Philippine Normal University College of Science Department of Biological Sciences Biological Society July 11, 2011

Budget Proposal
This is the summary of the proposed budget for the INTRAMURALS: basketball men and women See attachment for specific details (if any). Description Refreshments Emergency fund Total: Amount (Php) 240 10 250 Human Resource John Bernard Valdes BIOSOC, asst. Treasurer John Bernard Valdes BIOSOC, asst. Treasurer Source of Fund BIOSOC Fund BIOSOC Fund

Proposed by: John Bernard Valdes BIOSOC, Asst. Treasurer Date _____________

Approved by: Maria Felisa F. Espiritu Treasurer Date ______ Kenneth Dequito FILO Date ______ Lilia J. Laceste President Date ______

Prof. Thaddeus Owen D. Ayuste Adviser, BIOSOC Date: ____________


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