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Project Details of Software Development of RDG’s Teapack Package by Rinitex Technology


AIM: To develop Teapack Package for modern system as well as for cloud computing and distributed network system. Technology Used: a. Desktop front end developed by Java. As java is free so it can decrease project cost. It is platform independent so it can run any platform.

b. Database development using MySQL. As MySQL is open sources software, so license fee is not required. It must decrease project cost. Architecture: This software will be designed in four tier architecture, including cryptographic security module. This can prevent any unauthorized access of database.

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

Business Logic And Artificial

XML And Cryptographic Security & Authentication

Desktop Frontend

Intelligence Application



Cloud Computing or Distributed Network

Outgoing Traffic

Incoming Traffic

In above picture we describe 4 layer architecture. We use JAVA technology because it is multi thread and lightening speed which save time and cost.

Time Period: 6 months. Work Cycle: UML and Database Design Testing & Documentations Java & Database Development Integrating all Module Security Module Development Develop all Module of Software Project Cost: Rs 240000 (Two hundred forty thousand only) Payment Mode: Monthly Rs 40000 (Forty thousand only) . 2 Developers work on project side one developer works on our office under super vision of Project Manager. Team Description: 3 Java and MySQL Developers and 1 Project Manager (DBA & Java Expert).