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413& f Breaks at the tops of upper zone loops can indicate problems in the upper body or in the thinking processes. (Sample below.) Breaks at the bottoms of lower zone loops can indicate :lower body problem. Sometimes, women who have had a hysterectomy, o r women who are menstruating will form these breaks. f

Tangled LOOPS. If the course of one loop interferes with the course of another, tangling results. This is an indication of emotional turbulence. The needs are confused, and the writer has a hard time sorting out feelings.

Leftward-PullingLoops. These writers do not easily get over emotional wounds. They cling to old ways of being and are dependent on sustained relationships for emotional fulfillment. The leftward-pull indicates a preoccupation with the motherfigure and a lack of emotional maturity.

Rightward-PullingLOOPS. Attraction t o t h e right reveals the ambitious go-getter. Here the emotional energy is directed to the pursuit of goals.


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Tall Loops. In the upper zone, tall loops indicate one who reaches for spiritual and conceptual emotional fulfillment. Emotions focus on the intangible, and fantasy and imagination are highlighted.


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Long LOOPS. In the lower zone, extreme physically restless and ready to explore new relationships and experiences. These writers need someone and something to touch.