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AVOID VERBAL COMMUNICATION (Office Use Only) To: Franki Nuevo
PM , ED-017 From: Monu Varghese Site Engineer Date: 16th December, 2010

SUBJECT : Missing of earthing cable Sir, Reference to the above mentioned subject, there was a missing of 493m 1C x 10 mm2 cable from rented crane pickup on 15/12/2010. For the need of cable in site my labors cutted 4c x 10 mm2 + 1C x 10mm2 cable in site store at morning time of 15/12/2010.After shifting cable to one site remaining five piece ,4c x 10 mm2 + 1C x 10mm2 cable of length 120,130,80,80,83m in rented pickup returned to store due to lunch break of labors .After lunch break the cable shifted to site by my small pickup due to the unavailability of the rented crane pickup in store. Before going to other work the driver didn’t returned cable to store. I left from site at 3 pm due to going head office for meeting HR manager .After finishing work the labors came to store at 3.45 pm . In that time the rented crane pickup already left from store that why the labors didn’t check the vehicle before leaving store. The next day morning we checked the vehicle but 493m of earth cable missing from the vehicle. The Driver told somebody took that cable from vehicle at night time. I request you to take appropriate action in this case. Thanks and Regards

Monu Varghese Site Engineer