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The Tic. This stroke is seen as an unnecessary addition to another stroke. It indicates negative feelings of temper, anger, or hostility.

The Square provides an enclosure for defense and security. As a symbol, it indicates firmness, practicality, stability, and logic through the construction of a secure foundation. It is cold, rigid, earthbound and materialistic. The Cross is a symbol of wisdom. It is identified with the Egyptian god Thoth-inventor of writing, the Roman god Mercury-messenger of the gods, and the Greek god Hermes-master of alchemy, the occult, and the mystical. All of these are the same god known by different names in different cultures, and each provides some form of communication through abstract means. The message can be spiritual, moralistic, idealistic or philosophic. The Triangle stands for communication between the mental and the physical planes. It displays a logic similar to that of the square, but is more aggressive and energetic. The upward pointing triangle (movement directed to the upper zone) is considered a masculine formation and indicates a desire for recognition and achievement on a mental level. The downward pointing triangle (movement directed to the lower zone) is considered a female symbol, and here, energy is directed to experience of a physical, emotional and personal nature. The X has been identified with death and endings. In mathematics it represents the unknown quantity. It also has religious connotations, usually Catholic or Protestant, and is a symbol of Christ and his death on the cross. Consequently, it is also a sign of martyrdom.