (Jean Simmons) has invited over Harry (Hugh Grant). and notices that her hut has been slept in. One day. The Old Jest which depicts the Irish War of Independence through the eyes of the Anglo-Irish landlord class. Nancy goes down to the beach. an Irish Republican Army member. when Barrie comes up to her. However. to tea. and was produced by Sarah Lawson. Jean Simmons and Rebecca Pidgeon. through her company Lawson Productions. Nancy Gulliver (Rebecca Pidgeon) having just left school. based on Jennifer Johnston's novel. and coming to rest on a beach. despite her not really knowing and understanding his job: he is one of the first people that . Over the course of the film. Plot The film opens with Angus Barrie (Anthony Hopkins).

winning two prizes). . it was Rebecca Pidgeon's first feature film. Despite having contributed largely to the production. comes to see Nancy.I. the Cannes Film Festival (for market purposes).BritFest 2). Angus Barrie Rebecca Pidgeon as Nancy Gulliver Jean Simmons as Aunt Mary Trevor Howard as Grandfather Tara MacGowran as Maeve Hugh Grant as Harry Nicholas Fitzsimons as Slain Soldier Ronnie Masterson as Bridie John Rogan as Mr. she grows fond of Barrie. he died shortly after production ended.a.[1] [2] Actors Anthony Hopkins and Hugh Grant reunited five years later in 8 Academy Award-nominated film The Remains of the Day.) It was also Jean Simmons' first feature film for nearly ten years. The film was shown at the AFI/Los Angeles International Film Festival (New British Cinema . He is gunned down. (Howard had made an earlier IRA film in 1946. As they walk out.''The Dawning'' became part of a group named the IRA. She denies any knowledge. several constables of the Royal Irish Constabulary are gunned down at a horse race show.k. Bernard MacLaverty was uncredited as a screenwriter. The police officers' suspicion is aroused when Nancy's grandfather (played by Trevor Howard) says he saw her talking to a man on the beach. much to Nancy's distress. Tweedie Production The Dawning was filmed in Ireland in the mid-1980s. When they leave. and at the Montreal World Film Festival (in competition. the classic I See a Dark Stranger. the R. and the film was dedicated to him. Nevertheless. and Trevor Howard's final film. considerably older and wiser than when the film started. and is on the run from the government. The film ends with Nancy back at home. Incidentally. only to find that he has already packed. Carroll Joan O'Hara as Maurya Charmian May as Celia Brabazon Ann Way as George Brabazon Mark O'Regan as Joe Mulhare Brendan Laird as Tommy Roche Adrian Dunbar as Capt. 138 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Cassius a. Rankin Geoffrey Greenhill as Cpl. and ask her if she knows where Cassius is. where it was successful. she runs to the cottage on the beach where Cassius was staying to tell him to flee. Later that day. a light shines on them: the RIC has found him. and dubs him "Cassius" ("because you have a mean and hungry look!") After Cassius asks her to pass on a message to a colleague. largely on location in Ireland.C.

will a five star review from Time Out. com/ title/ tt0094955/ awards) [6] <Montreal Film Festival Official Website .Robert Knights[5] [7] • Austin Texas International Film Festival (1988) • Won best picture award References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] The Dawning . html?dataSet=1) The Dawning trivia at Movies. its main strength lies in the performances" and mentioning that Rebecca Pidgeon had given a "remarkable debut". chinadaily. html) IMDb .com (http:/ / movies. cn/ star/ 2004/ 0115/ wh-event..Variety details (http:/ / www.Archives (http:/ / www. go. com/ profiles/ Film/ main/ 111541/ The Dawning. html) [7] <Montreal Film Festival Official Website . variety..com/title/tt0094955/) at the Internet Movie Database .imdb.Awards and Nominations (http:/ / www.''The Dawning'' 139 Critical reception The Dawning was received largely positively by the critics.[4] Awards and nominations • Montréal World Film Festival (1988) • won Jury Prize Robert Knights[5] [6] • won Prize of the Ecumenical Jury . org/ palmares/ en_1988. timeout. html) DVD reviews (http:/ / app1. org/ palmares/ en_1988. describing the film as "solidly crafted . imdb.Archives (http:/ / www. html) External links • The Dawning (http://www. com/ moviescommunity/ tidbits?movieid=808673) Time Out Review (http:/ / www. com.[3] China Daily noted that Hopkins had played his character "wonderfully". ffm-montreal. com/ film/ reviews/ 65010/ the-dawning. ffm-montreal.Special Mention .

Jeremy Irons. . as he joins an amateur operatic society that is putting on The Beggar's Opera. while simultaneously conducting liaisons with several of the female cast. He rapidly progresses through the ranks to become the male lead. and Alexandra Pigg. directed by Michael Winner. The story follows a young widower.''A Chorus of Disapproval'' 140 A Chorus of Disapproval A Chorus of Disapproval Original window card Directed by Written by Starring Michael Winner Alan Ayckbourn Michael Winner Jeremy Irons Anthony Hopkins Prunella Scales Jenny Seagrove Sylvia Syms John Du Prez Music by Cinematography Alan Jones Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Chris Barnes Michael Winner Curzon Films 1988 105 minutes United Kingdom English A Chorus of Disapproval is a 1988 British film adapted from the Alan Ayckbourn play of the same title. Guy Jones. Richard Briers. Among the movie's cast are Anthony Hopkins.

Bawden References External links • A Chorus of Disapproval (http://www.imdb.allmovie.''A Chorus of Disapproval'' 141 Cast and characters • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jeremy Irons – Guy Jones Anthony Hopkins – Dafydd Ap Llewellyn Prunella Scales – Hannah Ap Llewellyn Jenny Seagrove – Fay Hubbard Sylvia Syms – Rebecca Huntley-Pike Gareth Hunt – Ian Hubbard Patsy Kensit – Linda Washbrook Lionel Jeffries – Jarvis Huntley-Pike Alexandra Pigg – Bridget Baines Richard Briers – Ted Washbrook Barbara Ferris – Enid Washbrook Pete Lee-Wilson – Crispin Usher Dave King – Mr.com/work/9457) at Allmovie . Ames Amanda Mainard – Woman in Theater Dinah May – Girl at Work Anne Priestley – Hilda Shaw Audrey Trotter – Mrs.com/title/tt0094871/) at the Internet Movie Database • A Chorus of Disapproval (http://www.

Background In the introduction to the First edition of his novel[2] Graham Greene states that he had forgotten about this story until receiving a letter about it from a stranger in 1983. and later developed it whilst working for MGM during the 1940s. Greene also writes of this novel that "I prefer it in many ways to The Third Man" (Greene 1985:10) . Nothing came of it and the rights were offered for sale by MGM in 1983. The buyer (Anthony Blond) allowed Greene to revise and subsequently publish the work.R44 T4 1985b The Tenth Man (1985) is a short novel by British novelist Graham Greene.''The Tenth Man'' 142 The Tenth Man The Tenth Man Author Country Language Genre(s) Publisher Publication date Media type Pages ISBN OCLC Number Dewey Decimal Graham Greene United Kingdom English Thriller novel The Bodley Head and Anthony Blond 1 January 1985 Print (Hardback & Paperback) 158 pp ISBN 0-370-30831-X 11351816 [1] 823/.912 19 LC Classification PR6013. Greene had first suggested it as an idea for a film script in 1937.

Carosse attempts to denounce Charlot.Janvier's sister who Chavel tries to use to get back his money and also to get redemption Janvier. win the favour of Thérèse and stake a claim on the property. Upon his release from prison the lawyer must face the consequences of his actions. Thérèse. as well as being adapted for the stage at the New End Theatre in 1994. [3] http:/ / reviewsindepth. com/ 2010/ 03/ the-tenth-man-by-graham-greene/ . also called Charlot Thérèse Mangeot. who claims to be Chavel. the war is over and Chavel is alive and free. Carosse. he becomes their servant. Film. Chavel becomes hysterical and desperately offers his entire wealth to any man willing to die in his place. must save her from Carosse. as a means of redemption from his earlier cowardice. org/ oclc/ 11351816 [2] Greene. United Kingdom: The Bodley Head and Anthony Blond. ISBN 0-370-30831-X. named Carosse. He dies. the occupying German guards issue a decimation order to the thirty inmates. Assuming the false name Charlot. accepts his offer and is executed.The "Tenth Man" to draw lots. External links • A critical review of The Tenth Man [3] Footnotes [1] http:/ / worldcat. Finally in Part IV. He is apparently a wanted murderer. One of the men chosen is a rich lawyer. Characters Louis Chavel. having fallen in love with Thérèse. In Part II. TV or theatrical adaptations The book was turned into a movie starring Anthony Hopkins as Chavel and Kristin Scott Thomas as Therese. who seems to being dying of tuberculosis. It is decreed that one in every ten prisoners is to be executed. A young man. but virtually destitute. Graham (1985). but achieves his lifelong goal of dying rich.). One man agrees. The story comprises four parts.The protagonist who buys his life from Janvier. Charlot. He offers all his money to anyone who will take his place. set in prison. known as Janvier. and then goes back to work in his old house at St. Jean de Brinac. One of the three chosen by drawing lots is a rich lawyer named Chavel.A man who was also in the prison with Chavel that pretends to be Chavel by coming to the house. lots are drawn to decide who will die. In Part I. Part III sees the arrival of an impostor.''The Tenth Man'' 143 Plot summary The story begins in a prison in Occupied France during World War II. and thus is willing to sell his life in a trade with Chavel. His real name is Michel. The Tenth Man (Hardcover ed. and thinks he can use Chavel's name to steal the property that Chavel gave up. He returns to the house he sold for his life and finds it occupied by Janvier’s mother and sister.

Kim Thomson. Ray McAnally. Having the same actress play Estella as a child and adult provided a smoother transition in following the character than in some adaptations. such as Orlick and Wopsle.' It has only been released in VHS form in the U. Jean Simmons who had played Estella. Anthony Hopkins Ken Thorne Cinematography Douglas Milsome Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Barry Peters Buena Vista Television 1989 303 min. enabled much more of the original story to be filmed than other versions. such as Biddy. Anthony Calf as the adult Pip. Niven Boyd as Orlick. Simmons saw Miss Havisham 'as a physically frail woman. Kim Thomson as both young and adult Estella. Anthony Calf. The result is more understandable plot development. Other key roles include John Rhys-Davies as Joe Gargery.[1] Jean Simmons. played Miss Havisham in the 1989 version. . Adam Blackwood. running five hours. This version takes relatively few liberties with characters and plot turns. But whereas Martita Hunt 'played Miss Havisham as a magisterial Queen Mary figure'. Ray McAnally as Jaggers. it was first broadcast in 1991. her hate and disappointment give her strength. Adam Blackwood as Herbert Pocket. the exquisite young woman encouraged to break mens hearts by the bitter and reclusive Miss Havisham in David Leans film of 1946.''Great Expectations (1989 film)'' 144 Great Expectations (1989 film) Great Expectations Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Kevin Connor Greg Smith Charles Dickens (novel) John Goldsmith Jean Simmons. who played the role of the young Estella in the 1946 movie. The miniseries format. wealth. (6 60-minute episodes) United Kingdom English Great Expectations is a 1989 British miniseries based on Charles Dickens' novel of the same title.S. Miss Havisham and the adult Estella. John Rhys-Davies. Anthony Hopkins as Abel Magwitch. such as class striving and the values of character vs. and adheres closely to Dickens' published ending. allowed the restoration of significant characters omitted in other versions. and the revelation of themes of the work that tend to be obscured in shorter versions. and the better examination of the roles of other characters. A six-part serial. returned here to Dickens late masterpiece. Susan Franklyn as Biddy and Martin Harvey as young Pip. Drummle.

Ray McAnally Pip .Niven Boyd Compeyson .''Great Expectations (1989 film)'' 145 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Magwitch . 20-26 July 1991 External links • Great Expectations (http://www.John Quentin Mr Hubble .Adam Blackwood Young Pip ..Kim Thomson Herbert .com/title/tt0096601/) at the Internet Movie Database .Eve Pearce References [1] Radio Times.Martin Harvey Mrs Gargery .Anthony Calf Estella .Jean Simmons Joe Gargery .John Rhys Davies Mr Jaggers .Sean Arnold Uncle Pumplechook .Anthony Hopkins Miss Havisham .imdb.Frank Middlemass Mr Wopsle .Rosemary McHale Orlick .Preston Lockwood Mrs Hubble .

the three settle on the home of decorated Vietnam veteran Tim Cornell (Anthony Hopkins) and Nora Cornell (Mimi Rogers). After Bosworth snaps a guard's neck. 1990 Running time Language 105 min. Plot In Utah. so that Bosworth has to leave Nancy behind. half-witted Albert (David Morse). During a parole hearing. . Nancy Breyers (Kelly Lynch) is a defense lawyer who is inexplicably in love with client Michael Bosworth (Mickey Rourke). knocking her off her high heels. Kelly Lynch. Lindsay Crouse and David Morse.''Desperate Hours'' 146 Desperate Hours Desperate Hours Directed by Produced by Written by Michael Cimino Michael Cimino Dino De Laurentiis Joseph Hayes (novel. Desperate Hours stars Mickey Rourke. who have two kids -. a sociopathic convict. when she literally bumps into Nancy. Joining his brother Wally (Elias Koteas). Nancy sneaks a gun to Bosworth. and their partner. Needing a hideout until Nancy can catch up with them. Anthony Hopkins. the hulking. Bosworth goes screeching off into the sunset.15-year-old May (Shawnee Smith) and her younger brother Zack (Danny Gerard). Bosworth and Nancy slip away down a fire escape. Only a friend of Nancy's impedes the escape. which was in turn based on the novel by Joseph Hayes. play & screenplay) Lawrence Konner Mark Rosenthal (screenplay) Mickey Rourke Anthony Hopkins Mimi Rogers Lindsay Crouse Kelly Lynch David Mansfield Christopher Rouse Starring Music by Editing by Distributed by MGM Release date(s) October 5. a remake of the 1955 William Wyler crime drama called The Desperate Hours. English Desperate Hours is a 1990 film. Mimi Rogers.

and is killed by FBI agents on a river bank. fr/ film-michael-cimino. The house is surrounded that night. where Bosworth ignores the FBI's order to surrender. com/ title/ tt0099409/ http:/ / www. Tim and Nora decide not to get a divorce. A friend of the Cornells visits the house by chance. michaelcimino.With no suspense. Tim drags Bosworth outside. com/ m/ 1030864-desperate_hours/ ) http:/ / www. Tim and Nora are in the process of getting a divorce.. and Albert. Wally. Critic and movie historian Leonard Maltin referred to the film this way: "Ludicrous. Albert decides to go off on his own.''Desperate Hours'' Bosworth is attracted to the house because the "For Sale" sign out front indicates to him a home in trouble. rottentomatoes. and is fatally shot. Bosworth holds a gun on Nora and is prepared to use it if Tim interferes. But the Cornells must work together to fight off Michael. and Wally is fatally shot. Nancy acts an innocent victim of her client. an at-times-laughable music score. was a commercial disappointment and received split reviews.[1] External links • Desperate Hours at the Internet Movie Database • Desperate Hours [3] at Unofficial french website [4] [2] references [1] [2] [3] [4] The Desperate Hours (1990) . but does not fool FBI agent Brenda Chandler (Lindsay Crouse). and Shawnee Smith as a daughter/victim you'll beg to see cold-cocked. directed by Michael Cimino.Review on Rottentomatoes (http:/ / www. Nancy eventually cuts a deal with Chandler to have charges against her reduced by betraying Bosworth and his men. 147 Cast • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Tim Cornell Mickey Rourke as Michael Bosworth Mimi Rogers as Nora Cornell David Morse as Albert Lindsay Crouse as FBI Agent Chandler Kelly Lynch as Nancy Breyers Elias Koteas as Wally Bosworth Shawnee Smith as May Cornell Matt McGrath as Kyle Danny Gerard as Zack Cornell Reception The film. He is unaware that Tim has removed the bullets. michaelcimino. so Bosworth shoots him. imdb. fr .." The film holds a 57% "rotten" rating on the reviews aggregation site Rottentomatoes. who puts surveillance on her every move. He's right. php?id_film=6 http:/ / www.

[2] It was directed by Jonathan Demme and stars Jodie Foster. It is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Harris. known only as "Buffalo . Scott Glenn. played by Hopkins. Hannibal Lecter. 1991 118 minutes United States English $19 million [1] $272.742. his second to feature Dr. Anthony Hopkins. a brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer. seeks the advice of the imprisoned serial killer and cannibal Hannibal Lecter. to help apprehend another serial killer.922 Manhunter Hannibal The Silence of the Lambs is a 1991 American film that blends elements of the crime and horror genres. a young FBI trainee played by Foster. Clarice Starling.''The Silence of the Lambs (film)'' 148 The Silence of the Lambs (film) The Silence of the Lambs Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Jonathan Demme Kenneth Utt Edward Saxon Ron Bozman Ted Tally The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris Jodie Foster Anthony Hopkins Scott Glenn Ted Levine Howard Shore Screenplay by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Tak Fujimoto Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Preceded by Followed by Craig McKay Orion Pictures February 14. In the film. and Ted Levine.

She pursues him into his multi-room basement. Lecter then hangs up the phone. who she realizes is actually Jame Gumb. Lecter agrees and is flown to Memphis where he reveals personal information on Buffalo Bill to federal agents. by Jack Crawford (Glenn) of the Bureau's Behavioral Science Unit. Starling visits Lecter at his special cell in a Tennessee courthouse and confronts him with her decryption of the name he provided ("Louis Friend". Lecter begins a game of quid pro quo with Starling. 1991. Lecter grows impatient with Starling's attempts at "dissecting" him and rebuffs her. Virginia. something she was advised not to do. Some time later at Starling's FBI Academy graduation party. a former psychiatrist and incarcerated cannibalistic serial killer. Crawford authorizes Starling to offer Lecter a fake deal promising a prison transfer if he provides information that helps find Buffalo Bill and rescue the abductee. Starling travels to the victim's hometown and discovers that Buffalo Bill was a tailor. offering comprehensive clues and insights about Buffalo Bill in exchange for events from Starling's childhood. one of the prisoners flicks semen at her. an anagram of "iron sulfide". relocated to a relative's farm. and begins following a newly arrived Chilton. who considers discourtesy "unspeakably ugly". 149 Plot Clarice Starling is pulled from her training at the FBI Academy at Quantico. After turning off the basement lights. Lecter kills his two guards. it received much critical acclaim. . When The Silence of the Lambs was released on February 14. Best Actor. Lecter. Chilton secretly records the conversation and reveals Starling's deal as a sham before offering to transfer Lecter in exchange for a deal of Chilton's own making. who is fleeing since Lecter is at large. Starling continues interviewing friends of Buffalo Bill's first victim while Crawford leads an FBI tactical team to Gumb's address in Illinois. He tasks her with interviewing Hannibal Lecter. saying he's "having an old friend for dinner". but traumatized and trapped in a dry well. As the manhunt begins.''The Silence of the Lambs (film)'' Bill". Best Actress. having cross-referenced Lecter's notes with a hospital's archives and finding a man named Jame Gumb who once applied for a sex-change operation. In light of Buffalo Bill's recent abduction of a U. he offers to profile Buffalo Bill if he can be transferred away from Chilton. with dresses and dress patterns identical to the patches of skin removed from each of his victims. Lecter gives her the case files on Buffalo Bill. Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. whom he dislikes. as she believes everything he stated was false. The film won the top five Academy Awards: Best Picture. who tells her that the man is linked to Buffalo Bill. Although initially pleasant and courteous. also known as fool's gold). Lecter refuses Starling's pleas for the truth. Starling travels to the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. calls Starling back and tells her to seek out an old patient of his. Later that evening. She tells him how she was orphaned. Gumb stalks Starling in the dark with night-vision goggles but gives his position away when he cocks his revolver and is shot to death by Starling. As she is leaving. where she is led by Dr. She telephones Crawford to inform him that Buffalo Bill is trying to fashion a "woman suit" of real skin. believing Lecter's insight might be useful in the pursuit of a serial killer nicknamed "Buffalo Bill" (Levine) who skins his female victims' corpses. where she discovered a lamb slaughterhouse and failed in an attempt to rescue one of the lambs. after their conversation is interrupted by Chilton and the police who escort her from the building. but Crawford is already en route to make an arrest. Though Lecter denies killing this man. and forces her to recount her traumatic childhood. This leads her to a storage shed where she discovers a man's severed head. He assures her that he does not plan to pursue her and asks her to show him the same courtesy. Starling is led to the house of "Jack Gordon". Frederick Chilton to Lecter's solitary quarters. where she discovers the senator's daughter alive. escapes from his cell and disappears. Starling analyzes Lecter's annotations to the case files and realizes that Buffalo Bill's first victim knew him personally before he killed her.S. senator's daughter. Instead. she receives a phone call from Lecter. who is at an airport in Bimini. which she says she cannot do. She returns to Lecter.

[3] According to Jonathan Demme. "(It was) a difficult decision.''The Silence of the Lambs (film)'' 150 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling Anthony Hopkins as Dr. the film is also notable for being one of two multi-Oscar winners disapproved of by Ebert's colleague.[4] The Silence of the Lambs was a sleeper hit that only gradually gained widespread success. Gene Siskel. Boyle Danny Darst as Sgt. but turned it down. he later changed his mind. alongside such classics as Nosferatu. Ruth Martin Charles Napier as Lt. but I got nervous about the subject matter".[5] The film ultimately received widespread critical acclaim. and Halloween. Psycho. Tate Alex Coleman as Sgt. there were 300 applicants for the role of Clarice Starling.[6] and has since recognized the film as a "horror masterpiece". the other being . Hannibal Lecter Scott Glenn as Jack Crawford Ted Levine as Jame Gumb. Roger Ebert specifically mentioned the "terrifying qualities" of Hannibal Lecter. Michelle Pfeiffer was offered the role of Clarice Starling. Other actors offered or considered for the role: Sean Connery.[7] However. Production The Silence of the Lambs was distributed by Orion Pictures. MGM (which bought Orion in 1997) currently holds the rights. and Robert Duvall. Robert De Niro. who also wished to direct. Bimmel Masha Skorobogatov as Young Clarice Starling Pre-production Casting The role of Dr Hannibal Lecter was originally to be played by Gene Hackman. Dustin Hoffman. even though Hopkins' screen time is only a little more than 16 minutes. "Buffalo Bill" Anthony Heald as Frederick Chilton Brooke Smith as Catherine Martin Kasi Lemmons as Ardelia Mapp Frankie Faison as Barney Matthews Diane Baker as Sen. and Meg Ryan. Jim Pembry Dan Butler as Roden Paul Lazar as Pilcher Ron Vawter as Paul Krendler Roger Corman as FBI Director Hayden Burke Chris Isaak as SWAT Commander Harry Northup as Mr. Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster also received praise for their performances. Rotten Tomatoes records that The Silence of the Lambs received a 96 percent positive response from critics. Response Critical Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster garnered much acclaim for their portrayals of Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling. including Geena Davis. Melanie Griffith. Jack Nicholson. later saying.

[11] The Silence of the Lambs placed seventh on Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments for Lecter's infamous escape scene.[10] In 2006 at the Key Art Awards. Jodie Foster BAFTA Awards record 1. Best Actor. the film was listed as one of the 100 greatest movies in the past 100 years by the American Film Institute. Best Actor (Hopkins)..S. Best Director. Best Director (Demme) and Best Adapted Screenplay (Ted Tally).[12] American Film Institute recognition • AFI's 100 Years. Ted Tally Golden Globe Awards record 1. Jodie Foster 2..[9] In 1998.. Jonathan Demme 4. with Vincent Price presenting the award to the film's executive producer Gary Goetzman. Gross $13. Demme was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for best director.#65 • AFI's 100 Years.922 Worldwide Box Office Total Worldwide Gross $272.742. Other awards include best picture from the National Board of Review.766..922 Awards and honors Academy Awards record 1. 100 Heroes and Villains: . Best Actress. Best Actress.''The Silence of the Lambs (film)'' Unforgiven. Best Actor.[8] 151 Box office Domestic Box Office Opening Weekend % of Total Gross Close Date Total U. Anthony Hopkins 2.742. CHI Awards and PEO Awards. Bozman 5.. Best Actress (Foster). Ted Tally received an Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay. Kenneth Utt. The film was awarded Best Horror Film of the Year during the 2nd Horror Hall of Fame telecast. Best Adapted Screenplay. 100 Movies .. 100 Thrills . Anthony Hopkins 3.#5 • AFI's 100 Years. Edward Saxon. The film was nominated as best film by the BAFTA Awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). The American Film Institute named Hannibal Lecter (as portrayed by Hopkins) the number one film villain of all time[12] and Clarice Starling (as portrayed by Foster) the sixth greatest film hero of all time. Ronald M. Jodie Foster The film won five major Academy Awards: Best Picture. the original poster for The Silence of the Lambs was named best film poster "of the past 35 years".5% 10 October 1991 $130. Best Actress.814 10. Best Picture.

afi. html). Salon.''The Silence of the Lambs (film)'' • Clarice Starling . 100 Movies (http:/ / www. Retrieved 4 February 2010. suntimes. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.. com/ gst/ fullpage.. retrieved 7 October 2007 [12] AFI 100 Years. ..#74 152 Accusations of homophobia and sexism Upon its release. pp. archive.[15] In a 1992 interview with Playboy magazine. com/ tvevents/ 100years/ movies. [11] "Sin City" place to be at Ket Art Awards (http:/ / www. com/ ew/ article/ 0. 1992 [4] "Oscar fast facts" (http:/ / didyouknow. Archived (http:/ / web.. 100 Heroes and Villains (http:/ / www.00. 51-54. . html?res=9F0CE7DE1439F93BA15751C0A965958260& sec=& spon=& pagewanted=all). com/ entertainment/ movies/ film_salon/ 2010/ 09/ 10/ movie_heresy_slide_show/ slideshow.. "Unforgiven" (http:/ / jatufilmrev. James (1992). Not the Playboy centerfold. . .. reprinted in full in Interviews with Betty Friedan. dll/ article?AID=/ 20010218/ REVIEWS08/ 102180301/ 1023) [8] Turpin. That is what I find offensive. [15] The Silence of the Lambs: Collector's Edition | DVD Review | Entertainment Weekly (http:/ / www. 2007 at the Wayback Machine. Univ. aspx) March 5. American Broadcast Company. the skinning alive of women."[16] References [1] IMDb Box office/ Business Information for The Silence of the Lambs (http:/ / www." • AFI's 100 Years. org/ fastfacts/ oscars/ ). com/ apps/ pbcs.] I'm not saying that the movie shouldn't have been shown. org/ web/ 20070312005001/ http:/ / www. afi. notable feminist and women's rights advocate Betty Friedan stated. 100 Movies (10th Anniversary Edition) . dll/ article?AID=/ 19910214/ REVIEWS/ 102140301/ 1023) [7] Roger Ebert (2001). [9] 2nd Annual Horror Hall of Fame Telecast. REVIEW (http:/ / rogerebert. "From Visions of Paradise to Hell on Earth" (http:/ / query. ew. [13] Schmalz. imdb. jsp?vnu_content_id=1002690024) Hollywood Reporter. google. 56. afi. The Silence of the Lambs was criticized by members of the gay community for what they perceived as another in a long line of negative on-screen portrayals of LGBT characters. com/ apps/ pbcs. com/ ). com/ hr/ search/ article_display. 100 Movie Quotes .. com/ title/ tt0102926/ business) Retrieved 14 March 2007 [2] Matt Zoller Seitz (2010-09-10). . 2002. . afi. com/ tvevents/ 100years/ movies. 62. nytimes. [5] Collins. [. hollywoodreporter. com/ p/ articles/ mi_m1589/ is_n739-40/ ai_20139080).Hero #6 • Dr. com/ books?id=oDwTPU8l2RQC& pg=PA35& lpg=PA35& dq="The+ Silence+ of+ the+ Lambs"+ "sleeper+ hit"& source=bl& ots=fWfjp5-PIO& sig=C6R6uTdKvADMTSEKfFpFg0o2_0U& hl=en& ei=oxhkSv_-I6LKtgee0Ln4Dw& sa=X& oi=book_result& ct=result& resnum=1).Villain #1 • 2005. I'm not denying the movie was an artistic triumph. archive. html) [16] Interview of Friedan by David Sheff Playboy September 1992. org/ web/ 20070305225428/ http:/ / www. JT Film Review. com/ tvevents/ 100years/ handv. 35. 60. AFI's 100 Years. Routledge. "I thought it was absolutely outrageous that The Silence of the Lambs won four Oscars. com/ tvevents/ 100years/ handv. ISBN 1-57806-480-5. [6] Roger Ebert (1991). suntimes.. Janann Sherman. Jeffrey (28 February 1993). wordpress. Retrieved 2010-09-12. which featured a homosexual as one of the main protagonists. ISBN 0415905761. .. [3] The Barbara Walters Special.. The New York Times. ed.#21 • "A census taker once tried to test me.[13] [14] Director Demme's next project was the 1992 AIDS-related drama Philadelphia. 2007 at the Wayback Machine.20009786. Jim (1992). Hannibal Lecter . Film Theory Goes to the Movies (http:/ / books. 58.. Archived (http:/ / web. aspx) Accessed 14 March 2007. "Trash-talking nine classic movies: "The Silence of the Lambs"" (http:/ / www. [14] "The events that shaped the under-30 mind — a new generation of successful gays and lesbians" (http:/ / findarticles. salon. p. aspx) March 12. aspx) Accessed 14 March 2007. 149. but it was about the evisceration. Press of Mississippi. 1991 [10] AFI's 100 Years. REVIEW (http:/ / rogerebert.

com/title/title.com/current/posts/5) .mgm.jsp?stid=90121) at the TCM Movie Database The Silence of the Lambs (http://www.allmovie.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Silence of the Lambs (http://www.com/movies/?id=silenceofthelambs.com/film/titles/the-silence-of-the-lambs) at Metacritic The Silence of the Lambs (http://www.imdb.rottentomatoes.com/m/silence_of_the_lambs/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Silence of the Lambs (http://www.com/view/Movie/1814/The-Silence-of-the-Lambs/) at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Criterion Collection essay by Amy Taubin (http://www.com/title/tt0102926/) at the Internet Movie Database The Silence of the Lambs (http://tcmdb.com/work/44663) at Allmovie The Silence of the Lambs (http://www.criterion.boxofficemojo.metacritic.''The Silence of the Lambs (film)'' 153 External links • • • • • • • • The Silence of the Lambs (http://www.

Hannibal Lecter


Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Tetralogy character

Sir Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs Birth name D.O.B. Titles Aliases Hannibal Lecter VIII January 20, 1933 (1936 in film)

Dr. Hannibal Lecter M.D. / Count Hannibal Lecter VIII Lloyd Wyman Dr. Fell Mr. Closter Hannibal the Cannibal Male Lithuanian (Father), Italian (Mother), French (Citizenship), American (Long-time residence) Caucasian Lithuanian nobility (Paternal) Italian nobility (Maternal) Mischa Lecter (Sister) Count Robert Lecter (Uncle) Lady Murasaki (Aunt-by-marriage) Lady Murasaki Clarice Starling (Novel) Institut De Médecine St Marie, Paris, France (M.D.) Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland (Psychiatry Residency Training) Cannibalism and Torture 29+

Nicknames Gender Nationality Race Ancestry Relatives

Romance Education M.O. Victims

Occupation(s) Forensic Psychiatrist Created by Thomas Harris

Portrayed by: Brian Cox - Manhunter Anthony Hopkins - The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon Gaspard Ulliel - Hannibal Rising Aaran Thomas - Hannibal Rising (child)

Hannibal Lecter is a famous fictional character in a series of horror novels by Thomas Harris and in the films adapted from them.

Hannibal Lecter Lecter was introduced in the 1981 thriller novel Red Dragon as a brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer. The novel and its sequel, The Silence of the Lambs (1988), feature Lecter as one of two primary antagonists. In the third novel, Hannibal (1999), Lecter becomes the main character. His role as protagonist and anti-hero occurs in the fourth novel, Hannibal Rising (2006), which explores his childhood and development into a serial killer. The first film adapted from the Harris novels was Manhunter, based on Red Dragon, features Brian Cox as Lecter, spelled "Lecktor". In 2002, a second adaptation of Red Dragon was made under the original title, featuring Anthony Hopkins, who had played Lecter in the motion pictures The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Hopkins won an Academy Award for The Silence of the Lambs in 1991. In 2003, Hannibal Lecter (as portrayed by Hopkins) was chosen by the American Film Institute as the #1 movie villain.[2]


In literature
Hannibal Lecter is introduced in the 1981 novel Red Dragon as a brilliant psychiatrist incarcerated after having been revealed to be a cannibalistic serial killer. The novel finds FBI Special Agent Will Graham, who originally captured Lecter, consulting him in order to catch another serial killer, Francis Dolarhyde, known only to law enforcement and media by the pseudonyms "The Tooth Fairy" and "The Red Dragon." In the 1988 sequel The Silence of the Lambs, Lecter assists an FBI agent-in-training named Clarice Starling in catching a serial killer known as "Buffalo Bill". Lecter and Starling form an unusual relationship in which he provides her with a profile of the killer and his modus operandi in exchange for details about her unhappy childhood. Lecter eventually stages a dramatic, bloody escape from captivity and disappears. Following the success of The Silence of the Lambs and the immense popularity of Lecter, Harris wrote a third novel, 1999's Hannibal. It takes place seven years after the end of Silence of the Lambs and finds Lecter living in Florence, Italy, under an assumed name, while Mason Verger, one of his surviving victims, attempts to capture him with the intention of feeding him to a pack of wild boars. Lecter returns to the United States to escape Verger's Sardinian henchmen, but they soon capture him anyway. Clarice Starling comes to rescue Lecter, only to be knocked unconscious; after orchestrating Verger's death, Lecter carries Starling to safety and the two escape. Having figured out that Starling's corrupt superior, Paul Krendler, sold them both out to Verger's men, Lecter recruits Starling in avenging themselves on him. He kidnaps Krendler, drugs him, and performs a craniotomy upon him. Lecter, Starling and Krendler himself then feast upon his brain, before Lecter kills him with a crossbow. Afterwards, Lecter and Starling become lovers and disappear together, to be last seen by Lecter's former ward orderly, Barney Matthews, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Subsequently, Harris wrote a 2006 prequel to the Lecter books, Hannibal Rising, after film producer Dino De Laurentiis (who owned the cinematic rights to the Lecter character), announced that he was going to make a film depicting Lecter's childhood and development into a serial killer with or without Harris' help. (Harris would also write the film's screenplay.) The novel chronicles Lecter's early life, from birth into an aristocratic family in Lithuania in 1933, to being orphaned, along with his little sister Mischa, in 1944 when invading German and Soviet forces storm the family estate. Shortly thereafter, Lecter and Mischa are captured by a band of Nazi deserters, who murder and cannibalize Mischa before her brother's eyes. Lecter is so traumatized that he is rendered temporarily mute and later becomes fixated on cannibalism. Lecter escapes from the deserters and takes up residence in an orphanage until he is adopted by his uncle Robert and his Japanese wife, Lady Murasaki. As Lecter grows into a young man, he forms a close, pseudo-romantic relationship with the widowed Murasaki and shows great intellectual aptitude, entering medical school at a young age. During this period, he is tutored in the Japanese martial art of kenjutsu by Murasaki, who descended from a house of Hiroshima Samurai. Despite his seemingly comfortable life, Lecter is consumed by a savage obsession with avenging Mischa's death. After experiencing his first taste of murder, Lecter methodically tracks down, tortures and murders each of the men who killed his sister, in the process forsaking

Hannibal Lecter his relationship with Murasaki and seemingly losing all traces of his humanity. The novel ends with Lecter being accepted into the Johns Hopkins Medical Center.


In film
Red Dragon was first adapted to film in 1986 as the Michael Mann film Manhunter. Due to copyright issues, the filmmakers changed the spelling of Lecter's name to "Lecktor". He was played by Scottish actor Brian Cox.[3] In 1991, Orion Pictures produced a Jonathan Demme-directed adaptation of The Silence of the Lambs, in which Lecter was played by Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins' Academy Award–winning performance made Lecter into a cultural icon. In 2001, Hannibal was adapted to film, with Hopkins reprising his role. The ending for the film was changed from the novel due to the controversy that the novel's ending generated upon its release in 1999: in the film adaptation, Starling attempts to apprehend Lecter, who cuts off his own hand to free himself from her handcuffs. In 2002, Red Dragon was adapted again, this time under its original title, with Hopkins again as Lecter and Edward Norton as Will Graham. In late 2006, the script for the film Hannibal Rising was adapted to novel format. The novel was written to explain Lecter's development into a serial killer. In the film, the young Lecter is portrayed by Gaspard Ulliel. Both the novel and the film received generally negative [4] critical reception.

Brian Cox as Hannibal "Lecktor" in Manhunter. Cox was the first actor to portray the character.

Gaspard Ulliel as young Lecter in Hannibal Rising.

Concept and creation
Thomas Harris has given few interviews, and has never explained where he got inspiration for Hannibal Lecter. However, in a making-of documentary for the film version of Hannibal Rising, Lecter's early murders were said to be based on murders that Harris had covered when he was a crime reporter in the 1960s. In 1992, Harris also attended the ongoing trials of Pietro Pacciani, who was suspected of being the serial killer nicknamed the "Monster of Florence". Parts of the killer's modus operandi were used as reference for the novel Hannibal, which was released in 1999. According to David Sexton, author of The Strange World of Thomas Harris: Inside the Mind of the Creator of Hannibal Lecter, Harris once told a librarian in Cleveland, Mississippi, that Lecter was inspired by William Coyne, a local murderer who had escaped from prison in 1934 and gone on a rampage that included acts of murder and cannibalism. In her book Evil Serial Killers, Charlotte Greig asserts that the serial killer Albert Fish was the inspiration, at least in part, for Lecter.[5] Greig also states that to explain Lecter's pathology, Harris borrowed the story of reported serial killer and cannibal Andrei Chikatilo's brother Stepan being kidnapped and eaten by starving neighbours (though she states that it is unclear whether the story was true or whether Stepan Chikatilo even existed).[6] Red Dragon firmly states that Lecter does not fit any known psychological profile. However, Lecter's keeper, Dr. Frederick Chilton, claims that Lecter is a "pure sociopath." Lecter's pathology is explored in greater detail in Hannibal and Hannibal Rising, which explain that he was irreparably traumatized as a child in Lithuania in 1944 when he witnessed the murder and cannibalism of his beloved younger sister, Mischa, by Lithuanian Hilfswillige. As well, his parents had been shot and killed prior to the death of his sister. One of the Hilfswillige members also

filmsite. . [3] BBC interview with Brian Cox on youtube. Evil Serial Killers: In the Minds of Monsters (2009). org/ afi100heroesvilla. with a focus on Manhunter (1986) (http://www." a Lecter-like character. i. para.net/) Crime Library profile of Lecter (http://www. para.html?sect=3/) NPR broadcast on Lecter (http://www.27 [6] Grieg. Lecter is described through Clarice Starling's eyes as "small. made his entrance in mask and straitjacket as Hannibal Lecter. and reflect the light in "pinpoints of red". [8] Silence of the Lambs p. Charlotte.org/templates/story/story. 2: "Dr. Evil Serial Killers: In the Minds of Monsters (2009). Charlotte. These include an appearance in MAD magazine. youtube. Whose Line Is It Anyway. American Film Institute. Family Guy.imdb. p. rottentomatoes. com/ watch?v=ccPeC-uRI2c) [4] Hannibal Rising (http:/ / www.manhunter. 16. South Park.php?storyId=89472698) . com/ m/ hannibal_rising/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes [5] Grieg. June 2003. Murray Abraham plays "Harold Leacher. Lecter's eyes are maroon. p. In the novel "The Silence of the Lambs". Lecter has six fingers on his left hand".com/character/ch0001399/) at the Internet Movie Database Information about Hannibal Lecter.com (http:/ / www. External links • • • • Hannibal Lecter (http://www. Austin Powers in Goldmember. [9] The Silence of the Lambs p.e. Addams Family Values.102 [7] Silence of the Lambs p.Hannibal Lecter claimed that Lecter unwittingly ate his sister as well. slicked-back hair with a widow's peak. 4: "He tapped his small white teeth against the card and breathed in its smell". References [1] (see case file extras on DVD of Red Dragon) [2] "AFI's 100 Heroes & Villains" (http:/ / www. a duplicated middle finger.npr. entitled SILENCE! The Musical. F. The character has also been parodied in a musical. while hosting the 64th Academy Awards. In the 1993 comedy National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1. 157 Popular culture Hannibal Lecter has often been the subject of parodies and references in general media.com/serial_killers/weird/lecter/1. Retrieved 2007-02-12.[8] He is also said to have small white teeth[9] and dark. and in his hands and arms she saw wiry strength like her own". as well as several television series and films such as The Simpsons. The Office. html). sleek. 15.[7] In Hannibal. In 1992. The Critic and Clerks 2.crimelibrary. Billy Crystal. the Nickelodeon program Fairly OddParents. 17. and removes his extra digit. Lecter's eyes are a shade of maroon. para 4: "Dr. and they reflect the light in pinpoints of red". he performs plastic surgery on his own face on several occasions. The novel also reveals that Lecter's left hand has a condition called mid ray duplication polydactyly.

Grand L.. 1992 110 min. Mick Jagger. starring Emilio Estevez. January 17. Inc. Inc. The story was adapted from Immortality. which depicts a world of zombies. by Robert Sheckley Emilio Estevez Mick Jagger Rene Russo Jonathan Banks Anthony Hopkins Trevor Jones Story by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Amir Mokri Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Budget Dennis Virkler Morgan Creek Warner Bros. a 1959 novel by Robert Sheckley. Jonathan Banks. Rene Russo. the film received mostly negative reviews. and the presence of a "spiritual switchboard" in which souls are suspended — the cyberpunk plot bears little resemblance in tone or content to Sheckley's story. English $30 Million (estimated) [1] Freejack is a 1992 science fiction film directed by Geoff Murphy. Bush and Anthony Hopkins. Upon its release in the United States. . Aside from the most basic elements — the journey of a modern man into a future where everything is for sale.''Freejack'' 158 Freejack Freejack Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Geoff Murphy Stuart Oken Ronald Shusett Steven Pressfield Ronald Shusett Dan Gilroy Steven Pressfield Ronald Shusett Immortality.

The film is set in a dystopic future where most indigent people suffer from poor physical health as a result of rampant drug use and environmental pollution. a ruthless pursuer who nevertheless lives by a code of honor. who is gunning for McCandless' job as corporate boss. as only Vacendak knows a secret code McCandless gave him. Julie says it could be pulled off. after all: Furlong guessed wrong McCandless' secret number. In a virtual reality encounter with McCandless' essence. . the couple go on the run again. having problems with the Vice President. for use as substitute bodies." and considered less than human under the law. he offers to die and let Furlong run the company under the guise of being McCandless. Furlong. and Vacendak asks him to continue. waiting to catch him in a mistake: McCandless couldn't drive. It is now revealed that the transfer was not complete. the super-wealthy achieve immortality by hiring "bonejackers. pretending to take Julie hostage. As Vacendak arrives. As it turns out. Alex Furlong (Estevez) is a professional race-car driver who is just about to die in a spectacular 1991 crash when a time machine snatches him from the cockpit and into the 21st century Bronx. they also have to deal with running from the private guards of McCandless' corporate X. rather than allowing their minds to be replaced with those of the rich. forced into the apparatus. you need a new soul. Julie grabs the gun of the soldier holding her and shoots the processing crystal which conducts the transfer process. In the confusion. Furlong remarks about how well he feels in his "new" body. Michelette concludes that the transfer was completed and tries to kill Furlong. is revealed to be the dying man trying to steal Furlong's body. Tired of running. before ordering Julie to dress more appropriately so that the two of them can take a drive. Furlong can't even trust his old friends from 1991. a wasteland populated by scavengers and killers. in turn. Those who flee. are known as "freejacks. Julie's boss (Hopkins). Apologizing.. and there isn't a machine to give you one!" Furlong fights the process as Michellette stumbles in. to snatch people from the past just prior to the moment of their deaths. Furlong reads the code slowly. Their plans to flee into the lobby are thwarted by a gunfight between McCandless' security guards and Vacendak's mercenaries. and Vacendak went along with it. Ian McCandless. a hardened mercenary who has snatched him on behalf of the all-powerful McCandless Corporation. but is gunned down by Vacendak and his men. Vacendak lets them go and Furlong and Julie speed away. Vacendak and his security personnel stop them as the car leaves the estate. counting on his not knowing about the couple's past relationship. "You don't need a new body. Furlong and Julie take one of McCandless' favorite vehicles for a drive. Furlong.O." mercenaries equipped with time travel devices. the time traveler is able to escape from Victor Vacendak (Jagger). negotiates with Michelette to arrange a meeting with the powerful McCandless executive. The results are inconclusive as to whether it is McCandless or Furlong in Furlong's body. Furlong spends much of the film escaping the clutches of Vacendak. wounded from fighting Vacendak's soldiers. McCandless explains his goal to use Furlong's body to satiate his love for Julie. Furlong's former fiancée Julie Redlund (Russo) is now an executive at McCandless. Michelette (Banks). After she slaps him in return for his mockery. this makes them unattractive as replacement bodies. But as it turns out. Hours after the coup. Despite Julie's plan to escape the building on the hundredth floor. as he himself died on a business trip out of town. the elevator takes them automatically to the very top of the building where McCandless' mind is in storage. McCandless reveals he was merely stalling for time. one of whom is happy to sell him out. McCandless' scientists cannot determine the answer. now in opposition. but Vacendak can.''Freejack'' 159 Plot In the year 2009. protests. When Furlong's captors are ambushed by a hit squad. Mark Michelette. Not only do Furlong and Julie have to evade Vacendak's army of security guards and McCandless Corporation police forces. and rekindling his relationship with Julie. Michelette has seen the footage of Julie's desperate grief after Furlong's 1991 accident.

com/ m/ freejack/ External links • Official site of Robert Sheckley (http://www.[2] Home video releases Freejack was released on VHS in 1992.dimensionsofsheckley.''Freejack'' 160 Cast Actor Emilio Estevez Mick Jagger Rene Russo Character Alex Furlong Victor Vacendak Julie Redlund Anthony Hopkins Ian McCandless Jonathan Banks David Johansen Grand L.com/title/tt0104299/) at the Internet Movie Database .com) • Freejack (http://www. rottentomatoes. References [1] IMDB (http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0104299/ ) [2] http:/ / uk. Bush John Shea Frankie Faison Mark Michelette Brad Boone Morgan Homeless man Reception The film holds a 17% rating at Rotten Tomatoes.imdb. with a DVD release following in 2002. imdb.

in that it involves an ailing shoe manufacturer. Ball Bruno Lawrence .Jerry Finn Rebecca Rigg . Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins .Errol Wallace Ben Mendelsohn . The plot bears some superficial similarity to the later film Kinky Boots.Frank Fletcher John Flaus . Bruno Lawrence Ricky Fataar Offshoot Films 23 January 1992 95 minutes Australia English Music by Editing by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Spotswood is an Australian comedy film directed by Mark Joffe.Kim Barry Angela Punch McGregor .Mr. Carey's Father John Walton .Robert. It is also known as The Efficiency Expert in America. Ben Mendelsohn.Cheryl Ball Toni Collette .Wendy Robinson Russell Crowe . Alwyn Kurts. Andrew Knight Anthony Hopkins.''Spotswood (film)'' 161 Spotswood (film) Spotswood Directed by Written by Starring Mark Joffe Max Dann.Caroline Wallace Daniel Wyllie .Carey Alwyn Kurts .Ron .Kevin Jeff Truman . whose products are failing to keep up with market demands. released in 1992 in some locations. made in 1990-1991.Gordon Gary Adams .

348. gov.Mrs.com/title/tt0102969/) at the Internet Movie Database • Spotswood at the National Film and Sound Archive (http://colsearch.group=.887 in 2009 dollars. Lorna Ball • Jill Murray . Carey's Mum (as Jillian Murray) 162 Box Office Spotswood grossed $1.Ophelia.afc. w3p.adv=yes. References [1] Film Victoria .[1] which is equivalent to $2.holdingType=.parentid=.''Spotswood (film)'' • Toni Lamond .Australian Films at the Australian Box Office (http:/ / film.groupequals=. pdf) External links • Spotswood (http://www.resCount=10) .gov. au/ resources/ documents/ AA4_Aust_Box_office_report.page=0.query=Number:287697.nfsa.imdb.884 at the box office in Australia.au/nfsa/search/display/ display.505. vic.rec=0.querytype=.

a story of class relations in turn-of-the-20th-century England. The screenplay was written by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.966. M. Forster's 1910 novel Howards End. The film — produced by Merchant Ivory Productions as their third adaptation of a Forster novel (following A Room with a View in 1986 and Maurice in 1987) — was the first film to be released by Sony Pictures Classics.''Howards End (film)'' 163 Howards End (film) Howards End Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Starring James Ivory Ismail Merchant Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Howards End by E. M. .555 Howards End is a 1992 film adaptation of E. Forster Anthony Hopkins Vanessa Redgrave Helena Bonham Carter Emma Thompson Richard Robbins Percy Grainger (opening and end title) Music by Cinematography Tony Pierce-Roberts Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Andrew Marcus Merchant Ivory Productions Channel 4 Films Mayfair (UK) Sony Pictures Classics 13 March 1992 (United States) 1 May 1992 (United Kingdom) 140 minutes United Kingdom English $8 million $25. directed by James Ivory and produced by Ismail Merchant.

As a result. Helen has spent time with Leonard and we see an idyllic moment spent on a boat in a romantic scene. the two women become close and Ruth sees in Margaret a kindred spirit. when the Wilcox family takes a house near to the Schlegels in London. Helen. Leonard returns to the house to make an apology and during tea the sisters find that he has an ambition to better himself through the kind of literature and sentiments that they share. After this. At the start of the film. the class that is displacing the aristocracy. intending to move to Germany for good. Henry advises that Leonard should leave his post at the insurance company because it is heading for a crash. Humiliated.''Howards End (film)'' 164 Plot The story takes place in Edwardian England. Later. Because he knows that he has prevented the Schlegels from finding a home in Howards End. a house which she dearly loves and which is the symbol of rural England and English tradition. in order to avoid contact with everyone. the older sister. the younger sister. Because of this. A parallel plotline involves the younger sister. the Schlegel sisters represent the enlightened bourgeois. Helen has found the Basts starving and brings them to the party. Whilst the Schlegels are still living in the London house. it is revealed that she is pregnant with Leonard's child. Over the course of a few months. However. and that the man responsible must be . Helen attends a lecture about Beethoven and accidentally leaves the hall with an umbrella belonging to the clerk Leonard Bast (Samuel West). In a fit of jealousy she calls on the Schlegels but leaves after an embarrassing scene due partly to the sisters having forgotten Leonard after the umbrella incident. Leonard does so but the advice is premature and he finds himself in a worse position and eventually unemployed. and the Basts are the lower middle-class. Howards End.' The film asks the question 'Who will inherit England?' and answers it through the ownership of the house. She asks if she can keep them at Howards End and stay there for the night. She insists that Helen take the Basts away and refuses them help. She befriends the mother. Three families represent three social classes: the Wilcoxes are rich Victorian capitalists. feels compelled to visit because of the social embarrassment of the previous year. Margaret accepts. and take advice from Henry Wilcox about Leonard's financial situation. He is not aware of this. The Wilcoxes burn the piece of paper that Ruth's bequest is written on. his lover Jacky finds the Schlegels' card in Leonard's possessions and is convinced he is having an affair. Henry Wilcox (Anthony Hopkins) offers to help Margaret find a new place to live. Jacky Bast becomes drunk and she comes to the attention of Margaret. Forster is clear. The next day both realise their mistake and break it off but Helen has sent a letter to her family announcing their relationship. the two become close and Henry proposes. Helen Schlegel (Helena Bonham Carter). When Henry Wilcox finds out. Ruth bequeaths Howards End to Margaret. Jacky recognises Henry and it becomes clear that some years previously he had an affair with her and that she had effectively to prostitute herself in order to survive. as it passes from person to person. Henry breaks off the engagement but that evening he and Margaret are reconciled and she forgives his sexual impropriety and infidelity. who refuse to believe that Ruth was in her "right mind" or intended her home to go to a relative stranger. Margaret Schlegel (Emma Thompson). rashly becomes engaged to the younger Wilcox son. Hearing that the Schlegels are to be turned out of their apartment when their lease ends. and knowing she is soon to die due to an illness that she has kept from her family. and decide to keep her will secret. he insists that she cannot stay in the house. They begin a project to improve his lot. He follows her and calls at the house to retrieve it. Helen comes back for her possessions. the Schlegel sisters drift apart. much to Margaret's puzzlement. Ruth is descended from English yeoman stock and it is through her family that the Wilcoxes own Howards End. however. Paul. The two plotlines come together at the marriage party of Evie Wilcox (daughter of Henry and Ruth). Later. that the novel is 'not concerned with the very poor. This causes great consternation for the Wilcoxes. After several months. Ruth Wilcox (Vanessa Redgrave). who approaches her with Henry to find out who she is. Helen drifts away from Margaret and stays in very distant contact with her. and about the same time as the Wilcoxes arrive in the neighbourhood. Her Aunt Juley (Prunella Scales) arrives at Howards End and so makes the Wilcox family aware of an engagement that the two young people would rather have kept from them. in accordance with Henry's wishes and sense of pride.

966. This is the only time they have shared the screen. where Helen will raise her son as its heir. 2005. Miranda Richardson and Tilda Swinton were all considered for the part of Margaret Schlegel before Emma Thompson accepted the role. in Surrey. and the Wilcox's house is nearby [2] . or The Gherkin was erected on its site. although Jemma did act with her Aunt Vanessa on stage in Chekhov's Three Sisters in 1990. On June 5. Soon after filming there it was bombed by the IRA. University of London. is her real-life niece. 2010. Other scenes were shot in the quadrangle of the Founder's Building at Royal Holloway. the final ownership of Howards End is a symbol of new class relations in England: the wealth of the new industrialists (the Wilcoxes) married to the politically reforming vision of liberalism (the Schlegels) that will benefit the children of the lower classes (the Basts).[4] As of December 28. Critical reception The film received massive critical acclaim. [1] The "Howards End" house in the countryside is Peppard Cottage in Rotherfield Peppard. Margaret. Jemma Redgrave (Evie Wilcox). Some scenes were also shot at Brampton Bryan in Herefordshire[3] . a production in which the third sister was played by Vanessa's sister Lynn Redgrave. Phoebe Nicholls.555. Joely Richardson. Charles inadvertently kills Leonard. 165 Filming locations Part of the movie was filmed at the Baltic Exchange. In both film and novel. [6] Cast Anthony Hopkins accepted the part of Henry Wilcox without reading the script. Ruth Wilcox's wish is fulfilled: Helen is eventually reconciled with Margaret who now owns Howards End. Margaret and Henry argue bitterly about the different standards of sexual propriety applied to men and women and Margaret says she is leaving Henry. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Henry Wilcox Vanessa Redgrave as Ruth Wilcox Helena Bonham Carter as Helen Schlegel Emma Thompson as Margaret Schlegel James Wilby as Charles Wilcox Samuel West as Leonard Bast Prunella Scales as Aunt Juley Jemma Redgrave as Evie Wilcox Adrian Ross Magenty as Tibby Schlegel Joseph Bennett as Paul Wilcox Susie Lindeman as Dolly Wilcox Nicola Duffett as Jacky Bast . 3 "rotten"). Leonard and the oldest Wilcox son Charles (James Wilby) all make their way separately to Howards End and the final tragedy unfolds. the film-critics aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes listed 91% positive reviews based on 34 reviews (31 "fresh". London. Roger Ebert included it on his list of "Great Movies". [5] According to the website Box Office Mojo the Total Gross of the film stands at $25. Mary Axe. and is later taken away by the police. Oxfordshire. Ultimately. razed. and the Swiss Re building.''Howards End (film)'' found out and punished for dishonouring her. 30 St. who plays the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave (Ruth Wilcox).

John Bright) Original Music Score (Richard Robbins) Best Direction (James Ivory) Best Screenplay . Ian Whittaker) 1993 : BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Emma Thompson) 1993 : BAFTA Award for Best Film (Ismail Merchant. Awards Winner • • • • • • 1992 : Cannes Film Festival 45th Anniversary Prize (James Ivory)[7] 1992 : New York Film Critics' Circle .(Emma Thompson) • 1993 : London Critics Circle Film Awards .Motion Picture Drama (Emma Thompson) 1993 : Chicago Film Critics Association Awards (Emma Thompson) 1993 : Evening Standard British Film Awards • • • • • • Best Actress (Emma Thompson) • Best Film (James Ivory) • 1993 : Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards . The piano pieces were performed by the English concert pianist Martin Jones. James Ivory) 1993 : Golden Globe Award for Best Actress .Best Actress (Emma Thompson) 1992 : Southeastern Film Critics Association .Best Actress (Emma Thompson) 1992 : Los Angeles Film Critics' Association .(British Film of the Year) Nominated • 1993 Academy Awards: • • • • • • • • • • Best Picture (Ismail Merchant) Directing (James Ivory) Best Supporting Actress (Vanessa Redgrave) Best Cinematography (Tony Pierce-Roberts) Costume Design (Jenny Beavan.Best Actress (Emma Thompson) 1993 : Academy Awards • Best Actress (Emma Thompson) • Best Adapted Screenplay) (Ruth Prawer Jhabvala) • Best Art Direction (Luciana Arrighi. Fussell Crispin Bonham-Carter as Albert Fussell 166 Score The score was composed by Richard Robbins.''Howards End (film)'' • • • • • Mark Payton as Percy Cahill Jo Kendall as Annie Barbara Hicks as Miss Avery Peter Cellier as Col.Adapted (Ruth Prawer Jhabvala) Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Helena Bonham Carter) Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Samuel West) • 1993 British Academy Film Awards: . with elements of the score based on Percy Grainger's works Bridal Lullaby and Mock Morris.Best Actress (Emma Thompson) 1992 : National Board of Review .

festival-cannes.htm Retrieved on 2010-12-28.rottentomatoes.com. [3] Country Life.Drama • Best Screenplay (Ruth Prawer Jhabvala) • 1993 César Award for Best Foreign Film (James Ivory) • 1992 Cannes Film Festival (Palme d'Or)[7] Other adaptations • Along with several other Merchant-Ivory movies. html [2] IMDB Filming locations for Howards End (1992) (http:/ / imdb. 2007. Retrieved 2009-08-14. External links • Howards End (http://www.com/m/Howards_End/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Plot summary and links (http://emforster. Chicago Sun-Times.com/title/tt0104454/) at the Internet Movie Database • Howards End (http://www. Retrieved on March 6.de/hypertext/template. . countrylife. [5] [http://www. com/ apps/ pbcs. References [1] http:/ / www.imdb. "Interview.Motion Picture (James Ivory) • Best Motion Picture . html). Retrieved 11 May 2010. festival-cannes. com/ title/ tt0104454/ locations).''Howards End (film)'' • • • • • Best Cinematography (Tony Pierce-Roberts) Best Production Design (Luciana Arrighi) Best Costume Design (Jenny Beavan. dll/ article?AID=/ 20050605/ REVIEWS08/ 506050301/ 1023). .com/movies/?id=howardsend. Edward Harley" (http:/ / www.com/m/howards_end/ Retrieved on 2010-12-28. John Bright) Best Editing (Andrew Marcus) Best Make-Up Artist (Christine Beveridge) 167 • 1993 Golden Globe Awards: • Best Director . Stiff Upper Lips. uk/ For-Staff/ on-campus/ media/ oct2001.php3?t=howa) . [4] "Howards End (1992)" (http:/ / rogerebert.rottentomatoes. uk/ culture/ article/ 313371/ Historic-Houses-president. com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 6/ year/ 1992. Howards End was parodied in the 1998 comedy. rhul. html#part2). [6] [http://boxofficemojo. co. suntimes. [7] "Festival de Cannes: Howards End" (http:/ / www. • A television adaptation of the novel was broadcast in 1970 with Leo Genn and Glenda Jackson. ac. Castmembers Prunella Scales and Samuel West appeared in the film. .

[6] It stars Gary Oldman as Count Dracula and Winona Ryder as Mina Harker. also featuring Anthony Hopkins as Professor Abraham Van Helsing.''Dracula (1992 film)'' 168 Dracula (1992 film) Dracula Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Francis Ford Coppola Francis Ford Coppola Fred Fuchs James V. . Smith American Zoetrope Columbia Pictures November 13. Hart Bram Stoker (novel) Gary Oldman Winona Ryder Anthony Hopkins Keanu Reeves Wojciech Kilar Annie Lennox [1] [2] Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Michael Ballhaus Editing by Anna Goursand Glen Scantlebury Nicholas C. 1992 128 minutes United States United Kingdom Romania English Romanian Greek Bulgarian Latin $40 million [3] [4] Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue $215.862. based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.692 Dracula (also known as Bram Stoker's Dracula)[5] is a 1992 American Gothic horror-romance thriller directed and co-produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

while the others try to stop the Gypsies transporting the Count. with whom Mina is staying while Jonathan is in Transylvania. declaring that he will rise from the grave to avenge Elisabeta with all the powers of darkness. the Count discovers a picture of Harker's fiancée. As Dracula . Seward. At her insistence. When Mina receives word from Jonathan. Van Helsing and Mina are approached by Dracula's brides. In 1897.who is now a wrinkled. returns from a victory against the Turks to find his wife Elisabeta has committed suicide after hearing reports of his death. but she gives into their chanting and attempts to seduce Van Helsing. who is staying in Seward's quarters while the others hunt Dracula. including Carfax Abbey.M. Dracula. pursued by the hunters. Holmwood. and Sadie Frost as Lucy Westenra. At night. a member of the Order of the Dragon. Dracula confesses that he murdered Lucy and has been terrorizing Mina's friends. Seward and Morris kill Lucy. In the morning. he infiltrates the castle and decapitates them. Before Mina can feed on his blood Van Helsing places a communion wafer upon her forehead. 169 Plot In 1462. along with her fiancée. who has escaped the castle and recovered at a convent. Dracula was greeted by a generally positive critical reception and was a box office hit. His arrival is foretold by the ravings of Renfield. Jonathan meets Dracula . Dracula desecrates his chapel and renounces God. The hunters split up. with Van Helsing and Mina traveling to the Borgo Pass and the castle. who recognizes Lucy as the victim of a vampire. meets and charms Mina. Arthur Holmwood. with Dracula claiming Mina as his bride before escaping. but Dracula reads Mina's mind and evades them. Lucy's deteriorating health and behavioral changes prompts Lucy's former love-interests Quincey Morris and Dr. In London. pale old man inhabiting a bizarre castle. During the signing of the papers. Mina and believes that she is the reincarnation of Elisabeta. leaving a mark. Jack Seward's neighboring insane asylum. where they destroy the Count's boxes of soil. Abraham Van Helsing . Jonathan travels to Transylvania to arrange Dracula's real estate acquisition in London. Dracula emerges as a werewolf-like creature amid a fierce thunderstorm and hypnotically seduces. In his fury Dracula transforms Lucy into a vampire. and learns via her connection with Dracula that he is sailing home in his last remaining box. Van Helsing. He surrounds them with a ring of fire to protect them from the brides. who has gone insane. The hunters depart for Varna to intercept him. As Mina begins changing.''Dracula (1992 film)'' Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker. then rapes and bites Lucy Westenra. Jonathan and Van Helsing lead the others to Carfax Abbey. Renfield. Vlad Dracula. but a confused and angry Mina admits that she still loves him and remembers her previous life as Elisabeta. They frighten Mina at first. she travels to Romania to marry him. newly-qualified solicitor Jonathan Harker takes the Transylvanian Count Dracula as a client from his colleague R. Harker slits his throat while a wounded Morris stabs him in the heart with a Bowie knife. Van Helsing hypnotizes her Gary Oldman as Dracula in his geriatric form. Dracula enters the asylum. taking up residence at Carfax Abbey. Dracula begins transforming her into a vampire. now young and handsome. Enraged at the notion of his wife being damned for committing suicide. As sunset approaches. A fight between the hunters and gypsies ensues and at sunset Dracula bursts from his coffin. The hunters burst into the bedroom. After Jonathan and Mina return to London. now an inmate in Dr. Dracula's carriage arrives at the castle. The film's score was composed by Wojciech Kilar and featured "Love Song for a Vampire" by Annie Lennox as the closing credits theme. Dracula leaves Jonathan to be seduced by his brides and sails to England with boxes of his native soil. where he kills Renfield for warning Mina of his presence before visiting Mina. to summon Dr.

the film holds an overall approval rating of 82%."[12] Empire's Tom Hibbert panned the film. So all we're left with is an overly long bloated adaptation. as well as Elisabeta's soul. voice mild criticisms on what he felt were "narrative confusions and dead ends. Morris Sadie Frost as Lucy Westenra Tom Waits as R. In the chapel where he renounced God Dracula lies dying in an ancient demonic form. Everyone knows that Dracula has a heart. Renfield Monica Bellucci as Dracula's Bride Michaela Bercu as Dracula's Bride Florina Kendrick as Dracula's Bride Jay Robinson as Mr. writing: "Has a film ever promised so much yet delivered so little? There was so much potential. Coppola made his Dracula too old to be menacing. This luscious film restores the creature's nobility and gives him peace.. gets into the spirit so completely he always seems to light with shadows. "Coppola brings the old spook story alive . Holmwood tries to attack but Van Helsing and Harker allow her to retreat with the Count."[9] Vincent Canby described the film as being akin to "the work of a precocious film student who has magically acquired a master's command of his craft. being greeted with generally positive reviews from critics. The mark on her forehead disappears as Dracula's curse is lifted.''Dracula (1992 film)'' staggers."[11] Jonathan Rosenbaum felt the film suffered from a "somewhat dispersed and overcrowded story line" but that it "remains fascinating and often affecting thanks to all its visual and conceptual energy. 170 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Gary Oldman as Count Dracula / Vlad III the Impaler[7] Winona Ryder as Mina Harker (née Murray) / Elisabeta Anthony Hopkins as Professor Abraham Van Helsing / Priest Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker Richard E. He asks Mina to give him peace. M. They share a kiss as the candles adorning the chapel miraculously light in God's presence.[8] Roger Ebert awarded the film 3/4 stars." Ebert did. Morris dies surrounded by his friends. Based on 44 reviews collected from notable publications by popular review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Coppola knows that it is more than an organ to drive a stake into. gave Keanu Reeves a part and took out all the action. writing: "I enjoyed the movie simply for the way it looked and felt."[13] .. instead of what might have been a gothic masterpiece. To the director. Grant as Dr. Mina rushes to his defense. The cinematographer. however. Mina shoves the knife through Dracula's heart. Michael Ballhaus. Hawkins Reception Reviews Dracula received considerable attention upon release. Jack Seward Cary Elwes as Sir Arthur Holmwood Billy Campbell as Quincey P. She decapitates him and gazes up at the fresco of Vlad and Elisabeta ascending to Heaven together. the count is a restless spirit who has been condemned for too many years to interment in cruddy movies. Production designers Dante Ferretti and Thomas Sanders have outdone themselves."[10] Richard Corliss said. yet when it came down to it.

It fared much better overseas grossing $133. Amiga.8% of its audience after its first weekend[16] and falling out of the top five after 3 weeks.[22] Neither release contained any extra features. : QUICK BITES : Bet You Thought Bela Lugosi's Neck Biter Was True to Bram Stoker" (http:/ / articles. : BITE THIS : Coming Soon From Coppola: More Hearts of Darkness" (http:/ / articles. [4] "How a Scribe and a Damsel Saved 'Dracula' from Cable" (http:/ / articles. latimes. [8] Bram Stoker's Dracula (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-11-22. The Los Angeles Times. . Retrieved 2010-11-22. com/ m/ bram_stokers_dracula/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes . Other merchandising for the film included a board game. com/ 1992-11-15/ entertainment/ ca-662_1_count-dracula).[25] a pinball game. Sanders. Retrieved 2010-11-22. and the documentaries "The Blood Is the Life: The Making of Dracula".[20] Home video releases and merchandise In 1993 a special boxed set was released of Dracula. NES. The Los Angeles Times. Best Sound Effects Editing (Tom C. and PC. Garrett Lewis).692. in the shape of a coffin. it managed to become a box office hit. Matthew W. Sega Master System. David E.[19] Awards and honors The film won three Academy Awards. Grey. "The Costumes Are the Sets: The Design of Eiko Ishioka".[14] [15] However. Game Gear. [7] "A look inside Hollywood and the movies. Retrieved 2010-11-22. latimes. latimes. Michèle Burke. [2] "COMMENTARY : A Shtick Through the Heart : Francis Ford Coppola's sympathetic Count Dracula is a radical departure from previous versions. A two-disc "Collector's Edition" DVD[23] and Blu-ray[24] was released in 2007. [5] "A look inside Hollywood and the movies. rottentomatoes. The box contained the film on VHS.[27] Various action figures and model sets were also produced. . : REALLY SCARY KIDS : Before the Crypt Opens on Dracula.[26] and video game adaptations for the Super Nintendo. a Little Surgery" (http:/ / articles. In addition to these items. written by Fred Saberhagen.522. McCarthy. accurate licensed replicas of Dracula's sword and Quincey's bowie knife were available from Factory X. . "In Camera: The Naïve Visual Effects of Dracula". a Little Surgery" (http:/ / articles. it dropped off in subsequent weeks losing 50. latimes. and "Method and Madness: Visualizing Dracula". com/ 1992-01-26/ entertainment/ ca-1125_1_bram-stoker). [3] "A look inside Hollywood and the movies. A four-issue comic book adaptation and 100 collectible cards based on the movie were released by the Topps company with art provided by Mike Mignola. Retrieved 2010-11-22.790 domestically and becoming the 15th highest grossing film of the year[17] . . The Los Angeles Times. The Los Angeles Times. gothic statue heads (as seen on the original film poster) adorned the front cover of the book against a grey stone background. latimes. deleted and extended scenes. Stone) and Best Makeup (Greg Cannom. Game Boy.[18] making it the 9th highest grossing film of the year worldwide.521. com/ 1992-11-08/ entertainment/ ca-42_1_dracula-films). The "Collector's Edition" special features include an introduction and audio commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola. . com/ 1992-06-07/ entertainment/ ca-284_1_count-dracula).''Dracula (1992 film)'' 171 Box office The film opened at #1 at the box office with $30. Best Costume Design (Eiko Ishioka). It's enough to scare horror-film traditionalists" (http:/ / articles. teaser and full-length trailers. Retrieved 2010-11-22. [6] "A look inside Hollywood and the movies.902 for a total worldwide gross of $215. Still.[29] Notes [1] "A look inside Hollywood and the movies. and the original Dracula novel by Bram Stoker in paperback. . The Los Angeles Times. latimes. : REALLY SCARY KIDS : Before the Crypt Opens on Dracula.679. The Los Angeles Times. com/ 1992-10-25/ entertainment/ ca-1098_1_coppola-movie). Retrieved 2010-11-22. The Los Angeles Times. Sega Genesis. com/ 1992-01-26/ entertainment/ ca-1125_1_bram-stoker). Dracula was first released to DVD in 1999[21] and again as a Superbit DVD in 2001. .339. grossing $82. which included a behind-the-scenes documentary.862. Sega CD.[28] A novelization of the film was published. Mungle) and was nominated for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration (Thomas E. com/ 1992-06-07/ entertainment/ ca-284_1_count-dracula). : QUICK BITES : Bet You Thought Bela Lugosi's Neck Biter Was True to Bram Stoker" (http:/ / articles. latimes.

com/ item_archive/ items/ Dracula_Rhino_Bowie_Knife. cgi?gid=3072) Internet Pinball Machine Database [27] Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) (http:/ / www. com/ yearly/ chart/ ?view2=worldwide& yr=1992& p=. latimes.NYTimes. htm [20] Dracula (1992) . boardgamegeek. ipdb.Dracula . com/ reviews/ draculasuperbit. fictiondb. com/ movies/ ?page=weekend& id=bramstokersdracula. com/ movie/ review?res=9E0CE2D61539F930A25752C1A964958260) [11] A Vampire With Heart. 2007 [25] Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Board Game (http:/ / www. 2001 [23] DVD Verdict Review .TIME (http:/ / www. com/ reviews/ bramstoker.Prop Replicas at Entertainment Earth Item Archive (http:/ / www. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0. . Chicago Sun-Times.977025. php) from The Numbers [19] http:/ / www.Factory X . 1999 [22] DVD Verdict Review . the-numbers. dvdverdict.Awards (http:/ / www. empireonline.com/movies/?id=dracula. Coppola's Dizzying Vision Of Dracula . 2007 [24] DVD Verdict Review . entertainmentearth. chicagoreader. boxofficemojo. dvdverdict. com/ 1992-11-16/ entertainment/ ca-521_1_francis-ford-coppola). htm [17] http:/ / www.Review/Film. com/ reviews/ reviewcomplete. dvdverdict. html) [12] Bram Stoker's Dracula . comicbookdb. php) December 18. com/ reviews/ draculace." (http:/ / articles.com/title/tt0103874/) at the Internet Movie Database Dracula (http://tcmdb. dvdverdict. [16] http:/ / www. php?ID=8157) The Comic Book Database [28] Dracula: Rhino Bowie Knife . asp) [29] Bram Stoker's Dracula by Fred Saberhagen (http:/ / www. Empire [14] "Dracula Takes a Big Bite Out of Box Office : Movies: The Francis Ford Coppola production overshadows competitors with an estimated $32-million gross. time. Cast Information (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo.boxofficemojo.9171.Bram Stoker's Dracula (Blu-Ray) (http:/ / www.. Retrieved 2010-11-22. php) July 6th.com/work/6939) at Allmovie Dracula (http://www.From the Chicago Reader (http:/ / onfilm.com (http:/ / movies. htm [18] Movie Dracula . com/ reviews/ draculabluray. com/ yearly/ chart/ ?yr=1992& p=.rottentomatoes.allmovie.Box Office Data.''Dracula (1992 film)'' [9] Bram Stoker's Dracula review (http:/ / rogerebert.Bram Stoker's Dracula (http:/ / www. php) October 22nd. com/ title/ tt0103874/ awards) from Internet Movie Database [21] DVD Verdict Review . 1992 [10] Movie Review .com/m/bram_stokers_dracula/) at Rotten Tomatoes .Capsule by Jonathan Rosenbaum . . php) October 4th.jsp?stid=18878) at the TCM Movie Database Dracula (http://www.00.imdb. asp?FID=15026) by Tom Hibbert. nytimes. [15] "Weekend Box Office `Dracula' Counts for Plenty" (http:/ / articles. com/ title.Bram Stoker's Dracula . com/ movies/ capsules/ 1354_BRAM_STOKERS_DRACULA) [13] Bram Stoker's Dracula review (http:/ / www. com/ boardgame/ 1156) BoardGameGeek] [26] Williams Bram Stoker's Dracula (http:/ / www.com/title/title. boxofficemojo. News. com/ author/ fred-saberhagen~bram-stokers-dracula~181817~b. imdb.htm) at Box Office Mojo Dracula (http://www.Bram Stoker's Dracula: Superbit Edition (http:/ / www. org/ machine.com 172 External links • • • • • Dracula (http://www. suntimes. com/ apps/ pbcs. Retrieved 2010-11-22. latimes. com/ 1992-11-17/ entertainment/ ca-508_1_weekend-box-office).. November 13. com/ movies/ 1992/ 0BRMS. The Los Angeles Times.Bram Stoker's Dracula: Collector's Edition (http:/ / www. htm) FictionDB. The Los Angeles Times. dll/ article?AID=/ 19921113/ REVIEWS/ 211130301/ 1023) by Roger Ebert. .

Kevin Kline. It also features Geraldine Chaplin in the role of her own paternal grandmother. Dan Aykroyd. It was produced and directed by Richard Attenborough and stars Robert Downey. 1992 144 minutes United Kingdom United States English $31 million $9.259 Chaplin is a 1992 biographical film about the life of English comedian Charlie Chaplin. Coates Carolco Pictures TriStar Pictures December 25. William Boyd. Jr.''Chaplin (film)'' 173 Chaplin (film) Chaplin Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Richard Attenborough Richard Attenborough Mario Kassar Diana Hawkins William Boyd Bryan Forbes William Goldman Robert Downey.493. . and Anthony Hopkins. Geraldine Chaplin Moira Kelly Dan Aykroyd Penelope Ann Miller John Barry Starring Music by Cinematography Sven Nykvist Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Anne V. Hannah Chaplin.. Jr. The original music score was composed by John Barry. The film was adapted by Diana Hawkins. Bryan Forbes and William Goldman from the books My Autobiography by Chaplin and Chaplin: His Life and Art by film critic David Robinson.

Jr. head of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation Deborah Moore as Lita Grey. Charlie's mother Paul Rhys as Sydney Chaplin. as Charlie Chaplin Geraldine Chaplin as Hannah Chaplin. a leading lady in early Hollywood movies Milla Jovovich as Mildred Harris. a young Hollywood actress and Charlie's first wife Kevin Dunn as J. Charlie's brother John Thaw as Fred Karno. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Robert Downey. Attenborough was sufficiently confident in Downey's performance to include historical footage of Chaplin himself at the end of the film. an early Hollywood film producer Marisa Tomei as Mabel Normand. the editor of his autobiography. after which he relocates to the United States. a young Hollywood actress and Charlie's third wife Nancy Travis as Joan Barry. Joan Barry and Oona O'Neill). British music-hall impresario Moira Kelly as Hetty Kelly / Oona O'Neill. Charlie's biography editor Dan Aykroyd as Mack Sennett. a young Hollywood actress James Woods as Joseph Scott. but many critics dismissed it as an overly glossy biopic.''Chaplin (film)'' 174 Plot The film is structured around lengthy flashbacks as the elderly Chaplin recollects moments from his life during a conversation with fictional character George Hayden (Anthony Hopkins). Downey's performance as Chaplin won almost universal acclaim. a young Hollywood actress and Charlie's second wife Diane Lane as Paulette Goddard. from which he escapes by immersing himself in the world of the London music halls. a leading man in early Hollywood movies Matthew Cottle as Stan Laurel. a young Hollywood actress Kevin Kline as Douglas Fairbanks. Mildred Harris. The life of Charlie Chaplin was so vast and varied that a film is far too restrictive a format to give it justice. Charlie's final wife Anthony Hopkins as George Hayden. a Hollywood comedian Maria Pitillo as Mary Pickford. Chaplin's recollections begin with his childhood of extreme poverty. The film includes references to some of his many romantic episodes (including Hetty Kelly. The film was lauded for its high production values. a young Hollywood actress Penelope Ann Miller as Edna Purviance.[1] One critic wrote that the screenplay "endeavors to cover too much ground. Georgia Hale. Lita Grey."[2] Awards Academy Awards . Chaplin's long time cameraman Critical reception Although the film was criticized for taking dramatic licence with some respects of Chaplin's life. Edna Purviance. Paulette Goddard. Edgar Hoover. Marion Davies. a California attorney David Duchovny as Roland Totheroh.

Jr. Person BAFTA Award for Best Production Design Stuart Craig Golden Globe Awards Award Nominated: Best Original Score Best Actor – Drama John Barry Robert Downey. John Barry Best Art Direction Stuart Craig Chris Butler BAFTA Awards Award Awarded: BAFTA Award for Best Actor Nominated: BAFTA Award for Best Costume Design BAFTA Award for Best Makeup and Hair John Mollo Ellen Mirojnick Wally Schneiderman Jill Rockow John Caglione.[3] The 15th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray of Chaplin will be released on February 15. Jr. The box for this DVD mistakenly lists the film's running time as 135 minutes (it is 144 minutes. A fifteenth-anniversary edition was released by Lions Gate Entertainment (who obtained the distribution rights to the film in the interim) in 2008. and included several minutes of home-movie footage shot on Chaplin's yacht. Robert Downey. the same as the original theater release). The anniversary edition contained extensive interviews with the producers. Jr.''Chaplin (film)'' 175 Award Nominated: Best Actor Best Score Person Robert Downey. 2011. Person Best Supporting Actress Geraldine Chaplin Home media The film was released on DVD in 1997. Jr. .

hometheaterinfo. com/ archive/ chaplin92. 2008-10-08.." (http:/ / www. Moira Kelly.com/movies/?id=chaplin. com/ chaplin_(1992).allmovie.imdb. dvd review" (http:/ / www. [3] "Combustible Celluloid film review . . Robert Downey Jr. but it's anything but bland.com/title/title. Retrieved 2010-09-07. . shtml). Richard Attenborough.com. combustiblecelluloid.Chaplin (1992).boxofficemojo.com/m/chaplin/) at Rotten Tomatoes .com/work/8916) at Allmovie Chaplin (http://www. com/ Film/ Chaplin-44781/ ) [2] "Chaplin (1992)" (http:/ / www. htm). .htm) at Box Office Mojo Chaplin (http://www. this sumptuous biopic may have a touch too much gloss.jsp?stid=23157) at the TCM Movie Database Chaplin (http://www. Combustiblecelluloid.''Chaplin (film)'' 176 References [1] "Dismissed on its release by many critics as a typically fluffy paean to Chaplin .rottentomatoes.com/title/tt0103939/) at the Internet Movie Database Chaplin (http://tcmdb. Hometheaterinfo. External links • • • • • Chaplin (http://www. movie-tv-episode-database.com. Retrieved 2010-09-07.

External links • The Innocent (1993 film) [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. com/ title/ tt0106185/ . Wieland Schulz-Keil. Campbell Scott Gerald Gouriet. Isabella Rossellini. James Grant and Jeremy Sinden.''The Innocent (1993 film)'' 177 The Innocent (1993 film) The Innocent Original film poster Directed by Produced by John Schlesinger Norma Heyman. imdb. and Campbell Scott with Hart Bochner. Germany / United Kingdom English The Innocent is a 1993 John Schlesinger film starring Anthony Hopkins. Chris Sievernich Ian McEwan Anthony Hopkins. Isabella Rossellini. Anthony Hopkins Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Dietrich Lohmann Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Richard Marden Miramax September 16. 1993 119 min. The film takes place in 1950s Berlin at the height of the Cold War and centres around the joint CIA/MI6 operation to build a tunnel under the Russian sector of Berlin. Written by Ian McEwan and based on his novel of the same name.

''The Remains of the Day (film)'' 178 The Remains of the Day (film) The Remains of the Day Film poster Directed by Produced by James Ivory Ismail Merchant Mike Nichols John Calley Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Harold Pinter (uncredited) Kazuo Ishiguro (novel) Anthony Hopkins Emma Thompson James Fox Christopher Reeve Hugh Grant Ben Chaplin Richard Robbins Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Tony Pierce-Roberts Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Andrew Marcus Columbia Pictures 5 November 1993 134 minutes United Kingdom United States English $15 million $63. It was directed by James Ivory and produced by Ismail Merchant.968 [1] The Remains of the Day is a 1993 Merchant Ivory film adapted by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala from the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. Christopher Reeve. Mike Nichols and John Calley. It starred Anthony Hopkins as Stevens and Emma Thompson as Miss Kenton with James Fox. Hugh Grant and Ben Chaplin.954. The film was nominated for eight Academy Awards. .

Stevens continued his duties without pause. one of the dignitaries at a conference. After the meeting. Lord Darlington used his influence to broker the policy of appeasement towards Nazi Germany. She tried to break through the wall. her own need for employment caused her to avoid following through. When asked about his former employer. fearing that the girls would have to return to Germany. leaving the house just before the outbreak of World War II. He recognises his former master's failings and indicates that he has regrets about his own life. his utter focus and emotional repression were most fully displayed when his own father. clearly out of distress that he had never expressed any emotional interest in her. Kenton cries. The film's final scene shows Stevens making the final preparations to Darlington Hall in preparation for the arrival of Congressman Lewis' family.''The Remains of the Day (film)'' 179 Plot In 1950s England. Kenton declines Stevens' offer to return to Darlington Hall. Twenty years later. but they could not be located. loyal and perfectionistic. since their daughter is soon to present them with a grandchild. Darlington died a broken man. as does Miss Kenton (now Mrs. announcing instead that she wants to remain with her husband. but Stevens' coldness was too formidable. ostensibly to persuade her to return to service. and he took great pride in his skills and his profession. simply raises his hat. Miss Kenton was equally efficient and strong-willed but warmer and less repressed. a pigeon then flies into the room through the fireplace and becomes trapped in the hall. Mr. who argued in favour of the foreign policy being conducted by "professionals" rather than by "gentlemen amateurs". Lord Darlington commanded that two German-Jewish maids should be dismissed. to which Stevens replies that he was too busy serving. It becomes clear that she had fallen in love with him. was dying. though his feelings are left ambiguous. Darlington later regretted his decision and asked Stevens to reinstate the maids. He clashed with Miss Kenton. his equal in the household hierarchy. Benn). Stevens departs for Darlington Hall in a downpour of rain. Indeed. Stevens. still unable to demonstrate any feeling. Before her departure. the butler of Darlington Hall. Kenton reveals that her marriage has failed and that she is nostalgic for the days when she worked at the house. When she cried in frustration. receives a letter from Miss Kenton (Emma Thompson). men who decided important affairs of state while there. while Stevens. the only response he could muster was to call her attention to a domestic task. leaving Stevens and Darlington Hall behind. considering their employment inappropriate. but displayed only understated irritation with her and others. Mr Stevens (Anthony Hopkins). Relations between the two eventually warmed and Kenton even teased Stevens. had to manage the household so that the servants seemed almost invisible. his reputation destroyed after he had been denounced a traitor in the Daily Mail. she insulted Stevens. Stevens at first denies having served or even met him but later admits to having served him. Congressman Lewis reflects on the banquet that he attended in this room in 1935 and admits embarrassment over his comments. As the two men enter the banquet hall. At the time. He asks Stevens if he remembers the comments. Lord Darlington (James Fox) has died and his stately country manor has been sold to a retired American Congressman. He irritated Congressman Lewis. However. where a table tennis table now lies. The film flashes back to Kenton's arrival as housekeeper. . and perhaps he with her. but he still refused to be moved. she struck up a relationship with another man and married him. Lewis (Christopher Reeve). Stevens carried out the order but Miss Kenton almost resigned in protest. Stevens (now one of the few remaining servants from the Darlington era) goes to visit Miss Kenton. also an employee. Finally. who worked with him as housekeeper during the years prior to the Second World War. Symbolically. The two men eventually coax it out a window and it flees to freedom. Darlington Hall was frequented by many politicians of the interwar period. calm and efficient. After reading the work of Houston Stewart Chamberlain.

When his script for Remains of the Day was radically revised by the James Ivory-Ismail Merchant partnership. .] Gale and me that he had learned his lesson after the revisions imposed on his script for The Handmaid's Tale. Nichols remained associated with the project as one of the producers of the Merchant Ivory film.[3] [4] [5] Though no longer the director.''The Remains of the Day (film)'' 180 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Head Butler Mr James Stevens Emma Thompson as Housekeeper Miss Sarah 'Sally' Kenton James Fox as Lord Darlington Christopher Reeve as Congressman Trent Lewis Peter Vaughan as William Stevens ("Mr Stevens senior") Hugh Grant as Cardinal (Lord Darlington's godson) John Haycraft as Auctioneer Caroline Hunt as Landlady Paula Jacobs as Mrs Mortimer Ben Chaplin as Charlie Steve Dibben as George (footman #2) Abigail Harrison as Housemaid Patrick Godfrey as Spencer Peter Halliday as Canon Tufnell Terence Bayler as Trimmer Hugh Sweetman as Scullery Boy Tony Aitken as Postmaster Emma Lewis as Elsa Joanna Joseph as Irma Tim Pigott-Smith as Benn Lena Headey as Lizzie Production A film adaptation of the novel was originally to be directed by Mike Nichols. he asked to have his name removed from the credits. while Pinter was paid for his work. some of Pinter's script was used in the film. which he has decided not to publish. from a script by Harold Pinter. but. Pinter told [Steven H. Hudgins observes: "During our 1994 interview. he refused to allow his name to be listed in the credits" (125).[2] Christopher C. in keeping with his contract.

Somerset. Music Room of Powderham Castle in 1983 Score The Remains of the Day Film score by Richard Robbins Released Length 1993 49:26 The original score is composed by Richard Robbins.1:51 4. who was able to cajole permission for the production to borrow various houses not normally open to the public.7:27 2. Scenes were also shot in Weston-super-Mare.''The Remains of the Day (film)'' 181 Settings A number of English country estates were used as locations for the film. hall.6:54 . entrance hall). partly owing to the persuasive power of Ismail Merchant. scouted most of these locations. the production designer.4:13 6. the interior of which was used for the aqua-turquoise stairway scenes.5:22 12.1:33 5. music room. The Cooks in the Kitchen . .4:57 11. The Keyhole and the Chinaman . You Mean a Great Deal to This House .4:14 3. Blue Moon . Loss and Separation .6:19 10. Darlington Hall . Sr.1:34 7. The Conference Begins . Sentimental Love Story/Appeasement/In the Rain . Track listing 1. The score was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score (lost to the score of Schindler's List). Powderham Castle (staircase. Opening Titles.2:41 8. Luciana Arrighi. Corsham Court (library and dining room) and Badminton House (servants' quarters. conservatory. Tradition and Order . bedroom). Among them was Dyrham Park for the exterior of the house and the driveway. A Portrait Returns/Darlington Hall/End Credits . Sir Geoffrey Wren and Stevens. Sei Mir Gegrüsst .2:21 9.

Pinter: Passion. [2] "In November 1994 Pinter wrote that 'I've just heard that they are bringing another writer into the "Lolita" film. [5] In his 2008 essay published in The Pinter Review. com/ movies/ 1993/ 0ROTD. Print. • Hudgins. ISBN 9780791449325. • ---. ISBN 9780813122441 (13). Francis Gillen with Steven H. My Soul'. Original Score Best Picture Lost to Tom Hanks (Philadelphia) Holly Hunter (The Piano) Ewa Braun and Allan Starski Gabriella Pescucci (The Age of Innocence) Steven Spielberg (Schindler's List) John Williams (Schindler's List) Schindler's List Best Writing. Print. All references to Pinter's screenplay in the text [of Jones's essay] are to this unpublished manuscript" (107n1). KY: The UP of Kentucky. Christopher C. part of which appeared in 'Harold Pinter: A Conversation' in Literature/Film Quarterly.2008. It doesn't surprise me. which he revised January 24. which he first presented as a paper at the 10th Europe Theatre Prize symposium. "these Pinter filmscripts are now available not only in private collections but also in the Pinter Archive at the British Library". The Films of Harold Pinter. ISBN 0791449327. Politics." The Pinter Review: Nobel Prize / Europe Theatre Prize Volume: 2005 . 2008. The Films of Harold Pinter. In that interview. Pinter mentioned that Ishiguro liked the screenplay that he had scripted for a proposed film version of the novel. ISSN 08959706. • ---. in this essay. Tampa: U of Tampa P. 2003. The Handmaid's Tale. the essay on the film The Remains of the Day published in Gale's collection by Edward T. 2001. but that in such a case he could withdraw his name (which is exactly the case with [the film] The Remains of the Day-he had insisted on this clause since the bad experience with revisions made to his Handmaid's Tale script). Hudgins discusses further details about why "Pinter elected not to publish three of his completed filmscripts. ISBN 9781879852204 (softcover). php)." all of which Hudgins considers "masterful filmscripts" of "demonstrable superiority to the shooting scripts that were eventually used to make the films". he has never been given any reason as to why another writer was brought in" (Gale 352). ISBN 0813122449 (10). [4] Cf. The Remains of the Day. the-numbers. Works cited • Gale. . "Three Unpublished Harold Pinter Filmscripts: The Handmaid's Tale. Albany: SUNY P. Sharp Cut: Harold Pinter's Screenplays and the Artistic Process. Retrieved 2010-09-29. ed. ISBN 9781879852198 (hardcover)." 123-46 in Gale. 1991. [3] Hudgins adds: "We did not see Pinter's name up in lights when Lyne's Lolita finally made its appearance in 1998. Hudgins "examin[es] all three unpublished filmscripts in conjunction with one another" and "provides several interesting insights about Pinter's adaptation process" (132). Poetry.. Print. and Lolita. Pinter goes on in the March 13 [1995] letter [to Hudgins] to state that 'I have never been given any reason at all as to why the film company brought in another writer. he says. Jones: "Pinter gave me a copy of his typescript for his screenplay. Italy. during an interview that I conducted with him in London about his screenplay in May 1992.''The Remains of the Day (film)'' 182 Awards The film was nominated for eight Academy Awards: Award Best Actor in a Leading Role (Anthony Hopkins) Best Actress in a Leading Role (Emma Thompson) Best Art Direction-Set Decoration Best Costume Design Best Director Best Music. Ed.' . in March 2006. 132-39. Gale. XXI (1993): 2-9. Steven H. Pinter's contract contained a clause to the effect that the film company could bring in another writer. Lolita. fortunately ("We can thank our various lucky stars"). . Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium Steven Zaillian (Schindler's List) Notes [1] "The Remains of the the Day" (http:/ / www.. The Remains of the Day. "Harold Pinter's Lolita: 'My Sin. Lexington. held in Turin.' again quite similar to the equally ungracious treatment that he received in the Remains of the Day situation" (125).

com/work/122235) at Allmovie The Remains of the Day (http://merchantivory.''The Remains of the Day (film)'' 183 External links • • • • The Remains of the Day (http://www.com/remains.allmovie.imdb.html) at Merchant Ivory Productions The Remains of the Day (http://www.com/m/remains_of_the_day/) at Rotten Tomatoes .com/title/tt0107943/) at the Internet Movie Database The Remains of the Day (http://www.rottentomatoes.

The screenplay by William Nicholson is based on his 1985 television production and 1989 stage adaptation of the same name. Lewis and Joy Davidman. a platonic union designed to allow Gresham to remain in England. Plot Set in the 1950s. What begins as a formal meeting of two very different minds slowly develops into an intense feeling of connection and love. and Lewis' faith is tested as his wife tries to prepare him for her imminent death.''Shadowlands (film)'' 184 Shadowlands (film) Shadowlands UK theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Richard Attenborough Richard Attenborough Brian Eastman William Nicholson Anthony Hopkins Debra Winger Edward Hardwicke George Fenton Music by Cinematography Roger Pratt Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Lesley Walker Price Entertainment Savoy Pictures (US) Paramount Pictures (UK) 25 December 1993 131 minutes United Kingdom English Shadowlands is a 1993 British biographical film directed by Richard Attenborough. S. The original television film began life as a script entitled I Call it Joy written for Thames Television by Brian Sibley and Norman Stone. deeper feelings surface. Sibley later wrote the book. middle aged bachelor C. an Oxford University academic at Magdalen College and author of The Chronicles of Narnia series of children's books. feisty Gresham. Lewis finds his quiet life with his brother Warnie disrupted by the outspoken. the film focuses on reserved. Shadowlands: The True Story of C. Lewis. Initially their marriage is one of convenience. S. . whose uninhibited behavior offers a sharp contrast to the rigid sensibilities of the male-dominated university. But when she is diagnosed with cancer. and his relationship with divorced American poet Joy Gresham and her young son Douglas. Each provides the other with new ways of viewing the world.

that the drama works effectively on both personal and collective levels .S."[2] In Variety. [Winger] and Hopkins lend great tenderness and dignity to what is really a rather corny tale of a love that was meant to be. "Jack" Lewis Debra Winger as Joy Gresham Edward Hardwicke as Warren "Warnie" Lewis Joseph Mazzello as Douglas Gresham James Frain as Peter Whistler Julian Fellowes as Desmond Arding Michael Denison as Harry Harrington John Wood as Christopher Riley Critical reception Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times called the film "intelligent. "William Nicholson's screenplay brims with substance and wit. winner) BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Winger. . . . .''Shadowlands (film)'' 185 Cast • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as C."[3] Awards and honors • • • • • • • • • • • Academy Award for Best Actress (Debra Winger. . nominee) Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay (nominee) BAFTA Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film (winner) BAFTA Award for Best Film (nominee) BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Anthony Hopkins. . Hopkins adds another laurel to his recent achievements. Attenborough opts for modest. . winner) Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor (Hopkins. winner) . there's music in his speech and nothing is over-deliberate or forced about his acting . nominee) BAFTA Award for Best Direction (nominee) BAFTA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay (nominee) National Board of Review Award for Best Actor (Hopkins. "It's a testament to the nuanced writing of William Nicholson . though it's essentially a soap opera with a Rhodes scholarship . unobtrusive direction that serves the material and actors . Winger at last plays a role worthy of her talent. As always. . winner) Southeastern Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor (Hopkins. Coming off years of desultory and unimpressive movies. . Emanuel Levy observed."[1] Rita Kempley of the Washington Post described it as "a high-class tear-jerker" and a "literate hankie sopper" and added. moving and beautifully acted. .

com/t100/2005/entry. com/ review/ VE1117902067. com/ apps/ pbcs. htm) [3] Variety review (http:/ / www. dll/ article?AID=/ 19940107/ REVIEWS/ 401070302/ 1023) [2] Washington Post review (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0108101/) at the Internet Movie Database • Shadowlands at Arts&Faith. washingtonpost. suntimes. html?categoryid=31& cs=1) External links • Shadowlands (http://www.''Shadowlands (film)'' 186 References [1] Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert.com (http://artsandfaith.php?film=70) .imdb. variety. com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ shadowlandspgkempley_a0a3fe.

1994 (USA) 118 min. . Colesberry T.''The Road to Wellville (film)'' 187 The Road to Wellville (film) The Road to Wellville Directed by Produced by Alan Parker Alan Parker Armyan Bernstein Robert F. It was written and directed by Alan Parker. Also used were the North Carolina towns of Winnabow and Wilmington. Dana Carvey as the doctor's adopted son George and Colm Meaney as Dr. English US$6. Kellogg. Matthew Broderick as sanitarium patient William Lightbody. John Cusack as budding health-food entrepreneur Charles Ossinning. It was filmed in New Paltz. Lionel Badger. New York at the Mohonk Mountain House.5 million The Road to Wellville is a 1994 American film adaptation of the novel of the same name by T. Coraghessan Boyle. Bridget Fonda as his spouse Eleanor. which tells the story of the doctor and clean-living advocate John Harvey Kellogg and his methods as employed at the Battle Creek Sanatorium at the start of the 20th Century. The Road to Wellville stars Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Coraghessan Boyle (novel) Alan Parker (screenplay) Anthony Hopkins Matthew Broderick Bridget Fonda John Cusack Rachel Portman Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Peter Biziou Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Gross revenue Gerry Hambling Columbia Pictures (USA) October 28.

they attempt to produce "Kellogg's Perfo Flakes" in an ersatz bakery located in a barn at a hog farm. meanwhile. Spitzvogel at the same time Dr.''The Road to Wellville (film)'' 188 Plot Dr. as well as vegetarianism and physical exercise. and now he works for us. as well as the discovery of yet another death. where he is exposed as a fraud and arrested. On their way to Battle Creek they meet the enterprising Charles Ossining. who suffers from "greensickness"--a disease which turns the skin a shade of green. Bookbinder created many batches of Perfo. Charles goes to the Post Tavern Hotel. Ossining finds a partner in the devious Goodloe Bender. and had never produced breakfast cereal before. Ossining decided to sell the product as a health food for pigs--when he is stopped by George. who are suffering from ill health: William from the effects of overindulgence in liquor. which is treated by increasing the body's intake of iron. influenced by the works of Dr.) Following the death of a patient in the sinusoidal bath. and a digestive problem that has caused him to restrict his diet to dry toast and water. and having to throw them all away. the finest and most expensive hotel in Battle Creek. Will. George Kellogg pays a final visit to his father but things go wrong. all inedible. Ossining makes his escape. After attempting to eat every batch. a potential investor. Michigan. to call on Bender. At the restaurant he meets Ossining and agrees to invest $1. befriends Virginia Cranehill. who has a modern attitude toward sexual pleasure. His wife Eleanor. Later he discovers that Ida has died. where he is reprimanded by Dr. Bender hired Bartholomew Bookbinder. flees the sanitarium. incensed. Will Lightbody is separated from his wife and begins harboring lustful thoughts toward Nurse Graves and patient Ida Muntz. which was believed to have special healing properties. gets drunk and eats meat. thrashes Dr. Spitzvogel with a branch and takes Eleanor away. George dumped the unwanted cornflakes into the hog trough. at a visiting day at Kellogg's sanitarium. Having enlisted the services of George Kellogg. John Harvey Kellogg has opened a sanitarium in Battle Creek. upon turning around Charles is met by two sheriff's deputies who inform him Dr. Will finally succumbs to Ida Muntz's charms. where he puts into practice his unusual methods for maintaining a healthy body including colonic irrigation. Ossining meets his aunt. Perfo was advertised as a "celerized" food--one containing extracts of celery. Will returns drunk to the sanitarium. the doctor's estranged (and strange) adopted son. Kellogg does seem to reconcile with George in the mud bath at the aftermath of the fire. Kellogg and abandoned by a distraught Eleanor. He is guilt-stricken and spurns her advances.) . Kellogg actually kills George by drowning him in macadamia paste. Kellogg has filed suit to stop the production and distribution of "Kellogg's Perfo" and is seeking substantial damages. The sanitarium attracts a number of well-to-do patients including William and Eleanor Lightbody. He goes to find Eleanor. Nurse Graves attempts to seduce Will. Lionel Badger. (In the book. In the chaos. electrical stimulus and sexual abstinence." Ossining later discovers Bookbinder worked on Kellogg's dairy farm. and he's cheap. who is hoping to make his fortune by exploiting the craze for health food cereals. The desk clerk tells Charles Bender has disappeared in the middle of the night.000 in his health food business. He's good. (Greensickness is a form of pernicious anemia. He subsequently burns the sanitarium down. and Eleanor following the premature death of their child. who explained not even the pigs would eat it. Ossining's business is a disaster. an addiction to opium caused by Eleanor's attempt to use "Sears White Star Liquor Cure" to keep him from drinking. Kellogg's dietary treatments were an essentially iron-free diet. who he described to Ossining as "one of Kellogg's top men. He and his partners resort to stealing Kellogg's cornflakes and repackaging them in their own boxes. Will has a breakdown. only to find her and Virginia Cranehill receiving clitoral massages from Dr. Eleanor explains to Charles she has become a "Battle Freak"--someone who repeatedly visits the Sanitarium--and will be making her fourth stay there. Badger is masturbating. leaving a substantial hotel bill which was presented to Charles. In the sanitarium.

000 from Ossining. (The real Kellogg lived to age 91. Upon returning to New York state. . References [1] Tanfer Emin-Tunc. Kellogg dies in his 70s of a heart attack while diving off a high board.) Dr. Spitzvogel Critical reception The film was poorly received at the time of its release. "Black and White Breakfast" (http:/ / www.) 189 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Dr. the Lightbodys are happily married with four daughters.''The Road to Wellville (film)'' In a final coda. John Harvey Kellogg Matthew Broderick as William Lightbody Bridget Fonda as Eleanor Lightbody John Cusack as Charles Ossining Lara Flynn Boyle as Ida Muntz Dana Carvey as George Kellogg Traci Lind as Nurse Graves Michael Lerner as Goodloe Bender Camryn Manheim as Virginia Cranehill Colm Meaney as Dr. Charles becomes rich making and selling "Perto.5 million in the USA. The film has a 44% rating on Rottentomatoes. who has become a cola beverage tycoon. Not all the reviews were negative.imdb. Will receives a cheque for $1. Lionel Badger John Neville as Endymion Hart-Jones Norbert Weisser as Dr. External links • The Road to Wellville (http://www. (In the book. Retrieved 31 January 2008."[1] The film flopped at the box office. Tanfer Emin-Tunc commented: "It is a sophisticated blend of humor and documented historical material that seeks to question the various forms that race and class have assumed in twentieth-century American society. Hopkins' portrayal of Kellogg was also singled out for criticism. Charles is given a drink of an alcoholic "woman's tonic" whose label makes health claims similar to those on the Perfo boxes.com. grossing only $6. Bright Lights Film Journal. com/ 38/ wellville1. htm). with a good deal of criticism of the scatological nature of the film. brightlightsfilm.com/title/tt0111001/) at the Internet Movie Database ." a tonic made by soaking herbs in white lightning. Writing in Bright Lights Film Journal.

[1] [2] The movie's timeframe spans the decade before World War I through the Prohibition era. The film centers on the Ludlow family of Montana. and Samuel. Wittliff Brad Pitt Anthony Hopkins Aidan Quinn Julia Ormond Henry Thomas James Horner Written by Starring Music by Cinematography John Toll Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Steven Rosenblum Bedford Falls Productions TriStar Pictures December 16.000. Tristan. 1994 133 minutes United States English $30. Canada.502. It was directed by Edward Zwick and stars Brad Pitt.''Legends of the Fall'' 190 Legends of the Fall Legends of the Fall Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Edward Zwick Marshall Herskovitz William D. and Best Sound. and object of the brothers' love.573 Legends of the Fall is a 1994 drama film based on the 1979 novella of the same title by Jim Harrison. Alfred. .[1] This movie was shot in Alberta and British Columbia.000 (estimated) $66. Colonel Ludlow. and into the 1930s. ending with a brief scene set in 1963. Wittliff Edward Zwick Jim Harrison (novella) Susan Shilliday William D. his sons. Susannah. including veteran of the Indian Wars. Anthony Hopkins and Aidan Quinn. and won the category for Best Cinematography. The film was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Cinematography. Best Art Direction.

At age 12. is responsible and cautious. Seething with hatred. Susannah waits for him but eventually receives a letter: "All we had is dead. leading to an argument and falling out between the Colonel and Alfred. Isabel. injuring him. killing two gunners. He does not speak for years . and Alfred is wounded. Before they can marry. Tristan learns that Samuel has volunteered for a dangerous reconnaissance mission. Tristan holds Samuel until he dies.[4] Alfred. Susannah tries to comfort him. Alfred returns to Montana and proposes marriage to Susannah. The attack is repulsed with heavy casualties. As the boys grow up. Samuel. Colonel Ludlow has three sons: Alfred. and aid Britain[3] in the fight against Germany. A jealous Alfred confronts Tristan and later leaves to make his name in Helena.''Legends of the Fall'' 191 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Brad Pitt as Tristan Ludlow Anthony Hopkins as Col. These demons force him to go travelling for several years. At the ranch. He is discharged from army service but does not go home. To the horror of his fellow soldiers. Alfred and Tristan also depart. the brothers find themselves in the 10th Battalion. Tristan returns home. Much to their father's displeasure. The Colonel's wife. commissioned as an officer. CEF. Samuel returns from Harvard with his fiancée. Tristan abandons his unit to be at Samuel's side. does not adapt to the harsh winters and moves to the East Coast. but loves Samuel. but she declines. the youngest. he returns to camp with the scalps of German soldiers hanging around his neck. Accompanying them are hired hand Decker. Decker's Cree wife Pet and their daughter Isabel II. where they build a ranch. Colonel William Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins) retires to a remote part of Montana with One Stab. Tristan touches a sleeping grizzly bear. a Native American friend. O'Banion John Novak as James O'Banion Kenneth Welsh as Sheriff Tynert Bart the Bear as The Bear Plot Sick of the betrayals the United States government has perpetrated on the Native Americans. which he sends home to be buried on his father's ranch. but he stabs at the bear's paw and cuts off a claw. She finds Tristan captivating. leads a charge into no man's land. While visiting Alfred in the field hospital. Marry another. the eldest. Tristan single-handedly raids behind German lines. The bear awakens and slashes at Tristan. Samuel tells his family that he is leaving for Calgary to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force. During World War I. Colonel Ludlow finds them together. is educated but naive and constantly watched over by his brothers. As I am dead. William Ludlow Aidan Quinn as Alfred Ludlow Julia Ormond as Susannah Fincannon Ludlow Henry Thomas as Samuel Ludlow Karina Lombard as Isabel "Isabel II" Decker/Isabel Decker Ludlow Gordon Tootoosis as One Stab Christina Pickles as Isabel Ludlow Paul Desmond as Decker Tantoo Cardinal as Pet Decker Robert Wisden as John T." Alfred finds her weeping on the porch and tries to comfort her. Tristan's relationship with Susannah is doomed by his guilt and pain for failing to protect Samuel. where Susannah finds him weeping over Samuel's grave. Susannah Fincannon. He rushes off to protect his brother but arrives too late to save him from being killed. then cuts out Samuel's heart. Colonel Ludlow later suffers a stroke. Tristan is wild and well-versed in American Indian traditions. as well as feeling responsible for driving Alfred away. and they become lovers. Devastated.

The film has a 63% positive review from critics on Rotten Tomatoes (although the "Top Critics" rating. "Legends of the Fall" (http:/ / deseretnews. html) Calgary Highlanders webpage (http:/ / www. Over time. Tristan.com/film. and in a fit of agonized grief Tristan beats the officer nearly to death and has to serve thirty days in jail. com/ movies/ view/ 1. based on the reviews of critics from major publications. but Tristan refuses her advances and insists she "go home to Alfred".com/title/tt0110322/) at the Internet Movie Database • Legends of the Fall (http://www. knowing he will be blamed for the men's disappearance.the yarn doesn't so much sweep as sprawl across the screen in all its panoramic idiocy. script-o-rama. with full-blooded performances and heartfelt melodrama. htm External links • Legends of the Fall (http://www. calgaryhighlanders."[6] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Hicks. imdb.00. Tristan enters a clearing to investigate an animal carcass and is set upon by a grizzly bear. .. As they struggle.[5] Although released in the hopes of being an Academy Award frontrunner.. htm) http:/ / www.imdb.1257. Susannah commits suicide after realizing she cannot live without Tristan. where it was nominated for Best Picture (Drama). It went on to have a final box office total of $66 million. the image freeze-frames as One Stab narrates: "It was a good death". com/ wp-srv/ style/ longterm/ movies/ videos/ legendsofthefallrkempley_c0049b. Life seems to become normal again for Tristan as he finds true happiness in his young family. finding himself at odds with the O'Banion brothers. the eldest being a boy named Samuel in honor of his late brother. and Best Director. com/ l. com/ title/ tt0110322/ awards Legends of the fall Script (http:/ / www. now a congressman. Rita Kempley of the Washington Post says ". bringing life back to the ranch and his father. 192 Awards and reception The film opened in limited release on December 23. washingtonpost. He accepts Susannah's marriage and later falls in love with and marries Isabel II. in none of the major categories. It won for best cinematographer John Toll. http:/ / www. boxofficeguru. The film was much more successful at the Golden Globes. com/ movie_scripts/ l/ legends-of-the-fall-script.. htm http:/ / www. Alfred's business and politics cause him to get involved with the O'Banion brothers. He draws his knife and fights it. Susannah visits. is only 44% positive). Deseret News. After his release." On the other hand. the film was nominated for just three awards. com/ covers/ covers2004. When the remaining O'Banion brother comes for Tristan. As an old man. Tristan becomes involved in small-scale smuggling bootleg liquor. leaves for the mountain country after asking Alfred to take care of his children. Tristan's wife is accidentally killed by a police officer working for the O'Banions.virtual-history.. including one of the O'Banion brothers. he and the corrupt sheriff are killed by Colonel Ludlow and Alfred as Tristan attempts to protect his father. Roger Ebert describes it as "pretty good . They have two children. Tristan and Decker kill those responsible for Isabel II's death. Best Actor (Drama).php?filmid=19138) . In time Susannah agrees to marry Alfred. html).com/work/A132041) at Allmovie • Movie stills (http://film. bootleggers and gangsters. Alfred reconciles with his father and brother.''Legends of the Fall'' and the ranch deteriorates. everyone in Tristan's life dies before him. Tristan returns during Prohibition. Chris (1995-01-13). 1994 and made $14 million in its first weekend in wide release a month later.1021.allmovie.

played by Anthony Hopkins.] based on numerous public sources and on an incomplete historical record"..960 (USA) Nixon is a 1995 American biographical film directed by Oliver Stone for Cinergi Pictures that tells the story of the political and personal life of former US President Richard Nixon. Rivele Christopher Wilkinson Oliver Stone Anthony Hopkins Joan Allen Paul Sorvino Bob Hoskins Powers Boothe Larry Hagman Ed Harris E.. Unlike Stone's earlier film JFK. an admirable person. though deeply flawed. G. Marshall John Williams Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Robert Richardson Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Brian Berdan Hank Corwin Hollywood Pictures Cinergi Pictures December 22. in many respects.560. . The film portrays Nixon as a complex and. 1995 192 minutes United States English $44 million $13. Nixon begins with a disclaimer that the film is "an attempt to understand the truth [.''Nixon (film)'' 193 Nixon (film) Nixon (film) Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Oliver Stone Dan Halsted Eric Hamburg Oliver Stone Stephen J.

is a composite character.[5] who is emblematic of "big business" in general. The studio did not like Stone's choice to play Nixon. as well as that of his wife. Beatty told Stone that he had found his Pat Nixon.[1] J. G. Gordon Liddy Paul Sorvino as Henry Kissinger Powers Boothe as Alexander Haig Ed Harris as E. Army One. as well as his growth as a young man. and suitor to his eventual wife. Afterwards. is fully implied in the film. R. including his bout of phlebitis and pneumonia during the Watergate crisis. Ronald Reagan. California. Stone on Anthony Hopkins: "the isolation of Tony is what struck me. Walsh as John Ehrlichman John Diehl as G. he insisted on doing a reading of the script with an actress and Allen was flown in from New York City. Cast • Anthony Hopkins as Richard Nixon. Howard Hunt Bob Hoskins as J. and his various medicants are sometimes attributed to these health issues). W. Nixon's alcohol dependence. Bush. That affected me. and all living ex-presidents at the time. The character • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . a billionaire investment banker and real estate tycoon. The director briefly considered Gene Hackman. Real life footage of Nixon's state funeral in Yorba Linda. The film ends with Nixon's resignation and famous departure from the lawn of the White House on the helicopter. California. and I might be a fool to walk away". I felt that was the quality that always marked Nixon". Mitchell Madeline Kahn as Martha Beall Mitchell David Paymer as Ron Ziegler David Hyde Pierce as John Dean Kevin Dunn as Charles Colson Edward Herrmann as Nelson Rockefeller Sam Waterston as Richard Helms (scenes present only in director's cut) Larry Hagman as "Jack Jones" Unlike some other characters in the film who represent actual people. Pat Ryan. are shown in attendance. are also shown in the film. as is the medication addiction he faced during his remaining years in office (Nixon's health problems. football fan and player. Jimmy Carter. including his downfall due to abuse of executive power in the White House. Edgar Hoover E. It depicts his childhood in Whittier. Haldeman Woods talked Stone into giving him the part."[4] Joan Allen as Pat Nixon When Beatty was thinking about doing the film. Jack Jones.[3] What convinced Hopkins to ultimately take on the role and "impersonate the soul of Nixon were the scenes in the film when he talks about his mother and father. T. Stone met with Warren Beatty but the actor wanted to make too many changes to the script. Gerald Ford. It explores most of the important events of his presidency. a role that the director had planned to offer Ed Harris.[2] When the actor met the director he got the impression that Stone was "one of the great bad boys of American pop culture.[1] James Woods as H. George H. The loneliness. plays out over the extended end credits. and then-president Bill Clinton. Marshall as John N.''Nixon (film)'' 194 Plot The film covers all aspects of Nixon's life as a composite of actual events. Robin Williams and Tommy Lee Jones. They wanted Tom Hanks or Jack Nicholson — two of Stone's original choices.[1] Stone cast Hopkins based on his performances in The Remains of the Day and Shadowlands.

the anniversary of the Watergate break-in. according to the director. L. former speechwriter and staff member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. but J.[1] Butterfield also appears in a few scenes as a White House staffer. Kennedy. When they both did not get made. but. which mostly protects the status quo and their ownership's interests".[9] It was this concept that convinced Stone to make Nixon and he told Hamburg to hire Rivele and Wilkinson. Hunt and other entrepreneurs. and 5) the media. Powers Boothe..[1] Rivele and Wilkinson delivered the first draft of their script on June 17." a metaphor for a system of dark forces that resulted in the assassinations of John F. Jr.[8] In another interview. they saw it. "I see the Beast in its essence as a System . it begins to take you over. letting it seep into his subconscious.[2] In 1993.[1] Rivele liked the idea and had previously thought about writing a play exploring the same themes. Stone flew to Washington. David Hyde Pierce and Paul Sorvino talked to their real-life counterparts. and John Dean. the director elaborates. it's a System of checks and balances that drives itself off: 1) the power of money and markets. D. Stone commissioned the first draft of the film's screenplay in the fall of 1993.. He pitched the film to Warner Bros. Robert Kennedy.[2] The former President's death on April 22. but we hint at it so many times — the military-industrial complex. with a lot of dialogue and not enough action". Sr. and Martin Luther King. and helped Nixon's rise to power and his fall from it as well. H.[2] With Hamburg and actors Hopkins and James Woods. 4) the political process.. which is probably greater than state power.''Nixon (film)'' may be a reference to Richard Nixon's meetings with Clint Murchison..[1] former deputy White House counsel John Sears. which Wilkinson describes as "a headless monster that lurches through postwar history. "It's taking in all this information and if you're relaxed enough. He also interviewed Robert McNamara. Hamburg encouraged Rivele to write a film instead and with his screenwriting partner. a key figure in the Watergate scandal who handled the flow of paper to the President.[7] Stone said in an interview that Nixon realizes that "the Beast" "is more powerful than he is. got the idea of a film about Nixon after having dinner with Oliver Stone. To research their roles. 2) State power. he would go to sleep with the Nixon footage playing.. a former Secretary of Defense under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.[1] They conceived of a concept referred to as "the Beast". both known and speculative. Stone turned his attention to a biopic about Richard Nixon. Government power.[1] Stone loved the script but felt that the third act and the ending needed more work. Christopher Wilkinson."[10] . the Vietnam War.T.[10] Hopkins said. 1994.C. as a consultant to make sure that the Oval Office was realistically depicted. the 20th anniversary of Nixon's resignation. or election through money. was also a key factor in Stone's decision to make a Nixon film.[1] They wrote another draft and delivered it on August 9.[6] 195 Production Origins Eric Hamburg. Oliver Stone had been developing two projects — the musical Evita and a movie about Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. Hamburg mentioned the idea of a Nixon film to writer Stephen J. they wrote a treatment on November 1993. who made sure that every aspect of the script was accurate and wrote a few uncredited scenes for the film. the forces of money". although he also illuminates Nixon's relationships with Howard Hughes.[1] Originally. We can't get into it that much. and interviewed the surviving members of Nixon's inner circle: lawyer Leonard Garment and Attorney General Elliot Richardson. Rivele with the concept being that they would incorporate all of the politician's misdeeds. 1994. 3) corporate power.[1] Pre-production Stone immersed himself in research with the help of Hamburg. Walsh decided not to contact John Ehrlichman because he had threatened to sue after reading an early version of the script and was not happy with how he was portrayed.. which is therefore in tow to the System. At night..[2] Hopkins watched a lot of documentary footage on Nixon. "as a bunch of unattractive older white men sitting around in suits. which grinds the individual down . The director also hired Alexander Butterfield.

[10] Woods says that Sorvino told Hopkins that he was "doing the whole thing wrong" and that he was an "expert" who could help him. thinking that this would cause Stone to abandon the project.I've ever done.[1] Early on during principal photography.[8] .[1] When Stone told Milchan that he wanted to make Nixon.[2] Sorvino claims that he told Hopkins that he thought "there was room for improvement" and that he would be willing to help him.[10] Woods recalls that Sorvino took Hopkins to lunch and then he quit that afternoon. This angered Milchan who claimed that Nixon was his film because of his three-picture deal with Stone and he threatened to sue. "There were moments when I wanted to get out.5 million. Time magazine reported that an early draft of the screenplay linked Nixon to the assassination of President John F. rescreening the film and then making another 48 hours of changes. this was all good-natured joking. making changes in 48–72 hours. told the director that he would only give him $35 million. Stone cut out all scenes with Helms from the theatrical print and claimed that he did for "artistic reasons" only to reinstate this footage on the home video release. leaked a copy of the script to Richard Helms. Stone had his editors in three different rooms with the scenes from the film revolving from one room to another.[10] In Spring of 1994. Hopkins was intimidated by the amount of dialogue he had to learn. that was being added and changed all the time[7] as he recalled. Arnon Milchan. even more intense than JFK" because they were screening the film three times a week.[9] John Taylor. Kennedy. "The material we invented was not done haphazardly or whimsically. Heaven and Earth.[2] [10] According to the actors. Dean said about the film's accuracy: "In the larger picture. I'd call him Lady Perkins all the time instead of Sir Anthony Hopkins". The American President.[7] Stone addressed the criticism of fictional material in the film.[3] The facts contained in the script were based on research from various sources. it reflected accurately what happened". He withdrew after Stone paid him an undisclosed amount.[1] During the post-production phase. it was based on research and interpretation".[1] In response.[3] Sorvino told him that his accent was all wrong. 1995 but there was a week of pre-shooting at the end of April to film scenes that would be used as part of a mock documentary about Nixon's career. Milchan. former Director of the CIA. Stone said that it was "the most intense post.[8] If one editor wasn't successful with a scene then it went to another. Cinergi Films. transcripts and hours of footage from the Nixon White House.[10] Hopkins told Stone that he wanted to quit the production but the director managed to convince him to stay. who was not keen on the idea. including documents. head of New Regency. who threatened to sue the production.[2] 196 Principal photography The film began shooting on May 1.[2] He made a deal with Cinergi and Disney's Hollywood Pictures in order to supply the $43 million budget. when I wanted to just do a nice Knots Landing or something". and Natural Born Killers. Stone leased the White House sets from Rob Reiner's film.[11] Stone could make any film up to a budget of $42. were willing to finance the $38 million film. signed Stone for three more motion pictures. head of the Nixon Presidential Library. After the success of Killers.[11] Stone was finalizing the film's budget a week before shooting was to begin.''Nixon (film)'' Stone originally had a three-picture deal with New Regency Films which included JFK. Woods said. "I'd always tell him how great he was in Psycho.[1] [11] Stone took the project to Hungarian financier Andrew Vajna who had co-financing deal with Disney.[1] Vajna's company. saying.[2] To cut costs. "depending on how successful they were".

with raw hands. and his part in planning the assassination of Fidel Castro.6 million in the United States and Canada. well below its $44 million budget. Nixon's memories in the mind of the American public". Stone responded that his "purpose in making the film.[13] Two days before the film was released in theaters. the film has grossed a total of $13. Tragedy requires the fall of a hero. and one of the achievements of Nixon is to show that greatness was within his reach".[19] Richard Corliss.[17] Ebert also placed the film on his list of the top ten films of the year. Diane Disney Miller. is a failure. felt that "the problem here isn't accuracy.[15] Stone does not see his film as the definitive statement on Nixon but as "a basis to start reading. It's absurdity. hunched body language with amazing skill". 2008 with the first anamorphic widescreen version of the film. the triumphs and the tragedies. and was an attempt to gain "a fuller understanding of the life and career of Richard Nixon — the good and the bad. and to American history".''Nixon (film)'' 197 Reaction In its opening weekend.[14] This statement was based on a published copy of the script.[14] Walt Disney's daughter. wrote a letter to Nixon's daughters saying that Stone had "committed a grave disservice to your family. to start investigating on your own". though.[20] It was nominated for four Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Anthony Hopkins).[22] DVD A director's cut was released on DVD with 28 minutes of previously deleted scenes restored. also had a problem with Hopkins' portrayal: "Hopkins. the Richard Nixon Library and birthplace in Yorba Linda.[14] The statement also criticized Stone's depiction of Nixon's private life. Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. nor the stature of a career climber who. with its wonderfully false attempts at intimacy. He finds neither the timber of Nixon's plummy baritone. . Edgar Hoover persuades Nixon to install the taping system in the Oval Office.[12] The film received generally positive reviews from critics and holds a 75% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. scaled the mountain and was still not high or big enough".[16] Some critics took Stone to task for portraying Nixon as an alcoholic.[18] However. Nixon grossed a total of $2. Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Joan Allen). Mick LaSalle in the San Francisco Chronicle. to the Presidency. Much of the added time consists of two scenes: one in which Nixon meets with Central Intelligence Agency director Richard Helms (played by Sam Waterston) and another on Tricia Nixon's wedding day. that of his childhood. Janet Maslin from The New York Times praised Anthony Hopkins' performance and "his character's embattled outlook and stiff. Hopkins' exaggerated portrayal of Nixon is the linchpin of a film that in its conception and presentation consistently veers into camp". though Stone says that was based on information from books by Stephen Ambrose. Nixon was neither malicious nor defamatory". Best Music. calling parts of the film "reprehensible" and that it was designed to "defame and degrade President and Mrs. California issued a statement on behalf of the Nixon family. Entertainment Weekly ranked Nixon #40 on their "50 Best Biopics Ever" list[21] and one of the 25 "Powerful Political Thrillers". in his review for Time. and the legacy he left his nation and the world". where J. 2006.2 million in 514 theaters. As of December 19. Original Dramatic Score and Best Writing. and Tom Wicker.[7] Film critic Roger Ebert praised the film for how it took "on the resonance of classic tragedy. Fawn Brodie. The film was re-released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on August 19.

sfgate. htm). Philadelphia City Paper. Cineaste. "Nixon" (http:/ / rogerebert. ew. [21] "50 Best Biopics Ever" (http:/ / www. [19] LaSalle. Associated Press. 1995.00.imdb.com/work/135504) at Allmovie Nixon (http://www.allmovie. "Hopkins Takes Presidential Duties Seriously". [3] Wilner. cgi?f=/ c/ a/ 1996/ 07/ 12/ DD59636. "Professor Stone Resumes His Presidential Research". Roger (December 20. Retrieved 2006-12-19. rottentomatoes. edu/ MRC/ pastimperfect. 4. Entertainment Weekly. . Ron (December 24. "Casting Stone at Nixon". 1995). [18] Maslin. [13] http:/ / www. [9] Carnes.How accurately did the movie recreate the architecture and floor plan of the actual White House? (Review) (http://www. [20] Corliss. Retrieved 2009-04-16.''Nixon (film)'' 198 References [1] Hamburg. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved 2009-09-02. ew. berkeley. . Retrieved 2007-09-26. Oliver Stone & Me". [8] Smith. com/ cgi-bin/ article. com/ ew/ gallery/ 0. New York Times. [16] Weiskind. The New York Times. [12] "Nixon" (http:/ / www. 1996). Retrieved 2009-03-18. net/ articles/ 122895/ article023.boxofficemojo.org/special/movies. 1997). html?res=9C01E7DC1E3AF933A15751C1A963958260). "Richard Nixon Gets Stoned". Bernard (December 17. Mick (July 12. Eric (2002). boxofficemojo. Toronto Star. [2] McGuire. [22] "Democracy 'n' Action: 25 Powerful Political Thrillers" (http:/ / www. 1995). New York Times. . "JFK. Toronto Sun. Zorianna (October 29. [4] Carr. "Oliver Stone's Absurd Take on Nixon" (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0113987/) at the Internet Movie Database Nixon (http://www.983860. 1995). 2007. Cindy (December 28. html). [15] "Nixon's Family. html). Richard (December 18. [11] Kit. com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0. "The Dark Side". "Stone's Embrace of a Despised President" (http:/ / movies2. "Nixon" (http:/ / www. Norman (December 15. 1996). External links • • • • • Nixon (http://www. Janet (December 20. Bernard (December 19. Disney's Daughter Attack Stone's Film". com/ mem/ movies/ review. 1995). Cineaste. "Hollywood's Most Controversial Director Oliver Stone Takes on Our Most Controversial President Richard Nixon". "Nixon" (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ pbcs.com/16dec1995/features/stone.htm#nixon) • Salon. Stryker. Boston Globe. September 26. [7] Weinraub. David Ansen (December 11. html). "Perfectly Clear". Retrieved 2008-08-20. Gavin (March 1995). December 20. 1995).00. [10] Weiskind. DTL).00. 1995). . . 1995). Entertainment Weekly.. Retrieved 2006-12-19. 1995). 1995). com/ movies/ ?id=nixon. Chicago Sun-Times.whitehousemuseum. "Past Imperfect: History According to the Movies" (http:/ / www. edu/ MRC/ Nixon. San Francisco Chronicle.html) .rottentomatoes..9171. No. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. time. dll/ article?AID=/ 19951220/ REVIEWS/ 512200302/ 1023). Retrieved 2009-08-12. suntimes. 1995).htm) at Box Office Mojo Nixon (http://www. berkeley. html). com/ ew/ gallery/ 0. "Death of a Salesman" (http:/ / www. com/ m/ nixon/ [14] Weinraub. shtml). [6] Sharrett. Sight and Sound.com/m/nixon/) at Rotten Tomatoes White House Museum . Mark C (Vol. . citypaper. . html). Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. lib.com Stone interview (http://www.com/movies/?id=nixon. Newsweek. nytimes. [5] Fuchs. "Nixon Family Assails Stone Film as Distortion". [17] Ebert. Retrieved 2009-04-16. XXII. Ron (December 24. Christopher (Winter 1996). . lib. 1995).20209601_12. . "Stars Come Out for Hollywood Premiere". Retrieved 2006-12-19.20252565_11. 1995–January 4. Nixon. Public Affairs. Time. Jay (December 17. .salon.

20 September 1996 125 min English Surviving Picasso is a 1996 Merchant Ivory Film starring Anthony Hopkins as the painter Pablo Picasso. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's screenplay was loosely based on the biography Picasso: Creator and Destroyer by Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington. It was shot in Paris and southern France. Wolper Humbert Balsan (co-producer) Donald Rosenfeld (executive) Paul Bradley (executive) Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Anthony Hopkins Natascha McElhone Julianne Moore Joss Ackland Peter Eyre Jane Lapotaire Joseph Maher Bob Peck Diane Venora Susannah Harker Joan Plowright Dominic West Richard Robbins Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Tony Pierce-Roberts Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Andrew Marcus Warner Bros. Wolper. . It was directed by James Ivory and produced by Ismail Merchant and David L.''Surviving Picasso'' 199 Surviving Picasso Surviving Picasso Directed by Produced by James Ivory Ismail Merchant David L.

Marie-Thérèse Walter (played by Susannah Harker). When Picasso is shown painting Guernica. Reception Surviving Picasso was not well received from critics. rather than a lawyer. and where it does show paintings. Surviving Picasso earned a "rotten" rating of 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. Because the producers were unable to get permission (as usual) to show the works of Picasso in the film. firing his driver after a long period of service. com/ picasso. and a 55 out of a 100 on Metacritic.''Surviving Picasso'' 200 Plot The film starts with a young woman named Françoise meeting Picasso in Paris during the Nazi occupation of the city. The film depicts several of the women who were important in Picasso's life. com/ title/ tt0117791/ . warnerbros. they are not of his more famous works. rather than his paintings. External links • Official Site [1] • Merchant Ivory Productions [2] • Surviving Picasso [3] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / movies. Dora Maar (played by Julianne Moore). such as Olga Khokhlova (played by Jane Lapotaire). html [2] http:/ / www. the film is more about Picasso's personal life rather than his works. html [3] http:/ / www. imdb. with the work only slightly visible. merchantivory. com/ picasso/ index. The film is seen through the eyes of his lover Françoise Gilot (Natascha McElhone). Picasso is shown as often not caring about other people's feelings. It shows Françoise being beaten by her father after telling him she wants to be a painter. the camera sits high above the painting. and Jacqueline Roque (played by Diane Venora). and as a womanizer. where Picasso is complaining that people broke into his house and stole his linen. saying that he can sleep with whomever he wants.

. Harold Perrineau also co-stars as the group's photographer Stephen. it touches upon many themes common to Mamet's other works. Q. The movie was written by David Mamet and. Elle Macpherson has a supporting role as Hopkins' trophy wife and model for his magazine. Bart the Bear.7 million The Edge is a 1997 survival and relationship drama film directed by Lee Tamahori starring Anthony Hopkins as billionaire magazine publisher Charles Morse and Alec Baldwin as Bob Green. despite the unusual setting. through action and intricate dialog. the survival instincts of these men in terms of their competition with each other and with their environment.''The Edge (1997 film)'' 201 The Edge (1997 film) The Edge Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Lee Tamahori Art Linson David Mamet Anthony Hopkins Alec Baldwin Harold Perrineau Elle Macpherson Bart the Bear L. 1997 English Unknown $27. Her presence in the beginning of the movie acts as a catalyst for the film's bold rivalry between Baldwin and Hopkins. The story explores. one of his ambitious employees. as a vicious grizzly. also appears. L. including the bonding of strong male characters. Jones Jerry Goldsmith Music by Cinematography Donald McAlpine Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Language Budget Gross revenue Neil Travis 20th Century Fox September 26. tough posturings and playful surprises. Q. Jones has a supporting role as an innkeeper. a trained Kodiak Bear known for appearing in several Hollywood movies. and it would be one of his last film roles.

in contrast. and asks Bob calmly how he plans to kill him. They escape by crossing a raging river via a hastily constructed single-log bridge. disabling the engine. their plight is worsened when they encounter a huge and aggressive Kodiak bear (they had been warned about such problem bears earlier in the film) which chases them.. and raising questions about whether Charles was off the mark in mistrusting him. His companions treat his wound. however. is nearly swept over a waterfall. breaking off one of the pontoons. Bob responds. plants a quick. out of control. and loses the flares. Bob risks his own life to save Charles from the raging edge of the waterfall. Stephen accidentally deeply cuts his leg. cold and hungry. Bob. The men end up going in a circle. and while doing so. kind. They all have seemingly forgotten that it is also Charles' birthday. The pilot is dead. and the husband of a much-younger wife. and tempers are flaring. under a makeshift shelter of branches." in a tone that tries to pass it off as a joke. cynical. but the bear chases them away and takes Stephen. Throughout. Importantly. Charles goes to gather firewood and returns to find one of the bloody cloths used to staunch Stephen's wound stuck to a branch. is jovial. the plane flies into a flock of geese. and superficial while pretending to appear that he is not. kiss on the cheek of his model. clips a mountain peak. smashing the windshield and injuring the pilot. Bob uses a signal flare over Charles' mild objection that they will need those for signaling rescue planes. Charles uses his knowledge of how to make a compass from a piece of metal to try to lead them to a location where a rescue craft might find them. a beautiful model. along with their friend Stephen. They are lost. and makes it to the surface with this load. then she quickly winks affectionately at her onlooking husband. Stephen hears a movement in the trees. albeit public. Charles' beautiful wife. Charles attempts to calm Stephen by assigning him to shape a spear with his knife. Disagreements begin over how to survive. The situations are often ambiguous. He demands to know why it was not burned or buried as he had instructed. A hint of trouble comes when Robert Green (Bob). The bear returns and attacks the terrified Stephen. He falls. who nonetheless looks troubled by this interaction. and persuade Charles to accompany them. carrying the signal flares bag. The first involves the race to avoid hypothermia as they are all in wet clothes and the day is waning. Charles and Bob.. and who never knows whom to trust. and I think your wife's pretty cute too. Charles uses his birthday knife (given to him by Bob) to cut the jammed seat belt of the drowning Stephen. and Bob finally steps in and assists by hauling the barely conscious Stephen further up a slope to safety. serene. Bob muses about how difficult it must be to be a rich man from whom others always want something. then hunker down in the rain with him. board a small plane to seek an Indian man whom Bob wants for a model. . While trudging along. Charles displays his character by remaining calm. with dimming hopes of being rescued. Before Bob has a chance to reply. and assertive. the other men trying their best to help. After failing to light a fire using book matches. then crashes into a lake. following Bob. After Bob and Stephen safely make it over. confident. the fashion photographer. Charles refuses to engage in the subterfuge that the comment was said in jest. snatching the bag of signal flares along the way. blowing in the breeze. eating him alive. but then he wonders aloud what Bob values in him. ". until a surprise party reveals that they had not. He knows that the smell of blood in the air could attract wild animals.''The Edge (1997 film)'' 202 Plot Charles Morse is a silver-haired billionaire. and certain of their ability to get themselves to a location where they have a better chance of being rescued. They swim to shore. The character of Charles is intellectual yet capable. hauls him up out of the plane. Mickey.I like your style. where Charles saves Stephen's life by performing CPR on him. She and an entourage arrange to travel to Alaska for a photo shoot. as each person (except Charles) takes turns having emotional breakdowns. The plane. Charles responds that no one should feel sorry for a man who owns a plane. the bear catches up and shakes the log while the hapless Charles is attempting to cross. Flying over a mountainous region of Alaskan wilderness in the small private craft.

Charles comes to the realization that the bear will continue to hunt them relentlessly. at the same moment that Charles is softly warning him to beware of it. At the same time. Her face shows that she is less joyous at her husband's return than might be expected. sharpened spears from nearby trees. Charles tells Bob he intends to start his life over because "you can change your life. Charles plants his spear into the ground. The spears fail to stop the bear. in the canoe down the river. It is implied that Charles too has now given up in despair. but he eventually declares. but Charles coaxes the animal away. Instead. and is impaled by its own weight. signals her that he knows of her disloyalty to him. Bob says he is "not 100%" and Charles stops to allow Bob to rest. After killing the bear. Charles describes his plan for the battle with the bear and they put it into action. They also finally get to eat some real meat cooked over the fire.''The Edge (1997 film)'' They stay on the move. A helicopter appears and Charles throws some wet."for what?" he asks. who charges the two men." Bob opines. Bob vows that Charles' wife was never involved in any plot to kill him. that they both died. Charles replies that maybe he never will go back . killing it. Charles by chance comes upon proof that his deepest fears about Bob and his wife are true. Alone in the cabin. they attract the bear to a location where they have carved long. Charles. and the audience privately shares with her husband the secret knowledge that she has lost someone else whom she loves. they skin the bear and fashion clothing to keep warm. Her face falls further as she now faces the loss of both men she loves.who had also killed bears elsewhere). Luring it with the smell of their own blood on a handkerchief in the breeze. that they will kill the bear. which only appears to strengthen Bob's resolve. Before Bob can pull the trigger. he takes one too many steps backwards. Charles takes the clearly ill Bob.or young boys . Bob is injured and seemingly about to be killed. Charles picks up the rifle as though he plans to shoot Bob. whom he finds dead. Bob appears to be getting ready to kill Charles. "saving my life. The bear lunges forward. Charles turns in relief to Bob. He asks why Charles would help someone who has so horribly betrayed him. 203 . Charles makes use of his earlier observation of a "deadfall" pit trap on the property and stops to distract Bob with conversation. smoke-producing foliage on the fire. Charles reveals indirectly that he knows of his betrayal by Bob and his wife. and what Charles plans to do when they return. On the riverbank." The two men continue walking and come across an old shack. simply. Bob forces Charles to walk outside at riflepoint. and falls into the camouflaged trap. As the bear rears up on its hind legs to crush him. Bob is badly wounded and begs Charles to help him. looking for food and a way to get rescued. having succumbed to his injuries while attempting to sit up on the helicopters's arrival. On their way again. Charles works the action to unload the rifle and pulls him out of the pit and tends to his wounds. Charles realizes that Bob is drinking a bottle of fictional whisky named "Old Eagle" while loading the rifle because he can't kill him while sober. Charles is returned safely to his wife who is surrounded by friends and reporters. "you'd be the first. as it proved the depth of his own character. Charles and Bob light a ring of fire around their camp and keep it burning all night. where Charles starts a fire to keep them warm." Bob says this certainly qualifies. In order to fend him off. allowed him the chance to change his life and also saved him from living out the charade of his former life. in a quiet gesture. Charles appears pensive and confides to Bob after some prompting that "All my life I've wanted to do something that was unequivocal. This catches the helicopter's attention and the pilot circles back toward the fire. Through the night. but Charles seems doubtful and says only "it's something" (previously mentioned in the film were other men ." This final gesture implies that Charles has true gratitude for the experience with Bob and Stephen. who has lost a lot of blood. The bear appears suddenly in front of Charles while he is fishing in a river with makeshift tackle. Charles turns and tells the press who ask about the fate of the two men with him.

''The Edge (1997 film)'' 204 Production The shooting of the film is discussed by Art Linson in his 2002 book What Just Happened?. which only lasts for a few seconds) 4. by RCA Records and La-La Land Records. Rescued 10. including around 25 minutes of unreleased music. the script was turned down by Harrison Ford and Dustin Hoffman before Alec Baldwin settled on the role of Green. Tracklist: 1. Early Arrival (1:32)* 2. Mighty Hunter (1:31) 5. The Edge La-La Land Records release: June 15th 2010[3] La-La Land Records. A Lucky Man/Open Door (1:41)* (does not include the final orchestral outburst as the "bear" bursts through the door. Rich Man (0:58)* 9. Initially called Bookworm. as a limited pressing of 3500 units. although they are separated in the film) 14. the studio felt Bookworm needed a more commercial title. Three months before release. Birds (2:22) 7. Deadfall 8. until the film was renamed The Edge. The River 9. presented the complete score. RCA Records release: September 30th 1997[2] Tracklist: 1. Birds 4. The Ravine (4:36) 10. Deadfall / Bear Fight (6:21) . This release also fixes a problem on the RCA release affecting the track "Rescued".[1] Music The film's music score was composed by Jerry Goldsmith and has received two CD releases. The Cage / False Hope / No Matches (3:34)* (contains crossfades between the three cues. The Fire / Breakfast (2:31)* 8. Lost in the Wind 2. Stalking (5:46) 15. Bitter Coffee (3:01) 11. Bitter Coffee 6. Stalking 7. Stephen's Death (2:26)* (contains an unused ending from 1:45 onwards) 13. The Spirit (0:36)* 6. Lost In The Wild(s) (2:59) 3. Mighty Hunter 5. The Ravine 3. Wound (1:38)* 12. Dozens of others were considered. which had rustling noises during some quieter parts. Robert de Niro showed some interest in the role of Morse but ultimately declined. according to Linson. as part of their limited edition series of releases.

Rescued (Film Version Ending) (1:19)* (alternate ending of track 18. 18.''The Edge (1997 film)'' 16. with more percussion and an additional brass melody) 2. 20. 17. . The Discovery / Turn Your Back (5:01)* (contains a brief alternate segment at 1:34 . 2002.com/slideshows/display. [2] http:/ / www. It contains no special features and has a non-anamorphic widescreen transfer.1:46) The River (2:26) Rescued (6:03) End Title (Lost In The Wild)(s) (1:59)* The Edge (2:55) 205 Bonus Tracks 1. lalalandrecords. Art (2002). com/ catalog/ soundtrackdetail. What Just Happened? Bitter Hollywood Tales from the Front Line. com/ TheEdge.com/title/tt0119051/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Edge Clip (http://www. References [1] Linson. New York: Bloomsbury. php?movieid=6050 [3] http:/ / www. html External links • The Edge (http://www. The Edge (Alternate Take) (3:00)* (alternate recording of track 20) Total Time 66:15 (* = Previously unreleased) DVD release The DVD was released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on June 4. 19. soundtrackcollector. ISBN 1-58234-240-7. False Hope (Alternate Take) (1:08)* (alternate of 0:56 .aspx?ck=208&cik=3180) plane crash scene. reflecting the film version) 3.2:00 of track 13.maxim.imdb.

Retired U. and the legal battle that followed. having previously been nominated in 1995 for playing Richard Nixon in Nixon.229. . and how former President John Quincy Adams took part in the proceedings.S.''Amistad (1997 film)'' 206 Amistad (1997 film) Amistad Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Steven Spielberg Debbie Allen Steven Spielberg Colin Wilson David Franzoni Morgan Freeman Anthony Hopkins Djimon Hounsou Matthew McConaughey Nigel Hawthorne Stellan Skarsgård Harry Blackmun Anna Paquin John Williams Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Janusz Kamiński Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Michael Kahn HBO Films DreamWorks December 10. 1997 154 minutes United States English $40 million $44. It shows how.441 Amistad is a 1997 historical drama film directed by Steven Spielberg based on the true story of a slave mutiny that took place aboard a ship of the same name in 1839. This was the second film for which Anthony Hopkins received an Academy Award nomination for playing a United States President. even though the case was won at the federal district court level. it was appealed by President Martin Van Buren to the Supreme Court.

James Covey Derrick Ashong as Buakei Geno Silva as Ruiz John Ortiz as Montes Ralph Brown as Lieutenant Gedney Darren E. O'Connor as Missionary Robert Walsh as Guardsman Sean McGuirk as Courier Tony Owen as Farmer . Burrows as Lieutenant Meade Allan Rich as Judge Juttson Paul Guilfoyle as Attorney Peter Firth as Captain Fitzgerald Xander Berkeley as Hammond Jeremy Northam as Judge Coglin Arliss Howard as John C.''Amistad (1997 film)'' Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun appears in the film as Justice Joseph Story. Wright Victor Rivers as Captain Ferrar Joseph Kosseh as Birmaja Steve Passewe as Cinque's In-Law Sherly Acosta Williams as Cinque's Wife Matt Sarles as Young Aide George Gerdes as Marshal Gerald R. Wells as Crier Michael Massee as Prison Guard Roy Cooper as Pickney Jake Weber as Mr. as General Espatero Harry Blackmun as Justice Joseph Story Frank T. Holabird Stellan Skarsgård as Lewis Tappan Razaaq Adoti as Yamba Abu Bakaar Fofanah as Fala Anna Paquin as Queen Isabella II Tomas Milian as Calderon Chiwetel Ejiofor as Ens. Molen as Magistrate Kevin J. Calhoun Austin Pendleton as Professor Gibbs Daniel von Bargen as Warden Pendleton Rusty Schwimmer as Mrs. Pendleton Pedro Armendáriz Jr. 207 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Morgan Freeman as Theodore Joadson Nigel Hawthorne as Martin Van Buren Anthony Hopkins as John Quincy Adams Djimon Hounsou as Sengbe Pieh/Cinqué Matthew McConaughey as Roger Sherman Baldwin David Paymer as Secretary of State John Forsyth Pete Postlethwaite as William S.

counting numbers in the Mende language. Unsure of their location. Aware that they cannot fight the case on moral grounds. He then asks them pointedly what their story is. While there. The death of a young man provokes the Africans into a furious demonstration against the American authorities. The film's protagonist. Captured by the American Navy. where the ship's occupants.the Spaniards have tricked the Africans by sailing directly for the United States. the Africans are charged with "insurrection on the high seas". The two have heard of the plight of the Amistad Africans and attempt to enlist Adams to help their cause. As the hearings drag on. in an attempt to find and recruit an interpreter. James Covey (Chiwetel Ejiofor). the Amistad Africans are taken to a municipal jail in New Haven. Roger Sherman Baldwin (Matthew McConaughey). has converted to Christianity and is now resigned to his death. they sight land. but Cinqué saves two of the ship's officers. believing that execution will send them to a pleasant afterlife. Adams. In the ensuing fighting. Baldwin and Joadson approach Adams for advice. who he believes can sail them back to Africa. News of the Amistad incident also reaches current President of the United States. a nervous Professor of Linguistics. Martin Van Buren (Nigel Hawthorne). the elderly freed slave Theodore Joadson (Morgan Freeman) and Christian activist Lewis Tappan (Stellan Skarsgård). Cinqué's apparent rival for authority amongst the Africans. several Africans and most of the ship's Spanish crew are killed. Queen Isabella II of Spain (Anna Paquin). the surviving officers of La Amistad. Sengbe Pieh (Djimon Hounsou). Freeing a number of his companions. Cinqué initiates a rebellion on board the storm-tossed vessel. the United States. and Cinqué is growing angry with Yamba who believes keeping the Spaniards alive is the only way to get back to Africa.''Amistad (1997 film)'' • Harry Groener as Tecora Captain • Hawthorne James as Creole Cook • Ingrid Walters as Woman Overboard with Baby 208 Plot The film begins in the depths of the schooner La Amistad. The next day. Connecticut. in court. a group of African men takes one of the ship's boats to shore to fetch fresh water. They begin to walk round the city docks. a slave-ship carrying captured West Africans into slavery. the side with the best story usually wins. At the jail. and a tearful Cinqué. La Amistad is found by a military vessel bearing an American flag . screaming and chanting in their native languages as a prison riot threatens. they pass another vessel.. Adams is introduced to two of the country's leading abolitionists. Adams advises them that. the ship is running out of food and fresh water." painstakingly picks a nail out of the ship's structure and uses it to pick the lock on his shackles. While strolling in the gardens. they decide that their priority must be to find a way to communicate with the Africans. At a preliminary hearing in a district court. both of whom are leading shipping magnates in New England and co-proprietors of the pro-abolitionist newssheet "The Emancipator". where a session in the House of Representatives introduces John Quincy Adams (Anthony Hopkins). carrying a group of wealthy English-speaking passengers having a dinner party on deck. D. and the officers of the naval vessel responsible for re-capturing the slave-ship. In the prison. the elderly former President and politician. and the case rapidly dissolves into conflicting claims of property ownership from the Kingdom of Spain. The film's focus now shifts to Washington. claiming that he neither condemns nor condones slavery. At this point. the two abolitionists enlist the help of a young attorney specialising in property law. Ruiz and Montez. "Cinqué. . They eventually happen upon a black sailor in the Royal Navy. they still can't communicate with the Africans. along with Josiah Willard Gibbs. are thrown into a grim dungeon. but neither side is able to understand anything the other party says. attempt to talk to the Amistad Africans..C. refuses to help. During the night. most known by his Spanish name. Yamba. events among the Africans are accelerating. awaiting trial. Unable to answer. apparently verging on senility. who is bombarded with demands for compensation from the juvenile Spanish Head of State. Sr. Baldwin and the abolitionists. After six weeks have passed.

along with many other Tecora survivors. Baldwin and his companions are able to talk to Cinqué. Using the book as hard evidence of illegal trading. Cinqué. by the owners of La Amistad. he and hundreds of other captured Africans were loaded onto transatlantic slave-ship (Tecora). who break the news to an enraged and disgusted Cinqué. 209 . Cinqué's plea touches many. and random executions carried out by the crew. In a poignant shot. Tappan splits with Joadson and Baldwin. His case made. Furious. including frequent rape. his client invoked the spirit of his ancestors. that war will simply be the final battle of the American Revolution. the South will have little choice but to go to war with the north. President Van Buren orders that the case be submitted to the Supreme Court. invites the African leader to his home. and that the Africans' rebellion to gain their freedom was no different to the Americans' rebellion against their oppressors some seventy years earlier. Cinqué. This makes a strong impression upon Adams. a state dinner at the White House threatens to overturn the ruling. native to his homeland. The courtroom drama continues as District Attorney William S. horrific torture. ultimately prompting Cinqué to leap from his seat and cry "Give us us free" over and over. Cinqué tells of the various horrors of the Middle Passage. Baldwin happens upon a notebook. Cinqué was able to free himself of his shackles. rules that the Africans were captured illegally and not born on plantations. There. Senator John C. He argues that if Cinqué were white and had rebelled against the British. While Cinqué. stuffed into a crevice by Ruiz and Montez to conceal the evidence of illegal slave-trading. the United States would have exalted him as a hero. He tells the court how.''Amistad (1997 film)'' Using Covey's linguistic abilities. He concludes by arguing that. While exploring the impounded vessel La Amistad for much-needed evidence to support the Africans' claims. While conversing with the Spanish Ambassador to Washington. Calhoun (Arliss Howard) launches into a damning diatribe aimed at President Van Buren. Once aboard La Amistad. through a series of flashbacks. Adams invokes the Declaration of Independence. While Adams gives him a rambling tour of his greenhouse. convinces Adams to assist the case. Mr. and authorizes the United States to convey the Amistad Africans back to Africa at the expense of the nation. apparently including the judge — in a court ruling. one of America's founding fathers. orders the arrest of the Amistad's remaining crew on charges of slave-trading. emphasising the economic importance of slaves in the South. including his own father. the United States awaits the Supreme Court's ruling. John Quincy Adams gives a long and passionate speech in defense of the Africans. Adams. and began the slaves' rebellion for freedom. Joadson. aware that Cinqué is now refusing to talk to Baldwin. In his first speaking role in the courtroom. dominated by its Southern slave-owning judges. Baldwin and Joadson meet again with John Quincy Adams. Cinqué's emotional reaction to seeing a West African violet. With his advisors warning that the Amistad incident could bring the United States one big step closer to civil war. Holabird (Pete Postlethwaite) and Secretary of State John Forsyth (David Paymer) press their case for property rights and dismiss Cinqué's story as a mere piece of fiction. including the deaths of fifty people deliberately drowned in order to save food. the camera frames Adams with the marble bust of his father behind him. tension in the courtroom rises. In need of an ally with legal background in the intricacies of Supreme Court workings. and the jubilant Africans celebrate their victory. Upon their arrival in Cuba. a heartfelt plea using the English he has learned. Arguing that condemning the Amistad Africans would render the principles and ideals of the Constitution worthless. At the Supreme Court. tells the haunting story of how he became a slave. a peasant farmer and young husband and father in West Africa. As Fitzgerald is cross-examined by the haughty Holabird. he exhorts the judges to free the Africans. and ends his tirade with a concealed but clear threat that should the government set a precedent for abolition by releasing the Amistad Africans. During preparations for the Supreme Court hearing. Judge Coglin (Jeremy Northam) dismisses all claims of ownership. if a verdict in his favor should hasten a civil war. who has been following the case carefully. Adams then invokes the spirits of America's founding fathers. Cinque tells Adams that he is invoking the spirits of his ancestors. an illegal facility in the British Protectorate of Sierra Leone. presumably because he thinks of his own father. Baldwin calls expert witnesses including Captain Fitzgerald (Peter Firth). Baldwin. before the hearing. a British naval commander assigned to patrol the West Africa coastline to enforce the British Empire's anti-slavery policies. Cinqué was sold at a slave market and purchased. was kidnapped by African slave-hunters and taken to the slave fortress of Lomboko.

whose illustrations provide some insights into Christianity to at least one of the imprisoned Africans. Baldwin clasps Cinqué and bids a farewell.S. With the fortress evacuated. His Bible was not published for almost three more decades." Furthermore Professor Foner states. in the Mende language. The film concludes on this bittersweet note. Believing that the Amistad Africans were illegally kidnapped from their homes in Africa. the Amistad Africans were within their rights to use force to escape their confinement. candidates did not campaign). The final scenes depict Cinqué and the freed Africans returning to Africa. Isabella II learning of the African's release."[2] Another anachronism occurs in the film during the trial section concerning the Bible. who was about 9 years old at the time of the Amistad events. The Supreme Court authorizes the release of the Africans and their conveyance back to Africa. who has shed his British uniform in exchange for African attire. the Lomboko Fortress was destroyed in 1849 . giving Joadson his most treasured possession. As Cinqué is about to leave. Over the background score of haunting African music. killing the slavers and freeing the kidnapped Africans held within the dungeons. who has finally located the fortress. The pictures shown were created by Gustave Doré. and the Battle of Atlanta from the American Civil War. They were to be deemed free. which lay twenty years in the future. government could not take them back to Africa. Interspersed with this are scenes of Martin Van Buren losing his election campaign. dressed in white.[1] Many academics. United States laws on slave ownership do not apply. the West African colour of victory and accompanied by James Covey. Captain Fitzgerald. Foner wrote that "In fact. to the African leader. orders his warship of the Royal Navy's West Africa Anti-Slavery Squadron to open fire on the facility. and thanking Baldwin in English. Legally freed for the second and final time. 210 Historical accuracy The Supreme Court decision reversed District and Circuit decrees regarding African's conveyance back to Africa. the Amistad case revolved around the Atlantic slave trade — by 1840 outlawed by international treaty — and had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery as a domestic institution. Justice Joseph Story (Harry Blackmun) announces the Supreme Court's decision on the case. as they had arrived on American soil as free persons. a lion tooth which is his only memento of Africa. or people constantly talking about the coming Civil War. since that was the case. a postscript informs the audience that Cinque returned to find his own wife missing. it was perfectly possible in the nineteenth century to condemn the importation of slaves from Africa while simultaneously defending slavery and the flourishing slave trade within the United States. destroying Lomboko. Furthermore. have criticized the film Amistad for historical inaccuracy and the misleading characterizations of the Amistad case as a "turning point" in American perspective on slavery. like Eric Foner. shaking Adams' hand. Cinqué bids emotional farewells to his companions. "Amistad's problems go far deeper than such anachronisms as President Martin Van Buren campaigning for re-election on a whistle-stop train tour (in 1840. DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University. The end of the film depicts various scenes. Incongruous as it may seem. and likely sold into slavery. Royal marines assault the Lomboko Slave Fortress. The "Amistad" Africans returned to their homeland in 1842.''Amistad (1997 film)'' On the day of judgment. but U.

Amistad.allmovie. cornell.com/moviespeeches.com/title/tt0118607/) at the Internet Movie Database Amistad (http://www.americanrhetoric.com/movies/?id=amistad.suntimes.S.htm) at Box Office Mojo Amistad (http://www.com/m/amistad/) at Rotten Tomatoes 2 Speeches from the Movie in Text.htm) from AmericanRhetoric.imdb. gmu. Video (http://www. edu/ background/ amistad/ opinion. Eric.sandiego.rottentomatoes. Joseph. vs. Audio. http:/ / www.html) (Educational POV) • • • • • . html [2] FONER. law.''Amistad (1997 film)'' 211 References [1] STORY.com/apps/pbcs. The Amistad Case in Fact and Film http:/ / historymatters.com • Roger Ebert Film Review (http://rogerebert. U.boxofficemojo.edu/gen/filmnotes/amistad-review.dll/article?AID=/19971212/ REVIEWS/712120301/1023) • Review Sally Haden (http://history. edu/ d/ 74/ External links Amistad (http://www.com/work/158798) at Allmovie Amistad (http://www.

523 The Legend of Zorro Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Followed by . Inc. David Foster Productions Sony Pictures Entertainment July 17.''The Mask of Zorro'' 212 The Mask of Zorro The Mask of Zorro Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Martin Campbell Steven Spielberg Doug Claybourne David Foster John Eskow Ted Elliott Terry Rossio Ted Elliott Terry Rossio Randall Jahnson Characters by Johnston McCulley Antonio Banderas Anthony Hopkins Catherine Zeta-Jones Stuart Wilson James Horner Screenplay by Story by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Phil Meheux Editing by Studio Thom Noble TriStar Pictures Amblin Entertainment Zorro Productions. 1998 136 minutes United States English $96 million $250.288.

While walking in a market. Diego tells Eléna the name of the flowers she recognized upon her arrival in California. who needs money to fund his upcoming war with the United States. Diego sends Alejandro. where peasants and criminals are used for slave labor. Rafael Montero (Wilson). With her by his side. Montero's re-appearance awakens a long-dormant passion in De La Vega. Soon after. Love. Murrieta endures the tough training regimen out of revenge on his brother's killer. Eléna attempts to retrieve Montero's map. He is aided by a handpicked successor (Banderas). Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson). Anthony Hopkins. leading to a passionate kiss before he flees. to steal Montero's map leading to the gold mine. Captain Harrison Love (Matt Letscher). Alejandro sets off. as a child. who happens to be Montero's right-hand man. and Stuart Wilson. When Alejandro steals a black stallion resembling Toronado. convincing her that Diego is her father. resulting in Zorro going over $10 million in its production budget. Terrified of Santa Anna's retribution if he discovers that he is being paid with his own gold. The film encountered scheduling problems when Campbell was hospitalized for bronchitis. once did Zorro a favor. he learns that Montero told Eléna that her mother died in childbirth. learns De La Vega's identity and. The Legend of Zorro. who has spent two decades in dungeons. Don Diego De La Vega (Anthony Hopkins) fights against Spain in the Mexican War of Independence as Zorro. The film was released in the United States on July 17. As he is taken away. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Zeta-Jones. but Montero captures him after. When Alejandro escapes. She releases Diego from his cell and they proceed to the mine. Diego corners Montero at the hacienda and reveals his identity. He challenges Alejandro to gain Montero's trust and pose as Don Alejandro del Castillo y García. where he gains Eléna's admiration and enough of Montero's trust to be invited to a secret meeting. Diego tells Alejandro to release the workers on his own so that he can reclaim Eléna. The film was directed by Martin Campbell and stars Antonio Banderas. Montero then imprisons his enemy and takes De La Vega's infant daughter. Eléna (Catherine Zeta Jones). and The Mask of Zorro began filming in January 1997 at Estudios Churubusco in Mexico City. 1998 with both financial and critical success. was released in 2005. he encounters a thief. Connery dropped out and was replaced with Hopkins. Eléna. a visiting nobleman. Montero returns from exile in Spain planning to turn California into an independent republic. and he escapes. After a brief period of deliberation. Zorro duels Montero. a sequel also starring Banderas. Montero plans to buy California from Santa Anna using gold mined from Santa Anna's own land. Montero hints at a plan to retake California for the Dons by buying it from General Santa Anna. Eléna and Alejandro free the .''The Mask of Zorro'' The Mask of Zorro is a 1998 American swashbuckler film based on the character of the same name created by Johnston McCulley. Mexico. Salmon cast Sean Connery as Don Diego de la Vega. where Zorro and Diego defeat Love and Montero. as his own. who. and their guards at the hacienda. Diego uses this opportunity to become closer to Eléna. Eléna meets the woman who was her nanny. escaping from his 20-year imprisonment to avenge the death of his wife and find his long-lost daughter (Zeta-Jones). who's pursues his own vendetta against the corrupt governor. De La Vega decides to take Alejandro as his protégé. a mysterious avenger who defends the Mexican peasants and commoners of Las Californias. Alejandro Murrieta (Antonio Banderas). feeling betrayed by Diego's vendetta. while Rodriguez brought Banderas in the lead role. De La Vega's beloved wife(Julieta Rosen)is killed at his adobe. 213 Plot In 1821. but he seduces her. in a tragic accident. and directed by Campbell. The Mask of Zorro features the original Zorro. dressed as Zorro. Don Diego de la Vega (Hopkins). Twenty years later. the cruel governor of the region. Producer Steven Spielberg had developed the film for TriStar Pictures with directors Mikael Salomon and Robert Rodriguez before Campbell signed on in 1996. not a thief and adventurer. Diego scolds him claiming that Zorro was a servant of the people. has grown into a beautiful woman. still posing as "Bernardo" the servant. Alejandro and the Dons are taken to a secret gold mine known as "El Dorado". Alejandro attends a party at Montero's hacienda. with Diego as his servant. Montero decides to destroy the mine and kill the workers.

his alter-ego in the film is Alejandro Murrieta. as Don Pedro • L. incredibly inventive.[6] • Catherine Zeta-Jones as Eléna (De La Vega) Montero: The actress signed on in November 1996. when Spielberg saw her performance in the Titanic miniseries and recommended her to Campbell. Anderson rated Banderas the best natural talent he worked with.[7] Despite being a Welsh actress portraying a Latina character.Q. Zeta-Jones discovered similarities between her "volatile" Celtic temper and the Latin temperament of Eléna. Banderas. and Judith Godreche both screen tested for the part. making the character Banderas portrays either Mexican or Chilean.[10] Stuart Wilson. before he studied additional fencing and swordsmanship with Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones.[8] [9] • Stuart Wilson as Don Rafael Montero: Armand Assante had initially been cast in the role. 214 Cast • Antonio Banderas as Alejandro Murrieta / Zorro: The character has always been Spanish. "We used to call him Grumpy Bob on the set. Jr. However. where they attend to the mortally injured Diego. but having worked with him there's nobody I'd rather use." director Martin Campbell reflected. Don Diego's beloved wife and Élena's mother . honoring Alejandro's brother. and gives his blessings for Alejandro's and Eléna's prospective marriage. They would complain about the intensity of the training. who worked with Campbell on GoldenEye.[8] Izabella Scorupco.[1] To prepare for his role. spending 10 hours a day for two months specifically on fight scenes from the film. Banderas practiced with the Olympic fencing team in Spain for four months. "He was portray Zorro. He makes peace with Alejandro before dying. he was such a Antonio Banderas is the first Spanish actor to perfectionist. and also refused to treat any of the actors as stars. the fictional brother of the real-life Joaquin Murrieta. was cast in Assante's place four months after. who Campbell previously directed in No Escape. but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with The Odyssey. who was paid $5 million for the role. took up the role over his enthusiasm to be in an action film. but Zorro had never been portrayed by a Spaniard.[2] The three were trained from Bob Anderson during pre-production in Mexico. passing the mantle of Zorro to him. Jones as Three-fingered Jack • Julieta Rosen as Esperanza De La Vega. is the first Spanish actor to portray Zorro. They re-build the De La Vega house and have a son named Joaquin.''The Mask of Zorro'' workers before the explosives go off.[5] Hopkins. one month before filming began.[3] During interviews for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.[11] • Matt Letscher as Captain Harrison Love • Tony Amendola as Don Luiz • Pedro Armendáriz.[7] The actress credits The Mask of Zorro as her breakthrough in entering A-list recognition. known for his dramatic acting."[4] • Anthony Hopkins as Don Diego De La Vega / Zorro: Hopkins was cast in December 1996.

[21] [22] [23] The release date was then moved to Easter 1997. and TriStar entered pre-production. the producers were frustrated by customs agents when some props and other in negative costs. El Mariachi and one month later. Branko Lustig was producing the film with Spielberg. and Martin Campbell signed on later than month. Antonio Banderas starring in the tile role as Robert Rodriguez (pictured) cast Antonio Banderas as Zorro before dropping out as Zorro. signed to direct with Desperado star. Sean Connery was cast as Don Diego de la Vega. and in September 1995. based on a story by Elliott.[17] In August 1994. items were held for nine days. three hours east of Mexico City. fresh from the success of Desperado. was hospitalized for bronchitis. turning down the chance to direct Tomorrow Never Dies.[31] The ending. while Rodriguez wanted $45 million.''The Mask of Zorro'' 215 Production Development In October 1992. Parkes. was added three months after filming had ended.[12] [13] Spielberg was producing Zorro with the potential to direct. and hired Joel Gross to rewrite the script after they were impressed with an adaptation he did with TriStar on The Three Musketeers.[25] The finished screenplay would be written by John Eskow. but the studio refused and set $41 million as their highest mark.[14] Gross completed his rewrite in March 1993. 1997 on a $60 million budget. while Salomon assured that the rest of the major cast would be Hispanic and Latino Americans. The studio projected a range of $35 million. They both attempted to compromise when Rodriguez lowered it to $42 million. when Campbell was sent back to hospital with his condition.[24] Rodriguez pulled out of Zorro in June 1996 over difficulties coming to terms with TriStar on the budget.[3] [11] The Mask of Zorro was mostly shot at Estudios Churubusco in Mexico City. to help fill the void left by Steven Spielberg. Desperado.[24] Banderas remained attached. Walter F. TriStar Pictures and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment were planning to start production on Zorro the following year.[20] Spielberg had hoped Rodriguez would start filming in January 1996 for a Christmas release date. Foster and David Ward.[28] Production was delayed again in March for six days.[32] .[27] During post-production. Sony sent David Foster to join the project as a producer. creating early promotion for the film that same month at the ShoWest trade show. Zorro's plastic blade included among them. where the production crew constructed the Montero hacienda and town set pieces. but the start date was pushed back to July.[27] Production stalled for four days in February when the director.[30] which added to $70 million [29] In December.[19] TriStar and Amblin had been surprised by Rodriguez's director.[29] the troubled production caused The Mask of Zorro to go $10 million over its budget. Spielberg and Campbell considered Diego De La Vega's death in the arms of his daughter too depressing.[26] Filming Principal photography started in Mexico on January 27. Robert Rodriguez. and Randall Jahnson. and Laurie MacDonald who were busy running DreamWorks.[18] Connery and Salomon eventually dropped out. Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.[15] [16] By December 1993. He was replaced by Martin Campbell low-budget filming techniques for his action films. Martin Campbell. and shifted away from their initial plans with Salomon to make a big-budget version of Zorro. where Alejandro and Eléna are happily married with their infant son. Filming resumed in Tlaxcala. Rossio. an uncredited screenwriter. Pre-production proceeded even further in August when Salomon compiled test footage for a planned April 1995 start date. re-wrote some scenes. and Mikael Salomon was attached as director.

Metacritic received an average score of 63/100.5/10. who .1/10.[40] It was speculated that TriStar did this in an attempt to avoid competition with Titanic. in 1853. showed clips from the film. wanted an action film for its first quarter releases of 1998. people. the actual Harry Love preserved Murrieta's head in a large. alcohol-filled glass jar. TriStar purchased a 30-second advertising spot on Super Bowl XXXII for $1. Horner was influenced by Miklós Rózsa and Kelly Robinson's score from El Cid. Release The Mask of Zorro was initially set for release on December 19." Schickel continued. Spain's King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sophia and Princess Elena attended the first Royal premiere in Madrid in seven years.[39] The opening sequence is set during the aftermath of the Mexican War of Independence. as opposed to digitized. On December 10. a Royal Command Performance for Zorro was toplined by Prince Charles and his sons. "The action in this movie.[41] The delay from March to July added $3 million in interest costs.[36] [37] Historical references The Mask of Zorro and its sequel The Legend of Zorro incorporate certain historical events and persons into their narratives.[38] As he did in the movie.[30] The release date was once again pushed back.[33] For his work on The Mask of Zorro. based on 22 reviews collected. when pick-ups were commissioned. was commercially successful and propelled by the rising profile of Latin heartthrob Marc Anthony and Tina Arena. "I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You". there is a character called Three Fingered Jack although the real person was a Mexican named Juan Duarte rather than an Anglo-American.[49] Richard Schickel of Time magazine praised Zorro as a summer blockbuster that pays tribute to the Classical Hollywood cinema swashbuckler films. "is motivated by simple. (The film takes place more than a decade earlier. and Zorro was Sony's first film to use VRML.[42] To market Zorro.[48] By comparison. Sony Pictures Entertainment. 1998.''The Mask of Zorro'' 216 Music James Horner was hired to compose the film score in September 1997.[34] The soundtrack.) Similarly. Antonio Banderas' Alejandro is a fictional brother of Joaquin Murrieta. 82% of the critics enjoyed The Mask of Zorro with an average score of 7. and an original ending on the DVD includes an appearance by Antonio López de Santa Anna.in 1841. a Mexican outlaw killed by California State Ranger Harry Love."[50] Zorro exceeded Roger Ebert's expectations.[46] Reception Critical response Based on 66 reviews counted by Rotten Tomatoes. Even more strategically. who had been known for their low-key presence at the ShoWest trade show. 1998. who is only mentioned in the finished film.[35] The song went #3 on the French Singles and #4 on the Dutch Singles charts. with a 77% approval rating and an average score of 6. while actors Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins presented a panel at the conference on May 10. most of which takes the form of spectacular stunt work performed by real. 1997 before it was changed to March 1998. released by Sony Classical Records.[43] The studio also attached Zorro's trailer to prints of Godzilla.3 million. powerful emotions of an old-fashioned and rather melodramatic nature. TriStar's parent company. portrayed here as Texas Army Captain "Harrison Love".[47] The film was more balanced with the 13 critics in the website's "Top Critics" category.[45] The Mask of Zorro caught the attention of European Royalty with the film's foreign premieres. but Zorro encountered production problems that extended its shooting schedule. plays in the closing credits of the film and was released as a single in Europe.[44] Sony launched an official website in June 1998. Internet marketing was an emerging concept in the late-1990s. this time to July 1998. Their duet.[42] Sony.

it's not an altogether ridiculous comparison. a Spaniard.[55] In one of the film's most popular scenes. found the that the actor's "performance presents a slight problem: The film asks us to believe that no one has figured out that Zorro and his real-life persona are the same person. 1998 in 2. Disappointed with the film's entertainment value.288.000 in foreign countries. but it's closer in spirit to a vintage Errol Flynn or Tyrone Power swashbuckler than anything that's come out of Hollywood in quite some time. writing in the San Francisco Chronicle. which included Banderas.[54] Internet reviewer James Berardinelli compared the tone and style of The Mask of Zorro to producer Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark.515 theaters. Greg P. Mick LaSalle. Travers also expected the film to be a failure with audiences." Berardinelli continued.[60] Accolades Awarding Body Academy Awards [61] Award Best Sound Editing Best Sound Mixing Nominee Dave McMoyler Kevin O'Connell. rather than the other way around. earning $22.''The Mask of Zorro'' was surprised by the screenplay's display of traditional film craftsmanship.[57] 217 Box office The Mask of Zorro was released in the United States on July 17.[58] With the commercial success of the film.523. Even though Zorro doesn't feature the non-stop cliffhanger adventure of Raiders.[58] The film dropped from its number one position in the second week with the releases of Saving Private Ryan and There's Something About Mary. "It's a reminder of the time when stunts and special effects were integrated into stories. Catherine Zeta-Jones Nominated Nominated Nominated MTV Movie Awards [64] Best Breakthrough Female Performance Best Fight . "there's still plenty of action.[59] The Mask of Zorro eventually earned $94. tumult. Sony sold the TV rights of Zorro for $30 million in a joint deal to CBS and Turner Broadcasting System (TBS).095.525.[56] One critic placed it on his list of "Erotic [Film] Scenes in the 90s".193. Pud Cusack Graciela Mazón Result Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated British Academy Film Awards [62] (BAFTAs) Golden Globe Awards [63] Best Costume Design Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Antonio Banderas Catherine Zeta-Jones Antonio Banderas.855 in its opening weekend. Alejandro renders Eléna topless with a flurry of sword slashes. coming to a worldwide total of $250. and $156. Peter Travers criticized the casting choices for the Mexican roles. "While The Mask of Zorro isn't on the same level. and that it would depend on the on-screen chemistry between Banderas and Zeta-Jones."[52] Despite giving credit to Anthony Hopkins for his masculine portrayal of an older Zorro. even though they are the only guys in Mexico who talk with a British accent."[51] Ebert later called The Mask of Zorro "probably the best Zorro movie ever made."[34] In his review for Rolling Stone magazine. and derring-do. Russell. who are both Welsh.523 in domestic totals." He was undecided whether the film would be a box office success. as well as Hopkins and Zeta-Jones."[53] Todd McCarthy of Variety found the film's length to be "somewhat overlong" and lacking "the snap and concision that would have put it over the top as a bang-up entertainment.

"En Garde! The Master Who Puts the Swords in the Hands of the Stars".''The Mask of Zorro'' Saturn Awards [65] 218 Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film Best Actress Best Costumes Catherine Zeta-Jones Graciela Mazón Nominated Nominated Nominated Home media The film was released on VHS and DVD in the United States on December 1. Western Division.00. . "Happy Birthday to Kirk Douglas" (http:/ / www. Claudia (1993-02-01). variety. Rick (1999-05-02). Lawrie (1998-08-02).00. It contained the same features from the previous two-disc release.284462. com/ ew/ article/ 0. [5] Archerd. "Q and A with Antonio Banderas". . References [1] Longsdorf. Sunday Mirror. com/ article/ VR103598). John Evan (1992-10-14). 2001. Army (1996-12-09). To coincide with the release of The Legend of Zorro in theaters. . variety. Sony Pictures re-released Zorro on DVD as a two-disc special edition on September 25. Retrieved 2010-10-24. Sony Pictures Entertainment filed a lawsuit in United States District Court. among other points. ew. "that since the copyrights in [Johnson McCulley's 1919 short story] The Curse of Capistrano and [the 1920 movie] The Mark of Zorro lapsed in 1995 or before. U. variety. Central District of California. ew. Lawsuit On January 24. "Assante may not carve out his 'Z'" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-10-24. "TriStar Pix kicks off 'Rudy' film" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-10-22. Variety. Variety. . [10] Archerd. [9] Fierman. Amy (1998-07-11). html). Josh (1997-07-17). The New York Times. and a promotional clip for the sequel. Nolte. Variety. Variety. com/ article/ VR1117466640). Mancuso team" (http:/ / www. John Evan (1992-11-23). Variety. Richard (2001-12-29). variety. [6] Wolk. [8] Marin. [7] Sterngold. . [14] Eller. com/ article/ VR101139). "Spotlight on Antonio Banderas". a "deluxe edition" of The Mask of Zorro was released. Retrieved 2010-10-22. "Anthony Hopkins gets active in 'The Mask of Zorro'" (http:/ / www. variety. [4] Cohen. Retrieved 2010-10-22. James (1998-05-10)..S. denied Sony's motion for a preliminary injunction. Army (1996-12-08). The New York Times. "Nicholson. variety. noting. . 1998. the judge found that any similarities between the film and the TV series' secondary characters and plot elements were [66] insufficient to warrant an injunction. . Retrieved 2010-10-22. [12] Frook. Variety. Retrieved 2010-10-22. html). "Makeover Time for a Once and Would-Be Star". Mouseketeers" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ VR101521). the character Zorro has been in the public domain. The DVD release included a making-of featurette and a photo gallery. com/ article/ VR1117862964). [13] Frook. Army (1996-08-14). The Morning Call. District Judge Collins." As to specific elements of The Mask of Zorro. "Wilson's taking up the sword for ' Zorro'" (http:/ / www.. saying the series "copied protectable elements from [the] 'Zorro' character and 'Zorro' related works". [11] Cox. Dan (1996-12-12). 2001. "Zorro's Girl Outgrows Her Petticoats". Retrieved 2010-10-22. "The Devil In Miss Zeta-Jones" (http:/ / www. com/ ew/ article/ 0. Daniel (1998-08-14). com/ vstory/ VR1117466187. Entertainment Weekly. . Variety.83608. "Douglases save coastal land" (http:/ / www. [2] Masterson. . variety. the producers of the syndicated television series Queen of Swords Sony alleged copyright infringement and other claims. Retrieved 2010-10-22. On April 5. against Fireworks Entertainment Group. com/ article/ VR1117466462). html?categoryid=38& cs=1). . 2001. The New York Times. "'Musketeers' vs. [3] Archerd. Entertainment Weekly.

com/ m/ mask_of_zorro/ ). . com/ article/ VR1117862531). top40. . Los Angeles Times. . "Flu fells 'Zorro' director" (http:/ / www. com/ ew/ article/ 0. . . The New York Times. [29] Cox. "Berle tribute gets emotional" (http:/ / www. As Diego De La Vega" (http:/ / www. com/ article/ VR111662393). Retrieved 2010-10-24. [34] McCarthy. Retrieved 2010-10-07. variety. com/ article/ VR1116677782). rottentomatoes. Anita M. Retrieved 2010-10-22. Variety. Andrew (1997-10-02). . Dan (1997-03-20). Retrieved 2010-10-25. variety. . uk/ news/ world/ americas/ what-the-legend-of-zorro-tells-us-about-the-history-of-america-512376. "1996 should be a hot year for film". . variety. "Sony parry thrusts 'Zorro' into summer" (http:/ / www. Lescharts. John Evan (1993-03-10). Retrieved 2010-10-24. com/ article/ VR1117478404). Retrieved 2010-10-22. Variety. [30] Klady. . "TriStar develops full dance card for '94-95" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-10-24. 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"'Titanic' on ice until Dec. and Michael Fleming (1998-05-10). . Variety. Retrieved 2010-10-24. com/ article/ VR1117468642). Rotten Tomatoes. asp?interpret=Tina+ Arena+ & + Marc+ Anthony& titel=I+ Want+ To+ Spend+ My+ Lifetime+ Loving+ You& cat=s). [35] Sandler. . Variety. "What the legend of Zorro tells us about the history of America" (http:/ / www. [38] Valdez. [33] Archerd. [37] "Dutch Charts . com/ article/ VR1117488342). variety..Top 100 Singles 1999 (written in Dutch)" (http:/ / www. [18] Archerd. "Spielberg to give 'unflinching' look at Lindbergh" (http:/ / www. Army (1998-07-13). "Sinatra family goes online" (http:/ / www. [39] Gumbel. variety. Variety. . Retrieved 2010-10-24. "The Face of Zorro" (http:/ / www.S. "DreamWorks revving up its filmmaking engine" (http:/ / www. [40] Busch. [41] Staff (1997-10-31). Variety. com/ article/ VR1116677970). Army (1997-09-25). html). Austin area for two new movies". Nederlandse Top 40. San Jose Mercury News. 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1998 181 minutes (Original) 129 minutes (Alan Smithee cut) United States English $90 million $142. Ltd. loosely based on the 1934 film Death Takes a Holiday (originally by Paramount Pictures.100 Death Takes a Holiday (1934 original) Meet Joe Black is a 1998 American romantic drama/fantasy film produced by Universal Studios. It was the second pairing of Hopkins and Pitt after their 1994 film Legends Of The Fall.). Anthony Hopkins and Claire Forlani.''Meet Joe Black'' 221 Meet Joe Black Meet Joe Black Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Martin Brest Martin Brest Bo Goldman Kevin Wade Brad Pitt Anthony Hopkins Claire Forlani Jake Weber Marcia Gay Harden Thomas Newman Music by Cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Preceded by Joe Hutshing Michael Tronick Universal Pictures November 13. directed by Martin Brest and starring Brad Pitt. but now owned by Universal through EMKA. .940.

The following morning. When she asks for the short version of his impassioned speech. He is even more rankled by the increasing closeness between Susan and Joe. After a tense board meeting wherein Bill advises the board against the merger. who doubts that he will live for many more years. Drew leaves Susan and Joe alone. and arrogant until he revealed his appearance. but her father is not favorably impressed by her relationship. who has also followed. they all agree. Parrish is confronted by Drew and the board of directors. they vote to make Bill "Chairman Emeritus". Drew (Jake Weber). Drew reveals . who reiterate their intentions regarding the merger. and gentle. She is considering marriage. Joe ventures into the city to explore it. Joe instead soothes her pain and promises to take her later. Bill shall be his guide on Earth. Given Bill's "competence. who has overheard the argument with Drew. upon learning that he is Death. ruminative. Susan meets a vibrant young man (Brad Pitt) with whom she is instantly enamored. Drew departs. Immediately after this encounter (and unbeknownst to her). during his time on Earth. After a flirtatious conversation with Joe. Bill. This last task is complicated when the Board of Directors of Bill's corporation are urging a union with a larger company at the instigation of Susan's fiancé (and Parrish board member). Touched by his feelings. Drew secretly gathers the board of the company to advise them that Bill Parrish has been unconditionally influenced by "Mr. Their conversation is interrupted by Drew." Realizing that Joe could end his delay at any time. experience. Death returns to Bill's home in the form of the young man. Indeed. Upon delivering the stark threat that the board will see Bill removed from the chair. A dying Jamaican patient recognizes him as a spirit." indicating Joe. "Stay open. you'll give yourself a heart attack and ruin my vacation. he is approached in his home and work by what he thinks are hallucinations. observes the human aspect of mortality. she asks to be taken to the afterlife. Bill attempts a broken and awkward speech focusing on the idea of family. He returns to visit Bill. Death then places himself at Bill's right hand under the name 'Joe Black' and establishes his place in Bill's home and work. Death has chosen him and tells Bill that in return for a delay. Bill. Who knows? Lightning could strike!" Shortly after hearing this advice. Joe Black" and inform them that the rival company has clarified its offer: it will accept Parrish Communications with or without its chairman. touched by his dream-like brush with mortality. After a number of snide comments aimed at Joe during dinner. After the meeting. He visits Susan at the hospital where she works as a doctor and in doing so. explaining that Bill's impassioned speech has piqued his interest after an eternity of boredom. Drew confronts Susan about her feelings for Joe. who is trying to organize his sixty-fifth birthday party. to whom he was strongly attached. Susan (Claire Forlani). he simply says. which was apparently unknown to him. angrily announcing to Susan that this is "the end of my chapter with the Parrishes. believing that a man should leave something of integrity in his passing. Death's personality alters to become mildly curious. After a tense and crude standoff. Susan is warned by Bill not to become attached to this mysterious stranger. Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins).''Meet Joe Black'' 222 Plot The movie opens with an introduction to the guide. is reminded of his family's importance to him by the distress of his other daughter. Bill. with one exception: Drew. who is bothered by the reversal of Bill's decision regarding the merger. after which he invites them all back for dinner again the next night. the man dies in a collision with two cars. The next day. which ends in Drew's uncertainty. who is angered by the presence of Joe Black (who appears to have taken the ear of Bill Parrish and disrupted Drew's plans). Bill becomes angry at the prospect of the company that he built becoming compromised. who shows concern for his daughter. Bill unprecedentedly arranges for dinner with his family two nights in a row. wherein Death himself has come with the intention of escorting him to the afterlife. After Bill's emphatic refusal to accept the merger or oblige the board's request for Joe's identity. to live a life with passion. Notably. instructing Bill to reveal his identity to nobody. who describes his late wife. whereupon Joe cautions "Easy. having been worldly. expresses his desire for his daughter. They are interrupted by Bill. And the end began with this guy. thus depriving him of power. prompting their anxiety. meanwhile. sardonic. Allison (Marcia Gay Harden). and wisdom".

995 domestically upon its opening weekend (11/13-15) at #3. Shortly after another encounter with Susan. but rather of the man whose body he has assumed. Joe returns to Bill. Joe realizes that she is not enamored exactly of him. 1998 and grossed $15. Bill consequently defies this union and reminds Joe of his purpose in the universe but Joe disregards Bill's words.100[2] . Taking in an additional $98. Bill is restored as chairman and the merger is canceled. with Ebert adding "there's so much that's fine in this movie".321. Susan tells him she wishes he could have met her father. Box office Meet Joe Black opened on November 13. Edited version • A two-hour version was made to show on television and airline flights. presumably to his death. allowing Susan the chance to pursue a relationship with him. Bill Parrish fondly expresses his appreciation to his daughters for their work preparing it as well as his love for both of them.619.000. that he was in collusion with the rival company. and that her father is dead. with the intention of seizing power and then selling off Parrish Communications for a huge profit. Joe assists by claiming that he is an IRS agent investigating Drew's dealings (a play on Drew's earlier comment on "death and taxes"). indicating that she understands (as hinted earlier) that Joe Black was Death. behind The Waterboy's second weekend and the opening of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer[1] . Joe then sends back to life the young man whose body he borrowed. who tries to entrap Drew. Bill and Joe return home. Joe comes across Susan and after an awkward moment they have sex.''Meet Joe Black'' to Quince (Jeffrey Tambor). Joe later escorts Bill out of sight over a nearby bridge.017. Howard as Eddie Sloane Location Most of William Parrish's country mansion scenes were shot at the Aldrich Mansion.100. who is Allison's husband and fellow board member. goes for a nap. Critical response Siskel and Ebert. where Bill. the movie grossed a worldwide total of $142. While the film had a disappointing domestic box office return of $44. The story ends as both of them are watching the fireworks celebrating her father's birthday. 223 Cast • • • • • • • Brad Pitt as Joe "Death" Black / Young Man in Coffee Shop Anthony Hopkins as William "Bill" Parrish Claire Forlani as Susan Parrish Jake Weber as Drew Marcia Gay Harden as Allison Parrish Jeffrey Tambor as Quince David S. the film received mostly mixed reviews.[3] Overall. gave it "Two Thumbs Up".940. In his speech at the lavish gala celebration. disheartened. having a 50% "rotten" response from Rotten Tomatoes. . it fared much better overseas. by cutting most of the plotline involving Hopkins' character's business. so the director's credit was changed to the Hollywood pseudonym Alan Smithee. Brest derided this edit of his film and thus disowned it.

dll/ article?AID=/ 19981113/ REVIEWS/ 811130304/ 1023) External links • • • • • Official website (http://http://www. boxofficemojo.com/) Meet Joe Black (http://www. boxofficemojo.com/work/158858) at Allmovie Meet Joe Black (http://www.meetjoeblack.com/m/meet_joe_black/) at Rotten Tomatoes Instinct (film) Instinct Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Jon Turteltaub Michael Taylor Barbara Boyle Gerald Di Pego Anthony Hopkins Cuba Gooding. suntimes.imdb. com/ movies/ ?id=meetjoeblack. com/ apps/ pbcs.com/title/tt0119643/) at the Internet Movie Database Meet Joe Black (http://www. Jr. htm [3] Roger Ebert Review (http:/ / rogerebert.rottentomatoes. Donald Sutherland Maura Tierney George Dzundza John Ashton John Aylward Thomas Q.com/movies/?id=meetjoeblack. United States English . Morris Doug Spinuzza Paul Bates Danny Elfman Music by Distributed by Touchstone Pictures Spyglass Entertainment (some markets) Release date(s) 4 June 1999 Running time Country Language 126 min. htm [2] http:/ / www.''Meet Joe Black'' 224 References [1] http:/ / www.boxofficemojo.htm) at Box Office Mojo Meet Joe Black (http://www.allmovie. com/ weekend/ chart/ ?yr=1998& wknd=46& p=.

using a pen to dig out the lock on a window and heads back to Africa. and Maura Tierney. but becomes entangled in a quest to learn the true history and nature of mankind. John Murray Donald Sutherland .Dr. At the end of the movie.[4] .''Instinct (film)'' Budget Gross revenue $80 million $34. Ben Hillard John Aylward . Jr. the film was nominated for and won a Genesis Award in the category of feature film..Guard Dacks George Dzundza . Reception The movie received mostly poor or mixed reviews. and is sent to prison. Jr.207 225 Instinct is a 1999 film starring Anthony Hopkins. A bright young psychiatrist (Gooding) tries to find out why he killed these men. Eventually its revealed that the man did it to protect his gorilla family when the rangers arrived and started shooting them.Nicko Thomas Morris .Dr.Peter Holden Rex Linn . It was a financial failure as well. Synopsis The film examines the mind of an anthropologist (Hopkins) who has been missing for a few years. Donald Sutherland.Guard Alan Commercial soundtrack .Dr.Lynn Powell John Ashton .Dr. the film had the working title Ishmael. Cuba Gooding.[1] In the United States. It was inspired by Ishmael. living in the jungle with gorillas. but an attack by a vicious guard causes Powell to stop talking again. George Dzundza.105.Warden Jack Keefer Doug Spinuzza .[3] The film won a Genesis Award. He had been convicted of killing and injuring several supposed Wilderness Park Rangers in Africa. . Theo Caulder Anthony Hopkins . Ethan Powell Maura Tierney . Powell escapes from prison. a novel by Daniel Quinn. He gets a hearing to reveal the truth. MetaCritic giving an average rating of only 43[2] . In the year 2000. Cast • • • • • • • • • • [5] Cuba Gooding.

4. htm). com/ movie/ instinct http:/ / www. www. 3. com/ title/ tt0128278/ Genesis Awards 2000 (http:/ / www.co. 7. co.com/title/tt0128278/) at the Internet Movie Database Instinct (http://www.host22.allmovie.com/work/179998) at Allmovie Instinct (http://www. metacritic. com/ Sections/ Awards/ Genesis_Awards/ 2000) "Instinct" (http:/ / www. . 8. 6.imdb.enjoy.boxofficemojo.''Instinct (film)'' 226 Instinct Film score by Danny Elfman Released 1999 Danny Elfman chronology Men in Black (1997) Instinct (1999) Sleepy Hollow (1999) 1. imdb.htm) at Box Office Mojo Instinct: a film fansite (http://www. "Main Title" "Into the Wild" "Back to the Forest" "Everybody Goes" "The Killing: "The Riot" "Escape" "End Credits" References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Salon Arts & Entertainment | "Instinct" (http:/ / www. External links • • • • Instinct (http://www.com/instinct/) .nz.moria. 2. com/ ent/ movies/ review/ 1999/ 06/ 04/ instinct/ index. imdb. moria.com/movies/?id=instinct. salon. 5. html) http:/ / www. nz/ horror/ instinct. Retrieved 2006-10-22.

The film was made by Overseas Filmgroup and Clear Blue Sky Productions and released by Fox Searchlight Pictures. Conchita Airoldi and executive produced by Paul G.''Titus (film)'' 227 Titus (film) Titus Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Starring Julie Taymor Julie Taymor Conchita Airoldi Julie Taymor Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare Anthony Hopkins Jessica Lange Alan Cumming Harry Lennix Elliot Goldenthal Music by Cinematography Luciano Tovoli Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country François Bonnot Fox Searchlight Pictures December 26. It was the first film of the play (aside from TV productions).007. 1999 162 minutes Italy United Kingdom United Kingdom English $20 million $2. It was produced by Jody Patton. Allen. . It was the directorial debut of Julie Taymor who co-produced and wrote the screenplay. about the downfall of a Roman general.290 Language Budget Gross revenue Titus is a 1999 film adaptation of Shakespeare's revenge tragedy Titus Andronicus.

understanding the method in Titus's "madness". Tamora's lover. Lavinia leans towards the camera and opens her bloodied mouth. The two are arguing over which should take sexual advantage of the newlywed Lavinia. Taymor shows Marcus taking Lavinia to her father. Aaron then brings Titus' sons Martius (Colin Wells) and Quintus (Kenny Doughty) and frames them for the murder of Bassianus with a forged letter outlining their plan to kill him. Titus orders Lucius to flee Rome and raise an army among their former enemy. the Goths. Marcus gives her a stick to hold with her mouth and stumps and she writes the names of her attackers in the dirt.''Titus (film)'' 228 Plot A boy eating at a table surrounded by his toys plays war. With his hand chopped off. They bring back as spoils Tamora. he ties written prayers for justice to arrows and commands his kinsmen to aim them at the sky so they may reach the gods. . a bomb blast frightens him but he is rescued and taken to an Amphitheatre. Queen of the Goths (Jessica Lange). Alarbus. marching on Rome with an army. In Renaissance semiotics. Titus. return victorious from war. the Emperor arrests them. The Emperor of Rome has died and his sons Saturninus and Bassianus are squabbling over who will succeed him. the hand is a representation of political and personal agency. Titus's surviving sons help them escape and run for the Pantheon. wearing only her petticoat. Later on. and falsely tells Titus. captures Aaron and threatens to hang the infant.scenes features Lavinia.and most terrifying -. but Titus refuses. in which a similarly mute victim "wrote" the name of her wrongdoer. When Marcus discovers her. he begs her to reveal the identity of her assailants. In the fighting. Angry. since Bassianus was previously betrothed to the girl. Lavinia begs Tamora to stop her sons. Titus is angry with his sons because in his eyes they are disloyal to Rome. One of the film's most effective -. Aaron kills the nurse and flees with the baby to save it from the Emperor's inevitable wrath. The Tribune of the People. rape and dismemberment. the general at the center of the play. Aaron the Moor. Matthew Rhys. To save the baby. complains that she will not leave his book alone. During a hunting party the next day. in order to have their way with her. but he refuses the throne in favour of the late emperor's eldest son Saturninus. Romans under the command of Titus Andronicus (Anthony Hopkins). who is enraged by this added to the fact that Lucius is at the gates of Rome with an army of Goths. He and his remaining son Lucius have begged for the lives of Martius and Quintus. then take Lavinia away and rape her. who has been helping Titus read to Lavinia. replacing them with tree branches. Titus has truly lost power. balancing helplessly on a tree stump in the middle of a field of them. and Aaron the Moor (Harry Lennix). Each demands the right to do so. In the book. so that the spirits of his 21 dead sons might be appeased. Aaron enters. Marcus Andronicus. Titus's grandson (Lucius's son). she indicates to Titus and Marcus the story of Philomela. To keep her from revealing what she has seen and endured. where they are to marry. Aaron reveals the entire plot to Lucius. An army resembling the Terracotta Army enter. Later. but it is Titus who has Aaron cut off his (Titus's) left hand and take it to the emperor. and Marcus that the emperor will spare the prisoners if one of the three sacrifices a hand. and Raz Degan). but Tamora refuses. relishing in every murder. Lucius. Feigning madness. Tamora delivers a mixed-race child. dishonours Titus and marries The Goth Queen Tamora instead. Titus kills his son Mutius. They are easily persuaded by Aaron to ambush Bassianus and kill him in the presence of Tamora and Lavinia. as Aaron had directed them. announces that the people's choice for new emperor is his brother. they cut out her tongue as well as her hands.[1] Desperate for revenge. In return. Marcus directs the arrows to land inside the palace of Saturninus. but the two are found guilty and are marched off to execution. the general is overcome with grief. When she and Titus are reunited. a messenger brings Titus the heads of his sons and his own severed hand. where an invisible audience cheers. Later. meets Tamora's sons Chiron and Demetrius. much to the latter's delight. his family's and Bassianus's chagrin. post-rape and in pain. Lucius. Tamora begins planning her revenge. and the nurse can tell it must have been fathered by Aaron. The new emperor. Chiron and Demetrius throw Bassianus's body in a pit. Titus vows revenge. Titus sacrifices Tamora’s eldest son. Saturninus. The new emperor takes Lavinia as his bride much to Titus's. her sons (Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Tamora begs for the life of Alarbus.

murderous villains. an executed prisoner of war. and the chief architect of her vengeful plans against the Andronicus family • Alan Cumming as Saturninus. One of Aaron's speeches also provides compelling fodder for a discussion of Shakespeare and race. • Jessica Lange as Tamora. and tells Saturninus what Tamora's sons had done. Lavinia enters the dining room. lines 87-99). one of Tamora's sons. will you kill your brother? . approaches him along with her two sons. ye sanguine. where he rallies a sizeable army to challenge Saturninus.. Titus's eldest son and loyal soldier. shallow-hearted boys/Ye whitelimed walls. When the Emperor agrees. Titus reveals that they were in the pie Tamora has just been enjoying. • Osheen Jones as Young Lucius. Roman Senator and staunch ally of his brother. is unrepentant to the end. Young Lucius picks up Aaron's child and carries him away into the sunrise. • Colm Feore as Marcus Andronicus. one of Tamora's sons. He plans to cook them into a pie for their mother. that Tamora's body be thrown to the wild beasts. Murder.''Titus (film)'' Aaron's obvious love for his child complicates his role as villain. Spurned by his attempts at claiming Lavinia as his new bride. and that Aaron be buried chest-deep and left to die of thirst and starvation. • Blake Ritson as Mutius. Aaron. he forsakes the Andronicus family and turns instead to Tamora as his new bride. convinced of Titus's madness. Aaron says to Chiron and Demetrius. He orders that Saturninus be given a proper burial. Following a post-war ritual of executing the proudest warrior of his enemy. servant and illicit lover to Tamora.. Titus agrees. but Titus insists that "Rape" and "Murder" stay with him. one of Titus's sons. another of Titus's sons. and Titus cuts their throats. and Rape. during the feast at his house. "Stay. • Kenny Doughty as Quintus. • James Frain as Bassianus. • Matthew Rhys as Demetrius. sending Marcus to invite Lucius to a feast. The scene dissolves back to the Roman Arena where Lucius tells his family's story to the people and is proclaimed Emperor. Knowing of the threat to his son's life due to the child's darker skin. Titus goes to Lavinia and kills her by breaking her neck. ye alehouse painted signs/Coal-black is better than another hue/In that it scorns to bear another hue" ("Titus Andronicus. Titus's grandson and a key-character in the sense that he observes most of the key events. daughter of Titus and fiancee of Bassianus • Harry Lennix as Aaron. Tamora." IV-ii. and then kills Tamora. brother to Bassianus and newly-crowned Emperor of Rome. When she is gone Titus's servants bind Chiron and Demetrius. while Lavinia holds a basin in her stumps to catch their blood. the ailing Titus. What. Saturninus then kills Titus after which Lucius kills Saturninus to avenge his father's death. She agrees. 229 Cast • Anthony Hopkins as Titus Andronicus. . victorious Roman General who declines a nomination for Emperor upon his return to Rome. • Colin Wells as Martius. however. the vanquished Goths. using her newly-claimed powers as Queen of Rome • Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Chiron. defeated Queen of the Goths. what. • Laura Fraser as Lavinia. and Titus asks Saturninus whether a father should kill his daughter if she has been raped. When the Emperor asks for Chiron and Demetrius. dressed as the spirits of Revenge. The next day. one of the deceased emperors sons and brother to Saturninus. • Angus Macfadyen as Lucius. Titus draws the ire of Tamora. "Revenge" offers to invite the Emperor and Tamora and is about to leave. one of Titus's sons. who swears revenge against Titus and the Andronicus family for the atrocities visited upon her eldest son. Following his failed attempts at freeing his condemned brothers. She tells Titus that she (as a supernatural spirit) will grant him revenge if he will convince Lucius to stop attacking Rome. unaware of her inevitable appointment as the Queen of Rome. Lucius is banished from Rome and defects to the Goths.

so far." by Katherine A. such as when Titus is shown the heads of his two sons and his own chopped-off hand. the film follows the play quite closely. org/ stable/ pdfplus/ 3844238.[4] Although the film did not do well at the box office.[3] The film was shot at the Cinecittà studios in Rome and on location at various historic monuments. Croatia. added various linking scenes without dialogue (while cutting some of the text) and set the play in an anachronistic fantasy world that uses locations. 230 Background and production Director Julie Taymor took Shakespeare's script. The brutality builds up throughout the film to the climactic ending. The Emperor's palace is represented by the 1930s Esposizione Universale Roma building in Rome. serves Tamora's two sons to her in a pie. Titus's house is represented by an old house near an aqueduct in Rome. when Hopkins. in which nearly every important character dies. complete with motorcycle outriders. jstor. Tamora's eldest son who is sacrificed. when Titus' son Lucius avenges his father by condemning the villainous Aaron to a painful death. Soundtrack The score to the film was created by Taymor's long-time friend and partner Elliot Goldenthal and is a typical Goldenthal soundtrack with an epic. inventive and dissonant feel. creating lurid cutscenes and incorporating elements of vaudeville.[2] Apart from the deliberate anachronisms. to give the impression of a Roman Empire that survived into the modern era. bfi. setting the drama into gear. pdf) Julie Taymor. at the beginning. including Taymor's stage production. Some shots of underground tunnels and ruins were filmed at Hadrian's Villa in Rome. as well as the title role in a BBC production of Othello). has a 67 percent fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. 279-303 BFI | Sight & Sound | Titus (1999) (http:/ / www. in the spirit of the play. dressed as a chef. Style The film. It is. Taymor engages with a "freakshow" style for her film. the only theatrical film based on a Shakespeare play in which Hopkins plays the leading role (he played Claudius in the 1969 version of Hamlet. DVD commentary. This ending is perhaps more positive than the ending of other productions of the play. and the streets where he rounds up his conspirators are the Roman Ghetto. The forest scenes were shot at Manziana. pp.3 (Autumn 1994). design and attention to symbolism. The arena that appears at the beginning and ending of the film is the Arena in Pula. The selection of music is similarly diverse.[7] References [1] [2] [3] [4] "Dismembering and Forgetting in Titus Andronicus. Shakespeare Quarterly. This leads to a domino-like path of carnage. Reception The film received mixed reviews[5] and. The opening scenes commence with a heavily choreographed triumphal march of the Roman troops. carrying him away from the violence as he walks slowly into the sunrise. it was praised for its visual effects. costumes and imagery from many periods of history. . is garishly violent. as of February 2008. 45. One of the experimental concepts in the film was that the character of Young Lucius (Titus' grandson) is initially introduced as a boy from the present who finds himself transported to the fantastical reality of the film. At the beginning of the film his toy soldiers turn into Titus' Roman army. in which Young Lucius is fixated upon the "tiny black coffin" holding the dead infant. org. Rowe.[6] Nevertheless it received a "Critics Pick" from the New York Times. the boy takes pity on Aaron's infant son. near Rome. uk/ sightandsound/ review/ 563) | A Tale of Two Tituses | Shakespeare Quarterly (2002) (http:/ / www. including Ancient Rome and Mussolini's Italy.''Titus (film)'' • Raz Degan as Alarbus. At the end.

com/m/titus/) at Rotten Tomatoes Titus (http://www.shtml) Empire: Film Reviews.''Titus (film)'' [5] Titus (film) (http:/ / www.boxofficemojo.com. com/ movie/ review?res=9C00E0D71539F937A15751C1A96F958260 231 External links • • • • • • • • Titus (http://www.bbc.htm) at Box Office Mojo Titus (http://www.com/movies/?id=titus. com/ film/ titles/ titus) at Metacritic [6] Titus Movie Reviews.co. metacritic.uk/films/2000/08/31/titus_review.rottentomatoes.Rotten Tomatoes (http:/ / uk.Films . Pictures .com/film/titles/titus) at Metacritic Boston Review article about the film (http://bostonreview. com/ m/ titus/ ) [7] http:/ / movies.net/BR25.Titus (http://www.com/work/181521) at Allmovie Titus (http://www.review .empireonline.allmovie.metacritic.imdb.html) BBC .com/title/tt0120866/) at the Internet Movie Database Titus (http://www.au/reviews/review. nytimes. Movie News and Interviews (http://www. asp?FID=6155) .2/stone. rottentomatoes.

388.''Mission: Impossible II'' 232 Mission: Impossible II Mission: Impossible II Theatrical teaser poster Directed by Produced by John Woo • • • Tom Cruise Paula Wagner Michael Doven Screenplay by Story by Starring Robert Towne • • • • • • • • • • • Ronald D. Moore Brannon Braga Tom Cruise Richard Roxburgh Dougray Scott Thandie Newton Ving Rhames Hans Zimmer Klaus Badelt Main theme: Lalo Schifrin Music by Cinematography Jeffrey L. 2000 123 minutes United States English $125 million $546. Kimball Editing by • • • • Christian Wagner Steven Kemper Stuart Baird Cruise/Wagner Los Angeles Center Studios Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Preceded by Followed by Paramount Pictures May 24.200 Mission: Impossible Mission: Impossible III .

As Ambrose takes Nyah and escapes from the laboratory. or else Nyah's infection will cause a pandemic and kill 17 million people in Australia alone. computer expert Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) and pilot Billy Baird (John Polson) in Sydney. she injects herself with it. while vacationing. and then injects Nyah with Bellerophon. Hunt starts a 20 hour countdown and departs before Biocyte security arrives. and had all the known samples of Bellerophon. had forewarned the IMF of his arrival. Hunt meets his team. intent on killing herself to prevent Chimera from spreading. into the IMF's hands. IMF clears Nyah's criminal record. presently operating in Seville. Hunt reports to IMF on the successful mission. using the footage to force McCloy to cooperate with them.000 and promising to return the samples of Bellerophon. As Hunt and the others stake out Biocyte. The IMF team kidnaps McCloy and learn that Nekhorvich had actually injected himself with Chimera. both which he was forced to developed by Biocyte. When she does so. Ambrose. thus preventing Ambrose from simply killing her to get it. stealing the samples of Bellerophon while taking out many of Ambrose's men. Nyah is able to steal the video footage long enough to transfer it to Hunt and his team. where Biocyte laboratories are located along with Ambrose's headquarters. but must include Nyah Nordoff-Hall (Thandie Newton). a top-secret espionage and clandestine operation agency. Ambrose has blackmailed McCloy to sell him the virus for £37. who learn that the Chimera virus has a 20 hours dormant period before it causes mass destruction of the victim's blood cells and kills them. now presently in Ambrose's hands. tricks Nyah into revealing Hunt's plan. Hunt is able to destroy all but one sample of the virus before Ambrose interrupts him. With little time left on the 20 hour countdown. With the crash of the plane. Nekhorvich. John C. and starring Tom Cruise. posing as Hunt. IMF is worried that the virus is out in the open. At a horse racing event. but purposely crashed the commercial airline en route. planning to deliver a new virus called Chimera and its cure. As the two IMF agents bring Nyah to Hunt. McCloy (Brendan Gleeson). Nyah gets close to Ambrose and begins to find any information related to the Chimera virus. Bellerophon. a professional thief. Ambrose quietly meets with Biocyte's CEO. It is a sequel to Brian De Palma's 1996 film Mission: Impossible with Cruise reprising his role as agent Ethan Hunt of the IMF. and allows Hunt to continue his vacation with her in Sydney. Spain. he and Ambrose engage in a fist fight. Australia. Ambrose secures Nyah and prepares to raid Biocyte himself to secure the virus. during which Ambrose orders Nyah to retrieve the last sample. and demands McCloy to effectively hand over control of Biocyte to him. IMF assigns Hunt and his team to recover it.''Mission: Impossible II'' Mission: Impossible II (also known as M:i-2) is a 2000 action film directed by John Woo. believing that former IMF agent Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott) is behind the incident. and shows him a video of the Chimera virus affecting one of Nekhorvich's colleagues taken from Biocyte. Hunt's team plans to break into Biocyte and destroy the virus. Hunt's team is able to locate and infiltrate the meeting. 233 Plot Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). Vladimir Nekhorvich (Rade Serbedzija) of Biocyte Pharmaceuticals to enter into the United States. and an ensuing firefight begins. who also served as the film's producer. Luther and Billy locate Nyah who has wandered to a cliff side. After recruiting Nyah. Ambrose opts to let Nyah wander the streets of Sydney in a daze. Hunt finally gains the upper hand over Ambrose and kills him.000. the only way he could smuggle the virus from Biocyte. is alerted by the IMF that someone has used his identity to assist Russian bio-chemical expert Dr. Hunt learns that Ambrose is holding Nyah and stops firing. . an old friend of Hunt. as she will be able to get close to Ambrose.

200.[2] It was the highest-grossing movie of 2000.297 Total Domestic Grosses .388. Cruise refused to drop the idea because he could not think of a better way to reintroduce the character. He tore his shoulder when performing Hunt's jump from one part of the cliff to another. but both walked away from it on good terms. Box office totals • • • • • • Budget . As a result both Dougray Scott and Thandie Newton lost the chance to appear in starring roles in other films. where he is rock climbing.$546.$37.000 Marketing cost .105 . but he did have a harness.[1] Reception Box office The film was a financial hit and grossed close to $215 million in its domestic North American release and approximately $331 million abroad.409.000 Opening Weekend Gross (Domestic) .978. McCloy Anthony Hopkins as Mission Commander Swanbeck Rade Šerbedžija as Dr.889 Total Overseas Grosses .$125. There was no safety net as he filmed the sequence.$330.''Mission: Impossible II'' 234 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt Dougray Scott as Sean Ambrose Thandie Newton as Nyah Nordoff-Hall Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell Richard Roxburgh as Hugh Stamp John Polson as Billy Baird Brendan Gleeson as John C.216 Total Worldwide Grosses .$215. Nekhorvich (as Radé Sherbedgia) William Mapother as Wallis Dominic Purcell as Ulrich Mathew Wilkinson as Michael Nicholas Bellas Accountant Cristina Brogers as Flamenco Dancer Kee Chan as Chemist Kim Fleming as Larrabee Sam Jones as Plane Passenger Production Production of the film was troubled and was shut down for several weeks as the script was re-worked. The studio expressed concern over the safety of filming Ethan Hunt's entrance in the film.845.$57.000. Cruise and Woo had reportedly clashed several times throughout filming over creative differences.

[4] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said that "if the first movie was entertaining as sound.com. html). Metacritic. com/ m/ mission_impossible_ii/ ). Amazon. htm). nypost.com" (http:/ / www. "Take a Look Around". php3?showid=1169).00.. Variety . Rotten Tomatoes. New York Post [10] Mission: Impossible II review (http:/ / www.276298. com/ ew/ article/ 0."[8] Lou Lumenick of the New York Post said."[6] Ella Taylor of LA Weekly said that "every car chase. . com/ film/ film_results. shtml). bbc. htm). washingtonpost. was a spoof of the promo title "M:I-2" for this film."[9] J. Village Voice [11] Mission: Impossible II review (http:/ / www. and movement. com/ video/ titles/ missionimpossible2). Hoberman. rottentomatoes. References [1] "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross: Series 16: Episode 1" (http:/ / www.[3] Metacritic gives the film a weighted average score of 60% based on 33 reviews."[10] Dennis Harvey of Variety said the film is "even more empty a luxury vehicle than its predecessor" and that it "pushes the envelope in terms of just how much flashy packaging an audience will buy when there's absolutely nada inside. Box Office Mojo. Owen Gleiberman. Time Inc. 3/4 stars [6] Mission: Impossible II review (http:/ / www. . LA Weekly [8] Mission: Impossible II review (http:/ / www. Soundtrack The Mission: Impossible II Soundtrack includes Limp Bizkit's rendition of Lalo Schifrin's Mission: Impossible theme. Hoberman of the Village Voice called the film "a vaguely absurd thriller filled with elaborately superfluous setups and shamelessly stale James Bond riffs. every plane crash. Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a normalized rating of 56% based on 133 reviews. villagevoice. Washington Post [9] Mission: Impossible II review (http:/ / www. Chicago Sun-Times. fury.''Mission: Impossible II'' 235 Critical response Critical reaction to Mission: Impossible II was mixed. Retrieved 2009-01-24. com/ movies/ ?id=mi2. BBC iPlayer. "Mission: Impossible II review" (http:/ / rogerebert. ew. this one is more evolved. . more confident. [3] "Mission: Impossible II reviews" (http:/ / www. metacritic. "Check your brains at the popcorn stand and hang on for a spectacular ride. every potential drop off a cliff is a masterpiece of grace and surprise."[5] Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly felt the film was a "throwaway pleasure" but also "a triumph of souped-up action. variety. [4] "Mission: Impossible 2 reviews at Metacritic. com/ movies/ 4523. htm). J."[11] Jonathan Rosenbaum of the Chicago Reader said that "no hero or villain winds up carrying any moral weight at all. . Retrieved 2009-03-05. Entertainment Weekly. co. com/ wp-srv/ entertainment/ movies/ reviews/ missionimpossible2howe. dll/ article?AID=/ 20000524/ REVIEWS/ 60503001/ 1023). Ella Taylor. suntimes. more sure-footed in the way it marries minimal character development to seamless action. Music Score The original score was composed by Hans Zimmer and has vocals performed by Lisa Gerrard. CBS Interactive. com/ apps/ pbcs. uk/ iplayer/ episode/ b00fm6wz/ Friday_Night_with_Jonathan_Ross_Series_16_Episode_1/ ). com/ filmrev/ cfropen. laweekly.. 2009-01-23. Flixster.. Desson Thomson. asp?recordID=1117782016). A teaser trailer included on the DVD spoofed Mission: Impossible II with scenes from Piglet's Big Movie. [7] Mission: Impossible II review (http:/ / www. Also the Mission: Impossible II Soundtrack includes Metallica's song "I Disappear".] takes complete command of the latest technology to create brilliant action sequences. [5] Roger Ebert. Dennis Harvey. . "P:B:M-1"."[12] The promo title featured on posters for the film Piglet's Big Movie."[7] Desson Thomson of the Washington Post said that "[John] Woo [. [2] "Mission: Impossible II (2000)" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. com/ issues/ 0022/ hoberman. It was nominated for two Golden Raspberry Awards including Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst Supporting Actress (Thandie Newton). Lou Lumenick.

com/title/tt0120755/) at the Internet Movie Database Mission: Impossible II (http://www.salon. Jonathan Rosenbaum.com/movies/?id=mi2. chireader. com/ MovieCaps/ M/ MI/ 19014_MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE_TWO.com/work/184585) at Allmovie Mission: Impossible II (http://www. Chicago Reader 236 External links • • • • Mission: Impossible II (http://www.allmovie.com/ent/col/srag/2000/06/01/towne/) .htm) at Box Office Mojo Interview with screenwriter Robert Towne (http://www.''Mission: Impossible II'' [12] Mission: Impossible II review (http:/ / onfilm.boxofficemojo.imdb. html).

141. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (known as The Grinch for promotional purposes). 2000 101 minutes United States English $123 million $345. Seuss. is a 2000 American live-action film from Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment.''The Grinch (film)'' 237 The Grinch (film) How the Grinch Stole Christmas Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Ron Howard Ron Howard Brian Grazer Jeffrey Price Peter S. based on the 1966 TV special which itself is based on 1957 book of the same name by Dr. Seaman How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr.403 Dr. many . Because the film is based on a children's picture book. Seuss Anthony Hopkins Jim Carrey Taylor Momsen Jeffrey Tambor Christine Baranski Bill Irwin Molly Shannon Clint Howard James Horner Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography Donald Peterman Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Dan Hanley Mike Hill Imagine Entertainment Universal Studios November 17.

Augustus gets mad and openly accuses Cindy Lou as the person responsible for "ruining Christmas!" But her father. He actually comes from a mistake by a wrong wind when he was a baby. he actually hears the joyful singing of the Whos and realizes that his plan has backfired. . produced by Howard and Brian Grazer. However. starts to create interest in the Grinch and his history and asks everyone what they know about him. it is the first Dr. His burglary is successful but ends up forcing Max to pull all the things stolen when his flying sleigh runs out of fuel. While he is initially disgusted with the party. to the great displeasure of Augustus. But much to his shock and chagrin. and goes on a rampage against Christmas. DreamWorks Pictures was originally planning to co-produce the film. While he creates a Santa suit and a sleigh. where everyone celebrates Christmas with much happiness and joy. but spent four weeks as the #1 film in the United States. though some were slightly changed. an insight that profoundly touched him and (literally) makes his heart grow up three times its original size. Meanwhile. Lou Lou Who.''The Grinch (film)'' additions had to be made to the storyline to bring it up to feature-length. he sings his theme song. after much gossip and debate with himself. something that makes him remember his traumatic childhood and go on rampage again. he simply was ridiculed by all of his classmates (mostly by Augustus May Who (Jeffrey Tambor)) because of his appearance (with the exception of Martha May Whovier). Cindy Lou (Taylor Momsen). after becoming aware of the Grinch's existence. decides to make the Grinch the main participant of the Whobilation. As a result. and that they will do the commemoration of the Christmas tomorrow without any trouble. Angry with the idea of spending another annoying Christmas in his cave. who reluctantly agrees. his dog) goes to the party anyway. The people agree with this speech. he realizes that Christmas means much more than mere "material gifts". after a moment of reflection. The film received mixed reviews from critics. Cindy. when the Whos wake up and notices that they were robbed. and starring Jim Carrey. Disgusted and puzzled. he was not the cruel and selfish person who he became. spoiling the party and upsetting Cindy Lou. and begin to sing. and that the principal meaning of Christmas is to spend it with family and friends and not about giving or receiving gifts and putting up decorations. The Grinch is the highest grossing Christmas film of all-time with $345. he starts to genuinally enjoy himself until Augustus proposes to Martha in marriage and gives the Grinch an electric shaver as a Christmas present. but dropped out at the last minute. the Grinch starts to ask why his plan failed and. openly defends her by arguing that she did nothing wrong and reminds everyone that they still have the Christmas Spirit -. but much to his dismay. and he (with the unintended help of Max) decides to steal all their belongings while they sleep. Directed by Ron Howard. no one likes or cares for him.403 made worldwide. he only grumbles and sends her out of his cave. he soon realizes that his attack does not remove the spirit of Christmas from them. the Grinch deduces that the Whos only celebrate Christmas because of their extravagant gifts. the Grinch. and is adopted by two ladies. he (with a "little help" from Max. and new rhymes were put in as well. Most of the rhymes used in the book were used in the film. In the next day.141. 238 Plot The movie begins with a celebration in the microscopical city of Whoville. including some information about the backstory of the title character. Although he shows some sadistic tendencies as a child. But when she offers an invitation to the Grinch. believes that he destroyed Christmas and decides to destroy all the stolen gifts after he hears the Whos crying. unaware of what is happening in the town.the one thing that doesn't come from a store. who despises Christmas and the Whos with great wrath and occasionally pulls dangerous and harmful pranks on them. with the exception of the cynical and misanthropical Grinch (Jim Carrey). Seuss story made into a feature film. The Grinch is pleased with his rampage. touched by this story. and soon discovers that he has a tragic past.

son of Lou and Betty.Busta Rhymes and Jim Carrey "Green Christmas" . which then motivated the Grinch to hate Christmas. 5. and brother to Drew and Cindy Lou. 4. and brother to Stu and Cindy Lou. The film ends with the camera backing up and it becomes a snowflake showing the words "The End. • Jeremy Howard as Drew Lou Who. son of Lou and Betty. until Cindy (who decides to give him another chance) appears on top of the gifts.Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Christmas is Going to the Dogs" . the teacher. Whoville's mayor. who always hated Christmas since he was an 8-year-old child. Crumpit. a young Who.'N Sync . gravity starts to pull the stolen gifts to the edge of the cliff. and that "nobody should be alone on Christmas". "Grinch 2000" . the Grinch's lifelong crush and the romantic interest of Augustus. but the gifts are too heavy for him. the Whos not only decide to forgive him. He is surprised and asks her what she's doing up there. • Josh Ryan Evans as an 8-year-old Grinch. His humiliation at school by Augustus is what drives him into a hatred of Christmas. • T. Cindy Lou's mother and a rival to Martha May in a house lighting contest. He ridicules the young Grinch. explains what has transpired.Ben Folds "Better do it Right" . Mr. the Grinch appears along with Cindy and the gifts. 9. The redeemed Grinch starts a new life with the Whos and commemorates Christmas with them in his cave. • Jeffrey Tambor as Mayor Augustus May Who. • Bill Irwin as Lou Lou Who. the mayor's aid. and a horrified Grinch decides to save it. • Reid Kirchenbauer as an 8-year-old Whobris. the chief of police.Little Isidore and the Inquisitors "Lonely Christmas Eve" . 2. who thinks the Christmas spirit in Whoville is lost. and Cindy tells him that she came to see him." 239 Cast • Jim Carrey as the Grinch. Much to Augustus's chagrin. • Ben Bookbinder as an 8-year-old Augustus May Who. Soundtrack 1. whereas in the book and TV special she was "no more than two"). and he is about to let them fall. and apologizes for all his evil deeds and pranks against the Whos.Jim Carrey "You Don't Have to be Alone" . J.''The Grinch (film)'' But his happiness doesn't last.Smash Mouth "Whoville Medley" (Perfect Christmas Night/Grinch) . • Anthony Hopkins as the Narrator. Grinch" . • Mindy Sterling as Clarnella. • Kelley as Max the Dog and Frank Welker as his voice. After a long descent. She shows compassion towards the young Grinch. 7. • Landry Allbright as an 8-year-old Martha May Whovier. It was revealed in his origin that he started to hate Christmas after everybody in his school laughed at him after he tried to shave his chin. • Jim Meskimen as Officer Wholihan. 8. • Molly Shannon as Betty Lou Who. 6. Thyne as Stu Lou Who.The Eels "You're a Mean One. Cindy Lou's father and the postman of Whoville. and also offers to accept any punishment they want to give him. • Christine Baranski as Martha May Whovier. who is the Grinch's only pet dog and companion on Mt. • Clint Howard as Whobris. she is about eight years old. 3. This provides the Grinch with enough strength to lift the gifts. (In this version.Barenaked Ladies "Christmas of Love" . • Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who. It is unknown how or when The Grinch got him. but Martha also denies Augustus's proposal and decides to stay with the Grinch (much to his personal happiness and delight).

originally written and recorded by Mariah Carey and then given to Faith Hill.Faith Hill.825 in the United States and Canada and an additional gross of $85.230. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas [5] at Box Office Mojo . It closed on March 1.Jim Carrey and Taylor Momsen "Grinch Schedule" .141. Why Can't I Find You?" . and won the Academy Award for Best Makeup. it was also nominated for two 2000 Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst Screenplay. classifying it as "Rotten". Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas was a smash hit at the box office. Carrey was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. including Best Costume and Best Art Direction. DVD and Blu-ray A Blu-ray and DVD combination pack was released on October 13. 240 Dialogue • • • • "Kids Today" . 2009.Jim Carrey "Christmas Means More" .403. losing the award to George Clooney for O Brother. "Where Are You. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas [3] at Rotten Tomatoes Dr. and Metacritic listed the film with a 46% rating. Where Art Thou? The film won a Saturn Award for Best Music. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas [2] at the Internet Movie Database Dr.''The Grinch (film)'' 10. indicating "mixed or average reviews".082. At the Golden Globes. 2001 after 15 weeks with a final gross of $260. and Taylor Momsen "The Big Heist" "Does Cindy Lou Really Ruin Christmas?" "A Change of the Heart" "The Sleigh of Presents" "He Carves the Roast Beast" (includes "Welcome Christmas") Reception Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas [4] at Metacritic Dr. Christmas?" .Anthony Hopkins and Jim Carrey Original score by James Horner • • • • • • • • • "The Shape of Things to Come" (includes "Happy Who-lidays") "Memories of Green Childhood" "Christmas.Taylor Momsen "Stealing Christmas" (with dialogue) . Rotten Tomatoes lists the film with a 53% rating. losing both categories to Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 and Battlefield Earth respectively.127 theaters. The film garnered three Academy Award nominations. However.615 from 3. Anthony Hopkins.044.Jim Carrey.096. External links • • • • • Official website [1] Dr. for an average of $17. opening at #1 with a weekend gross of $55.Jim Carrey "Reindeer" . The film received mixed reviews from critics.578 in other territories for a total worldwide gross of $345.

com/ title/ tt0170016/ http:/ / www. com/ film/ titles/ howthegrinchstolechristmas http:/ / www. htm . imdb. rottentomatoes. com/ m/ how_the_grinch_stole_christmas/ http:/ / www.''The Grinch (film)'' 241 References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] http:/ / http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. metacritic. com/ movies/ ?id=grinch. com/ http:/ / www. grinched.

268 The Silence of the Lambs Red Dragon Hannibal is a 2001 psychological thriller directed by Ridley Scott. torture. It is a sequel to the 1991 Academy Award-winning film The Silence of the Lambs that returns Anthony Hopkins to his iconic role as serial killer Hannibal Lecter. Julianne Moore co-stars. adapted from the Thomas Harris novel of the same name. is determined to capture. the premise is that Dr. and kill him. the extremely wealthy Mason Verger (portrayed by Gary Oldman). taking over for Jodie Foster in the role of FBI Agent Clarice Starling.''Hannibal (film)'' 242 Hannibal (film) Hannibal Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Starring Ridley Scott Ridley Scott Dino De Laurentiis David Mamet Steven Zaillian Hannibal by Thomas Harris Anthony Hopkins Julianne Moore Gary Oldman Ray Liotta Giancarlo Giannini Hans Zimmer Music by Cinematography John Mathieson Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Preceded by Followed by Pietro Scalia Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Universal Pictures February 9. The film's . Lecter's only surviving victim. Set ten years after The Silence of the Lambs. 2001 131 minutes United States English $87 million $351.692.

The bedridden Verger uses his immense wealth and political influence to have Clarice reassigned to Lecter's case and meets with her in his mansion. She contacts the police departments of the cities where the shops are located. a convicted child molestor whom Lecter left horribly disfigured and paralyzed after having been assigned as Verger's court-appointed therapist.S. infiltrates Verger's estate. including what may or may not be .''Hannibal (film)'' locations alternate between Italy and the U. and kill Lecter. Pazzi (using his special password) accesses the FBI's ViCAP database of wanted fugitives. Clarice tries to attack Lecter but is quickly overpowered. requesting surveillance tapes. Upon recognizing Dr. FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore) is unjustly blamed for a botched drug raid. but manages to get the print and provides them to Pazzi who in turn contacts Verger. Verger is pursuing an elaborate scheme to capture. Australia. torture. When her superiors refuse to act. The pickpocket is mortally wounded by Lecter. Pazzi ignores warnings by Clarice against trying to capture Lecter alone. Indeed. who have followed Clarice. the assistant curator and now caretaker of the library. Lecter takes a sedated Clarice to Krendler's secluded lake house and treats her bullet wound. where Chief Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi (Giancarlo Giannini) is investigating the disappearance of a library curator. cuts out part of his prefrontal cortex. based on Harris' novel Red Dragon.[2] Upon release. It marked the third film appearance of Lecter. Lecter is later seen on a flight with a Dean and Deluca boxed lunch on his pull-down table. Lured by Verger's bounty. As he prepares to eat his meal. Canada and the UK in February 2001. Weakened by the drugs. on her own initiative. Lecter sends her a mock-sympathetic letter after learning of her publicized criticism for the raid. Pazzi questions Lecter. Verger bribes Justice Department official. Clarice. Krendler chatters away merrily. He learns of Verger's US$3 million reward to anyone turning Lecter over to him rather than to the FBI. with Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme. One of the cities is Florence. showing the very kind of disinhibition that is classically caused by removal of the prefrontal cortex. Clarice. Hannibal was a highly anticipated sequel. insulting Clarice in cruder terms than he had used before. Though the letter contains no clue to Lecter's whereabouts. Clarice detects a strange fragrance that a perfume expert later identifies as a rare skin cream sold only in a few shops in the world. She manages to handcuff his wrist to hers and Lecter brandishes a meat cleaver and severs his own hand to escape. Mason Verger (Gary Oldman). Lecter then baits Pazzi into an isolated room of the library.[3] 243 Plot Ten years after tracking down serial killer Jame Gumb. capture Lecter and transport him to Verger.[1] The "bumpy" development of Hannibal drew a large amount of attention. and hopes Clarice's involvement will draw Lecter out. to accuse Clarice of withholding a note from Lecter. Verger furiously orders his private physician Cordell (Željko Ivanek) to shoot Lecter. When Krendler arrives for the Fourth of July break he's subdued and drugged by Lecter. where he along with Verger's men are killed by the boars. With the help of his associates. masquerading as "Dr. wakes to find Lecter cooking and Krendler in a wheelchair seated at the table set for an elegant dinner. disoriented by morphine and dressed in a slinky black-velvet evening gown. Clarice and her connection to Hannibal Lecter (Sir Anthony Hopkins) come to the attention of Lecter's only surviving victim. Lecter lures her to Union Station but Verger's men. He recruits a pickpocket to obtain a fingerprint of Lecter to show as proof of his whereabouts and thus collect the reward. Verger means to have Lecter eaten alive by a herd of vicious boars bred specifically for this purpose. leading to her suspension. Hannibal broke box-office records in the United States. Paul Krendler (Ray Liotta). but instead Lecter persuades Cordell to throw Verger into the pen. Fell in the surveillance tape. ties him up with electrical cords and hangs and disembowels him before escaping back to the United States. screenwriter Ted Tally and actress Jodie Foster all eventually declining involvement. sautees it and feeds Krendler his own brain. Italy. she looks on in confusion and horror as Lecter removes the top of Krendler's skull. After the meal. Fell". Clarice intervenes to free Lecter but is herself wounded and Lecter rescues her from the voracious animals. a character first portrayed (as "Lecktor") by Brian Cox in the 1986 film Manhunter.

. gazing in the windows of watchmakers. less than a year before the novel was published."[4] Demme stated his intention to be involved in the cinematic adaptation of Hannibal in 1998. played by Brian Cox.''Hannibal (film)'' Krendler's brain.[7] The book sold out of its initial 1. both Dino and Martha De Laurentiis found themselves sitting on a valuable asset and eager for a follow-up novel they could adapt.. Good luck to Jonathan Demme. After a lengthy wait." When The Silence of the Lambs became a commercial and critical success in 1991. It speculated that both Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins would receive $15 million each to reprise their roles and "$5 million to $19 million for director Jonathan Demme. had been working on the follow-up for "seven or eight years. 244 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Dr.. Harris's agent at the time. winning five Academy Awards..[8] Hannibal went on to sell millions of copies following its release in mid-1999. Hannibal Lecter Julianne Moore as Clarice Starling Gary Oldman as Mason Verger Ray Liotta as Paul Krendler Giancarlo Giannini as Chief Inspector Renaldo Pazzi Željko Ivanek as Dr. based on Harris's novel Red Dragon."[6] He has since added that Demme felt he could not make a sequel as good as The Silence of the ." The newspaper further reported that. Hopkins. author of The Silence of the Lambs. claiming it would make an unbelievable movie.[5] It has been claimed Demme turned down the project because he found the material "lurid"[10] and was averse to the book's "gore". this would not deter the studio from going ahead with Hannibal. Cordell Doemling Hazelle Goodman as Evelda Drumgo Frankie R. to use the character of Lecter for free. Harris told Demme: "I imagine Doctor Lecter going somewhere in Europe. a young boy seated next to him asks to try some of his food. They did. we create a new pope." he said. featuring the first appearance of Hannibal Lecter.. Faison as Nurse Barney Ivano Marescotti as Carlo Deogracias Francesca Neri as Allegra Pazzi Danielle de Niese as Beatrice Development Background The Silence of the Lambs director.[6] In April 1999. De Laurentiis and his wife Martha (also his co-producer) had no direct involvement in The Silence of the Lambs. the Los Angeles Times reported that the budget for an adaptation of Hannibal could cost as much as $100 million. and Demme would soon receive manuscripts of the novel." Demme had an idea even at that time that it would not be a straight follow up.. De Laurentiis did not like Mann's film: "Manhunter was no good.[5] Dino De Laurentiis produced Michael Mann's film Manhunter in 1986. Mort Janklow. Demme said that Thomas Harris. strolling round the streets of Florence or Munich.[11] De Laurentiis said on Demme's decision to decline: "When the pope dies. although Silence of the Lambs cost only $22 million. told the Los Angeles Times that Foster. however.6 million print run in the summer of 1999. Jonathan Demme was asked in 1994 about a possible sequel in Rolling Stone. which Lecter allows. which produced Silence of the Lambs. own the rights to the Lecter character and reportedly allowed Orion Pictures. it was not Red Dragon. De Laurentiis finally received a call from Harris telling him he had finished the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs and De Laurentiis purchased the rights for a record $10 million. Good-bye.[9] Demme informed the producers of Hannibal that he would pass on directing Hannibal. a decision De Laurentiis came to regret. not wishing to be "greedy.

[10] Steven Zaillian (writer of Schindler's List) was offered the chance to write the adaptation after Tally passed but he also declined. about a month before it was published in book form.."[7] Mamet was preparing to direct his own film. I’ll do it. reconsidered and became involved in the project. opium.to explore his mind palace. needed major revisions. which became like a vampire movie.''Hannibal (film)'' Lambs.[12] Scott was in the third week before principal photography was due to finish on Gladiator. Scott misunderstood which Hannibal he meant. It was so rich in all kind of ways. we had an espresso together and a few days later.. I’m doing a Roman epic right now. but I couldn’t do the films.[6] A script review at ScreenwritersUtopia. was another key member of the original team to decline involvement in Hannibal (he won an Oscar for his Silence adaptation). co-chairman of Universal Pictures (a co-production deal was struck between Universal and MGM) said on the rejection of Mamet's screenplay: "There's no way David was going to read 15 pages of our notes and then be available to work on the script day-to-day. he said: "My first question was: ‘What about Jonathan?’ and they said: ‘The original team said it's too violent. saying: "It's hard to say no to Dino once and it's almost impossible to say no to him . no. and expressed his desire to do it.’ I said. thinking De Laurentiis was speaking of the general and historical figure from Carthage who nearly brought down the Roman Empire back around 200 B.. He arrived with a manuscript of Hannibal. He explained that "I was busy. He said: ‘Lets make this one.'" Scott did. they are too much for me.. Anyway.[9] De Laurentiis asked Scott if he would like to direct the film version of Hannibal. which."[5] Scott read the manuscript in four sittings within a week." He asked author Thomas Harris if he was "married to his ending".. had problems with the novel's "excesses". He's always enthusiastic and aggressive and came after me when I did both Blade Runner and Alien.[14] Zaillian.[5] Scott further explains how he got involved: "I was shooting Gladiator in Malta and one day. so he changed it. on behalf of Hannibal—I’m sure that's been in the back of his mind for a number of years.’ I haven’t read anything so fast since The Godfather.[6] Stacey Snider. have some uncertainty with the source material. he called me to ask if he could visit the Gladiator set. He had difficulties with the ending of the novel in particular—"I couldn’t take that quantum leap emotionally on behalf of Starling. And I wasn’t sure I was interested. I went for a walk for half a mile down the road to the Malta Film Studio to see my old buddy Dino.[8] "I always imagined Hannibal likes cannabis. earning 12 Academy Award nominations. Harris said no. Certainly. old boy.needless to say I don’t do either." “ [13] —Ridley Scott on his thoughts of the character "Hannibal Lecter". the screenwriter for The Silence of the Lambs. like Demme.C.. marijuana. I don’t wanna do elephants coming over the Alps next.[12] 245 Ridley Scott De Laurentiis visited Ridley Scott on the set of Gladiator and suggested to Ridley he read the novel he had bought the rights to.[5] Gladiator became a commercial and critical success. I'd rather just have a cigar. 'Okay. I had not seen him since I’d worked on a version of Dune. You can almost never win when you do a sequel. for the hell of it. But for Starling. so he replied: "Basically. Dino had pursued me to direct Dune and another film. This was pre-Blade Runner. himself."[6] David Mamet was the first screenwriter to produce a draft. according to Ridley Scott and the producers. believing it to be a "symphony". Tally. I think one of the attractions about Starling to Hannibal is what a straight arrow she is. ” Script development Ted Tally. Dino.com describes the Mamet draft as "stunningly bad" but found Zaillian's rewrite to be "gripping entertainment".. "didn’t buy the book from the opera scene onwards." (In the novel Lecter and Starling end up an actual couple on the run together). He also. who had already passed."[8] Although Scott had accepted the job Jonathan Demme had rejected.

however. was to revise the script by David Mamet until it pleased all parties—meaning the "love" story would need to be done by suggestion instead of by "assault".Frankly I could have just made it. The withdrawal of both—Foster and Hopkins. I knew we had no movie without Anthony Hopkins. and I know it sounds kind of strange to say but there was no way that either of us could really trample . even believing the final movie was better for it.[13] A key objective of Zaillian. We discussed Hannibal endlessly."[12] Involvement of Jodie Foster Jodie Foster confirmed to Larry King (on her potential involvement in Hannibal). Universal and partner MGM. Producer De Laurentiis confirmed this after the film's release: "First and foremost. and has no cohesive game plan at the moment.’"[6] (The article makes clear that "Dino comically mispronounces the actress's name")[6] Entertainment Weekly described the project as becoming "a bloody mess. she really did. he said: "Yes. She said: "The official reason I didn’t do Hannibal is I was doing another movie. saying he had a "hunch" she would not be..[6] Her spokeswoman said the reason was because Claire Danes had become available in Foster's own project Flora Plum. hemorrhaging talent and money" even despite Hopkins being on-board.[6] Misher added that. Some say she had "sequel-itis".[1] [6] "The studio is just back from the holiday and is regrouping based on the news.[5] Foster did turn it down. She no want to read the script if you no give her an offer of $20m and 15% of the gross. Steve Zaillian would be one of them.[17] Salary demands may also have played a part in Foster's non-participation. ‘Can Clarice be looked upon as James Bond for instance? A character who is replaceable?' Or was Jodie Foster Clarice Starling."[8] Scott has said there were writing and "structural problems" as to what they would do with parts of the movie. very efficient. He was distilling through discussion what he was gonna finally do." Said Kevin Misher."[8] Asked if he had read Mamet's draft. So I get to say.[16] This would cause problems for the studio.’ And I say.[15] Scott worked through the script with Zaillian for 28 days making him "sweat through it with him and discuss every inch of the way with him. but he was off doing a film. because there were very few rewrites once I brought in Steve Zaillian.[16] Yet there is still uncertainty as to why Foster declined. But I was scared that he would not be able to give me enough attention.. everybody wants to do it." After 25 days Scott suddenly realized that Zaillian was "exorcising the 600 pages of the book. "It was one of those moments when you sit down and think. goodbye. ‘Give my love to Judy Foster. could possibly have been terminal for the project. He is very fast.[8] She told Entertainment Weekly in 1997 that "Anthony Hopkins always talks about it. an Academy Award winner. and the audience will not accept anyone else?"[6] Foster said in December 1999 that the part of Clarice Starling in Hannibal had "negative attributes" and "betrayed" the original character.. confirming this in late December 1999.. that I wasn’t available when that movie was being shot.''Hannibal (film)'' twice. He say to me ‘I have instruction.[7] It became apparent that the producers and the studio could do without one of the original "stars" (and would go on to find a replacement). If you were to ask who were the best three screenwriters in the business. in 1997. Every time I see him. Hannibal Lecter) would reprise their respective roles for which they won Academy Awards in The Silence of the Lambs (best actress/actor). 'Hannibal' was green lit and his first draft only took about a month."[6] This question (regarding the script development) was put to Ridley Scott by Total Film magazine: "There were lots of rewrites on 'Hannibal'—what was the main problem with the original material?" Scott replied: "That's inaccurate. Universal's president of production. it's like: 'When is it going to happen? When is it going to happen?'"[1] Producer Dino De Laurentiis thought Foster would decline once she read the book (Hannibal). De Laurentiis said: "I call the agent of Judy Foster. Others contended that she didn’t want to do it without Demme or was slated herself to direct another film.[1] Jodie Foster talked about Hannibal in an interview with Total Film magazine in late 2005.Clarice meant so much to Jonathan and I[sic]. that she "would definitely be part of it". because that draft needed a lot of work. Flora Plum. I mean. So I moved on basically."[5] 246 Casting It was unclear if Jodie Foster (Clarice Starling) and Anthony Hopkins (Dr. in a nice dignified way.[5] Anthony Hopkins also had doubts Foster would be involved.

. Hopkins changed his appearance by building up muscle and cropping his hair short "to make him like a mercenary.[7] Hopkins says on the making-of feature on DVD that he couldn’t make up his mind to commit. With his big hat." said Scott on his female lead. Ashley Judd. Hopkins told them yes. Some of it I found intriguing.[5] Scott said he was "really surprised to find that I had five of the top actresses in Hollywood wanting it. some I was a little doubtful about. He kills the—what do they call them? The terminally rude. She can be a lunatic in Magnolia. Gillian Anderson. I've always thought he's a very elegant man."[18] Julianne Moore as Clarice Starling When it became clear that Foster would skip Hannibal. Scott said his decision was swayed in favor of Moore because: "She is a true chameleon.''Hannibal (film)'' on her. once Jodie decided to pass was always top of my list.[6] Anthony Hopkins asked his agent if he had any "power" over casting. a renaissance man. He informed De Laurentiis that he knew Julianne Moore.[22] When the film moves to the US. in his way".[13] Moore talked about stepping into a role made famous by another actress: "The new Clarice would be very different. ” Further casting Other stars subsequently cast included Ray Liotta as corrupt Justice Department official Paul Krendler (a character that appeared in Silence of the Lambs."[8] Moore would eventually secure the part. Hilary Swank.. that he would be so fit and so strong that he could just snap somebody in two if they got. Hopkins did say in June 1999 that he would only be interested if the script was "really good". Lecter has had plastic surgery in an attempt to disguise himself. (The actor had appeared in Silence of the Lambs in the same role."[5] When the producers confirmed that they were going to film Harris' novel. Manhunter as another character. So I couldn’t make up my mind about it all. Fisk). Of course people are going to compare my interpretation with that of Jodie Foster's.but this film is going to be very different. I thought..[22] 247 “ He's still the sort of Robin Hood of killers. a porn star in Boogie Nights and a romantic in The End of the Affair "[8] "Julianne Moore.[5] Although Hopkins' agent told him he had no contractual influence on casting. or do I vary it?' Ten years had passed so I changed a bit. I thought it was really overreaching and so bizarre. lecturing and being smooth". Faison signed on to reprise his role as former hospital orderly Barney Matthews. He also appeared in the film. Angelina Jolie. saying he had approved the latest draft of the script by Steven Zaillian."[5] The Hollywood Reporter would confirm that Hopkins had agreed to reprise his role in late December 1999. the production team considered several different actresses.[20] Hopkins said he had no difficulty moving back into "Lecter's mind"."[19] Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter Hopkins was generally expected to reprise his Academy Award-winning role. Allegra.. Helen Hunt and Julianne Moore. and thought her a "terrific actress". but added: "It needs some condensing. though original actor Ron Vawter died before the production of Hannibal) and Italian screen legend Giancarlo Giannini as the opportunistic Detective Rinaldo Pazzi. "I was kind of surprised by this book. Lecter is first seen in Florence "as the classical Lecter. with whom he had worked on Surviving Picasso. 'Do I repeat that same performance. Lt.[21] Hopkins explains why: "It's as if he's making a statement – 'catch me if you can'. Frankie R."[21] In the film. a vamp in An Ideal Husband.. "I just learned the lines and showed up and walked around as Hannibal Lecter.[5] including Cate Blanchett. Scott thought it correct to discuss who would be Hopkins' "leading lady". This was left out of the film because Scott and Hopkins agreed to leave the face alone. according to Hopkins. he's so obvious that nobody thinks he's Hannibal Lecter. Francesca Neri won the role of Pazzi's wife. Hannibal. [22] — Anthony Hopkins on Hannibal Lecter."[6] In the book.

[24] The unusual sight of a carousel would appear in the transportation hub and shopping plaza at the request of director Ridley Scott..S. Ridley Scott had never filmed there before. North Carolina. the Ponte Vecchio. cheeks or eyelids. Co-producer Martha De Laurentiis said they had a "funny situation" with Oldman wanting a prominent "credit".. Filming took place over six days at Union Station. Cinematographer John Mathieson. which makes me very happy. 2000 in Florence.[24] Production and post production Background Hannibal was filmed in 83 working days over 16 weeks.000 of which the animal wranglers looked at."[6] Oldman was apparently "out" of the movie for while. but then came back in. situated on the estate of President James Madison.We were there at the height of tourist season. but described it as "quite an experience.C. asking to go "unbilled". was chosen to signify the huge personal wealth of Mason Verger. Make-up artist Greg Cannom said: "It's really disgusting. 2000.[24] • Biltmore Estate in Asheville.[6] She said: "Now how can you have a prominent credit with Hannibal? The characters are Hannibal and Clarice Starling. I’ve been showing people pictures [of Oldman as Verger]. Production designer Norris Spencer had worked on Thelma & Louise.. the production moved to Washington. But the locations were beautiful.Fell's workplace).[25] The film visited key locations in Florence and various locations around the United States. one of Lecter's two surviving victims.[24] • Filming would last for seven weeks in Richmond. He would have no lips. Virginia.’ and walk away.[6] Oldman would become transformed and "unrecognizable as himself" to play the part of Verger.[24] The fifteen Russian boars used in the shoot.It was kind of organized chaos. were from a selection of around 6."[6] Oldman said that having his name completely removed from the billing and credits allowed him to "do it anonymously" under that heavy make-up.[26] Filming locations • The whole second act of Hannibal takes place in Florence."[24] Within Florence the production would visit various locations such as the Palazzo Capponi (as Dr. the Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella and the Cathedral. was used to house 15 "performing hogs".[23] 248 Key production crew Scott recruited key production crew whom he had worked with previously. Julianne Moore underwent Federal Bureau of Investigation training at the Bureau's headquarters before filming. Black Rain and 1492 Conquest of Paradise. Gladiator.[24] • A barn in Montpelier.''Hannibal (film)'' Gary Oldman was cast as Mason Verger. D..[24] • After leaving Italy on June 5. Who could complain about being allowed to shoot in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence? Or President James Madison's farm in Montpelier or the amazing Biltmore Estate in Asheville?"[24] Eighty million dollars and a year and a half in production were spent before director Ridley Scott got his first look at Hannibal in the editing room.[25] The film began production on May 8.[24] Martha De Laurentiis said the movie has almost a hundred locations and that is was a: "constant pain of moving and dressing sets. editor Pietro Scalia and composer Hans Zimmer had all worked on Scott's previous film..[5] . the biggest privately owned estate in the U. Virginia[24] for the shootout in a crowded fish market early in the film. So we really couldn’t work something out (at first).. and they all just say ‘Oh my God. the Palazzo Vecchio..

[5] Title sequence The main titles were designed by Nick Livesey a graduate of the Royal College of Art who worked for one of Scott's production companies in London. played by Ray Liotta.[5] The character of Mason Verger. during post-production on Hannibal. as he thought the character of Verger as being "someone who hadn’t lost his sense of humour." This was done to emphasise the character of Hannibal Lecter.[5] Scott believed it a good idea as it fundamentally asked the question: Where is Hannibal Lecter? Scott explains: "And of course this story tells it.. and yes. Hannibal ranked at 59..[5] Scott believes the music to a film is as important as dialogue—"It is the final adjustment to the screenplay.[5] Scott showed the make-up team pictures of "foetal things"..''Hannibal (film)'' 249 Special make-up effects Make-up artist Greg Cannom was pleased to be involved in Hannibal as it offered him the chance to produce "incredible and original make-ups". being able to also adjust the performance of the actors in fact." Zimmer also did not want the score to sound like a "modern day orchestra". The sequence..com wrote positively of Zimmer's score. shot in Florence by Livesey himself was intended as the second promotional trailer for the film. where you wonder where that is. puppet work and CGI in a way which director Ridley Scott called "seamless"."[5] Oldman would spend six hours a day in make-up to prepare for the role.and there he is his face appears. a scene which blended make-up. but it remained on Scott's mind and would eventually end up as the main title sequence.[5] Livesey would gather footage of pigeons in an empty square in Florence early one morning which. He explains: "Anthony's character is for me somebody at the extreme range of whatever is humanly imaginable somehow.. but would mostly use what he described as a "very odd orchestra.[29] .[5] For Mason Verger the make-up team would initially produce 20 different "heads" which looked like "zombies" and did not reflect the vision director Ridley Scott had of the character—Scott wanted Verger to look real with hideous scarring.[28] Tracksounds. in the final cut.[27] Music Ridley Scott worked very closely with composer Hans Zimmer. and not something from the "House of Wax"."[5] Zimmer and Scott sat in during the editing process with editor Pietro Scalia to discuss scenes in the film and "not music".[5] For one of the final and infamous scenes of the movie an exact "duplicate" was created of the character Paul Krendler.[5] Dante's sonnet was put to music by Zimmer and Patrick Cassidy for the opera scene in Florence. had his own "theme"."[14] In a poll by Classic FM (UK) listeners to find the greatest movie soundtrack of all-time. which become more "perverted" as the movie progressed according to Zimmer. "Zimmer truly crafts a score worthy of most fans' full attention. with pigeons in the cobblestones of somewhere.the classical elements."[5] The titles are said to have been influenced by the film Se7en.[5] The studio thought it not "quite right" however.[5] Zimmer used a symphony orchestra for the opera sequence. which he thought "touching"—he wanted to make Mason Verger more "touching" than "monstrous"..almost sympathetic.[5] Scott himself would actually call up the help of expert doctors in an effort to get the look of the character as realistic as possible. would morph into the face of Hannibal Lecter..only cellos and basses all playing at the extreme ends of their range.. even the monologue combine to make this an intense listening experience.

" This scene. you might even wonder or certainly from one direction—is it more than affection?"[5] "It is dark. to be "pure" – one of the key motivating factors for the character is the search for "retribution and punishment". They could not agree if it was a tear of "anguish".. painful death."[13] Scott did say. I think he's as sane as you or I. "The behaviour of Hannibal is never insane—didn’t want to use that excuse. but it's kind of romantic at the same time. Zimmer and the editor passionately argued about what a single shot meant.. said Scott in his audio commentary. Fell's true identity.[5] He told CNN that: "Hannibal was quite a different target..[5] Scott told the New York Post that. Fell. the wife of "Pazzi" asks Hannibal (upon Hannibal giving her "Dante's first sonnet"): "Do you believe a man could become so obsessed by a woman after a single encounter.[5] He says "I can score this movie truly as a Freudian archetypal beauty and the beast fairy tale.[31] Corruption Part of the story involves the character Rinaldo Pazzi (Giancarlo Giannini). Starling however does not. Scott.[13] The antagonist character of Mason Verger has one overriding objective in life: to capture Lecter and subject him to a slow. in the movie. "In some instances. despite being what Scott describes as "very thoughtful". in his own way. It was in reference to "Clarice" – to their encounter in The Silence of the Lambs[13] The New York Times in its review of the film. "In our normal terms.. the affair of the heart between Lecter and Starling is "metaphorical". . "loneliness" or "disgust". but also there's some quite bad behaviour as well.."[5] Zimmer ultimately believes it to be a dark love story. said Hannibal. "toys" with the idea of: "love that dare not speak Its name"[27] Composer Hans Zimmer believes there to be "many" messages and subtext in each scene of the film. essentially a study between two individuals. on corruption in the American police force. he's truly evil."[9] During the opera scene in Florence.[5] During post-production of the film. Funny enough. There's that erotic element in the story." Retribution and punishment Ridley Scott has said that he believes Lecter.[30] Rolling Stone even said in their review: "Scott offers a sly parody of relationships—think "When Hannibal met Sally. where a tear slides down Starling's cheek during a confrontation with Lecter."[13] Scott also brings up the notion of absolution in reference to the Lecter character towards the end of the film. the beauty in renaissance. it's rather romantic and also quite humorous. because the story is of course essentially dark. But would she see through the bars of his plight and ache for him? Scott has said he believes the underlying emotion of the film Hannibal is "affection"."[15] Hopkins said: "It's not exactly a romance there is that element. however.''Hannibal (film)'' 250 Themes Romance Allegra DePazi: Dr. as the most elegant piece. centering on two people who should never be together—a modern day Romeo and Juliet. as the loneliest woman on earth. do you believe that a man can become so obsessed with a woman from a single encounter? Hannibal: Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for her and find nourishment in the very sight of her? I think so. Ridley says it comes across very clearly.[13] Paul Krendler also succumbs to greed and corruption." He added." Hannibal replies: "Yes I believe they could. His escalating abandonment of morality allows him to countenance and facilitate the death of a gypsy pickpocket. a Florentine policeman who becomes corrupted by the prospect of financial gain when he learns Dr.[5] Scott openly admits to a "romantic thematic" running though the film. Is he insane? No. as a horror movie. is one which Scott claims most people "missed" the meaning of.[13] There is a moment in the film when Pazzi becomes corrupted.. I'm told. and perseveres to the end even refusing to release Lecter when she believes he is about to cut off her hand in order to free himself. He just likes it.[13] "There is something very moral about Lecter in this film". egged on by the desire to have the best for his much younger wife.

www.""Hannibal trivia on imdb.[28] [34] with the film's stars and director making several appearances on television. At the time (February 2001) this was the third-biggest debut ever—only 1997's The Lost World: Jurassic Park and 1999's Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace grossed more in an opening weekend.[36] Final domestic box office gross (USA) reached $165. by contrast is barely okey-dokey.092.[36] It was also. which he began with the following: "Ridley Scott's Hannibal is a carnival geek show. over nine months before the film was released.. in newspapers and in magazines.5 out of 4 stars rating in his print review. Upon its release. Hannibal is nevertheless tantalizing. "Hannibal FILM REVIEW. A poster released in the UK to promote Hannibal. The Silence of the Lambs was a marvelous thing.com.. It seems clear that Anthony Hopkins and Scott saw that. including Vanity Fair. featuring Lecter with a "skin mask" covering the right side of his face. Release Box office Hannibal grossed $58 million (USA) in its opening weekend (from 3."[41] Variety in its review said "Hannibal is not as good as Lambs.[41] He adds: "It is."[44] .[19] [36] [41] TIME wrote: "A banquet of creepy.com. literally. That's how the movie was saved."[42] A negative review in The Guardian claimed that what was wrong with the film was carried over from the book: "The result is an inflated. Entertainment Weekly. writing in the British Film Institute magazine Sight & Sound. engrossing and occasionally startling. fun. naughty and knowing.. sexy. calling it "."[41] Thomson does make clear.268.. footage was used from The Silence of the Lambs.[39] in a year which also saw the blockbuster releases of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.268 with a worldwide gross of $351.230 screens).[35] In an article for CBS News.dirty. good-looking bore of a movie.692."[35] Stars Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore made the covers of a number of magazines. good-looking. We must give it credit for the courage of its depravity. ultimately more shallow and crass at its heart than its predecessor. nothing ever will.''Hannibal (film)'' 251 Promotion The first trailer appeared in theaters and was made available via the official website in early May 2000. Hannibal was met with significant media attention.[37] The film spent three weeks at number one in the US box office chart. it proves that if a man cutting off his face and feeding it to his dogs doesn't get the NC-17 rating for violence. and four weeks at number one in the UK. But this superior sequel has romance in its dark heart. gory or grotesque incidents is on display in Hannibal. praised the film. "Mr Hopkins is the draw here"." David Thomson.com" [33]. was quickly removed from circulation as it was deemed "too shocking and disturbing for the public..[38] Hannibal was the tenth highest grossing movie of the year worldwide. Premiere[34] and Empire. As the film had only just begun production.. the biggest opening box office for an R-rated movie ever. when it was released. was released in late November 2000. The New York Times.[40] Reception The reviews for Hannibal were mixed. however. Hannibal also made over $87.laughable to just plain boring. It's smart. Hannibal is toothless to the end. if it proves nothing else. Whetting That Large Appetite for Second Helpings" [32].Elvis Mitchell (9 Feb 2001). In marketing the film. A second trailer. Retrieved 31 August 2010.nytimes. Jill Serjeant stated that "the long-awaited sequel to the grisly 1991 thriller Silence of the Lambs is cooking up the hottest Internet and media buzz since the 1999 Star Wars 'prequel'. Retrieved 31 August 2010. said Elvis Mitchell in a 2001 New York Times article. that Hannibal Lecter has become such a household joke that he can't be dreadful again. he is a great fan of director Ridley Scott's work."[43] Roger Ebert gave the film a "Thumbs down" rating on the television program At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper and gave the film a 2. and planned accordingly. which featured footage from the new movie.000. idmb. This.000 in US video rentals following release in August 2001." Empire gave it two out of five stars. "It works. Hopkins' portrayal of Hannibal Lecter was chosen as the unique selling point of Hannibal.

with an average rating of five out of ten from 160 reviews. Verger literally has no face and has to be kept in a sterile room at all times to keep bacteria from affecting exposed muscle and tissues. At the end of the book. Also gone from the film were the flashbacks to Lecter's childhood. at Lecter's advice. production stills and unused poster concepts. and cut characters which weren't so vital. Lecter. while in the book. deleted and alternate scenes. Mischa. Also. We set ourselves a limit. When she disclosed her sexual orientation to her family. culminating in their becoming lovers and escaping to Argentina. because I suspected that there was that romance. does not appear in the film.''Hannibal (film)'' Hannibal currently has an overall Metacritic rating of 57 out of 100 from 36 reviews. Other people found that preposterous. which he "brings to life" by hypnotizing Starling. These flashbacks formed the basis for the 2007 film Hannibal Rising which portrays Lecter as a young man who eventually becomes the killer of the prior films.. whom he raped when they were children and who is a lesbian. in the novel. I think it would have been a very interesting thing though. At the end of the novel. she said. who could then inherit the Verger fortune. The two disc DVD contains an array of special features including: Commentary by director Ridley Scott..'. quite faithful to the Harris blueprint. Margot. There are no significant changes made to the DVD itself. Mason Verger runs an orphanage."[42] Time Out in its review of Hannibal noted: "The weight-watchers script sensibly dispenses with several characters to serve a brew that's enjoyably spicy but low on substance. you have to reduce it to a script of 100 pages. that obsession with her."[46] In the book. at the last phone call to Clarice. Verger exerts some control over her by promising her a semen sample with which to impregnate her lover. allowing her to say goodbye. Margot and Starling both help Lecter escape during a shootout between Starling and Verger's guards.for better or worse. most notably Mason Verger's muscle-bound macho sister Margot. In two hours of film. in which he sees his younger sister. fans of the tome may regret the perhaps necessary excision of some characters. The character of Jack Crawford. Margot. Dr. So much story is squeezed into 131 minutes that little time's left for analysis or characterization. you cannot possibly include all the characters. Differences from the novel According to Variety the script for Hannibal was: ". from which he calls children to verbally abuse as a substitute for his no longer being able to molest them. as well as the considerable fascinating academic detail. their father disowned her. A special "steel-book" edition of Hannibal was released in 2007. This forges an odd alliance between Starling and Lecter. at the end of SotL. As she herself is sterile due to steroid abuse. and then kills him by ramming his pet Moray eel down his throat. but will basically feel the book has been respected (yes. I think it would have been very interesting had she gone off. Lecter. with the only surprise twists saved for its wake). I did. Hopkins was asked in an interview on the subject of whether or not he believed the idea of Starling and Lecter heading off in to the sunset as lovers (as happens in the book). the crooked FBI official is killed when Lecter shoots him with an arrow. Following up on Krendler's fate in the book. 'Dr. even the climactic dinner party is served up intact. I suppose there's a moral issue there. and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 38 percent."[45] Producer Dino De Laurentiis was asked why some characters were left out of the film: "I think if you get a book which is 600 pages.. attachment there."[47] . The book's controversial ending has Lecter presenting Starling with the exhumed bones of her father. 252 Home release Hannibal is available as a one-disc and two-disc DVD. "Yes. stimulates her brother to ejaculate with a cattle prod. five making-of featurettes and a "marketing gallery" which contains trailers.. I guessed that a long time ago. eaten by German deserters in 1944. only the package artwork was changed. He also has a sister. Barney (the hospital orderly) sees them at the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires.

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It is loosely adapted from Stephen King's novella "Low Men in Yellow Coats". from his story collection Hearts in Atlantis.''Hearts in Atlantis (film)'' 255 Hearts in Atlantis (film) Hearts in Atlantis Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Scott Hicks Kerry Heysen Stephen King (Book) William Goldman Anthony Hopkins David Morse Anton Yelchin Hope Davis Mika Boorem Deirdre O'Connell Mychael Danna Music by Cinematography Piotr Sobocinski Editing by Studio Pip Karmel Castle Rock Entertainment Village Roadshow Pictures NPV Entertainment Warner Bros.919. September 28. . 2001 101 minutes United States Australia English $31 million $30.415 Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Hearts in Atlantis is a 2001 American/Australian drama thriller directed by Scott Hicks.

These same powers are the reason that Brautigan has come to this sleepy town. the self-centered Liz Garfield (Hope Davis). However. while his mother is busy with her job . During that summer. and he is right. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Ted Brautigan David Morse as Robert "Bobby" Garfield Anton Yelchin as Bobby Garfield Hope Davis as Elizabeth "Liz" Garfield Mika Boorem as Carol Gerber/Molly Deirdre O'Connell as Mrs. but doesn't tell Ted. Bobby sees one. and John have frequent conflicts with the local town bully. in particular the summer when he was eleven years old (Anton Yelchin). who takes in Brautigan as a boarder. providing another reason that Ted must leave. at one point. so Bobby could buy a bicycle he wants. and to earn a dollar a week. a middle-aged man recollecting his past. after being raped by her boss. The two form a father-son bond. Harry hurts Carol.''Hearts in Atlantis (film)'' 256 Plot Hearts in Atlantis tells the story of Robert "Bobby" Garfield (David Morse). he has escaped the grasp of the "Low Men". like announcements about missing pets. strange people who would stop at nothing to get their hands on Ted. the most mysterious of which was meeting an elderly drifter named Ted Brautigan (Anthony Hopkins). he and his two friends. Liz arrives. so he asks the boy to read a newspaper for him. Ted yells to Bobby as he is being driven away that he wouldn't have missed a moment "not for all the world". Carol Gerber (Mika Boorem) and John "Sully" Sullivan (Will Rothhaar). and how her behavior is affecting her relationship with her son. and when Ted manipulates her dislocated shoulder into place. and later Bobby mirrors the same feelings. experienced many things together. She is confronted by Ted's ability to tell her the truth about what she has been through. and mistakenly believes that Ted is a child molester. Ted takes the lonely Bobby under his wing.including entertaining her boss as a way of paying off debt supposedly left by Bobby's late father. Bobby lives with his single mother. As some form of closure. Bobby. That and the "low people" are closing in on him. Carol. Harry Doolin (Tommy Reifsnyder). afraid to lose his new friend. and it slowly becomes clear that Ted has some psychic and telekinetic powers that rub off on the young boy. Ted is eventually captured with the help of a tip from Liz. Ted asks Bobby to keep an eye on the neighborhood looking for any signs of the "low men". whom Ted is able to scare away by looking into his mind and finding out that his violence is used to cover up the fact that he is secretly a cross-dresser. Ted offers Bobby a job—his eyes aren't as good as they used to be. Bobby doesn't believe that this is the real job. Gerber Will Rothhaar as John "Sully" Sullivan Tommy Reifsnyder as Harry Doolin Alan Tudyk as Monte Man Tom Bower as Len Files Celia Weston as Alana Files Adam LeFevre as Don Biderman .

but with an international $6. In order to gain wider audience appeal.S. rottentomatoes.com/heartsinatlantis/) Hearts in Atlantis (http://www. In the original novella.com/title/tt0252501/) at the Internet Movie Database Hearts in Atlantis (http://www.com/m/hearts_in_atlantis/) at Rotten Tomatoes . they meet again. his psychic powers being used for national-security purposes. the film version of Ted is written as a runaway government agent."[3] When the film was released on DVD.415.733. com/ movies/ ?id=heartsinatlantis. There are several other changes.[1] The film would eventually gross a domestic total of $24. fairly short of its $31 million budget.boxofficemojo. As of March 2009.com/movies/?id=heartsinatlantis. it shot to the top of the DVD release taking $48 million in the first two weeks. it would total $30.imdb.919. of course) to 'break' down the beams surrounding the Dark Tower.rottentomatoes.021. but the movie is nothing more than a mood piece.494 USD in its opening weekend at the U. Differences from the source material The story that it was based on had deep ties into King's epic The Dark Tower.781. htm [3] http:/ / www. In the book.634. a psychic whose abilities made him able (unwillingly. Firestarter. most notably Carol being dead in the film's coda. it has a score of 49% on Rotten Tomatoes.185. which concludes that "Hearts in Atlantis is well-acted and beautiful to look at.[2] Reception This movie received mixed reviews. When Bobby returns home.''Hearts in Atlantis (film)'' 257 Release Box office The film opened at #3 raking in $9. htm [2] http:/ / www. about $80.000 short of the budget. boxofficemojo. com/ weekend/ chart/ ?yr=2001& wknd=39& p=. This ties logically to Stephen King's 1980 novel. boxofficemojo. Carol is only believed to have died in a violent Vietnam protest. the 'low men' were in fact Can-toi. agents of the Crimson King.htm) at Box Office Mojo Hearts in Atlantis (http://www. box office. Ted Brautigan was a 'breaker'. the linchpin of all existence. com/ m/ hearts_in_atlantis/ External links • • • • Official website (http://http://www2. References [1] http:/ / www.warnerbros.

295 Bad Company is a 2002 action-comedy film directed by Joel Schumacher. Pope was working undercover as an antiquities dealer under the name Michael Turner. Goodman David Himmelstein Jason Richman Michael Browning Anthony Hopkins Chris Rock Trevor Rabin Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Dariusz Wolski Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Mark Goldblatt Robert Lambert Touchstone Pictures June 7. Hayes hustles chess games. produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock. 2002 117 minutes United States English $70 million [1] [1] $65. from whom he was separated at birth.''Bad Company (2002 film)'' 258 Bad Company (2002 film) Bad Company Film poster Directed by Produced by Joel Schumacher Jerry Bruckheimer Michael Browning Mike Stenson Gary M. Meanwhile Hayes's girlfriend. The CIA. scalps tickets and works at small clubs in Jersey City to make ends meet. CIA agent Kevin Pope (Rock) is killed. Julie (Washington) grows tired of waiting for him to grow up and decides to move to .977. who is desperate to complete the mission discovers that Agent Pope had a twin brother. Jake Hayes (also Rock). Plot When a mission to retrieve a stolen suitcase bomb goes bad.

After interrogating one of the captured terrorists. Oakes comes up to Hayes and warns him that a dangerous criminal has escaped from prison and is seeking revenge upon Kevin Pope. As Hayes starts to enter the codes to disarm the bomb. they track the bomb to Grand Central Station. At the ending of the film. Hayes is greeted by his brother's ex-girlfriend Nicole. Hayes meets with the men selling the suitcase bomb posing as his dead brother. Agent Oakes (Hopkins) confronts Hayes telling him he doesn't trust him. 259 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Officer Oakes Chris Rock as Jake Hayes/Kevin Pope/Michael Turner Peter Stormare as Adrik Vas Gabriel Macht as Officer Seale Kerry Washington as Julie Adoni Maropis as Jarma/Dragan Henchman #1 Garcelle Beauvais as Nicole Matthew Marsh as Dragan Adjanic Dragan Mićanović as Michelle 'The Hammer' Petrov John Slattery as Roland Yates Brooke Smith as Officer Swanson Daniel Sunjata as Officer Carew DeVone Lawson Jr. In order to distract Andre. Andre holds Julie hostage. The seller. Hayes begins to panic and demand that Oakes has to protect him. Hayes gives himself up trying to save his girlfriend and the terrorists get the codes back and arm the bomb. Now the race begins to find Hayes and the bomb. Hayes and Oakes meet up with Adjanic and are able to steal the arming codes. After arriving in Prague. When Hayes begins paying attention. but since Kevin is dead and Hayes was impersonating him. the CIA sets him up in his brother's old apartment in Manhattan to test him and try to bait the men who killed his brother. they are initially dismayed by his lack of refinement. who are part of a terrorist organization.''Bad Company (2002 film)'' Seattle. Nicole figures out Hayes isn't his brother and returns to her assignment covering the Balkans for CNN. Washington. as Officer Parish Wills Robbins as Officer McCain Marek Vašut as Andre . Oakes rescues Hayes by killing two terrorists. Hayes pretends to shoot Oakes and they kill Andre by shooting him repeatedly. Just as they close the deal. Hayes is able to disarm the bomb just prior to detonation. Believing that Hayes is his brother the two have dinner and return to the hotel only to be ambushed by rival buyers. Hayes goes to his foster mother only to be found by Oakes who persuades him to finish the mission. Looking for a way out. When they return to their hotel. Hayes is attacked. With the clock ticking. learn they can't detonate the bomb because of the missing codes. the criminal thinks Hayes is Kevin. they kidnap Julie. they locate the bomb and Andre who has started the countdown. is an ex-Russian Army Colonel with ties to the Russian Mafia. When the rival dealers. but Oakes starts laughing as he reveals that it was just a joke. After the CIA successfully persuades Hayes into participating and begins to train Hayes for a mission that is to take place in Prague (Czech Republic). Adrik Vas. Vas' men double cross him with the rival buyer. Moving forward with the plans. but escapes unharmed.

Archived from the original (http:/ / rogerebert. Carl.295. Dunkley. boxofficemojo. Retrieved August 29. "Bad Company Review" (http:/ / www. webcitation. . seattlepi.rottentomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes. William (June 7. hollywoodreporter. asp?id=3858). 2002 by Hollywood Records. com/ movies/ 73579_badcompany07q. amo. htm).[1] The film was originally slated to be released in December 2001 but because of the attacks of September 11. 2009. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Chicago Sun-Times. alternative and R&B music was released on June 4.977. Retrieved August 29. Box Office Mojo.com/m/1114548-bad_company/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Bad Company (http://www. webcitation.161 in the United States and $35. org/ 5jNpFcs3T) on August 29. com/ movies/ ?id=badcompany.com/title/tt0280486/) at the Internet Movie Database • Bad Company (http://www. 2009. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. 2009.''Bad Company (2002 film)'' 260 Reception In the theaters. [4] Arnold. rottentomatoes. Retrieved August 29. 2009. Cathy (September 19. 2009. [2] Diorio. org/ 5jNm3Ksyk). 2001. 2009.htm) at Box Office Mojo . Retrieved August 29. External links • Bad Company (http://www. The Hollywood Reporter. . . shtml) on August 29. David Hunter of The Hollywood Reporter noted the film as having "all the familiar Bruckheimer elements.com/movies/?id=badcompany.[3] Seattle Post-Intelligencer reviewer William Arnold calls the film "wildly overproduced. [3] "Bad Company (2002)" (http:/ / www. It peaked at number 98 on the Billboard 200 and number 11 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. suntimes. 2001). . com/ album/ r594768/ charts-awards). 2002). Allmusic. the film's release was postponed given the fact the film was about a terrorist attack on New York City. webcitation. based on 133 reviews. [5] Ebert. org. 2002). Retrieved August 29. 2009. com/ hr/ search/ article_display."[5] However. Retrieved August 29."[4] Roger Ebert remarks in the Chicago Sun-Times that the film "jams too many prefabricated story elements into the running time. com/ m/ 1114548-bad_company/ ). Bad Company did poorly at the box office earning only $30.817. "'Bad Company' is a waste of 111 minutes" (http:/ / www. 2009. [7] "Bad Company (Original Soundtrack) – Charts & Awards" (http:/ / www.boxofficemojo. 2009. au/ artist. 2002). com/ apps/ pbcs.134 outside the US for a worldwide total of $65. [6] Hunter. inadequately motivated every step of the way and demographically targeted to please every one (and no one). . Roger (June 7. dll/ article?AID=/ 20020607/ REVIEWS/ 206070301/ 1023) on August 29. .[2] The film was also generally poorly received by film critics. Variety. the film is given a 10% "rotten" rating."[6] Soundtrack A soundtrack containing hip hop. Retrieved August 29. David (June 5. 2009.160. jsp?vnu_content_id=1507378). and Schumacher does probably as good a job as anyone at bringing off the Hopkins/Rock collision of acting styles and onscreen personas. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. "Bad Company Review" (http:/ / www.[7] References [1] "Bad Company (2002)" (http:/ / www.imdb. "'Bad' timing means pic shuffle" (http:/ / www. allmusic. org/ 5jNmHPfZO). . On film review compilation site Rotten Tomatoes.

2002 124 minutes United States English $78 million $209. by then.''Red Dragon (film)'' 261 Red Dragon (film) Red Dragon Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Starring Brett Ratner Dino De Laurentiis Ted Tally Red Dragon by Thomas Harris Edward Norton Ralph Fiennes Anthony Hopkins Emily Watson Harvey Keitel Mary-Louise Parker Phillip Seymour Hoffman Danny Elfman Music by Cinematography Dante Spinotti Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Preceded by Mark Helfrich Scott Free Productions Universal Pictures Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer October 4. The film's story takes place before the events in The Silence of the Lambs. played twice before in The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.196. a role he had. it stars Edward Norton as FBI agent Will Graham and Anthony Hopkins as Lecter. Hannibal Lecter. . who also wrote the screenplay for The Silence of the Lambs. after Lecter's original capture and incarceration.298 Hannibal [1] Red Dragon is a 2002 thriller film based on Thomas Harris' novel of the same name and featuring psychiatrist and serial killer Dr. The film was directed by Brett Ratner and written by Ted Tally.

ends the ordeal by shooting and killing Dolarhyde. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) hosts a dinner party. Dolarhyde attacks Graham as the boy flees to safety. Both men are severely wounded when Graham's wife. Graham slings insults at his son that are reminiscent of the ones Dolarhyde's grandmother had used against him. in which he gives disparaging details of the FBI's profile of the killer: impotent and pathetic. a man whom she actually dislikes. Nicknamed the "Tooth Fairy". Dolarhyde kills Mandy. Frederick Chilton (Anthony Heald) then informs Lecter that there is a young woman from the FBI (presumably Clarice Starling). having taken her to his house. After recovering.the verbal abuse he suffered from his grandmother (voice of Ellen Burstyn) . kidnaps Reba and. Graham receives a letter from Lecter. another serial killer appears. and they make love. He finds himself unable to shoot her. Hoping to lure the Tooth Fairy into a trap. where he threatens Graham's son with a piece of broken glass. Lecter is aware that the feds are onto him. The "Tooth Fairy" is actually a disturbed man named Francis Dolarhyde (Ralph Fiennes) who kills at the behest of an alternate personality he calls "The Great Red Dragon. After visiting the crime scenes. Special Agent Jack Crawford (Harvey Keitel) seeks Graham's assistance. Years later. However." He is obsessed with a William Blake painting. "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun. young FBI agent. Edible body parts of the victims. Lecter for help. This provokes Dolarhyde. Dolarhyde goes to see Reba one last time. Lecter attacks him. Molly. He takes her home. which he could only have seen if he worked for the editing company that transfers home movies to video cassette. super-glues him to a wheelchair. allowing Reba to escape. which details the killer's tragic childhood . leading Graham to believe that the killer is a cannibal. which Graham found in the scrapbook. Maryland. not born one. and setting him on fire." Graham eventually realizes that the killer knew the layout of his victims' houses from their home videos. Graham feels pity for Dolarhyde. Lecter is later visited by Will Graham (Edward Norton). he was made a monster. The death of another family weighing on his conscience. Lecter looks up. sets it on fire. but his Dragon personality demands that he kill her. Dolarhyde comes to Graham's home in Florida. such as the kidneys and liver. then forces him to recant his allegations before biting out his tongue. waiting to speak with him. now follows Graham for leads on the Tooth Fairy story. Dolarhyde falls in love with a blind co-worker named Reba McClane (Emily Watson). a gifted. Graham discovers evidence implicating Dr. At his job in a photo lab. Graham reluctantly agrees. he concludes that he must once again consult Dr. Graham gives Lounds an interview. Hoping to capture the killer before his next attack. Ralph Mandy (Frank Whaley). then asks. he stalks seemingly random families during sequential full moons. To save the boy. He ups the stakes: in return for his help in capturing the Tooth Fairy. where his guests might well be dining on portions of a man they knew. it turns out Dolarhyde staged his own death by leaving behind the body of Ralph Mandy. Graham's wife (Mary-Louise Parker) and child (Tyler Patrick Jones) are endangered when Lecter gives Dolarhyde the agent's home address." Freddy Lounds (Philip Seymour Hoffman). During the consultation and brainstorming session. Graham is given Dolarhyde's scrapbook. saved from the wreckage of the house. Further complicating the investigation is the secret correspondence between Lecter and Dolarhyde. almost disemboweling Graham before being subdued. He finds her with a co-worker. psychiatrist Dr. Dolarhyde apparently shoots himself. Dolarhyde attempts to stop the Dragon's "possession" of him by going to the Brooklyn Museum and consuming the original Blake watercolor of "The Red Dragon. Jealous and enraged.''Red Dragon (film)'' 262 Plot Baltimore. "What is her name?" . which bids him well and hopes that he isn't "too ugly. were removed from the bodies. who kidnaps Lounds." Dr.and obsession with murder. retires from the FBI. Lecter in the murders. a tabloid reporter who hounded him after Lecter's capture. severely traumatized by the experience. he requests a first-class meal in his cell and having his book privileges returned. with whom he has been working on a psychological profile of a serial killer. 1980: in his townhouse. Lecter is sentenced to life imprisonment in an institution for the criminally insane while Graham.

rottentomatoes. Trailers. htm) (http:/ / www.com/phpBB2/index. boxofficemojo. com/ m/ 1104385-hannibal/ ?name_order=desc) (http:/ / rogerebert. Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes (http:/ / www.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Red Dragon (http://www.[4] the audience and critical reviews for Red Dragon[5] were noticeably more positive than for Hannibal.php/) • William Blake's The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in the Sun (http://www. com/ m/ red_dragon) External links • Red Dragon (http://www. dll/ article?AID=/ 20021004/ REVIEWS/ 210040302/ 1023) Red Dragon – Movie Reviews.artchive.html) .com/title/tt0289765/) at the Internet Movie Database • Red Dragon (http://www. earning $93. suntimes.[6] Roger Ebert gave the film 3.[2] Although the film's worldwide and domestic profit margin[3] was less than its predecessor Hannibal. com/ m/ red_dragon/ numbers.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=reddragon. com/ movies/ ?id=reddragon.898 in the US.allmovie. Trailers.149. htm) (http:/ / boxofficemojo. rottentomatoes.''Red Dragon (film)'' 263 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins – Hannibal Lecter Edward Norton – Will Graham Ralph Fiennes – Francis Dolarhyde Harvey Keitel – Jack Crawford Emily Watson – Reba McClane Frank Whaley – Ralph Mandy Philip Seymour Hoffman – Freddy Lounds Mary-Louise Parker – Molly Graham Anthony Heald – Frederick Chilton Ken Leung – Lloyd Bowman Frankie Faison – Barney Matthews Ellen Burstyn – Voice of Grandma Dolarhyde Reception Red Dragon was a box office success.[8] References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] http:/ / www.jpg.com/artchive/ B/blake/blake_great_red_dragon.imdb. boxofficemojo.5 stars out of 4.rottentomatoes.com/work/266877) at Allmovie • Red Dragon (http://www. com/ movies/ ?id=hannibal.[7] The average Rotten Tomatoes rating was "fresh" with a rating of 68%. Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes (http:/ / www. com/ m/ red_dragon/ ?name_order=asc) (http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=reddragon. htm Red Dragon – Movie Reviews. rottentomatoes. com/ apps/ pbcs. php) (http:/ / www. rottentomatoes.com/m/red_dragon/) at Rotten Tomatoes • The Hannibal Lecter Studiolo (http://hannibalstudiolo.

The screenplay by Nicholas Meyer is based on the 2000 novel of the same name by Philip Roth. 2003 106 minutes United States Germany France English $30 million $24.''The Human Stain (film)'' 264 The Human Stain (film) The Human Stain Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Robert Benton Bob Weinstein Harvey Weinstein Gary Lucchesi Nicholas Meyer Novel: Philip Roth Anthony Hopkins Nicole Kidman Gary Sinise Rachel Portman Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Jean-Yves Escoffier Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Christopher Tellefsen Lakeshore Entertainment Miramax Films October 31.863. The film stars Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman.804 Language Budget Gross revenue The Human Stain is a 2003 American romantic thriller film directed by Robert Benton. .

. Box office The film grossed $5. A. Roth's intelligence . Silk Phyllis Newman as Iris Silk Production Campus scenes were filmed at Williams College in Williamstown. .160 in foreign markets for a total worldwide box office of $19. . scrupulous and earnestly respectful of its literary source . His idyllic life is interrupted by Coleman Silk (Anthony Hopkins). and he wants to avenge his loss of career and companion by writing a book about the events with Nathan's assistance. Its deepest flaw is an inability to link those moments of empathy and insight into a continuous drama. to suggest that the . which holds all the novel's disparate elements together. . a considerably younger. Coleman's wife died suddenly following the scandal. Flashbacks reveal to the audience Coleman's secret: he is an African-American man who has passed as a full Jewish white man for most of his adult life. Critical reception In his review in the New York Times. It was shown at the Toronto Film Festival.O. writer Nathan Zuckerman (Gary Sinise) has settled in a lakeside New England cabin following his second divorce and a battle with prostate cancer. .387 [1] .998.The Human Stain allows you both to care about its characters and to think about the larger issues that their lives represent. Roth's themes with admirable clarity and care and observe his characters with delicate fondness. semi-literate woman who supports herself by working at menial jobs. Release The film debuted at the Venice Film Festival. Cast • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Coleman Silk Nicole Kidman as Faunia Farley Gary Sinise as Nathan Zuckerman Ed Harris as Lester Farley Wentworth Miller as Young Coleman Silk Jacinda Barrett as Steena Paulsson Mimi Kuzyk as Delphine Roux Clark Gregg as Nelson Primus Anna Deavere Smith as Mrs. Massachusetts and McGill University in Montreal. the story fails to cohere . a former dean and professor of classics at local Athena College. who was forced to resign after being accused of making racist remarks in class. the Bergen International Film Festival.379. . At its best .227 in the US and $13. Scott called it "an honorable B+ term paper of a movie: sober. The filmmakers explicate Mr. a mentally unbalanced Vietnam War veteran who blames her for the deaths of their children in an accident. Without the active intervention of Mr. Their relationship is threatened by the faculty members who forced Coleman from his job and by Faunia's stalker ex-husband Lester. The project is placed on the back burner when Coleman falls into an affair with Faunia Farley (Nicole Kidman).''The Human Stain (film)'' 265 Plot synopsis In the late 1990s. and the Hollywood Film Festival before its release in the US.which also tends to be at its quietest .381. but they cannot hope to approximate the brilliance and rapacity of his voice.

but that's easier since we can believe the stories of these people. dll/ article?AID=/ 20031031/ REVIEWS/ 310310303/ 1023) San Francisco Chronicle review (http:/ / www. who gives a strong.com (http:/ / www. . . Peter Travers said. cuts the film off from any sustained vitality. com/ movies/ 2003/ STAIN. powerful portrayal. convinces as a light-skinned African-American in a way Hopkins never does. suspense and drama. The Human Stain is heavy going. Kidman and Hopkins are wrong for their roles. DTL) Variety review (http:/ / www. Mick LaSalle called it "a mediocre movie . Not many movies probe into matters of identity or adaptation. troubled. suntimes. which is not to suggest that the Welsh-born actor doesn't give another intelligent. uk/ article/ 0. variety. timesonline. co. . It's just that the believability gap looms large. are both as mesmerizing as they are miscast . com/ reviews/ movie/ _/ id/ 5947821/ rid/ 5947822/ ) The Times review (http:/ / www.7943-971961. A key problem Benton is unable to avoid is that Hopkins and Miller don't look (or talk) the least bit like one another. flawed people.00. It's the flashes of dramatic lightning that make it a trip worth taking. brave enough to breathe deeply and take one more risk with their lives. "We have to suspend disbelief over the casting." [5] In Rolling Stone. and they never change. an unforgivably turgid lecture about political correctness. com/ cgi-bin/ article. winner) • Black Reel Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture (Smith. php) New York Times review (http:/ / movies. muted performance. nominee) References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] The Human Stain at TheNumbers." [7] Awards and nominations • American Film Institute Award for Best Movies of 2003 (winner) • Washington D.. rollingstone. html?categoryid=31& cs=1& p=0) Rolling Stone review (http:/ / www. "Hopkins and Kidman . com/ apps/ pbcs. . com/ movie/ review?res=9505E4D81430F932A05753C1A9659C8B63) Chicago Sun-Times review (http:/ / rogerebert. nytimes. Miller. . cgi?f=/ c/ a/ 2003/ 10/ 31/ DD231134. Here are complex. . .''The Human Stain (film)'' characters' lives keep going when they are not on screen. com/ review/ VE1117921675. and that. [that] falls victim to a fatal lack of narrative drive. The result is something admirable but lifeless. combined with a pervading inevitability." [3] In the San Francisco Chronicle.C. ." [4] 266 David Stratton of Variety described it as "an intelligent adaptation of Philip Roth's arguably unfilmable novel powered by two eye-catching performances . sfgate. Most movie characters are like Greek gods and comic book heroes: We learn their roles and powers at the beginning of the story. Area Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress (Anna Deavere Smith. html) . ." [2] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times observed." [6] The Times called it "sapping and unbelievable melodrama . winner) • Black Reel Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Wentworth Miller. nominee) • Black Reel Award for Best Breakthrough Performance (Miller. the-numbers. .

com/film.imdb.virtual-history.rottentomatoes.moviehole.com/title/tt0308383/) at the Internet Movie Database The Human Stain (http://www.com/movies/?id=humanstain.net/news/20031026_2606.''The Human Stain (film)'' 267 External links • • • • • • Official website (http://http://www.com/thehumanstain/) The Human Stain (http://www.php?filmid=12285) .boxofficemojo.com/m/human_stain/) at Rotten Tomatoes Anthony Hopkins interview (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo The Human Stain (http://www.html) Movie stills (http://film.miramax.

Studio Distributed by . Nordberg Yann Hervé Alex Marquez Internationale Medien und Film Warner Bros. Intermedia Constantin Film Warner Bros.''Alexander (film)'' 268 Alexander (film) Alexander Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Oliver Stone Moritz Borman Thomas Schühly Jon Kilik Iain Smith Oliver Stone Christopher Kyle Laeta Kalogridis Colin Farrell Angelina Jolie Jared Leto Val Kilmer Rosario Dawson Anthony Hopkins Christopher Plummer Rory McCann Neil Jackson Joseph Morgan Nick Dunning Francisco Bosch Elliot Cowan Gary Stretch Jonathan Rhys Meyers John Kavanagh Raz Degan Erol Sander Connor Paolo Vangelis Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Rodrigo Prieto Editing by Thomas J.

Hephaestion compares Alexander to Achilles. When Hephaestion mentions that Patroclus died first.5 million copies in the United States. Alexander becomes king of Macedonia and Greece. if Hephaestion should die first. Alexander distances himself from his wife. who conquered Asia Minor. It was directed by Oliver Stone. Alexander grows up with his mother Olympias and his tutor Aristotle. who gave up his screen credit in return for being allowed to take part in the epic cavalry charge during the film's recreation of the Battle of Gaugamela. despite her pregnancy. if he is Achilles. After Philip is assassinated. his invasion of the mighty Persian Empire and his death. The story begins in 356 BC with Ptolemy I Soter.''Alexander (film)'' Release date(s) 16 November 2004 (Hollywood premiere) 24 November 2004 (United States) 23 December 2004 (Germany) 7 January 2005 (United Kingdom) 175 minutes Germany United States United Kingdom English $155 million $167. going so far as to attempt to keep her away from him after Alexander murders Cleitus the Black in India. and the conquest of the Persian Empire in 331 BC. Eurydice. It grossed only US$34 million domestically. It also details his plans to reform his empire and the attempts he made to reach the end of the then known world. Egypt. Ptolemy gives an overview of Alexander's west-Persian campaign. his great battle against the Persian Emperor Darius III in the Battle of Gaugamela and his eight-year campaign across Asia. honor. Alexander pledges that.298. Persia and part of Ancient India. The film is based mostly on the book Alexander the Great. Shown are some of the key moments of Alexander's youth. Hephaestion shows extensive jealousy when he sees Alexander with Roxana and deep sadness when he marries her. written in the 1970s by historian Robin Lane Fox. his strained feeling towards his mother Olympias. including his difficult relationship with his father Philip II of Macedon. It is not a remake of the 1956 film which starred Richard Burton. [1] grossing a total of $132 million in overseas revenue. music. believing that she has .[2] Plot The film is based on the life of Alexander the Great.192 269 Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Alexander is a 2004 epic film based on the life of Alexander the Great. The film was critically derided upon its release and failed at the American box office. It also outlines his early life. who narrates throughout the film. where he finds interest in love. The two earlier DVD versions of Alexander ("director's cut" version and the theatrical version) sold over 3. including his being declared as the son of Zeus by the Oracle of Amun at Siwa Oasis. the unification of the Greek city-states and the two [3] Greek Kingdoms (Macedon and Epirus) under the Hellenic League. with Colin Farrell in the title role. exploration. After Hephaestion succumbs to an unknown illness either by chance or perhaps poison. Also shown are Alexander's private relationships with his childhood friend Hephaestion and later his wife Roxana. However. His relationship with his father is destroyed when Philip marries Attalus's niece. to which Alexander replies that. while costing $155 million to produce. poetry and military combat. We see Alexander's daily life and the strained relationship between his parents. King of Macedon. it did better internationally in recovering its losses. Having briefly mentioned his punitive razing of Thebes and burning of Persepolis. Hephaestion must be his Patroclus (Achilles's lover). he will follow him into the afterlife.

He dies less than three months after Hephaestion.''Alexander (film)'' killed Hephaestion. 270 Cast Actor Colin Farrell Jared Leto Angelina Jolie Val Kilmer Raz Degan Erol Sander Tsouli Mohammed Annelise Hesme Rosario Dawson Connor Paolo Jessie Kamm Gary Stretch Christopher Plummer Anthony Hopkins Elliot Cowan Role Alexander The Great Hephaestion Queen Olympias King Philip II Darius III of Persia Pharnakes Persian chamberlain Stateira Roxana Young Alexander Child Alexander Cleitus Aristotle Ptolemy I Soter Young Ptolemy I Soter Jonathan Rhys Meyers Cassander Rory McCann Francisco Bosch John Kavanagh Joseph Morgan Ian Beattie Neil Jackson Denis Conway Marie Meyer Nick Dunning Bin Bunluerit Toby Kebbell Brian Blessed Patrick Adolphe Alif Shinobi Jaran Ngamdee Patrick Carroll Craterus Bagoas Parmenion Philotas Antigonus Perdiccas Nearchus Eurydice Attalus Porus Pausanias of Orestis Wrestling trainer Alexander's servant boy Indian Servant Indian Prince Young Hephaestion . keeping his promise that he would follow him.

This. then. enveloping the trial of Philotas and assassination of Parmenion. the director's cut features a scenelet in which Perdiccas goes to arrest Hermolaus. there is an additional flashback in which Philip explains the Titans to the young Alexander. • The scene in which Aristotle gives a lesson to the young Alexander and his friends is re-edited and extended by a few seconds. and the proclamation by the Oracle of Amun is moved to a later part of the narrative. he had to refrain from using regular "BC" dates. there is an additional scene in which Alexander reads a letter from Aristotle. together with that in which Olympias receives the omen of Alexander's death. Stone explains that. . This is the last remnant of a Roxana-Cassander subplot that was filmed but not included. More explicit footage of Alexander and Roxana having sex is added.''Alexander (film)'' 271 Director's cut Oliver Stone's director's cut was re-edited before the DVD release later in 2005. • There is no narrative explanation by Ptolemy during the trial of Philotas. • Between the scene in which Alexander smashes the "rebellion" within the ranks and the final battle. who falls on his sword with the words "Death to all tyrants". • The scene in which Roxana is prevented from entering Alexander's tent by Hephaestion is also removed. • Ptolemy's backstory at the beginning is shortened. like "30 years earlier". it is moved to follow Alexander's grievous wounds in the Battle of the Hydaspes. • The two flashbacks with the arrival of Eurydice to the court and the wedding feast are shifted into the eastern campaign. • The sex scene between Alexander and Roxana is shortened. during Roxana's dance. is shortened. He does not mention either Alexander's new marriages in his final years or that the march across the Gedrosian desert was the "worst blunder of his life". • When Alexander uncovers the page's plot. • There is no scene on the night before the Battle of Gaugamela or the omen reader looking into the intestine of the ox-sacrifice before the Battle of Gaugamela. • The flashback of Alexander questioning Olympias does not appear immediately after the flashback of Philip's assassination. • Alexander does not mourn Cleitus. • The scene of the army returning to Babylon. such as 323 BC and 356 BC. for the theatrical release in the United States. it is also mentioned when Alexander rallies the troops —. who is featured dictating it to an unseen scribe. that Darius assisted the assassination of Philip — in both versions. • Ptolemy's narration leading up to the Battle of Gaugamela gives no reference to the razing of Thebes and burning of Persepolis. The differences between the director's cut and the theatrical version are as follows: • Dates in the flashbacks and flashforwards use normal historical figures. since (according to data collected from test screenings) there was a significant number of viewers who did not know that 356 BC represented an earlier historical period than 323 BC. Perdiccas can be seen breaking up a fight between Hephaestion and Cleitus. Stone removed thirty minutes of footage and added nine back. and her attempt to kill him after her discovery of his relationship with Hephaestion is cut. • In the theatrical version. as opposed to referring to time lapses. In his commentary. This is removed in the director's cut. shortened the running time from 175 minutes to 167. • Directly after Alexander's mourning the dead after the Battle of Gaugamela. • Ptolemy's narration of the march through the Gedrosian desert additionally mentions the helplessness of Alexander watching his broken army die due to natural causes and harsh conditions. He mentions the official Macedonian accusation. rather.

it was a complicated story." he said.com. if I didn't do it now. Thailand Hydaspes: Central Botanical Garden. and it doesn't hurt to make it longer and let people who loved the film [. Morocco Bactrian fortress: Lower Atlas Mountains. Thailand . but I have been fortunate to have the opportunity because of the success of video and DVD sales in the world. Amphoe Mueang. London. there are no other extras on the DVD except for a free coupon to the movie 300. The two-disc set featured a new introduction by Stone.''Alexander (film)'' 272 Final cut: "Alexander Revisited" Stone also made an extended version of Alexander. Mieza and Macedonian horse market: Essaouira. put everything I like in the movie. England Pella/Babylon/Indian palaces and myths cave: Pinewood Studios. Roxana and Ptolemy. "I'm doing a third version on DVD. India Macedonian amphitheater: Morocco Hyphasis: Mekong. Hephaestion. Beyond the new introduction with Stone. this is the complete Alexander.[5] The Blu-ray and HD-DVD releases both feature a variety of special features however. This film represents my complete and last version.[6] Production details Locations • • • • • • • • • • • Library of Alexandria: Shepperton Studios." he said in an interview with Ropeofsilicon. as it will contain all the essential footage we shot. with the energy and memory I still have for the subject. the clearest interpretation I can offer. northeastern Ubon Ratchathani Province. The film has a running time of three hours and 34 minutes (214 minutes) (about 40 minutes longer than the theatrical cut and almost 50 minutes longer than the first director's cut) and is presented in 2. it would never quite be the same again." The extended version of the film was released under the title of Alexander Revisited: The Final Unrated Cut on 27 February 2007."[4] The film is restructured into two acts with an intermission. England Alexandria (effect back plate): Malta Temple of Pallas Athena. He [Alexander] was a complicated man. I'm going to go all out.] see it more and understand it more. Morocco Babylon gates: Marrakech. "I have been able to sort out some of the unanswered questions about this highly complicated and passionate monarch — questions I failed to answer dramatically enough. London. not theatrical. "Over the last two years. Philip.40:1 anamorphic widescreen with English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio.. including two audio commentaries and a new featurette. and I felt. For me.. "I'm going to do a Cecil B. I don't know how many film-makers have managed to make three versions of the same film. Saraburi Province. Morocco Hindu Kush (effect back plate): Himalayas. DeMille three-hour-45-minute thing. Alexander: Revisited takes a more in-depth look at Alexander's life and his relationships with Olympias. Morocco Gaugamela: desert near Marrakech.

but Persian historian Farrokh holds that the real Alexander had to fight several fierce battles before he was able to defeat Darius III (Alexander had to fight the battle of Granicus. Alexander was not (contrary to what the movie claims) severely injured by an arrow during this battle. in the film.[13] He argued that American critics and audiences had blown the issue of Alexander's sexuality out of proportion."[17] However. The film has also been criticized for omitting a famous story about Alexander's conversation with Indian King Porus. Most academic criticism was concerned with the insufficient adherence to historical details. Alexander and his troops defeat the Persian army in a single battle in the movie.[15] Major objections came from Iranian historians.[14] The criticism prompted him to make significant changes to the film for its DVD release.000. a similar scene exists in the film regarding the Princess of Babylon. was the Battle of Hydaspes or Jhelum River in ancient India (now in modern-day Pakistan). Criticism by historians Alexander attracted critical scrutiny from historians due to its various factual errors. "Tell me".00 Total Overseas Grosses: US$ 133.00 Criticism Even prior to its release. more specifically. As an example. After an advanced screening of the film. This only occurred during a siege later that year against the Malhi in what is now the city of Multan. In the movie Gaugamela is meant to represent the entire campaign).[9] The film. like a king. film studio for what they claimed was an inaccurate portrayal of history. Pakistan. "We are not saying that we are against gays. and what's very disturbing is. Issus. When Alexander won the battle. and Gaugamela. was also criticized by some scholars for censoring Alexander's homosexuality.00 Total Worldwide Grosses: US$ 167. O Alexander." said Yannis Varnakos. defended many of the most glaring historical issues by claiming that he had no time or resources to accurately portray a multitude of battles at the expense of storytelling.001. Oliver Stone has. their armies are totally disorganised. the Siege of Tyre. He goes into great detail explaining how he merged all the major aspects of the Battle of Granicus and . The center of the Macedonian line was never surrounded by any accounts.[16] The final battle depicted in the film. the "Macedonian forces are typically shown [to be] very organised. "in what way should I treat you?" Porus replied. the lawyers announced that they would not pursue such a course of action.191.192. Hydaspes was not fought in a forest on a sunny day. Farrokh also observed that. who were upset by the film's renderings of Persians and Macedonians alike. Porus was captured and presented to him. however. "but we are saying that the production company should make it clear to the audience that this film is pure fiction and not a true depiction of the life of Alexander".[12] At the British premiere of the film.[10] [11] Some historical accounts have provided considerable detail concerning Alexander's sexuality that support this line of critique. in his various commentaries in the film's DVD. whose cover characterizes them as making it "faster paced. said Alexander.000. homosexuality. "Treat me.297.298. there was controversy about the film's depiction of ancient Greek sexual mores or. heavily dramatized and altered from history. but on a muddy plain on a night with torrential rains. when the so-called Persians are shown confronting the Macedonians.00[7] [8] Total Domestic Grosses: US$ 34. disciplined.''Alexander (film)'' 273 Reception Box office performance • • • • Budget: US$ 155. A group of 25 Greek lawyers initially threatened to file a lawsuit against both Stone and the Warner Bros. and so on.001. Stone blamed "raging fundamentalism in morality" for the film's US box-office failure. though the infantry did suffer many casualties. more action-packed".

ISBN 1-85799-122-2. 2004. Alexander Box Office Gross. . p.com" (http:/ / www. [internet] 20 November. html). 274 Criticism by film critics One of the principal complaints among US film critics was that Alexander resembled less an action-drama film than a history documentary. Worst Actor (Colin Farrell). published on 21 November 2004. videobusiness. an intelligent and ambitious picture that crucially lacks dramatic flair and emotional involvement. Retrieved 2010-08-22. ecnext. "Oliver Stone's 'Alexander' is at best an honorable failure. stm). org/ 5mYVCCU18) [9] "Greek lawyers halt Alexander case" (http:/ / news.1371013. S. the film was nominated in six categories: Worst Picture. Roger Ebert wrote in his review.. Retrieved from Videobusiness.org (http:/ / www. Dry and academic where Troy (2004) was vulgar and willfully ahistorical(. com/ news.)"[19] Manohla Dargis wrote in The New York Times that Alexander "brought out the best of the worst in terms of inaccurate storytelling that lacks planning.com. Retrieved 2010-08-22. Homecinema. com/ 2004/ 11/ 20/ movies/ MoviesFeatures/ 20alex. . 10 December 2004) [15] "Alexander (opened 11/ 24/04) Oliver Stone's Costly History Lesson" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-08-22. 9. (Also in Joliet Herald News. edu/ login?uri=/ journals/ film_and_history/ v035/ 35. htm). google. Available at NYtimes. uk/ content/ id/ 65466/ alexander-revisited-the-final-cut-hd-in-september-extras. co. com/ WHVPORTAL/ Portal/ product. com/ coms2/ gi_0199-11799489/ The-Alexander-bromance-male-desire. stfrancis. Worst Actress (Angelina Jolie). bbc. Available at USAtoday.00. (http:/ / www. Worst Supporting Actor (Val Kilmer) and Worst Screenplay. while merging the near-death of Alexander from the siege of Malli.ecnext. [internet] 28 November. Ph. warnerbros. co.. html). com/ movies/ ?id=alexander.thedigitalfix. C. ISBN 9780786435135. co. Worst Director (Oliver Stone). 2carver.12589.edu. com/ ?id=1ha9GgWNmy0C& pg=PA178& lpg=PA178& dq=Pausanias+ attalos+ sex#v=onepage& q=alexander& f=false). [1957] (1994). for which Todd McCarthy wrote. nytimes.12589.Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut (HD) in September . php?id=4906) By Brad Brevet (Monday. [11] "The Alexander bromance: male desire and gender fluidity in Oliver Stone's historical epic" (http:/ / goliath. [6] "The Digital Fix: Home Cinema .jhu. guardian. 24 November 2004. London: Phoenix. thedigitalfix. uk/ 2/ hi/ entertainment/ 4064727. co. Retrieved 2010-08-22.. ropeofsilicon. Breaking Ground With a Gay Movie Hero. webcitation. . . uk/ news/ story/ 0. S. as well as heavily simplifying the Battle of Hydaspes into a straight-forward clash. Muse. Retrieved 2010-08-22.warnerbros. Archived at Webcitation. Retrieved 2006. 26 November 2004.''Alexander (film)'' the Battle of Issus into the Battle of Gaugamela.EXTRAS!!" (http:/ / homecinema.D. losing four of them to Catwoman (Picture.com. [13] "Stone blames 'moral fundamentalism' for US box office flop" (http:/ / film. 2004-12-03. Orion Books Ltd. html). USA Today. Retrieved 2010-08-22.1384483. "[W]e welcome the scenes of battle. 2009.. Books. . html) Bowra.co. Online: DVD Shop Browsing" (http:/ / whv. 2004. com/ life/ movies/ news/ 2004-11-28-box-office_x. The Greek Experience. fortune did not favor 'Alexander'. . html) (Friday.00. boxofficemojo.. Goliath. [1] [2] [3] [4] . Whv. 18 December 2006) [5] "Warner Bros.[18] Faint praise came from Daily Variety Magazine. 28 November 2004. p. jhu. The New York Times. in Dayton Daily News.) [16] Kaveh Farrokh [17] Rogers. [7] Waxman. [8] Bowles. pomp and circumstance because at least for a time we are free of the endless narration of Ptolemy the historian".com (http:/ / www. Retrieved 5 January 2010." Nominations At the 25th Golden Raspberry Awards. 28 November 2004. 2007-08-19. BBC News.com (http:/ / www. [10] "Oliver Stone's Alexander by Terrell Carver" (http:/ / muse. final cut is now confirmed. Providence Journal. [12] The origins and role of same-sex relations in human societies by James Neill (http:/ / books. . Director and Screenplay) and two to Fahrenheit 9/11 (Actor and Supporting Actor). Accessed 5 January 2010. Alas. htm). 200. html) (Thursday 6 January 2005) [14] "Stone says Alexander is too complex for 'conventional minds'" (http:/ / film.uk. htm) By Cathy Schultz. References "Boxofficemojo. jsp?OID=18842)...com. html). uk/ news/ story/ 0. usatoday. com/ article/ CA6400409. edu/ historyinthemovies/ alexander. Actress. "Oliver Stone's 'Alexander' Gets Another DVD Release The final. guardian. M.com (http:/ / www. Bend Bulletin.google.

• G. The New Yorker (http:// www. 6 (2005). "Alexander. Crowdus. Hollywood Reporter 390 (2 August–8 August 2005).com/ thr/search/article_display.co. "Warrior King".co. K.com/) 793 (19 November 2004). html?categoryid=31& cs=1). 36–40.nybooks.rottentomatoes.com (http:/ / rogerebert.org/featuresarticle/2005/01/e840ee45-68ca-4718-bf39-c2f01168d738.com/title/tt0346491/) at the Internet Movie Database Alexander (http://www.2/ br_111. 26–32 (2004). suntimes. London. the Movie! [Review of Alexander. Los Angeles Times 12 September 2004. 42–43.com/film/titles/alexander) at Metacritic Alexander (http://movies.com/) 80:38 (6 December 2004). Abel. 1973). "Fall Sneaks: Fearsome Phalanx: Executing His Vision Of Grandeur. com/ apps/ pbcs. blogspot.28 January 2005 "World: Oliver Stone's 'Alexander' Stirs Up Controversy" By Golnaz Esfandiari (http://www. ibid. 11 (2005). The Alexander Movie: How are Iranians and Greeks Portrayed? (http://hellenicnationalist.org/journals/ahr/110.imdb.com/movies/?id=alexander. 44–45 (2004). "Stone Redraws Battle Plans: Producer Admit 'Alexander' Missteps. Carver. but Hope International Release Proves Epically Successful".com/magazine/nov04/alexander/ index. 12–23 (2005). Lane.warnerbros. Gritten. "Alexander" (http:/ / www. Oliver Stone Leads A Front Line Of Powder-Keg Actors Across 3 Continents.com/) 30:2 (Spring 2005). html) • Dr.alexander-the-great. "Dramatizing Issues That Historians Don't Address: An Interview with Oliver Stone".com/movie/1808402866/info) at Yahoo! Movies Alexander film fan site (http://www. 48–51 (2004). • M. Daniel (13 January 2005). 45–46. "The Critics: The Current Cinema: War-Torn: Oliver Stone's 'Alexander'".newyorker.html) • Radio Free Europe/Radio liberty. Kaveh Farrokh. American Cinematographer 85:11. com/ review/ VE1117925592.com/work/288641) at Allmovie Alexander (http://www.com/2004/12/iranian-perspective-on-alexander-movie.com. (http://www.rferl.alexander-the-great. • A.''Alexander (film)'' [18] Rogerebert. . 83–84 (2005). Alexander the Great (Penguin Books. "Oliver Stone's Alexander: Warner Bros. 125–127 (2004). "Timing Alexander". Fleming. 553 (2005). Fierman.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001001472) • R. Variety 397:6 (27 December 2004–2 January 2005).htm) at Box Office Mojo Alexander (http://www. 275 Bibliography • G. Film & History (http://www. • I.ew. Lane Fox. (http://www. dll/ article?AID=/ 20041123/ REVIEWS/ 41105003/ 1023).allmovie. Bergery.com/index) 52 (1). ISSN 0028-7504.com/) Alexander (http://www.html) External links • • • • • • • • • Official website (http://alexanderthemovie. The American Historical Review 110:2.yahoo. • Mendelsohn.org/~filmhis/) 35:2. • D. Retrieved 2010-08-22.uk/) Alexander film discussion Board (http://forum.theasc. "Book Review: Europe: Ancient and Medieval: Alexander.html) • T.historycooperative. (http://www. Entertainment Weekly (http://www.boxofficemojo. a film directed by Oliver Stone]".uk/) . variety. (http://www.suntimes.com/m/alexander/) at Rotten Tomatoes Alexander (http://www. B. What Could Go Wrong?".metacritic. variety. And Intermedia Films (2004)".hollywoodreporter. Worthington. Bosley. Directed by Oliver Stone". Alexander (R) [19] By (21 November 2004).cineaste. E21 (2004). Variety. the New York Review of Books (http://www. • R. Cineaste (http://www.com/article/VR1117915415?categoryid=1019&cs=1) • D. h-net.

moviehole. Variety.asp?article_id=2059&lmodule=divertissement)–Menara (French) • Colin Farrell interview for Alexander (http://www.archaeology. "Fire Bringer: Oliver Stone's Alexander" (http://myweb. 276 .htm) Images of set pieces for this film • Riding with Alexander (http://www.html)–Radio Free Europe • Divertissement: Le tournage d'Alexander s'est déroulé dans d'excellentes condition (http://www.com/article/ VR1117871273).variety.com/alexander.unomaha.htm) • Michael Fleming (2002-08-14).archaeology.org/online/interviews/fox. Reames.edu/~mreames/Beyond_Renault/ review2.org/featuresarticle/2005/01/ e840ee45-68ca-4718-bf39-c2f01168d738.html) • Alexander Production Notes (http://madeinatlantis.html) .com/movies_central/2004/alexander.comprehensive review by a researcher of Macedonian history • Keith Short .html)–interview with Robin Lane Fox on Archaeology magazine (http://www.ma/ Infos/includes/detail.rferl.Film Sculptor (http://www.keithshortsculptor. "Leo may be great for Alexander epic" (http://www.net/news/20041109_4502.org/) • World: Oliver Stone's "Alexander" Stirs Up Controversy (http://www.''Alexander (film)'' • J.menara.

''Proof (2005 film)''


Proof (2005 film)

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Produced by Written by John Madden Alison Owen Jeff Sharp David Auburn (play) David Auburn Rebecca Miller Gwyneth Paltrow Anthony Hopkins Jake Gyllenhaal Hope Davis Stephen Warbeck


Music by

Cinematography Alwin Kulcher Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Budget Gross revenue Mick Audsley Miramax Films September 5, 2005 100 minutes English $20 million $21,725,191

Proof is a 2005 American drama film directed by John Madden and starring Anthony Hopkins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Hope Davis; it was written by Rebecca Miller, based on David Auburn's Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same title.

Catherine (Gwyneth Paltrow) has been looking after her father, a brilliant mathematician, Robert (Anthony Hopkins), who had gone "crazy" some years before. When he dies, his former student, Harold (Jake Gyllenhaal), goes through his notebooks, hoping to make a discovery. Catherine suspects he may want to steal the credit for himself. Her sister, Claire (Hope Davis), arrives from New York and begins to cast doubts on Catherine's mental state. Catherine begins a relationship with Harold and gives him the key to her father's desk where he finds a notebook containing a proof of an important theorem. She claims it is her own work, but the handwriting appears to

''Proof (2005 film)'' be her father's. Everyone, including Catherine herself, begins to doubt her sanity. The film also deals extensively with the subject of death and dying. The physical death of Robert occurs offstage, but multiple metaphorical deaths including death of career, loss of sanity, and the sex act are portrayed explicitly. The conflict between Catherine and Claire as to which of Robert's many deaths is the "real" one is as contentious as the argument over the authorship of the proof.[1]


• • • • Gwyneth Paltrow as Catherine, the protagonist Anthony Hopkins as Robert, Catherine's father Jake Gyllenhaal as Harold "Hal" Dobbs, a former student of Robert's Hope Davis as Claire, Catherine's sister

The film is based on the four-character stage play Proof. The film adds many bit parts for the sake of realism, and "opens up" the setting considerably. The role of Catherine was first played by Mary-Louise Parker in the play's 2000 Manhattan Theatre Club original production. Gwyneth Paltrow played Catherine in a London stage production before being cast in the film. Hopkins' character is a mathematics professor at the University of Chicago. Although many scenes were filmed on the university's campus, the mathematics building itself (Eckhart Hall) was not used. Instead, many scenes that were set in the math building were actually shot at the Divinity School. The film opens with a pan of Gwyneth Paltrow's character bicycling across the Midway Plaisance and shows many scenes in the quadrangle before Harper Library.

Proof opened at #35 in its opening weekend with $193,840 and went on to gross a mild $7,535,331 in the USA and $14,189,860 worldwide.[2]

Awards and nominations
Gwyneth Paltrow was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama for Proof, but lost to Felicity Huffman.

[1] “Proof” and the Anthropology of Death: A Different Kind of Movie Review (http:/ / www. anthropologytimes. com/ 2010/ 10/ 20/ proof-and-the-anthropology-of-death-a-different-kind-of-movie-review/ ), Anthropology Times, 20 October 2010. [2] Proof (2005) (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. com/ movies/ ?id=proof. htm), Box Office Mojo (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. com/ ).

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• Proof (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0377107/) at the Internet Movie Database • Proof (http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=proof.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Proof (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/proof/) at Rotten Tomatoes

''The World's Fastest Indian''


The World's Fastest Indian
The World's Fastest Indian

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Written by Starring Roger Donaldson Roger Donaldson Anthony Hopkins Diane Ladd Jessica Cauffiel Christopher Lawford J. Peter Robinson

Music by

Cinematography David Gribble Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) John Gilbert Tanlay Productions Cameo FJ Entertainment Magnolia Pictures December 7, 2005 (New Zealand) February 3, 2006 (United States) 127 minutes English $25 million $18,297,690

Running time Language Budget Gross revenue

The World's Fastest Indian is a 2005 New Zealand biographical film based on the Invercargill, New Zealand speed bike racer Burt Munro and his highly modified Indian Scout motorcycle. Munro set numerous land speed records for motorcycles with engines less than 1000 cc at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in the late 1950s and into the 1960s. Some suggest his records may never be broken. The film stars Anthony Hopkins and was written and directed by Roger Donaldson. The film opened in December 2005 to positive reviews[1] and quickly became the highest grossing local film at the New Zealand box-office taking in $7,043,000;[2] and taking in over US$18,297,690 worldwide.[3]

and an Air Force pilot who is on a leave from his military service in Vietnam. a transvestite motel clerk Paul Rodriguez as Fernando.''The World's Fastest Indian'' 280 Plot Burt Munro is a sort of folk hero in his hometown for his friendly and charming personality and for being featured in Popular Mechanics magazine (May 1957 p6) for having the fastest motorcycle in Australia and New Zealand. In the 8th mile. that recognition is contrasted by his exasperated neighbours. including all the exploded pistons and the piston mould that Hopkins uses for a scene in the film. a used car salesman Christopher Lawford as Jim Moffet Annie Whittle as Fran Aaron James Murphy as Tom Chris Bruno as Bob Tim Shadbolt as Frank Bruce Greenwood as Jerry Diane Ladd as Ada Saginaw Grant as Jake Production Director Roger Donaldson had been working on this film for over 20 years before he started filming it. however. A house has been built on the plot since the film was released. he experiences bureaucracy. The location used for Burt Munro's workshop in New Zealand took place on land once used as the headquarters for the notorious Black Power gang during the 1990s until the house burnt down in 1998. In a show of sportsmanship. a transgender woman named Tina. and he is eventually allowed to make a timed run. most of all. It is his blunt but gregarious nature which overcomes each hurdle. Burt meets many people. who assists him in clearing customs and helps him in buying a car. Burt declines the offer. and had previously directed a short television documentary about Munro called Burt Munro: Offerings to the God of Speed in 1971. he achieves over 200 mph then falls with the bike and skids to a stop. However. These were on display at the Southland Museum and Art Gallery. He finally arrives at the Bonneville Salt Flats. who are fed up with his un-neighbourly habits such as urinating on his lemon tree every morning. a woman named Ada who helps him repair his trailer and briefly becomes his lover. yet he succeeds in his quest and sets a new land speed record. Along the way. He wins over the hardened motel clerk. various competitors in the Bonneville series intervene on his behalf. and shortly afterwards begins his long trip to Utah. waking up before sunrise to rev his bike's very loud engine. neglecting his garden. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munro Jessica Cauffiel as Wendy Joe Howard as Otto Chris Williams as Tina. . skepticism and the coldness of big city people. and. Burt travels by cargo ship to the USA to participate in the Bonneville Speed Week. The car salesman allows Burt to use his shop to make a trailer and later offers him a job after Burt fixes most of the cars on the lot. Many of the props used for filming were actually owned by Munro. however. His leg is burned by the exhaust. including a Native American who aids him when his trailer fails. When Burt arrives in Los Angeles. his longtime dream. only to be turned away by race officials for not registering his bike for competition in advance.

[7] .[5] • Near the end of the film. The couple had four children together.07 MPH.[6] Symbolism • Burt’s story about his Brother’s death can be recognized as an important symbol to the story as it highlights the fact that Burt is willing to take chances and live dangerously in order to fulfill his life dreams. Nevertheless the same reviewer said Hopkins gives a "generous. Speed Week participants throw money into "the hat" and Burt Munro is presented with a bag of cash before he sets the speed record.971 MPH. he set the record of 178. who died when a tree fell on him. • Munro in the film recalls the death of a twin brother named Ernie. which is officialised unlike the 205. 281 Historical accuracy • The historical Munro married Florence Beryl Martyn in 1927. film director Roger Donaldson added that detail as a tribute to his own father. this friendliness is taken advantage of. these records are only implied in the film.''The World's Fastest Indian'' In interviews Hopkins has stated that Munro was one of the easiest roles that he has ever played in his career. • Munro was never known to urinate on his lemon tree.S. Customs required a cash bond before releasing his motorcycle. Munro also had a stillborn twin sister. In some cases. and 1960’s New Zealand. However. • Munro's fastest complete run at Bonneville was 190. the historical Munro had an older brother who was killed when a tree fell on him. Burt is greeted with a down to business mentality that does not reflect his natural outward friendliness which he had become accustomed to in New Zealand.A.67 MPH on an uncompleted run. Munro had to take up a collection before Speed Week as U. In fact. but did reach 205. He never set a record of 201 MPH at Bonneville as the film portrays. Chris Bruno stated this was "one of the most exciting jobs" he's ever done. In 1962 at Bonneville. simply because Munro's view on life was not all that different from his own. "Dad" Munro and his 1920 Indian Scout. but it is implied that he was married and either estranged or divorced. who did. However. no mention is made of children in the film.[4] Munro does crash after his 201 MPH record-breaking run. whom he later divorced. • Burt’s arrival in America can be seen as symbolic in the way it portrays the differences between 1960’s America. His statement about trying not to fear anything after his brother’s death reinforces this point. Hopkins' portrayal of a New Zealander The Welsh-born Hopkins did not employ the kind of Kiwi accent which the real Munro would have had — the review in The New Zealand Herald said that "his vowels swoop from the Welsh valleys to the high veldt without ever alighting in Southland" [Munro's home region of New Zealand].67 MPH run. the first in 1956. However. • The historical Munro had set numerous speed records in New Zealand during the late 1930s through the early 1970s. genial and utterly approachable performance … he nails the backyard eccentric genius dead centre … he has inhaled the nature of a mid-century Kiwi bloody good bloke and he inhabits the part to perfection". • The May 1957 edition of Popular Mechanics (p6) has a letter to the editor about H. • The Bonneville run in the film is a composite of several runs Munro made. as Burt tries to adapt to the high pace materialistic world that is depicted as 1960’s America. on which he unfortunately crashed.

Munro’s streamlined record setter was largely modified with capacity being increased to 950 cc.A New Zealand Legend.com/work/316050) at Allmovie The World's Fastest Indian (http://www. Assembled In Bedfordshire England. References [1] "The World's Fastest Indian (2005)" (http:/ / www. and a recorded speed of 205 mph.metacritic. • Antarctic Angels Bikes The bikes ridden by the New Zealand bikers comprise largely of early to mid 60’s Triumphs and BSA’s.imdb. 2010. The Munro Special (http:/ / www. webmasters. These modifications were largely done in Munro’s shop using primitive methods and tools as depicted in the film.May 1957 (http:/ / books.com/film/titles/worldsfastestindian) at Metacritic The World's Fastest Indian (http://www. [2] New Zealand box office Top 10 (http:/ / www. Box Office Mojo. co.htm) at Box Office Mojo .allmovie. • Burt’s Car (New Zealand) 1954 Vauxhall Velox The Vauxhall Velox depicted as Burt’s car in New Zealand is typical of the many British built cars exported to New Zealand and Australia in the Mid 50’s. doc) [3] "The World's Fastest Indian (2005)" (http:/ / www. com/ books?id=KeEDAAAAMBAJ& lpg=PP1& pg=PA6#v=onepage& q& f=false) [6] gsbmwr. nzherald. nzfilm. htm) [5] Popular Mechanics .pdf From the article HERO! reprinted through the courtesy of Classic Bike magazine by the Granite State BMW Riders (http:/ / ns2. [4] Burt Munro . rottentomatoes. 2010. the Velox used a number of inline six cylinder engines and was produced until 1965. Most of these bikes are twin cylinder models and are 500 cc or larger. Retrieved July 5.com/title/tt0412080/) at the Internet Movie Database The World's Fastest Indian (http://www. indianmotorbikes. . htm). com/ *) [7] Peter Calder: The World's Fastest Indian. Retrieved July 5.''The World's Fastest Indian'' 282 Important Vehicles • 1920 Indian Scout “Burt Munro Special” The 1920 Indian Scout portrayed in the film started life as a 600 cc motorcycle with a top speed of 55 mph. co.com/m/worlds_fastest_indian/) at Rotten Tomatoes The World's Fastest Indian (http://www. Rotten Tomatoes. cfm?c_id=6& objectid=10349290) The New Zealand Herald.boxofficemojo. boxofficemojo. October 8. the others being Ducatis. nz/ news/ ootb million dollars box office. com/ m/ worlds_fastest_indian/ ). External links • • • • • The World's Fastest Indian (http://www.rottentomatoes. nz/ lifestyle/ news/ article. (http:/ / www. com/ features/ munro/ munro. com/ movies/ ?id=worldsfastestindian. 2005. google. . Four bikes are used in the film to depict the actual “Munro Special” two of which were replica Indian Scouts.com/movies/?id=worldsfastestindian.org/httpdocs/Archives/Munro.

806 . 2006 120 minutes United States English $14 million $20. Macy Sharon Stone Nick Cannon Mary Elizabeth Winstead Joshua Jackson Elijah Wood Jacob Vargas Freddy Rodriguez Christian Slater Demi Moore Martin Sheen Music by Mark Isham Cinematography Michael Barrett Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Richard Chew MGM November 17.''Bobby (2006 film)'' 283 Bobby (2006 film) Bobby Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Emilio Estevez Michael Litvak Holly Wiersma Emilio Estevez • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Harry Belafonte Anthony Hopkins Laurence Fishburne Heather Graham Helen Hunt Ashton Kutcher Shia LaBeouf Lindsay Lohan William H.597.

a beautician who works in the hotel salon. 1968 shooting of United States Senator from New York and former U. such as William. Miriam Ebbers (Stone). hotel coffee shop waitress Susan (Winstead). a retired hotel doorman who spends his days playing chess with his friend Nelson (Belafonte) in the lobby. and Czechoslovak reporter Lenka Janáčková (Metkina). who is determined to get an interview with Kennedy. Kennedy's speech "On the Mindless Menace of Violence. and later used by Robert Altman in Nashville. Samantha and Daryl. and her husband Paul (Macy). an alcoholic singer whose career is on the downswing. campaign manager Wade and staffer Dwayne (Jackson and Cannon).''Bobby (2006 film)'' Bobby is a 2006 American drama film written and directed by Emilio Estevez. Virginia Fallon (Moore). who is having an affair with switchboard operator Angela (Graham). food and beverage manager Daryl Timmons (Slater). Diane (Lohan). It uses an ensemble plot device similar to that employed in the 1932 film Grand Hotel. The screenplay is a fictionalized account of the hours leading up to the June 5. is played over a montage of the reaction of those present to the assassination. Attorney General Robert F. her put-upon husband/manager Tim (Estevez). The characters include John Casey (Hopkins). Ohio. and her agent Phil (Krumholtz).[1] Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Harry Belafonte as Nelson Joy Bryant as Patricia Nick Cannon as Dwayne Clark Emilio Estevez as Tim Fallon Laurence Fishburne as Edward Robinson Dave Fraunces as Robert Kennedy Jeridan Frye as Ethel Kennedy Spencer Garrett as David Brian Geraghty as Jimmy Heather Graham as Angela Anthony Hopkins as John Casey Helen Hunt as Samantha Joshua Jackson as Wade Buckley David Krumholtz as Agent Phil Ashton Kutcher as Fisher Shia LaBeouf as Cooper Lindsay Lohan as Diane Howser . Jimmy & Cooper." delivered in 1968 to the City Club of Cleveland. At the end of the film. Jimmy and Cooper (Geraghty and LaBeouf). the hotel manager. who is in a love interest with Angela's colleague. African American sous chef Edward Robinson (Fishburne) and Mexican American busboys José and Miguel (Rodriguez and Vargas).S. Kennedy in the kitchen of The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles following his win in the California Democratic Party primary for the 1968 Presidential Election. 284 Plot The film recreates the ambiance of the era and invokes the hopes inspired by Kennedy through the use of actual newsreel footage of the senator intercut with dramatic sequences involving mostly fictional characters. married socialites and campaign donors Samantha and Jack (Hunt and Sheen). Several of the characters get wounded. Patricia (Bryant). who is marrying her friend William (Wood) with the hope his marital status will have him deployed to a military base in Germany rather than the battlefields of Vietnam when his tour of duty begins. At the end of the film we are told that they all survived. campaign volunteers who are sidetracked by an acid trip they take with the help of drug dealer Fisher (Kutcher). whose racist attitude gets him fired.

Songs heard throughout the film consist of a music compilation from the 1960s. "Anji" by Paul Simon. Estevez used her experience to mold the character of Diane. screenwriter/director Emilio Estevez discusses the problems he had developing his script. and was congratulated by Kennedy during the victory speech he delivered just before being shot. Suffering from writer's block. free from interruption. "Black Is Black" by Los Bravos. The only other character based on a real person is busboy José. and later married two young men to help them avoid the draft. As well. but is obliged to work a double shift. giving production designer Patti Podesta the opportunity to purchase much of the furniture and decorative pieces used in the film. "Pata Pata" by Miriam Makeba. "Magic Moments" by Perry Como. including "Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson. a newly recorded version of "Louie Louie" was performed in character by Demi Moore for the film. he could make some headway with his writing.[2] Production The Ambassador Hotel had shuttered its doors and put its fixtures and furnishings up for auction during the film's pre-production period. Drysdale did in fact achieve his sixth shutout on June 4. The character of José has tickets to the Los Angeles Dodgers game in which Don Drysdale is expected to set the record of six consecutive shutouts. . "Ain't That Peculiar" by Marvin Gaye. Macy as Paul Ebbers Svetlana Metkina as Lenka Demi Moore as Virginia Fallon Freddy Rodriguez as José Rojas Martin Sheen as Jack Christian Slater as Daryl Timmons Sharon Stone as Miriam Ebbers Jacob Vargas as Miguel Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Susan Taylor Elijah Wood as William Avary David Kobzantsev as Sirhan Sirhan 285 Development In Bobby: The Making of an American Epic. which was played during the closing credits. and "Initials" from the musical Hair. he discovered she had been in the Ambassador Hotel on the evening Kennedy was shot. Estevez got permission to film in and around the building during that period. 1968. and the Boys Choir of Harlem. "Season of the Witch" and "Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan. the young man who was photographed cradling Kennedy's body immediately after he was shot. "There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World)" by Herman's Hermits. who represents Juan Romero. Music The film's score was composed by Mark Isham. forcing him to miss the game. "Wives and Lovers" by Jack Jones. he checked into a motel in Pismo Beach where he hoped. The hotel was scheduled for demolition one week after filming was scheduled to begin. "Come See About Me" by The Supremes. an original acoustic version of "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. with "Never Gonna Break My Faith" written by Bryan Adams and performed by Aretha Franklin. and the rest of the story fell into place. "I Was Made to Love Her" by Stevie Wonder.''Bobby (2006 film)'' • • • • • • • • • • • William H. Blige. While talking to the woman working at the front desk. adding to the film's authenticity. Mary J.

the melodramatic. "Estevez writes and directs with lots of passion. awarded the film three out of four stars and called it "intriguing but imperfect. Playing on two screens. . ."[11] Richard Roeper said." He added. Petersburg Times graded the film C.''Bobby (2006 film)'' 286 Release After an initial premiere at the NUIG Student Cinema at the National University of Ireland.039 on its opening weekend."[12] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film one star and called it "trite fiction" and a work of "insipid ineptitude. . the point is hammered home too hard . despite the energy provided by its title icon via archival footage.801 in North America and $9. "Emilio Estevez . and that it "literally and vividly unites different ethnic groups. It eventually earned $11. as did Lou Lumerick of the New York Post who dubbed it "ambitious. But."[9] Steve Persall of the St. Scott of The New York Times said. .[5] A. falls flat dramatically in nearly every other way."[7] Deborah Young of Variety said of Estevez.355. The actors seem more like 'very special guest stars' than like real.806. Galway the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was shown at the Deauville Film Festival. . labor strata and social castes" in a way that "is not schematic—its exactitude and believability has a Tocquevillian brilliance. 2006. while others are vague to the point of inscrutability. . and their period-appropriate get-ups . are more distracting than convincing ."[13] ." He ranked it among the worst films of 2006.and drug-related plots. Some of the stories feel too obviously melodramatic. "Emilio Estevez gets most of the feelings of the occasion right. . but utterly wrong-headed trivialization. "Stepping up as writer and director in a way he never has before. Nonetheless the ambition behind Bobby is large and serious. and Mr. .[3] Critical reception The film received mixed reviews.597. it grossed $69. It scored a 45% based on 161 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes[4] and a normalized rating of 54% based on 31 reviews on Metacritic. . few facts and zero speculation" and Estevez "a mediocre filmmaker. who was in the Ambassador ballroom (in fact 20 feet from the podium) the night Kennedy was shot. 1968-vintage Americans. and AFI Fest before going into limited release in the US on November 17. in which a star-studded cast endures melodramatic story lines as the audience awaits the inevitable momentous event and tries to guess who will be around at the finish ."[6] Kevin Crust of the Los Angeles Times called it "an ambitious film drenched in sincerity and oozing with nostalgia that. It is important to appreciate this in spite of his movie's evident shortcomings. Estevez's seem to me entirely admirable . while other narratives wind toward no discernible point at all. O. not so much subtlety .242." and added the film "carries an eerie topicality that makes many of its insights instantly click. the Toronto Film Festival. calling it "a misguided jumble of too much fiction. Intentions do count for something. but the pedestrian and overly expositional dialogue of the film's characters proves to be as stifling as the excerpts from Kennedy's speeches are stirring. the Vienna International Film Festival. . . multi-character format proves somewhat uneven and distracting. .005 in other territories for a total worldwide box office of $20. the London Film Festival. In the Vietnam. It's easy to become swept up in the palpable enthusiasm Estevez shows toward his subject. . sets himself a large and honorable task. ."[8] Armond White of New York Press wrote that the film "has a humane sweetness". [He] wants the movie to be on the level of a Robert Altman film like Nashville but falls short. [he] successfully pulls together a complexly designed narrative."[10] Michael Medved. It aspires for the Altmanesque interplay of Nashville or Short Cuts but instead feels like one of those '70s disaster epics such as Earthquake or The Towering Inferno.

htm) [4] Bobby at RottenTomatoes. html). michaelmedved. doc) [12] Richard Roeper review at BV Entertainment (http:/ / bventertainment.allmovie. rottentomatoes. Eliot Kennedy.com/) • Bobby (http://www. story) [8] Variety review (http:/ / www. winner) • Venice Film Festival Golden Lion (Estevez. Armond White. com/ ballplayers/ player.imdb. com/ m/ 1162559-bobby/ ) [5] Bobby at Metacritic.bobby-the-movie.com (http:/ / www.0.Director (winner) References [1] Text of "On the Mindless Menace of Violence" from the RFK Memorial (http:/ / www. and Andrea Remanda.com/title/tt0308055/) at the Internet Movie Database • Bobby (http://www. nypress. com/ film/ titles/ bobby) [6] New York Times review (http:/ / movies. sptimes.com (http:/ / www. go. metacritic.Motion Picture (nominee) • NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture (Harry Belafonte.com (http:/ / www. New York Press. org/ lifevision/ onthemindlessmenaceofviolence/ ) [2] Don Drysdale at BaseballLibrary. 2006 [10] St. variety. com/ movies/ ?id=bobby. rfkmemorial. shtml) [11] Michael Medved review at MichaelMedved. com/ 2006/ 11/ 17/ movies/ 17bobb.Motion Picture (nominee) • ALMA Award for Outstanding Screenplay . calendarlive. com/ printedition/ calendar/ cl-et-bobby17nov17. com/ reviews/ movie/ 9740235/ review/ 12583294/ bobby) External links • Official website (http://http://www. com/ article-15091-healing-with-hope. nominee) • Hollywood Film Festival Award for Best Ensemble Cast (winner) • Hollywood Film Festival Award for Best Breakthrough Actress (Lindsay Lohan. nominee) • Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture (nominee) • ALMA Award for Outstanding Motion Picture (nominee) • ALMA Award for Outstanding Directror .7778372. nytimes. com/ images/ pdf/ bobby. html) [7] Los Angeles Times review (http:/ / www. December 6. rollingstone. baseballlibrary. html?nav=reviews07& categoryid=2352& cs=1& p=0) [9] Healing with Hope (http:/ / www. Petersburg Times review (http:/ / www. com/ awardcentral_review/ VE1117931460. com/ tv/ buenavista/ ebertandroeper/ index2.com (http:/ / images. html?sec=6& subsec=BOBBY) [13] Rolling Stone review (http:/ / www. winner) • Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Breakout Performance of the Year . nominee) • Venice Film Festival Biografilm Award (Emilio Estevez. php?name=Don_Drysdale_1936) [3] BoxOfficeMojo.com/work/334717) at Allmovie .com (http:/ / www.''Bobby (2006 film)'' 287 Awards and nominations • Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture — Drama (nominee) • Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song ("Never Gonna Break My Faith" by Bryan Adams. boxofficemojo. com/ 2006/ 11/ 22/ Floridian/ _Bobby__is__a_misnome.

The film co-stars Jude Law. Kate Winslet. James Gandolfini. who also produced and scripted. The story is about the life of Willie Stark (played by Sean Penn).''All the King's Men (2006 film)'' 288 All the King's Men (2006 film) All the King's Men Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Steven Zaillian Ken Lemberger Mike Medavoy Arnold Messer Steven Zaillian Steven Zaillian Robert Penn Warren Sean Penn Jude Law Kate Winslet James Gandolfini Tj Falterman Mark Ruffalo Patricia Clarkson Jackie Earle Haley Anthony Hopkins James Horner Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Paweł Edelman Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Wayne Wahrman Columbia Pictures September 22. 2006 125 minutes United States English $55 million $9.450. a fictional character resembling Louisiana governor Huey Long.897 All the King's Men is a 2006 film adaptation of the 1946 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren. It was directed by Steven Zaillian. Anthony Hopkins. Mark Ruffalo. Patricia Clarkson and Jackie Earle Haley in his first film since Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence thirteen years prior. .

Adam Stanton. Dr. popular with the voters but a charlatan to those who really know him. Judge Irwin accepted a bribe. Criticized publicly by Judge Irwin and embroiled in increasing political controversy. spout the party line and lose. He lies in wait at the steps of the state capitol. According to IMDb. Dr. expected to split the vote. an honorable man. and convinces Dr. provoking Sadie's jealousy and Jack's disappointment. Zaillian never saw the original film. Stanton discovers that even the hospital is a front for the governor's own personal and political gain. at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge and many other places in Louisiana. He also has a silent. Jack was raised by Judge Irwin. Donaldsonville. He is the former lover of Anne Stanton. Anne Stanton seems to agree and so does her brother. however. menacing driver and bodyguard called Sugar Boy. Stark has by now become a ruthless tyrant. and adapted the screenplay solely from Warren's novel. Tiny Duffy.''All the King's Men (2006 film)'' All the King's Men had previously been adapted by Robert Rossen in 1949. He becomes governor in the next election. an idealistic small-town lawyer. whose father was once governor. the judge commits suicide. Jack insists that no such dirt exists. There the film was first screened to the press. A special screening was held at the Tulane University in New Orleans on September 16. Stark demands that Jack dig up dirt on the judge to be used against him. using any means necessary. 2006. and knows how to get his way. Jack and political strategist Sadie Burke reveal to Stark that he is actually a dupe in the governor's race. 289 Plot Louisiana newspaper reporter Jack Burden takes a personal interest in Willie Stark. Burden Travis Champagne Tom Stark . 2006. but he does manage to uncover the fact that many years ago. building a new hospital. he encourages Jack to come work for him as an adviser. Filming took place in New Orleans. Following this revelation. his stepfather. Duffy now works for him as lieutenant governor. Stanton to run it for him. Cast Actor Sean Penn Jude Law Kate Winslet Anthony Hopkins James Gandolfini Patricia Clarkson Mark Ruffalo Kathy Baker Role Willie Stark Jack Burden Anne Stanton Judge Irwin Tiny Duffy Sadie Burke Adam Stanton Mrs. He has a pet project. seeing Stark as an opportunist. Finally. He defies Duffy publicly and begins to give speeches with straightforward talk that the public appreciates. He also begins an affair with Anne Stanton. Morgan City. Although it does not follow the 1949 film's narrative and is more faithful to the novel than the earlier movie. Circumstances develop that result in Stark's being urged to run for governor by a local political leader. The world premiere was held at the Toronto Film Festival[1] on September 11. In time. Willie Stark is a persuasive man. Jack has been raised around politics. This opens his eyes to the realities of politics. and he vows not to be fooled again. the 2006 film is often considered a remake of the 1949 version. Judge Irwin disapproves. pulls a gun and assassinates Stark.

Richard Schickel (Time Magazine) liked the movie. the film was featured in Nathan Rabin's ongoing blog feature for The Onion's A. The article concluded the only reason for the film not to win an Oscar was its delayed opening (the film was originally to be opened in 2005). despite its high-profile cast. hysterically over-the-top yet strangely lifeless. Zaillian said that the film's poor performance was "like getting hit by a truck. The weekend's other new wide release. and production team."[8] . Jackass Number Two. direction. its complicated narrative bogging down in lyrical voiceover. made $28. O.1 million. despite garnering strong Oscar buzz before its initial opening. Few critics endorsed it.[2] Entertainment Weekly in its August 18.[6] Recently. arguing that "it's much more faithful to the tone of the novel" than the original. he labeled All the King's Men as a failure and said of the film: "Zaillian’s dud manages the formidable feat of being at once histrionic and agonizingly dull.''All the King's Men (2006 film)'' Jackie Earle Haley Roderick "Sugar Boy" Ellis Connor Fux Tennis Boy 290 Montgomery John Adam Stanton. which opened with only $3. Age 11 Reception The film was a commercial failure. Scott (New York Times) expressed disappointment with the film: "Nothing in the picture works.[3] Kenneth Turan (Los Angeles Times) praised the film's "undeniable moral seriousness" and the actors' "exceptional ensemble work.8 million and barely made $7.V. 2006 issue included All the King's Men in its Oscar Preview and said the film was most likely to win an Oscar. "My Year of Flops". pretentious. Of three categories (failure. or secret success). I don't know what to make of it." He argued that Zaillian's script and direction "expertly extracted the core of this greatest of American political novels. a work that is both of its James Carville. long flashbacks and endless expository conversations between people speaking radically incompatible accents.. a "stodgy melodrama" and a "pointless. executive producer time and outside it. Club.2 million at the end of its run in US theaters. ."[7] Zaillian was clearly stunned by the poor critical and box-office results of this film. It is both overwrought and tedious."[5] Michael Medved gave All the King's Men two stars (out of four) calling it "depressing and disappointing". In an interview with the Los Angeles Times. fiasco. plodding period-piece"."[4] A..

''All the King's Men (2006 film)'' 291 Differences between the book and the screenplay • The film (with the exception of flashbacks) is set during the early 1950s. Tom becomes a vegetable. • Jack’s doctoral research storyline is not in the film. He is only seen a few times in the film. Jack also reveals that he and Anne got married. which many critics have argued serves as the novel's moral center. By chance Jack encounters Sugar Boy at a library and barely resists the temptation to coax him into assassinating Tiny Duffy to avenge Willie's death (a scene to this effect is included on the DVD). an ancestor who lived in the Antebellum South Pictures’ drama All the King’s Men. in the next election. Tom is seriously injured during a college football game. Stark pulls out of the original election after learning why he had been asked to run. Jack returns to his study of Cass Mastern. He instead supports MacMurphy. explaining little (through newspaper headlines) about what takes place after the event. His research was Jude Law (left) and Sean Penn star in Columbia about Cass Mastern. eventually dying shortly after his father’s assassination. However. Jack walks away from his study of Mastern because he is unwilling to accept the way in which people's actions influence the fates of others. now prepared to cope with "the awful responsibility of time. which includes Tom’s death. The book is set during the Great Depression. In the book. which threatens his father with a huge scandal (A scene to this effect is included on the DVD). The book devotes an extensive passage to the story of Mastern and the way in which he unwittingly and drastically influences the lives of others. 2007 Film soundtrack 56:42 Varèse Sarabande Producer Simon Rhodes and James Horner . In the book. Jack Burden explains many things that take place after the assassination. His father whitewashes the situation by bribing the girl’s family. • The whole storyline in the book involving Tom Stark is removed. After an unsuccessful surgery performed by Adam Stanton and a revered spinal doctor. Stark defeats MacMurphy to become governor. In the book Tom impregnates a girl. Stark wins the first gubernatorial election he enters. In addition." Soundtrack All the King's Men Soundtrack by James Horner Released Genre Length Label September 27. • In the movie. while his wife agrees to raise the child. and fought in the American Civil War. Shortly afterwards. • The film ends a few minutes after Willie Stark’s assassination.

"'All the King's Men'" (http:/ / web. Rotten Tomatoes. Times (2006-10-03). Scott (2006-09-22). . . nytimes.net/news/article/?id=778) .6:00 All Our Lives Collilde .soundtrack. "My Year Of Flops: CaseFile #7: All The King's Men" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved 2006-12-10. . calendarlive.allmovie. .3:34 Conjuring the 'Hick' Vote .7:36 292 References [1] "2006 TIFF Archive" (http:/ / archives.boxofficemojo. [5] A.A. [8] L.4:30 Time Brings All Things to Light . Retrieved 2006-12-10.3:14 Anne's Memories . "American reviews of 'All the King's Men'" (http:/ / www. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. com/ content/ node/ 58657).. org/ web/ 20070102130209/ http:/ / www. NY Times.soundtrack.3:23 Time Brings All Things to Light. michaelmedved. ca/ home/ default. Retrieved 2006-12-24. I Trust It So . story).com/movies/?id=allthekingsmen.sonypictures. calendarlive. . html?8mu& emc=mu). [7] Nathan Rabin (2007-02-15). time.net/albums/database/?id=4201) Album Information A 'First Listen' of James Horner's soundtrack (http://www. latimes.9171.5:59 Bring Down the Lion and the Rest of the Jungle Will Quake in Fear . "Extract of the interview with the L. archive. [4] Kenneth Turan (2006-09-22). . com/ time/ magazine/ article/ 0..1:45 Give Me the Hammer and I'll NAIL 'EM UP! .com.0.imdb.net/movies/allthekingsmen/) • All the King's Men (http://www. jsp?pid=3285). com/ m/ all_the_kings_men). story) on 2007-01-02.com/film/titles/allthekingsmen) at Metacritic All the King's Men (http://www.O. [6] Michael Medved.''All the King's Men (2006 film)'' Track listing • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Main Title .450440.net/features/article/?id=204) Footage from James Horner's scoring session (http://www. com/ movies/ cl-et-king22sep221.com/title/tt0405676/) at the Internet Movie Database • • • • • • • All the King's Men (http://www. Times" (http:/ / articles.V.A.com/work/318750) at Allmovie All the King's Men (http://www. MichaelMedved. External links • Official website (http://http://www.2:22 The Rise to Power . asp).metacritic. torontointernationalfilmfestival. [3] Richard Schickel (2006-09-10). rottentomatoes.2:47 Adam's World . The A. "He Had a Great Fall" (http:/ / www.0.3:43 Jack's Childhood .rottentomatoes. com/ 2006/ 09/ 22/ movies/ 22men.1533420-1.3:17 Love's Betrayal . .soundtrack. com/ movies/ cl-et-king22sep221. "Southern Fried Demagogue and His Lurid Downfall" (http:/ / movies2.00. [2] Rotten Tomatoes. com/ 2006/ oct/ 03/ entertainment/ et-zaillian3). "All The King's Men" (http:/ / www. avclub. html).450440. Log Angeles Times. com/ pg/ jsp/ eot/ review. Retrieved 2006-12-30. Time. Retrieved 2006-12-10.2:54 Only Faded Pictures . Los Angeles Times.2:49 Verdict and Punishment . Retrieved 2007-03-07.com/m/all_the_kings_men/) at Rotten Tomatoes All the King's Men (http://www. Retrieved 2006-12-10.2:49 As We Were Children Once . Club.htm) at Box Office Mojo Soundtrack (http://www.

2007 105 min. It stars Anthony Hopkins as Daniel Webster. and Jennifer Love Hewitt as The Devil. it was plagued with financial difficulties and sat unreleased for several years. USA English $35. Shortcut to Happiness. Baldwin also directed the film.000. In 2007 the Yari Film Group announced a deal to release the film to theaters under a new title.000 Shortcut to Happiness is a 2004 film adaptation of the Stephen Vincent Benet classic short story The Devil and Daniel Webster. Alec Baldwin as Jabez Stone. Although filmed in 2001. .''The Devil and Daniel Webster (2001 film)'' 293 The Devil and Daniel Webster (2001 film) Shortcut to Happiness Movie poster for Shortcut to Happiness Directed by Produced by Alec Baldwin (credited as "Harry Kirkpatrick") Randall Emmett George Furla Bob Yari David Glasser Pete Dexter Bill Condon Nancy Cassaro (screenplay) Stephen Vincent Benet (story) Archibald Macleish (play) Anthony Hopkins Jennifer Love Hewitt Alec Baldwin Dan Aykroyd Kim Cattrall Amy Poehler Ramin Djawadi Christopher Young Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Adam Holender Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Yari Film Group July 13.

Jabez Stone Jennifer Love Hewitt . down on his luck writer who reaches rock bottom when his close friend.[2] Bob Yari bought the film from a bankruptcy court for an undisclosed amount. money. .Johnny Frank Sivero .[4] The company also announced the title of the film would be changed from The Devil and Daniel Webster to Shortcut to Happiness. notoriety. In July 2006.''The Devil and Daniel Webster (2001 film)'' 294 Plot Jabez Stone (Alec Baldwin) is a desperate. Shortcut to Happiness is now available to watch online as part of Netflix's Watch Instantly feature.Luigi Barry Miller . a rough cut was screened at film festivals in 2003 and 2004. Stone.Ray Amy Poehler . The film needed further financing to complete the editing and special effects.The Devil Anthony Hopkins . agrees to the offer. After accepting the deal Jabez is quickly lavished with all he had ever dreamed of. Once the film cleared to be sold for distribution.Mike Weiss Mike Doyle . finds success.[3] In 2007 the Yari Film Group announced the acquisition of the film and distribution plans. having lost faith in himself. A book deal. respect and trust of those around him. Julius Jensen (Dan Aykroyd). the name was ultimately replaced with the pseudonym "Harry Kirkpatrick". as well as to replace temporary music. Stone begs the Devil to release him from their deal. The two conclude that they should take the battle to court with Webster defending Stone in an otherworldly trial against the Devil in the ultimate battle of wits in a fight over the fate of Stone's soul.[1] Due to this and other creative differences. When the Devil scoffs he turns to famed orator Daniel Webster (Anthony Hopkins). It has also been aired on Starz.Molly Gilchrest Darrell Hammond John Savage . he is losing the friendship. women. despite the success. Throughout in his attempts to get his work published. Baldwin had his name removed from the directing credit. During post-production Baldwin had said the movie was taken from him.Constance Hurry Jason Patric . though much of the film's post-production work was never finished. However.Daniel Webster Dan Aykroyd . Stone now had it all. he meets a beautiful stranger (Jennifer Love Hewitt) who offers him a chance at fame and fortune in exchange for his soul.Julius Jensen Kim Cattrall . but was said to be several million dollars. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin . the film was plagued with financial difficulties. it was announced that Yari's company would work on finishing the film and that it would be released sometime in 2007. Coming to the realization that he didn't quite get everything he bargained for.Luke Production history Shot in early 2001 in New York City.

shortcuttohappiness.com/) Yari Film Group Website (http://www. com/ seven/ 01142007/ gossip/ pagesix/ new_life_for_baldwin_devil_pagesix_. com/ news/ story/ sm_838125.blogspot.com/m/shortcut_to_happiness/) at Rotten Tomatoes Fictionalized account of production difficulties (http://the-devil-and-daniel-webster. NY Post. com/ title/ tt0263265/ ) [4] Bedeviled pic finds distributor (http:/ / www. com/ article/ VR1117957052.com/) .allmovie. quirkies) [2] 'New Life for Baldwin Devil' (http:/ / www. 2007-01-14 [3] IMDB (http:/ / imdb. variety. html) External links • • • • • • Official Website (http://www. htm).yarifilmgroup.com/title/tt0263265/) at the Internet Movie Database Shortcut to Happiness (http://www. ananova.com/work/385254) at Allmovie Shortcut to Happiness (http://www.rottentomatoes. nypost. html?menu=news.com/films/shortcuttohappiness/) Shortcut to Happiness (http://www. References [1] Baldwin says Feds have seized his debut film (http:/ / www.imdb.''The Devil and Daniel Webster (2001 film)'' 295 Rating This film is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for language and sexual content.

Miller United States: Strand Releasing (theatrical) Destination Films (all media) October 26. 2007 [1] Release date(s) Country Language Gross revenue  United States English $27. The film premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. and directed by Anthony Hopkins. which explores the premise of a man who is caught in a slipstream of time and remembers his own future. .''Slipstream (2007 film)'' 296 Slipstream (2007 film) Slipstream Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Anthony Hopkins Stella Arroyave Robert Katz Anthony Hopkins Anthony Hopkins Stella Arroyvae Lisa Pepper Anthony Hopkins Music by Cinematography Dante Spinotti Editing by Distributed by Michael R. written.769 (worldwide) [2] Slipstream is a 2007 American science fiction film starring. scored.

(Arroyave is the real-life wife of Anthony Hopkins. It just kept evolving on itself. is so illusion-like. Geekman S..Mort / Phil Lisa Pepper . "I had no idea where it was going. as I get older. who's caught in a slipstream of time falling back on itself and he remembers his own future. saying. Hopkins showed the script to director-producer Steven Spielberg.Tracy Kevin McCarthy . He proceeded to begin production.. filmmakers invited six graduate students from Northern Illinois University to assist with the film for college credit.[6] Hopkins rejected studios who wanted to have a final cut of the film.Lily Jana Thompson Production Actor Anthony Hopkins first wrote the script for Slipstream for fun. Epatha Merkerson . I always wanted to poke fun at the movie business and the acting profession -. I've written a script about the nature of reality. [5] 'Ah.' My life has been governed a lot by those thoughts and feelings. What is real? You grasp this moment and then it's gone. it's all a dream.''Slipstream (2007 film)'' 297 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins . so dream-like. the wife.Gina. I'm fascinated by the fact the older I get every moment just slips past.Harvey Brickman Camryn Manheim . unidentified patron to finance the film for under $10 million. but Hopkins refused to take the input. I was talking 10 minutes ago but that's all gone.Bette Lustig Christopher Lawford .Himself Gavin Grazer . 2006 in Los Angeles and moved to the California desert.)[3] Christian Slater ."[4] Hopkins explained his perspective of the premise: “ I'm fascinated by time.Bonnie Fionnula Flanagan . Maybe the puzzle of life is asking what it's all about.Chauffeur / Aaron Lana Antonova . Hopkins used quick editing and digital technology to edit a fast-paced cut of Slipstream to speed audiences through the film. who praised the dialogue but warned that financing would be difficult. My own interpretation is if there's a God.[4] In post-production. that God is actually time.[4] initiating filming on June 12. and he instead found a new.[7] Hopkins also composed the score for Slipstream and conducted the orchestra for the music.Felix Bonhoeffer Stella Arroyave . It's about reality and the illusion of life because life to me. I wanted to poke them in the nose.Barbara Jeffrey Tambor .[8] .Ray / Matt Dodds / Patrolman #2 John Turturro .Geek / Jeffrey / Dr. I've got a theory that at the moment of impact of death we'll wake up and say. Executives expressed interest as well as input for the script. that was it all along. that I think it's all a dream. It's about a man.[4] During production.Gavin Aaron Tucker .they take themselves so seriously.Lars Michael Clarke Duncan ." ” Hopkins initially shopped his script to studios for whom he had been bankable.

com/ hr/ search/ article_display. 2007-01-17. Retrieved 2008-01-29. com/ movies/ ?id=Slipstream. com/ apps/ pbcs. Western Mail. Retrieved 2008-01-29. metacritic. Box Office Mojo.[11] On the similar site Metacritic. "At 69.php) at Filmmaker Magazine . External links • • • • Slipstream (http://www. Retrieved 2008-01-29. [13] http:/ / rogerebert. Metacritic. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 2008-01-29. . Liverpool Daily Post.[10] On the film review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes. aspx?film=4741). you may be lying there a long time.965 in the domestic market and $18. org/ filmguide/ popup. 2007 .769. Retrieved 2008-01-29. "if you'll actively engage your sympathy with Hopkins' attempt to do something tricky and difficult. . "Seven more slip into pic for Hopkins" (http:/ / web. 2007. sundance. [11] "Slipstream" (http:/ / www. htm). Sundance Film Festival. John Horn (2007-01-18).965 in the full week. 2006-01-26. World Entertainment News Network. Roger Ebert gave the film three out of four stars and suggested that the film is worth seeing. who wondered about the actual meaning of the premise. 2007. Moviefone. boxofficemojo. Slipstream received a 25% rating based on reviews from 36 critics. [10] Claire Hill (2007-01-27). the film received a metascore of 47 out of 100 from 14 reviews. . com/ hr/ search/ article_display. rottentomatoes. [12] "Slipstream (2007): Reviews" (http:/ / www. com/ movie/ slipstream/ 26988/ main). "Star-struck Six NIU students selected to work on Anthony Hopkins' latest film".804 in the foreign market for an international total of $27. . htm "Sir Anthony makes a star of his Missus". jsp?vnu_content_id=1002652782). com/ article/ sphereNews/ idUSN2248344320070122?sp=true& view=sphere). The Hollywood Reporter. suntimes. earning $6.imdb. [7] Sara Hooker (2006-07-17). .boxofficemojo.[14] The film closed on November 1.com/movies/?id=Slipstream. indicating "mixed or average reviews". com/ m/ 10007898-slipstream/ ). Retrieved 2008-01-29. Rotten Tomatoes. aol.com/title/tt0499570/) at the Internet Movie Database Slipstream (http://www. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. "Hopkins suggests God is time in first screenplay". . References [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] "Slipstream" (http:/ / movies. com/ movies/ ?id=Slipstream. Tatiana Siegel (2006-06-14). dll/ article?AID=/ 20071025/ REVIEWS/ 710250307/ 1023 [14] "Slipstream (2007)" (http:/ / www. [8] Bob Tourtellotte (2007-01-22). archive. Anthony Hopkins feels like a film rebel" (http:/ / www. hollywoodreporter.[9] The film was met with confusion by Sundance audiences. Reuters.[12] Not all reviews were negative. "Anthony Hopkins 's latest film Slipstream meets confusion and derision at Sundance". If you want to lay back and let the movie come to you.htm) at Box Office Mojo Slipstream (http://www. after a week at the box office grossing $8. http:/ / www. hollywoodreporter. reuters."[13] Box Office The film later experienced a one-week limited release in 6 theaters in the United States on October 26.filmmakermagazine. "Weird Slipstream Has Hopkins' Stamp". com/ film/ titles/ slipstream).''Slipstream (2007 film)'' 298 Reception Critical Reception Slipstream premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival on January 20.allmovie.com/work/352928) at Allmovie interview with Slipstream director Anthony Hopkins (http://www.com/fall2007/ slipstream. boxofficemojo. . jsp?vnu_content_id=1002652782) on 2007-09-20. Retrieved 2007-10-19. Daily Herald. [9] "Slipstream" (http:/ / festival.273 over the weekend and $8. org/ web/ 20070920200050/ http:/ / www.

2007 113 minutes United States English $10. . He then murders her and manipulates the justice system to get away with the crime. William Beachum (Ryan Gosling) is a determined prosecutor bound to prove his guilt. starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling.354.000 $91.''Fracture (2007 film)'' 299 Fracture (2007 film) Fracture Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Gregory Hoblit Charles Weinstock Glenn Gers Daniel Pyne Ryan Gosling Anthony Hopkins David Strathairn Rosamund Pike Embeth Davidtz Jeff Danna Mychael Danna Music by Cinematography Kramer Morgenthau Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue David Rosenbloom Castle Rock Entertainment New Line Cinema April 20.000.215 [1] Fracture is a 2007 legal/crime suspense film from New Line Cinema and Castle Rock Entertainment. However. Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) discovers that his wife has been having an affair. directed by Gregory Hoblit.

Beachum tricks Crawford into confessing. Distracted by the sight of Jennifer's body. Beachum confronts Crawford with his new evidence. at Crawford's request. and begins a romantic relationship with his future boss. while at the same time taking back his original. Nikki Gardner (Rosamund Pike). whereupon the detective arrived on the scene carrying Crawford's gun. However. Beachum reveals that by allowing his wife to die. and Crawford is acquitted. Beachum is busy. The film ends with a new trial about to begin. His confession is ruled to be inadmissible as evidence. Beachum is tempted by Nunally's scheme to plant false evidence to implicate Crawford but decides against it at the last minute. At the trial. a . A mix-up of cell phones leads Beachum to realize that both Nunally and Crawford used the same gun. He figures out that. Beachum discovers that Crawford's handgun was not used to shoot his wife because it had never been fired and did not match the shell casings at the crime scene. Crawford acts as his own attorney. trying to revive her. Crawford switched his gun with Nunally's identical Glock 21 in a hotel room where Jennifer and Nunally secretly met. and Crawford orders the hospital staff to take Jennifer off life support. at his arraignment. unused gun. However. While Nunally lingered over Jennifer. outside the courtroom. Beachum is forced to concede the trial. a well-known law firm. he obsessively continues to search for evidence. a restraining order is issued forbidding Beachum to visit the patient. Crawford can now be prosecuted for murder. discovers that his wife Jennifer (Embeth Davidtz) is having an affair with police detective Robert Nunally (Billy Burke). In a last-ditch effort. the murder weapon. at which point Nunally unwittingly holsters his own gun. Nunally tackles and assaults him before he is arrested. When Crawford appears back in the room brandishing his original gun. the defendant is surrounded by attorneys. Crawford shot his wife with Nunally's gun. With the case closed. who considers this an open-and-shut matter and agrees to go to trial. Realizing that Crawford's plan is to dispose of the only eyewitness to the crime. Since the house was under surveillance the entire time from the shooting to Crawford's arrest. before the crime. as it was fruit of the poisonous tree. Beachum's future with the prestigious firm is in tatters. If he had not pulled Jennifer off life support. having previously been tried merely for attempted murder. However. Crawford proceeds to shoot his wife. a wealthy and talented Welsh aeronautical engineer in Los Angeles. Crawford reloaded Nunally's gun and placed it back where Nunally had left it. With no new evidence to present to the jury. the bullet lodged in Jennifer's head can now be retrieved and matched with Nunally's gun. he could have been protected by the double jeopardy clause. seriously wounding her. who is a judge. Crawford retracts his confession. knowing that Crawford thinks he is protected under the double jeopardy clause. . Beachum goes to great lengths to get a court order to keep Jennifer on life support. and they end their relationship. and immediately confesses the crime to Nunally at the scene. Beachum is able to get a court order from Nikki's father. This time. Nunally did not notice the guns being switched back. the police are baffled. Crawford reveals that the arresting officer (Nunally) was having an affair with his wife and was also present during his interrogation. Crawford is arrested by the waiting police. The disgraced Nunally commits suicide with his own gun. repeatedly visiting the comatose Jennifer in the hospital. which serves as a key vehicle for the plot of the movie—matching up against a star prosecutor as a supposedly untrained litigant.''Fracture (2007 film)'' 300 Summary Theodore "Ted" Crawford (Anthony Hopkins). allowing her to die. Since she died. hoping that she will wake up. Nikki Gardner refuses to help him. making preparations for his transition from criminal law to corporate attorney for Wooton & Simms. Beachum arrives too late.45 caliber Glock 21. and lets Crawford's unused one to be taken as evidence. He then engages in a battle of wits with rising star deputy district attorney William "Willy" Beachum (Ryan Gosling).

2010. The film is rated R in the USA due to language and some violent content.allmovie. who can light fast and made every scene look exquisite. a ranch home designed by Peter Tolkin Architecture.htm) at Box Office Mojo Fracture (2007) .com/movies/?id=fracture. com/ specials/ 2007_top_49/ ryan-gosling-45.700 at the Box Office. html).P. Box Office Mojo.. "My challenge was to make our film look like a 60 or 70-million dollar film and not spend anywhere near that kind of money. askmen. CA). Retrieved October 15. [3] Fracture (2007) . New Line Cinema was the distributor for the movie. Kramer Morgenthau. We owe thanks to our D.com/title/tt0488120/) at the Internet Movie Database Fracture (http://www. said.com/2007/05/03/review-fracture-2007) .com/work/345081) at Allmovie Fracture (http://www.rottentomatoes. com/ movies/ ?id=fracture. AskMen. Hawk Koch. Rob Nunally Cliff Curtis as Detective Flores Fiona Shaw as Judge Robinson Bob Gunton as Judge Frank Gardner Josh Stamberg as Norman Foster Xander Berkeley as Judge Moran Zoe Kazan as Mona Awards Fracture was nominated for two awards.004.fracturemovie.[3] The film currently holds a 70% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I'm proud that we could make a rich-looking movie. The critics review of this film gave it an average of a B. 2010. 2010. References [1] Fracture (2007) (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo.com/m/fracture/) at Rotten Tomatoes Fracture (http://www. [2] Top 49 Men of 2007 No. California at the Sherman residence (Noeline Ave. Retrieved September 19. work decent hours and do it for a good price. 45: Ryan Gosling (http:/ / www. htm).Review (http://commentarytrack. Encino.[2] The second nomination was for World Soundtrack Award for Mychael Danna in the Film Composer of the Year category." The film was released on April 20.imdb. Retrieved September 19. Producer. imdb. com/ title/ tt0488120/ awards).boxofficemojo. The first nomination was the Teen Choice Award for Ryan Gosling in the Choice Movie Actor category.''Fracture (2007 film)'' 301 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Anthony Hopkins as Theodore "Ted" Crawford Ryan Gosling as William "Willy" Beachum David Strathairn as District Attorney Joe Lobruto Rosamund Pike as Nikki Gardner Embeth Davidtz as Jennifer Crawford Billy Burke as Lt.Awards (http:/ / www. External links • • • • • • Official website (http://http://www.com. He's going to have a name as one of the best in the business for a long time to come.com) Fracture (http://www. 2007 and made $39. Production Scenes for the film were shot on location in Encino.

''Beowulf (2007 film)'' 302 Beowulf (2007 film) Beowulf Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Robert Zemeckis Robert Zemeckis Steve Bing Jack Rapke Steve Starkey Neil Gaiman Roger Avary Ray Winstone Crispin Glover Angelina Jolie Anthony Hopkins John Malkovich Brendan Gleeson Robin Wright-Penn Alison Lohman Costas Mandylor Chris Coppola Alan Silvestri Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Robert Presley Editing by Studio Jeremiah O'Driscoll Shangri-La Entertainment ImageMovers Paramount Pictures November 16.745 Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Beowulf is a 2007 American performance capture fantasy film based on the Old English epic poem of the same name. 2007 115 minutes United States English Old English $150 million $196.393. the film was created through a motion capture process similar to the technique . Directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Robin Wright Penn. One winter evening. leaving Unferth as the only survivor and carrying the message of "the sins of the fathers". Beowulf realizes that the dragon is in fact his own son and ventures forth to kill both him and his demon mother. who attacks the mead hall and slaughters nearly all of the people there. He retreats to his mother's (Angelina Jolie) cave when Hrothgar challenges him to fight. the horn Beowulf gave to Grendel's mother is found by Unferth's servant Cain. takes interest in Hrothgar's presence. Hrothgar's skeptical advisor. Heorot. John Malkovich. and Angelina Jolie. Wiglaf (Brendan Gleeson). before rising up again with an expectant smile. Beowulf and Wiglaf go to the cave where Grendel's mother lives. 303 Plot Set in Denmark in the 6th century. Grendel's vengeful mother kills all the rest of the Geats except Beowulf and his friend. Hrothgar implies that the burden is now Beowulf's to bear. Beowulf (Ray Winstone) and his group of Geats arrive by ship. but only Beowulf ventures in. draining its ability to breathe fire. Alison Lohman. now king. a dragon suddenly appears and burns down a nearby village. Beowulf and the dragon fall from a great height onto the beach far below. The following night. RealD. and was available to view in IMAX 3D. Wiglaf stares impassively. golden. Beowulf stabs the dragon in the chest. in his grief over Beowulf's mortal wounds and attempting to soothe Beowulf. and Heorot is once more in danger. finds the horn washed up on the beach. leaving it ambiguous whether he resists her seduction or continues the tragic cycle. The cast includes Ray Winstone. Anthony Hopkins. With his dying breath. and Beowulf decides to kill her too when Hrothgar says that she is the last of demonkind.''Beowulf (2007 film)'' used in The Polar Express and Monster House. The dragon attacks Heorot and attempts to kill Wealtheow and Ursula. He informs his people that Beowulf will become king upon his retirement and throws himself from the battlements to his death. despondent and depressed over his deceit. shares his bed with a young mistress named Ursula (Alison Lohman) while queen Wealtheow (Robin Wright-Penn) suffers quietly. Years later an aging Beowulf. Beowulf strips naked because he believes it would be more honorable to fight Grendel with neither weapon nor armor so they may fight as equals. When Hrothgar privately confronts Beowulf he lets slip with the truth. Wiglaf.that Grendel's mother still lives . The dragon's form dissolves away into a hairless. a water-demon. Crispin Glover. Hrothgar has the mead hall sealed and offers half of the gold in his kingdom for a hero to kill Grendel. Thus freed from the curse of Grendel's mother. dismisses his words. Brendan Gleeson. physically perfect man resembling Beowulf before his body washes away. It was released in the United Kingdom and United States on November 16. Beowulf realises Grendel's mother has reneged on their bargain. However. Hrothgar does not reveal where Grendel's father is but offers the curious opinion that he poses no threat to them. . He then dissembles about killing Grendel's mother and losing Hrunting and the horn to her. Hrothgar then reveals that he was Grendel's father. the music disturbs and enrages the monstrous creature Grendel (Crispin Glover). Grendel crawls back to his cave and later dies under his mother's caresses. Their singing attracts Grendel. The Geats bed down in the mead hall when challenged by Unferth (John Malkovich). Beowulf attempts to tell Wiglaf the truth . Grendel's mother appears as a golden naked woman and seduces Beowulf into giving her a son. the film opens with King Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins) celebrating the construction of his mead hall. and then he literally rips its heart out.but Wiglaf. Beowulf returns to Heorot with Grendel's severed head which is unceremoniously tossed into the ocean. His mother. who kills some of the Geats before Beowulf mortally wounds him in unarmed combat by breaking his left arm off. in exchange. and Beowulf agrees to slay Grendel. she promises Beowulf's name will be legendary for all time. Dolby 3D and standard 2D format. As he watches the funeral boat burn. Beowulf is given a Norse funeral. armed with the sword Hrunting and a golden horn shaped like a dragon. That night. 2007. Hrothgar reveals that Grendel's mother killed the men. he sees Grendel's mother draw Beowulf's body beneath the waves. Beowulf is crowned king soon after.

he wasn't certain what accent Hopkins should use for the role of Hrothgar. stating that for an animated film “I was really surprised that I felt that exposed. sometimes it’s 3/8th of a page. Zemeckis had found Glover tiresome on set. like theater." When asked if he had to read the original poem of Beowulf in school.[3] Winstone also played a dwarf performer. and the "Golden Man"/Dragon. It was Trevor Griffiths. but their animated counterparts bear much resemblance to themselves. and then a lizard. let’s say. and that “I think we got smacked if we couldn’t recite a . you act the entire day all the time except for the tiny amount of time it takes them to sort of coordinate the computer information. That's so bizarre. Hopkins told him. with just bare bones and you have nothing else.[1] On the topic of the original poem.. I was one of those poor kids.[4] Glover's dialogue was entirely in Old English." Winstone also noted that his computer-generated counterpart resembled himself at the age of eighteen. but I couldn't hack it. where you carry a scene on and you become engrossed within the scene. I had always found him a very interesting and innovative filmmaker. because of his lack of understanding of shooting a film. a hero and a warrior and that was it. really enjoyed this experience. Then I was brought into a room with Bob.. you know. I couldn't read anything. I’ve got kids and I thought 'That's great. you know.[3] • King Hrothgar is portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. I actually really. is portrayed by Ray Winstone. which I understand portrays Beowulf as a very one-dimensional kind of character. so it is like being in a Brecht play. normally let’s say it’s 2½ pages. I loved the speed of it. and a bunch of pictures and examples. You actually cracked on with a scene and your energy levels were kept up." He found the experience of working with motion capture to be similar to his experiences working in the theater.[2] • The antagonists Grendel and Grendel's mother are portrayed by Crispin Glover and Angelina Jolie. Beowulf.'" Jolie filmed her role over two days when she was three months pregnant. I mean I could read. There was no time to actually sit around and lose your concentration. I liked the script very much and I liked the group involved and the process interested me a great deal also. who was just very slow. stating that "You were allowed to go. "I had the beauty of not reading the book. and make sure that the computers are reading the data and that you’re transmitting the data. for me. and it was a good modern translation. It interests me on that level because I’m a professional actor so I’d just as soon act as sit around. respectively. Glover had previously worked with Zemeckis in Back to the Future. but I still don't get the idea of how it works." Malkovich also recalled that he studied the original poem in high school. In this. "spoke very highly of him. "I didn't know what was expected. I'm going to be this crazy reptilian person and creature. The actress was told that she "was going to be a lizard. I’m not sure. Winstone commented during an interview. I didn't have any of that baggage to bring with me. but I was so inattentive. Now it’s probably a little more than it used to be but not always. I have no idea [. Hopkins noted in an interview that since Zemeckis is an American. It was explained to me. And."[2] Winstone enjoyed working with motion capture. I'm not stupid. and he showed me this picture of a woman half painted gold. They were altered on screen using computer-generated imagery. So you may be acting for a total of 20 minutes a day. Welsh would be my closest because that's where I come from. who had worked with Zemeckis. There was no time to sit around. "Well. didn't know what they were talking about.''Beowulf (2007 film)'' 304 Cast The cast members of Beowulf were filmed on a motion capture stage. maybe 3. but realized this would not be a problem as on a motion capture film he could choose his angles later. So. and I tend to like to just go with the script if it's a good script. He also found the process intriguing: "say you do a normal day of filmmaking.. Sometimes that’s 1/8th of a page."[5] • Unferth is portrayed by John Malkovich. So I tried to get around to reading Beowulf just before I did this movie. • The title character.." It was also his first time working with motion capture technology. Hopkins noted. although the filmmakers did not have a photo for reference. when he portrayed George McFly. I was hopeless at school. Malkovich became involved in the project because one of his friends.". Hopkins replied: "No. She was startled by the character's nude human form.] you don't have sets. and had read the poem years before but could not remember it well until she read the script and was able to recall basic themes. Zemeckis cast Winstone after seeing his performance as the title character of the 2003 ITV serial Henry VIII.[3] Jolie had wanted to work with Zemeckis.

gritty film. Beowulf's concubine when he is an old king Costas Mandylor as Hondshew Sebastian Roche as Wulfgar Greg Ellis as Garmund Tyler Steelman as Young Cain. Because of the expanded budget. It’s pure performance. but because of his torment. with one group working on replicating the facial performances. and also designed its tail to allow underwater propulsion. elements such as Winstone's eyes and cheekbone structure were incorporated into its look. with visual effects supervisor Jerome Chen overseeing creative and technical development for the project. The cameras recorded real time footage of the performances. the other working on body movement."[6] The cast also includes: • • • • • • • • • • • Brendan Gleeson as Wiglaf. Go wild!" In particular.[1] Sony Pictures Imageworks created the animation for the film. because he is a monster. He still had to resemble Crispin Glover though: the animators decided to adapt Glover's own parted hairstyle to Grendel. he has shed much of his scales as well as exposing his internal workings. because they are all related. production designer Doug Chiang wanted to create something unique in film. The animators said they worked very closely on replicating the human characters.[9] . Beowulf's lieutenant Robin Wright-Penn as Queen Wealtheow Alison Lohman as Ursula.[1] The script had been optioned by ImageMovers in the same year and set up at DreamWorks with Avary slated to direct and Robert Zemeckis producing. revived the production by convincing Avary that Zemeckis' vision. albeit with bald patches. who went on to direct an adaptation of The Rules of Attraction.[10] The three primary monsters in the film share a golden color scheme. similar to Jabberwocky or Excalibur. Unferth's disabled slave Dominic Keating as Adult Cain Rik Young as Eofor Charlotte Salt as Estrith Leslie Harter Zemeckis as Yrsa 305 Production Author Neil Gaiman and screenwriter Roger Avary wrote a screen adaptation of Beowulf in May 1997 (they had met while working on a film adaptation of Gaiman's The Sandman in 1996. and it used 244 Vicon MX40 cameras. not human. the entire fight with the dragon was rewritten from a talky confrontation to a battle spanning the cliffs and the sea. The actors don’t have to hit marks. The designers looked at bats and flying squirrels for inspiration. but the character of Grendel had to be almost reworked. was worth relinquishing the directorial reins.[7] [8] Zemeckis did not like the poem. They don’t have to know where the camera is. Actors on set wore seventy-eight body markers. It was in the Old English class and I think my rendition was exemplary.[1] The project eventually went into turnaround after the option expired. As the beast is Beowulf's son with Grendel's mother. Amazing shots.''Beowulf (2007 film)'' certain number of stanzas. This method of filmmaking gives him freedom and complete control. supported by the strength of digitally enhanced live action. Zemeckis told the screenwriters to rewrite their script. producer Steve Bing. Animation supervisor Kenn MacDonald explained that Zemeckis used motion capture because “Even though it feels like live action. The director then used a virtual camera to choose camera angles from the footage which was edited together. shots which Zemeckis reviewed. He doesn’t have to worry about lighting. but enjoyed reading the screenplay.[9] In designing the dragon. In January 2005. Grendel has patches of gold skin. there were a lot of shots where Bob cut loose." A 25 × 35-foot stage was built. before Warner Bros. canceled it). at the behest of Zemeckis who was wanting to direct the film himself. Impossible with live action actors. Two teams of animators worked on the film. the rights returned to Avary. Avary stated he wanted to make a small-scale. with a budget of $15-20 million. because "there is nothing that you could write that would cost me more than a million dollars per minute to film.

body. was Senior Character Animator for the film. which is divided in the poem by a 50-year gap.[12] To aid in the process of rendering the massive quantities of information. The creation of additional rendering nodes throughout Culver City.[12] However. but his mother was always said to be full demon. the largest team ever assembled for an Imageworks-produced movie as of 2007.''Beowulf (2007 film)'' Robert Zemeckis insisted that the character Beowulf resemble depictions of Jesus Christ. while the waves of the ocean and the cave of Grendel's Mother were modeled after the wave fluid engine used in Surf's Up. required numerous props that served as additional markers.[12] Appointing Jerome Chen.[12] The mead hall battle scene near the beginning of the film.[13] These choices also helped them to better connect the third act to the second of their screenplay.[12] Mark Vulcano. and cloth design especially for the movie. They justified these choices by arguing that Beowulf acts as an unreliable narrator in the portion of the poem in which he describes his battle with Grendel's mother. as additional time would be needed to process these scenes in particular. half-demon. who had previously worked on VeggieTales and Monster House.[12] Designers at Imageworks generated new animation tools for facial.[11] Zemeckis used Alan Ritchson (Aquaman of Smallville fame) for the facial image and movement for the title character of Beowulf. the studio was forced to upgrade all of its processors to multicore versions. the film's development team designed a priority scale and incorporated it into their processors so graphic artists would be able to work with the scenes when they arrived.[12] Jerome Chen worked to process large crowd scenes as early as possible. Differences from the poem "It occurred to me that Grendel has always been described as the son of Cain. these markers allowed for a more accurate manifestation of a battlefield setting as the battle progressed. which used motion capture technology to create three-dimensional images of characters. the data being collected by the markers slowed down the studios' computer equipment. Spider-Man 3 lent the lighting techniques it used and the fluid engine present in the Sandman. which involves the blurring of different overlays of a single scene in an attempt to generate a single scene film. the two decided to chart realism as their foremost goal.[12] So much data was produced in the course of the creation of the movie. California was necessitated by the movie's production. meaning half-man. which run quicker and more efficiently. and five months were spent developing a new save/load system that would increase the efficiency of the studios' resources. the development team used cached data. Over 450 individual graphic designers were chosen for the project. so that she can attempt to sire another of demonkind." — Roger Avary [1] One objective of Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary was to offer their own interpretation for motivations behind Grendel's behavior as well as for what happened when Beowulf was in the cave of Grendel's mother. among others. and if Grendel is dragging men back to the cave then it must be for the mother. whom Zemeckis worked with on The Polar Express.[12] As a result. believing that a correlation could be made between Christ's face and a universally accepted appeal. The 2007 film Ghost Rider lent Beowulf the fluid engine that was used to model the movements of protagonist Johnny Blaze. and elements of keyframe animation were incorporated into the movie to capture the facial expressions of the actors and actresses. 306 Visual effects Director Robert Zemeckis drew inspiration for the visual effects of Beowulf from experience with The Polar Express. So who's the father? It must be Hrothgar. the scenes were rendered using foreground occlusion.[14] Some of the changes made by the film as noted by scholars include: • the portrayal of Beowulf as a flawed man . In the cases that using cached data was not possible.[12] Other elements of the movie were borrowed from that of others created by Imageworks.

2007.."[20] 307 Release Columbia Pictures was set to distribute the film. for international distribution. according to this charity paradigm. In Gaiman's collection of short stories. are pride and prejudice. PlayStation 3. but Steven Bing did not finalize a deal.[28] . which is a retelling of Beowulf in a modern day setting. 2007. and 3-D re-release of The Nightmare Before Christmas. albeit scaly. Beowulf would additionally be released in 35mm alongside the 3-D projections. 'For me. distribution and Warner Bros. 'It’s a great cop-out on a great poem.[25] Several cast members. and Hopkins was released on Xbox 360.. there is a poem. The monster. more of a succubus rather.' Wheeler says. Chicken Little. but on a larger scale than previous films. the monsters are outcasts because they're bad (just as Cain. To promote the film. This is noteworthy especially because it marks the only interview given by Zemeckis for the film. Southern Methodist University's Director of Medieval Studies Bonnie Wheeler is "convinced that the new Robert Zemeckis movie treatment sacrifices the power of the original for a plot line that propels Beowulf into seduction by Angelina Jolie—the mother of the monster he has just slain.S. Beowulf as the narrator. where Grendel's mother was linked with the ancient Germanic fertility goddess Nerthus. In the original Beowulf. 'It seems to me you could do so much better now.[19] This is not the first time that the theme of a relationship between Beowulf and Grendel's mother was explored. the sad thing is the movie returns to…a view of the horror of woman. California on November 5. Grendel is even visually altered after his injury to look like an innocent. which allowed children under twelve in Britain to see the film if accompanied by their parents. who bears Grendel as Hrothgar's child and the dragon as Beowulf's child • the fact that Beowulf becomes ruler of Denmark instead of his native Geatland[15] [16] [17] Scholars and authors have also commented on these changes. PC and PSP formats. their progenitor. the new film wants us to understand and humanize our monsters. including director Robert Zemeckis gave interviews for the film podcast Scene Unseen in August 2007. but in the film Beowulf the monsters are bad because they're outcasts [. Gleeson. What man doesn’t get involved with Angelina Jolie?' Wheeler asks. 2007.[23] At Comic-Con International in July 2006. but was not ready in time. in this tradition..] Contrary to the original Beowulf. Smoke and Mirrors. In the film.[24] The following October. Beowulf was announced to be projected in 3-D in over 1. Gaiman said Beowulf would be released on November 22. was outcast because he killed his brother). leaves it ambiguous as to exactly what happened between him and Grendel's mother.' .'"[18] Other commentators pointed to the theories elucidated in John Grigsby's work Beowulf and Grendel. Critics and even some of the actors expressed shock at the British rating (12A) of the film. a four-issue comic book adaptation by IDW Publishing was released every week in October 2007. and arranged with Paramount Pictures for U. Angelina Jolie called it "remarkable it has the rating it has".000 theaters for its release date in November 2007. The studios planned to use 3-D projection technology that had been used by Monster House. little child. Bay Wolf.[27] The soundtrack composed by Alan Silvestri was released on November 20. The only real monsters.[22] The film's world premiere was held in Westwood..''Beowulf (2007 film)'' • • • • the portrayal of Hrothgar as a womanizing alcoholic the portrayal of Unferth as a Christian Beowulf's funeral the portrayal of Grendel's mother as a beautiful seductress.[26] A video game featuring the vocals of Winstone. And the story of Beowulf is so much more powerful. In addition.[21] Beowulf was set to premiere at the 2007 Venice Film Festival. is just misunderstood rather than evil (similar to the version presented in John Gardner's novel Grendel). The blame for Grendel's violence is shifted to the humans. and said she would not be taking her own children to see it. who sinned against him earlier and brought the vengeance upon themselves. In this story. Asma argues that "Zemeckis's more tender-minded film version suggests that the people who cast out Grendel are the real monsters. the monstrous female who will kill off the male. philosophy professor Stephen T.

5 million in 3.[30] As of April 27. Beowulf is a huge step forward [. While the technology has improved since 2004's Polar Express (particularly in the characters' more lifelike eyes).954.. but at least it was a reason. Beowulf received a rating of 71%. He argues that Beowulf is "the finest example to date of the mo-capabilities of this new technique [. on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. That was a very bad reason to revisit Beowulf.''Beowulf (2007 film)'' 308 Box office Beowulf ranked #1 in the United States and Canada box office during its opening weekend date of November 18[29] grossing $27...447 for a worldwide gross of $196."[40] Manohla Dargis of the New York Times compared the poem with the film stating that. The stories being filmed are just as flimsy."[37] Tom Ambrose of Empire gives the film four out of five stars. I've never seen a 3-D movie pop with this kind of clarity and oomph.] Winstone’s turn ultimately reveals a burgeoning humanity and poignant humility. for example. exotic setting and mythic grandeur.. and the special glasses required for viewing have gotten a whole lot more substantial..195. but even its more vigorous bloodletting pales next to its rich language." He also argues that “Zemeckis prioritizes spectacle over human engagement." Ambrose also argues that “the creepy dead eyes thing has been fixed. indicating "mixed or average" reviews.662. Roger Ebert argues that the film is a satire of the original poem. a much livelier piece of storytelling than the charmless Polar Express."[39] Kenneth Turan of National Public Radio criticizes the film arguing: “It's been 50 years since Hollywood first started flirting with 3-D movies."[42] . In 2005."[35] Corliss later named it the 10th best film of 2007. To do Beowulf again. Under the category "Cream of the Crop" Beowulf received a rating of 71 percent.[33] Giving Beowulf three out of four stars. These creative interventions aren’t especially surprising given the source material and the nature of big-studio adaptations. based upon 183 reviews. Of course Beowulf does have a more impressive literary pedigree than. migraine-inducing affairs. at least.. the film has grossed an estimated domestic total of $82.215 and a foreign box office total of $113. 2008. it’s because she’s almost entirely the invention of the screenwriters Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman and the director Robert Zemeckis. will have you jumping out of your skin and begging for more. based on 35 reviews. Bwana Devil. goosed into twenty-first century life by a screenplay from sci-fi guru Neil Gaiman and Pulp Fiction's Roger Avary.[34] Time magazine critic Richard Corliss describes the film as one with "power and depth" and suggests that the "effects scenes look realer[sic].153 theaters. there should be some reason to do Beowulf at all. in his reliance on a medium that allows for enormous range and fluidity in its visual effects yet reduces his characters to 3-D automatons.5/10. But you'd never know that by looking at the movie.[32] On Metacritic. 3D movies were blurry.. the actors still don't seem entirely there. There’s plenty of action in Beowulf. say. Beowulf's story of a hero who slays monsters has become a fanboy fantasy that panders with demonic energy to the young male demographic. It's outrageously entertaining.[36] Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers argues that “The eighth-century Beowulf.] Although his Cockney accent initially seems incongruous [. because they meet the traced-over live-action elements halfway.well done within the narrow limits of its aspiration but not worth the inflated effort."[41] San Francisco Chronicle critic Mick LaSalle suggests: "It's the Beowulf saga once again. with an average reviewer rating of 6. who together have plumped her up in words. It all suggests that this kind of a moviemaking is more than a stunt. Zemeckis and his team prove that character capture has a future. more integrated into the visual fabric.] Previously.. deeds and curves. By imagining the distant past so vividly."[38] Justin Chang of Variety argues that the screenwriters "have taken some intriguing liberties with the heroic narrative [..149.. and the movie becomes tiresome and trivial . "If you don’t remember this evil babe from the poem. Beowulf & Grendel revisited the tale in order to present Grendel as a nice guy with his own point of view. the] result is. the film had an average score of 59 out of 100.[31] Critical reception As of July 1. 2009.

[44] Composer Alan Silvestri was largely responsible for the production of the soundtrack album. Soundtrack Beowulf Original Soundtrack Soundtrack by Alan Silvestri Released November 20.''Beowulf (2007 film)'' 309 Home media Beowulf was released for Region 1 on DVD February 26. anthem-like tendencies. 2008. 2007. whose scenes are depicted using storyboards and rough animation rather than the unaltered footage from the set). before animation was applied (a notable exception to this is Angelina Jolie. The HD DVD contains eleven short features and six deleted scenes. The Blu-Ray edition includes a "picture-in-picture" option that allows one to view the film's actors performing their scenes on the soundstage. Alan Silvestri (composer) Alan Silvestri (composer) Alan Silvestri (composer) Alan Silvestri (composer).[43] The director's cut was released on Blu-ray Disc in the United Kingdom on March 17. although actresses Robin Wright Penn and Idina Menzel performed several songs in the soundtrack's score. 2007 Recorded 2007 Genre Length Label Score/Vocal 46:52 Warner Bros. A director's cut was also released as both a single-disc DVD and two-disc HD DVD alongside the theatrical cut. 2008 and in the United States on July 29. 2008.[46] Title Beowulf Main Title First Grendel Attack Gently as She Goes What We Need is a Hero I'm Here to Kill Your Monster I Did Not Win the Race A Hero Comes Home (In-film version) Second Grendel Attack I Am Beowulf The Seduction King Beowulf He Has a Story to Tell Composer/ Performers Alan Silvestri (composer) Alan Silvestri (composer) Alan Silvestri (composer). Records/Warner Music Group Producer Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri The soundtrack was released November 20. The theatrical cut includes A Hero's Journey: The Making of Beowulf while the single disc director's cut features four more short features.[45] The score is notorious for violent and foreshadowing tones intertwined with gentler. Alan Silvestri (composer) Alan Silvestri (composer) Alan Silvestri (composer) Alan Silvestri (composer) Alan Silvestri (composer) [47] Robin Wright-Penn (performer) [45] [47] Robin Wright Penn (performer) [45] Length [47] 0:54 [47] 1:50 [47] 1:36 [47] 1:40 [47] 1:47 [47] 2:16 1:08 [47] [47] 4:02 [47] 4:32 [47] 4:03 [47] 1:44 [47] 2:42 .

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2010 (United States) 118 minutes United States English The City of Your Final Destination is a first Merchant Ivory Film without producer Ismail Merchant and also composer Richard Robbins.''The City of Your Final Destination'' 313 The City of Your Final Destination The City of Your Final Destination Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Written by Based on Starring James Ivory Paul Bradley Pierre Proner Ruth Prawer Jhabvala The City Of Your Final Destination by Peter Cameron Anthony Hopkins Laura Linney Charlotte Gainsbourg Hiroyuki Sanada Omar Metwally Hiroyuki Sanada Alexandra Maria Lara Jorge Drexler Music by Cinematography Javier Aguirresarobe Pierre Mignot (Montréal) Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language John David Allen Hyde Park International A Merchan Ivory Film Screen Media Films February 7. It is directed by James Ivory and with a screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. 2007 (at the ceremony of the Trophée des Arts for James Ivory from the French Institute New York). 2009 (European Film Market) April 16. then showing at Tokyo International Film Festival for Hiroyuki Sanada's special screening. with release scheduled for . Screen Media will distribute in the United States. It had an early preview in New York City on November 27. James Ivory brought the film to Rome. where it received its official world premiere at the International Rome Film Festival. In October 2009. out of competition.

who died years before. who wishes to write a biography on an obscure writer. César Bordón. Diego Velázquez. 2010. Van Euwen's Guests Luciano Suardi as Doctor Pereira Carlos Torres as Barber Pietro Gian as Taxi Driver Julia Perez as Nurse Yuri Vergeichikov as Luis.''The City of Your Final Destination'' April 16. The film follows a graduate student. 314 Plot The film is based on Peter Cameron's 2002 novel of the same name. Marcos Montes. Omar Razaghi (Omar Metwally). Rossana Gabbiano as Helpful People at the Bus Depot Julieta Vallina as Schoolbus Lady Ambar Mallman as Portia Gund Charlotte Gainsbourg as Arden Langdon Laura Linney as Caroline Gund Norma Argentina as Alma Hector Fonseca as Old Gaucho Anthony Hopkins as Adam Gund Hiroyuki Sanada as Pete Oscar Rolleri as Young Gaucho Norma Aleandro as Mrs. Cast (in order of appearance) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nicholas Blandullo as Young Adam Sofia Viruboff as Adam's Mother James Martin as Postman Omar Metwally as Omar Razaghi Alexandra Maria Lara as Deirdre Rothemund Susana Salerno. He must travel to Uruguay to persuade the Gund family to authorize the biography. Van Euwen Arturo Goetz. the Driver Agustín Pereyra Lucena as Guitarist Pablo Druker as Conductor Eliot Mathews as Deirdre's Escort Andrew Sanders as Caroline's Escort Soundtrack • "J'ai perdu mon Eurydice" (from "Orphée et Eurydice") Performed by Anthony Roth Costanzo Composer Christoph Willibald Gluck • "Venetian Medley" Composed and performed by Anthony Hopkins • "Dos Palomitas" Performed by Charlotte Gainsbourg & Ambar Mallman Traditional popular song from Argentina . Jules Gund. Sophie Tirouflet as Mrs.

Tanz und Vilja-Lied" Performed by Cheryl Studer and Chorus Composer Franz Lehár Deutsche Grammophon • "Sonata for violin and piano (1943).''The City of Your Final Destination'' • "The Merry Widow. director Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sony Classical • "'El museo de las distancias rotas'" (end title 1) Composed for this film and performed by Jorge Drexler Ediciones SEA / Warner Chappell • "'La bruna del ayer'" (end title 2) Composed for this film and performed by Jorge Drexler Ediciones SEA / Warner Chappell 315 Controversy In early 2007. com/ merchant-ivory-deny-hopkins-non-payment-claims-r86026. 2007 . Turk Arranged by Cecilia V. Anthony Hopkins.[2] References [1] "Merchant Ivory Denies Hopkins Non-Payment Claims" (http:/ / www. . Tres lent et calme" Performed by The Nash Ensemble Composer Francis Poulenc Hyperion Records • "Sambaden" Artist/Composer Agustín Pereyra Lucena • "Sonatine" Performed by Charlotte Gainbourg & Ambar Mallmann Composer G.000. pr-inside. PR Inside. Meryl Streep" (http:/ / www. April 5. com/ articles/ 2007/ 10/ 18/ arts/ peepfri. the actor filed court papers to take the company to an arbitrator. Intermezzo. Later in the year. htm). iht. and that Merchant Ivory had short-changed the cast and crew. Anthony Hopkins claimed he had yet to be paid for his work on the film.7 Introduction. [2] "People: Ellen DeGeneres. Hopkins filed a lawsuit against Merchant Ivory for payment of his salary of $750. Second Act: No.[1] Merchant Ivory counter-argued that Hopkins' payment terms had in fact recently been renegotiated higher. In October 2007. Gonzalez • "Bastien and Bastienne" Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra Raymond Leppard. php) – Associated Press – (c/o International Herald Tribune) – October 18. 2007.

php?id=225) .net/coyfd/) The City of Your Final Destination (http://www.merchantivory.screenmediafilms.net/index.com/title/tt0896923/) at the Internet Movie Database Merchant Ivory Productions (http://www.imdb.asp?ID_WEB_FILM=2963) The World of Sanada Hiroyuki (Tokyo Internaional Film Festival) (http://www.tiff-jp.com/thecity/index.themolecule.php?videoName=coyfdTrailer) The Molecule (Clips) (http://www.screenmediafilms.html) Screen Media Films (http://www.org/catalogoEng.romacinemafest.''The City of Your Final Destination'' 316 External links • • • • • • • Official website (http://http://www.net/ja/lineup/works.net/#page=4a4262ad933de) Roma Cinema Festival (http://2009.

.[2] Directed by Joe Johnston. the film stars Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins.''The Wolfman (2010 film)'' 317 The Wolfman (2010 film) The Wolfman Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Joe Johnston Scott Stuber Benicio del Toro Rick Yorn Sean Daniel Andrew Kevin Walker David Self Curt Siodmak (Original screenplay) Benicio del Toro Anthony Hopkins Emily Blunt Hugo Weaving Danny Elfman Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Shelly Johnson Editing by Dennis Virkler Walter Murch Mark Goldblatt (uncredited) Relativity Media Stuber Pictures Universal Pictures February 12. 2010 in France[3] and in the United States on February 12.729 (with DVD-sales) [1] Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Budget Gross revenue The Wolfman is a 2010 American remake of the 1941 classic horror werewolf film of the same name. 2010. 2010 103 minutes United States $150 million $162.[4] Despite the film being a box office disappointment and mixed reviews by critics.747. the film found more success in DVD/Blu Ray sales and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Makeup. The original plot was significantly altered and expanded during the last half of the film. It was released on February 10.

Hoenneger (Antony Sher). Sir John visits Lawrence to explain the curse hanging over the family. Lawrence sends Gwen away. The next day. he kills several townspeople who had created a trap in hopes of catching the monster. While sharing the train compartment with an elderly man (Max von Sydow). He recoils from the sight of his brother. Having been taken to the same asylum in London where he was incarcerated as a child. a piece which the man remarks he acquired in Gévaudan. The local townspeople raid the camp to force them to turn over a dancing bear that might have been the killer. in the local tavern. Lawrence reunites with his estranged father. Later. he turns into the Wolfman. He suspects Lawrence is responsible because of his past mental issues and masterful portrayals of mentally ill protagonists such as Hamlet and Macbeth. Worried about what might happen. but is followed and subsequently mauled and killed by the creature. In 1891 in the Blackmoor woods. wolf-headed cane. slaughtering most people. Lawrence sees a young boy run into the woods. Lawrence travels by locomotive to his family estate in Blackmoor. his mother Solana (Christina Contes) committed suicide. Sir John had been hunting in India. Among Ben's belongings was a medallion that had been purchased from the gypsies. Many blame a band of gypsies who are camped outside of town. Maleva sutures his large neck wounds. It is revealed that when Lawrence was young. He tries to escape. Maleva tells him that something evil had befallen his brother. a shrine that includes a chair specially fitted with restraints. Ben Talbot (Simon Merrells) is confronted by a superhuman wolf-like creature. Another claims that several decades earlier a similar murder had happened and that his father suspected a werewolf. Intending to rescue him. The medallion shows a monk in a position of prayer with two wolves. He then follows Sir John to Solana's crypt. Renowned Shakespearean actor Lawrence Talbot (Benicio del Toro) is touring London in a stage production of Hamlet when he receives word of his brother's disappearance from Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt). Sir John tells Lawrence that he has been "dead" for years. he is given a silver. Sir John (Anthony Hopkins). who has been viciously mauled to death by something that cannot be human. It was afterwards that Sir John sent Lawrence to an insane asylum in London. Lawrence overhears the locals debate about who was responsible. Lawrence follows but is attacked by the wolf. Ben's fiancé. . Upon arriving in Blackmoor. who bites him on the shoulder before being chased off by the armed townspeople. Many years before. The butcher gives Ben's personal effects to Lawrence. Rampaging through the woods. bloody human Lawrence is hiding. in a shrine to his dead mother. Gwen returns to Talbot Hall to nurse Lawrence back to health. Sir John's faithful Sikh manservant.''The Wolfman (2010 film)'' 318 Plot The film opens with the original rhyme as told by the gypsy Maleva (Geraldine Chaplin): Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright. a town renowned during the mid-eighteenth century for a string of over one hundred murders attributed to a werewolf known as the Beast of Gévaudan. Sir John leads Aberline and the local police to where a dazed. He finds his father in the catacombs beneath the crypt. But the wolf-like creature descends on the camp. He has several fearful dreams but after a few weeks appears to have completely healed. saying he is still a man and that only a loved one can release him. apparently chasing him. shows Lawrence the silver bullets he has and implies that something monstrous is on the loose in Blackmoor. Lawrence goes to the gypsy camp on the night of a full moon. Lawrence goes into town to see the body. Inspector Aberline (Hugo Weaving) arrives from London to investigate the recent murders. one on either side of the monk. Lawrence is subjected to ice-water and electrotherapy treatments overseen by the sadistic Dr. France. which is kept at the local slaughterhouse. As Lawrence tries to leave. and then locks himself in the room alone. When Gwen leaves for London after the funeral. Her daughter insists Lawrence should be killed. but Maleva refuses. Singh (Art Malik). Lawrence then learns that Ben's mauled body had been found the day before.

and then decapitates him. As the full moon streams through the window. because he was bitten by the previous Wolfman Lawrence. burning him alive. setting Talbot Hall on fire in the process. Gwen also makes her way to Blackmoor. She lays down the gun and pleads with Lawrence still inside the beast. Lawrence arrives at Talbot Hall and finds Singh's mauled body hanging in the foyer. Sir John reveals that he removed the powder from the silver bullets years ago. Gwen arrives hoping to save Lawrence. Sir John got drunk and into a heated argument with Ben. Now invigorated by the power of being a werewolf. Sir John traveled to a remote area. they both transform into werewolves and fight. He kills Hoenneger and escapes into the night. Sir John had relied on Singh to imprison him during full moons. Sir John killed Ben and attacked the gypsy camp. Lawrence reverts to human form and thanks Gwen for doing what needed to be done. a human Lawrence visits Gwen at her antiques shop. They realize they have fallen in love. Gwen's parting words are heard as the fires continue to burn Talbot Hall: "It is said there is no sin in killing a beast Only in killing a man But where does one begin and the other end?" Then The Wolfman's howl is heard one last time. Inspector Aberline bursts in and shoots at him but Gwen disrupts the shot.''The Wolfman (2010 film)'' Intrigued by reports of an unusual predator living in a remote cave. The Wolfman traps Gwen above a waterfall. Having knocked Singh out and unable to lock himself in. this time armed with silver bullets. 319 Cast • • • • • • • • • Benicio del Toro as Lawrence Talbot/The Wolfman Anthony Hopkins as Sir John Talbot Emily Blunt as Gwen Conliffe Hugo Weaving as Inspector Francis Aberline Geraldine Chaplin as Maleva Art Malik as Singh Antony Sher as Dr. As he lays dying. Maleva confirms that Lawrence cannot be cured and asks God to help Gwen to do what she must. Sir John has no intention of restraining his power anymore. When the full moon rises. Sir John seems to have the upper hand until the Wolfman kicks Sir John into the fireplace. The next day. In their struggle. Lawrence's consciousness faintly returns where the Wolfman recognizes her and hesitates. he was encountered by a feral boy who had bit him and infected him with lycanthropy. but Singh never knew. Inspector Aberline is also in attendance. but Lawrence has already escaped and begun the long walk back to Blackmoor. As Gwen flees with Aberline's revolver. Lawrence realizes that he had seen his father as a werewolf kill their mother. When he finds Sir John he attempts to shoot but the gun will not fire. The wounded Aberline with the silver wolf's head cane and the mob arrive as Lawrence dies in peace. and Sir John beats Lawrence. Lawrence transforms into the Wolfman in front of the doctors. When he is distracted by the sounds of a mob coming to kill him. Aberline tracks Lawrence to Blackmoor. the Wolfman bites Aberline but chases Gwen rather than finish him off. He loads the gun with Singh's silver bullets and tracks Sir John through the house. Dr. Gwen retrieves the revolver and shoots him with a silver bullet just before he can bite her. Hoenneger takes Lawrence to an observation room to present him to his colleagues as an interesting test case. While in the cave. Aberline arrives and searches the shop. suggesting that this time Inspector Aberline is now the new Wolfman. Yet one night. pursued by Aberline. The Wolfman kills several people before disappearing into the night. Gwen studies lycanthropy and tracks down Maleva to ask her help. Hoenneger David Schofield as Constable Nye Simon Merrells as Ben Talbot . When the Wolfman attacks her.

[9] Del Toro also looked towards Werewolf of London and The Curse of the Werewolf for inspiration. and the film's shooting schedule and budget remained as intended. Lloyd Nicholas Day as Colonel Montford Clive Russell as MacQueen Roger Frost as Reverend Fisk Shaun Smith as Carter Make-up artist Rick Baker makes a cameo appearance as the Gypsy man who is the first killed.[12] Johnston was hired to direct on February 3. to Benicio del Toro with more hair and bigger teeth. we went from this naked man to a four-legged hound from hell. Like when I did An American Werewolf in London. Derbyshire. Here we have Benicio del Toro.[13] Johnston hired David Self to rewrite the script. for a day. 2008.[11] They shot at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. Universal Pictures announced the remake of The Wolf Man with actor Benicio del Toro.[19] Rick Baker created the make-up for The Wolfman. He acknowledged transforming del Toro was not difficult because he is a hairy man: "Going from Benicio to Benicio as the Wolf Man isn't a really extreme difference.[6] 320 Production In March 2006. Universal donated £5000 to the village. Chatsworth. 2008. and we had a lot of room to go from the transformation and do a lot of really extreme things.[14] Shooting took place from March 3 to June 23."[20] . dead grass and ivy. director Mark Romanek was attached to helm The Wolfman. in the United Kingdom.[18] A funeral scene was also shot beside the Temple of Ancient Virtue at Stowe House. a village conserved by the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty.''The Wolfman (2010 film)'' • • • • • • • • Cristina Contes as Solana Talbot Michael Cronin as Dr. a fan of the original and collector of Wolf Man memorabilia in the lead role. and Castle Combe in Wiltshire. They were also interested in Bill Condon. but the studio also met with Frank Darabont. When he heard Universal was remaking the film. Pick-ups at Pinewood were conducted in May 2009. as well as opera singers and animal impersonators. and Martin Campbell was interested.[16] They transformed Chatsworth House by adding weeds.[17] They also shot in Lacock in Wiltshire. Romanek left the project because of creative differences.[10] In February 2007. developing the original film's story to include additional characters as well as plot points that would take advantage of modern visual effects. in return for filming in the tithe barn for a scene involving frozen corpses.[7] [8] Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker was attached to the screenplay. with the temple coated in false ivy and copious amounts of smoke/mist floating over the setting.[5] The Wolfman's howl incorporated elements from Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth. as both The Wolf Man and Frankenstein inspired him to become a make-up artist as a child.[15] At that time the film was budgeted at US$85 million.[11] Brett Ratner emerged as a frontrunner to replace Romanek.[9] In January 2008. James Mangold and Joe Johnston. who's practically the Wolf Man already. he eagerly pursued it.

Previously. “I recognized that there were things that I was going to be able to do from the beginning to the end. 2009.7/10. and Benicio del Toro at the 2008 as he would not be involved and felt it would look Comic-Con convention promoting the film unrealistic (as the animators did not have his knowledge of the design). but not — I think — in the way the . it gave me so much more flexibility..''The Wolfman (2010 film)'' Baker and del Toro were adamant about the design resembling the make-up created by Jack Pierce.. 2010. an action scene was added between "the Wolf Man and the Werewolf" according to Vic Armstrong. New pieces of latex prosthetic makeup and loose hair was applied to del Toro's face each day. in April 2008. Originally scheduled for a November 12. 2009.[20] Baker said the transformation would likely be computer-generated. but now. Baker returned to his second design.[22] Director Joe Johnston explained that joining the picture three weeks before photography placed limitations on his ability to film without using CG effects. but Romanek went through thousands of concept art.[28] [29] Finally. Also.[27] In December 2008. That was really my main reason [for using CG]. Emily Blunt.[30] In most European countries the film was released on February 10 and 11. 2010. and one hour to remove. Universal Studios Florida added The Wolfman to the event. it stood on two legs. “I decided to basically shoot just Benicio.[27] Then.[21] The make-up took three hours to apply.[31] The film premiered in Rome on January 27. he transforms .[24] In addition to the film. ZBrush art of the transformation by Baker leaked online. it got moved to April 3. 2010. at the 2009 Halloween Horror Nights.[35] The critical consensus is: Suitably grand and special effects-laden.” [23] In February 2009.[25] 321 Release During the course of its production The Wolfman saw its release date postponed several times. The unrated director's cut is released with an exclusive Wolfman glow-in-the-dark cup and a Wolfman Dog Tag Keychain. concluding that "The Wolfman bites. indicating mixed or average reviews.[37] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone assigned the film one and a half stars out of four.[33] The first trailer for The Wolfman was attached to Inglourious Basterds.[32] The cast and crew were back on location re-shooting the movie in the grounds of The Old Royal Naval College and park in Greenwich over the weekends of May 22–25 and 30–31. When Johnston signed on. with an average score of 4. 2009. The Wolfman suffers from a suspense-deficient script and a surprising lack of genuine chills. while several dentures and wigs were created in case some were damaged.” In reference to filming Benicio del Toro's actual transformation into the Wolfman. which is the finished result. 2009. Johnston further explained. 2009..[26] it was first pushed back to February 12.[34] Critical reception The film has received generally mixed reviews.. Universal moved the release to November 6. The purpose of the reshoots was to change the way one werewolf looked in the movie.[35] It received a weighted average score of 43% on Metacritic based on 36 reviews.. 2008 release. which disappointed him Rick Baker. the film was yet again moved in late July 2009 to February 12. He has stated. and decide in post-production what I wanted the transformation to be. which was released to theaters on August 21..[36] Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film two and a half stars out of four. he stands on four. and things that I had to rely on post-production for. in the sequence where . Review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes reports that 32% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 193 reviews.

''The Wolfman (2010 film)'' filmmakers intended. Danny Elfman's version of The Wolfman score was officially released on February 23. and $31. In terms of style. Edward Shearmur. and Bernard Herrmann. which was rejected by the studio after the film was cut down half an hour in length and the music became too "wall-to-wall. sidestepping that he did. the film has grossed $160. as well as compose new material for the film. which is already available on iTunes. A similar situation formed for Elfman's Spider-Man 2. There has of late been two versions of the film Universal has known to have shown to test audiences. as many news sources are claiming Elfman never "completed" his score.[45] However.670. Some confusion has surfaced regarding this. A believed-to-be sample of Haslinger's rejected score was released around the same time. which the studio quickly realized was not appropriate for the 1800s Gothic setting. melodic. but had not re-shaped it to fit the studio's ever evolving changes.235 in its opening weekend. Jr.000 on its opening day. the one that is used in the final film instead.[44] Dark ambient musician Lustmord mentions on his personal blog that he made "some sounds for the score".[43] Varese Sarabande Records has announced a CD of Elfman's score. as well as the soundtrack Wojciech Kilar wrote for Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 version of Dracula. both featured Elfman's score in some form. received an Academy Award nomination for Best Makeup for the 83rd Academy Awards. but was ultimately confirmed a false sample by Film Score Monthly record producer Ford A. Elfman's Wolfman is very much inspired by the works of Bartok. Conrad Pope.850. realizing their experiment had failed. in fact.849. along with a completely different approach. and moody score for The Wolfman. Whether Haslinger retained any of his work for personal purposes is currently unknown. which includes DVD-sales. Paul Haslinger subsequently wrote an electronic contemporary incarnation of The Wolfman score. Thaxton and Haslinger himself. which reflected the first incarnation of the score. the producers decided rather than to expand on his ideas with a new composer (a path that they would eventually take). The idea was to quicken the pace and strike a similar tone to the successful Underworld films. coming in third at the box office after Valentine's Day and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. previously worked with Elfman on Sleepy Hollow as an orchestrator and is a frequent collaborator with composer John Williams."[38] Owen Glieberman of Entertainment Weekly praised Del Toro's role as Lawrence. which was previously recorded is as a result. 11 days after the film's release. Soundtrack It was reported that Danny Elfman wrote a dark. where the music in the final film stood mostly separate from the original work on the CD release. to take a gamble and attempt a different composer.479. Rick Baker and Dave Elsey. . and Thomas Lindgren) were brought in to shape Elfman's score to fit the final cut of the film. comparing it to Lon Chaney.[39] In 2011. It is believed the material Haslinger did record specifically for the studio as his intended version of the score was subsequently destroyed shortly after his removal.[42] Universal decided to switch back scores close to the last minute. The main theme has a similar "Eastern-European edge" to it. Elfman's original recording was used in the final film. he is not credited for his work on the film.'s in the original.[41] Thus far. Elfman's score. some additional music composers (Conrad Pope. Prokofiev. the film and makeup artists. This is actually the original score Elfman made for the earlier cut of The Wolfman before it was temporarily rejected. additional composer. a film which Anthony Hopkins also co-starred in. however. Due to his not being able to come back and re-score (because he was contractually obligated to work on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland feature film)." creating what Johnston called too much repetition. complete it. which would include extensive re-shooting of scenes. turning a slow-paced story into a much faster one.[40] 322 Box office The film grossed $19.

First Transformation (3:30) 11. Rubies Costumes is making both child and adult costumes. The Healing Montage (2:50) 10. It also has Gwen and her father owning an apothecary rather than an antiques shop.[48] The Company released a 7 and a 12-Inch figure. Lawrence (5:17) 8. It includes a scene early in the story which explains how Lawrence obtained the cane with a silver wolf's head (which features prominently in the original film but only sparingly in the remake).[46] Mezco Toyz is making 7 inch and 12 inch tall Wolfman action figures. They are also producing replicas of the medallion from the film. The Traveling Montage (4:27) 18. Wake Up. Wolf Suite Pt 1 (4:12) 2. of which the paperback was released on February 2.''The Wolfman (2010 film)'' Tracklisting: 1. The Funeral (4:13)* 9. 323 Merchandising Several companies are involved in the merchandising of the film. The Finale (4:11) 19. The Antique Shop (3:32) 13. Talbot (1:45) 5. Wolf Wild #2 (1:27) *contains additional music by Edward Shearmur and Thomas Lindgren. the Halloween costumes came out in 2009 since the film being pushed back to 2010 happened after the costumes had been shipped to retailers. Dear Mr. Reflection/2nd Transformation (4:12)* 17. Prologue (2:57) 4. Be Strong (2:31) 15. Mezco Toyz donated the prototypes of the toys to the Museum Of The Moving Image in New York. alongside publishing The Wolfman Collectible Medallion Replica.[47] In early January 2010. Because costumes are sold to retailers months in advance. suggesting this was changed during the remake's development to be closer to the original film. The Madhouse (5:32) 16. Bad Moon Rising (0:59) 6. . the same day the original The Wolf Man movie was re-released on DVD with Universal's Legacy Series.[49] Novelization Jonathan Maberry wrote a novelization to the film. Country Carnage (2:31)* 14. Wolf Suite Pt 2 (5:55) 3. Gypsy Massacre (2:24)* 7. with Lawrence exchanging his ordinary wooden cane with an elderly Frenchman for the silver wolf's head cane on his initial trip to Blackmoor. You Must Go (3:46) 12. 2010.

The original Universal Studios logo used in the original Wolfman movie was inserted at the very beginning of the Uncut version. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). Empire Online. com/ article/ VR1117981295. "Romanek drops out of 'Wolf Man'" (http:/ / www. variety. "Romanek stalks Del Toro 'Wolfman'" (http:/ / web. Joe Johnston stated that the 17 minutes of additional footage will be re-instated on the extended cut. . org/ web/ 20070210055231/ http:/ / www. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. Box Office Mojo." Home media The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in the US on June 1. References "The Wolfman (2010)" (http:/ / www. variety. but it was later confirmed for June 7.’ Declares No Monster Montgomery-goes-old-school-for-wolf-man-declares-no-monster-cameos/". The Hollywood Reporter. is available on Blu-ray Disc. . 2008-03-21. The Wolfman (http:/ / www. com/ hr/ content_display/ film/ news/ e3i1bca43ffb402e1d79849f348de10f930) on 2007-02-10. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). com/ title/ tt780653/ ) at the Internet Movie Database "'The Wolfman' Whimpering Into Theaters with Two Versions Being Cut?" (http:/ / www. IMDb. "Hugo Weaving to pursue 'Wolfman'" (http:/ / www. January 19. either as way to pay homage and respect to the original Wolfman and the original Universal Horror films or to foreshadow the return of the Universal Monster movies. there is still a credit for "Assistant to Mr. [14] Diane Garrett (2008-02-21). empireonline. Retrieved 2008-01-30. Retrieved 2008-03-21. DreadCentral. com/ news/ 18612). com/ article/ VR1117980108. exclusive to the UK. [8] "Del Toro bites into 'Wolf Man'" (http:/ / www. Variety. The only special features included on the standard DVD are a set of deleted and extended scenes.com. [9] Borys Kit (2007-02-08). com/ hr/ content_display/ film/ news/ e3i2b58004ff7cfb2623b1bb3e41d76990e). [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] . . "Johnston to direct 'Wolfman'" (http:/ / www. [10] Rodrigo Perez. com/ news/ 35403/ old-school-rockers-give-wolfman-his-howl). Retrieved 2008-02-04. including two alternate endings of the film. . asp?NID=22240). Retrieved 2007-02-08. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). .[53] A limited edition in Steelbook packaging. and also includes the standard DVD with the extended and deleted scenes. hollywoodreporter. Retrieved 2008-03-21. Retrieved 2008-02-22. archive. Variety. com/ news/ hopkins-might-be-papa-wolf-1828). Variety. Retrieved 2008-02-01. hollywoodreporter. Also to appear on the Blu-ray Disc version will be the opportunity for viewers to stream the original 1941 version of The Wolf Man. imdb. 2006-03-14. "Hopkins might be paper wolf" (http:/ / www.] [7] "A fan of the origine = Producer Talks Wolfman" (http:/ / www. Variety. . "Ratner among 'Wolf' men" (http:/ / www. dreadcentral. variety. Retrieved November 9. Best Buy has released an exclusive 2-Disc DVD set that includes a bonus disc featuring most of the BD features. boxofficemojo. .[52] The release date for the UK has also been announced. although it has gone through changes. 2010. [11] Michael Fleming (2008-01-29). com/ movies/ ?id=wolfman. [12] Borys Kit (2008-02-01). 2010.''The Wolfman (2010 film)'' 324 Extended cut Director Joe Johnston has claimed that an extended cut of the film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. imdb. 2010. originally it was thought to be announced for June 14. Trivia page (http:/ / www. variety. latinoreview. Though Max von Sydow's credit is absent from the theatrical cut. htm). The Hollywood Reporter. . von Sydow.[50] Johnston said the reason for deleting the 17 minutes from the final cut was "to push the story along so that audiences would get to the first Wolfman transformation sooner. com/ news/ story. The UK Standard Definition DVD only contains the Extended Director's Cut and the Deleted Scenes. "Benicio del Toro Goes Old School For ‘Wolf Man. 2010. . The Blu-ray Disc includes many special features and featurettes on the making of the film. com/ article/ VR1117979801. bloody-disgusting. Both editions include the theatrical version and the new director's cut. Retrieved June 16. hollywoodreporter. com/ title/ tt0780653/ trivia) at the Internet Movie Database "Old School Rockers Give Wolfman His Howl" (http:/ / www. ."[51] The extra footage contains the origin of the silver cane-sword and also the uncredited and completely removed part played by Max von Sydow who was the original owner of the cane. html?cs=1). . [13] Michael Fleming (2008-02-04). which incorporates 17 minutes of footage back into the film. com/ article/ VR1117939762. com/ hr/ content_display/ film/ news/ e3i1bca43ffb402e1d79849f348de10f930).

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2010 (Cannes Film Festival) September 23. It premiered on 15 May 2010 at the Cannes Film Festival in an out-of-competition slot.[2] . and Naomi Watts. Freida Pinto. Gemma Jones.6 million [1] Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is a 2010 English-language Spanish-American co-production comedy-drama film written and directed by Woody Allen. It features Antonio Banderas. 2010 (United States) 98 minutes Spain United States English $15 million $26. Anthony Hopkins.''You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger'' 327 You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Woody Allen Letty Aronson Stephen Tenenbaum Jaume Roures Woody Allen Zak Orth Antonio Banderas Josh Brolin Anthony Hopkins Gemma Jones Freida Pinto Lucy Punch Naomi Watts Written by Narrated by Starring Cinematography Vilmos Zsigmond Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Alisa Lepselter Sony Pictures Classics (US) Pathé (UK) May 15. Josh Brolin.

So it occurred to me that that was a good character for a movie: a woman who everything had failed for her. She was eventually replaced by Lucy Punch.''You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger'' 328 Plot Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) and Helena (Gemma Jones) divorce and Alfie marries a prostitute. She gets pregnant. When Roy hears that a friend has died. she has sex with another man.”[3] The film is the fourth Allen shot in London. I’ve known people who have put their faith in religion and in fortune tellers. a widower. Production Allen wrote the script because he was “interested in the concept of faith in something. In the end. Alfie gets into financial trouble and worries about Charmaine's high expenses. It is well received. Scoop (2006). all are dissatisfied with their choices. However. and they have first received the blessing of his deceased wife for the new relationship. he steals it. She has acquired from Cristal a belief in reincarnation. Helena begins seeing fortune teller Cristal (Pauline Collins). However. who once wrote a successful book. Scheduling conflicts arose because of her production company and her film Rabbit Hole. He convinces Dia to break off her engagement. He also has esoteric beliefs. while Charmaine argues that it does not matter. Charmaine (Lucy Punch). but she refuses because according to Cristal it is astrologically a bad time. Originally. Sally is furious. for setting up her own art gallery. The problem is. a musicologist he sees through a window near his and Sally’s flat. Their daughter Sally (Naomi Watts) has a troubled marriage with author Roy (Josh Brolin). and Cassandra's Dream (2007). This sounds so bleak when I say it. Sally asks Helena for a loan she promised. who is also a writer. and of whom only Roy knows that the friend had just finished a manuscript that he had not shown to anyone else yet. but he starts an affair with a colleague. Alfie wants a DNA test to find out whether he is the father. there was a mix-up with another friend who has died. her boss at an art gallery. and claims it is his work. Also. and Roy is shocked to hear that the friend is actually in coma and recovering. eventually. but we need some delusions to keep us going. and all of a sudden. it turned out that a woman telling her fortune was helping her. following Match Point (2005). and sees her life now as only one episode in her series of lives.[4] Cast • • • • • • • • • • Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Jonathan Antonio Banderas as Greg Clemente Ewen Bremner as Henry Strangler Josh Brolin as Roy Anthony Hopkins as Alfie Gemma Jones as Helena Freida Pinto as Dia Neil Jackson as Allen Lucy Punch as Charmaine Naomi Watts as Sally . And the people who successfully delude themselves seem happier than the people who can’t. and is now eagerly waiting for response from his publisher about the manuscript of his second one. Sally considers having an affair with Greg (Antonio Banderas). Nicole Kidman was cast in one of the lead roles. she’s in for a rude awakening. Roy falls for Dia (Freida Pinto). She starts a relationship with the keeper of a bookshop. except for Helena.

Metacritic. dailymail. Retrieved 2010-10-02. but Woody Allen’s You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is easily the best of his recent London-based films. Variety. with an idealised London as its setting. . . Ali. Retrieved January 7.” [7] Another review aggregate. Dave (September 14. Metacritic. Retrieved 2010-10-07. Retrieved 2010-09-20. a fanciful fable. but You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger isn’t one of Woody Allen’s more inspired late-period efforts. Scott called Allen the “great champion of cosmic insignificance” and said the film is served up with a “wry shrug and an amusing flurry of coincidences. calculated an average score of 53 based on 22 critics. Kirk (2010-05-15). com/ movie/ you-will-meet-a-tall-dark-stranger).”[12] Mark Kermode also considered it the best of Allen's London films. Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly stated "The film is notable. festival-cannes.''You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger'' • • • • • • • Celia Imrie as Enid Wicklow Pauline Collins as Cristal Anna Friel as Iris Anupam Kher as Dia’s father Natalie Walter as Allen's sister [5] Christian McKay as Poker Friend Philip Glenister as Poker Friend 329 Reception On the brink of the film’s premiere at Cannes. Rotten Tomatoes.Film Review" (http:/ / www. [9] Honeycutt.. (September 21. . [7] "You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger Movie Reviews. Retrieved 2010-10-29. . if that’s the word. for being the first movie Allen has made in London that is every bit as bad as his most awful New York comedies. com/ 2010/ 09/ 22/ movies/ 22you. nytimes. . droplets of melodrama. . [3] Itzkoff. .[6] The film has received generally mixed reviews. Credits.. [5] http:/ / www. There are hints of farce. Pictures" (http:/ / www.”[10] Two reviews expressed opposing viewpoints about where the film stands among Allen’s films shot in London. [4] Jaafar. "Woody Allen on Faith. Retrieved 2010-10-29. rottentomatoes. 2010. co.. hollywoodreporter.”[13] References [1] "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010)" (http:/ / www. html). Hollywood Reporter.[7] Its consensus states: “It’s sporadically amusing. . Cannes 2009. "Kidman bolts from Woody Allen film" (http:/ / www. Daily Mail. O.”[9] A. "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger . variety. and More at Metacritic" (http:/ / www. [2] "Cannes Film Festival . reversals and semi-surprises. 2010). like Anything Else and Melinda and Melinda. com/ movies/ ?id=talldarkstranger. htm). a representative of Sony Picture Classics. html?pagewanted=all). boxofficemojo. html). [8] "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Reviews. com/ title/ tt1182350/ fullcredits#cast [6] Bamigboye. 2010). com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 11019455/ year/ 2010. The New York Times. 2009). told the Daily Mail they planned to mount an Oscar campaign for Gemma Jones.Selection List" (http:/ / www. [10] Scott. Review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes reports that 46% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 97 reviews."[11] David Gritten of The Daily Telegraph wrote “It sounds like damning with faint praise.4/10. Baz (16 May 2010). Retrieved 2010-10-02. Festival-cannes. com/ article/ VR1118003504). Fortune Tellers and New York" (http:/ / www. with an average score of 4. Retrieved 2010-10-02. CBS Interactive. Michael (May 12.com. a few dangling loose ends and an overall mood of sloppy. metacritic. Fleming. uk/ tvshowbiz/ article-1278632/ Sixtysomething-British-actress-Gemma-Jones-talk-Cannes-starring-role-Woody-Allen-movie. The New York Times. com/ m/ you_will_meet_a_tall_dark_stranger/ ). and typically well-cast. imdb.[8] Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter described it as “A serviceable Woody Allen comedy that trifles with its characters rather than engaging with them. Retrieved 2010-10-29. Ratings. html). com/ 2010/ 09/ 15/ movies/ 15woody. tolerant cynicism. nytimes.. which assigns a normalized rating of 0-100 of top reviews from mainstream critics. A. . Box Office Mojo. com/ hr/ content_display/ film-festival/ cannes/ reviews/ e3ib30a7315dd82b7c9bb5e43098f44f5bb). "Sixtysomething British actress Gemma Jones is the talk of Cannes with Oscar-tipped role in Woody Allen movie" (http:/ / www. "Looking for Something When Life Signifies Nothing" (http:/ / movies. the film’s distributor in the United States.O. but noted Allen was just “treading water. .

html) (Adobe Flash). bbc. [13] Kermode.ew. . The Daily Telegraph. html). uk/ blogs/ markkermode/ 2010/ 05/ cannes_2010_day_4_so_whats_goo. 330 External links • Official website (http://http://www. Retrieved 2010-10-29. review" (http:/ / www.com.com/m/you_will_meet_a_tall_dark_stranger/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes . [12] Gritten. uk/ culture/ film/ cannes-film-festival/ 7732762/ Cannes-Film-Festival-You-Will-Meet-a-Tall-Dark-Stranger-review. ew. Retrieved 2010-10-02.''You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger'' [11] Gleiberman. co. telegraph. Mark (17 May 2010). com/ 2010/ 05/ 15/ mike-leigh-scores-woody-allen-bores/ ). . "Cannes Film Festival: You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. Owen (2010-05-15). "Cannes 2010 Day 4 .sonyclassics. Kermode Uncut (video blog).rottentomatoes. .imdb. Retrieved 2010-10-29. Movie-critics.com/title/tt1182350/) at the Internet Movie Database • You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (http://www.So what's good this year?" (http:/ / www. co. "Cannes: Mike Leigh scores and Woody Allen bores" (http:/ / movie-critics. BBC. David (17 May 2010).com/youwillmeetatalldarkstranger/) • You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (http://www.

Michael Straczynski Thor by Stan Lee Larry Lieber Jack Kirby Chris Hemsworth Tom Hiddleston Natalie Portman Anthony Hopkins Jaimie Alexander Patrick Doyle Story by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Haris Zambarloukos Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Country Language Budget Paul Rubell Marvel Studios Paramount Pictures April 27. Zack Stentz and Don Payne. 2011 in Belgium.[2] The film will star Chris Hemsworth.''Thor (film)'' 331 Thor (film) Thor Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Kenneth Branagh Kevin Feige Mark Protosevich Ashley Miller Zack Stentz Don Payne J. Tom Hiddleston. Ashley Miller. 2011 (United States) United States English $150 million [1] Thor is an upcoming 2011 American superhero film based on the comic book character of the same name published by Marvel Comics. Jaimie Alexander and Anthony Hopkins with Kenneth Branagh directing a script by Mark Protosevich. Natalie Portman.[3] [4] The project of a film adaptation of Thor was in development hell for several years before Marvel Studios signed . It is the fourth film to be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is scheduled to be released on April 27. 2011 May 6. Egypt. 2011 in the United States. France and Switzerland and on May 6.

"She’s a very serious scientist. but it's all very true to the original stuff". —Marvel. Look into all the research about the comic books that we could. The struggles they had and the way that they thought — I was like. a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. and then as we shot stuff things became easier".[10] • Natalie Portman as Jane Foster: A scientist and Thor's love interest. in a very big movie that is going to be seen by a lot of people. Hemsworth said. "First. Once here. And Ken. he can't be posing as Thor". but it is those little things that makes girls think it’s possible. who is so incredible. and getting to do it with Branagh was a new way of approaching it. the way [Thor] moves and fights. Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth. 'Kenneth Branagh doing Thor is super-weird. "I signed on to do it before there was a script. I got to read all of these biographies of female scientists like Rosalind Franklin who actually discovered the DNA double helix but didn’t get the credit for it. stating. so I was just like. and the film's release was rescheduled into 2011. and keep it very real. ‘What a great opportunity. to have a woman as a scientist’".com. and what's his relationship with people in the individual scenes?'"[8] About approaching Thor's fighting style. It doesn’t give them a [role] model of ‘Oh. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment.[6] Hemsworth said the film stays true to the comics.[14] . ‘You can really help create this character‘. but also bring it back to 'Who is this guy as a person. Hiddleston also stated that he had to keep a strict diet before the start of filming because "Ken (Branagh) wants Loki to have a lean and hungry look. Director Kenneth Branagh and Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige chose Hemsworth after a back-and-forth process in which the 27-year-old actor was initially dropped from consideration and then given a second chance to read for the part.'"[12] Portman also stated that she really wanted to do a big effects movie that emphasized character. Physically. we looked at the comic books and the posturing. Matthew Vaughn was to direct the film in late 2008 for a release in 2010. Mike Tyson. and a lot of his power seems to be drawn up through the ground. Thor is also scheduled to be released in 3-D. I've gotta do it. "We just kept trying to humanize it all. I know it sounds silly. he remarked. Branagh replaced Vaughn in late 2008.[11] When asked why she took the role. but nastier".[7] On his take of the character. Marvel Studios stated in an announcement that the character will be updated from the comics' initial portrayal for the feature adaptation. who’s amazing. We talked about boxers. was like. About the character Hiddleston stated that "Loki's like a comic book version of Edmund in King Lear.[3] Initially Hiddleston auditioned to play Thor but Branagh decided his talent would be better harnessed playing Loki.''Thor (film)'' Protosevich to write its script in 2006. they've sort of bonded quite a few of them to form this particular story. About the character Portman stated. [3] Cast • Chris Hemsworth as Thor: The god of thunder based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name. relative to Star Wars. Portman replied "I just thought it sounded like a weird idea because Kenneth Branagh's directing it. there are "so many different versions of the comic books. I just have to dress cute in movies’". Hiddleston was chosen after previously working with Branagh on Ivanov and Wallander.[13] Regarding her preparation for the role Portman remarked. like Cassius in Julius Caesar. very low to the ground and big open chest and big shoulder swings and very sort of brutal but graceful at the same time. you know. Because in the comic she’s a nurse and now they made her an astrophysicist. The main characters were cast in 2009 and principal photography took place from January to May 2010.[9] • Tom Hiddleston as Loki: Thor's adoptive brother and nemesis based on the deity of the same name. Really.[5] 332 Premise The Mighty Thor.

I was saying.[25] • Stellan Skarsgård as Professor Andrews. my karma is. Dallas also mentioned that Errol Flynn was an inspiration for the character . high-school wrestling team. 'If you don't like it. So I had a very happy time on it. I’ve made about 90 films and if I did the same thing over and over again I would be bored by now. skilled warrior and can stand on her own against any villain in the film".[28] • Joshua Dallas as Fandral: The leader of the Warriors Three. men are not so forgiving. I think he would like to think of himself a philanderer.' And I move on. He's a hot-headed. Women are much more forgiving. I play the god who banishes his son from the kingdom of Asgard because he screwed up. Texas. Dennings. fabulous guys who dwarf me and come in at around eight-and-a-half feet. The script was nice and we got to rehearse and talk to the writers and do some collaborating in the process to make it fit us.[27] As to why he took the part. "My father's relationship with me was cold. And if you’ve seen any of the Frost Giants. no. not a fighter". I "chose Thor because of [director] Kenneth Branagh. I go and do those big ones and having done that I can usually afford to go and do some really small obscure films and experiment a little". I try to pick different films.[17] • Jaimie Alexander as Sif: A warrior and Thor's childhood friend based on the mythological deity of the same name.[16] Hopkins stated. so I banish him. cold. I know in my life. He’s a lover.[21] • Colm Feore as Ymir: King of the Frost Giants. and adoptive father of Loki.[18] Alexander admitted that shes was already very familiar with Marvel Comics before taking the part having grown up with four brothers. a group of three Asgardian adventurers who are among Thor's closest comrades. of course. Fandral the Dashing. "It's a superhero movie. "She is very loyal to Thor and cares a lot about protecting him and protecting Asgard. the Napoleon of Frost Giants. Townsend was replaced by Dallas citing "creative differences". I'm harsh and my wife complains and I say. We’ve got some massive. take-it-or-leave-it.[19] Alexander said the part required hours a day in the gym. was bad in school and all of that. He was a hot-blood character but to me. as the R.[29] Stuart Townsend was initially cast after Zachary Levi was forced to vacate the role due to a scheduling conflict. saying. and that. Kelly of Asgard. nine feet. He didn't mean any harm. He's a man with purpose.' He's ruthless. probably a chip off of the old block but I decide he's not really ready to rule the future kingdom. based on the mythological deity of the same name. Skarsgård remarked. Portman. father of Thor. "I am the King of Frost Giants. 'That is why I'm king. but with a bit of Shakespeare thrown in". tough. About the film he said. "He's a stern man.''Thor (film)'' • Anthony Hopkins as Odin: The ruler of Asgard. temperamental young man." Hopkins also expressed that he finds a personal resonance in the Odin role. Can’t you tell by the commanding presence? I am the boss".[20] Alexander described her character as "one of the guys" and that. What I always try to do is immediately do something I just haven’t done so I get variation in my life. explaining she was one of few girls on her Colleyville. move on.". Alexander is best known for her portrayal of Jessi XX on the ABC Family series Kyle XY. About her relationship with Thor she stated. "I'm very interested in that relationship between fathers and sons".[15] In an interview Hopkins stated he knew nothing of the comic..[31] About the character Dallas stated. but I felt I could never meet up to his expectations.[26] 333 Skarsgård stated that he was not initially familiar with Thor. I'm a little like Odin myself".[29] [30] However. though training is not unfamiliar to her.[22] [23] Feore stated it took five hours for his makeup to be applied. When I was Hemsworth. and Hiddleston at the 2010 San young. he expressed his disappointment because I Diego Comic-Con International. days before filming began. "She's a very talented. But. "Fandral. He also revealed that the film uses all modern language.[24] About his character Feore remarked. He would like to think of himself. you know that I am.. a scientist doing research in New Mexico who encounters Thor.

co-writer of Thor. Michael Straczynski[45] will have cameo appearances.E. step mother of Thor and the adoptive mother of Loki.. and I think that's good". he’s the guy who just goes about his business".But at the end of the day.D. and what they've done is kind of sex him up: he's sort of slimmer but rounder. He struggles. You want to have a visceral reaction to the guy.". Life kicks him where it hurts the most. Flynn had a lot of that boyish charm that Fandril’s got all that in him". meeting Stan Lee and pitching the concept to 20th Century Fox. If you know anything about the Nords. And when he unleashes the storm. That’s OK. all-hearing Asgardian sentry of the bifröst bridge.[41] Actors Joseph Gatt. Stevenson will wear a fat suit for the role. queen of Asgard. "He's got every bit of that Falstaffian verve and vigor. 334 Production Development "Thor's powers are godly. Stevenson said. I watched a lot of his movies and kind of got that into my bones. stating.[32] • Ray Stevenson as Volstagg: The comic relief of the Warriors Three known for both his hearty appetite and wide girth.. when Marvel Studios . “Thor’s mythical. Odin sends him to Earth because he's not perfect.[47] Thor was abandoned until April 1997.maybe more. and what happens to him. arrogant. You want to see the dirt. you want to feel like you're seeing the power of a GOD at work. agent Phil Coulson from Iron Man and Iron Man 2.H. and with Marvel Studios as the titular character in Punisher: War Zone. Even over-confident...L. I was cast in Thor and I'm cast as a Nordic god. "[C]asting now is taking definitely a more open-eyed approach to it. "He doesn’t speak much but when he does.[42] Gatt said he will be playing a villain "with a lot of action". I've got this amazing foam-injected undersuit that flexes with me. and Troy Brenna have also been cast in unspecified roles.. he's a man. I tried to bring out that little bit of Flynn-ness in it. He's brash. About the character.. I think we will see multi-level casting .[34] News of Elba's casting was met by online complaints from some comic book fans who saw it as inappropriate for a Norse deity to be played by a black actor.he also bleeds.I. I think that's a sign of the times for the future. Joshua Cox. based on the mythological deity of the same name.[37] • Rene Russo as Frigga: The wife of Odin." Ashley Miller. He's Falstaff with muscles.[33] • Idris Elba as Heimdall: The all-seeing. right? Thor has a hammer that flies to him when he clicks his fingers. Elba remarked. they don’t look like me but there you go. You want to see him fight like hell. and grime and blood. primarily characterized by his grim demeanor and the only member who is not an Æsir.. In response to the boycott Elba said. everybody shuts up. "I've tried the suit on. "He was a big inspiration for the character and for me. You want to feel every bone crunching moment of every fight. he’s a very central character and I wanted to reflect him as he is in the comic books".[39] Dennings described her character as Foster's "little helper gnome".''Thor (film)'' stating. but he's not the sort of Weeble-shaped figure he is in the comics.[32] • Tadanobu Asano as Hogun: One of the Warriors Three.[29] Ray Stevenson said of Asano's character. and take as much as he dishes out -.[43] Stan Lee[44] and J.[35] The casting also prompted a boycott of the film by white supremacists.[38] • Kat Dennings as Darcy: A co-worker of Jane Foster.. and a bit of a beer gut to suggest that enormous appetite. Elba also stated that he was inspired by the source material: "I looked at the comic books actually because Heimdall. You don't want his adventures to be clean and antiseptic.[40] Clark Gregg will reprise his role as S.[13] Adriana Barraza has been cast in an unknown role though is said to be a human. about the project [46] Sam Raimi originally envisioned the idea for Thor after Darkman (1990). but the color of my skin is wrong?”[36] About his casting. yes.. based on the mythological deity of the same name.. but they did not understand it. You want to feel Thor's rage when he rages.". But also in the healing room where everyone licks their wounds.[29] Stevenson previously worked with Kenneth Branagh in the 1998 film The Theory of Flight.

[6] The next day it was announced that Tom Hiddleston. "I have no idea.[66] They later moved the release date to May 20. they pushed for a script and approached Tyler Mane to lead as Thor. as Protosevich's first draft would have cost $300 million to produce.[63] and in December 2008. UPN was in talks for airing it.[1] He intended to start filming in late 2008[59] and after the success of Iron Man.[70] In May 2009 it was reported that Chris Hemsworth was in negotiations to portray the title role after something of a back-and-forth process in which the 25-year-old actor was nixed early on.[61] By September 2008 D. Branagh confirmed that he has been hired. almost a full year later. at which point Marvel set Protosevich to work on a new draft and began searching for a new director. but of a god realizing his true potential. and I was like.[60] 335 Pre-production Vaughn was released when his holding deal expired in May 2008. a fan of the Thor comic book. though at this point the film was still set to be distributed through Sony Pictures. 'Well shit. signed to write the script in April 2006. Protosevich described his plans for it "to be like a superhero origin story. 'Ooh! I got a job!' I called my agent he said.[48] The film first gained momentum after the successful release of the film X-Men. 2010. though there were talks between Goyer and Marvel. and in June 2004 the project still had yet to be optioned by a studio. and in December 2004 David S.[50] [51] [52] However. Fury at the end of the film Iron Man. but Thor was still laboring in development hell by April 2002. during which time Paramount Pictures acquired the rights from Sony. Studios confirmed in June of that year that both Hemsworth and Hiddleston had signed on. J. then given a second chance to read for the part. who had worked with Branagh before [3] [71] Kevin Feige of Marvel and had initially been considered to portray the lead role. The plan was for the film to be made for TV. they need to pay me if they're gonna put my name in it. Caruso had been discussing taking on the project. 2010 date to June 17.[72] . Director Kenneth Branagh at the another Marvel Studios film which was scheduled to be released on July 22. you're not in it.[53] In 2005. to distance the film's release from that of Captain America: The First Avenger. Marvel Studios announced that they intended to release Thor on June 4. Goyer was in negotiations to write and direct.[58] Vaughn then rewrote Protosevich's script in order to bring down the budget to $150 million. though he did not read the script. with Iron Man 2 being used to introduce the character of Thor. Jackson revealed that he will not be appearing in Thor.[57] In August 2007 Marvel Studios signed Matthew Vaughn to direct the film.[55] That year the film was also announced to be a Marvel Studios production.[56] In December 2007. When asked why not Jackson explained. they said I was in the trades. Samuel L. 2011. 'Naw. it was revealed that Goyer was no longer attached. Dr. In February 2009.[54] Mark Protosevich. [67] 2010 San Diego Comic-Con 2011. in an April 2010 interview. He described it as "a human story right in the center of a big epic scenario. Sony Pictures Entertainment purchased the film rights. excited by the prospect. Jackson. it was revealed that Kenneth Branagh had entered into negotiations to direct. Donald Blake will not be included. I'm not in charge of making those kinds of decisions.[68] However. Marvel Studios brought Artisan Entertainment to help finance it as a film. but not one about a human gaining super powers.[62] Later that month. signed on to reprise the role in the film as part of an unprecedented nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios. who had briefly portrayed Nick International.”[64] Branagh stated that he hoped to begin filming in January 2010[65] and Marvel Studios set back the release date of the film from its scheduled July 16. It's the story of an Old Testament god who becomes a New Testament god".'"[69] In February 2009 a casting call went out looking for actors with certain physical attributes to audition for the role of Thor.[49] In May 2000. had been cast as Loki. 2011.[72] Feige also mentioned that the film would take place on both modern day Earth and Asgard but Thor's human host.''Thor (film)'' was beginning to rapidly expand.' I was like. I thought I was.

it was reported that Clark Gregg had signed on to reprise his role from Iron Man and Iron Man 2 as Agent Coulson.[41] In February it was reported that Paramount Pictures will enter negotiations with Del Mar. Dennings will play Darcy. In July it was announced that Natalie Portman was set to portray Jane Foster. New Mexico. Stellan Skarsgård stated that he had joined the cast. 2010 production of Thor moved to Galisteo. though none of their roles were revealed. though it is thought to be a villain.[11] Jaimie Alexander and Colm Feore were reported to have joined the cast in September. the ancient and the modern.[42] In January 2010 it was reported that Adriana Barraza had also joined the film's cast. portraying Heimdall. finding the texture and the amount of camera movement that helps celebrate and express the differences and the distinctions in those worlds. Her role was not revealed. California to film a beach scene for Thor.[73] According to Variety. as Marvel's film division preps for the eventual production of The Avengers.[74] 336 Filming In October 2008. Paramount said this coastline was ideal because its gradual slope of sand down to the waterline creates excellent reflection opportunities on film. 2010.[40] Only days before filming began. a coworker of Portman’s Jane Foster.[78] Branagh.[38] Later that month it was reported that actors Joseph Gatt.[39] In December Rene Russo was cast as Frigga. California had fallen through. though he did not specify his role. then move to Santa Fe. it will mark this film as different. Paramount and Marvel Entertainment decided to push up the release of Thor by two weeks to the then vacated date of May 6.[18] In an interview with Swedish news site Ystads Allehanda.Iron Man 2.at Raleigh's Manhattan Beach.[4] A few days after filming began...[76] Principal photography began on January 11. The combination of the primitive and the sophisticated.[80] . It's about finding the framing style. but it was said to be a human. Marvel Studios signed a long term lease agreement with Raleigh Studios to shoot their next four films . the exciting tension in the film". I think that potentially is the exciting fusion. the rest of the cast began to fill out.[31] When Spider-Man 4's production stalled. citing "creative differences".[79] In April. Paramount Pictures sent a letter informing the city that it has instead chosen an undisclosed Northern California location to film a beachfront scene for the film. If it succeeds. the color palette. Paramount wants to use a 300-yard stretch of Del Mar beach for a scene involving six horses running down the terrain.[26] In late October it was reported that Anthony Hopkins had been cast as Odin in the film. California facility.[34] In an interview Natalie Portman revealed that actress Kat Dennings would be involved in the project. 2011. where an entire town was built for the shoot. commented on the challenge of bridging Asgard and the modern world: "Inspired by the comic book world both pictorially and compositionally at once.[77] On March 15. with Alexander portraying Sif and Feore's role unrevealed. Stuart Townsend was replaced by Joshua Dallas as Fandral. Thor. we've tried to find a way to make a virtue and a celebration of the distinction between the worlds that exist in the film but absolutely make them live in the same world. in a supporting capacity.[15] Several weeks later Marvel announced that they had cast the Warriors Three: Fandral was to be played by Stuart Townsend. Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers . Thor's adoptive mother and Odin's wife.''Thor (film)'' With Hemsworth and Hiddleston in place.. Troy Brenna.[29] A few days later it was announced that Idris Elba had also joined the cast. New Mexico from March until late-April. The letter cited cost concerns with moving production too far away from its headquarters. and Joshua Cox had been cast in the film. it was reported that the prospect for filming parts of Thor in Del Mar. Hogun was to be played by Tadanobu Asano and Volstagg was to be played by Ray Stevenson.[75] Production Weekly reported that filming on Marvel's Thor was scheduled to begin in LA mid-January. a fan of the comic book since childhood.

Kenneth Branagh stated that the 3-D process initially made him cringe but "We came to feel that in our case 3-D could be the very good friend of story and character for a different kind of experience". [4] "Thor Movie: Principal Photography Starts!" (http:/ / marvel.00. co. the official logo for Thor surfaced on the internet. 2010-01-11. guardian. . 10874. . Marvel Comics. Matthew (2007-10-07). Paramount reportedly paid three million dollars to run the thirty second ad.[95] References [1] Vaughn.[82] In June 2010 some concept art surfaced of Chris Hemsworth's costume. "It continues the grand tradition of connecting the film to another property in development around the Marvel movie universe. com/ herocomplex/ 2010/ 07/ thor-3d-captain-america-3d-comiccon-marvel-studios. Rick Marshall of MTV News believed it to be the weapon Mjöllnir belonging to Thor. Marvel. com/ news/ moviestories.[90] The first television advertisement is scheduled to air during Super Bowl XLV on the FOX network in the United States.[91] Iron Man 2 A post-credits scene in the film Iron Man 2 showed Agent Coulson (played by Clark Gregg) reporting the discovery of a large hammer in the desert. entitled Thor: Tales of Asgard is expected to hit shelves around the time Kenneth Branagh's live-action Thor hits theaters. Marvel Comics. [2] "Learn Thor's International Release Dates" (http:/ / marvel. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 2010-07-14.. . [5] Boucher.[85] In June 2010. 2009-05-18.[93] An animated direct-to-video film. 8063.[86] Footage of the film was shown at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International[13] and was later leaked on the Internet. 2010-11-10. . html). "It's official: 'Thor' and 'Captain America' will be 3-D films" (http:/ / latimesblogs. com/ news/ story/ 14622/ learn_thors_international_release_dates). Geoff (2010-07-14). marvel. Marvel_Studios_Update~colon~_Loki_Cast_in_Thor).''Thor (film)'' 337 Post-production Chris Hemsworth revealed that the film ended principal photography on May 6.[5] Although 2-D was used for principal photography. Retrieved 2010-11-23.com. 2010 and entered post-production.[8] It was reported in February 2010 that France-based BUF Compagnie will be the lead visual effects house working on the film. com/ news/ moviestories.[84] Marketing The first publicity image from the film released depicts Hemsworth in costume as Thor.2185548. Retrieved 2010-01-11. uk/ news/ story/ 0.[5] In October 2010 it was reported that Thor underwent reshoots for a couple of new scenes. . Retrieved 2007-10-08. writing. [3] "Marvel Studios Update: Loki Officially Cast in 2011 Thor Movie" (http:/ / www.[81] Digital Domain will also work on the visual effects. producer Kevin Fiege stated that the "special effects for the film were conceived and executed from the beginning in 3-D". The Guardian (London). Retrieved 2009-05-19. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times. html). latimes.[87] In December 2010 Marvel debuted the first poster[88] as well as the first trailer online[89] and in theaters attached to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. "My week: Matthew Vaughn" (http:/ / film. illustrating elements taken from the comic character's design.[83] In July 2010 it was reported that the film will be released in 3-D.[94] Video game A video game titled Thor: God of Thunder based on the film is being developed by Sega using the voices and likenesses of actors Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston and is schedule to be released in spring 2011. thor_movie~colon~_principal_photography_starts~excl~)."[92] Animation Marvel Animation announced a 26-episode animated series in November 2008. . to air in late 2010 before the release of Marvel Studios' film.

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[5] It was released on January 28. 2011 127 minutes United States English $37.000. New Line Cinema January 28.000 [2] [1] The Rite is an American horror film based on Matt Baglio's The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist[3] . . directed by Mikael Håfström and written by Matt Baglio and Michael Petroni.[4] It stars Anthony Hopkins as Father Lucas. 2011.''The Rite (2011 film)'' 342 The Rite (2011 film) The Rite Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Mikael Håfström Beau Flynn Tripp Vinson Matt Baglio Michael Petroni The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio Anthony Hopkins Colin O'Donoghue Alex Heffes Starring Music by Cinematography Ben Davis Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Peter Boyle TriBeCa Productions Warner Bros.

The young woman. When his choice is questioned by a friend. he enters his first class late. Angelina and Michael try desperately to contact and find Father Xavier. he later approaches Michael and extends to Michael an invitation to travel to Rome in order to attend a class on exorcism. citing a lack of faith and a desire to leave his post. . Michael decides to perform the exorcism on his own. Father Lucas he feels as if he has failed her. Late that night. whether Michael believes this or not. When Michael arrives in Rome. Dissatisfied with his own life. Michael remains skeptical. He shows up at an overlook with nothing but his cappello romano and overcoat on and slaps a little girl. Michael reluctantly accepts the offer after being told by Father Superior that if he still desires to resign from his position after taking the class. He tells Michael that he was asked to keep an eye out for a qualified candidate and that he believes Michael to be qualified for the class. after ordination he writes a letter of resignation to his Father Superior.''The Rite (2011 film)'' 343 Plot The film begins with Michael Kovak preparing the body of a young suicide victim for a viewing at his father's funeral home. Michael leaves Rome. After Michael sees this. he also reveals that this also is not the first person who died under his care. Michael later decides to enter the local seminary in order to get away from everything. declining to comment on Father Lucas. entering a confessional and beginning to hear a girl's confession. Michael notices a tattoo of the devil on one of her legs. After constant rebuking by the demon and a long. He later speaks with Angelina again. then he will be free to leave. While dressing the young woman. Michael and Angelina later finds him sitting outside of his house in the rain. knowing himself to be possessed. Learning this. He completes the exorcism and the demon leaves Father Lucas. Michael comforts her in her last moments of agony by commending her soul to God and absolving her sins. however. tells Michael that he needs to find Father Xavier in order to perform the exorcism. Father Superior knows that Michael is called to be a priest. revealing that he has found his calling as a priest and did not resign. who asks him to bless her doll. such as the girl spitting up three long nails. they learn that he is out of town. He soon learns that she is a reporter who has been asked to cover the course for an article in a newspaper. After the death of the young woman. causing the baby to die from cardiac arrest and causing the mother to die via blood loss. believing Michael to be a priest after seeing his clerical garb. they leave the hospital room together with Michael leaving the hospital and Father Lucas staying overnight outside of the girl's room. the demon begins to act upon her again. Disheartened. Michael regains his once lost faith and is able to force the demon to reveal its name. asks him for absolution. Father Lucas. However. who is also taking the course. It is later revealed that she became pregnant through incestuous relations with her father. returning to America and to his life. who asks him to relay the information that he gets from Father Lucas to her. Father Lucas performs another exorcism on the girl while Michael observes. a car hits both he and a young woman. to scold him. "in my family you either become a mortician or a priest. where he sees one of the priest's patients: a pregnant sixteen-year-old girl. The final scene of the film shows Michael. Successful. the possessed girl's condition worsens which prompts Father Lucas and Michael to have her taken to a hospital for further care. However. He meets a young woman. drawn out fight. Meanwhile. who is a renowned exorcist. Unable to refuse. Michael refuses to relay the information he has gathered to her. While Father Superior is attempting to catch up with Michael on the street. as she has tried to get an interview with him many times now but has been refused. Father Xavier later asks Michael to see a friend of his. he decides to confer with Angelina. exhibiting signs of demonic possession. Seeing how calmly and well he handled the situation. now Father Michael Kovak. Angelina. Father Xavier." Four years pass and Michael is being ordained to the diaconate at the seminary. even after witnessing several preternatural events. Michael agrees and meets Father Lucas at his home. he explains that. causing the Dominican priest teaching the course. leading to her possession. Father Lucas begins behaving strangely. Father Lucas takes them into his house and. There.

2011.[15] A trailer was attached to screenings of Paranormal Activity 2. a parish priest from Saratoga. it is atmospheric. released the film on January 28. Rotten Tomatoes says that out of 72 critics. and it has something to say. Grant its assumptions.[13] [14] Release Warner Bros. it helped me reconnect to the Church and understand the value of faith. Baglio participated in a seminar on exorcism by the Vatican[23] [24] where he met Father Gary Thomas. California to become an exorcist for the diocese. The consensus is "Anthony Hopkins is as excellent as ever."[17] [18] [19] [20] [21] Roger Ebert also questioned the "horror" classification: "I admire 'The Rite' because while it delivers what I suppose should be called horror."[16] The film was generally more well received within the Catholic community although questioning its classification as "horror."[22] Background The film is based on the book The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Rome-based Matt Baglio. Hereafter.or Colin O'Donoghue's tentative performance in the leading role. and The Fighter Reception The film has received mixed reviews. it’s very important. California who was tasked by the local bishop in San Jose. which qualifies the film as "Rotten". its cinematography is eerie and evocative. 18% of them gave it a positive review (23% of 26 top critics gave it a positive review). Initially skeptical and reluctant. Father Gary becomes an "apprentice" to a Rome-based exorcist and his skepticism is soon replaced by the cold reality of evil and the ways it sometimes takes the form of demonic possession. Season of the Witch.''The Rite (2011 film)'' 344 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Colin O'Donoghue as Michael Kovak[6] Anthony Hopkins as Father Lucas[7] Marta Gastini as Rosaria Maria Grazia Cucinotta as Aunt Andria Alice Braga[8] as Angelina Ciaran Hinds[9] as Father Xavier Toby Jones[10] as Father Matthew Chris Marquette as Eddie Rutger Hauer as Istvan Kovak Marija Karan as Sandra Torrey DeVitto as Nina Production Håfström began working on the exorcism thriller in February 2010.[25] [26] The book traces Father Gary's life prior to and subsequent to their acquaintance in 2005 which involved Baglio observing over twenty exorcisms performed by Father Gary. To research the book. which was published in 2009. but he's no match for The Rite's dawdling pace and lack of chills -. It has given some thought to exorcism. and the actors enrich it.[11] Håfström began casting in March for the lead roles of Father Lucas and Michael Kovak.[12] The film was produced by Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) under their Contrafilm Studios company."[27] . This isn’t something that is silly and prayer. deciding on Anthony Hopkins and Colin O'Donoghue. Baglio indicates that the experience in writing the book "was just a very spiritual process and in a lot of ways.

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[14] Movie Casting: Anthony Hopkins Is 'The Rite' Choice (http:/ / celebrifi.[33] 345 References [1] "Warner Bros. mattbaglio. . coordinated the development of his screenplay with Baglio. com/ entertainmentnewsbuzz/ 2011/ 01/ rite-mechanic-kings-speech. . . [10] "Three More Join Anthony Hopkins in 'The Rite'" (http:/ / www. he could hear what was taking place. "Behind-the-Scenes Images: The Rite" (http:/ / www.Busted Halo (http:/ / www. . com/ news/ exorcist-praises-new-movie-the-rite-for-showing-power-of-faith/ ) [18] The Catholic Spirit: Review of The Rite (http:/ / thecatholicspirit. fearnet. 2011). org/ ae/ movies/ review. Retrieved January 28. .''The Rite (2011 film)'' While Baglio was still researching his book. Toby Jones and Alice Braga Join The Rite" (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 37632/ behind-scenes-images-the-rite). catholic.TIME (http:/ / www.[28] Director Mikael Håfström was invited to direct the film "intrigued by the fact that he would be working from facts. com/ 2010/ 05/ 03/ ciaran-hinds-toby-jones-alice-braga-the-rite). Release Shifts: 'The Factory. com/ videoandaudio/ interview-father-gary-thomas-vatican-certified-exorcist) [27] Catholic Spotlight interview with Matt Baglio. . html) [25] Catholic Spotlight interview with Matt Baglio. dll/ article?AID=/ 20110126/ REVIEWS/ 110129982/ 1023) [23] "Warner Brothers Adjusts Horror Schedule" (http:/ / www." In preparation for the film. bustedhalo. bloody-disgusting. com/ data/ stories/ cns/ 1100268. com/ news/ b19019_three_more_join_anthony_hopkins_in_rite. The producers contacted Michael Petroni (who was one of the writers for "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader") to write the screenplay." While the film is focused on exorcism. who was now writing the book at about the same time. bloody-disgusting. producers Tripp Vinson and Beau Flynn (who had already produced "The Exorcism of Emily Rose") learned about Baglio's book proposal and decided to purchase the movie rights. bloody-disgusting. [2] Fritz. Håfström also believes that "this story is about a young man finding himself and finding his way. americancatholic. catholicnewsagency. . 2011. . com/ time/ nation/ article/ 0. "Ciaran Hinds. Vatican-certified exorcist . catholicnews. com/ apps/ pbcs. . Ben (January 27. . com/ news/ 36118/ anthony-hopkins-has-the-rite-exorcise-demons). rottentomatoes. [3] (http:/ / www. dreadcentral. html?utm_source=fearnet& utm_medium=rssfeeds& utm_campaign=rss_imdb). com/ news/ 37521/ warner-brothers-adjusts-horror-schedule). "Three More Heads Spin for Exorcist Drama 'The Rite'" (http:/ / www. com/ news/ 20217). Petroni. [13] "Hollywood Has Exorcism Fever! New Line Begins Casting 'The Rite'" (http:/ / www. com/ 592/ transcript-of-cs125-matt-baglio-the-rite/ ) [28] Catholic Online "'The Rite' is Riveting! It Opens a Window to a Seldom Seen World" (http:/ / saints. php?id=40094) [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] . dreadcentral. "Colin O'Donoghue Becomes Hopkins' Student in 'The Rite'" (http:/ / www.1885372. html) [15] "Warner Bros. the Author of The Rite (http:/ / catholicspotlight. collider.[29] [30] Father Gary Thomas served as a consultant on the set of “The Rite”[31] [32] and indicated that the exorcisms in the film were "very accurate" with some "expected licenses" taken. Los Angeles Times (Tribune Company). . . not just someone's imagination. bloody-disgusting. org/ movies/ CNSMovieBrief. "The Rite Cast Expands by Three" (http:/ / www.

html) [31] Catholic Review: Book focusing on U.com) The Rite (http://www. priest's training as exorcist being made into movie (http:/ / www. catholic. cinemablend.html) .htm) at Box Office Mojo Matt Baglio (http://www. org/ subpages/ selectedstory.com/index.com/movies/?id=rite. catholic. catholicreview. aspx?action=9034) [32] Catholic Net: Interview with Father Gary Thomas.mattbaglio. org/ ae/ movies/ review.warnerbros. about. htm) 346 External links • • • • • • • Official website (http://http://whatdoyoubelieve.boxofficemojo. Official Exorcist of San Jose California (http:/ / www.rottentomatoes.Anthony Hopkins and Father Gary Thomas (http:/ / video. com/ new/ Exclusive-Interview-The-Rite-Director-Mikael-Hafstrom-22846. com/ movies/ Anthony-Hopkins-The-Rite.S. php?id=40094) [30] Cinema Blend: Exclusive Interview: The Rite Director Mikael Hafstrom (http:/ / www. php?option=zenit& id=31515) [33] The Rite Interviews .imdb.''The Rite (2011 film)'' [29] Catholic Online "'The Rite' is Riveting! It Opens a Window to a Seldom Seen World" (http:/ / saints.com/m/the_rite/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Rite (http://www.com/movie/the-rite) at Metacritic The Rite (http://www.allmovie.com/work/517764) at Allmovie The Rite (http://www. net/ index.metacritic.com/title/tt1161864/) at the Internet Movie Database The Rite (http://www.

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