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How to Read Your Employee Attendance Record

Half Hollow Hills Teachers’ Association

” .” Note: These slides are color-coded for the sake of clarity. in this sample case. the district “deposits” these days into your annual account.On the first day of the business year. They should reappear in the ANNUAL column in the next part of the page. 1 personal day left over from the previous year. These are also “deposited” into your balance at the start of the year. which is converted to a sick day when accrued.” which means “Carry Forward Personal to Sick. Match the identified areas of the record to their corresponding colors in the descriptions. They represent your accrued sick days and. The total of these numbers should be the same as the TOTAL SICK value under the PRIOR column in the next part of the page The “Reason” description for the personal days converted to sick during accrual will say “C/F P to S. labeled “Employee Attendance Balances for the Selected Period.

the 3. • Again. • The ANNUAL column represents the days allotted for the coming year.000. subtracting for the number TAKEN. • Other than the COMP TIME line.000 and 12.• Jury Duty and School Business do not count against your days. • For non-tenured teachers. • The PAY OUT column is only available with a minimum of 120 banked days. anything remaining here will carry over to next year. the TOTAL SICK value under the PRIOR column should reflect the sum of the “C/F P to S” and “Prior Balance” lines in the last section. .000 and 13. respectively. It should reflect the sum of the bottom row of your PRIOR and ANNUAL columns. • The total number under the AVAIL column does not represent the sum of the numbers above it.000 will say 2. which is available if there is a death in the family.

.This portion of the report is not used by district office.