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Normal Pastiosity.

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Extreme Pastiosity. Many blobs of ink with occasional smearing and sometimes ink-filled ovals characterize this writing. These writers are physically oriented, sensual, attracted to pleasurable activities and intensely absorbed in their own experiences. Artists, musicians and others who work in areas meaningfully creative to themselves can express their sensuality through their work and interpersonal relationships. However, when there is no creative or emotional outlet, a person can become undisciplined in seeking sensual pleasure. Thus the pastiose writer who is deeply inhibited or externally thwarted will exhibit the negative characteristics of his inherent sensuality.

For example, pastiosity which produces ink-filled ovals shows a personality capable of explosive outbursts. The anxiety produced from the repressed sexuality also makes the person guarded about natural self-expression. Or, the same anxiety in another personality may lead to the verbal expression of sexual innuendos. Excessively pastiose writers can be distracted from the responsibilities of daily life or escape from them through sexual day-dreaming, alcohol ,narcotic stimulation or psychosomatic illnesses. And they are far more likely to commit crimes of violence than are non-pastiose writers. Excessive pastiosity is often displayed in the writing of the physically or mentally ill.