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Personally, this writer is almost always eccentric. If everyone else is going one way (garlands are the most common stroke formation), hell go the other. So its really only in his desire to preserve social protocol that the arcaded writer is a traditionalist. Privately, hes a rebel. This type has a good memory, but does not absorb information quickly. Hes serious, and generally needs a lot of time to make up his mind. Once its made up, hell stick with the decision.
Predominately Arcaded. These people rely on instinct and intuition rather than on reason. They are watchful and defensive and can lack flexibility. They make good directors or heads of organizations and are fond of public speaking. When very arched, artistic qualities are present. On the negative side, this type can be too fascinated by intrigue, or can be involved in covering up or hushing over the true facts.

Wild or Big Arcades. These wild flourishes are made by dramatic and theatrical people who wish to call attention to themselves. They have imagination, creative ability, and extreme pride. Often these extremes are covering feelings of inferiority with showiness.

Flat Arcades. This formation acts more as a cover-up than as a protector. It has a sinuous and snaky quality to it and is an indication of an aloof, narrow-minded, rigid and hypocritical nature. This is a sign of dishonesty.

Retraced Arcades. This person is feeling threatened. Behavior will be cautious, guarded, secretive, evasive and uptight.