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Lakshmi Saju



Yoga and Meditation 6. The Spirit of Renunciation ( The spirit of sacrifice) Lakshmi Saju IMEP ©chintech . Holistic relationship between man and nature 3. Self Management 5. Man's unique Inner Resource 2. Dharma 7. Cooperation with each other 4.Indian Ethos For The Work Life 1.

The importance of relationships in the workplace 2.Indian Values For the Work Place 1. The Karta Lakshmi Saju IMEP ©chintech .Respect For Elders 3.Simple living and High Thinking 6. Respect for hierarchy and status 4.Need for security 5.

The Karta Influence The individual Searches for in The Workplace Finds a symbolic karta in The Boss Lakshmi Saju IMEP ©chintech .

©chintech ‡ Superior can mould ‡ subordinate in a productive way so that subordinate IMEP becomes efficient and Lakshmi Saju highly skilled.Boss ‡ ‡ ‡ Positive Receives Guidance and protection Cordial superior subordinate relationship ‡ ‡ ‡ Negative May not take initiative to do things independently Subordinate does not question the boss and accepts all judgment unquestioningly Superior can manipulate the growth and development of the subordinate. .

7. Internal orientation ( Work is Workship) 8. Balance and Moderation 10.Rights and Duties Lakshmi Saju IMEP ©chintech . Importance of Wisdom 9.