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Making connections

E n g l i s h 1 0 + R e a d i n g W o r k s h o p

Making connections engages you in thinking about a part of the text you are reading and making a link to something you already know- it could be: A personal memory or experience Something you already know something about Another text you have read An real-world event that you know about or witnessed (past or present) You assignment for todays reading is to write about a connection you made while viewing August Rush. Some things to consider before writing your response could include: What memories was I reminded of by watching this film? What knowledge I already had did this film remind me of? What other films, books, TV shows, songs, etc, did this film remind me of? What real life story I have learned about did this film remind me of?

Reading Response #13

Your assignment is to make a connection to August Rush. Your response should: Be completed on a sheet of loose leaf with your name, the date and the title reading response #13 at the top Use specific examples and details from the film to support your feelings and opinions be at least page single spaced include a green self-evaluation rubric (Ill have to give you these when I come back- Im out of copies right now)