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August 2, 2011

Dear Fellow Employees: I keep getting the question why is it taking so long for the City to recover? The city is primarily funded by sales tax. Since FY2008 this has resulted in our expenses being cut by over $80 million dollars as local and state shared revenues for the city dropped. Some employees have mentioned that Pima County and TUSD seem to be doing better financially than the city. The primary difference between these organizations and the City is that Property Tax is their major source of revenue. The Citys budget only receives 3% of its revenue from Property tax. Budget Quick Facts The city has developed a Budget Quick Facts that provides a summary of the FY 2012 Budget. Please take a moment to review it by clicking Budget Quick Facts Furloughs Please take the time to review the updated Furlough AD 2.01-8. The intent is to eliminate furloughs for all employees in the second half of this year. http://intranet/docs/ad/2-01-8.pdf Economic Recovery Scorecard The Mayor, Council and City Manager recognize the need to maintain a supportive business environment as part of Tucsons overall economic recovery plan. This has led to several new policies, processes, projects and partnerships that promote economic investment. click Economic Recovery Scorecard for more info. KUDOS website Please visit the new "Employee Kudos" site on the Intranet home page where you can upload letters/emails of appreciation from customers/citizens and recognize your co-workers for a job well done. Click on Employee Recognition logo for more info.

Sun Tran Questions have been raised on salary increases under the PTM contract for Sun Tran drivers. Find out about the facts behind the increase.


Mike Letcher City Manager

P.S. In September we will kick off the improved employee suggestion program Advise 10-4. Click on the coffee mug for more info.