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By Ishaan Narang VIII-A

. and thus is sometimes referred to as the third pole.y The Siachen glacier is the great Himalayan watershed that demarcates central Asia from the Indian sub-continent. It is 70 km long and flows from an altitude of 5750 meters to 3620 meters above sea level. Siachen is the world's second longest non-polar glacier. and that separates Pakistan from China in this region.

" UN officials presumed there would be no dispute between India and Pakistan over such a cold and barren region . merely stating that from the NJ9842 location the boundary would proceed "thence north to the glaciers. The 1972 Simla Agreement did not clearly mention who controlled the glacier.Conflict € The conflict in Siachen stems from the incompletely demarcated territory on the map beyond the map coordinate known as NJ9842.

as Pakistan was beaten to the Saltoro Ridge high ground by about a week. the Indians were in control of the area. .000 square miles (2. The contentious area is about 900 square miles (2.Race To The Top y India launched Operation Meghdoot in April 1984 when the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force went into the glacier region. Pakistan quickly responded with troop deployments and what followed was literally a race to the top. Within a few days.300 km2) to nearly 1. The two northern passes ±Sia la and Bilafond La ± were quickly secured by India.600 km2) of territory in India.

The attacks was masterminded by Pervez Musharraf (later President of Pakistan). but with little success. The only Param Vir Chakra ² India's highest gallantry award ² to be awarded for combat in the Siachen area went to Naib Subedar Bana Singh. who in a daring daylight raid assaulted and captured a Pakistani post atop a 22. after climbing a 457 m (1500 feet) ice cliff face.000 foot (6. . now named Bana Post.700 m) peak.€ Since 1984 Pakistan has launched several attempts to displace the Indian forces.

General. Yousuf on the hotline bewteen the two countries.Ceasefire There has been no fighting on Siachen since late 2003. when a ceasefire came into effect between India and Pakistan . B S Takhar and his Pakistani counterpart Maj. y The truce decision was wrapped up on 23 Novembe 2003 by the Director-General of military operations of India Lt. Mohd. y . General.