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Fluctuation in MZ Letter Size is the key to determining mood stability. A combination of large and small letters in the same word and line warns of emotional volatility. Such moodiness and inconsistency of reaction makes the person hard to understand and get along with. Excessive fluctuation in any zone points to great impressionability and difficulty in coping with emotional stimuli.

Jerksand Breaks in MZ Letters. A break in a letter occurs when the hand interrupts its movement just enough to leave the slightest opening in the stroke that forms the letter, not the connecting stroke. These breaks, and also jerks and tremors, are the result of anxiety and tension. Fears, work pressure, a strong inner judgmental system, a personal problem, any such tensions can unconsciously inhibit and cramp body muscles long enough to affect the flow of the writing.

Tangling in the MZ shows in the snarling, coiling and overlapping of strokes in this ego area. Here is someone who takes on more than he can handle; he is impractical and cannot manage his work in an orderly way. His social goals, duties, and obligations are similarly confused and undisciplined. The writer will have the warmth and sociability that goes with loopy strokes, but the potential for dishonesty is great.