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IS 2830 : 1992

( Supe.-.edlng IS 6914: 1978)



Indian Standard

( Second Revision)


669·14-412: 669·14·018·292

@ BIS 1992







DecembIT 1992

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The basis of doing such a selection of base composition and sizes of cast billet ingots. MTD 4 FOREWORD This Indian Standard ( Second Revision) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards. the final value. shall be rounded off in accordance with IS 2 : 1960 'Rules for rounding off numerical values (revised)'. slabs (including continuously cast) are the carbon . This standard was first issued in 1964 in response to a request received from the Iron and Steel Controller and the Steel Re-rolling Mills Association of India that billets purchased against this specification could he used for the production of steel products conforming to the requirements of structural steel ( standard quality).Wrought Steel Products Sectional Committee. . blooms. observed or calculated. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. The producers of structural steel have a systematic method of choosing the steel base composition and the proper size of cast billets ingot and continuously cast billet to satisfy the physical requirements in the finished product. after the draft finalized by the Wrought Steel Products Sectional Committee had been approved by the Metallurgical Engineering Division Council. 'Specification for cast billet ingots and continuously cast billets for roIling into structural steel (standard quality) have been incorporated. billet. and trade practices followed in the country in For the purpo se of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with. In this revision. Besides. This standard is based on the manufacturing this field. expressing the result of a test or analysis. the requirements of IS 6914: 1978.manganese balance. the percentage of reduction. the finishing temperature range and finished section thickness. After the publication of this standard IS 6914 : 1978 shall be withdrawn. requirements for grades covered in the IS 2062 : 1992 have also been incorporated.

blooms and slabs produced by continuously cast process.IS 2830 : 1992 Indian Standard CARBON STEEL CAST BILLET INGOTS. 228 2062: 1992 cross section not more than 200 mm square which can be rolled directly into merchant products. Rimming steel may also be supplied subject to a special agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. blooms.4 Slab A semi-finished rolled. 2 REFERENCES The following Indian Standards adjuncts to this standard: IS No. usually square and not exceeding 125 mm x 125 mm in cross section and is intended for further processing into suitable finished product by forging or re-rolling. The requirements of this standard shall also be applicable to billets. The thickness does not exceed one third of the width. following definitions shall apply. 4 SUPPLY OF MATERIAL General requirements relating to the supply of steel shall conform to IS 8910 : 1978. blooms.1 Steel shall be manufactured by any process of steel making except the bassemer process. generally of . Cast billet ingot is also sometimes known as 'pencil ingot'. forged or continuously cast product intended for re-rolling or f?rging. 3. 1.1 This standard covers the requirements of carbon steel billets. slabs and cast billet ingots for re-rolling into structural steel conforming to IS 2062.0 Por the purpose of this standard. 3. BLOOMS AND SLABS FOR RE-ROLLING INTO STEEL FOR GENERAL STRUCTURAL PURPOSES . and cast billet ingots may also he supplied in copper-bearing quality. 1 are necessary Title Methods of chemical analysis of steel (issued in parts) Steel for general structural purposes (fourth revision) General technical delivery requirements for steel and steel product Method for macrotech test of wrought steel products Macrographic examination by sulphur print (Baumann Method) the 8910 : 1978 11371 : 1985 12037 : 1987 3 TERMINOLOGY 3. In which case steel shall be designated with a suffix Cu.SPECIFICATION ( Second Revision) t SCOPE 1. cast billet ingot shall be defined as ingot. 5 MANUFACTURE 5. ing continuously cast). slabs (includ. rolling or continuously casting. It may be followed by secondary refining. The cross section is square or nearly rectangular (excluding slab) and the cross section is generalIy more than 125 mm x 125 mm ( or equivalent cross sectional area).2 Billet A semi-finished product obtained by forging. The cross section is rectangular. 5.1 Cast Billet Ingot Por the purpose of this standard. 3.3 Bloom A semi-finished forged rolled or continuously cast product. BILLETS. 3.2 Steel shall be supplied semi-killed or killed.2 Carbon steel billets.

IS 2830 : 1992 6 CHEMICAL COMPOSITION 6.0-21 0-17-0-2) 0·12-0·18 0.2 When steel is required in copper bearing quality.1.11·60 0-311.0-18 0-15.1. when carried out either by the method specified in the relevant parts of IS 228 or any other established instrumental/chemical method shall be as given in Table 1.1 and 6. 5 Some of the grades may be treated with rare earths for better formability.3 Cbeck Analysis Check analysis shall be carried out on the finished product from the standard position. for example CIS ACu or C 20HMn HCI.1·50 C + M6n NII-Cu 15-- 6.15-0· 21 0·17-0'23 0·12-0·18 0-15·0·21 0-17·0·23 i\langanClic (3) 0·30.1 The ladle analysis of steel.0·(. V and Ti the total per the steel should be desiena(see Table 1).) should not exceed 0·012 perccu t and shall b ~ ensured by the man ufacturer by peen. 2 The C 1) Carbon 0·04 equivalent Carbon (2) 0·12. For example C 15 A (sled dcs ignatiou C 15 and grade A) or C20HMn B (Skel designation C 20 HMn a nd grade B). it shall be designated with a suffix: Cu. B 3"nd C having sulphur.0-60 0-30.1 shall be as given in Table 2. Permissible variations in the case of check analysis from the limits of ladle analysis specified in Table I and 6. the requirement regarding . and 7 SAMPLING At least one cast. the procedure given in relevant parts of IS 228 shall be referee method.1 All types of steel in Table 1 mav be supplied in three grades namely A. In case of dispute. tho chemical composition can be mu tu ally agreed to between the manufacturer and tho purchaser within the stipulation of IS 2062 : 1992_ 4 While placing order ted by "Designation Table 2 Permissible Variations Over the Ladle Analysis for Check Analysis ( Clause 6_3 ) Constituent Variation Over the Specified Maximum or Under the Minimum Limits. analysis) Grade and carbon Sulphur equivalent Phosphorous as follows: Carbon Equivalent (CE )1 (I) Max (2) 0·05 0'045 Max (3) 0·05 0·045 0-04 based on Iadel analysis + Cr+'~5_ot__V + Max (4) 0·42 0'41 0·39 = A B Table 1 Ladle Analysis ( Clauses 6. ion al check ana lys is. 8 In order to get the desired properties.. 7 Details of elements other Hum those specified may be supplied. 3 When micro-alloying elements like Nb. 6.1 ) Designation (I) CJ5 CIS C20 Cl5MMn C18MMn C20MMn C15HMn C18HMn C20HMn NOTES 1 Steel can be ordered with restricted sulphur phosphorous supplied on mutual agreement. .I.bearing quality. phosphorous content (on ladel 2 t Variations shall not be applicable bath over and under the specified limit in several determinations in a heat. copper content shall be between 0-20 to 0-35 percent.1. 60. 6 Nitrogen content of the SIC. When steel is required in copper.1·00 0·60-1-00 1-00·1'50 1-00·1·50 1·00.]).1. arc used individually or in combination COIl ten t shall no t exceed 0·2 percent. Max (2) (1) Carbon Manganese Sulphur Phosphorous Copper NOTES 0·02 O·OJ 0·005 0·005 0-03 6. The Silicon content shall not exceed 0·40 percent. followed by grade (see 6. ladle analysis shall be taken minimum Si con ten t in sil icon killed steel shall not be less than 0·10 percent when the steel is Al/A.Si killed.0 0·60-1-00 o. Percent. if agreed at the time of enquiry.11?inimum s ilicon content need not apply. 2 Check analysis shall not apply to rimming quality.

± 5 mm 12.2.1 In the case of cast billet ingots. blooms. jagged and imperfect edges.250 and 320 mm.10·0 + 5·0 3 . such as cracks.1.1 If mutually Product Width Across Flat mm (2) Thickness mm (3) Tolerances mm (4) (1) Billets Blooms Up to 75 Over 75 ± 1·5 -+-3 150 Up to and including Over 150 + 4·0 + 6'0 + Over 150 3·0 .Length of billets.shall be . blooms and continuously cast billets and blooms the bend shall not exceed 5 mm per meter.In case of billets.1 The size of cast billet ingots shall be subject to mutual agreement the manufacturer. 75. 10. 11..1 The preferred sizes for width across flat of billets. 11. 110. without top and bottom discard if mutually agreed to between the purchaser and the manufacturer. blooms and continuously cast billets and blooms the camber shall not exceed 3 mm per metre. between the purchaser and 8. piping. 165. inclusions.3 Camber In the case of slabs and continuously cast slabs the camber shall not exceed 8 rom p-er meter of slab length subject to a maximum of 40 mm. if required. 11.1 In case of cast billet ingots" a tolerance of shall be permitted on the specified width across flat. 11.4·0 6·0 + 3·0 + 3·0 . slabs ( including continuously cast) shall be 50. the samples for product prepared by forging/rolling round section. 9.2 Cast billet ingots shall either be supplied free from harmful defects.well and cleanly rolled to the djr. blooms and slabs (ineluding continuously cast) the sample for check analysis shall be taken from the location as shown in Fig.1 The sizes of cast billet ingots other than those specified may be supplied by agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer.IS 2830 : 1992 8 SELECTION CHECK ANA LYSIS OF TEST SAMPLE FOR 11 DIMENSIONS 11.2 Bend In the case of slabs and continuously cast slabs the bend shall not exceed 8 mm per metre of slab length subject to a maximum of 40 mm. blooms. and blow-holes by appropriate top and bottom discard and dressing or supplied with suitable surface dressing only.6·0 Up to and including Over 300 300 -. may be supplied as per agreement between thfi manufacturer and the purchaser.3·0 Slabs Up to and 3·0 including 150 .ast ) . 150.2.STS agreed to between the purchaser and the manufacturer the macro examination ( see IS 11371 : 1985) and sulphur print tests ( see IS 12037 : 1987) may be carried out from the samples prepared. 1. blooms. and slabs (including continuously cast) shall be reasonably square . 85. cracks. 63. 200. 10 TF.1. such as segregation.2 In cage of billets. 9. 9 FREEDOM FROM DEFECTS blooms and slabs (including continuously c.The billets. blooms. In the case of billets. analysis shall be down to 30 mm 8.1 Drilling shall be taken from the sample ( see 8.1 ) representing two-thirds.1.ished billets. 125. blooms and slabs shall be free from all harmful defects. ene half and one-third of height from bottom of the ingot separately. 80. 11. In the case of billets. 100. 8.2 . surface flaws laminations and rough.2 . slabs (including continuously cast) the following tolerances shall apply: 10.ueIiSl0ns speclfied4 The fin. 10. 90. slabs ( including continuously cast) shall be supplied in lengths between 3 and is metres as specified by the purchaser.2 Widths other than those specified.1 The billets.3 . under 8. 12 TOLERANCES 12.

.- 13.. b) Size of cast billet and slab ( including c) Size and dimensions d) End use. 13 MARKING 13. e) Tests and test report f) Special requirements. (1) C 15 C 18 C20 (2) Grey Green Orange (3) two dots at one end two dots at One end two dots at one end one dot at one end one dot at one end one dot at one end three dots at one end three dots at one end three dots at one end Cl5 MMn Grey CIS MMn Green C20 MMn Orange CI5 HMn Grey CIS HMn Green C20 HMn Orange (4) one band and two dots at one end one band and two dots at one end one band and two dots at one end one band and One dot at one end one band and one dot at one end one band and one dot at one end one band and three dots at one end one band and three dots at one end one band and three dots at one end two bands and two dots at one end two bands and two dots at one end two bands and two dots at one end two bands and one dot at one end two bands and one dot at one end two bands and one dot at one end two bands and three dots at One end two bands and three dots at one end two bands and three dots at one end FIG.. the material shall be marked as given in 13.. A . continuously cast). 14 ORDERING INFORMATION While placing an order for the cast billet ingots. 13.4 The material may also be marked with the Standard Mark. Grade ingot/billet. and if any.--_ C (5) .2 Each cast billet ingot and billets.. blooms and slabs (including continuously cast) covered by this standard. 13..1 Unless agreed otherwise.2 and 13. required. bloom. of end product..--_. 1 LOCATION FOR TAKING FOR C:HECK ANALYSIS DRILLING 4 .. slabs (including continuously cast) shall be legibly stamped or painted with the cast number.3 A tolerance of ± 150 mm shall be permitted on the specified length of billets. -----------"B .3.3 The ends of cast billet ingot and billets... blooms. slabs (induding continuously cast ) and cast billet ingots.... and billets.IS 2830 : 1992 12. and the name or trade-mark of the man ufac turer. the purchaser should specify clearly the following: a) Steel grade.. blooms. blooms slabs (including continuously cast) shall be painted with a suitable colour code as follows: Designalion Colour .

.! Standard Mark The use of the Standard Mark is governed by the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act. 1986 and the Rules and Rezulations made thereunder. testing and quality control which is devised and supervised by BIS aad operated by the producer. Standard marked products are also continuously checked by BIS for conformity to that standard as a further safeguard. The Standard Mark on products covered by an Indian Standard conveys the assurance that they have been produced to comply with the requirements of that standard under a well defined system of inspection. Details of conditions under which a licence for the use of the Standard Mark may be granted to manufacturers or producers may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standards.

r "10' .....lJ.lJ.. BHOPAL.U. in the course of implementing the standard... of necessary details.. u..~..."U-'.... JAIPUR. .. '~"W"'U."t. marking and quality certification of goods and attending to connected matters in the country.nn"" 1/14 C.lJ..6 f-F'L I-V ~vp . BANGALORE. '\1. m "'IJ.I1U~-I!p. P..V .L. Indhi . 378662 Northern: Southern: Western"W' LJTI" "'"".......u~ __ .... Sector 35-C....S Headquarters: Manak Bhavan.aI. .. T.... COIMBATORE. Printed at Printwell Printers.1'h..L1U ~ J. ~ ---t..t"''''''.....*". ( Publications)."".... A Lg. MaroI...I ..£ ~!J1""'U _ J '!:IIi.. ....I.. I.. : 1... . MTD 4 ( 3651 ) "!lI"rf _. '"".""' .: Dooll'll n~ "LJ.. 1 .i' ~ BIS.. FARlDABAD..I--~~---- Telegrams: Manaksanstha (Common to an Offices) Telenhnm. 6327858. Date of Issue Text Affected BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARD. Andheri (East) r632 9295.:tJ 1'"..u _In :. PAINA."1. Comments on this Indian Standard may be sent to BIS giving the following reference: Doc: No.&... 1986 to promote harmonious development of the activities of standardization. CHANDIGARH 160036 t37 84 99. rlC' ...._ n~'t"'~ nA 1"'~_~.k)l511UlIVUil'.L:.1 .. Revision of Indian Standards . such as symbols and sizes.. U~ ..._. type ~_ VI.. GUWAHATI.J -... T .. BOMBAY 400093 16327891.n't IJT J. "" UIlj.......~.. T......I. .. MADRAS 600113 g. _"r . IV Cross Road.l '''"'~ . This does not preclude the free use... 0.. BHUBANESHWAR.I1'Ui... 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg '1\.. _. 331 1375 R eciona t Offices. . .aL T"Ii ~("I~C . No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of BIS." !. .t ..: .. LUCKNOW... .L.. V.L . 1.. _..: .. ~ JVVV~ n.'UIII..::...LJ 11" .Bureau of Indian Standards BIS is a statutory institution established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act.----- Central: Eastern: Manak Bhavan. Road...l(:l.. ~ (.tI-n +c ... Scheme VII M. HYDERABAD. ~ . ~ '"'=1 . - BIS has the copyright of all its publications. . 6327892 Branches: AHMADABAD..t: ""'... 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg.1. '''I':1-...l.~11 A.... 37 85 61. -i~ .. Maniktola CALCUTT A 700054 SCO 445~446.a. . E9 MIDC..... J'" 'Cl&...: _ . 1378626.. Alisarh. Campus.prl Tor ""'"._ U""..l"'tP 1'1' T"II.. ~ _ .a "" l'.. ....a dI. GHAZIABAD. Amendments Issued Since Pub)icatioD Amend No.l '-'J.~~ .. KANPUR.o. any. " +.. THIRUV ANANTHAPURAM. ..... T'\. Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that they are in possession of the latest amendments or edition.I.. New Deihi i iOOO2 Telephones: 331 01 31...... rI _ __ ~'tY'I.'1U-I... are issued from time to time. . T"...~ __ .....' : Manakalaya.LCI.. 1..--......L _ .1Ti''l1 ..~C'ldI. rI.