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Teaching Learning Guide TOPIC: VEGETABLE PLANTING, WASTE SEGREGATION, DOH PROGRAM, DAINAGE General objective: At the end of 45 minutes of micro-teaching our group A13 will be able to impart the knowledge we knew to the families in the community. Specific objective Content Time community students Evaluation Reference 1. Impart the importance of vegetable planting. -definition and the importance of vegetable planting, and its procedure. -2 types of waste and how to reuse or recycle reusable materials and how they can make money out of it. - to convince them the importance of regular visit and the services and benefits they will get. -15 minutes 2. To teach the family how to segregate waste properly. -10 minutes 1- to understand the importance and advantages of planting vegetables 1 -to stress the significance and the advantages of planting vegetables. 1.-asking questions Of how to plant well and what are their learnings. Community Health Nursing Services in the Philippines, DOH 3. To increase the awareness of the community about the health center. 4. To increase the awareness of the effects of improper drainage system -10 minutes 2- to learn how to segregate waste products effectively to know the steps of bag technique 3- that they will learn DOH programs and for them to know how important a visit to community can be. 2 -discuss how to segregate waste and ways how to generate income. 2 -oral recitation on how to recycle waste materials. Article Source: http://www.articlesnatc http://www.rodsgarden. .htm -how to make a drainage system and what are the consequences on health of having poor drainage system. -10 minutes 3- to introduce the DOH programs and their daily and monthly schedule 3 ±let them share their learning about the advantages of visiting health center 4. they will improve they drainage system 4. to help them picture out the consequence of not having a proper drainage system 4. make them verbalize how to make a proper drainage system Reporters: Arnel Marcera, Sheen Jumao-as, James Liberto, Jezner Gamos and Annacel Duco NCM: 204 section 4 Group: 13 Date: June 27, 2011 C.I: Mrs. Vivian Ceballos, RN,MN