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Drivesett Tegula
Drivesett Tegula


Classic block paving for a lasting high quality look

18kg CO2
per m2

Known for its quality and durability, Drivesett Tegula will help ensure your driveway looks great for years to come Timeworn appearance gives a classic, traditional look enhancing the character of properties A broad variety of colours and block sizes can be used to create a truly individual look Optimum mix for 3 size random course is 13 large, 18 medium and 3 small blocks per square metre (other mixes will work satisfactorily) Take blocks from a number of packs to ensure a variegated, multi-shade effect Blocks are supplied shrink-wrapped. Each pack contains blocks of 1 size only Joint filling sand and Keybond are recommended (see p.155) For co-ordinating channels, kerbs and edgings (see p.150-155)
Traditional (TR)

Tegula is a trademark of SF Corporation.

Sizes mm (nominal)

Area (m2/pack)

Weight (kg/pack)


Drivesett Tegula
Large Medium Small Jumper


kg CO2
per m2

240 x 160 x 50 160 x 160 x 50 120 x 160 x 50 320 x 240 x 50




18 18 18 18

426 1256 10.91 TR, H, TR, Tegula is a trademark of SF Corporation H,PG HA, PG 606 1340 11.64 108 1030 8.29

Harvest (H)

Please note pack sizes have changed, check with your local service centre for details

Tegula Kerb

Versatile in use Use to make restraining edges for Drivesett Tegula, Drivesett Duo and any other block paving Use to make steps and other landscape features Supplied shrink-wrapped Tegula Kerb, Returns and Radials now available (see p.152)
Pennant Grey (PG)

Tegula Kerb, Pennant Grey (PG)

Hazelnut (HA)