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Rectangular and Parallel Plate Waveguide Patterns In the case of propagation through closed structures, such as rectangular guides

, parallel plate waveguide the study was focused on the propagating modes. The field components are computed from the known analytical expressions based on the solution of Helmholtz equations inside hollow waveguides. There are 2 menu available to the user, one is calculator program to calculate the cutoff frequency, velocity, wave impedance by input the geometrical parameters, the operating frequency, and the type of mode in study (TE, TM) and another program is to visualize the electric- and magnetic-field distributions in two perpendicularly cut planes (transversal and longitudinal with respect to the direction of the wave propagation). Images allow for visualization by different graphical representations and, at different input dimension of the conductor plate, the shape of the different modes inside the propagating structure, particularly their corresponding peaks and valleys in amplitude. Exactly at the cut-off frequency, the wave would bounce between the plats without propagation along the wave guided axis.