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Strokes & Shapes

There are two basic graphic movements which trace two distinct kinds of shapes. One is curved movement. The other is straight movement.

The circle is the perfect curved shape. In handwriting, oval letters and loops are formations of the circle. Many letters are comprised of parts of a circle. The circle is a symbol of the eternal, perfect and cyclic nature of the universe. It represents the forces of nature and all aspects of the physical body, emotion and feeling. It is a loving container of intuitive, instinctive creativity and is the unification of the female force and the male force as expressed by the yinlyang principle. Things made up of circles are atoms, molecules, cells, plant and animal shapes, the earth and other planets, the sun, solar system, stars, galaxies-in short, the physical universe in its entirety.

The Circle and its Components. Arrows indicate the usual directional trends as seen in middle and upper zone letters. Lower zone letters are seen as reflections of what is above the baseline and are therefore reversed in their directional trend.

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The Yin (female) and Yang (male) Symbol. Yang is male, light, sky and firm. It is represented by the upper zone and by the Right. Yin is female, dark, earth and yielding. It is represented by the lower zone and by the Left. In the illustrations above, B and D are male formations while A and C are female formations.