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A visit to Putrajaya Power Station, Putrajaya, Malaysia was held on 30 August 2007.This visit is a part of coursework for Subject Power System ( BEE 3243).This visit are supervised by Pn Rohaiza bt. Hamdan and En Hafiz.The objectives are to expose students to working environment in the field of Power System and career as a Power Engineer. It is also a new approach in learning process which is student can relate the theory in lecture and real world in power plant. The visit is begin at 2.00 pm and conducted by Mr. Asmadi from TNB Putrajaya. First activity is watching safety video in their showroom. This video was created to give information to visitors about safety regulation in power plant. The location of Putrajaya Power Station is strategic because it was located near the load center of klang Valley and close to Petronas Gas pipeline of Grid Nasional. It was on existing substation site and the side readily available. The highest transmission line is 500kV and others are 237kV, 11kV and 132kV. Putrajaya Power Station is a main power station in Klang Valley. Located in Serdang, Selangor and beside to Putrajaya. The Putrajaya Power Station was built in 1993 but officially opened in 1994. It houses two John Brown gas turbines and three SIEMENS gas turbines with a total capacity of 625MW. Putrajaya Power Station was part of Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s plan to increase power generation capacity to meet the nation’s rising electricity demand in the early 1990s. On 15 February 2006, Serdang Power Station was renamed as Putrajaya Power Station and launched by Dato’ Sri Che Khalid bin Mohd Noh. This Power Station have 67 staffs and was divided into four department which are Maintenance, Production, Human resources and Quality and Business support service. Production department will monitor the operation of gas turbine and Business support service will manage an administration part, procurement and information & technology. This power station use Diesel as a backup of out of gas. The plant has two units of 110MW General Electric Frame 9E gas turbines supplied by John Brown Engineering and 3 units of 135MW V94.2 model gas turbines supplied by SIEMEN AG. They are housed in two separate turbine halls and controlled from a Central Control Room. John Brown gas turbine manufacturer Gec Alsthom with

AKP uses a set of audit criteria modeled to Prime Minister Award and Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award (USA) is the highest recognition scheme in TNB awarded to business unit that demonstrate the excellence in the management of quality and services.SIEMEN Gas Turbine (model V (4. executive. One of the special features of the gas turbine is it is able to start on a dead grid situation by mean of diesel generator and the start up time is only about 30 minutes to full rated load. It is sufficient for two weeks of operation without refilling I case of cut off in gas supply.It’s also has grid connection at 132kV. They also have 10. this power station being the first business unit in TNB to be awarded the coveted Anugerag Kualiti Presiden (AKP). it can help students to realize the real world of power system and also the theory. Its maximum continuous rating is 110MW with 15kV generator voltage and current. The distillate fuel was delivered by tankers and storage capacity about 24 million litters. The gas turbine are designed or open cycle operation which means the exhaust gas from the turbine is directed for release into the air through the exhaust stacks. Each gas turbine is directly coupled to 50 Hz 3-phase air cooled generator operating at 3000 rpm.In the year 2003. The turbine use dual firing mode with natural gas as the main fuel which is supplied from Petronas Gas and high grade distillate as standby fuel. 4000A.2 ratio) is Silo burners for diffusion or premix with turbine inlet temperature is 1050° C. Hopefully.5 million liters standby stock for 7 days/2GT/16 hour operation. The Putrajaya Power Station had accredited in MS-ISO 9002 Quality Assurance System certification in 1996 followed by the certification of the Environmental Management System EMS 14001 in 1997 and the Occupational Health and safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001 in 2000.air cooled and has 14 combustor. technician. Tenaga Nasional Berhad also offers job opportunity from apprentice level. …………………………………… (NOOR ROPIDAH BINTI BUJAL) 4 SEPTEMBER 2007 . and engineer to manager due to qualification. Prepared by. Overall visit gave us a lot of good experience and knowledge.