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Exaggerated Roundness. While it is considered normal for teenagers to write in a round style, adults who do so exhibit traits of childishness, immaturity, naivete and dependency in their personalities. Since roundness is a feminine trait, males who write a round style will display some feminine characteristics in their behavior. Round writers are flexible and yielding, preferring compromise to argument, yet regarding their home and family, they are possessive and jealous and will fight for these when their security is threatened. These types are emotional and physical, and find more fulfillment in the real world of experience than they could in the abstract realm of the mind.

This stroke is a combination of the arcade and the garland. It is thought of as a vessel in which emotion and feeling are contained. Generally Loopy Writers. These people place more emphasis on the emotional and feeling content of an experience than they do on the conceptual aspects of it. They are sympathetic, compassionate, and often quite intuitive in their understanding and response to situations in their environment. Their responses are impulsive more often than they are premeditated, and they will express in a verbal, sociable and extroverted manner. When creative, the loopy writer will produce realistic styles of art or will work with tangible goods.