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Attendance Zone Map - McLaughlin

Attendance Zone Map - McLaughlin

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Published by: CFBISD on Aug 08, 2011
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NOTICE This is a THREE Page Document (including this page) The Boundaries for this Zone Map have

changed from 2008-09 School Year to the 2009-10 School Year. Page 1 is this notice. Page 2 is the 2008-09 Attendance Zone Map for this school Page 3 is the 2009-10 Attendance Zone map for this school

Students currently in the Montgomery-Blair attendance zone who live north of Hollandale and west of Heartside will be re-zoned to the McLaughlin-Strickland attendance zone. * Students currently in the Montgomery-Blair attendance zone who live west of Josey Lane and south of Valwood will be re-zoned to Farmers Branch Elementary. * *IMPORTANT - The Grandfather Rule will apply - Any student currently attending Montgomery or Blair will be allowed to continue attending Montgomery or Blair through the 5th grade. *All new students will attend McLaughlin-Strickland or Farmers Branch

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Neil Ray McLaughlin Elementary Attendance Area

1-800-950-5308 www.mapsco.com

Neil Ray McLaughlin Primary Attendance Area

1-800-950-5308 www.mapsco.com

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