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After a long time, I feel like writing again about a movie.

Felt so about ZMND too, but perhaps not as strongly, also I could assimilate it without having to write about it. The Tree of Life is different. It starts where ZNMD ends . it is meant for a different state of mind altogether. A state of mind which is more in tune with the creation & the real pace of life. For most people (including my initial reaction), it is a rude shock. It is a bit too much to come running from your fast paced life, switching from one mode of transport to another, catching/missing metros and suddenly wake up to the shock of after-life (or maybe prelife) for that matter. But if you have the patience, then slowly you might soak in the movie may be a day after watching it .at least that s what s happening with me. The Tree of Life shows the real plane in which life happens. The plane in which time & space are not linear & 3D but an assembly of moments where any can be accessed at any point in time. Where the conscious actions, choices, reactions appear as waves generated on the surface by much more profound movements of the ocean of consciousness beneath. It makes you surrender the illusion that we run things in life to an alternative paradigm where we are more like witnesses to the cosmic drama and our existence is like a speck of sand in the huge desert around. Also the obvious connotations of spirit as being a truer embodiment of who we are vis--vis our ephemeral physical projections is brought at various points in the movie. When you step out of the hall, the entire world around seems surreal and moving at a much slower pace compared to the one we witness in our normal state so, even if temporarily..the movie does leave your state of consciousness a little shaken .suggest you don t drive back home .rather hire a cab The movie slowly moves from the father s perspective (of trying to be in control of everything) to the mother s (surrendering the flow of life) and slowly all characters seem to be at peace with themselves and each other on a plane which is more at a spiritual level. That is all I have been able to mull over in the last twelve hours surely the movie leaves a lot of food for thought , to be chewed slowly .for a few days may be a few years .?!