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Haze is a weather phenomenon which gives the sky a cloudy appearance due to the presence fine particles of smoke, dust and other pollutants. Industrial pollution can result in dense haze, which is known as smog. Some sources of haze are farming in dry weather, industrial wastes and pollution also traffic emissions. Haze is very common in Southeast Asia. It is a big problem in Indonesia, Kalimantan and Sumatra where forest and land fires cause regular haze. Problems of Haze: ‡ It can give rise to a number of serious respiratory diseases. ‡ It reduces normal visibility.

What should we do to protect ourselves from being affected by the Haze? y Release the latest air quality index readings on a regular basis to the public in order to create awareness of the air quality in the regions. Actually. It is also to alert the public to take actions when the air quality reaches the unhealthy level. haze also include in air pollution. . wear a mask to filter the pollutants in the air. we should to avoid it for our own sake. Thus. we not able to prevent this disaster happens but if we able to predict what the consequences will occur in doing something. y If there is a need to have outdoor activities.