What did you learn from the meetings with your Project Mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your Project Mentor? Mentoring itself was a new thing to learn for me. I didn¶t know the how I can couldget the maximum benefit out of it. During the first meeting I faced some problems as I was not used to of learning in that thisway. But However,the second and third meetings went nicely and were very beneficial for me. Research Before my second meeting, I passed presentedmany opinions in the report without basing them on any research. I then learned from that this thatarguments without evidence are meaningless in a research report. I was also guided by my mentor that I have shouldto raise some questions about why things are there in a particular manner. For example why there is a huge difference between the ROCE of Walmart and tescoTesco. Report writing As the research analysis project is my first experience to write a report, my mentor gave me a thorough and in-depth but general guidance and some literature on report writing. I also got guidelines on Harvard referencing. Comparability between organisations I learned the following things in respect of comparability of organisation:  The selection of organisation is very important. If it goes wrong it can make the report meaningless.  The organisationsto be compared should be of a similar size  The targeted audience and competitive strategy should preferably be the same or at least similar like such asµlow costs¶  Ideally both the organisations should be in operating in the same environment. Presenting and communication skills  Presentationof my research project gave me a chance to learn and practically use Microsoft Power Point anddevelop skills to verbally convey my own ideas, which would willhelp me through my career in the future.  I learned from my mentor that I did not have to do anything new for the presentation but it uses should useall the research already done in the research report.  I also gained some knowledge to ofcommunicatinge complex problems in a simple way. Time Management Skills During the mentoring I got very valuable experience of time management. I had to follow devisea timetable to account for the time required for the research project as well as my ACCA exams and some social life. 385

Interpretation of the ratios was interesting but difficult. just take Return on capital employed for example. This research report Practical understanding Exposure of GAAP Business analysis .How has undertaking the RAP helped you in your accountancy studies and/or current employment role? Ratio analysis The first challenge I faced was choosing the right formulae. there are many ways to calculate it but choosing the most appropriate is not that easy.

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