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Volunteers Needed
Maximize your membership benefits by becoming more involved - have some fun meeting other
professional marketers. If you are interested in helping out, the Toronto Chapter Board of Directors
welcomes your participation. Please check areas of interest to you on the list below and fax this
form to the Toronto Chapter Office.

If you have any questions about the Chapter or Chapter activities, contact the AMA-Toronto office
at (416) 921-7021 or by e-mail at

I am interested in particpating in the following activities. (Check all that interest you):
o Communications o Membership
o Media relations o Retention
o Chapter newsletter o Follow-up on potential members
o Chapter website o New members welcome
o Sponsorship o Membership Directory

o Special Events o Programs
o Marketer of the Year o On-site hospitality
o Comdex o Other (please specify)
o Human Resources ______________________________________
o Finance ______________________________________

Name: _____________________________________ Title: ________________________________________
Company: ________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________ Suite:_____________________
City: ____________________________ Province: ___________ Postal Code: _______________________
Telephone: _________________________________ Fax: _________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Years of Experience in the Marketing/Advertising Field: _______________________________________
Are you presently an AMA member? o Yes o No If yes, for how many years? _______
Please list your past volunteer experience: __________________________________________________
Please fax this form to : AMA-Toronto (416) 967-6320