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Normal LOOPS. The emotional feelings being stored by the writer arent excessive or scanty. This is an indication of emotional well-being.

Exaggerated LOOPS. When loops become extreme in their fullness, or appear everywhere, the person needs more and bigger vessels to store the excessive emotion being harbored. Feeling gets bottled up, because there isnt enough outlet for it. A key phrase here is excessive emotional need.

Scanty LOOPS. When writing contains short or meager loops, the writer has pared down his emotional feelings and needs smaller containers to store them. The ability to express emotion has been stunted.

Retraced Loops. Some loops become so meager the upstrokes and downstrokes coincide, one lying on top of the other. Retracing reveals the person who is strongly inhibited emotionally to the extent that free expression of feeling is impossible. This writer is emotionally guarded.

Distorted LOOPS. When a loop deviates from its usual ovoid or-circular shape to trace a twisted path, it reveals the emotionally distorted individual. Here it is important to consider the direction and shape of the distortion before determining the type and extent of the emotional problem.

Reversed LOOPS. Here emphasis is placed on doing the opposite of what is expected. The emotional nature is rebellious. This is one indication of amorality, dishonesty or other unconventional behavior.

Broken LOOPS. Most of the time, broken loops will occur on the upstroke. (It is rare to see this on the downstroke. If you do, it is usually the result of a physical or mental illness.) When seen in the upstroke, a break is an indication of anxiety over a future course of action. The person doesnt feel sure of himself, and is uncertain of his ideas, relationships, or feelings.