.( .) [Ne.(ye.)] Yes. . [Anio.] No. . [Yeoboseyo.] Hello (when picking up the phone). . [Annyeong-haseyo.] Hello. . [Annyong-hi gyeseyo.

] Good bye (when you, the guest, are leaving). . [Annyeong-hi gaseyo.] Good bye (when you, the host, are bidding your guests good bye). . [Eoseo oseyo.] Welcome. .( .)

[Gomapseumnida. (Gamsahamnida.)] Thank you. . [Cheonmaneyo.] You're welcome. .( .)

[Mianhamnida. (Joesong-hamnida.)]

Sorry. .( .)

[Gwaenchansseumnida.] It's all right. . [Sillyehamnida.] Excuse me.

( [Anio. geureosseumnida. [Yeokkwoneul boyeo juseyo.] May I have your passport please ? Bill : . [Hoesawonimnida. .] I'll be staying for a week. . . [Il ttaemune wasseoyo.] I am here for a tour.] No. dubeonjjaemnida. [ Iljjuil isseulkkeomnida. [Yeogi isseumnida. this is my second time. . Bill ? .) Immigration Officer : Immigration Officer : ? [Han-gugeneun museun illo osyeosseumnikka?] What is the purpose of your visit ? . Bill : Immigration Officer : ? [Jigeobi mueosimnikka?] What is your job? .] I am a company employee.] I am here for work.] Yes it is. [Gwan-gwang-hareo wasseoyo. ..] Here it is. [Ne. Bill : . Bill : ? [Han-guge eonjekkaji gyesilkkeomnikka?] How long will you stay in Korea. ? [Han-guge cheo-eum osseyosseumnikka?] Is this your first visit to Korea ? Bill : Immigration Officer : .

[dubeonjjae] Second Time Vocabulary and Expressions [ipkkuk] Arrival [yeokkwon] Passport [yeog i] Here [itta] To have [oda] To come [han-guk] Korea [il] Work [gwan-gwang] Tour [jigeop] Job [mu-eot] What [hoesawon] Company employee [cheo-eum] First [ne] Yes [anio] No [eonje] When [iljjuil] A week [gyesida] To stay [haksaeng]student [gongmuwon]public official [uisa]doctor [ganhosa]nurse Occupations [yaksa]pharmacist [enjinieo]engineer [byeonhosa]lawyer [geomsa]prosecutor [sa-eopga]businessman [hoesawon]company employee .

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