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is intellectual. They are often disappointed in their search for the perfect mate or in their desire for the perfect family. They are physically and emotionally aggressive.

The Leftward Pointing Triangle tells us that this writer is critical of his past life and relationships. There is a kind of hostility and aggression being directed to events that have already taken place. The attitude is somewhat bitter, and the writer wonders why he has been treated so unfairly. The energy is directed to reflection.

The Rightward Pointing Triangle symbolizes ambition in life and love of action. These writers are aggressive regarding their plans and goals. They are critical when others dont measure up to their conception of how the world at large should be, and are generally pessimistic in daily life.

XS are symbols of religion, martyrdom, endings, or death. Those who make this mark are somewhat preoccupied with rituals in their everyday life. They may not be overtly religious but do have strong beliefs. They fear death, yet have an attraction to its mystery. When the stroke is found in the lower zone the meaning is intensified. Feelings of guilt elicit strong reactions and these people can exhibit bizarre behavior. Often too, death has touched them in a personal way-such as through the death of a loved one or the death of an ideal. Sometimes they are even suicidal. They can be accident prone, attracted to drugs or alcohol, or self-destructive in other wavs.

Middle zone and upper zone X-ing means guilt or martyrdom in daily life.