Monica D.

Dabuet Outdoor Activity A Reflection

II- 3

I enjoy our outdoor activity last Saturday, even though I¶m tired and my whole body was aching. I¶m also happy because its my first time to try all the challenge that we had---the wall climbing, rappelling, rope course, tire swing and especially the water activity. I had so much fun and of course I learn something from this activity. Overcoming my fear. Actually I have fear in a swimming pool --- I¶m afraid to be drowned. So every time we have an outing I always end up in a 3-4 ft. But the outdoor activity wake me up in the realization that is not to late to overcome it. When my turn, I get all my strength just to dive in a 5 ft?(I think so) just to get a pebble. And I did it!. Second, being aggressive and alert all time. I learn that from the rope course and in the tire swing. Being this way makes me more determine to finish the challenge. And it¶s a relief. Third, concentrate on what you are doing. Concentrating in the net cargo made me finish it fast. I think if we concentrate and focus on something we can finish it on time and we can see that we have more time on other work. Last, being on time and cooperative. Its an advantage being on time because you can be prepared and ready to the challenge that you will be doing, and its also the way not to be late and separate in your own group. Being cooperative makes us a whole--- one team, one family. In this we are challenged to be strong and sports. And I know I can apply this in my everyday life.

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